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Full text of "History and genealogy of the Jewetts of America; a record of Edward Jewett, of Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire, England, and of his two emigrant sons, Deacon Maximilian and Joseph Jewett, settlers of Rowley, Massachusetts, in 1639; also of Abraham and John Jewett, early settlers of Rowley, and of the Jewetts who have settled in the United States since the year 1800"

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Frederic Clarke Jewett, M.l). 






THE YEAR 1800 



Baltimore, Md. 
Member of the Maryland Historical Society 








Libras Y o7>:oNGR£sgi 

OneCo'oi rtcveivpd I 

I OCT 16 1908 I 

,^C?ir^,v','i.i^;, ::.iit.r/ [ 

MM ' 

Copyright 1908 by 



Introduction .......... ix 

First Generation 1 

Second Generation 5 

Third Generation 19 

Fourth Generation 37 

Fifth Generation 59 

Sixth Generation 109 

Seventh Generation 201 

Eighth Generation 343 


Frederic Clarke Jewett, M. D. 

The Josiah Conant and John C. Jewett Homestead 

Admiral David Jewett 

Reverend Jeremiah Smith Jewett 

Reverend Lyman Jewett 

Honorable Daniel Tarbox Jewett 

Honorable Gorham Parson Hale Jewett 

Caroline Augusta (Bradstreet) Jewett 
Dorothy Dean (Rose) Jewett 

Professor Charles Jewett, M. D. 

Ebenezer Parker Jewett 

Philo Jewett 

Eliza (Landon) Jewett 

David Doud Jewett 

Honorable Hugh Judge Jewett 

Facing page 


In 1855 the following circular was sent to the known members of the 
Jewett family: 

Wishing to perfect and perpetuate the historical genealogy of the 
ancient Jewett Family, which emigrated from England, settled in Rowley, 
Essex County, Mafs., A. D. 1638-9, and, through the blefsing of God, has 
multiplied until its members are numbered among the citizens of every State, 
and are found successfully engaged in all the profefsions, and in every in- 
dustrial pursuit : We, the undersigned, give notice of a meeting of those who 
bear that name, and of all who are descendants of that family, to be held at 
Rowley, on the 14th day of June, A. D. 1855. 

The object of the meeting will be to give an opportunity for mutual 
conference, and joyful greetings, for renewing and strengthening the bands 
of common brotherhood, and, in particular, to adopt measures for obtaining 
such historic facts as will perfect the genealogy of the Jewett Family and 
perpetuate those facts by pubhcation in a well printed and neatly bound 
volume. The attendance of all the descendants of the Jewett Family is 
therefore respectfully solicited, and all who receive this Circular are re- 
quested to extend the notice and the invitation to such members and rela- 
tives of the family as may be known to them. They are also requested to 
transmit, at an early date, to Dea. Joshua Jewett, of Rowley, any interesting 
genealogical or historic facts relative to the objects proposed, and it is 
confidently hoped that no one pofsefing such information will fail to fur- 
nish it for the use and purposes of the meeting. 

Prof. C. C. Jewett, Washington, D. C. ; Prof. G. B. Jewett, Amherst, 
Mass.; S. W. Jewett, Middlebury, Vt. ; Elam R. Jewett, Buffalo, N. Y. ; 
Rev. C. C. Taylor, Kalamazoo, Mich. ; Rev. C. Hutchins, New Albany, Ind. ; 
Rev. Augustus Jewett, Terre Haute, Ind.; Dr. Luther Jewett, Lafayette, 
Ind. ; P. H. Jewett, Esq., Lexington, Ind. ; J. T. Jewett, Chicago, 111. ; Na- 
thaniel Grover, Chicago, 111. ; Dr. John R. Jewett, Lyons, Mich. ; Dr. Luther 
Jewett, St. Johnsbury, Vt. ; Rev. S. G. Tenney, Alstead, N. H. ; Prof. P. A. 
Jewett, New Haven, Conn.; Rev. S. D. Jewett, Colchester, Conn.; Dr. 
Joseph F. Jewett, Granby, Conn. ; Rev. Richard T. Searle, New Marlboro, 
Mass.; Levi Jewett, New Marlboro, Mass.; Rev. Jeremiah Searle, Wood- 
bourne, N. Y. ; John P. Jewett, Boston, Mass.; Henry J. Jewett, Esq., 
Leona, Texas ; Jedediah Jewett, Portland, Maine ; Miss Sarah Jewett, Port- 
land, Maine; Luther Jewett, Portland, Maine; George Jewett, Portland, 
Maine ; Rev. William R. Jewett, Plymouth, N. H. ; Dr. Jeremiah P. Jewett, 
Lowell, Mass. ; William Jewett, Scarboro, Maine ; Jeremiah J. Tenney, Law- 



rence, Mass. ; Dr. Charles Jewett ; Eleazer Jewett, St. Albans, Vt. ; Nathaniel 
C. Taylor, Rowley, Mass. ; David H. Hale, Rowley, Mass. ; Moses T. Whit- 
tier, Rowley, Mass. ; Charles Jewett, Niles, Mich. 


A procession will be formed on the Common at ten o'clock, and, headed 
by Bond's Cornet Band, of Boston, will visit the principal places of interest, 
the residence of the venerable Dr. Joshua Jewett, and the Old Jewett Home- 
stead, where, under the stately elms, a short address will be delivered by John 
P. Jewett, of Boston, and an original poem, entitled " The Old Homestead," 
composed by William Jewett Pabodie, of Providence, will be sung, to the 
music of " Bonny Doon," after which the procession will move to the meet- 
inghouse, at which place the services will be as follows : 

1. Voluntary, by the Band. Overture to " The King of Babylon." 

2. Original Hymn, read by Dr. Joshua Jewett, lined off, in the old style, 

and sung by the whole Jewett Family. 

3. Pkayer, by Rev. John Pike, of Rowley. 

4. Anthem, by the Choir. 

5. Oration, by Professor C. C. Jewett, of Washington, D. C. 

6. Chorus, by the Choir. 

7. Benediction, by Rev. Spofford D. Jewett, of Colchester, Conn. 

On leaving the church, the procession will re-form, and those having 
tickets to the dinner will march to the Town Hall, at which place the exercises 
will be as follows: 

1. The List of Officers will be read, and the President of the Day intro- 

duced to the audience, by the Chief Marshal. 

2. Brief Remarks, by the President, Dr. Joshua Jewett, of Rowley. 
4. Invocation, by Rev. William R. Jewett, of Plymouth, N. H. 

4. Dinner, prepared by J. B. Smith, of Boston, the distinguished caterer. 

5. Short Genealogical Address, by the President. 

6. Singing of an Original Song, " Our Family Pledge." Tune, " Auld 

Lang Syne." 

7. Toasts, Interchange of Sentiments, and Family Congratulations, 

interspersed with music by the Band. 

Introduction xi 


Dr. Joshua Jewett, of Rowley. 

Vice Presidents 
Elam R. Jewett, of Buffalo, N. Y. 

Luther Jewett, of Portland, Me. 

Rev. Geo. B. Jewett, of Nashua, N. H. 

Dr. Luther Jewett, of St. Johnsbury, Vt. 

Prof. P. A. Jewett, of New Haven, Conn. 

Dr. Joseph F. Jewett, of Granby, Conn. 

Secretary and Treasurer 
Dr. Jeremiah P. Jewett, of Lowell. 
Finance Committee 
S. W. Jewett, of Vermont. Jedediah Jewett, of Portland. 

Henry J. Prentiss, of Boston. 

Chief Marshal 
Gen. Henry K. Oliver, of Lawrence. 

Marshal's Aids 

Daniel H. Hale. John Richards. John Harris. 

Moses T. Whittier. B. H. Smith, of Rowley. 

Charles Jewett, of Michigan. 

THE OLD HOMESTEAD, By William Jewett Pabodie 

Tune, " Bonny Doon " 

As pilgrims to some sacred shrine. 

As wanderers to their father's home, 
To this, the cradle of our race. 

With glad yet reverent hearts we come. 

Two hundred years have nearly passed, 

Since first this ancient roof -tree rose, 
A shelter, in the wilderness. 

From howling winds and savages foes. 

'Twas here our fathers lived and died — 

Up from this hearth, in sweet accord. 
At morn arose the voice of prayer. 

At evening, anthems to the Lord. 

Beneath these elms, their labor done. 

They gathered oft, a cheerful throng, 
And whiled the twilight hours away, 

While peeped the frogs their evening song. 

xii Inteoduction 

And oft, within, the humming of the wheel 
Made pleasant sound in summer days, 

Heard by the traveller, as he toiled, 
Along the dim and dusty ways. 

StiU in the comer ticks the clock. 

That marked the hours of joy or woe. 

For those whose hearts to ashes turned 
More than a hundred years ago. 

And still is seen the old armchair, 
Where sat the sire, at close of day, 

And turned with awe the sacred page, 

Their guide through life's uncertain way. 

For they were aye a Godly race — 

Nor deem it idle boast to say, 
A deacon always graced the line. 

From 'Zekiel down to Joshua. 

Beneath the sod they slumber now. 

But yet one noble form survives. 
To show us all their spotless worth, 

The daily beauty of their lives. 

Oh, may their virtues still descend. 

While time's unwearied wing expands. 
That all at length again may meet. 

Meet in " a house not made with hands." 

OUR FAMILY PLEDGE, By Jedediah Jewett, of Portland, Me. 

Tune, " Aidd Lang Syne " 

We're gathered here, a fam'ly band. 

Upon Old Rowley's shore, 
Though scattered wide throughout the land. 

We're parted now no more. 

Then here's a hand, a Jewett's hand 

Which each mil pledge the other. 
That aye for God and Truth we'll stand. 

And ne'er forget a brother. 

From pine-clad East and fertile West, 

We gather here to-day ; 
May this re-union now be blest, 

And be remembered aye. 

Then here's a hand, etc. 

Inteoduction xiii 

Our Father's erst, with Pilgrim bands, 

Left all for which men live, 
That to their Sons, in other lands, 

Fair Freedom they might give. 

Then here's a hand, etc. 

Upon their shield they blazoned deep, 

The Lily, emblem fair; 
And for our crest, they bid us keep, 

The Eagle, bird of air. 

Then here's a hand, etc. 

Unsullied let us keep that name. 

As lily's bright array, 
And ever upward be our aim, 

With the bold bird of day. 

Then here's a hand, etc. 

It was expected that Dr. Charles Jewett, of Michigan, would furnish 
the original hymn, but not having received his, the one below has been sub- 
stituted therefor: 

ORIGINAL HYMN, By H. J. Peentiss 

Tune, " America " 

Up to this goodly land. The fiery column's glare 

Led by th' Almighty's hand Displayed Thy constant care, 

Our fathers came; Through night and storm; 

Trusting, O God, in Thee, By day the friendly cloud 

They crossed a stormy sea. Their onward pathway showed, 

Determined to be free, — With light their footsteps glowed 

In Thy great name. Beneath Thine arm. 

Their Vine they planted here, To God our thanks are due. 

In hope and Godly fear, Who brought them safely through 

And found repose; The waters wild: 

With none to make afraid, Then let our praise arise 

They sought its pleasant shade, To Him who rules the skies, 

Their fervent prayers were said. Who hears the feeble cries 

And heavenward rose. Of every child. 

xiv Introduction 

Oh, may their children be 
A worthy progeny 

Of noble sires ; 
Be Truth and Right their aim, 
And, in God's holy name, 
Keep pure their altar's flame, 

As vestal fires. 

Since the meeting held in Rowley several members of the family have 
attempted to compile a history and thus preserve the many valuable records 
which are fast disappearing. Among those who made notable efforts to this 
end were Dr. Joseph F. Jewett, of Granby, Conn., who died before he could 
complete the work. Dr. Frederic A. Jewett, of Brooklyn, N. Y., and 
Thomas A. Jewett, Esq., of Gardiner, Maine, who, owing to pressure of 
business, were obliged to abandon the subject. 

About fourteen years ago the Author undertook the task, and though 
the result is, perhaps, not all that could be desired, he feels, under the circum- 
stances, he has collected about all of the data obtainable at this time. 

The family of Jewett is without doubt of Norman origin, but when they 
settled in England and the origin of the name are surrounded with consider- 
able mystery. The first syllable of the name as now spelled suggests the 
question whether or not it is derived from Jew, which is a family name. The 
termination " et " or " ett " could perhaps be accounted for analogically by 
reference to such a name as Hewett, supposed to be derived from Hugh, Hew, 
etc. The name Jew or Jews does not imply that the founder of the family 
was a Hebrew, but, as Newton supposes, from his having slain Jews in Syria 
when such deeds were considered meritorious. He and Guillian suppose that 
the name Ives was originall}'^ Jeus, which became Jues, and then, by the com- 
mon change of " I " for « J," and " U " for " V," Ives. The coat-of-arms of 
this family once bore three Jews' heads couped. The arms of the family of 
Jew and its derivatives are, however, entirely different from those of our 
family, and those of all the families whose name have clearly a similar origin 
with our own. In all these names the " T " seems to be one of the radical 
letters, and the uniform presence of the letter " T " seems fatal to this sup- 
posed origin. 

Bardsley in " English Surnames," concludes that " the name Jewett 
comes from the diminutive of Juliet," and cites a number of entries from the 
Rolls of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries to establish his theory. 

The "Armorial General Precede des terms du blason." Par J. B. Riestap, 
" Deuxieme Edition, etc.," gives a French family, viz., Ivatte de Boishamon- 
Bretagne, that settled in England about 1417. The coat-of-arms of this 
family was D'azur au chevron a'arg., ace, re trois qumte feuilles du meme. 
The name of this family was changed to Juatte, Jouett, Jowitt, etc. The 

Introduction xv 

arms, however, of the families of Jeuett and Jowitt are quite different from 
ours, but appear to be of a much later date. 

The coat-of-arms of the Jewetts of London Gales was : On a cross argent, 
fve fleur-de-lis of the first. He beareth argent, on a cross of sable, five fleur- 
de-lis of the first by the nmne Le Neve. This was the court armor in the time 
of Henry IV. appertaining to Robert Le Neve, of Tiverskill, in the County of 

The arms of Ivat confirmed to Thomas Ivat, of London, June 27, 1628, 
are similar to ours, viz., Ivatt or Ivat, Argent, on a cross gules, five fleur-de- 
lis of the field {another, the tinctures reversed). Crest — Out of a mural 
coronet, an armed cubit arm holding in the gauntlet all pps. a fleur-de-lis or. 
The name of Jueta or Ivets occurs in the Liber Winton. This book con- 
tains the survey of the City of Winchester taken by order of King Henry I. 
between the years 1107 and 1128. From that time we find what is supposed 
to be the name in a great variety of forms. The older forms seem to have 
been Juatt, Juet, Juett, Ivet, Ivett, Jvat, Ivat, Juit, Juite, (there was a Sir 
Henry Juite, Baronet, living in Ireland in 1850), Juitt. The Latin forms 
are Juet, Jouitt, Jeuit, Jewitt, and Jewett. 

In a series of articles entitled " American Armorial Families," arranged 
by Mortimer Delano, Pursuivant of Arms, and published in 1896, he states: 
" In the following roll will be found those American families that have a well 
established right to court armor, by inheritance, grant, or otherwise." In 
this list is given : 

Jewett — Massachusetts. Gentlemen. 

" Descent: Maximilian & Joseph Jewett from Bradford 1638 to Rowley, 
sons of Edward Jewett, of Bradford, Yorkshire, m. 1604, d. 1615 ; descent 
from Henri de Juatt 1096-9. 

" Armorial Bearings — House of Juatt, England. 
" Arms: Argent, on a cross gules, five fleur-de-lis argent. 
" Crest : An armed arm proper holding a fleur-de-lis or. All upon the 
•wreathed helmet. 

" Mantling: Argent and gules." 

The above Henri de Juatt was a Knight of the First Crusade, 1096- 
1099. Our name frequently occurs on the records of the 13th and 14th cen- 
turies, and with greater frequency in the later records. July 5, 1486, King 
Henry VII., of England, granted to Henry Jewet certain ofllces for life, 
viz., " Forrester of Windsor Forest and Parker of Sunnyng-Hill Park with- 
in Windsor Forest," but no reason is given in the grant for these honors. 

Following down to a little later date we find in Vol. XVIII. of the " Har- 
lien Society (English) Reports " : " The arras of Jewett, of Chester, Eng- 
land — Argent, on a cross Gules, five fleur-de-lis of the first, in dexter chief a 
crescent of the second." " William Jewett, of the Cittie of Chester, alder- 
man and Justice of Peace, and was maior thearof Anno D'ni 1578, a seconnde 
Sonne to Thomas Iwett, of Heyton, in Bradfordc Dale in the Countye of 

xvi Introduction 

York w^^ Thomas mariede Elizabeth doughter to * * * Shakellton of Myd- 
dopp in Heptonstall within the vicaredge of Holly-fax Com. Ebor' And 
mother to the saide William whitch William Iwett mariede Margery doughter 
to Robert Bellyn late of the Cittie of Chester w^*' Robert Bellyn married Cice- 
lye doughter to John Poole seconnde sonne to Sr John Poole in Warral 
County of Chester knight. 

" And hee the said Wm. Iwett saythe that there [their] badge is a night- 
ingale. But how or in what sort hee cannot Instructe mee and therefore have 
I omytted the setting downe of yt till I may doe it p'fectlye. 

" Signed Wyll'm Jewett." 

Edward Jewett, father of the Jewetts who first came to America, was 
born in 1580 and lived in Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire, England. 
The arms borne by him and which were brought to this country by Deacon 
Maximilian and Joseph Jewett, and which they were so careful to preserve 
on the records here is thus described on old records in both France and Eng- 
land : " He beareth. Gules, on a cross argent. Five f,evr-de-lis of the first. 
Crest, an eaglets Neck between two Wings displayed argent, by the name 

This is the coat-of-arms recognized by the Viscount de Fronsac, Chan- 
cellor of the Aryan Order of St. George in 1891, in an article written by him 
and with which he gives a fine illustration and states, " these are the arms of 
the Jewetts of Maine and Texas." 

As stated above, our crest is " am eagle's Neck between two Wings.** 
The motto is " Toujours le mime." 

Much information may sometimes be afforded in genealogical research 
by the coat-of-arms. It will be seen on comparing the arms of the Jewetts 
of Chester, arms of Ivat, arms of Jewetts of London Gales, and of the 
" House of Juatt," that they are very similar to our own, and that all evi- 
dence points to the view that the Jewetts descend from the " House of Juatt, 
of England," and in the opinion of the Author from Henri de Juatt, the 
knight of the First Crusade. It is true there is a diff^erence in the crest, but 
this is not a part of a coat-of-arms. The crest is an adjunct to the coat-of- 
arms, but is often carelessly spoken of as forming part of it. It is often a 
play upon one's name, or is suggested by the name. Thus the crest of the 
Harts may be the animal of that name or a heart. 

Edward Jewett, father of Deacon Maximilian and Joseph Jewett, lived 
in Bradford, England, where he was a clothier. By clothier it is not to be 
understood that he sold clothes, but was a maker or manufacturer of cloths. 
In those days, in England, the designation clothier was used only in the sense 
of the merchant manufacturer of woolen cloth who had in his employ a larger 
or smaller number of families- engaged in the various manual employments 
connected therewith. 

Edward Jewett lived long before the days of factories. In his time the 

Introduction xvii 

making of cloth was carried on in Yorkshire in private houses, the several 
parts of the process being conducted by different members of the family 
according to their age and sex. The clothiers of Yorkshire were considered 
among the most industrious and frugal people of the kingdom. They were 
of necessity capitalists. They employed weavers, fullers, etc., and furnished 
them with material. In part they were accounted among the millionaires of 
England. Edward Jewett seems to have been a man of property, and to have 
left goodly portions to his children. The twenty families that accompanied 
Mr. Rogers to New England are described by Winthrop, " most of them of 
good estate." From the fact that the families of clothiers were trained from 
early life to knowledge of the different parts of the operation of making 
cloths, we may infer that the two sons of Edward Jewett who settled here 
were also clothiers. This is confirmed by the well-known fact as stated by 
Johnson in his " Wonder Working Providence," " that the settlers of Rowley 
were the first people that set upon making cloth in this Western World." He 
adds that many of them had been clothiers in England. 

Maximilian and Joseph Jewett did not come to this country as adventur- 
ers. They were men of respectability, " of good estate," and could probably 
have no hopes of improving their worldly condition by emigration. They were 
lovers of liberty, and men of distinct and well-marked religious views. They 
were non-conformists. They had too sturdy an independence, as well as too 
strong a sense of duty, to abandon what they held a truth even in the midst 
of the bitterest persecution. For this reason they left their homes and sought 
in the wilds of America a resting place from oppression, a spot where they 
and their children might enjoy freedom to worship God. They were men of 
thought and character. 

The period at which they emigrated to America was one of the darkest 
for the Puritans. Many ministers had been silenced or suspended. Fines and 
the pillory, mutilation and torture, were remorselessly resorted to by the 
friends of Archbishop Laud to compel conformity to the ceremonies of the 
Established Church. The ministers of Charles the First were full of hope that 
they should exterminate the pestilent heresy from the land. 

Hunted down by tyranny, refused even the liberty of flight, the Puritans 
were almost in despair. All who could leave, fled, most of them to America. 
The same year in which our fathers emigrated, eight ships preparing to sail 
for this country were by order of the Privy Council detained in the Thames. 

The persecution under Archbishop Laud seems to have fallen with pecu- 
liar weight upon the clothiers. This may have been owing to the fact that 
many of the clothiers were descendants of Dutch and French Protestants. 
Mr. Pyer in enumerating the petition for redress of grievances to Parlement 
in 1640-41 instances under the head of trade, " Divers Clothiers having been 
forced away who had set up their manufacturs abroad to the great hurt of 
the kingdom." Smith, in the history of wool, cites the rigor of Archbishop 
Laud's execution of the acts of conformity as the cause which drove many 
clothiers out of the kingdom. 

xviii Introduction 

In the year 1638 there came from England to the new world, in all, 
twenty ships and at least three thousand persons. Among them were our 
ancestors, who sailed from Hull in the ship John of London, with about 
twenty other Puritans and their families (some sixty persons in all), under 
the leadership of Ezekiel Rogers, and landed in Boston about the first of 
December, 1638, 

The Rev. Ezekiel Rogers, a learned and eloquent minister of Rowley, 
England, having been suspended for non-conformity, collected from his 
hearers and his other Yorkshire friends this little company, and with them 
came to America. It is stated that so great was the respect for Mr. Rogers 
that though he was suspended from the active duties of his office he was 
allowed to enjoy the profits of his living for two years afterwards, and per- 
mitted to name a substitute who was afterwards himself suspended for refus- 
ing to read the sentence against his predecessor. These two years we may 
suppose were employed by Mr. Rogers in gathering his future band of 
emigrants. His project seems to have excited considerable attention among 
the nobility and gentry. Pie states that he felt himself under obligations. 
for the sake of many persons of high rank, to make choice of a good location 

Some of his company were doubtless his former parishioners, but the 
Jewetts lived in Bradford, one hundred miles from Rowley. Mr. Rogers may 
have gone to Bradford for the purpose of obtaining accessions to his com- 
pany, or our ancestors may have heard of the intentions of the great minister 
and sought him out. 

Upon their arrival in Boston their first act illustrates their dignity and 
courtesy as well as their piety. John Williams states in his " History of New 
England," that " Ezekiel Rogers, son of Richard Rogers, of Weathersfield, 
in Essex, a worthy son of so worthy a father, lying at Boston with some who 
came out of Yorkshire with him, where he had been a painful preacher many 
years, being desirous to partake in the Lord's Supper with the church of 
Boston, did first impart his desire to the elders, and having given them satis- 
faction, they acquainted the church with it ; and before the sacrament, being 
called forth by the elders, he spoke to this eff'ect, viz., that he and his company 
(viz., divers families who came over with him) had of a good time, withdrawn 
themselves from the church communion of England, and that for many cor- 
ruptions which were among them. But first he desired, that he might not be 
mistaken, as if he did condemn all there ; for he did acknowledge a special 
presence of God there in three things: 1st in the soundness of doctrine in all 
fundamental truths ; 2nd in the excellency of ministerial gifts ; 3rd in the 
blessing upon the same, for the work of conversion and for the power of reli- 
gion, in all which there appeared more, &c., in England than in all the known 
world besides. Yet there are such corruptions, as, since God let them see some 
light therein, they could not, with safe conscience, join any longer with 
them. The first, is their national church ; second, their hierarchy, wholly anti- 

Introduction xix 

christian ; third, their dead service ; fourth, their receiving (nay compelling) 
all to partake of the seals; fifth, their abuse of excommunication, wherein 
they enwrap many a godly minister, by causing him to pronounce their sen- 
tences, &c., they not knowing that the fear of the excommunication lies in 
that. Hereupon they bewailed before the Lord their sinful partaking so long 
in those corruptions, and entered a covenant together, to walk together in 
all the ordinances &c." 

Winthrop also states : " A plantation was begun between Ipswich and 
Newbury. The occasion was this: Mr. Eaton and Mr. Davenport having 
determined to sit down at Quinipiack, there came over one Mr. Ezekiel Rogers, 
of Weathersfield in England, and with him some twenty godly men, and most 
of them of good estate. They laboured by all means to draw him with them 
to Quinipiack. He consulted with the elders of the bay, by their advice, he 
and his people took that place by Ipswich." 

Thus was the town of Rowley, Massachusetts, founded and settled by 
Mr. Rogers and his hardy band of Puritans^ of which Maximilian and Joseph 
Jewett were prominent members. In 1639, " Being settled in Rowley, they 
renewed their church covenant, and their call to Mr. Rogers to the office of 
pastor, according to the course of other churches." 

The town was incorporated " 1639 ; 4 day of the 7th month, ordered that 
Mr. Ezekiel Rogers' Plantation shall be called Rowley." The place was 
named in honor of Mr. Rogers, he having been the minister in Rowley, Eng- 
land, a number of years. 

The history of our family, quiet and unpretending as it has always been, 
is associated with the most stirring and impressive events of modem times^. 
Our ancestors were actors in the most important scenes of the moving pan- 
orama of human progress. To the English Puritans — ^their enemies them- 
selves being the judges — are to be attributed the strongest steps in the 
march of freedom. The great principles of civil and religious liberty were 
first fully developed and established by their efforts and sacrifices. The 
colonization of this country by such men first gave an assured resting place 
for these principles upon earth, and when viewed in all its bearings and con- 
sequences can be said to have done more for the progress of our race in the 
paths of true civilization than any and all other assignable human causes. 

All of the Jewetts of this country spring from the common ancestor with 
the exception of four families who have come from England since 1800, and 
these are undoubtedly of the same family. This work includes these families. 




1 EDWARD JEWETT, was born in Bradford, West, Riding of 
Yorkshire, England, about 1580. He married there Oct. 1, 1604 Mary Tay- 
lor, daughter of WilHam Taylor. This marriage is recorded in the Bradford 
Parish Register. He lived in Bradford, England, where he was a cloth manu- 
facturer and where he died. His will, dated Feb. 2, 1614, was proved by his 
widow July 12, 1615. This will is on file in the archbishopric of York. The 
following is a true copy. 

" In the name of God Amen, the second day of February in the year of 
our Lord God 1614 in the Xllth year of the reign sovereign Lord James by 
the grace of God, King of England, France and Ireland, defender of the 
faith etc., and of Scotland the eight and forty whereas nothing is more certain 
than death and nothing more uncertain than the house of death. Therefore, 
I Edward Jewett of Bradford within the dicos of York, Clothier, though 
sick and deseased in body yett sounde in minde and memorye I praise God 
therefore doo in this uncertainty of life knowninge that even in health we 
are subject to death make, publish and declare this my last will and testant 
in the names and form following (that is to say) 

" First and principally I give up and comend my soule in the hands of 
Almighty God my creator and redeemer hoping and assurredly trusting to 
have full and free pardon and remission of all my sinnes by the precious death 
and burial of Christ Jesus my alone Saviour and for jestification by his 
righteousness and my body I yeald to earth to be decently buried at the de- 
creation of my friends. Item, I give and bequeth two full parts of all my 
goods Catties Chatties & Credits (in three parts to be divided) unto Wil- 
Ham Jewett, Maximilian Jewett, Joseph Jewett and Sara Jewet my children 
equally to be divided amongst them after my debts be paid and funeral ex- 
pense discharged. The third part and residue of all my said Catties, Chat- 
tels & Credit I give and bequeth unto Mary my wife whome I make the sole 
executris of this my last will and testament. And I do entreat William Tay- 
lor my father in law, Henry Taylor my brother in law, Samuel Taylor and 
Thurstum Ledgerd the supervisors of this my last will and test't. Item, my 
will and mind is that my children shall have their porcous paide unto them 
at such times as they shall sevarly accomplishe their ages of XX years or 
othenvise lawfully demand the same. Lastly I do commit of all my said chil- 
dren with theire severall porcous during theire several minorities unto the said 
Mary my wife. 

" Witnesses hereof William Smith, Jonas Watson & Lewis Watson." 


4 Jewett Genealogy 

Children, born in Bradford, England: 

2 William, bapt. Sept. 15, 1605. 

3 Maximilian, bapt. Oct. 4, 1607, married (1st) Ann : married (2d) 

Elinor Boyton. 

4 Joseph, bapt. Dec. 31, 1609, married (1st) Mary Mallinson : married 

(2d) Ann Allen. 

5 Sarah, bapt. . 



3 DEACON MAXIMILIAN JEWETT (Edward'), was born in 
Bradford, West Riding of Yorkshire, England; baptized there Oct. 4(th, 
1607. He with his wife Ann, and his brother Joseph sailed from Hull, Eng- 
land in 1638 in the ship John, with a colony under the leadership of Rev. 
Ezekiel Rogers. They arrived at Boston about the first of December, 1638, 
spent the winter in Salem, and in the spring of 1639 founded the town of 
Rowley, Mass. 

He was admitted freeman May 13, 1640. " Was chosen Deacon of the 
church, Dec. 13, 1639, in which place he served forty-five years and for two 
hundred and twenty years a descendant of him or his younger brother, a fellow 
passenger has been in that office or minister, the whole time except eight 
years." (Savage " Genealogical Dictionary.") 

The following is from the records of the town of Rowley showing land 
granted to Maximilian Jewett at different times, viz. : 

" Bradford streete — To Maximilian Jewett one Lott Containinge two 
Acres and bounded on the South side by Joseph Jewets house Lott : part of it 
lyinge on the west side, part of it on the East side of the streete." 

(This is the two-acre lot on which he built his home.) 

" Bradford streete field — To Maximilian Jewet foure Acres and a halfe 
of upland lying upon the North side of Joseph Jewets planting lott the East 
end butting upon his owne lott." 

" Imp. Batchelours meadow — To Maximihan Jewet one Acre and a quar- 
ter, lying on the North side of Joseph Jewets Meadow butting as aforesaid." 

" 1st. division of salt Marsh — To Maximilian Jewet two Acres of salt 
Marsh, lying upon the East side of Joseph Jewets Marsh: butting as afore- 

" To Maximilian Jewet the Deacon there was laide out thirtie and one 
Acres of land, be it more or less bounded by James Dickensons on the west : 
by Jonathan Remmington east, by the Ministers land north, by George Kill- 
bom south being fortie rods and ahalf wide at the north end and twintie five 
wide at the south end." 

" Upland laid out at the ffield called Bradford streete plaine — To Maxi- 
milian Jewet six Acres lying on the West side of Leonard Harrimans upland 
the North end abutting ptly on John Bointons lott and ptly on a swamp the 
South end on a Swamp." 

" 2d. division of ffresh Marsh— To Maximilian Jewet one Acre, sixty rod 
wherof , lyes on the West side of Joseph Jewets Meadow : the North end but- 


8 Jewett Genealogy 

ting on a Creeke, the South end on some Rough Meadow unlaid out: the 
other hundred rods ioynes on the aforesaid Creeke, about fourty rod dis- 
tant from his aforesaid sixty." 

" To Maximilian Jewett for seven gates a percell of marsh bounded by 
the River on the southerly side the northwest end butting against the division 
line that parts this division being in length about 32 Rods the south east end 
buting against another streight divideing line that parts them and the next 
division only this lot extends with a corner by reasson of a creeke, longer next 
to the river and soe toward the easterly side takes that line on the east of the 

" To Maximillian Jewett a piece of marsh on the south of James dick- 
insons and his mother Whiples marsh the north west and south parts of it 
bounded by a creeke the north east by a pond." 

" To Maximilian Jewet Acres of Salt marsh pt of it in Considera- 
tion of an high way laid out through his lott to hogg Hand, bounded on the 
West side by Joseph Jewetts marsh the North & North east sides of it Thomas 
Dickinsons Marsh and the South end by a great Creeke." 

" To Maximilian Jewet an Acre & an half e of salt Marsh lying at the 
Southeast end of his third Division of Salt Marsh in Consideratio of his divi- 
sion of fresh meadows laide in Pollepod Meadow and of a way that lyes 
through his Meadow to hogge Hand." 

" 2d. division salt Marsh — To Maximilian Jewet two Acres, lying on the 
North side of Joseph Jewets Marsh: butting as aforesaid." 

" 2d. division upland — To Maximilian Jewet two Acres part whereof 
ioynes to his owne salt Marsh, the rest of it lyeth on the West side of the 
aforesaid high way on the North side of Joseph Jewets upland: butting as 

" 3d. division Salt Marsh — To Maximilian Jewet two Acres, one where- 
of ioyning to east side of Humphrey Reyners salt Marsh: the North end 
Butting upon the upland. The other Acre, lying on the North side of Joseph 
Jewets third division of salt Marsh, the West end butting on his owne second 
division of salt Marsh." 

" Upland laid out in the ffield Called Batchelours Plain — To Maximilian 
Jewet seaven Acres lying on the East side of Joseph Jewets land abutting as 

" 3d. division fFreshj Marsh — To Maximilian Jewet — one Acre, lying on 
the East side of Joseph Jewets Meadow: the North end butting on the up- 
land the south end on a Creeke." 

" To Maximilian Jewett one Acre & an halfe of upland lying on the 
north side of William Scales his Lott abutting as aforesaid." 

" 1661 — At the same Towne meeting it was also granted and voted that 
Deacon Jewett should have a way layed out to his land laying on the f oreside 
of prospect hill." 

" March, 1671 — To Deacon Jewett as his right and the right of John 
Spofford there was laide out ninete and five Acres of land beinge the twelfth 

Second Generation 


and thirtenth lots in order, and is bounded by Thomas Dickinson on the west, 
by m^^ Kimbals lot on the east : six hundred and twentie two pole by the river 
on the North: it beinge thirtie and one poles and a halfe wide by the river 
side: yet but twentie four poles perpendiculer, each angle by the river are 
bounded by stubs, at the south end it is bounded by the villedge line twentie 
six pole and 3-4 yet it is but twentie and five pole perpendiculer: the south 
west angle is a stake and stones, the south east angle is a white oak." 

In 1658 he had land granted him in Merrimac, then a part of Rowley. 
In 1673 Merrimac was incorporated as Bradford, 

We also find the following in the town records of Rowley: 

" Towne Charges for the yeare 1654 for Maxy Jewet deputyship 


" A bill of ye Charges of ye towne in ye yeer 1665. Imprimis for 
Deacon Jewits for his deputyship at ye severall generall Courts. 

fifty Day 1.6 by Day 

for his diat to be paid at boston 

for his horse pasture, feray & ye petition 

for his horse hire 

and the carying the pay for 

" 1652 Deackon Jewet had " 

Cowes — 6 

one 3 yearning 

of 2 yearnings — 2 

yearnings — 4 

3 swine of a yeare 

half of a 3 yer old hors 

one of a 2 yer old 

Ass — one 

land at home 3 acres an half 

at plains — 4 acres hal 

meadow — 10 acres 

gates — 4 one half 


" Jan. 9, 1664 for moderator of towne meetings deacon Jewett." 
" 1671-1672 deacon maximillian Jewett moderator." 

From Deacon Jewett's lot the land for the burial ground was given for 
the use of the town. 

Maximilian Jewett seems to have been one of the leading men of the 
town. He was representative to the General Court in 1641 ; 1642 ; 1643 ; 


































10 Jewett Genealogy 

1648; 1651; 1652; 1654; 1655; 1656; 1658; 1659; 1660; 1662; 1663; 
1664; 1665; 1672; 1673; 1674; 1675 and 1676. 

He was overseer of the will of Rev. Ezekiel Rogers, signed April 17, 
1660, and " In the year 1665, five years after the death of Rev. Ezekiel 
Rogers, his relative Ezekiel Rogers, son of the Rev. Nathaniel Rogers, of 
Ipswich, brought an action against the widow of his uncle which occasioned 
the following: The testimony of Maximilian Jewett saith that I heard our 
]\Ir. Rogers express himself very much dissatisfied with the carriage of 
Ezekiel Rogers, in particularly his familiarity with John Smith, his servent, 
the Scotchman, & that in some times going behind the meeting house, which 
bred fears & jealousies in his mind. He also objected to him because he wore 
long haire." He was a clothier and with his brother Joseph was about the 
first, if not the first, to manufacture woolen cloth in America. 

" Ann the wife of Maximillian Jewet buried November ye ninth day 
1667." (Ch. R.) He married (2d) Aug. 30, 1671, Elinor Boynton, widow 
of John Boynton. She was a Miss Pell, of Boston. " Maximylian Jewit and 
Ellinor Boynton married August the thirty day, 1671." (Ch. R.) 

" Maximelian Jewit died October ye Ninetenth day 1684." (Rowley 
Ch. R.) 

His widow married (3d) in Ipswich, Mass., June 1, 1686, Daniel Warner, 
Sr., of Ipswich, and as his widow died in Rowley, Aug. 5, 1689. 

His last will is filed in the Clerk of the Courts' office at Salem, Mass., 
among the Essex County Papers, Vol. XLII., page 46. The following is a 
true copy : 

" In the name of God, Amen. I Maxemillian Jewett of Rowley in the 
County of Essex in New England Doe make this my last will & Testament 
as followeth. Imp. I commit my Soul Into the hands of God who Gave me 
it & my body to the Grave In Comfortable hope of a blessed Resurrection 
through the death and Resurection of my dear Redeemer the Lord Jesus 
Christ: In the day of Christ. For my outward Estate which the Lord hath 
gratiously bestowed on me I dispose of it in manner Following. 

" Imp^. To my beloved wife I give Twenty pounds w*^^ is due to her by 
my contract before marriage to be payd part in two Cows, the rest according 
to our contract. Also I give her all rents due to me from her son John Boyn- 
ton : & further I give her Twenty pounds to be payd by my executor. Also a 
feather bed which my daughter Elizabeth Layd on; all dureing her naturall 
life & to be at her owne dispose at her death : Further my will is that while she 
remaineth my widow (if she see good) that the end of the house next the 
street be at her dispose to live in and Improve for her own : upward & Down- 
ward keeping it in repair, & the hemp yard before the Door & the trees 
which stand in it ; but if my wife see not good to live in the house then upon 
her leaving it the same & the yard is to the use of Joseph as in my will here- 
after exprest. 

Second Generation 11 

" Item. To my Eldest son Ezekiell Jewet I confirme all that which I have 
given him already in buildings & Lands as appeareth by my deed of gift 
which he hath under my hand and Seal: Also I give him one half of my 
meadow in the meadow call'd Batchelers : & two acres of Bastard & salt 
marsh or ruff meadow being my whole division at the place called Sandy 
Bridg or neer it : & four acres & half of meadow at Crane meadow soe 
called. And my will is he pay out of what he now is to receive Twenty 
pounds to my wife in neat cattle : & that he have the Land that is yet to be 
laid out upon the Comon : & my highway marsh at hog Islands. 

" Item. To my son Joseph Jewet I give my now dwelling house,- all at 
present but what part I have given my wife dureing her widowhood if 
she live in it & upon her marriage leaveing it then that part to be to him ; 
also I give him the barns, orchards, yards, swamps, & lott or field above the 
street being all my Lands Lying in the field called Bradford street lotts: 
& one comonage or freehold upon the Comons of Rowley ; Also fourteene 
acres of upland lying in the west end ox pasture ; also three acres of Land 
lying behind Hounsley hill ; also four acres lying upon the plaine called 
Great Meadow plaine; also I confirme to him which he hath possest that I 
gave him two acres of upland Lying in the farme; also one acre of marsh 
joyneing upon that which we call the Elders Division: also all that marsh 
which we call the farr division neare the place called the stackyard; also 
one Cowgate upon the Comons of Rowley with the Division belonging to it: 
& my will is that my said son Joseph pay or cause to be paid Thirty and 
four pounds to his sisters : namely to Anna three pounds ; to Mary five 
pounds ; To Sarah twelve pounds ; to Elizabeth four pounds ; To Faith Ten 
pounds ; all to be paid in Rowley in Corn or Catle within seaven years after 
my decease: But if my said son Joseph depart this life & it be not payd 
within the time prefixt my will is that my executor sell soe much of any 
land I give him as shall pay the said Legacies as are then unpayed for that 
end: & I hereby Impower him to Confirm such sail. 

" Item. To my daughter Anna, beside the three score pounds I have 
already paid her : I give her all my Lands being nine acres more or less at the 
place called Batchelers field : Also my Land in the new plaine being about Six 
acres; Also that percell of my marsh which lieth betweene that which was 
Richard Swans formerly & the ditch, being one acre more or less: also one 
acre & quarter of my meadow called Batchelers meadow; All which lands & 
meadow I give her dureing her naturall life, & after her decease I give it to 
her son Jonathan Barker, if he live to the age of Twenty and one years: 
with my division of gate marsh in hog Islands & if he doe not, I give the 
said Lands & meadows amongst the rest of her children which she shall 
leave who live to that age or day of marriage: further I give her three 
pounds to be payd by my son Joseph Jewet. 

" Item. I give my daughter Mary Hazeltine (beside the three score 
pounds I have already paid her & the twenty four acres of Land confirmed by 
deed of gift;) Two acres of Marsh which was Rob* Hazeltines lying be- 

12 Jewett Genealogy 

tweene Thomas Tenney his marsh k a ditch in the bounds of Rowley ; Also I 
give her five pounds to be payed by my son Joseph Jewet. 

" Item. I give to my daughter Elizabeth Hazeltine (besides what I have 
given her, which is about thirty pounds & the half of my ninety & six 
acres of land at Bradford confirmed by deed of gift) my marsh butting upon 
Newbury Line being about three acres which I bought of William Lyon: 
also four pounds to be paid by my son Joseph Jewet. 

" Item. To my daughter Faith Dowse (Besides fourty pounds w''^ 
I ace* I have paid her & the half of my ninety &; six acres of land at Bradford 
confirmed by deed of gift) I give her about two acres & half of salt & 
RufF marsh lying neer the place Call'd Cowbridge: & Ten pounds to be 
paid by my son Joseph Jewet. 

" Item. To my daughter Sarah Jewet I give all my Lands beyound the 
hill called prospect Hill, being the remainder of my land Lying within 
Ipswich Line not given to my son Ezekiel. There being about Twelve acres 
of it; Also I give her one freehold or Comonage in Row;ley Comons: 
Also that Land which is Laid out to me by a grant of the Towne of Rowley 
called sixteene acress & half: Bounded by Leonard Herrimans Land & J"° 
Plats Land : Also I give her twelve pounds to be paid in moveables houshould 
stuff or Catle by my Executor. Also my marsh at ye place neare Rich^ 
Wicoms Spring & the salt comers adjoyneing, & the three score. Rods parted 
from it by William Jacksons Marsh. 

" Item. My will is That my son Ezekiel Jewet be my sole exeeuto'* to 
this my last will & that he receive all debts w^^ I hereby will to him, due to me 
by bill, bond, or other way; & that he pay all my debts due from me to 
any: Also my will is That when my debts & funeral charges be discharged 
& my executor paid for all his trouble & paines If any Estate not par- 
ticularly willed & disposed of be remaineing that he shall have a double part 
of it to any other child of mine & each besides an equal share: In confirma- 
tion hereof, that this is my last will & testament I have hereunto sett my 
hand & Seal this Eighth day of January Anno Dom : 1682 & 8"^ 1684. 

*' Maxemillian M I Jewet [seal] 
" his signe 
" Signed Sealed & declared 
" to be his Last will and testament 
" In presence of us witness 

" Leonard Harriman 

" Nehemiah Jewet." 

" Leonard Harriman and Nehemiah Jewet appeared in Court att 
Salem 25*^ 9™° 1664 & made oath y* they were p^'sent & saw Maxemillian 
Jewet Signe Seale & y" declare ye within written to be his last will & testa- 
ment & y* he was y" of disposing minde. 

" Attest Benj^ Gerrish Cle'"." " 
(Recorded Essex Probate 2 : 60.) 

Second Generation V 18 

The following inventory of his estate was taken Nov. , 1684, by 

Nehemiah Jewett, John Dresser and Leonard Harriman: 

" Maximilian Jewett. Inventory of his estated — deceased Oct. , 


£. s. d. 

Imprimus: Buildings, upland & meadows 353 10 

It : apparrell, books, money, peuter, brass, iron 

& earthenware £23 8s lid 23 8 11 

It: wooden ware, cheires, stools, tables, chests, bed- 
steads, leather & bed £6 lis 6 110 

It : beding, curteins, a carpet, flax, hemp, linen yarne 

chushings & a pillion £36 15s 36 15 

It: one loome, with utensels, cards, a comb, 
butter & cheese, glasses and that in them 

It : malt & come, beanes & baggs 

It : a bed, an iron trevit & old rug 

It : debts due to the estate 

















Debts due from the estate £5 8s 8d 
more 14s : more 2s 8d 

Children, all hy rdfe Ann and all bom m Rowley, Mass.: 

6 Ezekiel, born Jan. 5, 1643 ; married (1st) Faith Parrott; (2d) Elizabeth 


7 Anna, born Dec. 26, 1644 ; married Barzilla Barker.* 

8 Mary, born Dec. 18, 1646; married David Hazeltine.* 

9 Elizabeth, born March 22, 1650; married Robert Hazeltine.* 

10 Faith, bom Oct. 8, 1652; married Deacon Samuel Dowse.* 

11 Joseph, bom Feb. 1, 1654; married (1st) Rebecca Law; (2d) Mary 


12 Sarah, born Jan. 17, 1658; buried June 19, 1660. Sarah Jewett 

the daughter of Maximilian & Ann borne the first moneth the seven- 
teenth day. Sarah Jewit daughter of Maximilian Jewit hurried June 
the nineteenth day 1660. (Rowley Record.) 

13 Sarah, born about 1660; married Jeremiah Ellsworth.* 

14 Priscilla, bora May 19, 1664 ; buried Sept. 5, 1664. Prisilla the daugh- 

ter of Maximilian Jewit borne Maie ye 19th, 1664. Pricila Jewit 
daughter of Maximilian Jewit buried ye fifth of September 1664. 
(Rowley Record.) 

4 JOSEPH JEWETT (Edward'), was born in Bradford, West Rid- 
ing of Yorkshire, England, baptized there Dec. 31, 1609. He married there 
Oct. 1, 1634, Mary Mallinson. She was buried in Rowley, Mass., April 12, 
1652. He married second, in Boston, Mass., May 13, 1653 Ann Allen, widow 

14 Jewett Genealogy 

of Bozoan Allen, of Boston. " Joseph Jewett, of Rowley, was marryed to 
Ann Allen, widow formerly the wife of Cap* Bozon Allen of Boston 23 : 3 : 53 
by Rich*^. Bellingham Dep. Gov. She was buried Feb. 8, 1660-1." " Mist. 
Ann Jewit the wife of Mr. Joseph Jewit buried the eight day 1660." (Rowley 
Record.) " Her will dated Feb. 5, 1660, proved May 2, 1661, mentions: one 
hundred pounds that I have in my own dispose to be divided among these four 
of my children viz. : John Allen ; Ann Allen ; Isaac Allen ; and Bossom Allen : 
that covenant betweene Mr. Joseph Jewet and me; daughter Priscilla." 
(Essex Inst. Hist. Coll.) 

Joseph Jewett, with his wife Mary, and one or two children, came to 
America with his older brother, Maximilian, in the ship John in the fall of 

1638, and settled in Rowley, Mass., in 1639. He was made freeman May 22, 

1639. He became a large land owner and one of the leading men of the town, 
was representative to the General Court in 1651, 1652, 1653, 1654, and 1660, 
and was one of the two stewards for each of these sessions. 

The following from the records of the town of Rowley : 

" Bradford streete — To Joseph Jewet one Lott Containinge two Acres 
bounded on the South side by Thomas Dickinsons house Lott; part of it 
lyinge on the weast side, and part of it on the East side of the streete." 

" Bradford streete field — To Joseph Jewet foure Acres and an halfe of 
upland, lying upon the North side of Thomas Dickinsons planting lott: the 
East end butting upon his owne lott." 

" Batchelours meadow — To Joseph Jewet one Acre and a quarter, lying 
on the North side of Thomas Dickinsons Meadow: butting as aforesaid." 

" Salt Marsh, 1st. Division — To Joseph Jewet two Acres of salt 
Marsh, lying upon the East side of Thomas Dickinsons Marsh the North end 
butting upon a salt Creeke, the Southend upon the North side of William 
Bointons salt Marsh." 

" 2rd. division Salt Marsh — To Joseph Jewet two acres of salt Marsh, 
lying on the North side of Thomas Dickinsons Marsh: runing about 24 rod 
into the Marsh, the West end butting on the upland." 

" 2rd. division of fresh Marsh — To Joseph Jewet one Acre, the South- 
end butting on the upland, the North end on a Creeke." 

" 3rd. division of fresh Marsh — To Joseph Jewet one Acre, lying near 
to Thomas Dickinsons Meadow : the North end butting upon the upland, the 
Southend also, and West side bounded by a Creeke." 

" 2rd. division of Upland — To Joseph Jewett two Acres, part whereof 
ioynes to his owne salt Marsh: the rest lyeth on the North side of Thomas 
Dickinsons upland : butting as aforesaid." 

" 3rd. division Salt Marsh — To Joseph Jewett two Acres lying on the 
North side of Thomas Dickinsons Marsh : butting upon the East end of his 
second division of Salt Marsh." 

" Upland laid out in ffield Called Batchelours Plane — To Joseph Jewet 
eight lying on the East side of William Bointon." 

" To Joseph Jewet six Acres of upland being pt of that Land Called 

Second Generation 15 

Satchells Ground bounded by a Swampe on the northeast side w^*^ is now in 
the possession of Joseph Jewett aforesaid & John Tod the Southeast end 
abutting on Thomas Mighills Lott, the South West side bounded by M'". 
Ezekiell Rogers his Lott the north west end by a Cart way." 

" To Joseph Jewet seaven Acres of upland and a halfe the south side 
ioyning upon Ipswich line the East end abutting upon the Country way to- 
ward Ipswich the North west side bounded by the Comon." 

" To Joseph Jewet Acres of Salt Marsh at the East end of his 

third division of Salt Marsh, the North east side of it bounded by Maximilian 
Jewets Salt marsh." 

" March, 1658 — It was Agreed and voted at a General and legall towne 
meetinge that mr Jewet should have a thousand Acres of land in the necke, 
beyond the Hazeltines, and that he is to have forty acres of meadow which is 
to be laide out as conveniently as can be in the townes land whitch forty Acres 
of meadow is to be for part of the thousand in the necke, in exchange for 
three thousand Acres of land which is to be laide out as conveniently as can 
be for the towne of Rowley in the village land, about the bald hills." 

" According unto the grant of the towne ther in laid out unto mr Joseph 
Jewett Nine hundred and Sixty Acres of upland in that necke of land beyond 
the hesseltines bounded by a Runell of watter that falls into merrimack River 
at the east end and soe from the River it Runeth a westerly line unto a white 
oak Tree not very fure distant from the line betwene Andover and the towne 
of Rowley and soe from that white oake streigh to the River wher it tumeth, 
the Rest of the bounds is by merrimack River, ther is laid out also unto mr 
Joseph Jewett forty acres of IMeadow in three persells one persell in a 
meadow they call the longe meadow lying for twenty six acres lying in the 
village land incompassed by upland laid out to the Right of mr Thomas 
Nelson an other persell lying for five Acres a certaine way distant from the 
long meadow toward the south east ward bounding a little pond in or by it it 
also being bounded by the afForesaid upland of mr nelson the other persell 
lyeth distant from this more southerly lying for Nine acres and it is bounded 
partly by the afforesaid land and partly by land laid out to John dreser and 
Joseph Chaplin." 

In the History of Boxford, Mass., we find the following: " Before the 
land in the village was laid out Abraham Redington, Robert Stiles, Joseph 
Bixby, John Cummings, William Foster and John Peabody, six of the early 
settlers, bought of Joseph Jewett, of Rowley, 3000 acres of the Village land. 
The right to this land was sold by Zacheus Gould to Joseph Jewett for the 
benefit of such as employed him to make the purchase, for which Jewett paid 
ninety pounds. Jewett by agreement with the town received in exchange 960 
acres in the neck by Merrimack river, and 40 acres of meadow in three pieces 
in the village lands." 

Deed of Confirmation of land in Rowley 1650: 

16 Jewett Genealogy 

" Know all men by these p''sents, y^ wheras there was a deed of Sale of y® 
Lands at Rowley, Late in y® possession of William Bellingham Gent., bearing 
date, the Twenty third of July, one thousd. six hund*^ and fifty, w^^ said deed 
was made only in y^ name of Samuel Bellingham, w*^ out y^ mentioning of 
Lucy Bellingham, the p'"sent wife of y^ s^ Samuel Bellingham, only y® name 
of y® s^ Lucy BelHngham Subscribed w^*^ her own hand. This p'^sent wit- 
nesseth, that the said Lucy Bellingham doth willingly giue hir full and free 
Consent unto y® said deed of Sale, as y® s^ Samuel Bellingham did, as if hir 
name was oft therin syecified as y® name of y® s*^ Samuel ; And y® said Lucy 
doth herby give full possession of y® said Lands and Tenements w* euer be- 
longing, or by apportion or other right w*^ ever due unto y® said Lucye as wife 
of y® said Samuel or otherwise ; all hir. Title, right and property in the said 
Land, shee giues unto y® w*^ named Joseph Jewet of Rowley, upon y® s^ 
Conditions w^^in that deed Specifyed : And hereby wee, y® f oresed Samuel and 
Lucy Belhngham, doe Jointly Confirme y^ fors<^ Deed, This Twenty first day 
of Eight moneth, one thous*^ Six hun'^ and fiftye in witness wherof wee set 
to our hands and seales, 
in p^sence of us 

" Henry Sandys " Samuel Bellingham, and a seal. 

" Mathew Boyer " Lucy Bellingham, and a seal. 

" This deed was acknowle*^ged by the 

said Samuel Bellingham and Lucy 

his wife, 23^^ day of y® 8^^ month 

1650 before me. 

" Samuel Symonds." 

Joseph Jewett was styled clothier in 1656, later merchant. He was 
buried Feb. 26, 1660. 

" His will was proved March 26, 1661. The original, now much worn, is 
on file in the Probate Office in Salem. A true copy printed line by line as 
ivritten is here given." (Blodgette.) 

" I Joseph Jewett of Rowley beinge weake of boddy but perfect 
in understandinge and memory doe make this my last will and testament 
in manner and form as followeth, Imprimis after my debts beinge 
payed I desire the rest of my goods may bee equally divided among 
my seaven children, as well those two that I have by my last wyfe 
as the five that I had before. Allwayes provided that my eldest sonne 
Jeremiah Jewett must have a dubbell portion, of all estate I have 
both in New England, and Old, whether personall or Reall further 
provided that one hundred pounds I have allready payed to my sonne 
Phillip Nellson, that shall be counted as part of what I doe now 
give him. Item I doe give unto my sonne Jeremiah Jewett tlie farme 
I bought of Joseph Muzzy I meane all such Lands bought of him 

Second Geneeation I7 

or any other, that are on the Norwest side of the River called 

Egipt River, with all the meadow I bought of Nathaniell Stow and 

Robert Lord Senior, provided he accept of it at five hundred pounds 

and wheras in the fourth line it is saide I desire the rest of my 

goods to be equally divided amonst my seaven children I meane 

Lands as well as goods and if any of those my above saide seaven 

children, should depart this life, before the age of twenty one 

yeares, or day of Marriage then these portions, shall bee 

Equally divided Amonst the rest, allwayes provided my eldest sonne 

Jeremiah shall have a double portion, and as for my two youngest 

Children, and there portion I leave to the disposinge of my brother 

Maximillian Jewett, and who he shall apoint when he departeth 

this life, and I make Exequitors of this my last will and Testa 

ment my Brother Maximillian Jewett, and my sonne Phillip 

Nellson, my sonne John Carleton and my sonne Jeremiah Jewett 

Allwayes free and willinge that they shall be satisfied out of the 

Estate, for all such pains and labour, that they shall be at 

conceminge the above premisse. 

" Signed and sealed in the " Joseph Jewett [Seal] 

presence of us " Dated the 15th of february 

Ezekiel Northend in the yeare 1660 

Mark prime " At the signinge and sealinge 

hereof I doe give my Exequitors 

full power to make deed and confirme 

any Lands I have sold to any." 

Ezekiel Northend. Mark prime. 

Children, first ■wife: 

15 Jeremiah, bom in Bradford, Eng., about 1637 ; married Sarah Dick- 


16 Sarah, , 1639 ; married Capt. Philip Nelson.* 

17 Hannah, born in Rowley, Mass., April 15, 1641; married (1st) John 

Carlton; (2d) Christopher Babbage.* 

18 Nehemiah, born in Rowley, Mass., April 6, 1643; married Exercise 


19 Faith, born in Rowley, Mass., March 5, 1645 ; died in infancy. 

20 Patience (twin) born in Rowley, Mass., March 5, 1645; married (1st) 

Shubeal Walker; (2d) Dole.* 

Children, second wife: 

21 Mary, born in Rowley, Mass., Feb. 4, 1654; died in infancy. 

22 Joseph, born in Rowley, Mass., Feb. 1, 1656; married Ruth Wood* 

23 Faith, born in Rowley, Mass., ; married John Pingry.* 



6 DEACON EZEKIEL JEWETT (MaxImIHan% Edward^), was born 
in Rowley, Mass., Jan. 5, 1643. " Ezekiell Jewel, son of Maximilian and Ann 
borne first moneth the fift day." (Rowley Record.) 

He was admitted freeman May 15, 1669. He succeeded his father as 
deacon of the Rowley church; was ordained Oct. 24, 1686, and served until 
Sept. 2, 1723. Was representative to the General Court for Rowley for the 
years 1690, 1692, 1697, 1699, 1707, 1713, 1718, and 1719. 

He had land laid out to him in Hog Island marsh in 1667 and had two 
freeholds in Rowley in 1667. Also " Dec. 10, 1670 land laid out in Merri- 
mack lot 15 — To Ezekiell Jewett, laide out to him one hundred forty and 
five Acres as part of his father Parrats right, and part of Richard Thurrells 
right bounded by John Tenny North east, by m'' Worsters on the south west 
by the river North west it is twenty pole wide, and at the middle range, twenty 
and four pole wide, and at the upper end forty seaven pole and a halfe wide, 
Allso there is added a parcell of common land and meadow at the end of his 
lot, untill he come to land laide out to John Pallmer runninge upon a street 
line on the same line that m^ Danforth hath run." (Rowley Records.) 

He married (1st), Feb. 26, 1663-4, Faith Parratt, daughter of Francis 
and Elizabeth Parratt of Rowley. She was born in Rowley Jan. 20, 1642 and 
died there Oct. 15, 1715. Her gravestone in the Rowley Cemetery, standing 



OCTOK YE 15 1715 & 



Ezekiel Jewett married (2d), Oct. 23, 1716, Elizabeth (her third hus- 
band), widow of John Jewett , and the only daughter of Joseph How, 

of Lynn. She married first Benjamin Chadwell, of Lynn, and after the death 
of Ezekiel Jewett she married, (4th), Dec. 2, 1723, Ensign Andrew Stickney, 
son of William Stickney. 

Ezekiel Jewett, died Sept. 2, 1723. " His will dated Feb. 16, 1722-3, 
proved Nov. 4, 1723. Mentions ; my now wife and a marriage contract ; son 
Francis to have my Bradford land ; son Thomas my Boxf ord land ; sons Maxi- 


^2 Jewett Genealogy 

milian, Stephen, daughters Sarah Bailey and Elizabeth Nelson. (Essex Inst. 
Hist. Col. Blodgette.) Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery: 






1723 IN YE 

81 YEAR 


Children, all by first wife and all born in Rowley: 

24s Francis, born March 15, 1664 ; married Sarah Hardy.* 

25 Thomas, born Sept. 20, 1666; married (1st) Hannah Swan; (2d) Faith 

26 Ezekiel, born July 24 ; bapt. Sept. 6, 1668 ; died in infancy. 

27 Ezekiel, born Oct. 25 ; bapt. Oct. 31, 1669. " He was in the Canada ex- 

pedition 1690 and no further mention is found of him." (Blodgette.) 
The town records of Rowley of May 6, 1691 show that the town paid 
the following named persons, in bills of credit, the sum set against 
their names for military service in Canada. To Deacon Ezekiel Jewett 
for his son Ezekiel £5 Os. 3d. 

28 'Maximilian, born Feb. 5, 1671-2; married Sarah .* 

29 Ann, born Sept. 29, 1673 ; died Sept. 11, 1689. 

30 Sarah, born Nov. 24, 1675 ; married Capt. Jonathan Bailey.* 

31 Elizabeth, bom March 29, 1678; married (1st) Isaac Platts ; (2d) 

Francis Nelson.* 

32 Nathaniel, born Feb. 12, 1681 ; married Mary Gage.* 

33 Stephen, bom Feb. 23, 1682-3; married (1st) Priscilla Jewett (65); 

(2d) Sarah Trask; (3d) Mrs. Lydia Rogers.* 

7 ANNA JEWETT (Maximilian% Edward^), was born in Rowley, 
Mass., Dec. 26, 1644. She married there Oct. 5, 1666, Brazilla Barker son of 

James and Grace Barker. They lived in Rowley where he died Nov. 16, 

1694. " His real estate was divided 15 April, 1697. His widow Anna, eldest 
son Ebenezer, daughter Hannah (married), Ezra, aged twenty years, Esther 
aged eighteen years, Ruth aged fifteen years, Enoch aged twelve years, and 
Noah aged seven years, each received a share." (Essex Probate 5: 138.) 

" Widow Anna Barker conveyed all her right in her late husband's estate 
to her son Noah Barker, in consideration of her support during life 29 April 
1712." (Essex Deeds, 4 Norfolk, 88. ) She died May 12, 1727. 

Children, bom in Rowley: 

34 Jonathan, born Nov. 5, 1667 ; buried May 29, 1689. 

35 Ebenezer, born Dec. 16, 1669 ; died April 10, 1711 ; unmarried. 

36 Hannah, bom Jan. 5, 1671-2; married Joseph Johnson, Jr., of Haver- 

hill, Mass. 

Third Generation 23 

37 Lydia, born May 13, 1674 ; buried Dec. 11, 1675. 

38 Ezra, bom Jan. 1, 1675-6; died Nov. 6, 1697 ; unmarried. 

39 Esther, born May 31, 1679. 

40 Ruth, born Nov. 1, 1681. 

41 Enoch, born Oct. 21, 1684. 

42 Bethiah, bom March 8, 1686-7; buried Sept. 19, 1688. 

43 Noah, born Aug. 23, 1689 ; married Martha Figget.* 

8 MARY JEWETT (MaximiHan^ Edward'), was born in Rowley, 
Mass., Dec. 18, 1646. " Mary Jewet daughter of Maximihan and Ann borne 
the twelft moneth the eighteen day 1644 (Rowley Record)." 

She married in Merrimack village (now Bradford) Mass., Sept. 26, 1667 

Capt. David Hazeltine, son of Robert and Anne Hazeltine. He was 

bom in Bradford, Mass. They lived in Bradford where he was for many 
years town clerk and captain of a military company and where he died Aug. 
31, 1717. 

Children, born in Bradford, Mass.: 

44 Mary, born Dec. 11, 1671 ; married Solomon Wood. 

45 Sarah, bom March 11, 1673-4; married John Gage. 

46 Anne, born Aug. 4, 1677; married (1st) WilHam Stickney; (2d) Samuel 


47 Rebecca, born Feb. 15, 1697; married Capt. Nathaniel Walker. 

48 Abigail, born Nov. 13, 1682; married Jeremiah Hunt. 

49 Dorcas, born May 1, 1686; died young. 

50 David, bom Jan. 20, 1688-9; died young. 

9 ELIZABETH JEWETT (:Maximilian% Edward'), was born in 
Rowley, Mass., March 22, 1650. She married in Bradford, Mass. July 21, 
1680, Corporal Robert Hazeltine (brother of Capt. David who married her 
sister Mary), son of Robert and Anne Hazeltine. He was bom in Brad- 
ford Sept. 7, 1657. She died Nov. 22, 1708. He married (2d) in 1709 
Mary Frether who died March 13, 1728-9. He died March 8, 1728-9. 

Elizabeth Hazeltine^ s children: ^ 

51 Hannah, born May 14, 1681 ; married Thomas Green. 

52 Elizabeth, born Oct. 28, 1683, married in Bradford, Mass., Feb. 18, 

1705-6; Ichabod Boynton, son of John Boynton. He was bom in 
Rowley April 19, 1677. They lived in Bradford where they had the 
births of seven children recorded. 

53 Maximilian, born Aug. 10, 1687; married Martha . 

54 Dawson, bom Feb. 17, 1688-9; married Mehitable Middleton. 

10 FAITH JEWETT (Maximilian% Edward'), was born in Rowley, 
Mass., Oct. 8, 1652. She married in Newbury, Mass., Jan. 7, 1677, Deacon 
Samuel Dowse (his 2d wife), of Charlestown, Mass., son of Lawrence and 

24 Jewett Genealogy 

Martha Dowse. He was bom in Charlestown and baptized in the First 

Church, Boston, in 1645. He was then 2 years, 14 weeks, and 23 days old. 

His first wife, whom he married Aug. 8, 1670, was Hannah Ludkin. She 
was admitted to the church June 15, 1673, and died March 26, 1676. They 
had one child, which died in infancy. 

" He was a cordwainer; was admitted to the church Feb. 9, 1672-3; was 
deacon of the church and in 1712 was sealer of weights." (Wyman.) 

Persons admitted to full Communion, First Church of Charlestown : 
" Sept. 23, 1677, Faith Dowse; y® wife of o'' br; Samuel Dowse. Her father 
Deacon Jewet of Rowley." (Ch. R.) 

She died Feb. 26, 1736-7. 

His will dated Jan. 4, 1732-3. Administration on his estate granted to 
Thomas Harris and Maximilian Dowse July 24, 1735. The will devised to 
son Ebenezer £10; to son Maximilian, daughters Mary and Sarah the residue. 

Children, born in Charlestown, Mass. : 

55 Anna, bom Oct. 19, 1677 ; bapt. at Old South Church March 3, 1677-8; 

not mentioned in father's will. 

56 Samuel, bom Nov. 19, 1670; bapt. March 16, 1680 in town; not men- 

tioned in father's will. 

57 John, bom Nov. 10, 1681 ; died of fever Jan. 30, 1702-3 ; (gravestone). 

58 Martha, born ; bapt. Sept. 18, 1683 ; not mentioned in father's will. 

59 Mary, born April 17, 1686; married Thomas Harris.* 

60 Maximilian, born Oct. 12, 1688; married Sarah Fosdick.* 

61 Sarah, born March 19, 1690-1 ; married William Pinson.* 

62 Ebenezer, born Sept. 4, 1693 ; bapt. July 10, 1694. He lived in Billerica, 

Mass., and died in 1781. 

11 ENSIGN JOSEPH JEWETT (Maximilian^ Edward'), was born 
in Rowley, Mass., Feb. 1, 1654. He married there March 2, 1676 Rebecca 

Law, of Rowley, daughter of William and Mar}* Law. She was born 

April 1, 1655 and died in Rowley Dec. 26, 1729. " Rebecca Jewet wife of 
Ensign Joseph Jewet who lay long in a sad disconsolate condition, but was 
(we hope) lifted into joy Decemb^ 27, 1729." (Ch. R.) 

Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery : 

1729 IN YE 74TH 

He married (2d) in Bradford, Mass., Jan. 20, 1731-2, widow Mary 
Gage of Bradford. Her will, dated July 8, 1738; proved July 27, 1741, 

Third Generation 25 

mentions : herself as being advanced in years to a great age : son Nathaniel 
Gage: son John Green of Bradford: daughters Elizabeth, wife of Samuel 
Palmer of Bradford: Mary, wife of Benjamin Thurston of Bradford. 

Joseph Jewett lived in Rowley, was made freeman July 9, 1684, and was 
Representative to the General Court for the years 1718 and 1719. He was 
active in town affairs and was a man of energy and character. He was a 
soldier in King Philip's War, serving first in Capt. Joseph Gardiner's Co. (of 
Salem), who was killed in this war, and later in Major Appleton's Co. Was in 
the list of Feb. 29, 1675-6. He was in the Narragansett Campaign and for 
his services received £2. 14s. and a grant of land. The following is an ac- 
count of the principal battle of this Campaign, in which he participated, 
(from the " New England Hist, and Gen. Reg.") : " After the disastrous 
campaign of the Autumn of 1675 in the Western part of the Colony of Mas- 
sachusetts, the hostile Indians retreated toward the south and to winter 
quarters amongst the Narragansetts. They erected a fort on an elevation of 
land (a sort of island) of four or five acres surrounded by swampy land. 
There is no monument to mark this site of one of the most brilliant victories 
in American warfare. 

" It was planned by those in authority to strike a decisive blow to the 
Indians in their winter quarters and on Dec. 9th, 1675 the Massachusetts 
forces consisting of six companies of foot under Capt's. Mosle}', Gardiner, 
Davenport, Oliver and Johnson, and a troop of horse under Capt. Prentice 
mustered on Dedham Plains under command of Major Appleton, who himself 
led the first company. They were joined by the Plymouth forces, two com- 
panies under Major William Bradford and Capt. John Gorham. The quota 
of Plymouth Colony was one hundred and twenty men. 

" To the soldiers a proclamation was made at this time on the part of 
the Massachusetts Council, ' that if they played the man, took the Fort, & 
Drove the Enemy out of Narrangansett Country, which was their great Seat, 
that they should have a gratuity in land besides their wages.' General Win- 
slow was in command and on the same afternoon they marched twenty-seven 
miles to Woodcock's Garrison, now Attleboro. In the evening of Friday, 
Dec. 10th they arrived at Seekouk where vessels of supplies were in wait- 
ing . . . Capt. Mosley and his company sailed direct from here to the 
garrison-house at Wickford. The rest of the force ' ferried over the water 
to Providence ' and probably formed a junction with the main part of the 
Plymouth Regiment at Providence on Saturday, Dec. 11th. In the evening 
of Sunday, Dec. 12, the whole body advanced ' from Mr. Carpenter's, 
crossed the Pautuxet River,' now Warwick, R. I. ; but from the unskilfulness 
of their Warwick scouts . , . their purpose of capturing Pomham and his 
people was defeated, and after a whole night spent in weary marching about, 
they arrived at Mr. Smith's garrison-house at Wickford on the 13th, and 
found their vessels from Seekouk already arrived. ... On the 14th they 
went out through the country to the westward and burned the town of the 

26 Jewett Genealogy 

Sachem ' Ahmus,' ... up to the 15th they had captured or killed, in all 
fifty persons and had prisoners in hand numbering seventy-five. 

" Friday, Dec. ITth came news of the arrival of the Connecticut regi- 
ment at Pettisquamscott. Our Army seems to have been disposing of the 
captives and preparing for the march. Forty-seven of the captives were sold 
to Capt. Davenport on Saturday, Dec. 18. 

" The General, leaving a small garrison at Wickford pushed his Army 
forward to Pittisquamscott, and about five p. m. joined the Connecticut troops 
consisting of about three hundred English and one hundred and fifty Mo- 
hegan Indians. In a severe snow-storm, the whole force, about one thousand 
men, encamped in the open field through that bitter cold night. Sunday, Dec. 
19th before daybreak, the whole force marched away towards the enemy's 
great rendezvous. 

" About one o'clock, p. m., the Army came upon the enemy at the edge 
of the swamp, in the midst of which the Indian fortress was built, the Mass- 
achusetts Regiment leading the march, and immediately opened fire upon them 
— thus at the beginning gaining the important advantage of the first fire, 
which the Indians had almost always gained from ambush, as they doubtless 
purposed now. The Indians returned the fire with an ineffectual volley, and 
then fled into the swamp closely pursued by the foremost companies, who did 
not wait for the word of command, or stand much upon the ' order of their 
going,' until they reached the fortification within which the Indians hastily 
betook themselves. This fort was on an island of some five or six acres in the 
midst of a cedar swamp, which was impassable except to the Indians by their 
accustomed paths, and was now made passable only by the severe cold of the 
previous day and night. It is probable that the Indians depended chiefly 
upon the swamp to protect them, though their defences are described as hav- 
ing been of considerable strength. A writer says of their fort ' the Indians 
had built a kind of Fort, being palisaded round, and within that a clay wall, 
as also felled down abundance of Trees to lay quite round the said Fort, but 
tliey had not quite finished the said work.' At the comers and exposed posi- 
tions, rude block-houses and flankers had been built, from which a raking fire 
could be poured upon any attacking force. . . . The fight had now raged 
for nearly three hours with dreadful carnage in proportion to the numbers 
engaged, when finally an entrance was made into the Fort and the Indians fled 
to the woods. . . . When now the fortress and all its contents were burning, 
and destruction assured, our soldiers hastily gathered their wounded and as 
many as possible of their dead, and formed their shattered column for the 
long and weary march back to Wickford. 

" Of the details of the march to Wickford very little is known, through a 
bitter cold winter's night, in a blinding snow-storm carrying two hundred 
and ten of their wounded and dead, these soldiers, who had marched from 
dawn till high noon, had engaged in a desperate life and death struggle from 
noon till sunset, now plodded sturdily back to their quarters of the day before, 
through deepening snows and over unbroken roads, they reached their quar- 

Third Generation 27 

ters at two o'clock in the morning. Their dead numbered sixty-eight and 
wounded one hundred and fifty. Eight of the dead were left in the fort, 
twelve died when they started back to Wickford, twenty-one died on the 
march, and before the next day, Monday, Dec. 20, they buried thirty-four 
in one grave and six more within two days. 

" The grave of the forty buried at Wickford was marked by a tree called 
the ' grave apple tree ' which was blowed down in 1810. The wounded were 
sent in vessels to Rhode Island. 

" The Indian force amounted to about five thousand. Of this number, 
Indian prisoners reported their loss as sevei\ hundred killed, besides the many 
wounded and captured." 

Joseph Jewett died in Rowley Oct. 29, 1735. The church record by 
Rev. Jedediah Jewett is as follows : " 1735 My Grandfather Joseph Jewett, 
in the 81st. year of his age, Oct. 29." 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass., all hy wife Rebecca: 

63 Jonathan, born March 11, bapt. March 16, 1678-9 ; married (1st) Mary 

Wicom; (2d) Rebecca (Hale) Poore.* 

64 Aquila, born Sept. 4 ; bapt. Sept. 28, 1684 ; married (1st) Ann Tenney ; 

(2d) Martha Pearson; (3d) Mary (Jackson) Hovey.* 

65 Priscilla, bom Aug. 9 ; bapt. Aug. 14, 1687 ; married Stephen Jewett 


66 Rebecca, bom July 24; bapt. July 30, 1693; married (1st) Jeremiah 

Burpee; (2d) John Pemberton.* 


13 SARAH JEWETT (Maximihan', Edward'), was born in Rowley, 
Mass., about 1660. She married there May 13, 1689, Jeremiah Ellsworth, 
(his 2d wife). He probably was born in England. He died May 6, 1704. 
She died Aug. 16, 1746. 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass. : 

67 Sarah, born ; bapt. July 27, 1690; married George Hibbert.* 

68 Jeremiah, bom Dec. 5, 1692; married Hannah Tenney.* 

15 JEREMIAH JEWETT (Joseph\ Edward'), was bom in Brad- 
ford, England, about 1637, and was brought to this country by his father 
in 1638. He married in Rowley, Mass., May 1, 1661, Sarah Dickinson, 

daughter of Thomas and Janet Dickinson. She was bom in Rowley 

Oct. 16, 1664, and died Jan. 30, 1723-4. " His home was in Ipswich, in the 
first Parish of Rowley near the Rowley line. He lived on the farm his father 
gave him on the ' Norwest side of Egipt River.' His associations were with 
Rowley, he was a member of our church and was buried in our burial ground. 
He had a right of comonage in Ipswich, Feb. 18, 1678." (Essex Inst. Col.) 

28 Jewett Genealogy 

He was one of the soldiers from Ipswich in King Philip's War. Died in 
Ipswich May 20, 1714. Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery: 




YE 20 1714 

AGED 77 

Children, born in Ipswich, Mass., baptized in Rowley: 

69 Jeremiah, bom Dec. 20, 1662; married (1st) Elizabeth Kimball; (2d) 

Elizabeth Bugg.* 

70 Joseph, born April 17, 1665 ; bapt. Nov. 23, 1673. 

71 Thomas, born Jan. 29, 1667-8 ; bapt. Nov. 23, 1673 ; died July 1, 1742 

in his 75th year, "an old Bachelor." (Ch. R.) "His will, dated 
May 1, 1742, proved July 5, 1742 mentions as legatees: brother 
Eleazer of Norwich, Conn., to have eight small lots of salt marsh and 
one lot of upland all in Rowley ; cousin Jeremiah Jewett of Rowley ; 
cousin Caleb Jewett of Rowley ; cousin Hannah Pearson, wife of 
Stephen of Rowley ; cousin Priscilla Perkins, wife of Zackeus of Row- 
ley ; children of cousin Jeremiah Hobson, late of Rowley dec'd ; cousin 
Henry Dole of Newbury, to have about one hundred acres of land 
in Byfield, Rowley and to be sole executor. Codicil, dated May 8, 
1742 mentions as cousins Mary Chapman, wife of Daniel of Ipswich; 
Elizabeth Day, wife of Thomas of Ipswich ; Jemima Scott, wife of 
Joseph junior of Rowley; Mary Lakeman wife of Solomon of 
Ipswich; Mercy Jewett, widow of John, late of Rowley dec'd." 
(Essex Inst. Hist. Col.) Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery: 





YE 1ST 1742 



72 Eleazer, born ; bapt. Nov. 23, 1673; married (1st) Mary Lamb ; 

(2d) Mary (Griswold) Tracy.* 

73 Sarah, born ; bapt. Nov. 23, 1673; married William Hobson.* 

74 Mary, born Jan. 27, bapt. March 21, 1674-5; married Abner Dole.* 

75 Nehemiah, born about 1678; married Priscilla Bradstreet.* 

76 Ephraim, bom Feb. 2, 1679-80; married EHzabeth Hammond.* 

77 Caleb, bom , 1681. " He was witness to a deed from Nathaniel 

Crosby to Jeremiah Jewett the younger in 1699. No further mention 
of him." (Blodgette.) 

16 SARAH JEWETT (Joseph*, Edward'), was bom probably m 
Rowley, Mass., about 1639. She married June 24, 1657, Capt. Philip Nelson 

Third Generation 29 


son of Thomas Nelson. He was born in England about 1633 ; graduated from 
Harvard College 1654. " He was a Justice of the Peace, and Captain of a 
military company under the command of Sir William Pliipps who is goinge 
against the French at Novia Scotia." (Blodgette.) 

They lived in Rowley where she died and was buried Dec. 17, 1665. 

He married (2d) Elizabeth Lowell and had Joseph who married Eliza- 
beth, widow of Jeremiah Jewett (69). 

Children of Sarah Nelson, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

78 Philip, born April 16, 1659; married Sarah Hobson.* 

79 Mary, born March 26, 1662; married John Hazeltine.* 

17 HANNAH JEWETT (JosephS Edward') was born in Rowley, 
Mass., April 15, 1641. She married, first, John Carlton son of Edward and 
Ellen (Freeman) Carlton. He was bom in England about 1630. They 
settled in Bradford, Mass., and removed to Haverhill, Mass., where he died 
Jan. 22, 1668. Edward Carlton, father of Jphn, was a freeman of Rowley, 
Mass., in 1642, and had the next year a three-acre house lot. He returned 
with his family to England, and soon after sent his son John Carlton back to 
settle up his estate in Rowley for him ; but John died evidently before he was 
able to do so, for in the County Court records is found the following petition 
relative to the settlement of the estate of Edward Carlton : " To the Honoured 
Court now sitting at Salem this 27 of November, Anno Dom. 1678. The 
humble request of Christopher Babbage & Hannah his wife that whereas Mr. 
Edward Carlton sometimes of Rowley left an estate in New England when he 
went out of the country, part of which (he sending his son John Carlton by 
virtue of a letter of Aturney did receive in his behalf), wee conceiving that 
there being some of his estate unreceived by his said son, desire this Honoured 
Court would appoynt some of our relations, Jeremiah Jewett or Nehemiah 
Jewett or both to be administrators to the estate of the sayd Mr. Edward 
Carlton that if anything may be preserved, it may be fourth-comming to 
the children of the said Hannah relict of the said John Carlton deceased, the 
only heirs to any such estate (as we can conceive), or as authority shall dis- 
pose of it & in your soe doing your servants shall pray. 

" Christopher Babbage. 

" Hannah Babbage." 
" Jeremiah Jewett & Nehemiah Jewett have power of administration 
granted of the estate of Mr. Edw. Carlton deceased, who was formerly of 
Rowley and they are enjoyned to bring in a true inventory, at ye next court 
at Ipswich. 

" In Court at Salem 29 : 9 : 1678 

" Ateste, Hilliard Verin, Clerk." 

She married (2d) Christopher Babbage son of Roger and Hester 
Babbage, of Totnes, England. " Widow Hannah (Jewett) Carlton of 

30 Jewett Genealogy 

Haverhill married 5:8mo:1674 Christopher Babbidge son of Roger & 
Hester Babbidge of Totness, Devonshire, England." (Essex Antiquarian.) 

He came from England in the ship " Nathaniel, John Adams Master " 
in 1661, and settled in Salem, Mass., (having married in Totnes, Agnes 
Triggs, of Totnes, who came with him. She died at Salem, Nov. 17, 1667, 
leaving two children, viz., Ruth, born March 21, 1663, and John, born April 
15, 1666.) He was proprietor of common lands in Salem that year, and 
was made freeman in 1665. He was a tailor. 

Hannah Babbage was dismissed from the church in Rowley to Salem 
June 6, 1665. 

Children, by John Carlton; all born in Haverhill, Mass.: 

80 Joseph, born March 21, 1662-3 ; married Abigail Osgood ; daughter of 

Christopher and Hannah (Belknap) Osgood, of Andover. 

81 Edward, born March 22, 1664-5 ; married Ehzabeth . 

82 Thomas, born Nov. 1, 1667 ; married Ehzabeth Hazeltine.* 

Children, by Christopher Babbage; all born in Salem, Mass.: 

83 Hannah, born July 15, 1675. 

84 Mary, born March 1, 1676; (bapt. Anne, records of First Church of 


85 Christopher, born Sept. 11, 1678 ; married Dec. 6, 1705, Lydia Marston, 

of Salem. Lived in Salem and had seven children. He died Dec. 
, 1755. 

86 Richard, born Oct. 1, 1680 ; died Jan. , 1681. 

87 Richard, born July 14, 1682; (bapt. Elizabeth, on First Church records 

of Salem.) 

88 Nehemiah, born March 25, 1684. 

18 "ELDER" NEHEMIAH JEWETT (Joseph*, Edward^), was 
born in Rowley, Ma-ss., April 6, 1643. He married in Lynn, Mass., Oct. 19, 
1668, Exercise Pierce, daughter of John and Rebecca (Wheeler) Pierce, of 
Lynn. " Nehemiah Jewett, son of Joseph and Mary was married to Exer- 
cise Pierce, the 17 of October on the second day of the week in the year 
1668." (Old family record.) She died in Ipswich, Mass., Nov. 13, 1731. 

He lived some time in Lynn before joining the Rowley Church as shown 
by the records of that church. " July 2, 1676 M''. Neh. Jewett had not pro- 
cured his dismission from Lynn Church w'^^ he had ioyned years since when 
he lived with his uncle Purchas at the Ironworks." 

He was made freeman at Lynn, April 29, 1668, and in 1667 had land laid 
out to him in Hog Island marsh, Rowley. " He settled in Ipswich, Mass., on 
a farm west of his brothers Jeremiah and divided from it by the street. He 
was well educated and very prominent in the affairs of Essex County : most 
of the wills and deeds of his townsmen from 1675 to the time of his death were 
drawn by him." (Essex Inst. Hist. Col.) 

Third Generation 31 

" Revolution May 9, 1689, the bloodless over throAv of Andress govern- 
ment having been affected on the 18ult. Rev. John Wise and Nehemiah 
Jewett meet with other Representatives in Boston to consult with the Council 
about public affairs of the Colony." (Gage.) 

" He was on a committee to compensate individuals who were damaged 
by prosecution to witchcraft or the heirs of such among these individuals who 
h'ad died." (Gage.) 

Was prominent in the Church, served as Elder many years, and often 
acted as advisor in matters relating to its affairs, one instance of which was 
(From " N. E. H. and G. R.") : " Divers of the Brethren of the Church at 
Salem Village being greivously offended by reason of the (in their estima- 
tion) unwarrantable actings of their Pastor Mr. Parris, in the matter of 
Witchcraft, " do therefore habitually absent themselves from Pubhc Wor- 
ship," and from Communion at the Lord's Table," notwithstanding the en- 
deavors of the Pastor and the Church to enforce their attendance thereupon. 
The grounds of their dissatisfaction are these: 

" 1 — The distracting and disturbing tumults and noises made by the 
persons under Diabolical power and delusions, preventing, sometimes their 
hearing and understanding and profiting by the word preached. 

" 2 — Their apprehensions of danger of themselves being accused as the 
Devils instruments to molest and afflict the persons complaining ; they seeing 
those whom they had reason to esteem better than themselves thus accused, 
blemished, and of lives bereaved. 

" 3 — The declared and published principle of their Pastor, and his fre- 
quent and positive preaching of the same, with respect to the dark and dismal 
mysteries of working amongst them, and their molestation from the invisible 
world ; his easy and strong faith and belief of the affirmations and accusations 
made by those they call the afflicted ; his approving and practising unwar- 
rantable methods for discovering what he was desirous to know referring to 
the bewitched or possessed persons, as bringing some to others, and by and 
from them pretending to inform himself and others who were the Devil's in- 
struments to afflict the sick and pained; and his not rendering to the world 
a fair, if true account of what he wrote on examination of the afflicted. 

" 4 — His unsafe and unaccountable oath given by him against sundry 
cf the accused and his zeal in seeking out the suspected, insomuch that one 
of the disaffected brethren (John Tarbell by name) tells him to his face that 
he has been " the great persecutor, and that had it not been for him his 
mother's nurse might have been still living, and so freed from execution. 

" 5 — His persisting in these principles and justifying his practices, 
though others, wise and learned, who were as forward as himself, are sorry 
for what they have done, and see their error therein." 

Elders of four churches were requested to decide the trouble; the 
churches selected were North Boston, Rowley, Maiden, and Weymouth ; two 
other churches in Boston were added, viz., The Old Church and the Third 

S% Jewett Genealogy 

" April 3, 1695.— The Council Meets at Salem Village (Church of Mai- 
den being absent on account of sickness of the wife of the Rev. Elder thereof) 
who, after an examination of the matters in difference, " unanimously de- 
clare and advise as f olloweth : " 

" I — Wee judge, That albeit in y^ Late and y® Dark Time of y® con- 
fusions wherein Satan had obtained a more than ordinary Hberty to the 
sifting of this Plantation, there were sundry unwarrantable and uncomfort- 
able steps taken by Mr. Samuel Parris y® pastor of y® Church in Salem Vil- 
lage, then under y® hurrying Distractions of amazing Afflictions, yet the 
said Mr. Parris, by y® Good Hand of God brought unto a better sense of 
things hath so fully expressed it, that a Christian charitie may and should 
receive satisfaction therewith: (Note — " In his Meditations for Peace" read 
before the whole Congregation on Sabbath day, Nov. 18, 1694, and again be- 
fore the Church and dissenting brethren Nov. 26th., in this paper the Pastor 
expresses his regrets for any errors of which he may have been guilty, ' And 
by all,' says he ' I do humbly own this day before the Lord and his people, y' 
God has been righteously spitting in my face.) 

" II — Inasmuch as diverse Christian Brethren in the Church of Salem 
Village have been offended at Mr. Parris for his conduct in the time of ye 
difficulties and calamities which have distressed them, wee now advise them 
charitably to accept the satisfaction which he hath tendered, in his Christian 
acknowledgements of the errors committed. Yea, to endeavour as far as 'tis 
possible, y® fullest reconciliation of their minds unto communion w*'^ him, in 
y® whole exercise of his ministry, and with the rest of the Church. 

" III — Considering y® extreme trials and troubles which the dissatis- 
fied brethren in y® Church of Salem Village have undergone, in the day of 
sore temtation wh^^ hath been upon them, wee cannot but advise y^ Church to 
treat them w*'^ bowels of much compassion: instead of all more critical or 
rigorous proceedings against them for the infirmities by them in such an 
heart-breaking day. And, if after a patient waiting for it, the said brethren 
cannot so far overcome y® uneasiness of their spirits, in y® remembrance of 
ye disasters that have happened, as to sit under his ministry, we advise y® 
Church, with all tenderness, to grant them a dismission unto any other So- 
ciety of the Faithful, whereunto they may desire to be dismissed. 

" IV — Mr. Parris, having as we understand, w*^ much Fidelltie and In- 
tegritie Acquitted himself in y® main course of his Ministry, since he hath 
been Pastor to y® Church In Salem Village, about his first call whereunto wee 
look upon all contestations now to be both unreasonable and unseasonable ; 
and our Lord having made him a blessing unto the souls of not a few, both 
old and young in this place, wee Advise that He be accordingly Respected, 
Honoured and Supported, with all the Regards that are due to a painful 
minister of y® Gospele. 

" V — Having observed that there is in Salem- Village a spirit full of con- 
tentions and Animoeitles, too sadly verrifying y® Blemish wh*^^ hath hereto- 
fore lian upon them ; and y* some complaints brought ags* Mr. Parris have 

Third Generation 33 

been either causeless and groundless, or unduly aggravated; wee do, in y^ 
Name and Fear of y^ Lord, solemnly warn them to consider, whether, if they 
continue to Devour One Another, it will not be bitterness in y^ Latter-End ; 
and Beware lest y^ Lord be provoked thereby utterly to deprive them of those 
w'^'' they should account their precious and pleasant things, and abandon 
them to all y^ Desolations of a People that sin away the Mercies of the 

" VI — If y^ Distempers in Salem- Village should be (w'^'^ God forbid) so 
Incurable, y' Mr. Parris, after all, find y^ he cannot, w*^"" any comfort and 
service, continue in his present station, his Removall from thence will not 
expose him unto any hard character w*'' us, nor, we hope, w*^'' y^ rest of y^ 
People of God, among whom wee live. 

" All w*^'' Advice wee follow w*^*^ our Prayers &c. &c." 

" Joseph Bridgham Samuel Chekley 

William Torrey • Joseph Boynton 

Rich*^ Middlecot John Walley 

Increase Mather Moderator Nehemiah Jewet 

Jer. Dummer Nath^^ Wilhams 

James Allen Samuel Phillips 

Ephraim Hunt Samuel Torrey 

Samuel Willard Edward Paison." 
Cotton Mather 

Nehemiah Jewett was Representative to the General Court in 1689, 
1690, 1693, 1691^, 1695, 1696, 1697, 1701, 1702, 1703, 1704, 1705, 1706, 
1707, and 1719, and was speaker of the House in 1693, 1694;, and 1719. He 
was Justice of the Session Court in 1711 and 171S. 

He died Jan. 1, 1719-20. His will, dated Dec. 10, 1719, proved Jan. 
9, 1719-20 mentions ; wife (unnamed) ; sons Nehemiah, Joseph, Benjamin, and 
Daniel Dow; grandsons Benjamin, son of Benjamin Jewett; Nehemiah and 
Joseph, sons of Joseph Jewett ; Purchase, son of Nehemiah Jewett ; Samuel, 
son of Thomas Varnum ; Nehemiah Skillon. Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery : 







YE 1ST 1719-20 AGED 



Children, born in Ipsmch, Mass., bapt. in Rowley.: 
89 Mary, born Aug. 9, bapt. Sept. 7, 1673; married (Pub. April 24, 
1708), Benjamin Skillion of Ipswich. (Town Record.) "Mary 
their first child born the 9 of August, 1673, married Benjamin Gilson 
in May in the year 1708." (Old family record.) 

34 Jewett Genealogy 


90 Thomas, born Aug. 8, bapt. Sept. 5, 1675 ; died soon. (Town Record.) 

" Nehemiah their second child born August 8, 1675, died the 26 of 
November following." (Old family record.) 

91 Joanna, born May 8, bapt. June 3, 1667 ; married, Nov. 10, 1697, 

Thomas Varnum, of Ipswich. (Town Record.) " Johannah their 3 
child bom the 8 of May 1677 married to Thomas Warren the 9 of 
November 1697." (Old family record.) 

92 Nathan, born Oct. 25, bapt. Oct. 26, 1679 ; died Nov. 8, 1679. 

93 Mercy, born Feb. 11, bapt. March 13, 1680-1 ; died Aug. 30, 1681. 

94 Nehemiah, born March 14, bapt. April 15, 1683; married Katherine 


95 Joseph, born Sept. 14, bapt. Sept. 16, 1685 ; married Jane Hazen.* 

96 Mehitable, born Dec. 30, 1678 ; died May 23, 1688. 

97 Mehitable, born Sept. 16, bapt. Sept. 22, 1689 ; married (Pub. April 23, 

1715), Daniel Dow of Ipswich. (Town Record.) " Mehitable their 
ninth child born the 16 Septetmber 1689 married to Daniel Dow in 
May 1715 died in Nov. or Dec. 1742." (Old family record.) Note — 
Daniel Dow was guardian of Benjamin Jewett, son of Benjamin (98.) 

98 Benjamin, born Sept. 28, bapt. Oct. 4, 1691 ; married Reform Trescott.* 

99 Purchase, born March 7, 1695 ; died Aug. 7, 1695. 

20 PATIENCE JEWETT (Joseph*, Edward'), was born in Rowley, 
Mass., March 15, 1645. She married at Lynn, Mass., May 29, 1666, Shu- 

beal Walker, of Bradford, Mass. He died . She married second 


" In the settlement of the estate of Shubeal Walker in 1695, Hannah 
Bailey deposed as to trouble that befell the family of her father, Shubeal 
Walker, on account of the borrowing and loss of the title deeds, etc., of the 
estate taken away by Simon Wainwright, in order to gain possession of the 
estate he had long coveted. None of his own relatives approved his course, 
and defended Madam Walker and her children in every way possible. Madam 
Walker married a Dole for her second husband, and after her death Lieuten- 
ant James March, of Newbury, husband of Mary, acting as attorney for 
the heirs, sold the estate and those who signed away rights with James March 
and wife Mary, were Richard, Hannah wife of Jonathan Bailey, Nathaniel, 
Jane, and the estate is one belonging to their mother. Patience Dole, who 
had it from her father Joseph Jewett." 

Children, by first husband: 

100 Mary, born ; married Lieutenant James March. 

101 Richard, born . 

102 Hannah, born ; married Jonathan Bailey. 

103 Nathaniel, born . 

104 Jane, born . 

Third Generation 35 

22 CAPTAIN JOSEPH JEWETT (Joseph*, Edward'), was born in 
Rowley, Mass., Feb. 1, 1656. On the death of his father which occured 
vv^hen he was four years old he was placed under the guardianship of his 
uncle, Maximilian Jewett. 

He married Jan. 16, 1680, Ruth Wood, daughter of Thomas and 

Ann ( ) Wood. She was born in Rowley, May 21, 1662. They settled 

in Ipswich and soon removed to Rowley where he was made freeman July 9, 
1684. In the Rowley records he is styled Juinor, Carpenter, Merchant, and 
the last of his life. Captain. 

He was in the expedition against King Philip in 1676 under Captain 
Brocklebank and was one of the survivors of that disastrous campaign, hav- 
ing probably been stationed at Marlborough with Lieut. Jacobs. (Thomas 
A. Jewett.) He was on the roll of Capt. Brocklebank's Co. when " they in 
battle with Indians 3 Miles from Sudbury April 21, 1676, in which they 
lost 50 men." (Gage.) 

He died at Rowley, Mass., Oct. 30, 1694. His widow married (2d) 
Oct. 26, 1698, John Lunt, " our tavern keeper," and died Nov. 29, 1734. 


105 Ruth, born in Ipswich, Mass., about 1681 ; married Oct. 3, 1697, 

Joseph Varnum, of Dracut. 

106 Joshua, born in Ipswich, Mass., Aug. 26, 1683; died Oct. 15, 1684. 

" Joshua Jewett son of Captaine Joseph Jewitt and Ruth dyed 
fivetenth 1684." (Town Record.) 

107 Hannah, born in Ipswich, April 3, bapt. April 26, 1685; died in 

Ipswich, Nov. 23, 1685. 

108 Elizabeth, (twin), bom in Ipswich, April 3, bapt. April 10, 1687; 

died in 1713. " She was of a weak mind. Her estate was settled 
by her brother Joseph." 

109 Joseph, born in Rowley, Mass., ; bapt. April 10, 1687; married 

(1st) Mary Hibbert; (2d) Mary Payson.* 

110 Sarah, born in Rowley, Feb. 3, 1688-9; married (1st) Samuel Prime; ^ 

(2d) Robert Rogers.* 

111 Priscilla, born in Rowley, ; bapt. Feb. 1, 1690-1 ; married Hilkiah 


112 Johanna, born in Rowley, April 12, 1693; married Lieut. Jonathan 


113 Joshua, born in Rowley, Feb. 16, 1693 ; married Mary Todd.* 

23 FAITH JEWETT (Joseph*, Edward'), was born in Rowley, 

Mass., ; married in Ipswich. Mass., May 20, 1678, John Pingry, of 

Ipswich, son of Deacon Moses and Lydia (Clement) Pingry. He was born 
about 1654. 

" In a deed of division dated Jany. 20, 1677-8 between Joseph Jewett 
and Maximilian Jewett as overseer of Faith Jewett, Joseph is conveyed that 

36 Jewett Genealogy 

farm in Ipswich that his father bought of John Bradstreet. containing 
eighty acres. It mentions Faith as not yet of the age of Twenty-one 
or married. The conveyance was made with consent of John Pingry 
the said Faith's espoused Husband." (Blodgette.)' 

He was enrolled in the Military Co., in 1675 and died in Ipswich Jan. 

15, 1723. 

Children, born in Ipswich, Mass.: 

114 Mehitable, bom , 1681 ; married June , 1707, James Brown. 

115 John, bom , 1684. He lived and died in Ipswich. 

116 Lydia, bom June 26, 1698; married Sept. 9, 1717, Andrew Bailey 

(or Burley.) 




24 FRANCIS JEWETT (EzekieP, Max^m^lian^ Edward'), was bom 
in Rowley, Mass., March 15, 1664. " Francis the sonn of Ezekiel Jewet 
borne ye fifteenth, 1664." (Ch. R.) 

He married in Bradford, Mass., June 20, 1693, Sarah Hardy daugh- 
ter of John Hardy. She was born there March 25, 1672, and died there 
Feb. 3, 1744. Buried in Groveland, Mass. 

He was dismissed from the Rowley Church to the Bradford Church June 
19, 1692, and became deacon of that Church. He died in Bradford Sept. 
19, 1751. Buried in Groveland. 

His will dated Sept. 18, 1751, proved Dec. 9, 1751, mentions: sons 
Samuel; Nathaniel, who is executor; daughters Mary Jewett; Sarah Jewett; 
Ann, wife of Ephriam Pemberton. 

Gravestones in Groveland Cemetery: 

Here Lyes Buried 

the Body of 

Ezekiel levveaT 

Who Died OctoBer 

the 4 1727 & 

IN the 24 year 


Here Lies Buried 

The Body oF 

MRS Sarah 

The Wife Of 

Mr Franses 

lewet Died 

February 3 1744 

In The 72 Year 

Of Her Age 

Here Lies Buried 
The Body Of Mr 

Francis Jewet 

Who Died Sept 

19th 1751 

In Ye 87th 

Year Of His Age 

Children, born in Bradford, Mass.: 

117 Samuel, born April 26, 1694; married Ruth Hardy.* 

118 James, bom April 16, bapt. March 7, 1696; died in infancy. 

119 Ann, born Sept. 24, 1698; married at Bradford, April 16, 1737, 

Ephraim Pemberton, of Amesbury. 

120 Mary, born April 12, 1702 ; died in infancy. 

121 Ezekiel, born , 1704 ; died Oct. 4, 1727, unm. (See above.) 

122 Mary, born Oct. 20, 1706; not married Sept. 1751. 

123 Sarah, bom Oct. 5, 1708 ; not married Sept. 1751. 

124 Nathaniel, bora Nov. 20, 1710; married Susanna Gooden.* 

125 James, bom April 26, 1713. Not mentioned in father's will 1751. 

126 Esther, bom Dec. 9, 1719; died July 13, 1721. 

25 THOMAS JEWETT (EzekieP, Maximihan', Edward'), was born 
in Rowley, Mass., Sept. 20, bapt. Oct. 28, 1666- " Thomas Jewett son of 
Ezekiel & Faith borne September the twentyeth." (Rowley Record.) 


40 Jewett Genealogy |jl| 

He married May 18, 1692, Hannah Swan widow of Richard Swan and 

daughter of William Story, of Ipswich, Mass. She died . He married 

second, Faith . 

He lived in Rowley until 1703, and then moved to Boxford, Mass., and 
settled on a tract of land owned by his father, but which subsequently came 
into his possession by will of his father dated 1723, and recorded in the 
Essex Probate Registry. 

He was a " tithing man," of Boxford, 1703-4; " fence viewer," 1704-5; 
chosen for the grand jury 1706, and was town clerk 1710 and 1721. 

" Sept. 12, 1716 the town agreed with Thomas Jewett " to teach Seoul 
for writing, reading and arithemetick to the 6 parts of y® Town, y^ Town 
is for to give him forty shillings pur month for y^ six months, and conven- 
ient diat and lodgings." (Hist, of Boxford.) 

He died in Boxford May 6, 1731. 

Children, all hy -first wife, horn in Rowley, Mass. : 

127 Ezekiel, bom Jan. 12, 1692-3; married Martha Thurston.* 

128 Faith, born Dec. 1, bapt. Dec. 2, 1694; married in Boxford May 10, 

1716, Matthew Bootman, of Boxford, formerly of Beverly, Mass. 
She died the winter following their marriage at the age of 28. Her 
remains repose in Harmony Cemetery on the plain below her resi- 
dence, and the monumental tablet over them is the oldest one now 
existing in the yard appearing fresh and perfect. 
Her epitaph is as follows : 

" Under this turf you may behold 
A lamb of God fit for ye fold." 

129 Mehitable, bom March 30, 1698; married Jonathan Burpee.* (See 


130 Hepsebah, born Feb. 1, bapt. Feb. 4, 1699-1700; married Jonathan 


131 Sarah, born June 4, bapt. July 12, 1702; married Joseph Conant.* 

Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass.. Feb. 5, 1671-2. He married 
Sarah . 

He settled in that part of Byfield Parish, Rowley, that was set off and 
incorporated as Georgetown in 1838. He was dismissed from the Rowley 
Church to Byfield Parish, Jan. 15, 1710-11, and soon became deacon. 

Administration was granted on his estate in 1730 to his widow Sarah. 
The real estate was divided March 23, 1730-1 to widow Sarah; eldest son 
Seth ; son Jeremiah a minor ; daughters Hannah Tenney, Elizabeth Brown, 
Sarah Pickard, Faith, Hepsebah a minor, Ann a minor. 

Widow Sarah Jewett, married (2d) (Pub. May 20, 1731) Captain 

Fourth Generation 41 

Samuel Pickard (his third wife). He was the son of John and Jane 

(Crosby) Pickard and was born in Rowley Feb. , 1663. Was a brother 

to Sarah Pickard who married Thomas Hammond who was supposed to have 
made a bargain with the Devil. He married first Elizabeth, daughter of 
Capt. Moses and Elizabeth (Harris) Bradstreet, of Ipswich, Mass. His 
second wife was Elizabeth daughter of Hon. Thomas Hale. 

He died Sept. 2, 1751. She died Aug. 26, 1771, in her 94th year. Her 
will, dated Nov. 22, 1768, proved Sept. 23, 1771, mentions: Hannah Tenney, 
Elizabeth Brown, Sarah Pickard, Faith Dodge, Plepsebah Jewett, Ann 
Tuttle, also Seth Jewett Foster, " grandson of my late son Seth Jewett." 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

132 Hannah, born April 6, bapt. April 9, 1699; married Jan. 23, 

1717-18, John Tenney. They lived in Byfield where she died in 
1801 aged 101 years. 

133 Elizabeth, born March 3, bapt. March 9, 1700-1 ; married (Pub. Oct. 

18, 1722) Caleb Brown. 

134 Seth, born Oct. 15, 1704; married (1st) (Pub. Feb. 12, 1726-7) Dor- 

cas Hardy, of Bradford, Mass. ; married (2d) Sept. 6, 1739, Mehit- 
able Hardy. 

135 Sarah, born June 3, 1707 ; married Joseph Pickard.* 

136 Faith, born April 30, 1710; married March 30, 1736, Paul Dodge, of 


137 Hepsebah, bom Nov. 2, 1712. 

138 Ann, born July 17, 1715; married April 23, 1735, Charles Tuttle, of 


139 Jeremiah, bom Sept. 11, 1720; married Ehzabeth Choate.* 

30 SARAH JEWETT (EzekieP, Maximilian% Edward'), was born 
in Rowley, Mass., Nov. 24, 1675. She married Jan. 30, 1707-8, Captain 
Jonathan Bailey, son of John and Mary (Mighill) Bailey. He was born in 
Rowley, Aug. 31, 1670. His first wife was Hannah Walker, by whom he had 
five children, viz., Jonathan, Shuball, John, Ann, and Benoni. 

He lived in Rowley where he was one of the Selectmen. She died there 
Sept. 28, 1730. 

Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery : 







YE 28 1730 IN 



42 Jewett Genealogy 

The intentions of marriage of Capt. Bailey and Mrs. Mercy (Barker) 
Gage were published Oct. 30, 1733. He died Nov. 23, 1733, before the mar- 
riage could be performed. 

His will, dated Nov. 15, 1733, proved Dec. 10, 1733, mentions: sons 
Jonathan, Shubeal, John, and Moses who has the homestead; daughters 
Ann Tenney, Hannah Stewart, Sarah Dickinson, and Mary Bailey; widow 
Mercy Gage to have £10, sister Elizabeth Tenney; children of brother John 
Bailey deceased, to have one-half the estate, " which is to come to me from 
my uncle Ezekiel Mighill after his widow's decease." 

Children of Sarah (Jewett) Bailey, all born in R)owley, Mass.: 

140 Hannah, born June 30, 1709; married (Pub. Nov. 10, 1732) Jolin 


141 Sarah, born Jan. 14, 1710-11; married (Pub. March 3, 1732-3) 

Samuel Dickinson. 

142 Moses, bom Feb. 14, 1712-13. 

143 Mary, bom ; bapt. July 31, 1715; married Feb. 18, 1734-5, 

Amos Jewett, of Bradford. 

144 Ezekiel, born ; bapt. April 27, 1718; died in infancy. 

31 ELIZABETH JEWETT (EzekieP, MaximiHan% Edward'), was 
bom in Rowley, Mass., March 29, 1678. She married there Nov. 30, 1704, 
Isaac Platts, son of Jonathan and Elizabeth (Johnson) Platts, of Rowley. 
He was bom in Rowley Jan. 6, 1672-3, and died there March 27, 1711. 

She married (2d), June 6, 1716, Francis Nelson (his (2d) wife), son 
of Thomas and Ann (Lambert) Nelson. He was bora Feb. 19, 1675-6, and 
died about 1719. No issue by this marriage. She died April 8, 1762. 

Children of first marriage, all born in Rowley, Mass.: 

145 Hannah, born Sept. 19, 1705 ; married Dec. 26, 1722, Jonathan Bur- 

pee. She died Jan. 24, 1729, and he married (2d) Mehitable 
Jewett. (129.) 
Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery: 






1739 IN YE 



146 Elizabeth, bom April 4, 1707. 

147 Faith, born June 8, 1710; married Samuel Stickney.* 

32 NATHANIEL JEWETT (Ezekiel. Maximilian', Edward'), was 

Fourth Generation 43 

born in Rowley, Mass., Feb. IS, 1680-1. He married Jan. 15, 1706-7, Mary 
Gage, daughter of Lieut. Thomas and Elizabeth Northend (Mighill) Gage. 
She was born in Beverly, Mass., — ; bapt. Nov. 1, 1685. Her father, 
Lieut. Gage, was killed Aug. 13, 1707, on the expedition against Port Royal, 
Nova Scotia. 

Nathaniel Jewett lived in Rowley, where he died Dec. 13, 1751. 

She married (2d), April 10, 1753, James Barker. (His second wife. 

His first wife was Sarah Wicom) son of Nathaniel and Mary ( ) Barker. 

He was born in Rowley Oct. 14, 1686, and died March 16, 1764. She died 
" at her daughter's Dickinson, Oct. 10, 1764." No issue by last marriage. 

Children, horn in Rowley, Mass.: 

148 Sarah, born Sept. 24, bapt. Nov. 30, 1707 ; died June 26, 1709. 

149 Sarah, born Aug. 17, 1710; married June 12, 1732, Joseph Dickinson, 

son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Platts) Dickinson. He was born in 
Rowley; bapt. March 2, 1706-7; and died Feb. 19, 1748-9. She 
died May 3, 1771. 

150 Jane, born April 3, bapt. April 5, 1713; married March 3, 1771, 

Stephen Pingry. She died . He married (2d), Anna Jewett, 


151 Johanna, born March 7, bapt. March 11, 1715-16; died Jan. 1, 


152 Mary, born April 17, bapt. Dec. 25, 1720; died Dec. 8, 1727. 

153 Nathaniel, born Dec. 22, bapt. Dec. 25, 1720; died Oct. 12, 1747, 


154 Faith, born April 17, bapt. April 21, 1723; died Sept. 9, 1743, unm. 

155 Priscilla, born ; died Jan. 2, 1728-9. 

156 Mary, born , bapt. March 23, 1728-9; married April 18, 1751, 

Simon Stickney (by Rev. Jedediah Jewett.) She died s. p. He 
married a second wife and became insane. Stephen Jewett (33) was 
appointed his guardian Sept. 8, 1786. 

33 "CORNET" STEPHEN JEWETT (EzekieP, Maximilian% 
Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., Feb. 23, 1682-3. He married in 
Rowley July 12, 1708, his cousin Priscilla Jewett (65), daughter of Ensign 
Joseph and Rebecca (Law) Jewett (11). She was born in Rowley, Aug. 9, 
1687, and died there Dec. 27, 1722. He married (2d) (Pub. Sept. 28, 
1723) Sarah Trask, of Beverly, Mass. She died Dec. 3, 1724, aged 49 
years s. p. He married (3d), Nov. 23, 1725, Mrs. Lydia Rogers (her third 
husband), widow of Daniel Thurston and Robert Rogers, and daughter of 
Thomas and Demaris (Bailey) Leaver, of Rowley. She was bom Dec. 5, 
1684, and died Sept. 7, 1754. 

He lived in Rowley and died there Jan. 14, 1771. 

Gravestones in Rowley Cemetery: 


Jewett Genealogy 







YE 27TH 1722 IN 















49 YEAR 








14H 1771 IN 








THE 7 1754 



His will dated Nov. 21, 1767, proved 1771, mentions: son Eliphalet, to 
be executor and have the real estate ; son David, deceased, has had his share 
already, except twenty shilhngs, which I give to his six children (not 
named) ; six children of son EHphalet, viz., Stephen, David, Priscilla, Phebe, 
Joanna and Sarah. Item, whereas I have heretofore given my daughter 
Phebe Cooper, dec^ the full of her portion except fourteen pounds lawfull 
money which sum I give Priscilla Ross her only surviving child upon this 
condition, viz., that she and her husband release, remise and forever quit- 
claim unto my said son EHphalet Jewett his Heirs and assigns forever all 
such estate. Right, Title, Interest or Demand that she now has or that may 
hereafter accrue to her in or to any estate that was formally WilP" Laws 
late of s*^ Ro^\ley dec^ by virtue of any Right my s*^ dec*^ daughter had or 
ought to have in the said Williams Estate or any part thereof." 

Children, all born in Rowley, (by frst wife) : 
157 Phebe, born Nov. 2, bapt. Nov. 6, 1709; married May 15, 1729, 
Moses Cooper, son of Samuel and Mary (Harriman) Cooper. He 
was born April 19, 1703. She died May 16, 1740, and was buried 
in Linebrook Parish. They had four children, one of whom lived to 
maturity, viz., Priscilla who married Ross. 

EHphalet, born Jan. 22, bapt. Jan. 22, 1711-12; married (1st) Ruth 
Pickard (308) ; (2) Sarah Gage.* 

David, born June 10, bapt. June 13, 1714; married (1st) Elizabeth 
Beman; (2d) Esther Houghton.* 

Solomon, born Sept. 2, bapt. Sept. 23, 1716; died July 6, 1723. 

Rebecca, born Feb. 1, 1718-9; died Dec. 2, 1728. 

Elizabeth, born June 17, 1721 ; died Nov. 21, 1728. 




Child by third wife: 
PriscIHa, born June 30, bapt. June 20, 1727 ; died Dec. 16, 1728. 

Fourth Generation 45 

43 NOAH BARKER (Ann^ Maximilian% Edward^), was born in 
Rowley, Mass., Aug. 23, 1689. He married (Pub. May 28, 1715) Martha 
Figget, of Ipswich, Mass. 

They lived in Ipswich. 

Children, born in Ipsmch, Mass.: 

164 Ebenezer, bom ; bapt. March 6, 1716. 

165 Susannah, born ; bapt. Oct. 28, 1717. 

59 MARY DOWSE (Faith^^ Maximilian% Edward^) was born in 
Charlestown, Mass., April 17, 1686. She married there June 3, 1708, 
Thomas Harris son of Thomas and Hepsebah (Crosswell) Harris. He was 
born in Charlestown, Nov. 13, 1686. They resided in Charlestown where he 

Administration was granted on his estate to his son John, April 15, 
1766, and the estate was assigned to son John and daughter Martha in 1788. 

Children, born in Charlestown, Mass.: 

166 Martha, born April 12, 1709; bapt. June 10, 1711; married Edward 


167 Mary, born April 9, bapt. June 10, 1711 ; married Daniel Edes.* 

168 Thomas, bom ; bapt. March 8, 1712-13. 

169 Anna, bom Jan. , 1715-16; married , 1737, Henry Mayer. 

170 John, bora ; bapt. June 1, 1718; married (1st) Millicent Rand; 

(2d) Elizabeth (Johnson) Miller.* 

171 Jonathan, bom July 5, died July 16, 1721. 

60 MAXIMILIAN DOWSE (Faith^^ Maximilian% Edward'), was 
born in Charlestown, Mass., Oct. 12, 1688. He was a mariner and married 
Dec. 27, 1711, Sarah Fosdick, daughter of Jonathan and Sarah (Sprague) 
Fosdick. She was bom in Charlestown April 30, 1693, and " own, cov't and 
was admitted to the Church Dec. 7, 1718." 

Children, born in Charlestown, Mass. : 

172 Samuel, bom Oct. 17, bapt. 19, 1712 ; married AHce Call.* 

173 Anna, bom Aug. 3, 1715 ; died Aug. 9, 1715. 

174 Maximihan, bom ; bapt. May 29, 1720. 

61 SARAH DOWSE (Faith", Maximilian% Edward'), was born in 
Charlestown, Mass., March 19, 1690-1. She married Capt. William Pinson, 
of Charlestown, son of Edmund Pinson. He was a sea-captain. 

She was a widow Sept. 13, 1724. 

46 Jewett Genealogy 

Children, born in Charlestown, Mass.: 

175 Sarah, born Aug. 7, bapt, 9, 1713 ; died soon. 

176 Sarah, born Sept. 19, 1714; married James Capen, Jr. 

177 WilHam, bom March 26, 1717; taxed 1742; died in Jamaica April 3, 


178 Mary, bom March 7, 1718-19; she was admitted to the Church Nov. 

21, 1733; and married James Blake. 

63 JONATHAN JEWETT (Joseph", Maximilian% Edward'), was 
born in Rowley, Mass., March 11 ; bapt. March 16, 1678-9. " Jonathan 
Jewet son of Joseph and Rebecca born March the 11 day 1678." (Ch. R.) 

He married at Rowley Jan. 24, 1699-1700, Mary Wicom, daughter of 
John and Abigail (Kimball) Wicom. She was bom in Newbury, Mass., 

; bapt. Jan. 18, 1679, and died at Exeter, New Hampshire, while there 

on a visit. The Church Record of her death by Rev. Jedediah Jewett is as 
follows: " My Mother Mary Jewet at Exeter May 14, 1741." 

He married second at Newbury, Mass., Mrs. Rebecca (Hale) Poore. 
" Mr. Jonathan Jewett of Rowley & Mrs. Rebecca Poor of Newbury married 
Dec. 27, 1742 by y« Rev. Mr. John Lowell." (Rowley Record.) She died 
March 16, 1760, in the 77th year of her age. (Gravestone in Newbury.) 

He resided on Bradford St., in Rowley ; was a tanner, land owner and 
farmer. He was one of the Grantees (Proprietors) of Buxton, Maine. 
" The General Court of Massachusetts passed an act granting certain Town- 
ships to officers and soldiers who participated in the Narragansett War, or 
to their lawful representatives. One of the Townships was called Narragan- 
sett No. 1, now Buxton, Maine, and like the other towns was granted to 120 
persons." A meeting of the Proprietors was held on Nov. 17, 1735, and 
under that date is recorded the drawing of the lots of the First Division, 
which was afterwards commonly called Home lots by the settlers. Mr. 
Jonathan Jewett drew Lot No. 6, Section G, on the right of his father 
Joseph Jewett." (Essex Inst. Col.) See Ensign Joseph Jewett (11). The 
Church Record of his death by Rev. Jedediah Jewett is as follows : " 1745 
My Father Jonathan Jewett July 26." 

His will dated July 4, 1745, proved Sept. 23, 1745, mentions: sons 
Joseph and Benjamin, who are to have lands in Nottingham, New Hamp- 
shire; Jedediah, Jacob, Mark, Moses; daughters Mehitable Thurston and 
Sarah Hoyt. 

Children, horn in Rowley, Mass., all by first wife: 

179 Joseph, bom Dec. 31, 1700; bapt. Jan. 5, 1701; married Anne 


180 Benjamin, born April 1, bapt. April 4, 1703; married Dorothy 


181 Jedediah, born ; bapt. June 3, 1705; married (1st) Elizabeth 

Dummer; (2d) Elizabeth Parsons.* 

Fourth Generation 47 

182 Jacob, born Jan. 28, bapt. Feb. 1, 1707-8; married (1st) EH2abeth 

Northend; (2d) Bethiah Boynton.* 

183 Mehitable, bom July 19; bapt. July 23, 1710; married Richard 


184 Mark, born Jan. 15, bapt. Jan. 18, 1712; married Mary Chute.* 

185 Moses, bom Nov. 5, bapt. Nov. 5, 1715; married Martha Hale.* 

186 James, born ; bapt. June 29, 1718; married Martha Scott.* 

187 Sarah, born ; bapt. Aug. 7, 1720; married Capt. Joseph Hoyt.* 

64 AQUILA JEWETT (JosepV\ Maximihan% Edward^), was bom 
in Rowley, Mass., Sept. 14, bapt. Sept. 28, 1684. He married there Oct. 23, 
1704, Anne Tenney daughter of Thomas and Margaret (Hidden) Tenney, 
of Rowley. She was bom in Rowley Aug. 26, 1683, and died there March 6, 

Gravestone in Rowley cemetery: 


1723 IN YE 



He married second March 10, 1724, Martha Pearson, daughter of 
Stephen and Mary (French) Pearson, of Rowley. She was born July 6, 
1689, and died Oct. 26, 1752. 

He married third, by the Rev. Jedediah Jewett, May 22, 1753, Mrs. 
Mary (Jackson) Hovey, daughter of Caleb and EHzabeth (How) Jackson. 
She was born Nov. 28, 1685, and died Nov. 27, 1761. 

He was one of the Grantees of Buxton, Maine. " Mr. Aquila Jewett on 
the right of Samuel Kneeland received lot No. 17, range E in Narragansett 
No. 1, now Buxton, Maine." 

He lived in Rowley where he was deacon of the Rowley Church. He 
died Nov. 26, 1760. " Uncle Aquila Nov. 26, 1760." (Ch. R., by Rev. 
Jedediah Jewett.) His will, dated Dec. 6, 1759, proved Dec. 22, 1760, men- 
tions: wife Mary; three sons at Littleton, viz., William, Ezra, and Abel, who 
have had their portion ; three eldest daughters, Mehitable, Rachel, and Eliza- 
beth ; daughters Ann, Betliiah and Priscilla ; sons Stephen and Amos ; grand- 
son Aquila to have the great Bible ; son Jeremiah to have the residue and to 
be executor. 

Children, born in Roidey, Mass., hy -first wife: 

188 William, born July 15, 1705 ; married Hannah Pickard.* 

189 Mehitable, bom ; bapt. Dec. 8, 1706; married Dec. 10, 1730, 

Ezekiel Sawyer, son of Ezekiel and Hannah (Stickney) Sawyer, of 

48 Jewett Genealogy 

Rowley. He was born June 16, 1707, and died June 26, 1766. She 
died Nov. , 1774. 

190 Rachel, born Jan. 30, 1708-9 ; married Enoch Dole.* 

191 Ezra, born Oct. 14, 1710; married Mary .* 

192 Ehzabeth, born Sept. 10, bapt. Sept. 14, 1712; married May 17, 1733, 

Isaac Kimball, of Bradford, Mass. 

193 Bethiah, born July 11; bapt. July 17, 1715; married March 8, 

1738-9, William Webster, of Haverhill, Mass. " This may certifie 
whom it may concern that William Webester, of Haverhill, and 
Bethiah Jewett, of Rowley, were joyned in Marriage March y^ 8, 
1738-9." (Rowley Record.) 

194 Abel, born April 10, bapt. April 14, 1715 ; married Mary Pingry.* 

195 Amos, born July 22, bapt. July 26, 1719 ; married Jane Tenney.* 

196 Jeremiah, born Feb. 28, bapt. March 3, 1722-3 ; married Jane Searle.* 

Children by second wife: 

197 Anne, born Oct. 6, 1725; married Dec. 30, 1742, Ezekiel Page, of 

Haverhill, Mass. 

198 Stephen, born Dec. 28, 1727 ; married Hannah (Fai-well) Cumings.* 

199 Rebecca, born Aug. 27, 1731 ; died June 26, 1736. 

200 Priscilla, born May 21, 1733; married May 25, 1762, Samuel Dresser, 

by Rev. Jedediah Jewett. 

66 REBECCA JEWETT (Joseph", Maximilian', Edward'), was born 
in Rowley, Mass., July 24, bapt. July 30, 1693. She married May 19, 
1714, Jeremiah Burpee, son of Thomas and Hester (Hopkinson) Burpee, of 
Rowley. He was born Oct. 27, 1691, and died Feb. 4, 1723. " A good 
brother." (Ch. R.) 

She married (2d), John Pemberton, of Bradford, and had several 


Children hy -first husband, all born in Rowley, Mass. : 

201 Mary, born March 19, 1716-7. 

202 Joseph, born July 25, 1719; married (1st) Johanna Pickard; (2d) 

Ehzabeth Payson. 

203 Nathaniel (Jeremiah on Ch. R.), born Feb. 7, 1721-2. 

67 SARAH ELLSWORTH (Sarah'^ ' MaximiHan% Edward'), was 
born in Rowley, Mass., bapt. July 27, 1690. She married Nov. 24, 1707, 
George Hibbert. He was Ruling Elder of the church in Linebrook Parish, 
and died April 29, 1750. 

Children, born in Linebrook Parish: 

204 James. 

205 Thomas. 

206 Mary. 

Fourth Generation 49 

68 LIEUT. JEREMIAH ELLSWORTH (Sarah^^ Maximilian', 
Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., Dec. 5, 1692. He married (Pub. 
Nov. 22, 1713) Hannah Tenney. They lived in Rowley where he died Jan. 
28, 1779. She died about the same time. 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

207 Sarah, born April 17, 1714; married Eben Hidden. 

208 Thomas, born March 26, 1716; married Lucy Hidden.* 

209 Hannah, born Jan. 14, 1717; died Dec. 24, 1742. 

210 Jeremiah, born Dec. 30, 1719; married (1st) Mary Clark; (2d) Anna 


211 Jonathan, born Jan. 13, 1721-2; married Eunice Tenney.* 

212 Nathaniel, born April 16, 1724 ; died Oct. 10, 1728. 

213 Margaret, born June 12, 1726 ; died Oct. 30, 1728. 

214 Nathaniel, born Feb. 18, 1728 ; married Mary Smith.* 

215 Infant, born ; died July 23, 1731. 

69 JEREMIAH JEWETT (Jeremiah^% Joseph*, Edward^), was born 
in Ipswich, Mass., Dec. 20, 1662;' bapt. in Rowley Nov. 23, 1673. He 
married Jan. 4, 1687-8, Elizabeth Kimball, daughter of Caleb and Anne 
(Haseltine) Kimball. She was born Sept. 8, 1666, and died in Ipswich, Feb. 
15, 1731-2. 

He married (2d) Jan. 21, 1729, Ehzabeth Bugg, of Ipswich. As 
his widow she married in Ipswich, Sept. 5, 1732, Joseph Nelson, son of 
Capt. Philip and Elizabeth (Lowell) Nelson. He was born in Rowley Nov. 
28, 1682, and died Feb. 8, 1743-4. She died May 24, 1761 s. p. 

Jeremiah Jewett lived in Ipswich, Mass., where he died Feb. 15, 1731-2. 
His will, dated Feb. 4, 1731-2, proved March 10, 1731-2, mentions : " Wife 
Elizabeth ; my only and well beloved son Aaron Jewett ; my "four daughters, 
Elizabeth, Hannah, Mary, Mercy, and grandson Moses, son of Aaron 

Children, horn in Ipswich; all by first wife: 

216 Elizabeth, born ; married Thomas Day.* 

217 Hannah, born July 16, 1690; married Lieut. Stephen Pearson.* 

218 Aaron, bom Feb. 10, 1693 ; died June 27, 1694. 

219 Moses, born Oct. 13, 1695 ; died June 11, 1715. 
Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery: 





lUNE YE IITH 1715 in YE 20TH YEAR 


220 Aaron, born ; died Jan. 23, 1698. 

221 Aaron, born June 13, 1699 ; married Abigail Perley.* 

50 Jewett Genealogy 

222 Mary, born June 30, 1703; married (1st) Joseph Bennett; (2d) Solo- 

mon Lakeman, Jr.* 

223 Mercy, born Feb. 25, 1706 ; married Daniel Chapman, Jr.* 

72 ELEAZER JEWETT (Jeremiah'', Joseph*, Edward'), was bom 

in Ipswich, Mass., ; baptized Nov. 23, 1673. "Dec. 5, 1698 Eleazer 

Jewett purchased of Moses Waterman and Bushnell agents of the town 75 
acres of land near the Shetucket River." (Conn. Records.) 

He settled in Norwich, Conn., " where he conveys to his son Eleazer 
junior of Norwich all his estate in Massachusetts, and Eleazer junior of 
Norwich sells land in Rowley to Joseph Barker and appears personally in 
Rowley Dec. 2, 1742, and acknowledges the deed." (Essex Inst. Col.) 

He married (1st) Mrs. Sarah Lamb, widow of Ebenezer Lamb. She 
died in 1714. He married (2d) Sept. 3, 1717, Mrs. Mary (Griswold) 
Tracy, widow of Jonathan Tracy. She was the daughter of Francis Gris- 
wold, of Norwich, and was born at Saybrook, Conn., Aug. 26, 1656, and 
died Sept. 18, 1723. He died at Norwich, Conn. , 1748. 

Children, born in Norwich, Corm., all by first wife: 

224 Mary, bom Dec. 22, 1700. 

225 Sarah, born July 19, 1702 ; married June 29, 1730, Thomas Perkins. 

226 Eleazer, born Sept. 22, 1704 ; married Ehzabeth Griggs.* 

227 Hannah, born Aug. 30, 1707; married Benjamin Knowles.* 

228 Caleb, born June 25, 1710; married (1st) Rebecca Cook; (2d) Mrs. 

Faith Brewster.* 

73 SARAH JEWETT (Jeremiad, Joseph*, Edward'), was bom in 

Ipswich, Mass., ; baptized Nov. 23, 1673. She married June 9, 1692, 

William Hobson, son of WiHiam and Ann (Reyner) Hobson. He was born 
in Rowley, Mass., May 29, 1659, and died there Sept. 23, 1725. She died 
there March 29, 1733. 

Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery: 



YE 23 1725 IN 



Children, born in Rowley, Mass. : 

229 Wilham, bora March 8, 1692-3 ; died March 22, 1693. 

230 Ann, born ; bapt. Feb. 4, 1693-4; died Nov. 15, 1725, unm. 

231 Sarah, born Oct. 11, 1695; died Nov. 12, 1728, unm. 

232 Jeremiah, born ; bapt. Sept. 12, 1697 ; married Jane Dresser.* 

233 Mary, born July 26, 1699 ; married Oct. 3, 1734 Samuel Cooper. 

234 William, born May 24, 1701 ; died June 2, 1727, unm. 

235 Martha, born Nov. 4, 1703; married (1st) Sept. 23, 1721, John 

Jewett; (2d) Dec. 6, 1742, Moses Smith. She died Jan. 13, 1744. 

Fourth Generation 51 

236 Caleb, bom April 7, 1705 ; died April 4, 1706. 

74 MARY JEWETT (Jeremiah^% Joseph^ Edward^), was born in 
Ipswich, Mass., Jan. 27, bapt. March 21, 1674-5. She married Nov. 1, 

1694, Abner Dole, of Newbury, son of Richard and Hannah (Rolfe) Dole. 
He was bom in Newbury March 8, 1672. She died in Newbur}^ Nov. 25, 

1695. He married (2d) Sarah Belcher, and had three children. The Dole 
family referred to were the ancestors of President, afterwards. Gov. Dole, 
of Hawaii. 

Child of Mary (Jewett) Dole: 

237 Henry, born in Newbury, :Mass., Oct. 28, 1695. 

75 NEHEMIAH JEWETT (Jeremiah^^ Joseph^ Edward^), was 
born in Ipswich, Mass., about 1678. He married June 14, 1707, Priscilla 
Bradstreet, daughter of Nathaniel and Priscilla (Carrell) Bradstreet. She 
was born in Rowley, Mass., Sept. 22, 1689. Her father was a soldier and 
died in the Canada Expedition, 1690. 

Nehemiah Jewett lived on a farm in Rowley and died there Feb. 2, 
1732-3. His will dated, Jan. 12, 1732, proved March 1, 1732-3, mentions: 
wife Priscilla ; eldest son Jeremiah ; son Caleb, and daughters Jemima and 
Priscilla. His widow married (2d) Sept. 3, 1735, Edward Putman, of 
Middleton, Mass., and died in Rowley Sept. 6, 1736. 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass. : 

238 Jeremiah, bom Oct. 26, 1709; married Mary Mighill.* 

239 Jemima, born Nov. 13, 1714; married Joseph Scott.* 

240 Priscilla, bom May 14, 1718; married (1st) Zaccheus Perkins; (2d) 

Hon. Humphrey Hobson.* 

241 Caleb, bom Nov. 16, 1721. His estate was administered on by his 

brother Jeremiah, Dec. 27, 1742. 

76 EPHRAIM JEWETT (Jeremiah'^ Joseph*, Edward'), was born 
in Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 2, 1679-80. He married (Pub. June 11, 1709) 

Elizabeth Hammond, daughter of Thomas and Hannah ( ) Hammond, 

of Ipswich. 

" In 1717 Thomas Hammond, of Ipswich, in consideration of love I 
bear to my son in law Ephraim Jewett conveys him land." (Essex Inst, Col.) 

He died in Ipswich Dec. 13, 1739. She died Sept. , 1752. 

His will dated Oct. 23, 1739, proved Jan. 7, 1739-40. mentions : wife 
Elizabeth ; only son Ephraim ; daughters Hannah Smith and Sarah Jewett. 

Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery : 





YE 13 1739 IN 



52 Jewett Genealogy 


242 Sarah, bom Nov. 13, 1711. Not married in 1752. 

243 Caleb, born Feb. 25, 1713 ; died young. 

244 Hannah, bom Feb. 28, 1714; married (Pub. in Ipswich Aug. 17, 

1734) Nathaniel Smith. 

245 Ephraim, born Nov. 9, 1718 ; died young. 

246 Elizabeth, born Nov. 8, 1719 ; died Oct. 26, 1722. 

247 Ephraim, born ; bapt. Jan. 20, 1722-3; married (Pub. March 1, 

1742) Margaret Wood. He died Sept. 17, 1747. " Administration 
granted on his estate Sept. 28, 1747 to Margaret Jewett and 
Nathaniel Smith. The account was rendered July 18, 1748, by 
Margaret Burham, alias Jewett, and Nathaniel Smith. 

248 EHzabeth, born ; bapt. Dec. 26, 1725 ; died April 5, 1737. 

Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery: 






YE 5 1737 in YE 



78 PHILIP NELSON (Sarah"', Joseph*, Edward"), was born in 
Rowley, Mass., April 16, 1659. He married Sarah Hobson, widow of 
John Hobson and daughter of Samuel Varnum, of Chelmsford. They lived 
in Rowley, where he died Dec. 4, 1721. 

Children, horn in Rowley, Mass.: 

249 Sarah, born Dec. 26, 1686; died young. 

250 Philip, bom Aug. 19, 1690. 

251 Sarah (twin), born Aug. 19, 1690; married May 9, 1715, John 

Hazen, of Boxford, Mass. 

252 Hannah, born Sept. 4, 1694; married Nov. 3, 1714, Joseph Richard- 

son, of Bradford, Mass. 

79 MARY NELSON (Sarah"^ Joseph*, Edward"), was born in 
Rowley, Mass., March 26, 1662. She married July 17, 1682, Deacon John 

Hazeltine, son of John Hazeltine, of Rowley. He was born , 1650, 

and died April 5, 1733. They lived in Haverhill, Mass., w^here he was 
Deacon of the Haverhill Church. 


253 John, born Aug. 4, 1683. 

254 Philip, bom March 13, 1684-5 ; married Judith Webster. 

255 Sarah, born April 28, 1688; died young. 

Fourth Generation 53 

256 Mary, born Nov. 19, 1689; married Joseph Emerson, Jr. 

257 Joseph, born Oct. 1, 1691 ; married Judith Eaton. 

258 Benjamin, born April 20, 1695; died young. 

259 Elizabeth, born Oct. 24, 1696; died unm. 
260 — Benjamin, born Jan. 22, 1704-5; married Mercy Lufkin. 

82 THOMAS CARLTON (Hannah^% Joseph*, Edward'), was 
born in Haverhill, Mass., Nov. 1, 1667. He married Elizabeth Hazeltine, 
daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth (Langhorne) Hazeltine. They lived 
in Bradford, Mass. 

Children, born in Bradford, Mass.: 

261 Thomas, born Oct. 10, 1697. 

262 Bethiah, born May 7, 1700; married at Bradford, William Hoehm. 
She died Feb. 2, 1721. 

263 George, bom Sept. 26, 1702 ; married Mary Hale.* 

264 Elizabeth, born, March 7, 1706. 

265 John, born July 29, 1708. 

94 NEHEMIAH JEWETT (Nehemiah'^ Joseph*, Edward'), was 
born in Ipswich, Mass. ; bapt. in Rowley, Mass., April 16, 1683. He mar- 

j ried in Salem, Mass., Dec. 8, 1700, by Rev. Nicholas Noyes, of the First 
Church of Salem, Katherine Garland. She was born on the Isle of Wight^ 
England. They lived in IpsAvich on the farm that was his father's. He 
died Aug. 24, 1747. She died Nov. 6, 1747. Both buried in Rowley. 
"His will dated Aug. 22, 1747, proved Aug. 31, 1747, mentions: wife 
Katherine ; son Purchase who has the homestead ; son John to be paid £100 ; 
grandson Stephen Cross." (Essex Inst. Col.) 

Children, horn in Ipswich, Mass.: 

266 Purchase, born Oct. 15, 1710 ; married Ruth Todd.* 

267 Mehitable, born Sept. 24, 1711; died May 10, 1736 unm. 

268 Katherine, born Oct. 11, 1713; married Oct. 25, 1732, Stephen 
Cross, of Ipswich. She died there Aug. 3, 1736. 

269 John, born Nov. 13, 1715; married (1st) Hannah Scott; (2d) Judith 

270 Patience, born July 8, 1717; died May 1, 1736. 

271 James, born ; bapt. Jan. 28, 1721-2; married Rebecca . 

" He was killed by a cannon ball at the capture of Louisburg, 
1745. His widow Avas bapt. in the Rowley Church March 31, 1745. 

272 Joannah, born ; bapt. Oct. 31, 1725 ; died June 2, 1736. 

273 Mary, born ; died May 2, 1736. 

274 Jane, born -; died May 11, 1736. 

95 JOSEPH JEWETT (Nehemiah'^ Joseph*, Edward'), was born 

54 Jewett Genealogy 

in Ipswich, Mass., Sept. 14; bapt. at Rowley Sept. 20, 1685. He married 
Jan. 1, 1707-8, Jane Hazen, daughter of Edward and Jane (Pickard) 
Hazen, of Rowley. She was born Oct. 11, 1685. 

He settled in Ipswich on a part of the farm that was his father's and 
in 1720 removed to Groton, Mass. " He of Groton, by deed dated Nov. 
26, 1720, conveys to Ammi Rhuammi Wise of Ipswich a common right in 
Ipswich." (Essex Inst. Col.) 

He died in Pepperell, Mass., , 1751. 


275 Joseph, born in Ipswich Oct. 9, 1708 ; married Mary .* 

276 Exercise, bom in Ipswich Nov. 19, 1710; married April 4, 1732, 

James Horsley of North Town. 

277 Edward, born in Ipswich June 15, 1714; married Sarah Farmer.* 

278 Nehemiah, born in Ipswich Feb. 28, 1716-7 ; married Lydia Blood.* 

279 Jedediah, born in Ipswich Sept. 5, 1719; married (1st) EHzabeth 

Shattuck-; (2d) Mrs. Mary Baldwin.* 

280 Jane, born in Groton April 12, 1722; married Sloan. 

281 Benjamin, born in Groton Nov. 30, 1724; married Sarah Flagg.* 

282 Hepsibeth, born in Groton Aug. 12, 1727 ; married Ezekiel Shattuck, 

of Pepperell, Mass. 

98 BENJAMIN JEWETT (Nehemiah^% Joseph*, Edward'), was 
born in Ipswich, Mass., bapt. in Rowley, Oct. 4, 1691. He married 
in Milton, Mass., Jan. 12, 1714-5, Reform Trescott, of Milton. " Jan. 
12, 1714-5, Benjamine Jewet of Ipswich & Reforme Triscot of Milton 
were married Each to other " by Rev. Peter Thacker (N. E. H. and G. 

They lived in Ipswich, where he was killed at a house raising by a 
falling log Jan. 22, 1715-6. Administration on his estate was granted 
to his brother, Nehemiah Jewett, Jr., Feb. 10, 1715-6. 

August, 1906, accompanied by Arthur H. Jewett, Esq., of Reading, 
Mass., I visited the Rowley Cemetery. We found the stone over the grave 
of Benjamin Jewett broken off about eight inches above the ground; the 
upper part had been pushed into the earth just back of the lower piece 
which acted as a support. The inscription on the stone is as follows : 



22 1715-16 

AGED 24 


24 DAYS 

Fourth Generation 55 


283 Benjamin, born in Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 1, 1716; married Hannah 


109 JOSEPH JEWETT (Joseph=% Joseph*, Edward^), was born 
in Rowley, Mass., April 10, 1687. He married, March 27, 1706, Mary 
Hibbert. She died June 26, 1732, aged 43 years. 

Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery: , , 





1732 IN YE 43 


He married (2d), Nov. 6, 1732, Mary Payson, daughter of Rev. 
Edward and Elizabeth (Phillips) Payson, of Rowley. She was bapt. Sept. 
25, 1687, and died Jan. 22, 1748-9, s. p. He died Aug. 10, 1747. 

His estate was divided Nov. 6, 1749, as follows: Personal estate — 
To the legal representative of Mary Jewett, his widow, one-third. George 
Jewett, eldest son, two shares. Nathan Jewett, son, one share; David 
Jewett, son, one share; heirs and representatives of Josiah Jewett, son, 
deceased, one share; daughter ]\Iary had received her share in her father's 
life time. The real estate will not permit of division without damage and 
is settled on eldest son George, he paying to each their share, except to 
Mary, who has received hers." (Essex Inst. Hist. Col.) 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass., all hy -first wife: 

284 Mary, born Feb. 22, bapt. Feb. 23, 1706-7; drowned June 17, 1708. 

285 George, born July 25, 1708 ; married Hannah Lambert.* 

286 Nathan, born Sept. 9, 1710 ; married Deborah Lord.* 

287 Josiah, born March 22, 1711-12 ; married Mary .* 

288 David, born Aug. 11, 1714; married (1st) Patience Phillips; (2d) 

Mrs. Mary Prince.* 

289 Mary, Born, July 11; bapt. July 14, 1723; married (1st) June 1, 

1742, Nathaniel Brown, of Ipswich; (2d) Nov. 26, 1747, Samuel 
Adams, of Byfield Parish, Newbury. 

290 Gibbons, born April 6, bapt. April' 13, 1729; died March 5, 1730. 

110 SARAH JEWETT (Joseph--, Joseph*, Edward^), was born In 
Rowley, Mass., Feb. 3 ; bapt. Feb. 10, 1688-9. She married (Pub. March 
23, 1705-6) Samuel Prime, son of Samuel and Sarah (Platts) Prime. He 
was born in Rowley, Dec. 29, 1675, and died there March 4, 1717-8. 

Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery: 

56 Jewett Genealogy 




YE 4TH 1717-18 AGED 


She married (2d) Oct. 7, 1718, Robert Rogers, and died Nov. 20, 

Children, born in Rowley, all by first husband: 

291 Infant; died Jan. 14, 1706-7. 

292 Samuel, born Dec. 2, 1707 ; drowned Sept. 9, 1730. " Poor Sam." 

(Ch. R.) 

293 Mark, born July 30, 1710 ; died April — , 1717. 

294 Joshua, born Sept. 28, 1712; married (1st) Mehitable Platts ; (2d) 

Bridget Hammond.* 

295 Sarah, born ; bapt. Feb. 5, 1715-6; married Dec. 19, 1732; 

Josiah White, of Wenham. 

296 Mark, born ; bapt. March 23, 1717-8; died Aug. 13, 1719. 

111 PRISCILLA JEWETT (Joseph", Joseph*, Edward'), was 
born in Rowley, Mass.; bapt. Feb. 1, 1690-1. She married Feb. 2, 1708-9, 
Hilkiah Boynton, son of Capt. Joseph and Sarah (Swan) Boynton. He 
was born in Rowley Nov. 19, 1687. They settled in Rowley, but left town 

about 1726. 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

297 Jane, born Nov. 19, 1709 ; died Nov. 25, 1722. 

298 Johannah, born Aug. 17, 1712. 

299 Hilkiah (twin) ; born April 11, 1714 ; died April 28, 1714. 

300 Priscilla (twin) born April 11, 1714. 

301 Joseph, born Dec. 4, 1717 ; died Feb. 7, 1717-18. 

302 Sarah, born ; bapt. Jan. 1, 1718-9. 

303 Ruth, born ; bapt. July 2, 1721 ; died July , 1721. 

304 Jane, born ; bapt. March 10, 1722-3. 

305— Hilkiah (twin), born ; bapt. Aug. 8, 1725; died Aug. 24, 1725. 

306 Mehitable (twin), born ; bapt. Aug. 8, 1725; died Sept. 15, 


112 JOHANNA JEWETT (Joseph", Joseph*, Edward'), was born in 
Rowley, Mass., April 12, bapt. April 16, 1693. She married (Pub. April 
8, 1710). Lieut. Jonathan Pickard, son of John and Sarah (Smith) 

Pickard. He was born in Rowley, , 1687, and died there Jan. 25, 

1734-5. She died there July 26, 1748. Gravestone in Rowley Ceme- 
tery : 





1735 IN THE 

48 YEAR 

Fourth Generation 57 

" His will dated July 15, 1746, proved Sept. 26, 1748, mentions : only 
son Jonathan, eldest daughter Ruth wife of Eliphalet Jewett, youngest 
daughter Lucy Pickard and daughters, Johanna Burpee and Sarah Noyes 
wife of Benjamin Noyes." (Essex Inst. Col.) 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

307 Sarah, born Feb. 6, 1710-11; died Nov. 16, 1722. Gravestone in 
Rowley Cemetery : 








BER YE 16 1722 



308 Ruth, born Nov. 13, 1713; married Eliphalet Jewett (158). 

309 Jonathan, born Dec. 6, 1716; married (1st) (Pub. Nov. 3, 1739) 
Mary Hammond, of Ipswich, daughter of Thomas and Hannah 

(Lancaster) Hammond. She was bom in Ipswich, ; bapt. 

Oct. 11, 1719, and died in Rowley Aug. 5, 1748. Her mother was 
the widow of Samuel Lancaster and the daughter of Ensign Abel 
and Lydia (Bailey) Platts. Jonathan Pickard married (2d) 
Oct. 31, 1751, Mary Hibbert, daughter of George Hibbert. She 
died May 21, 1782, aged 64 years. He died Feb. 16, 1765. 

310 John, born ; bapt. Sept. 28, 1719; died Nov. 12, 1719. 

311 Johanna, born Jan. 16, 1720-1 ; married June 19, 1740, Joseph 
Burpee. She died Oct. 1, 1748. 

312 Sarah, born May 18, 1723; married Oct. , 1744, Benjamin 

Noyes. He died Aug. 23, 1748. She died Aug. 25, 1748. 

313 Jane, born April 29, 1725 ; died Dec. 12, 1727. 

314 Lucy, born Oct. 2, 1728; married Dec. 12, 1749, Moses Bradstreet, 
son of Lieut. Nathaniel and Hannah (Northend) Bradstreet. He 
was born in Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 4, 1728, and died Nov. 1, 1811. 
She died June 9, 1816- They had eight children baptized in the 
Rowley Church. 

815 Joshua, born Nov. 27, 1730; died Oct. 24, 1736. 

113 LIEUT. JOSHUA JEWETT (Joseph", Joseph*, Edward^), 
was born in Rowley, Mass., Feb. 16, 1694. He married April 4, 1715, 
Mary Todd, daughter of John and Elizabeth (Brocklebank) Todd. She 
was bom in Rowley Sept. 21, 1696, and died there Sept. 1, 1775. Her 
mother, Ehzabeth Brocklebank, was the daughter of the brave Captain 
I Brocklebank who was slain with Wadsworth at Sudbury, April 24, 1676. 
She was born in England about 1628. 


68 Jewett Genealogy 

Joshua Jewett lived in Rowley on the comer of Cross and Central 
Streets, his land being the lots laid out to Francis Parrett and John 
Jarret in 1643. The old house, probably built by Francis Parrett, 
was removed in 1877. He was selectman shortly after becoming of age 
and continued to fill important offices in town until his death. He was or- mM 
dained deacon of the Rowley Church Feb. 18, 1665. ™ 

He died Oct. 31, 1760. His will, dated Oct. 25, 1760, proved Dec. 8, 
1760, gives all his estate to wife Mary, except a young horse and two cows 
to son Paul. 

Children, horn in Rowley, Mass.: 

316 Ruth, born Feb. l;bapt. Feb. 5, 1715-6; died March 20, 1733-4. "A 

promising young woman." (Ch. R.) 

317 Joshua, born ; bapt. Dec. 28, 1718; died Feb. 18, 1719. 

318 Joshua, born ; bapt. Feb. 21, 1719-20; died July 1, 1736. 

319 Samuel, born ; bapt. Jan. 21, 1721-2; died June 4, 1722. 

320 Samuel, born ; bapt. Aug. 8, 1725 ; died June 11, 1736. 

321 Thomas, born ; bapt. Oct. 13, 1728; died June 27, 1736. 

322 Mary, born ; bapt. Oct. 3, 1731 ; died June 9, 1736. 

323 Joshua, bora March 19, 1736-7 ; died Sept. 23, 1756, " a student 

at College." He was a member of the junior class in Harvard 

324 Paul, born ; bapt. March 13, 1739; married Jane Payson.* 



117 SAMUEL JEWETT (Francis=^S EzekieP, Maximilian% Ed- 
ward^), was born in Bradford, Mass., April 26, 1694. He married there 
Oct. 23, 1718, Ruth Hardy. 

Children, horn in Bradford, Mass.: 

325 Lydia, born Aug. 14, 1719 ; married John Boynton, Jr.* 

326 Jacob, born April 10, 1721 ; died in Bradford May 22, 1724-5. 

327 James, born Aug. 6, 1722; married Margaret .* 

328 Ruth, born May 7, 1723 ; married Deacon John Boynton.* 

329 Samuel, born Dec. 30, 1725 ; married Sarah Hardy.* 

330 Jacob, born Aug. 7, 1727 ; died in Bradford, Nov. 3, 1727. 

331 Sarah, born Jan. 25, 1728-9 ; died in Bradford, May 19, 1736. 

332 Mehitable, born Dec. 5, 1730 ; married Peter Wheeler.* 

333 Jacob, born July 24, 1732 ; died in Bradford May 25, 1736. 

334 Esther, born March 31, 1734 ; died in Bradford, June 3, 1736. 

335 Ezekiel, born May 28, 1736; married (1st) Lucy Townsend; (2d) 

Anna Williams.* 

336 Sarah, born June 10, 1738 ; married Dec. 29, 1757, Edward Hardy. 

337 Esther, born June 30, 1740. 

338 Jacob, born , 1744 ; married Ehzabeth Cummings.* 

124 DEACON NATHANIEL JEWETT (Francis^*, EzekieP, Maxi- 
milian^ Edward^), was born in Bradford, Mass., Nov. 20; bapt. Dec. 3, 
1710. He married there, Dec. 25, 1734, Susannah Gooden, of Bradford. 
He settled in Bradford and later bought a large tract of land in Hollis, 
New Hampshire, and moved to that place. This homestead was later 
owned for many years by the Farley family, and is now known as the 
" Ranch." 

Nathaniel Jewett served in the Revolution. He was on the Lexing- 
ton alarm list; served in Capt. Emerson's Co., in the expedition to Ticon- 
deroga in 1776; also served in Capt. Gross's Co, He was deacon of the 
Hollis Church, and died in Hollis Oct. 5, 1791. His wife died there May 
25, 1790, aged 82 years. 

Children, horn in Bradford, Mass.: 

339 Hannah, born Sept. 12, 1735 ; married Lemuel Hardy.* 

340 Jacob, bom Sept. 7, 1736 ; married Mehitable Mitchel.* 

341 Esther, born Dec. 18, 1737. 

342 Mary, born ; bapt. Oct. 21, 1739; died in infancy. 


62 Jewett Genealogy 

343 Mary, born ; bapt. Sept. 21, 1740 ; died Dec. 12, 1747. 

Gravestone in Groveland, Mass., Cemetery: 

Mary Daughter 

Of Nathaniel 

And Susanna 


Died Dec 

12 1747 

In The 8 year of 

Her Age 

344 Susannah, born April 7, 1742 ; married Richard Pierce.* 

345 Rebeckah, born May 27, 1744 ; married Isaac Stearns.* 

346 Ebenezer, born Nov. 6, 1745 ; married Mary Rideout.* 

347 Phebe, born May 30, 1747. 

348 Mary, born June 19, 1750. 

127 EZEKIEL JEWETT (Thomas-% Ezekie^, Maximilian% Ed- 
ward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., Jan. 12, 1692-3. He married in New- 
bury, Mass., Jan. 9, 1718, Martha Thurston, daughter of Daniel and Mary 
(Dresser) Thurston, of Newbury. She was born Nov. 27, 1699, and died in 
Boxford, Mass., Sept. 7, 1780. 

He came into possession of his father's farm in Boxford and there lived 
and raised his large family. It seems he owned lands in other places. 
From old deeds in possession of his descendants, and from the records, it 
appears that he owned several tracts in Rindge, N. H., where some of his 
children later made their homes. In the History of Winchendon, Mass., 
we find " March 16, 1754, Ezekiel Jewett enters his claim for one of the 
first settlers." He was active in settling Boxford and his name often ap- 
pears on the old records of that town, i. e., " Committee for fixing town line 
headed by Ezecal Jueat." " The town was enlarged by land being pur- 
chased by certain men, among whom was Ezekiel Jewett," etc. 

He was a soldier in the Indian and French wars. 

" Mr. Jewett died in the fall of 1775 and four years later his heirs 
sold to Deacon James Chute, of Rowley, who came into possession upon the 
widow's death. Deacon Chute was connected with the family, his wife's 
sister having married Rev. David Jewett, one of the heirs." (Blodgette. ) 
" His will dated March 31, 1775, proved -Nov. 7, 1775, mentions: himself as 
of Boxford ; wife Martha ; sons Ezekiel, Stephen, Jonathan, Rev. David ; 
daughters Martha Brown (wife of John Brown of Monson) and her chil- 
dren (unnamed); Hannah Wood's children; Hepzibah Chaplin, wife of 
John Chaplin ; Sarah Hale ; Lydia wife of Elkanan Winchester (of Brook- 
line) ; four children of eldest son Thomas, deceased — viz., Daniel ; Hannah 
Snow; Sarah Poor and Enoch; trusty friend Joseph Hale junior of Box- 
ford to be executor. His widow Martha's will mentions same children." 
(E. 1. H. C.) 

Fifth Generation 63 

Children, born in Box ford, Mass. 

349 Thomas, born March 20, 1720 ; married Martha Hale.* 

350 Hannah, born March 15, 1721 ; married Solomon Wood, of Boxford. 

" Solomon Wood and Hannah Jewett both of Boxford were 
joyed in marriage November ye twenty seventh day 1745 by Thomas 
Lambert Justice of Peace." (R. T. R.) 

351 Mary, born Feb. 20, 1723 ; not mentioned in father's will. 

352 Hephzibah, born Oct. 6, 1724 ; married John Chaplin, Jr.* 

353 Martha, born Feb. 22, 1726; married John Brown, of Monson, 

April 9, 1761, "by Humphry Hobson Just, of Peace." 

354 Ezekiel, born Feb. 22, 1727 ; married Hannah Platts.* 

355 Daniel, born Nov. 12, 1729 ; not mentioned in father's will. 

356 Lydia, born ; bapt. Sept. 24, 1732; died in infancy. 

357 Lydia, born Aug. 15, 1733 ; married Elkanan Winchester, of BrooTc- 

line, April 9, 1761, " by Humphry Hobson Just Peace." 
(R. T.R.) 

358 Sarah, born Dec. 3, 1735 ; married Moses Hale.* 

359 Stephen, born Feb. 6, 1737 ; married Hannah Bancroft.* 

360 Jonathan, born March 12, 1739; married Martha Belcher.* 

361 David, born Nov. 6, 1743 ; married Phebe Thurston (491).* 

130 HEPSEBAH JEWETT (Thomas'^ EzekieP, Maximilian% Ed- 
ward'), was born in Rowley, Mass., Feb. 1 ; bapt. Feb. 4, 1699-1700. She 
married at Boxford, Mass., Jan. 18, 1720, Jonathan Kimball, of Boxford. 


362 Jonathan, born Sept. 15, 1723; married July 25, 1745; Mehitable 


363 Stephen, born March 27, 1735. 
Probably others. 

131 SARAH JEWETT (Thomas'% EzekieP, Maximilian^ Edward'), 
was born in Rowley, Mass., June 4, bapt. July 12, 1702. She married in 
Boxford, Mass., Dec. 9, 1725, Joseph Conant, of Ipswich, Mass. He was 
born in Beverly, Mass., Nov. 9, bapt. Nov. 16, 1701. They settled in 
Ipswich and removed to Falmouth (now Portland, Maine), where he was 
admitted inhabitant April 22, 1728, on the payment of £10 and received 
several lots of land. " He is said to have been the first settler of Sac- 
carappa Village which he reached by going up the Presumpscot River in 
a canoe." (Conant Family.) 

Children : 

364 Hannah, born in Ipswich, Mass., Dec. 27, 1726. 

365 Lot, born in Falmouth, Me., Nov. 7, 1728 ; died young. 

366 Thomas, born Falmouth, Me., Dec. 2, 1730 ; died young. 

367 Elizabeth, born in Falmouth, Me., Oct. 3, 1731. 

64 Jewett Genealogy 

368 Sarah (twin), born in Falmouth, Me., Oct. 3, 1731. 

369 Bartholomew, born . 

370 Joseph, born . 

134 SETH JEWETT (Maximilian'^ Ezekiel", MaxinliHan^ Ed- 
ward'), was born in Rowley, Mass., Oct. 15, bapt. Oct. 22, 1704. He 
married (Pub. Feb. 12, 1726-7) Dorcas Hardy, of Bradford, Mass. He 
married (2d), in Bradford, Sept. 6, 1739, Mehitable Hardy. He lived in 
Bradford and had at least one child, a daughter, who married — — Foster, 
and had a son, Seth Jewett Foster. Seth Jewett died before August, 1771. 

135 SARAH JEWETT (Maximilian'^ EzekieP, Maximihan% Ed- 
ward'), was born in Rowley, Mass., June 3, 1707. She married there 
Joseph Pickard, of Rowley, son of Capt. Samuel and Ehzabeth (Hale) 
Pickard. He was born March 17, 1699-1700, and died Dec. 2, 1797. She 
died Nov. 22, 1802. 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

371 Joseph, born May 18, 1729 ; died Aug. 17, 1739. 

372 Samuel, born ; bapt. Nov. 9, 1731 ; died Nov. 14, 1731. 

373 Samuel, born ; bapt. July 8, 1733. He married . He 

died Nov. 7, 1778. 

374 Jacob, born ; bapt. June 29, 1735; married (1st) Salome 

Smith. She died Sept. 12, 1803. He married (2d) March 27, 
1804, Edna Platts. She was bapt. June 14, 1741, and died Oct. 
25, 1828. He died Nov. 1, 1819. 

375 Sarah, born ; bapt. Dec. 18, 1737; died Aug. 1, 1739. 

376 Joseph, born June 8, 1740 ; died Oct. 5, 1741. 

377 Amos, born ; bapt. Aug. 22, 1742; died Sept. 10, 1750. 

378 Joseph, born Sept. 23, 1744 ; married Mary Pickard. She died Nov. 

18, 1820. He died July 30, 1823. 

379 Jeremiah, born :; bapt. May 31, 1747; married Dec. 14, 1773, 

Mehitable Dresser, of Ipswich, Mass. 

139 JEREMIAH JEWETT (Maximilian-% Ezekief, Maximilian', 
Edward'), was born in Rowley, Mass., Sept. 11, 1720. He married Eliza- 
beth Choate. He lived in Byfield Parish, Rowley, and was a member of the 
First Foot Co. of Rowley. His will, dated June 7, 1785, proved Oct. 3, 
1785, mentions: wife Elizabeth; sons Jeremiah, Seth, Maximilian, and 
Samuel, and daughters Elizabeth Webber and Ann Nourse. 

Children, born in Biffield Parish, Rowley, Mass.: 

380 Maximilian, bom Feb. 23, 1743; married Mary Pearson.* 

381 Jeremiah, born Jan. 10, 1744-5 ; married Sarah Jackman.* 

382 Samuel, born March 15, 1746-7 ; married Marian Pool* 

Fifth Generation 65 

383 Elizabeth, born Jan. 5, 1749-50; married May 19, 1774, Richard 


384 Seth (twin), born Feb. 22, 1753, died in infancy. 

385 Ann (twin), born Feb. 22, 1753; married Oct. 15, 1778, John 

Nourse, of Chester, N. H. They had three children — viz., Eliza- 
beth, who died unmarried; Mollie died unmarried and a daughter 
who married a Mr. Cook. 

386 Seth, born Jan. 31, 1756; married Abigail Balch.* 

387 WilHam, born Oct. 15, 1760 ; died June 25, 1761. 

145 HANNAH PLATTS (Elizabeth^S EzekieP, Maximilian% Ed- 
ward'), was born in Rowley, Mass., Sept. 19, 1705. She married there 
Dec. 26, 1722, Deacon Jonathan Burpee, son of Thomas and Esther (Hop- 
kinson) Burpee. He was born in Rowley, Dec. 7, 1699. She died Jan. 
24, 1729. 

Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery: 






1729 IX YE 



He married (2d) Feb. 4, 1729-30, Mehitable Jewett (129), daughter 
of Thomas Jewett (25). She was born in Rowley, March 30, bapt. April 
3, 1698. 

He was deacon of the Linebrook Parish Church, Rowley, and " March 
19, 1764, Jonathan and Jeremiah Burpee, of Rowley, carpenters, sell to 
Rufus Wheeler forty acres of land in Rowley with dwelling house, barn 
and Cyder Mill." (E. I. H. C). He with his family then removed to 
Maugerville, New Brunswick. 

Children of Hannah Platts, born in Rowley, Mass. : 

388 Jeremiah, born Oct. 19, 1723, died in infancy. 

389 Isaac, born July 10, 1725, married Dec. 2, 1746, Elizabeth Dickin- 


390 Jeremiah, born May 21, 1726; married Mary Saunders.* 

Children of Mehitable Jewett, born in Rowley, Mass. : 

391 David, born March 26, 1731 ; married May 24, 1759, Sarah Barker. 

392 Hannah, born Feb. 15, 1735. 

393 Hepzibah, born March 31, 1738; married Oct. 26, 1756, Rev. George 

Leslie. He was the first minister of Linebrook Parish, Rowley. 

394 Moses, born ; married Margaret Harriman, 

66 Jewett Genealogy 

147 FAITH PLATTS (Elizabeth", Ezekiel% Maximilian% Edward'), 
was born in Rowley, Mass., June 8, 1710. She married there June 6, 1733, 
Samuel Stickney (his 2d wife), son of Benjamin and Ehzabeth (Stickney) 
Stickney. He was born in Rowley April 4, 1708, and died there April 4, 
1778 ; buried in Byfield. They hved in Rowley, where he was a " clothier." 
He also owned and conducted a saw-mill. 

He was on Capt. John Northend's alarm list of the First Foot Co. of 
Rowley. It was composed of those who were aged and others not subject 
to military duty. (Stickney Family.) 

" May 4, 1733, Samuel Stickney of Rowley, clothier, for £105 buys of 
Sergeant Aquilla Jewett of Rowley, 7 acres of land adjoining land for- 
merly Isaac Piatt's." (Essex Deeds.) 

She died March 31, 1801, " a person of great courage, resolution, and 
of exemplary piety." (Stickney Family.) 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

395 Hannah, born March 25, 1734 ; married Humphrey Sanders.* 

396 Mary, born Sept. 29, 1735 ; married Nehemiah Howard.* 

397 Elizabeth, bom June 3, 1737; married Benjamin Stickney.* 

398 Jedediah, born May 5, 1739 ; married Sarah Stickney.* 

399 Isaac, born March 26, 1741 ; married Ehzabeth Barker.* 

400 Samuel, born March 26, 1743; died unm. 1761. 

401 Jonathan, bom Feb. 10, 1745, died unm. 

402 Sarah, bom Aug. 6, 1749 ; married Samuel Bridges.* 

403 Mehitable, born April 18, 1753; died June 16, 1757. 

150 JANE JEWETT (Nathaniel'-, EzekieP, Maximilian^ Ed- 
ward'), was bom in Rowley, Mass., April 3, bapt. April 5, 1713. She mar- 
ried there INIarch 3, 1736-7, Stephen Pingry, son of Aaron and Elizabeth 
(Pearson) Pingry. He was born Jan. 11, 1711-12. She died May 7, 1752. 
He married (2d) Feb. 17, 1756, Anna Jewett (532), daughter of Wilham 
Jewett (188). She was born in Littleton, Mass., Sept. 23, 1728. He 
removed to Fitchburg, Mass., in 1784, and died there Oct. 21, 1794. She 
married (2d) Sept., 1797, Moses Sanderson, of Littleton, father of her 
son Stephen Pingry's two wives. He died Aug. 10, 1798. She married 
(3d) Joseph Haywood, of Concord, N. H. He died and she returned to 
the home of her son Stephen, in Littleton, and married Nov. 2, 1802, Capt. 
Asa Houghton, of Harvard, Mass., who died March 14, 1808. She after- 
wards lived with her son Stephen, in Littleton, until her death, Oct. 5, 1821. 

Children of Jane Jewett: 

404 Mary, born Dec. 15, 1737; died after 1805 unm. 

405 Aaron, born ; married (1st) Mary Chapman, of Ipswich (Pub. 

March 14, 1767). She died . He married (2d) Dec. 31, 

1771, Lydia Dtesser, of Ipswich. He served in Lieut. Paul Lan- 

Fifth Generation 67 

caster's Co., in the Revolution and was paid by vote of the town 
of Rowley £6 13s. 4d. for services. He died of small-pox March, 

406 Thomas, bom June 2, 1745; married (Pub. Dec. 13, 1766), Hannah 

Chapman, of Ipswich. She died Sept. 2, 1776. He married (2d) 
(Pub. May 24, 1777) Molly Burnham, of Ipswich. At a town 
meeting June 9, 1778, in Rowley he was hired to enter the service. 
In 1777 the town was called upon to raise 58 men to serve three 
years or during the war. At that time a bounty of £15 was paid 
Thomas Pingree. In May, 1778, he is described in a muster roll 
age 33, height 5 ft., 8 in., complexion light, eyes blue, hair brown, 
residence Rowley. He was a three years' man. After the close 
of the Revolution he removed to Henniker, N. H., where he re- 
sided until his death, about 1814. 

Children of Anna Jewett and Stephen Pingry, horn in Rowley, Mass. 

407 Jane, born April 16, 1757, died June 8, 1760. 

408 Stephen, born June 3, 1750; married (1st) Mary Sanderson, daugh- 

ter of Moses Sanderson. She was born Sept. 16, 1763. He re- 
moved from Rowley to Littleton dn 1783, and from there to 
Fitchburg, Mass., in 1784. He was a lieutenant in the militia in 

1791, commission signed by John Hancock. Returned to Little- 
ton in 1794, and hved there until 1828. His wife died Nov. 8, 
1826, and he married (2d) Mrs. Hannah Burt, of Franconia, 
N. H., a sister of his first wife, and removed to Franconia; lived 
there until the death of his wife, which occurred June 12, 1838. 
He then went to Groton, Mass., where he resided with his son John 
until his death. May 8, 1844. He was a soldier of the Revolution " 
and drew a pension the latter part of his life. 

409 Aquila, born July 30, 1761 ; married (1st) in 1783 Hannah Morrell, 

daughter of Abel and Hannah (French) Morrell, of Brentwood, 
N. H. Her father was in the Revolution seven years. They set- 
tled in Salisbury, N. H., now Franklin, where she died July 27, 

1792, aged thirty-one years. He married (2d) Jan. 21, 1794, 
Polly True, of Salisbury. She died Nov. 24, 1796, aged twenty 
years. He married (3d) Dec. 10, 1797, Dolly Page, of Andover, 
N. H. They removed to Danbury, N. H., in 1814, and his wife 
died there in 1844. He died there in 1845. He was a clothier by 
trade, noted for his great skill in athletic games of the day. Was 
called captain and was selectman in Salisbury. 

410 Nathaniel, born April 15, 1763; married (1st) Feb. 16, 17, , 

Anna Robbins, of Harvard, Mass. She died Feb. 10, 1832. He 
married second Mrs. Rebecca Watkins, of Chester, Vt., who died 
July 5, 1843, aged seventy-seven years and six months. He mar- 

68 Jewett Genealogy 

ried (3d) Mrs. Baldwin, of Cavendish, Vt., who survived him. He 
served in the Revolution when sixteen years old. He went into 
the forest of Mount Holly, Vt., in 1786, cleared a piece of land 
and built a cabin, where he made his home. Was a member of the 
Baptist Church and died April 23, 1650. 

411 Jonathan, born April 1, 1765; married Jan. , 1794, Elenor 

Pease, of Weston, Vt., and settled in Andover, but soon removed 
to Mount Holly, Vt. In 1817 he removed to Sardinia, Erie Co., 
N. Y., and died May 4, 1840. His wife died June 4, 1850. He 
was a farmer and left a large property. 

412 Joseph, born July , 1767; married Sarah Sanders, of Ashby, 

Mass. He settled in Mount Holly, Vt., and later started with his 
family to remove to Pennsylvania, but died on the way at Fort 
Ann, N. Y., April 26, 1819. 

413 Wilham, born March 15, 1771. He lived with his parents in Rowley 

until Nov., 1783, when he went to Salisbury, Vt., to live with his 
brother Aquila. He married Mary Morrel, who was born in 
Brentwood, N. H., March 8, 1771 (a sister to Aquila's wife). 
In May, 1793, he removed to Salisbury, where his wife died Sept. 
22, 1825. He married (2d) March 6, 1827, Lydia (Quimby) 
Cram, nee Lydia Nelson. She died June 5, 1858. He Avas called 
Captain, was selectman and a Justice of the Peace. He died Jan. 
24, 1846. Left five children, one of whom was the author of the 
"' Pingry Family." 

158 ELIPHALET JEWETT (Stephen'% EzekieP; MaximiHan^ Ed- 
ward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., Jan. 22; bapt. Jan. 22, 1711-12. He 
married Feb. 27, 1733-4, Ruth Pickard (308), daughter of Lieutenant Jon- 
athan and Johanna (Jewett, 112) Pickard. She was born in Rowley Nov. 
13, 1713, and died there Sept. 18, 1750. 
Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery : 







18 1750 

IN YE 37 



He married (2d) June 20, 1751, Sarah Gage, daughter of WilHam 
and Mercy (Barker) Gage. She was born in Beverly, Mass., Sept. 9, 
1713, and died in Rowley, Sept. 16, 1786. 

He lived in Rowley, where in 1757 he was corporal in Capt. Northend's 
Co. Died Oct. 30, 1789. 

Fifth Generation 69 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass. (First xcife.) 

414 Sarah, born , 1734-5 ; died' April 27, 1735. 

415 Priscilla, born Aug. 12, 1736; died Sept. , 1805 unm. 

416 Jonathan, born Sept. 23, 1738; died Sept. 24, 1747. 

417 Stephen, born Nov. 28, 1743 ; married Ehzabeth Little.* 

418 David, born May 31, 1746; married Elizabeth Goodwin.* 

419 Phebe, born April 13, 1741. She married Dec. 7, 1762, by Rev. 

Jedediah Jewett, Nathaniel Bradstreet, of Ipswich, son of Lieut. 
Nathaniel and Hannah (Northend) Bradstreet. He was born 

; bapt. June 20, 1740. 

Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery : 



Though cold the sod dear friend, that weeps thy clay 

Thus lowly once the world's great Saviour lay 

Sweet be thy slumbers and thy rest serene 

Till the last trump shall wake the glorious scene 

Till He whose voice bade Lazarus arise 

Shall rouse his slumbering saints, and call them to the skies 





WHO DIED DEC. 18, 1815 


A soul prepared needs no delays. 
The summons come the saint obeys; 
Swift was the flight and short the road, 
She clos'd her eyes and saw her God 

420 Johanna, born March 8, 1748-9. 

Children hy second wife: 

421 Nathan, born ; died June 6, 1753. 

422 Sarah, born Aug. 2, 1754; died in Rowley, June 12, 1852 unm. 

159 DAVID JEWETT ( Stephen'', Ezekief, Maximihan' , Ed- 
ward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., June 10; bapt. June 13, 1714. He 
owned the Covenant in the First Church of Rowley, and soon went to Lan- 
caster, Mass., where he married, June 21, 1739, Ehzabeth Beman. She 
died and he married (2d) (Pub. Dec. 6, 1741), in Lancaster, Esther 
Houghton. He with wife Esther was admitted to the Second Church of 
Chocksett, Mass. (now Sterling), Feb. 3, 1744-5. He died before his 
father, 1771. 

Children, from Lancaster, Mass., records. Of first wife: 

423 Ehsabeth, born May, 1740; bapt. July 13, 1740; married Nov, 26, 

1761, John Boynton, of Shrewsbury, Mass. 

70 Jewett Genealogy 

Children of second wife: 

424 Priscilla, born Nov. 20, 1742 ; bapt. Jan. 30, 1743 ; married Oct. 24, 

1765, Thomas Garry, Jr. 

425 Esther, born June 9, bapt. July 9, 1745; married, Jan. 19, 1769, 

Joshua Sawyer. 

426 Hannah, born April 26, bapt. June 7, 1747 ; died young. 

427 Solomon, born ; bapt. April 22, 1744, in the Second Precinct. 

He married (Pub. Oct. 18, 1766), Elizabeth Osgood, of Lancaster. 
On the Lancaster records we find " Capt. Solomon Jewett & Mar- 
tha Burpee, both of Lancaster." (Pub. May 11, 1780.) 

428 David, born July 11, bapt. July 16, 1749; married Ruth Sawyer.* 

429 Phebe, born ; bapt. Feb. 17, 1750; married Aug. 13, 1772, 

Luther Graves, of Lancaster. 

430 Stephen, born ; bapt. Jan. 6, 1754. 

431 Hannah, born ; bapt. Jan. 25, 1756; married Oct. 1, 1776, Per- 

son Richardson, of Lancaster. 

166 MARTHA HARRIS (Mary'% Faith^°, Maximilian% Edward'), 
was born in Charlestown, Mass., April 12, 1709; bapt. June 10, 1711. She 
married there, Dec. 14, 1727, Edward Goodwin. He was a chaise-maker, 
and died in Charlestown June 7, 1779, in his seventy-seventh year. She 
died there Jan. 6, 1786. 

His will, dated Jan. 24, 1777, proved Sept. 1, 1779, devised all, or 
mostly all, to wife during life. To four sons wharf; legacies to three 
married daughters ; to Edward one-half house lot, and 400 acres at Bow- 
doinham, lower end of ten-mile lot; and to Benjamin (exr.), the other N. 

Inventory: Ferry wharf, house lot, four lots in Lincoln Co., 14,390 
acres; total real, £368. (Wyman.) 

Children, born in Charlestown, 31 ass. : 

432 Elizabeth, born Oct. 15, 1728 ; died in infancy. 

433 Elizabeth, born Dec. 23, 1729; married (1st) Thomas Harding; (2d) 

Seth Blodgett.* 

434 Martha, born Nov. , 1731 ; died young. 

435 Mary, born ; bapt. Sept. 2, 1733; married Feb. 21, 1754, Capt. 

Samuel Walte, son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Pratt) Waite. He 
was born in Maiden, Mass., March 15, 1731-2; was a tanner. She 
died Sept. 8, 1778; buried at Maiden. He married (2d) Feb. 2, 
1801, Rebecca (Mason) Harris, widow of Capt. William Harris, 
and daughter of Thaddeus and Rebecca (Williams) Mason. She 
was born Dec. 17, 1738. 

436 Edward, born Sept. 13, 1735; married (1st) Sarah Ford; (2d) 

Prudence Goehagan.* 

437 Thomas, born ; bapt. Feb. 27, 1736-7; died in infancy. 

Fifth Generation ^\ 

438 Thomas, born ; bapt. Feb. 25, 1738-9; married (1st) Mary 

Miller; (2d) Sarah Masterman ; (3d) Abigail Cutter.* 

439 William, born ; bapt. , 1740; married (1st) Mary Waters; 

(2d) Abigail Johnson.* 

440 Benjamin, born ; bapt. March 28, 1742; married Hephzibah 


441 Joseph, born ; bapt. Sept. 4, 1743; died young. 

442 Martha, born Oct. , 1744 ; married WilHam Capen.* 

443 Hannah, born Feb. 15, 1746-7; died young. 

444 Joseph, born ; bapt. Sept. , 1748. 

445 Hannah, born ; bapt. Feb. 18, 1749-50 ; died in infancy. 

446 Hannah, born ; bapt. May 10, 1752. 

167 MARY HARRIS (Mary=«, Faith^°, Maximilian% Edward^), was 
born in Charlestown, Mass., April 9; bapt. June 10, 1711. She married 
there Oct. 16, 1729, Daniel Edes, son of John and Grace (Lawrence) Edes. 
He was born in Charlestown April 26, 1708 ; admitted to the church Aug. 7, 
1726, and buried Nov. 15, 1764. His widow was living March 11, 1766. 

Children, born in Charlestown, Mass. : 

447 Edward, born Oct. 5, 1730; was of Exeter 1752; tax abated in 

Charlestown for 1759, sick. 

448 Mary, born Sept. 10, 1732. 

449 Daniel, born ; bapt. Sept. 1, 1734 ; married Katharine Mason.* 

450 William, born May 4, 1736; tax 1760, 1762, and 1763; valuation 


451 Abraham, born ; bapt. April 2, 1738; lived with John Hay; was 

in T. Lord's Co., Gridley's Regt., 1756, aged 18; baker 1756; tax 
abated 1757. 

452 Isaac, born ; bapt. March 9, 1739-40 ; married Abigail Johnson.* 

453 Jacob, born ; bapt. May 6, 1744 ; died young. 

454 Jacob, born ; bapt. March 23, 1745-6 ; Pub. to Elizabeth Thomas 

March 27, 1767. 

455 John, born ; bapt. Sept. 9, 1750. 

170 JOHN HARRIS (Mary^^ Faith^^ Maximilian^ Edward^), was 

born in Charlestown, Mass., ; bapt. June 1, 1718. He married June 

12, 1740, Millicent Rand, daughter of Jonathan and MiHicent (Estabrook) 

Rand. She was born in Charlestown June 3, bapt. June 4, 1721 ; was ad- 

I mitted to the church Sept. 20, 1741, and died at Maiden, Mass., June 20, 

! 1775. He married (2d) in Medford, Mass., March 19, 1778, Elizabeth 

(Johnson) Miller, of Medford, widow of John Miller, of Charlestown (no 

children by this marriage). She married (3d), Richard Devens and died 

i Nov. 1, 1780. 

72 Jewett Genealogy 

Mr. Harris was a potter and was admitted to the Charlestown church 

Sept. 20, 1741. 

Children, born in Charlestown, Mass. 

456 Millicent, born Feb. ; bapt. Feb. 21, 1741 ; married , 1767; 

Robert Ball. 

457 Mary, born June , 1744; died young. 

458 Mary, born ; bapt. Nov. 13, 1757 ; died Nov. 26, 1787. 

459 John, born May ; bapt. July 12, 1747 ; died Oct. 17, 1804 unm. 

460 Thomas, born ; bapt. Oct. 15, 1749; married Mary Frothing- 


461 Jonathan, mom ; bapt. Oct. 15, 1752; married Mary Devens.* 

462 Hannah, born ; bapt. March 15, 1761. 

172 SAMUEL DOWSE (MaximiHan'°, Faith'% Maximihan^ Ed- 
ward"), was born in Charlestown, Mass., Oct. 17; bapt. Oct. 19, 1712. He 
married Ahce Call, daughter of Cabel and Ann Call. She was born in 

Charlestown ; bapt. Dec. 9, 1716, and died Feb. 4, 1754, aged 37. A 

widow (gravestone). (Wyman.) 

Children, horn in Charlestown, Mass. : 

463 Samuel, born March 5, 1733-4 ; married Abigail Sweetser.* 

464 John, born March 11, 1735-6; bapt. adult, March 10, 1754. News 

of his death at Martinico, Sept. 13, 1762. 

179 ENSIGN JOSEPH JEWETT (Jonathan'% Joseph", Maxi- 
miHan% Edward') was born in Rowley, Mass., Dec. 31, 1700; bapt. Jan. 
5, 1701. He settled in Stratham, New Hampshire, and there married, 
about 1725, Anna Wiggin, daughter of Jonathan Wiggin (he was a son 
of Andrew Wiggin, born 1635, who married Anna, daughter of Gov. Simon 
Bradstreet). She was born in 1701 and died in Stratham Oct. 25, 1774. 
He died in Stratham May 24, 1765. 

Petition of Stratham men 1748 
Province of f To the Honr^^ Gent" proprietors of the 
New Hampsh^ j Land in Said province That Latly was purch*^ 
of Cap* Jn° Mason Esqu^ 
Colo Atkinson and others &c 
Wee the Subscribers Humbly peticion That wee May have a Township 
Thereof Containing Six Miles Square in Some Convenient place Therein 
on Such Conditions as others by y^ Hours Granted or shall Grant. 
Stratham octob^ y^ 26*^ 1748. Doubting Nothing But y^ Honer^ will An- 
swer our potision wee Ever pray 

Signed by Joseph Jewet and others 

He was one of the sixty grantees of Sanbornton, New Hampshire 
(name spelled Juet on the original document), and Oct. 28, 1748, marks 


Fifth Generation 73 

the earliest movement for a settlement of Sanbornton, being the date 
to " A list of the names of a number of men that are of a mind and desire 
their names may be entered in this paper, in order that they may have a 
tract of land granted them and their heirs forever." This petition was 
signed by sixty men, including Joseph Jewett, and in the drawing for the 
division of the land granted them he obtained lot 16 in the first division 
and lot 28 in the second division. The drawing took place in Ann Slayton's 
inn in Portsmouth, Fb. 13, 1753. He sold lot 16 to Daniel Sanborn, Esq., 
for his son John, the first child born in town. Lot 28 was first settled 
by Andrew Jewett, son of Joseph, the grantee. (Hist, of Sanbornton.) 

Children, born in Stratham, N. H.: 

465 Jonathan, born Oct. 22, 1727 ; married Susannah Wiggin.* 

466 Joseph, born Aug. 13, 1729 ; died in the army Sept, 2, 1777. He lived 

in Sanbornton, N. H., and " June 5, 1777, Joseph Jewett of San- 
bornton, N. H., enlisted for 8 months in Capt. Gray's Co., Col. 
Alexander Scammel's Regt., in Continental Army. Marched to 
Charlestown" (N. H. S. P.). 

" Muster Roll of Capt. James Gray's Co., in Col. Alexander 
Scammel's Regt., raised by the State of New Hamp^ for the Con- 
tinental Service. Muster'd & paid by Elip* Giddings. Joseph 
Jewett from Sanbornton June 5, 1777, for 8 months, travel to 
Charlestown 16, 8 " (N. H. S. P.). 

" List or Return of the Names of the Men Enlisted from the 

tenth Regt. of Militia in the State of hampshire Commanded by 

Joseph Badger Esq. for Completing the three Regt. allotted to the 

State as their proportion of the Continental Army 1777, Joseph 

^ Jewett of Sanbornton " (N. H. S. P.). 

Sanbornton furnished 18 men for the Continental Army in 
1777 in Col. Scammel's Regt. They received State bounties from 
16 to 20 pounds each, but Joseph Jewett was one of the earliest 
to enlist that year and was one of four to receive twenty paper 
dollars as a bounty and the only one in addition to receive " eight 
dollars good money as a bounty." 

467 Ann, born Sept. 16, 1731; married Ezra Barker. She died April 

22, 1755. 

468 Mary, born Oct. 6, 1733; married (1st) Walter Weeks of Greenland, 

N. H. ; married (2d) Andrew Wiggin of Stratham. She died Jan. 
24, 1834. She lived more than a century and possessed great 
energy and thrift. 

469 Hannah, born Sept. 18, 1735. 

470 Paul, born Sept. 18, 1737 ; died in infancy. 

471 Mehitable, born Oct. 13, 1739; married Jethro Hill. They lived 

in Candia, N. H., where she died (froze to death), Dec. 1, 1809. 

74 Jewett Genealogy 

472 Phebe, born Oct. 18, 1741 ; married William Shute. They lived and 

died in South Newmarket, N. H. 

473 Jacob, born May 1, 1743; married Deborah Light.* 

474 Paul, born Jan. 14, 1744-5; married (1st) Dec. 26, 1775, Mrs. Eliz- 

abeth Gilman; (2d) Mary Avery. He lived in Exeter, N. H., and 
died in Milton, N. H., Nov. — , 1835. It appears from the records 
of Exeter that he owned slaves, as " Nov. 21, 1776, two negroes of 
Paul Jewett married in Exeter." 

475 James, born Feb. 9, 1747 ; married Dorothy Frost, daughter of 

Joseph and Margaret (Carlton) Frost. She was born in New ' 
Castle, Me., and died in Rochester, N. H., May 9, 1838. At the 
time of his marriage James Jewett was a merchant in Dover, N. H. 
He died s. p. Mrs. Ellen A. Burrill has a deed dated 1772 from 
Theodore Atkins of Portsmouth, N. H., to James Jewett of 
Stratham, N. H., for 120 acres of land situated in New Durham 

476 Andrew, born Oct. 28, 1749-50; married (1st) Molly Piper; (2d) 

Lydia Morrison.* 

180 BENJAMIN JEWETT (Jonathan'% Joseph", Maximilian% „ 
Edward^) was born in Rowley, Mass., April 1, bapt. April 4, 1703. He ' 
married there Jan. 18, 1725-6, Dorothy Rogers. They settled in Rowley, 
and in a few years removed to Stratham, N. H. He of Stratham, in 1748, 
signs the following petition: 

" Province of f To the Honr^^ Gent" proprietiers of the 
New hampsh^ \ Land in Said province That Latly was purch^ of 

Cap* Jno. Tufton Mason Esqu'' 
Colo: Atkinson and others &c — 

Wee the Subscribers Humbly peticion That wee May have a Township 
Thereof Containing Six Miles Square In Some Conveanent place Theirin 
on Such Conditions as others by y^ Hours Granted or shall Grant. 
Stratham octob^ y^ 26th 1748. Doubting Nothing But y^ Honer^ will 
Answer our potision wee Ever pray 

" Signed by Bengman Jewet and others." (N. H. S. P.) 


477 Mary, born in Rowley, Mass., Nov. 24, 1726. 

478 Benjamin, born in Stratham, N. H., ; married Mary Dearborn.* 

Several children died in childhood, and perhaps there were others. 

181 REV. JEDEDIAH JEWETT (Jonathan'% Joseph", Maxi- 
milian^, Edward^) was born in Rowley, Mass., June 3, bapt. June 3, 1705. ,jj 
He married at Newbury, Mass., Nov. 11, 1730, Elizabeth Dummer, only 

Fifth Generation 76 

daughter of Richard and Dorothy (Light) Dummer of Newbury. She was 
born Dec. 7, 1713, and died April 14, 1764. 
Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery : 

To The Memory of 

Mrs Elizabeth Jewett 


and Amiable CONSORT 

To the Revd JEDEDIAH 

Jewett and Died 

Suddenly April 

The 14th 1764 

AEta 51 

Proh Dolor 

He married (2d), at Bradford, Mass., Oct. 29, 1765, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Parsons (her 4th husband), widow of Rev. Joseph Parsons of Bradford. 
She was the daughter of Rev. Daniel and Elizabeth (Goakin) Greenleaf, 
and was born in Boston Aug. 24, 1708, and died in 1778. Her first husband 
was David Bacon ; her second husband was Joseph Scott. 

Rev. Mr. Jewett graduated from Harvard College in the class of 1726; 
was ordained Nov. 19, 1729, and became the fifth minister of the Rowley 
Church. He was on Capt. Northend's alarm list May 16. 1757 ; was a 
man of broad character, highly esteemed and much beloved by his people. 
He was very active in the ministry, and also in many business enterprises ; 
owned considerable property in New England and was a man of affluence. 

" Rev Jedediah Jewett on the right of John Brown of Haverhill re- 
ceived lot No. 5 in range D in Narragansett No. 1 " (now Buxton Me.). 
(Records of Mass., General Court.) 

" Province of | " Portsmouth December 12th. 1770 Wednesday four of 
New Hampshire j the Clock afternoon the Properitors meet according to 

" A committee of the Grantees of the Tract of land granted to Samuel 
Palmer Esqu'' and others, now called Meredith, viz., Josiah Sanborn and 
Ebenezer Smith Esqu"" in behalf of Said Grantees, present a Plan made by a 
Committee of Said grantees being more correct and exact than the Plan 
formerly returned by said Committee — upon Representation of said Plan. 

" Voted that Said Plan be and hereby is accepted and approved of as 
a true Plan of y^ Division of said Tract of land now called Meredith — 

" Upon the Petition of Jedediah Jewett of Rowley in the County of 
Essex and Province of Massachusetts Bay Clerk for a grant of a whole 
Right or Share of land, excepting the house Lot No. 55 and the Interval 
lot No. 43, which was the original Right of Eleazer Peirce laying in 
Boscawen lately called Contoocook, and which, in the year 1738, Said 
Jedediah purchased of Andrew Bohanan, for encouragement of the Settle- 
ment of those lands and other Considerations — 

" Therefore Voted That all the Right, Tittle and Interest That the 
Proprietors now have in Said whole Right or share of land in Boscawen 

76 Jewett Genealogy 

except the Said house lot n° 55 and said Interval lot N° 43 — be and hereby 
is granted to the Said Jedediah Jewett his heirs and assigns — and also one 
house Lot and one Interval Lot in Said Boscawen belonging to y® original 
Right of John Poor — 

" Voted that Daniel Rogers Esqu^ Peter Pearse and John. Penhallow 
be a Committee to examine the Papers belonging to this Propriete and Sort 
the Same to be placed on file. 

" The meeting was adjourned to Wednesday next the 19*^ Ins* five of the 
Clock afternoon to meet at the dwelling house of James Stoodly Esqu^ 
Innholder in this Place 

" a true Record attest Geo : JaiFrey Prop" CI " 

In connection with the above grant of land to Rev. Mr. Jewett I append 
the following letter, which not only shows one of the many perils our early 
forefathers were exposed to, but also his narrow escape from capture by 
the Indians: 

Montreal, Oct. 19, 1754. 

" Rev. Sir — The reason of my directing these lines to you is, because 
it seems most likely that they will sooner arrive to the hands of a person 
of your note than to any body else. Before I proceed, I should give you 
a short description of my captivity. That day. Sir, in August last (the 
15th) that you left my house at Contoocook, I was taken by the Indians, 
and by them carried to St. Francois, where we arrived in thirteen days, and 
after I had been with them eight weeks, they sold me to a French gentle- 
man for 300 livers, which sum must be paid before I can be free — which 
looks somewhat difl'icult to me. But I hope that I have some friends in 
Rowley that will contribute part of that sum for my relief; and I shall 
take it as a favor of you if you will move a contribution in your parish. 
There will be no difl5culty in my redemption if the money be paid, and there 
is no difliculty in coming at any time in the year. In the winter people 
pass on the ice all the way to Albany, excepting a few miles. 

" Inform the people at Contoocook, that Nelson and his wife are sold 
to a French minister near Quebeck, and his boy in this town, and his 
eldest girl is with the Indians ; their youngest child, I believe, died at St. 
Francois a month ago. Samuel Scribner, who was taken at Bakerstown 
when I was, I hear is sold to the French at Chambly, about 12 miles from 
this place ; and Robert Barber, taken at the same place, sold to a French- 
man about a mile from St. Francois. They all desire release. 

" I can write no more at present, only to ask an interest in your 
prayers, and beg leave to subscribe myself 

" Your most obedient and humble servant 


" N. B. Caution the frontiers to be on their guard. If any person 
comes or sends for me, let them repair to Col. John Lydius of Albany for 
directions." (N. E. H. and G. R.) 

Fifth Generation 


Jedediah Jewett died in Rowley May 8, 1774, in the forty-fifth year 
of his ministry. 

" The Rev*^ Jedediah Jewett May 8, 1774 And is the first time this 
place was destitute of a gospel Minister since the first settling thereof." 

" June 16, 1774— On the 8th. of May last died Rev. Jedediah Jewett 
of Rowley aged 69. Min. 45. He was a prophet in his own Country, Rowley 
being the place of his Nativity " (Diary of Ezra Stiles, President of Yale 
College). In 1851 a marble monument was erected in the Rowley Cemetery 
to replace some of the old stones, which had become worn and defaced by 
time. The following is the inscription upon this monument : 

(West Front) 

Rev. Ezekiel Rogers 

first minister of Rowley 

Born at Wethersfield, Essex Co. 

England, A.D. 1590, a minister 

in Rowley Yorkshire 17 years. 

Came to this place with his 

Church and flock in April 

1639, died June 23, 1660 

This ancient pilgrim nobly bore 

The ark of God, to this lone shore; 

And here, before the throne of Heaven 

The hand was raised, the pledge was given. 

One monarch to obey, one creed to own. 

That monarch, God; that creed. His word alone. 

Here also rest 
the remains of his wives. 

With him one came with girded heart. 
Through good and ill to claim her part; 
In life, in death, with him to seal 
Her kindred love, her kindred zeal. 

(South Front) 

Rev. Samuel Shepard, 

third minister of Rowley, 

Born Oct. 1641, 

settled colleague with 

Rev. Mr. Phillips, 

Nov. 15, 1665, 

died April 7, 1668. 

Dorothy Flint, his wife. 

Died Feb. 12, 1668. 

Rev. Edward Payson fourth 

minister, born June 20, 

1657,, ordained Oct. 25, 1682, 

died Aug. 22, 1732. 

Also his wives 

Elisabeth Phillips, 

and Elisabeth Appleton. 

(East Front) 

Rev. Jedediah Jewett 
fifth minister of Rowley, 

Born 1705 

ordained Nov. 19, 1729 

died May 8, 1774. 

Also his wives 

Elisabeth Dummer 

and Elisabeth Parsons. 

Rev. Ebenezer Bradford, 
sixth minister born 1746, 
Installed Aug. 4, 1782, 

died Jan. 3, 1801. 

Elizabeth Green, his wife 

died July 14, 1825 

78 Jewett Genealogy 

(North Front) 

Here rest the great and good 

here they repose 
after their generous toil. 

A sacred band, 
they take their sleep together. 

Twine gratitude, a wreath for them 
More deathless than the diadem. 
Who, to life's noblest end. 
Gave up life's noblest powers. 
And bade the legacy descend 
Down, down to us and ours. 

Erected by the Ladies Benevolent Circle, 
of the Congregational Society, Rowley 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass., all by first zdfe: 

479 Dorothy, born May 2, 1730; married Jan. 18, 1753, Dr. John Calef, 

son of William and Margaret (Barton) Calef. He was born June 
14, 1731. 

480 Dummer, born April 25, 1732; married Mary Stanniford.* 

481 Paul, born ; died June 28, 1734. " Paul Jewett my dear Babe 

June 28, 1734 " (Ch. R. by Rev. Jedcdiah Jewett). 

182 JACOB JEWETT (Jonathan'^ Joseph", Maximilian% Edward') 
was born in Rowley, Mass., Jan. 28, bapt. Feb. 1, 1707-8. He married 
Dec. 21, 1732, Elizabeth Northend, daughter of Ezekiel and Dorothy 
(Sewell) Northend of Rowley. She was born in Rowley Dec. 15, 1710, 
and died there Sept. 17, 1741, s. p. 

Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery : 







YE 17 1741 IN YB 



He married (2d) Feb. 2, 1741-2, Bethiah Boynton, daughter of John 
and Bethiah (Platts) Boynton. She was born Feb. 5, 1711, and died Sept. 
14, 1780. He lived in Rowley, where he was active in town affairs and 
served on various committees. May 16, 1757, he was elected clerk of Capt. 
John Northend's First Foot Co. 

He died May 26, 1774. 

Fifth Generation 79 

Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery : 






26TH AD 1774 




Children, born in Roicley, Mass., all by second wife: 

482 Jonathan, born ; died July 16, 1745. 

483 Jacob, born Jan. 4, 1745-6; married (1st) Elizabeth Northend; (2d) 

Mary Noyes; (3d) Sarah Clark; (4th) Mehitable Burpee.* 

484 Joseph, born Feb. 19, 1748; married Hannah (Mighill) Gage.* 

485 Samuel, born June 10, 1752. 

183 INIEHITABLE JEWETT (Jonathan''% Joseph", Maximilian% 
Edward^) was born in Rowley, Mass., July 19, bapt. July 23, 1710. She 
married. May 5, 1731, Deacon Richard Thurston of Newbury, Mass., son 
of Daniel and Mary (Dresser) Thurston. He was born in Newbury Oct. 
16, 1710. They lived in Rowley, where he was deacon of the Second Church 
and where he died July 12, 1782. She died there May 18, 1789. Both 
buried in Gorgetown Cemetery. 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

486 Stephen, born March 4, 1733. He was drowned in a shipwreck May 

13, 1762, on Cape Ann Bar, near Squam Harbor. He was about 
to be married to a Miss Dennis. 

487 Mary, born Oct. 26, 1734 ; married Sept. 23, 1756, Dacon Jeremiah 

Searle, son of William and Jane (Nelson) Searle. He Vas bom 
1723. They had six children ; their second child, Stephen, married 
Mary Jewett (582). 

488 Eunice, born Oct. 4, 1736; married John Harris.* 

489 Hannah, born March 16, 1738; died Nov. 9, 1739. 

490 Jonathan, born Sept. 26, 1739 ; died Jan. 23, 1740. 

491 Phebe, born Dec. 14, 1741; married (1st) Rev. David Jewett (361); 

married (2d) Deacon Daniel SpofFord. (See No. 361.) 

492 Hannah, born Jan. 4, 1744; married June 24, 1773, John Adams of 

Andover, Mass. She died Jan. 22, 1775, leaving a son, Joseph, who 
died June 22, 1776, aged 2 years and 1 month. 

493 Daniel, born Dec. 14, 1745; married (1st) Judith Chute; (2d) Mrs. 

Margaret Kinsman.* 

494 Sarah, born April 14, 1748; married June 13, 1775, Capt. John 

Pearson. She died April 28, 1818. 

80 Jewett Genealogy 

495 David, born March 19, 1751; married (1st) Mary Bacon, born Aug. 
18, 1750, daughter of Rev. Jacob and Mary (Wood) Bacon of 
Rowley; (2d) Chloe Redington, born May 11, 1767, daughter of 
Abraham and Sarah (Hook) Redington. He died in Sedgwick, 
Me., Aug. 26, 1821; his widow died in Bucksport, Me., Oct. 12, 

196 Mehitable, born Sept. 25, 1753; married June 13, 1775, Deacon James 
Chute, son of Capt. Daniel and Hannah (Adams) Chute of New- 
bury. She died in Byfield, Mass., Oct. 18, 1819. He died in Madi- 
son, Ind., April 28, 1825, aged 74 years. 

184 MARK JEWETT (Jonathan''^ Joseph", Maximihan% Edward') 
was born in Rowley, Mass.. Jan. 15 ; bapt. Jan. 18, 1712. He married 

, , 1736, Mary Chute, daughter of Deacon James and 

Mary (Thurston) Chute. She was born in Byfield, Mass., Nov. 8, 
1716, and died at Hopkinton, N. H., aged 93. He settled in Rowley, and 
about 1758 removed to Enfield, N. H., and joined the Shaker Church. He 
later removed to Exeter, N. H., and then to Hopkinton, where some of his 
children had preeceded him. His home in Exeter was a few rods from 
the house in which his brother Moses lived and raised his family. 

He died in Enfield, N. H., and was buried on Shaker Hill (Shaker 
records of Enfield). 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

497 Moses, bom Jan. 29, 1737; married (1st) Mary Meade; (2) Mary 

Sawyer; (3) Mrs. Mary Varney.* 

498 Mary, born Jan. 18, 1738; married Lieut. Abraham Sanborn. He 

was born Dec. 28, 1735, and married July 1, 1756. She, late in 
life, lived with her son, James Sanborn, in Kinsington, N. H. 

499 Katharine, born March 30, 1740; married John Jewett (507).* 

500 James, born April 4, 1742 ; died in infancy. 

501 Ruth, born April 17, 1744. 

502 James, born July 7, 1745 ; married Molly .* 

603 Infant ; died Sept. 26, 1747. 

504 Mehitable, born Dec. 5, 1749-50 ; died Feb. 13, 1753. 
605 Elizabeth, born March 20, 1751. 
Perhaps others. 

186 MOSES JEWETT (Jonathan«% Joseph", MaximiHan^ Edward') 
was born in Rowley, Mass., Nov. 5; bapt. Nov. 5, 1715. He married in 
Bradford, Mass., Nov. 17, 1737, Martha Hale, daughter of Samuel and 
Martha (Palmer) Hale, of Bradford. She was born June 15, 1709, and 
died at the home of her daughter, Martha Osborne, in Exeter, N. H., March 
10, 1810. 

He settled in Exeter, N. H., which at that time was a wilderness and 

Fifth Generation 81 

included the territory that now comprises five or six towns. As a young 
man he was employed by General Conner, who was in command of the 
soldiers stationed there to protect the settlement from the Indians, in pre- 
paring timber for shipment by ships of his Majesty, George II., then lying 
in Portsmouth Harbor. He later was engaged in farming. He died in 
Exeter, June 27, 1767, and was buried there, his grave being marked by 
a rough stone. His widow, who married twice after his death, was buried 
beside him. His will, dated June 17, 1767, was proved July 29, 1767. 

Children, born in Exeter, N. H.: 

506 Jacob, born , 1739 ; died in infancy. 

507 John, born , 1740; married Katharine Jewett (499).* 

508 Mary, born , 1742; married Jonathan Conner, Jr.* 

509 Moses, born , 1744 ; died in 1793, unmarried. 

510 Samuel, born , 1746; married Abigail Folsom.* 

511 Jedediah, born Jan. 3, 1749; married (1st) Naomi Bridges; (2d) 

Ehzabeth Breed.* 

512 David, born , ; married Mary Shepard.* 

513 Martha, born , 1759 ; married Joseph Osborne.* 

514 Eunice, born , — ; died, aged 21 years, unmarried. 

515 Jonathan, born , 1761 ; married Hannah Hale.* 

186 JAMES JEWETT (Jonathan''^ Joseph", Maximilian% Edward') 

was born in Rowley, Mass., ; bapt. June 29, 1718, He married there 

Nov. 14, 1744, Martha Scott, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Barker) 

Scott of Rowley. She was born in Rowley ; bapt. June 7, 1719, and 

was a sister of Joseph Scott who married Jemina Jewett (239). She was 
a descendant of the celebrated Capt. John Scott. 

James Jewett lived in Rowley a few years, and then removed to New- 
buryport, Mass., where he was a merchant, and where he died May 3, 1790. 
He was a soldier in the Revolution. 

" James Jewett, Newburyport, Private, Capt. John Peabody's co., 
Col. Ebenezer Francis's regt ; pay abstract for travel allowance to and 
from camp, etc., sworn to Nov. 29, 1776; said Jewet credited with allow- 
ance for 3 days (55 miles) travel; company drafted from Salisbury, New- 
buryport, Methuen, Boxford and Andover." (" Mass. Soldiers and Sailors 
in War of Revolution," vol. VIII.) 


516 Sarah, born in Rowley, Mass., Oct. 26, 1745 ; married Board- 

man of Newburyport, Mass. 

517 Jonathan, born in Rowley,. Mass., April 29, 1748; lived in Newbury- 

port, Mass. He served in the Revolution as commander of a vessel, 
viz., " Jonathan Jewit, Petition of Moses Little and others, of 
Newburyport, dated Boston, Aug. 7, 1779, asking that said Jewit 

82 Jewett Genealogy 

be commissioned as commander of the ship Fanny (privateer) ; 
ordered in Council Aug. 7, 1779, that a commission be issued." 
("Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in War of Revolution," Vol. VIII.) 
She was a vessel of 180 tons from Newburyport. 

518 Joseph, born in Newburyport, Mass., , 1749 ; married Ruth Mc- 


519 Caleb, born in Newburyport, Mass., about 1750; married Elizabeth 


520 Mary, born in Newburyport, Mass., about 1751 ; married May 18, 

1793, John Dean, Esq. (his 2d wife), son of Samuel and Rachel 
(Dwight) Dean. He was born in Dedham, Mass., about 1740. He 
settled in or near Saco, Me.; was the heaviest taxpayer in town 
for many years. Selectman in 1786, and died May 6, 1826, aged 
63 years. She died Aug. 25, 1812, aged 62. 

521 Susan, born in Newburyport, Mass., ; married Jonathan Gage 

of Newburyport. 

522 James, born in Newburyport, Mass., May 28, 1758; married (1st) 

Polly McLellan; (2d) Ruby Bridges.* 

187 SARAH JEW^ETT (Jonathan"', Joseph", Maximillian', Ed- 
ward') was born in Rowley, Mass.; bapt. Aug. 7, 1720. She married April 
16, 1741, Capt. Joseph Hoyt of Stratham, N. H., son of Joseph and 
Hannah (Chase) Hoyt. She died May — , 1759. He married (2d) Deb- 
orah, widow of John Light of Exeter, N. H., and died July — , 1789; one 
child bv second wife, viz., EHzabeth, born Oct. 14, 1760. 

Capt. Hoyt was one of those from Stratham who petitioned in 1739 to 
be annexed to Massachusetts. He received a deed of one-half of his father's 
dwelling house in 1741, and the remainder was bequeathed him in his father's 
will; he was one of the proprietors of Sanbornton, N. H., and in 1770 we 
find him petitioning the General Court in their behalf. One or two of his 
sons settled in that town. He seems to have been a man of considerable 
wealth and influence in Stratham, and that town sent him as a delegate to 
the first Provincial Congress, which met in Exeter in April, 1775. His 
will, dated June 10, 1789, was proved in Aug., 1789. (From Hoyt Family.) 

Children, horn in Stratham, N. H.: 

523 Mary, born Aug. 6, 1742; married Robinson, and died April 

9, 1790. 

524 Jonathan, Capt. (twin), born May 31, 1745; married Sept. 30, 1767; 

Mary Brackett of Greenland, N. H. Lived in Stratham until about 
1814, and died in Sanbornton, N. H. 

525 Hannah (twin), born May 31, 1745; married Pearson, and died 

Aug. 5, 1806. 

526 Sarah, born March 19, 1747; married Hill, and died Dec. 10, 


Fifth Generation 83 

527 Benjamin (Capt.), born March 20, 1749; married (1st) Dec. 20, 

1770, Ann . She died April 4, 1819; married (2d) Nov. 4, 

1819, widow AHce Greenleaf. She died Jan. 26, 1843. He died 
March 16, 1842. He settled in Sanbornton, N. H., after he be- 
came of age; was Selectman 1773 and 1774; afterward lived in 
Epping, N. H., and was constable there 1788, and Selectman sev- 
eral years later. 

528 Daniel, born Dec. 25, 1750; married Molly Adams. He lived in Strat- 

ham, probably on his father's place, and died May 9, 1797. 

529 Joseph, born Jan. 21, 1753; married Jan. 29, 1778, Hulda Sanborn, 

died June 4, 1795. He was one of the proprietors of Sanbornton, 
N. H., in 1771 ; signed the association test in 1778, but resided in 
Exeter, N. H., during the latter part of his life. 

530 Jemima, bom Feb. 16, 1756. 

188 LIEUT. WILLIAM JEWETT (Aquila", Joseph", MaximiHan^ 
Edward^) was born in Mass., July 15, 1705; bapt. same day. He married 
June 8, 1727, Hannah Pickard, daughter of Capt. Samuel and Elizabeth 
(Hale) Pickard. She was born in Rowley; bapt. Feb. 3, 1706. 

He was called Lieutenant ; lived in Littleton, Mass., where he died in 
1786. She died there Feb. 15, 1771. 

Children, born in Littleton, Mass.: 

531 Aquila, born April 13, 1728 ; died June 10, 1729. 

532 Anna, born Sept. 23, 1729; married Stephen Pingry.* (See 150.) 

533 Aquila, born Feb. 20, 1730-31 ; married Eunice Houghton.* 

534 Ehzabeth, born March 23, 1731-2 ; married John Pingry.* 

535 Samuel, born June 23, 1733 ; died Oct. 27, 1746. 

536 Hannah, born March 12, 1734-5; married (Pub. Dec. 13, 1776) 

Stephen Tuttle of Littleton. 

537 Wilham, born Feb. 12, 1736; married (Pub. Dec. 14, 1771) Esther 

Wright of Westford, Mass. 

538 Rebecca, born Aug. 4, 1738 ; died Oct. 10, 1740. 

539 Jean, born Oct. 18, 1740 ; died Nov. 6, 1740. 

540 Maximilian, born June 16, 1741 ; married Rebecca Burpee.* 

541 Jean (Jane on Littleton Records), born March 6, 1742; married 

Thomas Treadwell.* 

542 Thomas, born June 11, 1744, " and lived until the 21st. day and 


543 Mary, born Sept. 22, 1745. 

-190 RACHEL JEWETT' (Aquila"*, Joseph", Maximinian% Ed- 
ward^) was born in Rowley, Mass., Jan. 30, 1708-9. She married Nov. 13, 
1729,' Enoch Dole. ■• They were dismissed from the church in Rowley Oct. 
15, 1749, to Littleton, Mass. She died in Littleton Oct. 10, 1792. 

84 Jewett Genealogy 

Children (Littleton Records) : 

544 Joseph, born Dec. 8, 1731 ; married Aug. 5, 1762, Rebecca Warren. 

They had Rebecca, born in Littleton, June 1, 1763, and Eunice, 
born April 19, 1765 ; died March 8, 1766. 

545 Amos, born Jan. 11, 1733; married Molly ; and had Samuel, born 

in Littleton April 4, 1756, and Benjamin, born Nov. 13, 1757. 

546 Sarah, born Dec. 19, 1736 ; died Nov. 17, 1746. 

547 Ann, born Oct. 29, 1738 ; married Sept. 13, 1764, Joseph Fairbanks 

of Lancaster, Mass. 
548 -4-Parker, born Sept. 8, 1740; married Sept. 15, 1761, Abigail Law- 
rence of Littleton. 

549 Enoch, born Oct. 6, 1742. 

550 Rachel, born Aug. 21, 1745; died Dec. 27, 1745. 

551 Mary, born Nov. 2, 1746; died Dec. 19, 1746. 

552 Sarah, born July 28, 1748; married Oct. 30, 1765; Joseph Bennett 

of Lancaster, Mass. 

553 Benjamin, born Sept. 16, 1753; died Aug. 25, 1756. 

191 EZRA JEWETT (Aquila^*, Joseph", Maximilian% Edward') 
was born in Rowley, Mass., Oct. 14, bapt. Oct. 15, 1710. He married 

Mary , and settled in Littleton, Mass., where she died Nov. 28, 1775. 

After the death of his wife he lived in Westford, Mass., and died there 
March 16, 1793. 

Children, born in Littleton, Mass.: 

554 Jonathan, born June 14, 1736; died Sept. 27, 1758. 

555 Bethiah, bom Sept. 27, 1738 ; died Oct. 4, 1738. 

556 Joseph, born June 15, 1740; married (1st) Rebecca Abbott; (2d) 

Mrs. Hannah Spalding.* 

557 Ezra, born Jan. 3, 1741 ; married Lucy Spalding.* 

558 Bethiah, born Oct. 5, 1743; died Aug. 21, 1779. 

559 Mary, born Jan. 10, 1744 ; died Nov. 3, 1746. 

560 Rachel, born Feb. 14, 1745 ; died March 21, 1745. 

194 ABEL JEWETT (Aquila'*, Joseph", Maximilian^ Edward') 
was born in Rowley, Mass., April 10, bapt. April 14, 1715. He married Jan. 
24, 1739-40, Mary Pingry, daughter of Aaron and Elizabeth (Pearson) 
Pingry. She was bom March 19, 1717, and died in Harvard, Mass., March 
16, 1791. 

He settled in Littleton, Mass., and was a soldier from that town in 
the battle of Bunker Hill. He was one of the builders of the " Square 
House " in Harvard, Mass., irt 1771, and later settled in Harvard and 
became first trustee of the Shaker Society in that place. After his death 
his son Aaron held the same position. He died in Harvard Feb. 16, 1816, 
aged 99 years. 

Fifth Gekeration 85 

Children, born in Littleton, Moss. 
561 Aaron, born March 5, 1740 ; married Mary 

562 Moses, born May 6, 1743; died Dec. 23, 1752. 

563 Ahimaar, born July 20, 1745 ; died Nov. 20, 1745. 

564 Ahimaar, born Dec. 11, 1747; died Jan. 3, 1753. 

565 Deborah, born May 27, 1750. 

566 Amos, born Oct. 1, 1752. He was a soldier in the Revolution. " Amos 

Jewett, Littleton, Corporal, Capt. Samuel Reed's co., of Minute- 
men, Col. William Prescott's regt., which marched on the alarm of 
April 19, 1775 ; service 13 days ; also Capt. Asa Lawrence's co., of 
volunteers. Col. Jonathan Read's regt. ; pay roll of Phineas Spauld- 
ing and said Jewett, who were omitted in a previous roll ; enlisted 
Sept. 26, 1777; discharged Nov. 9, 1777; service 1 mo. 15 days, 
including travel (140 miles) home; company marched to assist 
Army under Gen. Gates; also, Private, Capt. John Nutting's co., 
Col. William Mclntash [Mcintosh's] regt., Gen. Lovel's brigade; 
enlisted July 30, 1778 ; discharged Sept. 12, 1778, service 1 mo. 17 
days, on expedition to Rhode Island, including 4 days (80 miles) 
travel home." (" Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in War of Revolution," 
Vol. VIII.) 

567 Sarah, born Aug. 21, 1755 ; married June 3, 1790, Ezekiel Wright of 


195 DEACON AMOS JEWETT (Aquila«*, Joseph", Maximilian', 
Edward^) was born in Rowley, Mass., July 22; bapt. July 26, 1719. He 
married Nov. 1, 1744, Jane Tenney. 

His home was in Rowley, but June 14, 1749, he was dismissed, with 
others, from the Rowley Church to form a church in Linebrook Parish. He 
was chosen to the office of ruling elder and ordained April 19, 1758, which 
position he continued to fill until his death in Rowley in 1791. 

Children, horn in Rowley/, Mass.: 

568 Aquila, born Sept. 20, 1745 ; died May 6, 1747. 

569 Mehitable, born March 25, 1747. 

570 Jane, born Aug. 4, 1750. 

571 Rebekah, born Dec. 17, 1753 ; died Dec. 31, 1753. 

572 Amos, born July 31, 1755; died in Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 28, 1775. 

"Amos Jewett, Ipswich (also given Rowley), Private, Capt. John 
Baker's co., Col. Moses Little's (17th) regt.; muster roll dated 
Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted May 18, 1775; service 2 mos. 19 days; also 
company return (probably Oct. — , 1775) ; age 21 years, enlisted 
May 2, 1775 ; also order for bounty coat or its equivalent in money 
dated Dec. 11, 1775." (" Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in War of 
Revolution," Vol. VIII.) 

" Amos Jewett Jr., Ipswich, Private, Capt. Abram How's co., 

86 Jewett Genealogy 

which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775, from West Parish 
in Ipswich; service 2 days." (" Mass. S. and S.," Vol. YIII.) 

Amos Jewett, Jr., private, died at Cambridge Dec. 28, 1775. 
(History of Rowley-Gage.) 

196 DEACON JEREMIAH JEWETT (Aquila*'*, Joseph'\ Maxi- 
miUan% Edward') was born in Rowley, Mass., Feb. 28, bapt. March 3, 
1722-3. He married Nov. 26, 1747, Jane Searle of .Rowley. She died 
July 18, 1815, aged 88 years. He lived in Rowley, was a member of the 
First Foot Company of Rowley and served on various town committees be- 
tween 1770 and 1775. He was made deacon of the First Church May 15, 
1769, which position he held until his death, Dec. 3, 1809. 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

573 WiHiam, born ; bapt. Sept. 11, 1748; "died April 18, 1802, 

Etat 54, blind from the birth" (Rowley Records). 

574 Caleb, born ; bapt. July 15, 1750; died (drowned) April 22, 


575 Phebe, born March 29, 1752 ; married, Capt. Wilham Tenney.* 

576 Sarah, bol-n Nov. 12, 1753 ; died in Rowley, unmarried, June 12, 1852, 

aged 98 years, 7 months (gravestone). 

577 Jane, born Oct. 11, 1755; died Oct. 21, 1773. 

578 Jeremiah, born Dec. 24, 1757; married Temperance Dodge.* 

579 Ehzabeth, born March 20, 1760 ; married Thomas Tenney.* 

580 Eunice, born Dec. 30, 1761 ; married May 12, 1788, Jonathan Taylor 

of Amherst, N. H. 

581 Lois, born Jan. 22, 1764 ; died in Rowley, unmarried, April 6, 1842 


582 Mary, born March 3, 1767; married Stephen Searle (See 487).* 

583 Susannah, born March 15, 1769; married June 14, 1795, by Rev. E. 

Bradford, Deacon Josiah Grover of Atkinson, N. H. They had a 
daughter, Phebe, who married June 20, 1833, Rev. William Page, 
born May 4, 1808. He graduated from Andover Theological 
Seminary in 1839. Preached in Dracut, Mass., Hudson, Salem, 
and Bath, N. H., and died Oct. 18, 1861. Their children were 
Susan Ehzabeth, born Dec. 11, 1844, and Ameha SpofFord, born 
Sept. 7, 1848, died Jan. 4, 1862 ; also two that died in infancy. 

584 Rhoda, born July 10, 1771; married Feb. 13, 1802; by Rev. Shu- 

bael Lovell, Moses Whittier. 

198 DEACON STEPHEN JEWETT (Aquila'S Joseph'\ Maxi- 
mihan^ Edward') was born in Rowley, Mass., Dec. 28, 1727. He was 
dismissed from the Rowley Church Nov. 26, 1749, and settled in Hollis, 
N. H. He married in 1752 Hannah (Farwell) Cummings, widow of En- 
sign Jeremiah Cummings. 

Fifth Generation 87 

He was selectman of Hollis 1766, and became deacon of the Hollis 
Church in 1770. During the Revolution he was active in town affairs and 
served on various committees. " At a town meeting of Hollis held Nov. 7, 
1774, Deacon Stephen Jewett was appointed one of the delegates to Hills- 
borough County Congress at Amherst, which was held five months before 
the battle of Lexington. This is the first allusion to the existing pohtical 
troubles and forthcoming conflict" (in Holhs). (Hist, of HoHis.) 

" Dea. Stephen Jewett and Dea. Enoch Noyes were selected at a special 
town meeting April 3, 1775, as delegates to a second County Congress at 
Amherst, " to see what method should be taken to raise money for the Con- 
tinental Congress at Philadelphia." (Hist, of Hollis.) 

He was on the Lexington Alarm List and served in the expedition to 
Ticonderoga under Capt. Emerson, 1776. 

Extract of a letter sent by his grandson Stephen Jewett to Deacon 
Joshua Jewett, June 5, 1856: 

Speaking of Deacon Stephen Jewett he says : " Naturally he pos- 
sessed far more than ordinary amiableness of mind and disposition, and 
added to this, he was probably, carefully instructed from his childhood up 
in the way he should go. For according to history he pubhcly professed 
faith in Christ at the early age of fifteen years. At some time it was deter- 
mined by his friends or himself or all together more probably that he should 
take a college course and he was accordingly fitted to enter college, but his 
health had become so impaired that he was obliged to relinquish his studies 
and abandon the contemplated course. He had in view undoubtedly in 
obtaining a thorough education to become a preacher; this I infer from 
the character of the man in after hfe as altogether probable; but have no 
recollection of ever hearing the subject spoken of. In due time he turned 
his attention to agriculture and emigrated from Rowley to Hollis, N. H., 
and about the commencement of 1752 married widow Hannah Cummings 
who had five children and I suppose he went on to her farm upon what 
conditions I know not, and aided in the training up of those children in 
connection with five more born to him by his wife. I may be permitted 
here to digress somewhat and say something particularly of this grand- 
mother. Originally she was Hannah Farwell of Dunstable, N. H. She 

married Cummings of Hollis and they settled on the farm alluded to ; 

a new country indeed then and five children were here born to them. 

" This grandmother possessed strong mental powers of mind, was firm 
and inflexible, but a devoted, pious woman, and her precepts and example 
went far in forming the Christian character of all of her ten children, five 
by each husband. The last five by my grandfather were Stephen, Rebecca, 
Noah, Jonathan and Lois. These all lived to marry and bring up famihes 
except Lois, who died at the age of about thirty, and all became pious in 
early life. That these ten children should all become pious in the morning 
of life tells favorably of the training they received at home while under their 
parents. My grandfather was rather reserved in his general character 

88 Jewett Genealogy 

and by no means a public man. As a private Christian he greatly excelled 
and here was his grand forte. He was a Deacon in the church of which 
he and his wife were members a long series of years and vacated the office only 
at his death. My grandmother died December 10, 1793, and at about this 
time he broke up housekeeping and became a resident of my father's family, 
where he remained until his death May 23, 1803. After becoming a member 
of his son's family, they, the father and son, determined that they should 
lead alternately in morning and evening devotions of the family and this 
arrangement was strictly adhered to, both being present — variations being 
occasionally made according to existing exigencies. I left my father's resi- 
dence February , 1799, and took up my residence in my father's oldest 

brother's family, Dea. Noah Jewett, then of Cornish, Dist. of Maine. 
Early in May, 1803, my father wrote his brother, Dea. Noah, and my- 
self, then neighbors, that his father lay at the point of death, had continued 
beyond the expectations of all his friends there; was at times a great suf- 
ferer, but it was possible we might find him living if we could come on forth- 

" We received the communication and was on our way with the least pos- 
sible delay and we found our almost dearest friend alive, but he could not 
speak at the time we arrived, only with almost inaudible whispers. He had 
just passed through one of his extremely distressing spasms. God seemed 
to be his all and all. What I had particularly in view in communicating the 
circumstances in connection with the closing days of our greatly endeared 
friend was to show the strong confidence and faith he had in the religion of 
Jesus Christ. Early after our arrival, when he had sufficiently recovered to 
express his feelings, he raised his hands and exclaimed, ' I bless God for 
that religion which I professed at the age of fifteen, which has been my 
support all along through life and is now my only support in these my 
extreme suffering." What more convincing proof could have been given 
of the stern reality of the Christian religion.?" 

Children, born in Hollis, N. H. : 

585 Stephen, born Oct. 14, 1753 ; married Elizabeth Poole.* 

586 Rebecca Cummins, born Jan. 14, 1756; married Oliver Bacon.* 

587 Noah, born Feb. 11, 1758; married Lydia Boynton.* 

588 Jonathan, born July 25, 1760 ; married Sarah Stearns.* 

589 Lois, born May 21, 1763 ; died in Hollis unmarried aged 30 years. 

202 JOSEPH BURPEE (Rebecca*% Joseph", Maximilian', Ed- 
ward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., July 25, 1719. He married there June 
19, 1740, Johanna Pickard, who died Oct. 1, 1748, in her 28th year. 

He married (2d) Oct. 17, 1755, Elizabeth Payson. She died Aug. 6, 
1796, aged 73 years. He died Jan. 5, 1776. 

His will, dated Sept. 21, 1774, proved Feb. 5, 1776, mentions only son 
Joshua, two eldest daughters, Johanna and Rebecca, as children of first 

Fifth Genf.ration 89 

wife; three youngest daughters, all under age, Elizabeth, Mehitable and 
Esther; wife, Elizabeth, to have the household goods she brought with her. 
(E. I. H. C.) 

Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery: 

This in Memory of 

Mr Joseph Burpey 

Who Died January 

The 5th 1776 And 

in the 57th Year 

of his age 

My flesh shall slumber in the 
Ground Till the last trumpets 
Joyful sound Then bursts the 
Chains with sweet surprise, And 
in my Saviours image rise. 

Children, horn in Rowley, Mass., hy -first wife: 

590 Joshua. 

591 Johanna. 

592 Rebecca. 

593 Ehzabeth. 

594 Mehitable. 

595 Esther. 

By second wife: 

208 THOMAS ELLSWORTH (Jeremiah«^ Sarah^^ Maximihan^ 
Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., March 26, 1716. He married Aug. 
4, 1743, Lucy Hidden, daughter of Ebenezer Hidden, and died in Rowley, 
Sept. 1, 1775. 

Children, horn in Rowley, Mass.: 

596 Hannah, born Aug. 19, 1744; married April 10, 1766, Zachariah 

Real, Jr., of Newbury, Mass. 

597 Edward, born March 25, 1747; married April 5, 1770, Sarah Dick- 

inson, who died Jan. 18, 1771. He married (2d) March 2, 1772, 
Mary Jewett. He died Nov. 1, 1821. 

598 Thomas, born Feb. 22, 1749-50; married Jan. 21, 1772, Lucy Lowell. 

599 William, born Nov. 13, 1752; married March 30, 1773, Mary Potter, 

of Ipswich. He was a soldier in the Revolution and died Feb. 21, 

600 Lucy, bom Sept. 22, 1755 ; married Sept. 23, 1778, Jeremiah Hobson. 

601 Jonathan, born Dec. 11, 1757; married at Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 9, 

1780, Anna Mitchell, of Ipswich. He died July 29, 1809. 

210 JEREMIAH ELLSWORTH (Jeremiah««, Sa^aV^ MaximilianS 
Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., Dec. 30, 1719. He married Oct. 29, 

90 Jewett Genealogy 

1741, Mary Clark, daughter of Jonathan Clark, who died Dec. 10, 1742, in 
her 25th year. He married (2d) Anna . 

Children, by first wife, born m Rowley, Mass.: 

602 Infant, ; died Oct. 16, 1742, unbapt. 

By second wife: 

603 Joseph, born Jan. 26, 1745-6. 

604 John, born Nov. 16, 1747. 

605 Jeremiah, born Aug. 30, 1749. 

606 Samuel, born Aug. 7, 1751. 

607 Aaron, born Oct. 5, 1753. 
Perhaps others. 

211 JONATHAN ELLSWORTH (Jeremiah'^ Sarah", Maximilian^ 
Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., Jan. 13, 1721-2. He married in 
Newbury, Mass., Feb. 20, 1753, Eunice Tenney, daughter of WiUiam 
Tenney. She was born May 20, 1730, and died Dec. 31, 1813. He died 
Feb. 27, 1769. 

Children, horn in Rowley, Mass. : 

608 Eunice, born Oct. 4, 1754; married (Pub. April 19, 1796) James 

Brown, of Hamilton. 

609 Hannah, born Oct. 16, 1756. 

610 Sarah, born Aug. 4, 1758. 

611 Jeremiah, born Nov. 13, 1760. Was killed and buried on the Island 

of Guadeloupe. 

612 Jonathan, born June 13, 1763. Settled in Avon, Me. 

613 William, born March 30, 1765. Settled in New York State. 

614 Daniel, born May 12, 1767 ; married July 2, 1800, Dorcus Foster. 

214 NATHANIEL ELLSWORTH (Jeremiah*'^ Sarah", Maximihan^ 
Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., Feb. 18, 1728. He married Aug. 11, 
1752, Mary Smith. They both died in June, 1775. 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

615 Twin, ; died July 22, 1753. 

616 Twin, ; died July 22, 1753. 

617 Martha, born Feb. 8, 1755; married Feb. 1, 1781, Josiah Stickney. 

618 David, born Jan. 31, 1756; married July 26, 1781, Mary Kezer. . 

619 Jacob, born Sept. 28, 1759 ; died Jan. 27, 1762. 

620 Mary, born Aug. 16, 1762; married April 30, 1784, Joseph Brockle- 

bank, son of Nathan Brocklebank. 

621 Jacob, born Aug. 22, 1764 ; married May 4, 1785, Sarah Todd. 

622 Hannah, born Jan. 5, 1767. 

Fifth Generation 91 

216 ELIZABETH JEWETT (Jeremiah'^% Jeremiah'^ Joseph*, Ed- 
ward^), was born in Ipswich, Mass., about 1689. She married there (Pub. 
Jan. 28, 1709) " Sergeant " Thomas Day, of Ipswich. 

Children, horn in Ipszcich, Mass.: 

623 Thomas, born ; bapt. Jan. 11, 1710-11 ; died May 25, 1729. 

62'! Jeremiah, born ; bapt. Dec. 21, 1712; married (Pub. June 27, 

1741) Mary Caldwell. He died April 11, 1765. 

625 Ehzabeth, born ; bapt. Dec. 19, 1714; married (Pub. Nov. 27, 

1742) Nathaniel Lord, Jr. 

626 Sarah, born ; bapt. Jan. 6, 1716; married (Pub. Dec. 26, 1739) 

Samuel Holland, of Boston. 

627 Robert, born ; bapt. Dec. 21, 1718 ; married (Pub. Sept. 8, 1744) 

Elizabeth Andrews. 

628 James, born ; bapt. Dec. 11, 1720. 

629 Isaac, born ; bapt. Dec. 2, 1722. 

630 Mary, born ; bapt. Feb. 14, 1724-5. 

631 Aaron, born ; bapt. Dec. 18, 1726; married (Pub. Dec. 8, 1750) 

Sarah Goodhue. 

632 Thomas, born — — ; bapt. Oct. 26, 1729; married (Pub. Nov. 8, 

1755) Elizabeth Manning. 

633 Moses, born ; bapt. March 26, 1732 ; died Feb. 1, 1732-3. 

217 HANNAH JEWETT (Jeremiah'% Jeremiah^% Joseph% Ed- 
ward^), was born in Ipswich, jNIass., July 16, 1690. She married Feb. 27, 
1710-11, Lieut. Stephen Pearson, son of Stephen and Mary (French) Pear- 
son. He was born in Rowley, Mass., June 9, 1687 ; lived in Ipswich, where 
he died March 18, 1772. She died there March 3, 1773. 

Children, horn in Ipsxcich, Mass.: 

634 Hannah, born May 6, 1712; married (Pub. June 30, 1735) Samuel 

Swasey, of Newbury, Mass. 

635 Jonathan, born Feb. 24, 1713-4; married Sarah Longfellow.* 

636 Moses, born ; bapt. March 18, 1715 ; married in Newbury Jan. 1, 

1738-9, Sarah Greenleaf, of Newbury, who died Aug. , 1792. 

He died in 1794. 

637 Amos, born March 22, 1717-18; married in Newbury Feb. 2, 1747, 

Bethiah Wallingford, of Rowley. He died March 9, 1748-9. She 
married (2d) Samuel Duty; (3d) Ezra Clough. 

638 Mary, born May 3, 1720. 

639 Stephen, born ; bapt. March 10, 1722-3 ; died March 28, 1723. 

640 Sarah, born June 17, 1724 ; married Nov. 24, 1748, Stephen Dole. 

641 Stephen, born Oct. 25, 1726; married Dec. 26, 1750, Hannah Smith. 

He died Dec. 28, 1751. 

92 Jewett Genealogy 

642 Jeremiah, born ; bapt, April 13, 1729 ; married in Newbury, July 

4, 1754, Elizabeth Coomes, of Newbury. 

643 Rebecca, born ; bapt. Aug. 29, 1731 ; not mentioned in father's 

will of 1764. 

644 Patience, born ; died in the Almshouse June, 1819, unm, 

221 AARON JEWETT (Jeremiah'% Jeremiah'% Joseph*, Edward^), 
was bom in Ipswich, Mass., June 13, 1699. He married (Pub. Nov. 18, 
1719) Abigail Perley, daughter of Samuel and Abigail (Cummings) Perley, 
of Rowley. She was born July 6, 1700. He settled in Ipswich and removed 
to Scarborough, Me., where he was Town Clerk ; he conducted a saw-mill on 
a small stream near Dunstan Corner, and seems to have been a man of 
means. He returned to Ipswich in a few years and died there June 19, 1732. 
" His will, dated June 10, 1732, proved July 7, 1732, mentions himself as 
of * Scarboro ' in the County of York but now of Ipswich; wife (unnamed) 
to be executrix ; eldest son James to have all his lands in York County ; son 
Moses ; daughter Abigail." 

" His widow married Feb. 16, 1734, by Rev. John Rogers, John Todd 
(his 2d wife), son of John and Elizabeth (Brocklebank) Todd and had: 
1— Sarah, born ; bapt. Jan. 11, 1735-6; died April 30, 1736 ; 2— Eliza- 
beth, born May 9, 1737 ; married Dec. 10, 1760, Samuel Pearson ; 3 — Dan- 
iel, born Oct. 11, 1737; married Aug. 7, 1770, Jane, daughter of Jonathan 
Pickard; she died Dec. 11, 1826, aged 86; he died March 30, 1824. They 
had Mary, Jane, Abigail, and Daniel. 4 — Samuel, who was born Feb. 7, 
1741-2. He served as a drummer in three campaigns of the Revolution and 

died in Albany, Vt., June , 1840. 5 — Benjamin, born Oct. 15, 1744; 

married July 15, 1773, Elizabeth Saunders. He was of Newbury, though 
soon of Rowley, and died July 22, 1823. She died July 14, 1836, aged 82 

His widow, Abigail Jewett Todd, died Sept. 1, 1768. 


645 James, born in Ipswich, Mass., April 30, 1721. 

646 Moses, born in Ipswich, Mass., ; bapt. April 7, 1722; married 

Abigail Bradstreet.* 

647 Rebecca, born in Ipswich, Mass., ; bapt. March 1, 1723; died 


648 Abigail, born in Scarborough, Me., bapt. INIay 10, 1730 ; married Dec. 

25, 1751, by Rev. Jedediah Jewett, Amos Stickney.* 

222 MARY JEWETT (Jeremiah'*, Jeremiah'% Joseph*, Edward'), 
was born in Ipswich, Mass., June 30, 1703. She married (1st) Nov. 14, 
1733, Joseph Bennett. He died and she married (2d) Solomon Lake- 
man, Jr. 


Fifth Generation 93 

Children of first husband: 

649 Lydia, born ; bapt. Oct. 13, 1728. 

650 Mary, born ; bapt. June 13, 1731. 

Children of second husband: 

651 Joseph, born ; bapt. Oct. 26, 1735 ; died Oct. 14, 1736. 

652 Sarah, born ; bapt. Dec. 11, 1737. 

653 Joseph, born ; bapt. July 6, 1740. 

654 Mary, born — — ; bapt. Feb. 24, 1744 ; died soon. 

655 Mary, born ; bapt. Nov. 27, 1748 ; died soon. 

656 Hannah, born ; bapt. Sept. 9, 1750. 

657 Mary, born ; bapt. March 30, 1755. 

223 MERCY JEWETT (Jeremiah*'% Jeremiah'% Joseph*, Edward'), 
was born in Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 25, 1706. She married there Nov. 14, 
1733, Daniel Chapman, Jr., of Ipswich. 

" Widow Mercy Chapman was found drowned near Safford's Point, 
May 4, 1775." (Ipswich Record.) 

Children, born in Ipswich, Mass. 

658 Mary, born ; bapt. Dec. 12, 1736; married in 1767, Aaron Pen- 

gry, of Rowley. 

659 Susanna, born March 8, 1740. 

660 John, born Sept. 12, 1742; may have married Oct. 17, 1767, Sarah 


661 Reuben, born ; bapt. Jan. 8, 1743-4. 

662 Jeremiah, born Oct. 28, 1744; married (Pub. April 10, 1767) Mercy 

How, of Andover, Mass. 

226 ELEAZER JEWETT (Eleazer", Jeremiah'% JosephS Edward')., 
was bom in Norwich, Conn., Sept. 22, 1704. He married in Ipswich, Mass., 

, 1726, Elizabeth Griggs. They lived in Norwich, Conn., where he died 

Jan. 5, 1747. She died there April 15, 1781. 

Children, born in Norwich, Corni.: 

663 Eleazer, born Aug. 31, 1731; married (1st) Sarah Farnham; (2d) 

Elizabeth .* 

664 Mary, born March 2, 1733 ; married about 1775 John Smith, of Can- 

terbury, Conn. 

665 Thomas, born July 19, 1736 ; married Eunice Slafter.* 

666 Ichabod, born Feb. 5, 1738-9; married (1st) Mary Carpenter; (2d) 

Elizabeth Miner.* 

667 Elizabeth, born ; married Joseph Smith, of Lisbon, Conn. 

668 Hannah, born Aug. 30, 1741 ; married in Norwich, June 21, 1764, 

Cyprian Downer, of Shaftbury, Vt. 

94* Jewett Genealogy 

669 Sarah, born Aug. 5, 1743; married Thomas Hutchms, of Lisbon, 


670 Peggy, born ; married Walbridge, of Stafford, Conn. 

671 Elam, born March 5, 1746; married Eunice Richardson.* 

227 HANNAH JEWETT (Eleazer", Jeremiah'', Joseph*, Edward'), 
was born in Norwich, Conn., Aug. 30, 1707. She married, Nov. 5, 1729, 
Benjamin Knowles. He was born Aug. 14, 1707. (Rhode Island Records.) 
(One record gives his name as Benjamin Knight.) 

Children : 

672 Benjamin, born Aug. 17, 1730. 

673 Ehzabeth, born Aug. 27, 1733. 

674 Maj-y, born Dec. 12, 1734. 

675 Lydia, born May 10, 1737. 

676 Joseph, born May 12, 1739. 

677 Priscilla, born March 12, 1742. 

678 Sarah, born June 4, 1744. 

679 Caleb, born Oct. 7, 1745. 

228 CAPTAIN CALEB JEWETT (Eleazer'-, Jeremiah'% Joseph*, 
Edward'), was born in Norwich, Conn., June 25, 1710. He married in 
Scotland, Windham Co., Conn., Feb. 3, 1735-6, Rebekah Cook, daughter of 
Samuel and Lerh (Ripley) Cook. They settled in Sharon, Conn., where 

''she died July 15, 1764. 

" July — and in the after part of y® 15 Day Capt. Jewets wife Departed 
this life and was buried on the 16 Day and mr Smith preached a Sarmon att 
the meting hous — & his text was in Deuteronomy : 32 chapter and 29 vars : 
o that they were wise that they understood this that thay would Consider 
their latter end. and according to my Judgment there was : 300 parsons or 
more att her Grave." (Account book of John Gay, of Sharon, 1764.) 

Capt. Jewett married (2d) at Scotland, Windham Co., May 26, 1766, 
Mrs. Faith Brewer. 

He was one of the first settlers of Sharon, Conn., was Selectman of the 
town twelve years and member of the Colonial Legislature eleven sessions. 
There seems to be great confusion regarding the war record of Captain 
Jewett. He was called Captain before 1764, and may have been Captain 
of the Minute-men of Sharon, but the Caleb Jewett who was captured at 
" The Cedars " also enlisted April 1, 1782, four years after the death of 
Capt. Jewett, and was, probably, his son Caleb. 

Capt. Jewett died in Sharon Jan. 18, 1778. The epitaph on his grave- 
stone is as follows: 

" Let not the dead forgotten lie 
Lest we forget that we must die." 

Fifth Generation 95 

Children, horn in Sharon, Conn., all hy -first wife: 

680 Caleb, born about 1737-8; married .* 

681 Eleazer, born — — ; married .* 

Q^9, Jerusha, bom . 

683 Nathan, born , 1744 ; married Hussey.* 

684 Thaddeus, born Dec. 17, 1746; married Anne Webster.* 

685 Mary, born ; died young. 

686 Rebecca, born . 

687 Irene, born . 

688 Mary, born , 1753. 

689 Alpheus, born Jan. 15, 1756; married Abigail Sears.* • 

232 JEREMIAH HOBSON (Sarah'% Jeremiah'^ Joseph% Edward' ), 
was born in Rowley, Mass. ; bapt. Sept. 12, 1697. He married Jan. 1, 
1728-9, Jane Dresser, daughter of Joseph Dresser, of Rowley. They lived 
in Rowley, where he died Sept. 13, 1741. His widow married Dec. 2, 1742, 
Joshua Woodman, and died July 25, 1789, aged 82 years. 

Children, horn in Rowley, Mass.: 

690 William, born March 25, 1730 ; married Nov. 9, 1753, Hannah John- 

son, who died Sept. 22, 1757. He married (2d) in Gloucester, 
Mass., March 9, 1758, Lydia Parsons, of Gloucester. She died 
Nov. 31, 1783. He died in Buxton, Me., in 1827. 

691 Ann, born April 24, 1732. 

692 Joseph, born July 5, 1734 ; died Dec. 28, 1734. 

693 Elizabeth, born Jan. 4, 1735-6. 

694 Joseph, born Jan. 9, 1737-8; died (drowned) May 13, 1762. (Ch. R.) 

695 Sarah, born March 24, 1739-40 ; married in Newbury, Mass., May 28, 

1761, Paul Illsley, of Newbury. 

238 JEREMIAH JEWETT (Nehemiah", Jeremiah'', Joseph*, Ed- 
ward'), was born in Rowley, Mass., Oct. 26., bapt. Oct. 30, 1709. He 
married Jan. 27, 1736-7, Mary Mighill, daughter of Capt. Nathaniel and 
Priscilla (Pearson) Mighill. She was born Jan. 9, 1705. He was a farmer 
and settled on his father's farm in Rowley and died there Feb. 27, 1756. 
She died Feb. 17, 1796. 

Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery: 

In Memory of 

Mrs Mary Jewett 

Relict of 

Mr Jeremiah Jewett 

who died Febry 17th 1796 

In the 91st year of 

her age 

She Fear'd the Lord obey'd his voice 
hop'd in his word and died of choice 

96 Jewett Genealogy 

Children, bom in Rowley, Mass.: 

696 Nehemiah, bom Oct. 24, 1737 ; married Joanna Burpee.* 

697 Eunice, born Jan. 11, 1739-40; married Timothy Harris.* 

698 Mary, born ; bapt. May 13, 1743; died Jan. 29, 1762. 

239 JEMINA JEWETT (Nehemiah'% Jeremiah'% Joseph*, Ed- 
ward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., Nov. 13, bapt. Nov. 21, 1714. She 
married Oct. 18, 1736, Capt. Joseph Scott, son of Joseph (Joseph^, Benja- 
min", Benjamin^) and Mary (Barker) Scott. He was born in Rowley, 
June 3, 1714. They settled in Rowley, where he was chosen one of the 
Committee of Safety March 19, 1776, and appears to have been active in 
the military affairs of that time. She died March 14, 1792. He died 
Dec. 13, 1801. 

Children, horn in Rowley, Mass.: 

699 Daniel, born Oct. 10, 1737 ; was lost at sea. 

700 Moses, born March 22, 1742; married .* 

701 Jane, born Aug. 11, 1744. 

702 Priscilla, born Feb. 21, 1748-9. She became insane. 

240 PRISCILLA JEWETT (Nehemiah", Jeremiah'^ Joseph*, Ed- 
M^ard^), was born in Rowley, Mass., May 14, bapt. May 18, 1718. She 
married May 22, 1740, Zaccheus Perkins, son of Zaccheus and Rebecca Per- 
kins. He was born in Topsfield, Mass., Sept. 19, 1705, and died in 1742. 

She married (2d) in Newbury, Mass., March 5, 1745, Hon. Humphrey 
Hobson, son of Deacon Humphrey and Elizabeth (Payson) Hobson. He 
was born in Rowley June 4, 1718, and died Aug. 2, 1773. She died there 
Jan. 16, 1795. 

Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery: 

Here Lie Interred 

the Remains of ye honble 


Who Died In the Midst 

of his Growing 

Usefulness & honor 

Aug ye 2d 1773 AEt 56 

He Was an Ornament 

to his Town & Father 

to his Country proh Doloy 

Children of first husband, born in Rowley: 

703 William, born March 14, 1741. 

704 Priscilla, born Dec. 7, 1742. 

Children of second husband, born in Rowley. 

705 Mehitable, born ; died Sept. 9, 1773, aged 27 years. 

706 Ehsabeth, born ; died Aug. 23, 1773, aged 25 years. 

Fifth Generation 


Gravestones in Rowley Cemetery : 

Here Lie the Earthly 

Remains of Miss 


Who Left this Life as 

We trust For a better 

SEPt Ye 9 1773 AEt 27 

She Was the Eldest 

Amiable & Virtuous 

Dautr of the honble 

Humphry and 

priscilla hobson 

Under this Earth Is 

Buried the Mortal 

part of Miss ELISABETH 

HOBSON Who Died 

AUg Ye 23 1773 AEt 25 

the 2d Dautr of the 

Honble Humphry 
Hobson ESQr And 
Priscilla His Wife 
She Left this Shore 
In Full Ashurance 
of Everlasting Life 

263 ENSIGN GEORGE CARLTON (Thomas'-, Hannah'', Joseph*, 
Edward'), was born in Bradford, Mass., Sept. 26, 1702. He married Nov. 
9, 1725, Mary Hale, daughter of Samuel Hale, of Boxford, Mass. They 
settled in Bradford and in 1727 removed to Boxford, where he died Feb. 13, 
1783. She died there Nov. 28, 1780. 

Children : 

707 Samuel, born in Bradford, Mass., June 22, 1726-7; married in Box- 

ford May 17, 1750, Rebecca Goodridge, of Boxford. Lived in 

708 George, born in Boxford, Mass., Dec. 20, 1728 ; married June 4, 1749, 

Abigail Taylor, of Boxford. Lived in Boxford. 

709 Thomas, born in B6xford, Mass., Nov. 10, 1730; married Jane 


710 Oliver, born in Boxford, Mass., Sept. 11, 1732; married Emma 


711 William, born in Boxford, Mass., Dec. 8, 1734. 

712 Mary, born in Boxford, Mass., ; married Oct. 7, 1761, Samuel 

Ayers, of Haverhill, Mass. 

713 Sarah, born in Boxford, Mass., ; married July 21, 1762, Thomas 

Hovey, of Boxford. 

266 PURCHASE JEWETT (Nehemiah'*, Nehemiah'% Joseph', Ed- 
ward'), was born in Ipswich, Mass., Oct. 15, 1710. He married Oct. 28, 
1736, by Rev. John Rogers, of Ipswich, Ruth Todd, daughter of John and 
Ruth (Lunt) Todd. She was born Feb. 8, 1719-20. (Her father's second 
wife was Abigail, widow of Aaron Jewett (221). They lived in Ipswich, 
where he died June 22, 1786. 

In the settlement of his estate is the following receipt : " Ipswich De- 
cember 2rd 1799. This certifieth, that we the subscribers have received of 
Nehemiah Jewett and Purchase Jewett adminiiStrators to the estate of our 
honor*^ father M^ Purchase Jewett deceased our full share and proportion of 

98 Jewett Genealogy 

all the personal estate of said deceased. John Tuttle, Moses Smith, John 
C. Jewett, Katherine Jewett and Ephraim Jewett." (E. I. H. C.) 

Children, born in Ipswich, Mass.: 

713 Nehemiah, born ; bapt. Dec. 25, 1737; married (1st), by Rev. 

Jedediah Jewett, Jan. 8, 1767, Margaret Hazen, of Rowley. She 
died Aug., 1776. He married (2d) April 1, 1784, Hannah Chaplin, 
of Rowley. He died (instantly) Nov. 8, 1815. She died Nov. 19, 
1830. He was in the Revolution from Ipswich. " Nehemiah 
Jewett, Ipswich, Private, Capt. Moses Jewett's troop of horse, Col. 
John Baker's (3d Essex Co.) Regt., which marched on the alarm 
of April 19, 1775 ; to Medford; service 3 days." (" Mass. Soldiers 
and Sailors in War of the Revolution," Vol. VIII.) 

714 Purchase, born ; bapt. Nov. 19, 1739; married (1st) Sarah 

Gould; (2d) Johannah Todd.* 

715 Mehitable, born ; bapt. Oct. 19, 1741 ; married (Pub. March 24, 

1761) John Tuttle. 

716 John Cole, born ; bapt. Jan. 29, 1743; married Elizabeth Smith.* 

717 Katherine, born ; bapt. Feb. 23, 1745. 

718 Ephraim, born ; bapt. March 13, 1747; married Sarah Spof- 

ford.* ;|^1 

719 Ruth, born Jan. 15, 1751 ; married Moses Smith, Jr.* 

269 ENSIGN JOHN JEWETT (Nehemiah'*, Nehemiah^% Joseph*, 
Edward^), was born in Ipswich, Mass., Nov. 13, 1715. He married June 1, 
1742, Hannah Scott, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Barker) Scott, of 
Rowley. She was born Feb. 19, 1715-16, and died April 19, 1784. (See 
239.) He married (2d) Dec. 14, 1797, Judith (Dole) Mighill, widow of 
Nathaniel Mighill. At the time of this marriage he was 82 years old and 
she was 67. He died Nov. 13, 1807. She died Dec. , 1813. 

His home was in Rowley, on the corner of Cross and Pleasant streets, 
being the lot laid out in 1643 to William Acy. He was a soldier in the war 
of William and Mary and other Indian wars. " Thomas Pike's Co. at 
Louisburg, John Jewet, this company went to Louisburg as the 10th Co. 
under command of Capt. Ebenezer Fisher, in 8th Mass. Regt., under com- 
mand of Col. John Choate." (E. I. H. C.) 

Children, horn in Rowley, Mass.: 

720 Mary, born April 16, 1743. 

721 John, born Oct. 21, 1744; died Aug. 1, 1765. 

722 George, bom March 18, 1746-7; married Sarah Noyes.* 

723 Hannah, born Sept. 19, 1749; married by the Rev. Jedediah Jewett 

Dec. 25, 1770, Nelson Todd, son of Dr. Joseph and Elizabeth 
(Nelson) Todd. He was born in Rowley Nov. 15, 1744. She died 

Fifth Generation 99 

June 8, 1778, and he married (2d) Aug. 8, 1780, Hannah Bailey, 
who died July 9, 1804, aged 51. He died Dec. 20, 1821. 

724 Jane, born March 5, 1753. 

725 Daniel, born June 5, 1755 ; married in 1783, by Rev. Ebenezer Brad- 

ford, Elizabeth Burpee, who died in Rowley, Feb. 13, 1832, aged 74 
years. He died there July 29, 1832. He was in the Revolution. 
" Daniel Jewett, Rowley, Private, Capt. Edward Payson's (Rowley) 
Co. of Militia ; which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775 ; serv- 
ice 3 days." (" Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in War of the Revolu- 
tion," Vol. VHI.) 

275 JOSEPH JEWETT (Joseph'% Nehemiah'% Joseph*, Edward'), 
was born in Ipswich, Mass., Oct. 9, 1708. He removed in 1720 with his 
father to Groton, Mass., and made his home there for some years. He later 
removed to Tewksbury, Mass. He married Mary . 

Children, born in Groton, Mass.: 

726 Joseph, bom June 29, 1743; married Phebe Richardson.* 

727 Mary, born Oct. 6, 1745. 

728 John, born May 1, 1749. He was a soldier in the Revolution. " John 

Jewett, Tewksbury, Private, Capt. Josiah Whitney's regt. ; arrived 
at destination May 17, 1777; discharged July 9, 1777; service 2 
mos. 2 days, at Rhode Island, including 8 days (144 miles) travel 
to and from place of destination. Roll dated Warnick Neck." 
("Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in War of the Revolution.") 

277 EDWARD JEWETT (Joseph'% Nehemiah'% Joseph*, Edward'), 
was born in Ipswich, Mass., Aug. 11, 1714. " Edward, their third child 
born the 11 of August, 1714 of a Wednesday morning about sun one hour 
high." (Family Record.) As a child he was taken by his father to 
Groton, Mass., and in 1741 he married Sarah Farmer, of Billerica, Mass., 
daughter of Oliver and Abigail (Johnson) Farmer. She was born Dec. 14, 
1723, and died in Berlin, Mass., Dec. 8, 1819. He settled in Concord, 
Mass., removed to Pepperell, Mass., and later to Berlin, Mass. He died in 
Stowe, N. H., Dec. 30, 1790. 

Children : 

729 Edward, born in Concord, Mass., Nov. 29, 1741; married Dorcas 


730 Sarah, born in Pepperell, Mass., May 29, 1744; married (1st) 

Bobbins ; (2d) Payson. She died May 10, 1824. 

731 Oliver, born in Pepperell, Mass., Feb. 24, 1747; married (1st) Betty 

Houghton; (2d) Keziah Snow; (3d) Sarah (Snow) Bride.* 

732 John, born in Pepperell, Mass., Nov. 6, 1749; married Eunice Patch.* 

733 Jesse, born in Pepperell, Mass., Nov. 17, 1752; married Hannah 


100 Jewett Genealogy 

734 Abigail, born in Pepperell, Mass., Oct, 11, 1755; married Rand. 

735 Isabel, born in Pepperell, Mass., Oct. 29, 1758; married John Patch. 

736 Joseph, bom in Pepperell, Mass., May 10, 1761 ; married Sarali 


737 Rachel, born in Pepperell, Mass., Jan. 8, 1765; died Jan. 29, 1766. 

738 Isaiah, born in Pepperell, Mass., April 30, 1767; died Sept. , 


278 NEHEMIAH JEWETT (Joseph'% Nehemiah'% Joseph*, Ed- 
ward^), was born in Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 28, 1716-7; bapt. in Groton, 
Mass., March 3, 1717. He married Aug. 29, 1738, Lydia Blood, of Groton, 
daughter of John and Joanna (Nutting) Blood. She was born Sept. 28, 
1720. They settled in Groton, Mass., and removed to Pepperell, Mass , 
where he died Sept. 13, 1758-9. He was a soldier in the Indian Wars and 
" July — , 1748, Nehemiah Jewett was in Capt. Tarbell's Co., of Groton, 
scouting for Indians in the woods." 


739 Nehemiah, born in Groton, Mass., May 15, 1740; married Sarah 


740 David, born in Groton, Mass., Dec. 30, 1742; married (1st) Sybil 

Gilson; (2d) Abigail Walker.* 

741 Lydia, born in Groton, Mass., Feb. 28, 1744 ; married Simeon Shat- 


742 Solomon, born in Groton, Mass., July 25, 1747. 

743 Ruth, born in Pepperell, Mass., March 24, 1752; died Aug. 19, 1757. 

744 Daniel, born in Pepperell, Mass., Nov. 12, 1754. 

745 Betty, born in Pepperell, Mass., Dec. 9, 1756. 

746 Joseph, born in Pepperell, Mass., May 14, 1759. He died April 26, 

1783. He was a soldier in the Revolution. " Joseph Jewett, Pep- 
perell, Private, Capt. Thomas Warren's Co., Col. Brook's regt. ,* 
company return dated Oct. 31, 1776, and endorsed " White Plains " ; 
also Capt. John Minott's co.. Col. Dike's regt. ; muster roll for Dec, 
1776-Feb., 1777; enhsted Dec. 13, 1776; regiment raised to serve 
until March 1, 1777." (" Mass, Soldiers and Sailors in War of the 
Revolution," Vol. VIII.) 

279 JEDEDIAH JEWETT (Joseph'% Nehemiah'^ Joseph% Ed- 
ward^), was born in Ipswich, Mass., Sept. 5, 1719. " Jedediah their fifth 
child born 5 day of September 1719 about two o'clock in the afternoon 
Saterday." (Family Record.) He was taken by his father to Pepperell, 
Mass., and there married Jan. 17, 1744-5, Elizabeth Shattuck, daughter of 
Jonathan and Elizabeth (Chamberlain) Shattuck. She was born in Pep- 
perell, Jan. 12, 1722, and died there July 25, 1782, " in y« 61=* y^ of 
her age." 

Fifth Generation 101 

He acquired considerable estate as a farmer and was held in high es- 
timation by his fellow townsmen and was often chosen to public office. He 
and his wife united with the church in 1756, of which his son Edmund and 
grandson Henry Jewett were deacons. 

He married (2d) Oct. 1, 1783, Mrs. Mary Baldwin, of Townsend, 
Mass., and died May 12, 1804. On his gravestone in Pepperell is the fol- 
lowing : 

" Time like an ever rolling stream 
Bears all its sons away 
They fly forgotten as a dream 
Dies at the opening day " 

Children, all hy first wife: 

747 Elizabeth, born in Groton, Mass., Jan. 25, 1745 ; married James 

Blood, Jr.* 

748 Keziah, born in Groton, Mass., Oct. 6, 1748 ; married Joshua Blood.* 

749 Edith, born in Groton, Mass., Jan. 4, 1752; married Abel Parker.* 

750 Jedediah, born in Pepperell, Mass., April 22, 1754; married (1st) 

Rachel Blood; (2d) Sally HaU.* 

751 Edmund, born in Pepperell, Mass., Feb. 11, 1757 ; married Maria 


752 Hepzibah, born in Pepperell, Mass., Jan. 24, 1760; married Ezekiel 


281 BENJAMIN JEWETT (Joseph'% NehemiaV^ Joseph*, Ed- 
ward^), was born in Groton, Mass., Nov. 30, 1724. "Benjamin their 7 
child born the 30 day of November 1724 about ten or eleven oclock on 
Monday." (Family Record.) He settled in Pepperell, Mass., and may late 
in life have removed to Gilford, N. H. He was a soldier in the Revolution 
several years. " Benjamin Jewett, Pepperell, Private, Capt. Asa Law- 
rence's CO., Col. William Prescott's regt. ; muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; 
enhsted April 25, 1775 ; service 3 mo. 8 days." (" Mass. Soldiers and 
Sailors in War of the Revolution," Vol. VIH.) 

" Benjamin Jewett, Pepperell, Private, Capt. Asa Lawrence's co., Col. 
William Prescott's regt. ; company return dated Oct. 6, 1775." (" Mass., 
S. and S., in War of the Rev.," Vol. VHI.) 

" Benjamin Jewett, Pepperell (also given Ashby). List of men mus- 
tered by Nathaniel Barber, Muster Master for Suffolk Co., dated Boston, 
May 23, 1779; Capt. Child's co.. Col. James Wesson's regt.; Continental 
Army pay accounts for service from Dec. 1, 1778, to Dec. 31, 1779; resi- 
dence Ashby ; also, list of men raised in Middlesex Co., agreeable to resolve- 
of June 9, 1779, as returned by Joseph Hosmer, Superintendent; engaged 
for town of Ashby; term, during war; also Drummer, Col. Wesson (9th) 
regt.; Continental Army pay account for service from Jany. 1, 1780, to 
Dec. 31, 1780; residence Pepperell." (" Mass., S. and S. in War of Rev.," 

Vol. vni.) 

102 Jewett Genealogy 

He married Dec. 31, 1754, Sarah Flagg, of Hollis, N. H. 

Children, horn iji Pepperell, Mass. 

753 Sarah, born Dec. 8, 1755. 

754 Benjamin, born Sept. 19, 1757; died Aug. 15, 1759. 

755 Hepzibah, born March 27, 1759; married March 22, 1781; Caleb 

Blood, 3d., of Groton, Mass. 

756 Hannah, born Feb. 10, 1761 ; died March 1, 1764. 

757 Eleazer, born ; died Aug. 15, 1765. 

758 Benjamin, born April 27, 1765; married Rebecca Boynton.* 

759 Ruth, born Jan. 3, 1767; married Jacob Jewett (838).* 

283 BENJAMIN JEWETT (Benjamin'^ Nehemiah^^ Joseph*, Ed- 
ward^), was born in Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 1, 1716; bapt. March 19, 1716. 
He married there Jan. 26, 1738-9, Hannah Butler, daughter of Thomas 
Butler, of Ipswich. 

Benjamin Jewett was born two weeks after the death of his father. 
Daniel Dow, the husband of his aunt Mehitable, was appointed his guardian 
Dec. 1, 1724, and April 9, 1730, his uncle, Nehemiah Jewett, was appointed 
guardian, he then being fourteen years old. He was apprenticed to the 
blacksmith's trade and served seven years. He settled in Ipswich, and Dec. 
26, 1740, purchased land in Manchester, Mass., of John O. Swent (Essex 
Deeds, Vol. 96, p. 193), and removed there about that time, where he fol- 
lowed the blacksmith's trade ; was sexton of the church ; chosen tithing man 
in 1744; juryman in 1749, and corder of wood at the meeting in 1750-1. 
Sept. 11, 1750, he sold his land and buildings in Manchester and about 1753 
settled in Windham County, Conn., in that part of the adjacent towns of 
Pomfret and Canterbury which was afterwards set apart as Brooklyn. He 
visited Ipswich again and while there, Oct. 28, 1765, being then of Pomfret, 
blacksmith, conveyed his interest in his father's etsate to Purchase Jewett 
(Essex Deeds, Vol. 120, p. 216). He attended church in Hampton, Conn., 
and died in Canterbury, Conn., Sept. 29, 1801, aged 85 years, 7 months, and 
28 days. (Hampton Church Record gives Sept. 29, 1801, aged 85 years 
wanting 2 days.) 


760 Benjamin, born in Ipswich, Mass., Nov. 30, 1739; married (1st) 

Hannah Bidlack; (2d) Abigail Bates.* 

761 Daniel, born In Manchester, Mass., Feb. 24, 1743-4; married Zilpah 


762 Ebenezer, born In Manchester, Mass., Aug. 28, 1747 ; married Abigail 


763 Hannah, born in Manchester, Mass., Feb. 1, 1749-50; married Joseph 

Pike and died In Hampton, Conn., s. p. 

764 Samuel, born in Hampton, Conn., ; bapt. Sept. 29, 1754. 

Fifth Generation 103 

765 Thomas, born in Hampton, Conn., ; bapt. March 13, 1757; 

married Millie Babcock.* 

766 Lucy, born in Hampton, Conn., ; bapt. July 13, 1760; died in 

Canterbury, Conn., unm. 

767 Joseph Millen, born in Hampton, Conn., Feb. 7, 1763-4 ; married 

Phoebe Drake,* 

768 Elizabeth, born in Hampton, Conn., ; died in Canterbury, 

Conn., unm. 

285 CAPT. GEORGE JEWETT (Joseph^*'% Joseph", Joseph*, Ed- 
ward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., July 25, 1708. He married Jan. 9, 
1728-9, Hannah Lambert, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Hammond) 
Lambert. She was born in Watertown, Mass., Nov. 15, 1706, and died in 
Rowley Sept. 28, 1799. 

Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery : 

In memory 


Hannah Jewett 

Relict of 

Capt George Jewett 

who died 

Sepr 28 1799 

AEt 93 

My flefh fhall flumber in the ground, 
Till the laft trumpet shall foimd 
Then buft the chains with sweet surprise 
And in my Savours image rife 

Capt. Jewett lived in Rowley, where he was active in public affairs and 
served on many of the town committees before and during the early part of 
the Revolution. " Aug. 3, 1774, Captain George Jewett, Nathaniel Mighill, 
Esq., and Major Daniel Spofford appointed delegates to join with delegates 
from the several towns in this county who are to convene at Ipswich Sept. 6, 
for the purpose of giving their advice to the people of this county as to what 
is best to be done by them in this day of distress and difficulty." (" Hist, 
of Rowley." — Gage.) 

May 16, 1757, he was made Quartermaster of Capt. John Pearson's 
troop of horse. He died Feb. 5, 1776, " the strongest man ever known in 
Rowley." (Rowley Records.) 

His will, dated Jan. 30, 1776, proved April 1, 1776, mentions: wife 
Hannah; daughters Edna Todd, wife of William; Hannah, Mary, Lucy, 
Sarah, Jane; children of son of Joseph Jewett, deceased, viz., George, Joseph, 
John, David, Hannah. (E. I. H. C.) 

Gravestone in Rowley, Mass. : 

In Memory of 
Capt George Jewett 
who died Febry ye fith 1776 
• Aged 68 years 

104 Jewett Genealogy 

The memory of the Juft is Bleft 
When in the Silent Grave they reft 
Free from the anxious Cares and Strifs 
Mans Portion in this mortal Life 
Reader behold reflect and know 
That by Deaths Darts all men must go 
To Realms of Happinefs or Woe 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass. : 

769 Edna, born July 13, 1730 ; married William Todd.* 

770 Hannah, born May 10, bapt. May 14, 1732; married, by Rev. Jede- 

diah Jewett, Dec. 24, 1760, Thomas Illsley, of Newbury, Mass. 

771 Mary, born Sept. 11, bapt. Sept. 15, 1734; died Aug. 26, 1794, unm. 

772 Lucy, born Dec. 11, bapt. Dec. 19, 1736; married, by Rev. Jedediah 

Jewett, July 7, 1763, John Hopkins, of Newbury, Mass. 

773 Joseph, born May 14, 1739; married Martha Tredwell.* 

774 Sarah, born April 19, bapt. May 3, 1740 ; married, by Rev. Jedediah 

Jewett, June 18, 1770, Simeon Plummer. 

775 Jane, born Feb. 18, 1742-3 ; married Dr. William Hale.* 

776 Ruth, born Feb. 21 ; bapt. Feb. 21, 1745-6; died Sept. 29, 1774. 

Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery : 

In Memory of 

Mrs Ruth Jewett 

Daur of Capt George & 

Mrs Hannah Jewett 

who died Sept ye 29 1774 

In ye 29th year of her Age 

Youth consider and know that no 

Age is exempt from the shafts of Death 

777 Elizabeth, born Feb. 18, bapt. Feb. 22, 1746-7; died Jan. 30, 1764. | 

778 George, born May 14, bapt. May 20, 1750 ; died Aug. 4, 1751. 

286 CAPT. NATHAN JEWETT (Joseph^°% Joseph", Joseph*, Ed- J 
ward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., Sept. 9, bapt. Sept. 10, 1710. He mar- 
ried in Lyme, Conn., Dec. 23, 1729, Deborah Lord, daughter of Lieutenant 
Richard and Elizabeth (Hyde) Lord, of Lyme. She was born in Lyme 
about 1698. 

" Nathan Jewett was married to Deborah Lord, of Lyme, the 23d of 
December, 1729 — the said Nathan Jewett belonged to the town of Rowley 
in the Mass. — bay in New England — the above said Nathan Jewett and Deb- 
orah Lord were married by me. 

" Stephen Whittlesey, 
" Justice of the Peace." 

He was called " Captain," and about the time of his marriage settled 
in North Lyme, Conn., where he died Feb. 10, 1762. She died there Nov. 
19, 1777. They were both buried in the old cemetery at North Lyme. 

Fifth Generation 105 

Children, born in North Lyme, Conn. 

779 Lucy, bom Jan. 14, 1730-1 ; married Joshua Raymond.* 

780 Joseph, born Dec. 13, 1732-3; married Lucretia Rogers.* 

781 Nathan, born Sept. 20, 1734 ; married Deborah Griswold.* 

782 David, born Oct. 27, 1736; married Sarah Selden.* 

783 Gibbons, born Nov. 1, 1738; married (1st) Hannah Ayers ; (2d) 

Rhoda Hyde.* 

784 Hibbert, born May 11, 1741. He lived in North Lyme and died at an 

advanced age unm. 

785 Mary, born April 15, 1743; married Paul Moody,* 

287 JOSIAH JEWETT (Joseph^^^, Joseph^^ Joseph^ Edward^), 
was born in Rowley, Mass., March 22, bapt. March 23, 1711. He married 

Mercy , and settled in Gloucester, Mass., where he died June 24, 1741. 

" Administration on his estate granted June 24, 1741, to his widow Mary. 
His real estate was divided Nov. 25, 1751, as follows: Widow Mercy Jewett, 
one-third, eldest son Josiah Jewett two shares ; son David Jewett one share ; 
daughter Mary Jewett one share." (E. I. H. C.) His widow married in 
Boston, Mass., Nov. 18, 1743, William Fullerton, of Boston. ("Boston 

Children, born in Gloucester, Mass.: 

786 Josiah, born . ^ 

787 David, born . 

788 Mary, born . 

288 REV. DAVID JEWETT (Joseph"^ Joseph", Joseph*, Ed- 
ward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., Aug. 11, bapt. Aug. 15, 1714. He 
married Patience Phillips, of Cambridge or Boston, Mass. She died in New 
London, Conn., Nov. 14, 1773, aged 66 years. He married (2d) Mary, 
widow of William Prince, of Montville, Conn. She died April 18, 1799, 
aged 77 years and 4 months. 

He graduated from Harvard College in 1736, and was ordained pastor 
of the Second Church in New London (now Montville), Conn. Before go- 
ing to New London he was employed as a missionary to the Mohegan Indians 
and acquired the favor of the tribe. He was their steady and constant 
friend, was their counseller and adviser in both temporal and spiritual 
matters, often preaching to them and particularly on the death of Ben 
Uncas (1769), who was the last Sachem of the Mohegans. (" Hist, of Conn. 
Indians." — Danforth.) No minister in the country stood higher among his 
own flock, or in the esteem of his brethren than Mr. Jewett. He was a man 
of dignified deportment, rigorous in discipline, but very assiduous in his call- 
ing. (" Hist, of New London, Conn." — Caulkins.) 

He was a chaplain in the Army in 1756, often afterwards in the French 
War, and the Revolution. In the church record he says of himself, " I was 
recommended to this church from the Church of Christ in Rowley, the Rev. 

106 Jewett Genealogy 

Mr. Jewett, Pastor," " My wife Patience, was recommended from the 
church in Salem, Mr. Fisk, Pastor." 

The tradition is, that he became engaged to Miss PhilHps while he was 
a student of theology; that he was very ill and she, being a member of the 
same family, nursed him so kindly and assiduously as to produce a life-long 
and loving attachment between them. The tradition of the origin of this 
attachment has been preserved in his Parish to account for him marrying a 
lady born with only one hand and about ten years older than himself. 

His will, dated a short time before his decease, mentions : His wife 
Mary; son David Hibberd Jewett, and my grandchildren David, Charles, 
Elizabeth, and Sarah Jewett; my dear son-in-law Ehsha Porter, Esq., of 
Hadley, and my grandchildren Samuel and Sarah Porter, He died in 
New London, Conn., March 17, 1785, leaving an estate amounting to £1847, 
12s, Id. 

Children, born in New London (now Montville), Conn., all by -first wife: 

789 Sarah, born Aug. 25, 1741 ; married Ehsha Porter.* 

790 David Hibbard, born Aug. 21, 1745; married Patience Bulkley.* 

294 JOSHUA PRIME ( Sarah"", Joseph", Joseph*, Edward'), was 
bom in Rowley, Mass., Sept. 28, 1712. He married there Jan. 1, 1733-4, 
Mehitable Platts, daughter of Moses and Hannah Platts. She was born 
in Rowley Nov. 11, 1712, and died there Oct. 17, 1751. He married (2d) 
(Pub. June 18, 1752) Bridget Hammond, daughter of Nathaniel and 
Bridget Hammond, of Ipswich. 

He settled in Rowley and was Corporal in Capt. John Pearson's Troop 
of Horse. About 1769-70 he removed to Sutton, Mass., where he died 
July 26, 1770. His widow married in Sutton, Dec. 29, 1772, Nathaniel 
Carrell, Jr., of that place. 

Children of first wife, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

791 Samuel, born ; bapt. Aug. 18, 1734 ; died March 29, 1736. 

792 Joshua, born ; bapt. Dec. 14, 1735 ; died Sept. 6, 1743. 

793 Sarah, born ; bapt. July 31, 1737 ; died March 12, 1749. 

794 Samuel, born ; bapt. , 1740. 

795 Moses, born ; bapt. Sept. 19, 1742; died Dec. 14, 1756. 

796 Joshua, born ; bapt. Oct. 14, 1744 ; died Nov. 12, 1746. 

797 Joshua, bom ; bapt. Sept. 20, 1747 ; died Nov. 2, 1748. 

Children of second wife, all born in Rowley except last, which was born in 

Sutton, Mass.: 

798 Joslah, born ; bapt. July 22, 1753; married (1st), at Sutton, 

Mass., Feb. 20, 1780, Rothiel Carrell; (2d) at Sutton Jan. 18, 
1787, Hannah . 

Fifth Generation 107 

799 Mehltable, born Aug. 29, 1755: married at Sutton, Mass., Feb. 16, 

1773, Isaiah Hammond, of Swansea, Mass. 

800 Bridget, born ; bapt. Sept. 11, 1757 ; died Aug. 29, 1759. 

801 Joshua Jewett ; born Nov. 14, 1760. 

802 Bridget, bom ; bapt. Nov. 21, 1762; married in Sutton, Mass., 

Feb. 24, 1785, Seth Carpenter, of Sutton. 

803 OUver, born ; bapt. Nov. 18, 1764. 

804 Nathaniel, born Jan 30, 1768 ; married Cornelia Sands.* 

805 Abigail, born Sept. 13, 1770; married in Sutton Jan. 14, 1790, 

Nathan Woodbury, of Sutton. 

324 PAUL JEWETT (Joshua"^ Joseph'% Joseph*, Edward'), was 
born in Rowley, Mass., May 14 ; bapt. May 14, 1739. He married, by Rev. 
Jedediah Jewett, Oct. 16, 1759, Jane Payson, daughter of Eliphalet and 
Edna (Prime) Payson, and grandchild of Rev. Edward Payson, fourth 
minister of Rowley. She was born in Rowley May 20, 1737, and died April 
29, 1811. 

He lived in Rowley, where he was active in public matters and was a man 
of considerable means. He was a member of Capt. John Northend's First 
Foot Co. ; was Town Clerk in 1776, Selectman for the years 1779 and 1781, 
and Moderator in 1809. From the old records of Rowley it seems he was 
a slave owner: "A Negroe Babe of Paul Jewett's (died) Oct. 29, 1765"; 
also " Bristol, Paul Jewett's negroeman (died) April 22, 1768." 

Paul Jewett died Aug. 29, 1828, " the oldest man in town." (Rowley 
Record.) Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery: 

Here Lie Intered 

The mortal remains of 

Mr. Paul Jewett & 

Mrs. Jane Jewett his wife, & 

Daughter Mary Bishop. 

Paul Jewett 

Died Aug. 29, 1828 aged 89 

Jane Jewett 
Died April 29, 1811; aged 74 

Mary Bishop 
Died Nov. 26, 1801; aged 38 

This stone also commemorates all the children of Paul and Jane, viz. ; 

1. Paul, who died at Lansingburg, N. Y. 

Oct. 23 1777; aged 17 yrs . 

2. Ruth J. Hale, died / 

Oct. 17, 1839; aged 73 ; 

3. Ednah J. Gushing, died at 

Providence, R. I. April 24, 1815; aged 42 

4. Eliphalet died at Boston 

April 19, 1837; aged 61 

5. Rev. Paul died at Hamilton, 

May 15, 1840; aged 60 
Jane J. Pabodie 
of Providence, R. I. & 
Joshua Jewett, who erected 

this stone still survive, in Nov. 1844 

108 Jewett Genealogy 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

806 Paul, born Sept. 7, 1760. He was a soldier and " Paul Jewett, son 

of Paul & Jane, died of a dysentary at new City (now Lansing- 
burg) N. York. Etat 17 f^ 20 days A. D. 1777" (Oct. 27). 
(Rowley Record.) "Paul Jewett, Rowley, Private, Capt. Silas 
Adams co., Col. Titcomb's regt; service 2 mos. 9 days (180 miles) 
travel allowed to and from place of rendezvous ; roll dated June 29, 
1777, and endorsed ' 2 months service at R. Island' ; also Capt. 
Benjamin Adam's co., Col. Johnson's regt; enlisted Aug. 15, 1777; 
discharged Oct. 23, 1777 ; service 2 mos. 10 days, in Northern de- 
partment." (Mass., Soldiers and Sailors in War of the Revolu- 
tion, Vol. VIII.) 

807 Mary, born Aug. 8, bapt. Aug. 14, 1763; married April 30, 1784, 

Benjamin Bishop. She died Nov. 26, 1801. 

808 Ruth, born March 4, bapt. March 9, 1766 ; married by Rev. Ebenezer 

Bradford, Isaac Hale. She died Oct. 17, 1839. 

809 Joshua, born Aug. 23, 1768; married Phebe Harris (1158).* 

810 Jane, born March 10, 1771; married (1st) by Rev. E. Bradford, 

May 15, 1795, Joseph Todd; (2d) William Pabodie, of Provi- 
dence, R. I. She died March 23, 1846. 

811 Ednah, bom Aug. 17, bapt. Aug. 23, 1773 ; married May 24, 1804, 

Henry Cushing, of Providence, R. I. She died April 24, 1815. 

812 Eliphalet, born May 4, 1776; married Sarah Richards.* 

813 Paul, bom April 28, 1780; married (1st) Elinor M. Punchard; (2d) 

Mrs. Grace Torrey Thaxter.* 






325 LYDIA JEWETT (Samuel"% Francis'*, EzekieP, Maximilian% 
Edward^), was bom in Bradford, Mass., Aug. 14, 1719. She married 
May 17, 1745, John Boynton, who at the time of marriage was of West 
Dunstable, N. H. They settled in HoUis, N. H. 

Children, born in Hollis, N. H.: 

814 Margaret, born Dec. 6, 1745. 

815 Jemina, born Nov. 10, 1747. 

816 Samuel, born March 20, 1750. 

817 Lydia, born Sept. 12, 1751. 

818 John, born Aug. 18, 1753. 

819 Isaac, born April 3, 1755 ; a soldier in the Revolution. 

820 Balo, born Sept. 26, 1756. 

821 Sarah, born Dec. 26, 1757. 

822 Joel, bom March 22, 1759 ; a soldier in the Revolution. 

327 JAMES JEWETT (SamueP", Francis'*, EzekieP, MaximiHan% 
Edward^), was born in Bradford, Mass., Aug. 6, 1722. He married Mar- 
garet . He settled in Hollis, N. H., on a farm adjoining Jacob 

Jewett. His buildings, which are still standing and in good condition, 
were in close proximity to those of his neighbor, Jacob. He was moderator 
of the town in 1769 and Selectman in 1769 ; was a soldier in the Revolution 
and served under Capt. Emerson in the expedition to Ticonderoga. His 
wife died in Hollis Feb. 13, 1808, aged 82 years. He died there March 6 
1808, and is buried in Church Cemetery. 


Children, born in Hollis, N. H.: 

823 Ruth, bom Sept. 3, 1755 ; married Christopher Farley.* 

824 Margaret, born Oct. 18, 1758; married Abel Conant.* 

825 Eunice, born Sept. 24, 1761 ; married Uriah Wright.* 

328 RUTH JEWETT (Samue?", Francis'*, Ezekiel^, Maximilian% 
Edward^), was born in Bradford, Mass., May 7, 1723, and married about 
1745, Deacon John Boynton. It is supposed that he was from Newbury, 
Mass., was in West Dunstable in 1745, and was made deacon of the 
Hollis church in 1755; Selectman of Hollis 1758, 1761, and 1762. The 
farm on which he settled was sold, piece by piece, until only the homestead, 
consisting of one hundred acres of land and a colonial house remained in the 
family. In 1859 it passed into the possession of Daniel Pierce (894), a 


112 Jewett Genealogy 

descendant of Nathaniel Jewett (124), and is now occupied by Daniel Fred. 
Pierce and his mother. 

It was Deacon John Boynton, who made that historical ride through 
Hollis the 19th of April, 1775, spreading the news of the British troops 
going to Lexington. He rode through Hollis from his home near the Mas- 
sachusetts line at top speed, calling as he went " The Regulars are coming 
and killing our' men." It was at his home that the men assembled, chose 
Reuben Dow as Captain and started for Lexington. 

He died in Hollis Oct. 29, 1787, aged 67 years. 

Children, born in Hollis, N. H.: 

826 Jeremiah, born April 29, 1753. 

827 John, born Aug. 11, 1764. He was a soldier in the Revolution. 

Died Oct. 29, 1787, and was buried in the Church Cemetery, Hollis. 

828 Jacob, born Dec. 12, 1756. He was in Capt. Dow's Co., Col. Pres- 

cott's Regt., and was killed in the Battle of Bunker Hill June 
17, 1775. 

829 Ruth, born Sept. 10, 1758. 

830 Mehitable, born Jan. 21, 1761. 

831 Moses, born Sept. 25, 1763; married Hannah Lund.* 

832 Rebecca, born Nov. 20, 1765; married Benjamin Jewett (see 758). 

329 SAMUEL JEWETT (SamueP^% Francis'*, EzekieP, Maxi- 
milian^, Edward^), was born in Bradford., Mass., Dec. 30, 1725. He 
married Sarah Hardy and settled in Hollis, N. H., where he of Hollis was a 
soldier in the Revolution. He died Dec. 20, 1791, and was buried in the 
Church Cemetery. 

Children, horn in Hollis, N. H. : 

833 Sarah, born March 7, 1749 ; married John Philbrick.* 

834 Mary, born April 22, 1751. ^ :ii| 

835 Ruth, born May 10, 1753. 

836 Samuel, born Jan. 1, 1756; married Apphia Smith.* 

837 Esther, born June 29, 1758 ; married Jan. 12, 1786, Samuel Crafts. 

838 Jacob, born Oct. 30, 1760; married Ruth Jewett (759).* 

839 John, born April 4, 1763; died July 26, 1788. 

840 Lucy, born April 28, 1766; married Nov. 27, 1788, Jonas Flagg, 

of Gilmanton, N. H. 

332 MEHITABLE JEWETT (SamueP", Francis'*, Ezekief, Maxi- 
milian^, Edward^), was born in Bradford, Mass., Dec. 5, 1730. She married 
in Hollis, N. H., March 19, 1751, Peter Wheeler, of Hollis, son of Peter 
Wheeler, who settled early in Hollis. Peter and Mehitable (Jewett) 
Wheeler lived in Hollis a number of years and then removed to Temple, 
N. H. 

Sixth Generation 113 

Children, born in Mollis, N. H.: 

841 Mehitable, born Feb. 29, 1752. 

842 Peter, born Aug. 31, 1753. He married and settled in 

the western part of Maine, where he hved a few years and then 
with a number of families went into the wilderness and formed a 
settlement in Coos Co., N. H., being among the first settlers of 
what is now Berlin, N. H. 

843 Samuel, born July 18, 1755. 

844 Esther, born Jan. 7, 1758. 

845 Hannah, born, Oct. 12, 1760. 

846 Benjamin, born July 29, 1763. 

847 Joseph, born Nov. 15, 1766; married Naomi Grover.* 

848 Jonathan, born July 2, 1768 ; married Hannah Colburn.* 

849 Nathan, born March 19, 1774. 

335 EZEKIEL JEWETT (Samuel"^ Francis'*, EzekieP, Maxi- 
mihan^ Edward^), was born in Bradford, Mass., May 28, 1736. He early 
removed to Hollis, N. H., where he lived until 1767, when he removed to 
Temple, N. H., where he died July 25, 1818. He married in Holhs, Feb. 
23, 1758, Lucy Townsend, daughter of Nathaniel and Susannah (Damon) 
Townsend, of Holhs. She died about 1763-4. He married (2d) in Holhs, 
Feb. 28, 1765, Anna Williams. He was one of the influential men of 
Temple ; was prominent during the Revolution and served on the Committee 
o? Safety of that town. He is in " a list of those persons who marched 
from Temple to Cambridge on the alarm of the 19th of April 1775 — 
Ezekiel Jewett went part way." (N. H. S. P.) (The records of the 
town of Temple were destroyed by fire some years ago and much valuable 
data was lost, which has caused a great deal of trouble in tracing the 
Jewetts of that town, as well as many other famihes. Blood's " History of 
Temple " states that Ezekiel Jewett had three wives and a large family, of 
whom five were married and left large families, the other four died in child- 
I hood," but does not give names of the children, etc. 

Children by first wife, born in Hollis, N. H.: 

850 Susannah, born Dec. 11, 1758; married Benjamin Tenney.* 

851 Nathaniel, born April 27, 1760 ; married Ruth Powers.* 

852 Isaac, born July 5, 1763 ; married Mary Chandler.* 

Children by second wife: 

853 Ezekiel, born in Holhs, N. H., May 1, 1766. 

854 William, born in Holhs, N. H., Sept. 1, 1768. 


856 Jacob, born in Temple, N. H., ; married Aug. 19, 1798, Eliza- 
beth Patten. She was born in Temple Aug. 2, 1777. They settled 
in Weston, Vt. 

114) Jewett Genealogy 


338 JACOB JEWETT (SamueP", Francis'*, EzekieP, Maximilian% 
Edward'), was born in Bradford, Mass., about 1744. He married in Dun- 
stable, N. H., Nov. 27, 1766, Elizabeth Cummings, daughter of John and 
Elizabeth (French) Cummings, of Dunstable. She was born May 28, 
1744. They settled in Hollis, N. H., and lived upon what is now known 
as the Hills farm. The buildings are still standing and in good condition, 
very much as they were a hundred or more years ago. A part of the farm 
remained in the hands of the descendants of Jacob Jewett until within the 
past twenty years. 

He was known in Hollis as Jacob Jewett, Jr., and Sergeant Jacob 
Jewett, Jr., and soon took an active interest in all public matters. During 
the Revolution he served the town on various committees ; " July 10, 1779, 
he was on committee to hire nine soldiers: June 28, 1780 on committee to 
hire nine soldiers and July 3, 1780 on committee to hire eighteen soldiers 
for the town." He was on the roll of soldiers of Jan. 26, 1775, and was in 
Capt. John Goss's Co., in the Battle of Bennington. He was Selectman 
of Holhs in 1773, 1775, and 1776. He died Nov. 2, 1813. She died Oct. 
13, 1813. Both buried in the Church Cemetery, Hollis. 

Children, born in Hollis, N. H.: 

860 James, born Aug. 22, 1767 ; married Lucy Farley.* -^ 

861 John, born July 2, 1769 ; married Jane Ames.* 

862 Jacob Cummings, born June 14, 1770; married (1st) Elizabeth 

Patten ; (2d) Hannah Bartlett.* 

863 David, born Aug. 16, 1773; married Rebecca Read.* 

864 Elizabeth, born Oct. 15, 1775 ; married Phineas H. Holden.* 

865 Lucy, born Aug. 9, 1777 ; married Josiah Conant.* 

866 Ralph Winslow, bom Dec. 8, 1779; married Dec. 14, 1825, Betsey 
/Farley (1762). He was Selectman of Holhs in 1822; representa- 
tive to the General Court 1822 and 1823; removed to Charlestown, 
Mass., and later returned to Holhs and died there Sept. 20, 1842. 

867 Leonard, born Oct. 2, 1787; married Sally Rockwood, of Wilton, 

N. H., daughter of Dr. Ebenezer and Mary (Emerson) Rock- 
wood. She was born Jan. 18, 1792, and died in Hollis Aug. 12, 
12, 1884. He graduated from Dartmouth in 1810 and from the 
Theological Seminary at Andover in 1813. He was licensed to 
preach and was employed for several years as a home missionary 
in the State of New York and New Hampshire; was afterwards 
ordained as pastor of the Congregational Church at Temple, 
N. H., March 6, 1833 ; resigned on account of impaired health in 
1844 and returned to Hollis. He was a member of the School 
Committee 1829, 1845, and 1846. Became Deacon of the Hollis 

Sixth Generation 115 

Congregational Church in 1846 and remained in this place until 
his death Feb. 16, 1862. 

339 HANNAH JEWETT ( Nathaniel'-*, Francis'*, EzekieP, Maxi- 
milian^, Edward'), was born in Bradford, Mass., Sept. 12, 1735. She 
married April 8, 1762, Lemuel Hardy, of Bradford (or Haverhill), Mass., 
and settled in Hollis, N. H. • 

Children, horn in Hollis, N. H.: 

868 Silas, born March 13, 1763; married Feb. 10, 1786, Mary Flagg, 

daughter of Capt. Jonas and Martha (Knight) Flagg. He set- 
tled in Westminster, Vt. 

869 Hannah, born May 11, 1765. 

870 Susannah, born July 17, 1767; married James Colburn.* 

871 Rebeckah, born Sept. 10, 1769. 

872 Mary, born Feb. 10, 1772. 

873 David, born June 19, 1775. 

874 Sarah, born March 24, 1777. 

340 JACOB JEWETT (Nathaniel'-*, Francis'*, EzekieP, Maxi- 
milian^, Edward'), was born in Bradford, Mass., Sept. 7, 1736. He mar- 
ried July 1, 1762, Mehitable Mitchell, daughter of James Mitchell, who was 
kidnapped on the coast of Scotland by a party of smugglers and brought to 
this country. Jacob Jewett settled in Hollis, N. H., and soon became one 
of the influential men of the town ; he was very active during the Revolution, 
was in Capt. Noah Worcester's Co. at Cambridge (1775) two months, for 
which he received £3 ; was Ensign of the Hollis Militia in 1775 ; entered the 
army under Capt. Goss in the expedition to Ticonderoga in 1776; also in 
Capt. Emerson's Co., the same year. He was one of the Hollis Minute-men 
in 1777 ; was Selectman of Hollis in 1777 and 1779 and served on the Com- 
mittee of Safety of that town 1776, 1777, and 1779. He died April 25, 
1813. His wife died Nov. 11, 1815, aged 74 years. Both buried in the 
Church Cemetery of Hollis. 

Children, born in Hollis, N. H.: 

875 Abigail, born June 14, 1763; married Stephen Dow.* 

876 Mehitable, born March 9, 1765 ; married Phineas Ames.* 

877 Susannah, born Feb. 14, 1767; married Nathaniel Shuttuck.* 

878 Hannah, born July 20, 1770; married James Foster.* 

879 Daniel, born July 20, 1772 ; married Polly Brooks.* 

880 Ruth, born Sept. 27, 1774. 

881 Nathaniel, born Jan. 1, 1777; married (1st) Sally Blood; (2d) Mary 

Blood; (3d) Mary (Davis) Hall.* 

882 Sarah, born March 27, 1779; married Jacob Pierce (888).* 

883 Ehzabeth, born June 28, 1781. 

116 Jewett Genealogy 

884 Jacob, born March 7, 1784. 

344 SUSANNAH JEWETT (Nathaniel''*, Francis-*, EzekieP, Maxi- 
mihan^ Edward'), was born in Bradford, Mass., April 7, 1742. She 
married in HolHs, N. H., May 22, 1766, Richard Pierce, son of Ebenezer 
and Mary (Warner) Pierce. He was born in Groton, Mass., Jan. 8, 1739. 
Richard Pierce, soon after settling in Hollis, purchased the farm upon 
which his grandson, M. S. Pierce, now lives. This farm is about one mile 
from the old home of Susannah Jewett's father and less than two miles from 
the home of Ebenezer Pierce, at the extreme northeast end of Pepperell, 
formerly Groton, Mass. 

Richard Pierce was one of the original grantees of Plymouth, N. H., 
and was a soldier in the Revolution. He died Dec. 16, 1812. She died 
Jan. 31, 1823. Both buried in the Church Cemetery, Hollis. 

Of their large family only one, Daniel, remained in Hollis. The other 
sons removed early to Vermont, some of them settling in Huntington. 

Children, born in Hollis, N. H.: 

885 Warner, born June 22, 1767. He settled in Vermont, removed to 

New York State and died soon. 

886 Nathaniel, born Jan. 12, 1769. 

887 Ebenezer, born Feb. 18, 1771. 

888 Jacob, born Sept. 16, 1772; married Sarah Jewett (see 882). 

889 Susannah, born July 23, 1774. 

890 Isaac, born June 15, 1776. 

891 Eunice, bom Sept. 25, 1778 ; married Ebenezer Blood.* 

892 Abraham, born Nov. 14, 1780. 

893 Abigail, born July 24, 1783; married Nov. 18, 1818, Isaac Butter- 

field, of Brookline, N. H. They hved and died in Milford, N. H. 

894 Daniel, born Dec. 28, 1788; married (1st) Elizabeth Read; (2d) 

Sarah Willoughby.* 

345 REBECKAH JEWETT (Nathaniel'"*, Francis"*, EzekieP, 
Maximihan% Edward'), was born in Bradford, Mass., May 27, 1744. She 
married in Hollis, N. H., Feb. 26, 1767, Isaac Steams, son of Samuel 
(SamueP, Isaac", Isaac'), and Keziah (Bobbins) Steams. He was born in 

Littleton, Mass., , 1736. He, when a child, was taken to Hollis and 

when a young man became a soldier ; was in the Crown Point Expedition in 
1755 and in 1758 enlisted for the second expedition against Louisburg. He 
served three enlistments in the Revolution ; was at Lexington, Cambridge, 
and in Capt. Dow's Co., in the Battle of Bunker Hill, where he lost " 1 
Knapsack Is 8d and 1 gun £1 2s.'' He served eight months at Ticonder- 
oga in 1777 and was' at Bennington in 1777. Soon after this he removed to 
Monkton, Vt., where he became prominent in town and church affairs and 
where he died. 

Sixth Generation 117 

Children, born in Hollis, N. H.: 

895 Rebecca, born Dec. 16, 1767. 

896 Sarah, born Nov. 9, 1769. 

897 Phebe (twin), born , 1771, died unm. 

898 Lois (twin), born , 1771; married Nathan Williams. 

899 Anna (also called Susan), born March 10, 1772. 

900 Isaac, born Feb. 17, 1'773. 

901 Nathaniel, born , 1774. 

902 Amos, born — , 1776. He was a Baptist clergyman and settled in 

Washington Co., N. Y. 

cis"*, EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Bradford, Mass., Nov. 
6, 1745. He married in Hollis, N. H., March 15, 1792 (Polly) Mary 
Rideout, daughter of James and Mary Rideout, of Hollis. She was born 
Nov. 14, 1763, and died May 24, 1850. In the War of the Revolution he 

enlisted June , 1777, in the company of Captain Daniel Emerson, on 

the Ticonderoga Alarm ; was also lieutenant in Capt. Emerson's Co. with 
Col. Samuel Hobart's Second New Hampshire Minute-men. July 6, 1780, 
he again enlisted for three months in the company of Capt. Barron, Col. 
Nichols Regt., for the defense of West Point, of which company he was 
lieutenant. He lived on the old homestead in Hollis, was Selectman of 
that town in 1782, 1783, and 1784, and died there Oct. 6, 1826. Buried in 
the South Cemetery, Hollis. 

Children, horn in Hollis, N. H. : 

903 Ebenezer, born Feb. 13, 1793 ; married Elizabeth Walker.* 

904 Polly, born Sept. 1, 1794. 

905 Nathaniel, born July 21, 1796; married Sarah Nash.* 

906 James, born March 29, 1799; married Catherine Durell.* 

907 Francis, born May 26, 1801; married (1st) Louisa Rideout; (2d) 

Mrs. Mary Ann (Leese) Leslie.* 

908 Susannah, born Dec. 16, 1803; married Benjamin Blood.* 

909 Lydia, born April 26, 1806; married Martin Fiske Eldridge, of 

Lynn, Mass. They lived in Lynn, where he was a shoemaker and 
where he died in a few years. She died in Lynn Sept. 30, 1887. 

349 THOMAS JEWETT (EzekieP", Thomas'% EzekieP, Maxi- 
milian% Edward^), was born in Boxford, Mass., March 20, 1720. He 
married in Groton, Mass., April 2, 1744, Martha Hale, of Groton. They 
hved in Boxford, where he died before his father (1775). His father in 
his will mentions the four children of " son Thomas deceased." 

Children, born in Boxford, Mass. 

910 Daniel, born Aug. 12, 1744-5 ; married Mrs. Abigail Saunders.* 

118 Jewett Genealogy 

911 Hannah (Joanna on Boxford records), born Oct. 24, 1746; married 

at Lunenburg, Mass., Dec. 4, 1766, Joseph Snow. 

912 Sarah, born — ; married Amos Poor. 

913 Enoch, born .* 

352 HEPHZIBAH JEWETT (EzekieP", Thomas'% Ezekief, Maxl- 
mihan^, Edward^), was born in Boxford, Mass., Oct. 6, 1724. She married 
there Jan. 27, 1746-7, Lieutenant John Chaplin, son of John and Margaret 

(Boynton) Chaphn, of Rowley. He was born in Rowley ; bapt. May 

12, 1717. She died Aug. 1, 1771, and he married (2d) Sarah Stickney, 
of Byfield, Mass. He died Jan. 21, 1774. His will, dated Jan. 4, 1774, 
proved Feb. 8, 1774, mentions wife Sarah and children Joseph, David, 
John, Daniel, Caleb, Lydia, Lois and Eunice. 

Children, born in Roxdey, Mass.: 

914 Joseph, born , 1752 ; married Ruth Wood. 

915 David, born , 1754. 

916 John, born , 1758. 

917 Daniel, born , 1760. 

918 Caleb, bom , 1764. 

919 Lydia, born . 

920 Lois, born . 

921 Eunice, born . 

354 EZEKIEL JEWETT (EzekieP-% Thomas==% EzekieP, Maxi- 
milian% Edward ^), was bom in Boxford, Mass., Feb. 22, 1727. He mar- 
ried in Hollis, N. H., June 16, 1759, Hannah Platts, daughter of Capt. 
Abel Platts, of Rowley, Mass. She was born in Lunenburg, Mass., Jan. 
15, 1741. He settled in Rindge, N. H. 

" At an early date he was proprietor of lot No. 50 in the Rowley 
Canada township, which had been chartered by the General Court of the 
Province of Massachusetts. Here previous to 1753 he reared a house and 
planted an orchard. His title to this land being lost, he subsequently pur- 
chased the same property of the Masonian grantees, or the proprietors of 
Monadnock No. 1." 

This property he later leased for a period of three years as per the 
following: " Know all men by these Presents that I Oliver Scales of 
Andover in the County of Essex in the Province of y® Massachusetts Bay 
in New England, Laborurer, am holden and Do Stand Bound and Obliged 
unto Ezekiel Jewett of a place called Rowley Canada in the province of 
New Hampshire, Husbandman, in the full and Just Sum of three Hundred 
pounds Lawfull money to be paid to him y® said Ezekiel his Heirs Executors 
administrators or assigns the which payment well and truly to Be made I 
Bind myself my Heirs Executors Administrators Firmly by these presents 

Sixth Generation 119 

Sealed with my Seal Dated this thirteenth Day of November Anno Domini 

" The Conditions of y® above Obhgations is such that if the above 
Bounden Oliver Scales Shall forthwith Remove himself and family to a 
place called Rowley Canada in the province of New Hampshire and there 
take the Possession of a house and Lot of land No. 50: Belonging to the 
aforesaid Ezekiel Jewett (which s*^ Jewett shall give y® possession of) and 
there Dwell and Improve s*^ Land and House During y® term of three 
years, Either by himself or by Some other Family who shall well and Truly 
perform and Improve as y® s^ Scales is obhged to do, and also pay or 
Cause to Be paid one half of the Taxes that shall arise on s*^ Lot During 
said term and also Clear or Cut Down what underbrush shall arise or Grow 
where the trees are Now Gurdled During s*^ term and give s*^ Jewet liberty 
to set out an orchard on s*^ lot of y® Nursery which Now Groweth thereon, 
furthermore that the said Scales Shall not Damnifie s*^ lot by fireing of it or 
Cuting white ash trees also to Give s*^ Ezekiel Libert}^ to clear a pasture & 
field on s^ lot where tis not yet improveed and to Deliver up the possession 
of y® afores*^ lot & house at y^ end of y® terme afores*^ to the said Ezekiel 
Jewet his heirs or assigns then y® above obligation to Be void but in ye 
Default thereof to Remain in full force and vertue. 
*' Signed Sealed & Delivered in presence of 

" Joseph Matthews. Wm. Foster. 

(seal) "Oliver Scales." 

" Ezekiel Jewett was engaged in the French and Indian War and sub- 
sequently married. The home of his bride was about a mile distant from 
his own, and on the opposite shore of Pool Pond. After their return from 
the marriage ceremony, which was performed in HolUs, N. H., the journey 
from her former to her future home was made in a log canoe across the 
pond and by marked trees through the forest, where now is located the track 
of the Monadnock Railroad. Her parents presented the young wife with 
one chair and one bed ; her husband furnished a few rude utensils and five 
army blankets, and with these conveniences their married life was begun. 

" Their first babe was born in the month of April. Their store of 
maple sugar was first made, and then the sap-trough was employed for a 
cradle, in which the sleep of the infant was presumably sweet." 

" They were prospered in their primitive home, and acquired a con- 
siderable estate and many of the comforts of life. He was a man of ability 
and in character above reproach." 

It seems from the records that Ezekiel Jewett, with several others, 
were decided in their views in regard to Church matters, as will be seen from 
the following record of a town meeting held in Rindge to " decide what 
shall be done with several inhabitants of the town who refused to pay 
their share of the Minister's salery." At this meeting the following letter 
was read: 

120 Jewett Genealogy 

Rindge, January, 3, 1769. 
" To the Gentlemen Selectmen and to the Town of Rindge — 

" The reasons of our not meeting with you were these — we are (I''') 
against those that Preach for money or those that ask pay for kindling a 
Fire on God's alter. 

" 2'^ We believe that Baptism is Rightly administered by Immersion 
only of Diping y^ whole Body of the party in Water into the name of the 
Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit According to Christ's In- 
structions and the practice of the Apostles, and not by Sprinkling or 
Pouring of Water or Diping some part of the Body After the Tradition 

of Men. 

" Signed : Ezekiel Jewett ; Stephen Jewett ; Jonathan Jewett, and six 


" On the back of said Reasons were writ, Malachi Chapter 1 Verse 10; 
Micah Chapter 3 Verse II " 

The town voted not to discharge them from paying any salary to the 
Rev. Mr. Seth Dean. 

April 24, 1768 — " The church then met and after fervent Prayer to 
Almighty God for Direction, a complaint was then made against Ezekiel 
Jewett, a member of s*^ church for his withdrawing himself from public 
worship & turning his Back upon y^ ordinance of y® Lords Supper which 
conduct of his was inquired into whether his withdrawing was sinful and 
unscriptural, After his Defence was made and heard y^ church tho* proper 
to adjourn s*^ meetig until Thursday y® 2^ of June Next, to hear further 
and make further inquiry into s*^ case and y® above s^ Jewett Avas then 
notified of s*^ meeting " 

On Dec. 12 of the same year is this record: "At a church meeting 
held by adjournment on the case of Ezekiel Jewett who had for a long 
time absented himself from y® word preached, and from special ordinances, 
concerning which conduct of said Jewett by a vote of y® church council 
was asked of an association." By a letter dated New Ipswich, Nov. 9, 
1769, their advice was " to treat y^ case with much Tenderness and at 
present omit church discipline. We promise by y® Grace of God, for y*' 
to Treat him with all Tenderness but this we say in honor to Christs 
Church of which we are members and in faithfulness to our souls that y® 
above s^ withdraw of s** Jewett from special ordinances is unscriptural and 
Sinful." (Hist, of Rindge-Stearns.) 

Ezekiel Jewett died at Rindge Feb. 7, 1786. His widow, surviving 
him about forty-four years, died on the homestead Sept. 13, 1830. 

Children, horn in Rindge, N. H.: 

922 Abel, born April 3, 1760 ; married Sarah Dwinnel.* 

923 Ezekiel, born Oct. 28, 1762; married Aug. 11, 1785, Abigail Platts, 

daughter of Ensign Joseph Platts. They settled near Watertown, 
N. Y. 
924) Stephen, bom Oct. 21, 1764; married Nancy Colburn.* 

Sixth Generation 121 

925 Daniel, born Nov. 28, 1766 ; died Dec. 12, 1784. 

926 Hepsibeth, born Sept. 14, 1768; married June 20, 1786, Thomas 

Piper. He was a blacksmith and moved from Littleton, Mass., 
to Rindge. About 1818 they removed to Watertown, N. Y., 
where he died March 22, 1849. His wife, a woman of character 
and uncommon energy, died July 29, 1845. 

927 Thomas, born Feb. 28, 1771 ; married Rebecca Green.* 

928 Hannah, born May 6, 1773; married Oct. 17, 1790, Deacon Eben- 

ezer Colburn. They lived in Rindge. He died May 1, 1822. She 
married (2d) March 9, 1826, George Buffum of Richmond, N. H., 
where they lived until his death. She died in Rindge May 20, 1856. 

929 Huldah, born April 16, 1775; married March 27, 1796, John Waite, 

and removed to Watertown, N. Y. 

930 Lydia, born April 30, 1777; married Amos Jewett. (See 938.) 

931 Abram, born Oct. 20, 1779. He built the barracks near Watertown, 

N. Y., and became a successful man in business. Died in Water- 
town, N. Y. 

932 Nathan, bom Nov. 25, 1781; married (1st) Hannah Charlotte Allen; 

married (2d) Permelia Gragg.** 

358 SARAH JEWETT (EzekieP-', Thomas-^ EzekieP, Maximihan^ 
Edward^) was born in Boxford, Mass., Dec. 3, 1735. She married (pub. 
in Boxford Dec. 20, 1766) Moses Hale, son of Rev. Moses and Mary 
(Moody) Hale of Byfield, Mass. (His first wife was Abigail Huse, who 
died, leaving (1) Daniel, bom 1756; (2) Abigail, born 1747; (3) Capt. 
John Hale of Hopkinton, N. H., a gallant soldier of the Revolution, whose 
son Jacob, of Ripley, Me., was a member of the convention which framed 
the Constitution of Maine; (4) Jacob.) 

They lived in Newbury, Mass., where he died in 1776, and she was 
appointed guardian of his children in 1777. In the will of his father. 
Rev. Moses Hale, dated Nov. 22, 1743, and proved Jan. 30, 1743-4, he 
gives his son Moses, with other property, real and personal, " two negroes, 
Hannibal and Jane." 

Children, born in Newbury, Mass.: 

933 Mary, born , 1769. 

934 Elizabeth, born , 1772. 

935 Martha, born Dec. 14, 1773; married Moses Pillsbury.* 

936 Patience, born . 

359 STEPHEN JEWETT (EzekieP-% Thomas-^ EzekieP, Maxi- 
mihan% Edward^) was born in Boxford, Mass., Feb. 6, 1737. He married 
Hannah Bancroft, who died a few years after marriage. They settled 
upon a farm at West Rindge, N. H., previous to the date of incorpora- 
tion of that town (1768). He was an upright, industrious man, a kind 
neighbor, and a most exemplary Christian. With his brother Ezekiel he 

123 Jewett Genealogy 

was included among the early Baptists of Rindge. (See 354.) After the 
death of his wife he settled his farm on his only son, with whom he lived 
the remainder of his days. He died May 6, 1814. 

Children, born in Rindge, N. H.: 

937 Sarah, born Aug. 19, 1767; married Feb. 25, 1796, Calvin Locke.* 

938 Amos, born Feb. 6, 1772; married Lydia Jewett (930).* 

360 JONATHAN JEWETT (EzekieP-', Thomas'^ EzekieP, Maxi- 
milian% Edward^) was born in Boxford, Mass., March 12, 1739. He mar- 
ried June 17, 1762, Martha Belcher of Wrentham, Mass., daughter of 
Samuel and Sarah (Brown) Belcher. She was bom in Wrentham March 
22, 1733-4, and died in Jaffrey, N. H., March 19, 1828. He early re- 
moved to Rindge, N. H., and settled upon land lying between the farms of 
his brothers Ezekiel and Stephen. About 1772 he removed to Jaffrey, 
N. H., and settled on lot 15, range 7, now the farm of his grandson, Jona- 
than Comstock. He was a soldier in the Revolution. " Capt. Solomon 
Stone's Co., Col. Nichol's Regt., Gen. Stark's Brigade raised out of the 
15th. Regt. New Hampshire Militia, Enoch Hale Col., which Co. marched 
from Rindge in said State July 1777 and joined Northern Continental 
Army at Bennington and Stillwater — Jonathan Jewet private, Engaged 
July 21, 1777 Discharged Sept. 25, 1777 " (N. H. S. P.). 

He died at sea April 28, 1786, while on a voyage to what is now the 
State of Maine. 


939 Benjamin, born in Rindge, N. H., Oct. 22, 1763; married Ruth Mc- 


940 Samuel, born in Rindge, N. H., Nov. 17, 1765 ; married Sarah Gage.* 

941 David, bom in Rindge, N. H., April 6, 1767 ; married Lucy Clark of 

Sullivan, N. H. They lived on the homestead in Jaffrey, and he 
died there Aug. 27, 1819. She died Nov. 16, 1851, aged 77 years. 

942 Ehzabeth, born in Rindge, N. H., Nov. 19, 1768; married Artemus 

Chapin, and settled in Oneida Co., N. Y. 

943 Jonathan, born in Rindge, N. H., April 19, 1770. Lived in Ohio. 

944 Henry, born in Rindge, N. H., June 13, 1772; married Martha Howe, 

and settled in Ohio. 

945 Hannah, bora in Rindge, N. H. (twin), June 13, 1772; married 

Joseph Osburn, and settled in Sangerfield, N. Y. 

946 Martha, born in Jaffrey, N. H., April 13, 1774; married William 


947 Moses, born in Jaffrey, N. H., July 2, 1777. He settled near 

Columbus, Ohio. 

361 REV. DAVID JEWETT (EzekieP-^ Thomas'', EzekieP, Maxi- 
milian*, Edward^) was born in Boxford, Mass., Nov. 3, 1743. He married 
in Rowley, Mass., by Rev. James Chandler, Oct. 3, 1771, Phebe Thurston 

Sixth Generation 123 

of Rowley, daughter of Deacon Richard and Mehitable (Jewett 183) 
Thurston. She was born in Rowley Dec. 14, 1741. 

He graduated from Harvard College in 1769, was ordained Sept. 1, 
1771, and settled over the Congregational Church of Candia, N. H., in 
1771. The hard times of the Revolution coming on and the town small, they 
could not pay his salary, and he was dismissed about 1780. Jan. 2, 1782, 
he settled in Winthrop, Me., and became the first pastor of the Congrega- 
tional Church of that town. " Oct. 17, 1781, Rev. David Jewett, who had 
been pastor of a church in Candia, N. H., was invited to become their 
pastor (Winthrop). The 19th of November he signified his acceptance 
of their proposals. The same day the church and the pastor elect agreed 
to send to the following pastors and churches viz — Rev. Mess. Upham of 

; Chadwick of Scarboro ; Webster of Arundell (now Biddeford) ; Eaton 

of Harpswell; Whitney of New Castle, and Moore of Pownalborough to 
compose the installing council. Jan. 2, 1782, the installation took place, 
but who of them attended and performed on the occasion is not known. The 
result of the Council is lost. In about 14 months after the installation their 
pastor was removed by sudden death. During the following 17 years they 
remained destitute of a pastor." (Hist, of Winthrop-Thurston.) 

" Oct. 17, 1781, the town voted as an encouragement to Rev. David 
Jewett to settle with us to give him the grant of a 260 acre lot and £60 
lawful money the first year and the said salary to increase yearly as our 
interest increases until it arrives to £80 the same to be estimated at Rye at 
5s per bushel ; indian corn at 4s and beef at 3d per pound ; what money he 
shall receive towards his salary shall be in proportion to the aforesaid articles 
as herein stated. And to prevent all misunderstanding of this vote it is 
the true intent and meaning of the same that if said articles fall, the salary 
shall fall in proportion, but that his salary shall be paid in proportion to 
the above said articles not exceeding the within price. The town voted to 
raise and pay Mr. Jewett £12 lawful money, probably for his services prior 
to this settlement." 

His answer to the call of the church and people of Winthrop follows : 

" And now Gentlemen of the town of Winthrop respecting your grant 
for the support of a public Teacher, you have done honorably and well: 
and have even exceeded my most sanguine desire. I therefore most cheer- 
fully donate and refund one-twentieth of my salary during my ministry 
among you for the support of a school and to be distributed at the discretion 
of the selectmen of the town : only shall expect to be absent two Sabbaths 
in a year for the purpose of visiting my friends at a distance; should I 
occasionally be absent longer than that term shall expect to refund it out 
of my yearly salary, sickness only excepted. Wishing you the blessings of 
God, the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the consolation of the Holy 
Spirit I am your affectionate and most humble servant 

" David Jewett 

" Dated at Winthrop, Me., Nov. 16, 1781." 

124 Jewett Genealogy 

When Candia, N. H., called Mr. Jewett they engaged " to pay him 
eventually £65 a year, with the income of the parsonage, to build him a 
house and barn and dig a well." (McClintook.) 

His will, dated Jan. 30, 1783, probated April 2, 1783, mentions wife 
Phebe, sons David and John Winthrop Jewett, daughters Phebe, Eunice, and 
Sarah (Lincoln Probate Court Record). His widow and family returned 
to Rowley and she married there, by Rev. James Chandler, Jan. 11, 1786, 
Col. Daniel Spoffard (his 3d wife). "He was Colonel of the Regiment 
and marched with them to Cambridge time of the Lexington fight." Repre- 
sentative 1766 ; member of Convention which formed the Constitution 1780 ; 
elected deacon 1781, and lived in the part of Rowley now Georgetown. 

Children : 

948 Phebe, born ; married Moses Adams.* 

949 David, born ; married Mrs. Betsey (Gray) Judkins.* 

950 Eunice, born ; married Joshua Noyes, Jr.* 

951 Sarah, born ; died young in Rowley. 

952 John Winthrop, bom . He was taxed in Monmouth, Me., in 

1812, and had land, given him by his mother, in Winthrop, Me. 
He returned to Massachusetts and married, Dec. 2, 1824, Susannah 
Cheney of Newbury, Mass., and died in Georgetown, Mass. No 

380 MAXIMILIAN JEWETT (Jeremiah''% Maximilian-% EzekieP, 
Maximilian^ Edward^) was born in Byfield Parish, Rowley, Mass., Feb., 
1743. He married, Oct. 5, 1780, by Rev. Moses Parsons, Molly Pearson of 
Newbury, Mass. They lived in Byfield, Rowley, and Newbury, and " Max. 
Jewett and wife Jany 3, 1803, sold the house in Newbury (or Newbury- 
port) which was the home of Stephen Longfellow, great-grandfather of 
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow." (E. I. H. C.) 

Children, born in Byf.eld, Rowley, Mass. : 

953 David, born July 14, 1781 ; married Sarah Danforth.* 

954 Mary, bom Oct. 7, 1783; died young. 

955 Maximilian, born March 26, 1786. 

956 Sarah Pearson, born Sept. 12, 1788; died young. 

381 JEREMIAH JEWETT (Jeremiah"% ]Maximilian-^ Ezekie^, 
MaximiHan% Edward^) was born in Byfield Parish, Rowley, Mass., Jan. 10, 
1745. He married in Rowley Dec. 31, 1772, Sarah Jackman. They lived 
in that part of Byfield, now Georgetown, Mass., where he died April 22, 

Children, born in Byfield, Rowley, Mass.: 

957 Mary, born Nov. 7, 1773; married Thomas Dole.* 

958 Timothy, born Feb. 28, 1775; lived in Georgetown, Mass., and died 

there in 1861, unm. 

Sixth Generation 125 

959 Jeremiah, born June 30, 1778; married (1st) Sarah Barker; (2d) 

Eleanor Adams.* 

960 Isaiah, born Feb. 21, 1784; married (1st) Alice Wood; (2d) Martha 

B. Saville.* 

961 Sarah, born Dec. 26, 1785; married (1st) in Rowley, Jan. 2, 1823, 

James Curtis of Winthrop, Me. ; (2d) Laban Loring of Danville, 
Me. She died in Georgetown, Mass., in 1859, s. p. 

962 Philomelia, bom Sept. 23, 1792 ; married Moses Johnson.* 

382 SAMUEL JEWETT (Jeremiah''^ Maximilian'^ Ezekief, Maxi- 
milian^, Edward^) was born in Byfield Parish, Rowley, Mass., March 11, 
1747. He married in Rowley, May 20, 1769, Marian Pool. She was born 
in Gloucester, Mass., Sept. 9, 1751. They lived in Rowley, and he served 
in the Revolution from that town. " Samuel Jewett, Private, Capt. Tim- 
othy Jackman's detachment, which marched by order of Selectmen and Com- 
mittee of Safety of Rowley to guard Gloucester Harbor and the brig 
' Nancy ' brought in by Capt. Manley ; service 5 days. Roll sworn to at 
Watertown Dec. 19, 1775." (Mass., Soldiers and Sailors in War of Rev., 
Vol. VIH.) 

He died in Byfield, Feb. — , 1800. 

Children, born in Rotdey, Mass.: 

963 Ebenezer, born March 9, 1771 ; married Judith Jaques.* 

964 William, born Aug. 13, 1773; married (1st) Mehitable Dole; (2d) 

Elizabeth Lancaster.* 

965 Samuel, born Dec. 20, 1781 ; died Jan. 31, 1782. 

966 Samuel, bom Oct. 9, 1786; married Sarah Jaques.* 

967 Robert, born April 5, 1790 ; married Mehitable Dole.* 

386 DR. SETH JEWETT (Jeremiah"^ Maximihan-^ EzekieP, Maxi- 
milian^, Edward^) was born in Byfield Parish, Rowley, Mass., Jan. 31, 1756. 
He married in Bradford, Mass., Sept. 16, 1782, Abigail Balch, daughter of 
Nathaniel and Joanna (Day) Balch of Bradford. She was bom in East 
Bradford, Mass., Nov. 12, 1762, and died Nov. 13, 1802. He was a 
physician and was a surgeon in the Revolution ; lived in East Bradford (now 
Groveland), Mass., and died in Newburyport, Mass., March 15, 1802, He 
followed his profession in Rowley until 1798, and then removed to Brad- 
ford ; was very strict in his religious views, and was known as the " grim 
old Calvinist." 

Children, horn in Bradford, Mass.: 

968 Sophia, born Aug. 1, 1783; married Walter Todd.* 

969 Abigail, bom July 5, 1785 ; married Daniel Smith.* 

970 William, born June 12, 1787; died young. 

971 Betsey, born Jan. 27, 1790; died June 11, 1791. 

126 Jewett Genealogy 

Groveland, Mass., Cemetery 

In memory of 

Betsey Jewett daughter 

of Dr. Seth & Mrs 

Abigail Jewett who 

died June ye llh A.D. 1791 

Aged 16 months & 15 days 

She was a blefsing here below, 
A lovely, kind and plea f ant child. 
Her foul now free from fin and woe 
Twill ferve its Maker undefil'd 
Her fleeping duft fhall reft in peace 
Till fun and moon their courfs cease. 

972 Seth, born March 15, 1793; died young. 

973 Nathaniel, bom June 3, 1795 ; married Ann Prince.* 

390 JEREMIAH BURPEE (Hannah"% Elizabeth", EzekieP, Maxi- 
mihan% Edward^) was born in Rowley, Mass., May 21, 1726. He married 
(pub. in Rowley March 2, 1750) Mary Saunders, daughter of Edward and 
Elizabeth Saunders. She was born March 20, 1726-7. They settled in 
Rowley, and about 1764* removed to Maugerville, Nova Scotia. 

Children, all horn in Rowley, Mass., except last: 

974 David, bom April 22, 1752; married Betsey GaUishan. 

975 Edward, born June — , 1756; married Hannah Gallop. 

976 Hepzibah, born Aug. 10, 1757 ; married John Pickard. 

977 Lydia, born Sept. 15, 1758; married (1st) Nathaniel Barker; (2) 

James Dingy. 

978 Esther, born May 3, 1759; married, in 1781, Jesse Christy. 

979 Jeremiah, born Sept. 19, 1759; married Betsey Stickney (1007).* 

980 Thomas, born April 18, 1763; married, in 1788, Esther Gallop. 

981 Joseph, born in Maugerville, N. S., Sept. 20, 1765; married, Dec. 1, 

1789, Abigail GaUishan. 

395 HANNAH STICKNEY (Faith'*^ Elizabeth", EzekieP, Maxi- 
mihan% Edward^) was bom in Rowley, Mass., March 25, 1734. She mar- 
ried, April 19, 1768, Lieut. Humphrey Sanders, son of Edward Sanders of 
Rowley. They lived in Rowley, where she died March — , 1776. He died 
there Feb. — , 1789, aged 60. 

Children, born in Roxoley, Mass.: 

982 Humphrey, born Oct. 6, 1771. Settled in Waterford, Me. 

983 Samuel, born Feb. 7, 1776. Settled in Waterford, Me. 

396 MARY STICKNEY (Faith"^ Elizabeth", EzekieP, Maximilian', 
Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., Sept. 29, 1735. She married Nehemiah 
Howard of Reading, Mass., son of Josiah and Elizabeth Howard. They re- 

Sixth Generation 127 

moved to Nova Scotia and settled in Maugerville on the St. John River. They 
later removed to that part of Amherst which became Milford, N. H., where 
he died, about 1825. They lived to an advanced age, were a very agreeable 
couple, engaging in their manners, esteemed and respected by all that knew 


984 Josiah, born . He was drowned in the St. John River when four 

years old. 

985 Betsey, born Aug. — , 1774 ; died April — , 1786. 

986 Sally, born Jan. 25, 1776 ; married Blanchard. 

987 Nehemiah, born June 13, 1778; married Rebecca S. Huntington, and 

had a daughter, Betsey, born March 19, 1807, who married, April 
28, 1829, David Hutchinson of Milford, N. H. 

397 ELIZABETH STICKNEY (Faith"% Elizabeth's EzekieP, Maxi- 
milian', Edward^) was born in Rowley, Mass., June 3, 1737. She married, 
May 15, 1765, her cousin, Benjamin Stickney (his 2d wife), son of Ben- 
jamin and Elizabeth (Spofford) Stickney. He was born in Rowley March 
5, 1739-40; was admitted to the Byfield Church Oct. 29, 1758, where his 
children were baptized. 

He was a private in Capt. John Pearson's Troop of Horse of Rowley 
March 31, 1757, and was clerk of the company. 

He marched April 19, 1775, as Lieutenant in Capt. Towle's Co., Col. 
Gerish's Regt., on the alarm of the battle of Lexington. He served as ser- 
geant under Capt. John Dodge of Wenham 3 months in the State of New 
York. Left Rowley Dec. 16, 1776; also enhsted May — , 1777, for 8 
months. Nov. 24, 1777, he was at Cambridge to guard Burgoyne's cap- 
tured army. 

He died in Rowley Jan. 1, 1801, and was buried in Byfield. He was 
a generous man of pleasing manners and polite behavior. His widow, with 
her son Samuel, removed to Linebrook, where she died Aug. 28, 1819, and 
was buried in Byfield. She was an excellent wife and mother, a kind and 
generous friend. 

Children, horn in Rordey, Mass.: 

988 Ehzabeth, born Feb. 22, 1766; married (1st) J. Sanders; (2d) J. 


989 Joseph, born ; bapt. May 3, 1767 ; died March 27, 1772. 

990 Mehitable, born July 27, 1768 ; married, Feb. 7, 1793, Joseph Howe.* 

991 Susanna, born Feb. 1, 1770; married Ebenezer Jewett (see 1021). 

992 Samuel, born June 27, 1771 ; died Oct. 21, 1824. 

993 Isaac, born Dec. 22, 1772; died May 1, 1775. 

994 Eunice, bom Oct. 31, 1774; married Oct. 6, 1801, Jeremiah Chaplin.* 

995 Moses, born July 12, 1776; married Oct. 7, 1799, Sarah Pike.* 

996 Hannah, born July 20, 1778 ; died Aug. 27, 1778. 

997 Jonathan, born July 17, 1779; died Nov. 22, 1781. 

128 Jewett Genealogy 

398 SERGEANT JEDEDIAH STICKNEY (Faith"% Elizabeth", 
EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^) was born in Rowley, Mass., May 5; bap- 
tized in Byfield May 6, 1739. He married, Feb, 2, 1768, Sarah Stickney, 
daughter of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Spofford) Stickney. She was born 
in Rowley July 16, 1743. 

He was on the roll of Capt. John Pearson's Troop of Horse of Rowley, 
1757, and was at the capitulation of Fort William Henry in 1757, in Capt. 
Israel Davis's Co. He served in Capt. Francis Peabody's Co. from May 29, 
1760, to April 16, 1761 ; was a sergeant in Capt. Towle's Co. on the Lexing- 
ton alarm, and was at Cambridge April 19, 1775. He enlisted in Capt. John 
Dodge's Co., Dec. 16, 1776 ; was in the battle of Princeton, and served until 
March 15, 1777. He re-enlisted as sergeant Nov. 10, 1778, in Capt. Oliver 
Titcomb's Co. to go to Winter Hill, and remained two months guarding 
Burgoyne's captured army. 

During the Revolution he built a scythe mill, and ground not only 
scythes, but spears and cutlasses, as instruments of war for the army. He 
later run a grist mill, and died March 19, 1815. She died July 4, 1822; 
both buried in Byfield. 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

998 Mary, born April 1, 1769; died April 26, 1859, unm. 

999 Thomas, born April 16, 1772; died Dec. 11, 1846, unm. 

1000 Dudley, born May 11, 1774; married (1st) Elizabeth Davis; (2) 

Anna Taggart.* 

1001 Solomon, born June 29, 1778 ; died May 17, 1836, unm. 

1002 Sarah, born Dec. 3, 1781 ; died Sept. 21, 1843, unm. 

399 ISAAC STICKNEY (Faith'^% Elizabeth's EzekieP, Maximilian', 
Edward^) was born in Rowley, Mass., March 26, baptized in Byfield March 
29, 1741. He married Elizabeth Barker, daughter of Jacob and Mary 
(Spofford) Barker of Linebrook Parish, Rowley. 

He enlisted in Capt. Anthony Stickney's Co. of Newbury, March 14, 
1760, and served until Dec. 10 following. His services were at Louisburg. 
He paid taxes in Rowley in 1761, and soon after removed to Nova Scotia 
and settled at Maugerville on the St. John River. Others that removed to 
the same place were his neighbors. Deacon Jonathan Burpee, who married 
Hannah Platts, his mother's sister, and their son, Jeremiah Burpee; Joseph 
Barker, Jacob Barker, Richard Esty, Sr. ; Richard Esty, Jr. ; Joseph Les- 
ley, and John Pickard, all heads of famihes from Rowley; a number of 
young men from Boxford; Daniel Palmer and family from Byfield; Nehe- 
mlah Howard of Reading, who married Mary Stickney, a sister of Isaac; 
Samuel Bridges of Marblehead, who married Sarah Stickney, a sister of 
Isaac; also Capt. Francis Peabody, Daniel Jewett, Smith, and Saunders. 

Part of this land was in that part of Maugerville now called Sheffield, 
Sunbury Co., New Brunswick. He died in Sheffield June 15, 1794. She 

Sixth Generation 129 

died in the fall of 1831 at the home of her daughter, Betsey Burpee, in 
Sheffield, N. B. 

Children, born in Maugerville, New Brunsmick : 

1003 Mehitable, born ; bapt June 29, 1766; married Col. Joseph 


1004 Mary, born ; married William Beckwith of Fredericton, N. B. ; 

died s. p. 

1005 Samuel, born May — , 1769; married Elizabeth James.* 
^ 1006 William, born April 13, 1771 ; married Agnes Brown.* 

1007 Betsey, born April 13, 1773; married Jeremiah Burpee (see 979). 

1008 Benjamin, born Oct. 16, 1775; married Mary Barker.* 

1009 Hannah, born Sept. — , 1777 ; married William Taylor.* 

1010 Amos, born July — , 1785 ; died aged two years. 

402 SARAH STICKNEY (Faith"^ Elizabeth", EzekieP, Maximilian^ 
Edward^) was born in Rowley, Mass., Aug. 6, 1749. She married, Dec. 18, 
1776, Samuel Bridges of Marblehead and settled in Maugerville, Sunbury 
Co., Nova Scotia, now New Brunswick. He died in Sheffield, N. B., Oct. 1, 
1811. She died there Nov. 5, 1816. 

Children, born in Sheffield, New Brunswick: 

1011 John Holland, born Sept. 12, 1777; married Jane Barker.* 

1012 Sally, born ; married Richard Esty. 

1013 Hannah, born ; married Jonathan Smith. 

1014 Samuel, bom ; married Polly Taylor. 

1015 Jonathan, born ; married (1st) Jane Harrison, a sister of Rev. 

William Harrison of St. Luke's Church of St. John, N. B. He 
married (2d) Rebecca (Simmons) Van Dine. 

1016 Thomas, born — , 1789; married Margaret Whiteside.* 

1017 Betsey, born ; married Joseph Barker.* 

417 CAPT. STEPHEN JEWETT (Eliphalet"^ Stephen'^ EzekieP, 
Maximilian^ Edward^) was born in Rowley, Mass., Nov. 28, 1743. He 
married in Rowley Nov. 27, 1764, by Rev. Jedediah Jewett, Elizabeth Little, 
daughter of Nathan and Hannah (Mighill) Little. She was born in Row- 
ley in 1744 and died in Waterford, Me., , 1819. They settled in Row- 
ley, where he served that town on various committees and as a soldier in 
the Revolution as follows : " Return of Capt. Thomas Mighill's Co., of 
Infantry for 8 months service, belonging to the 38th., regiment commanded 
by Col. Baldwin, made Sept. 26, 1775, while stationed at Sewall's Point in 
Brookline, Sergeant Stephen Jewett." (Gage.)» 

" Stephen Jewett, Rowley, Sergeant, Capt. Thomas Mighill's (Rowley) 
CO. of Minute-men, which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775 ; service 5 
days; also Capt. Thomas Mighill's (1st) co., Lieut. Col. Loammi Baldwin's 
(late Col. Gerrish's) 38th; muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted April 

130 Jewett Genealogy 

24, 1775; service 3 mos. 15 days; also company return dated Sewall's 
Point Sept. 26, 1775." (Mass., Soldiers and Sailors in War of Rev., Vol. 

" Stephen Jewet, Sergeant, Capt. Mighill's (1st) co., return of cas- 
ualties of several companies in the 38th regt. ; made by Lieut. Col. 
Loammi Baldwin, dated Chelsea Sept. 1775 ; said Jewet reported absent 2 
days by permission of Maj. Wesson." (Mass., S. and S. in War of Rev., 
Vol. VIII.) 

About 1790 he, with his family, removed to Waterford, Me., and 
" Oct. 19, 1795, a petition headed by Stephen Jewett and signed by Nathan, 
Ebenezer, and Nathaniel Jewett and others, was forwarded to the General 
Court assembled in Jan., 1796, that they might be incorporated into a 
town by the name of Waterford," and after a hearing of the remonstrants 
the petition was granted on March 2, 1797. " At the time of incorpora- 
tion of the town in 1797, Stephen Jewett had Lot 5 Range 13, Nathan 
Jewett Lot 5 Range 13; Lieut. Ebenezer Jewett Lot. 6, Range 13 and 
Nathaniel Jewett Lot. 6 Range 13. On the organization of the first Church 
(Cong.) Oct. 1, 1799, under the pastorate of Rev. Lincoln Ripley, whose 
wife was an Aunt to Ralph Waldo Emerson, Stephen Jewett was chosen 
Deacon. In 1802 he paid the 6th. largest tax. In 1799 he was appointed 
the first Justice of the Peace which he declined and recommended Elder Rice ; 
in 1809 he accepted the position. He was keen of perception, delighted in 
debate, especially for doctrine as his noted controversy with his minister 
shows." (Hist, of Waterford, Mass.) 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

1018 Nathan, born Sept. 11, 1765; married Hannah Emerson.* 

1019 Ruth, born Jan. 27, 1767; married Stephen Pearson (see 1363). 

1020 Ebenezer, born June 9, 1770; died Aug. 7, 1771. 

1021 Ebenezer, bom Feb. 9, 1772 ; married (1st) Susanna Stickney (991) ; 

(2d) Mary Farrington.* 

1022 Nathaniel, born — , 1773-4. He was a member of the Congrega- 

tional Church ; was one of the first town officers of Waterford, 
Me., and died there in 1798. 

1023 Hannah, born Dec. 19, 1776; married Jonathan Plummer.* 

1024 Elizabeth, born Sept. 3, 1778; married Samuel Plummer.* ft,' 

418 DAVID JEWETT (Eliphalet''% Stephen'^ EzekieP, Maximilian', 
Edward^) was bom in Rowley, Mass., May 31, 1746. He married, Oct. 26, 
1771, Elizabeth Goodwin of Newbury. They lived in Rowley, and he was 
a soldier in the Revolution from that town. " David Jewett, Rowley, Pri- 
vate, Capt. Edward Payson's (Rowley) co., of militia, which marched on 
the alarm of April 19, 1775 ; service 3 days." (Mass., Soldiers and Sailors 
in War of Rev., Vol. VIII.) He died in Rowley July 15, 1799. She died 
there (" of dropsy ") Dec. 8, 1824. 

Sixth Generation 131 

Gravestones in Rowley Cemetery : 

Memento Mori 

Numerare Patribus Umbra quietis 

In Memory of 

Mr. David Jewett, 

Companion of Mrs Elisabeth 

Jewett, who died July 15th 1799 

AEtat. 53. 

The voice of God Call'd, anon I obey'd, 

Resign'd my life, & nature's debt I paid 

My fabric now sleeps, my labours are o'er. 

My spirits landed on the boundless shore. 

Nor you friends, can death, God's messenger stay, 

But must repose too, in mouldering clay. 

Then your golden days improve, as they haste, 

Living joys flowing from Religion taste. 

Be wise, love mercy, humbly with God walk 

Then vice can't proffered fruitions mock. 

That you may sing, in Canaan's liberty, 

O death, grave, where are thy sting & Vict'ry 

In memory of 

Mrs Elizabeth Jewett 

Relict of 

Mr. David Jewett; 

who died 

Dec. 8, 1824 

Aged 77 

Blessed are the dead, that die 

in the Lord 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

1025 Jonathan, born May 30, 1772. 

1026 Jedediah, born Aug. 12, 177-t ; died Nov. 5, 1778. 

1027 David, born May 6, 1780. 

1028 Eliphalet, bom Feb. 12, 1784. 

1029 Jedediah, born Nov. 1, 1787. 

428 CAPT. DAVID JEWETT (David'''^ Stephen'% EzekieF, Maxi- 
milian^, Edward^) was born in that part of Lancaster called Chocksett (now 
Sterling), Mass., July 11, bapt. July 16, 1749. He married (pub. in Lan- 
caster, Mass., July 10, 1772) Ruth Sawyer. They lived in Sterling, where 
he was a man of prominence and influence. He served with honor during 
the Revolution. " David Jewett, 1st. Lieutenant, Capt. Solomon Stewart's 
(2d) CO., 2d Worcester co., regt., of Mass., mihtia; list of officers; com- 
missioned March 11, 1778; also. Captain; list of officers of Essex Co. 
militia appointed to command men raised for various purposes ; said Jewett 
and others detached to guard troops of convention; commissioned July 12, 
1778; also. Lieutenant, Capt. Peter Woodbury's co., Lieut. Col. Nathan 
Tyler's detachment of guards ; list of men (year not given, probably 1778) ; 
during the campaign Capt. Woodbury was succeeded by Lieut. Jewett; also. 

132 Jewett Genealogy 

Captain, Col. Gerrish's regt. of guards ; pay roll of said Jewett's co. made 
up for service from Nov. 10, 1778, to Dec. 12, 1778, guarding troops of 
convention, certified at Lancaster." (Mass., Soldiers and Sailors in War 
of Rev., Vol. VIII.) 

Children, horn in Stirling, Mass.: 

1030 Ruth, born Jan. 16, 1775. 

1031 David, born May 26, 1777. 

1032 Betsey, born April 28, 1780. 

1033 Solomon, born July 16, 1784 ; married Mary Holmes Kempton.* 

433 ELIZABETH GOODWIN (Martha"^, Mary'% Faith", Maxi- 
milian^, Edward^) was born in Charlestown, Mass., Dec. 23, 1729. She 
married there July 30, 1747, Capt. Thomas Harding. He died Dec. 25, 
1768, in his 49th year, and she married (2d) Capt. Seth Blodgett, son of 
Caleb and Sarah (Wyman) Blodgett. His will, dated Dec. 12, 1768, devised 
to wife and children ; to widow was set S. W. part of house ; left wharf, 
118 ft., barn 18 by 36. Administration to widow of Medford Dec. 4, 
1783. Samuel Lord, surety. She Avas admitted to the Charlestown Church 
Nov. 25, 1764 (Wyman). 

Children, born in Charlestown, Mass., -first husband: 

1034 Elizabeth, bom ; bapt. May 21, 1749; married Nathaniel 

Brown, Jr.* 

1035 Edward, born ; bapt. Jan. 13, 1751; lived in Boston. 

1036 Martha, born ; bapt. June 24, 1753 ; died Nov. 6, 1762. 

1037 Mary, born ; bapt. Nov. 30, 1755. 

1038 Jane, born ; bapt. Aug. 5, 1759; married Thomas Hendley 

Chipman of Annapolis. 

1039 Thomas, bom ; bapt. June 14, 1761. He of Boston 1785. 

1040 William, born ; bapt. Sept. 11, 1763. 

1041 Martha, born ; bapt. Aug. 18, 1765; married in 1790 Richard 

Richardson of Boston, a master builder. 

1042 Joanna, born ; bapt. Aug. 23, 1767; married Samuel Watts of 


Child by second husband: 

1043 Edward, bom ; bapt. March 17, 1771. 

436 CAPT. EDWARD GOODWIN (Martha"^ Mary'^ Faith", Max- 
imilian^, Edward^) was born in Charlestown, Mass., Sept. 13, 1735. He 
married there Aug. 16, 1759, Sarah Ford, daughter of William and Sarah 

(Edes) Ford of Charlestown. She was born June 3, 1741, and died . 

He married (2d) Dec. 3, 1771, in Boston, Prudence Geohagen, daughter of 
Michael and Prudence (Winship) Geohagen. She died Aug. 8, 1794 (cancer 
of liver), aged 49 years. He was a lieutenant in Brigden's company in 

Sixth Generation 133 

1757; was in census of 1789, and after having been an invalid 18 years 
died Friday, Nov. 2, 1810, aged 76 years (Wyman). 

Children, born in Charlestoxcn, Mass., hy -first wife: 

1044 Sarah, born ; bapt. April 20, 1760 ; died in infancy. 

1045 William, born ; bapt. July 9, 1761 ; married Ehzabeth Adams.* 

1046 Sarah, born Oct. 25, 1762 ; died Feb. 18, 1823. Her will, dated Oct. 

20, 1820, devised to sister Esther, widow of J. Mirick, and nephew 
Joseph. Left ^ lot. Water St. ; ^ of lot near bridge ; -| wharf. 

1047 Martha, born ; bapt. Oct. 9, 1763. 

1048 Esther (twin), born ; bapt. June 30, 1765 ; buried July 5, 1765. 

1049 Hannah (twin), bom ; bapt. June 30, 1765; buried July 5, 


1050 Esther, bom ; bapt. Sept. 6, 1767; married Joseph Mirick.* 

Children, hy second wife: 

1051 Martha, born ; bapt. March 8, 1772. 

1052 Edward, born ; bapt. July 18, 1773; died in infancy. 

1053 Edward, born June 23, 1780. 

438 THOMAS GOODWIN (Martha"% Mary^^ Faith^°, Maximihan% 

Edward^) was born in Charlestown, Mass., ; bapt. Feb. 25, 1738-9. 

He was a chaise-maker and an innholder; was in E. Morrow's company, aged 
18, 1758. He married. May 10, 1762, Mary Miller, daughter of John and 
Mary (Kettell) Miller. She was born in Charlestown Nov. 10, bapt. Nov. 
15, 1741, and died there Aug. 11, 1765. He married (2d) June 26, 1766, 
Sarah Masterman (her third husband), daughter of James and Sarah (Pin- 
son) Capen, Jr. She was born in Charlestown, ; bapt. 1734; married 

(1st) Samuel Reed, and (2d) Capt. Marmaduke Masterman, by whom she 
had two children. She died, and he married (3d), at West Cambridge, 
Mass., Dec. 24, 1776, Abigail Cutter, widow of Aaron Cutter, by whom she 
had one child. She died Dec. 24, 1789. He died Feb. 16, 1799. Adminis- 
tration granted to James Russell June 4, 1799. Inventory Sept. 25, 1799 ; 
total, $1463. (Wyman.) 

Children, horn in Charlestown, Mass., hy first wife: 

1054 Mary, bom ; bapt. April 10, 1763; married, June 20, 1784, 

Ebenezer Thomas Adams, son of Capt. Thomas and Ehzabeth 
(Bowman) Adams. He was born in Charlestown Jan. 10, 1762, 
and was of Ashburnham at time of his marriage. 

1055 Abigail, bom April 7, 1765 ; buried July 6, 1765. 

Children, hy second wife: 

1056 Sarah, bom ; bapt. May 3, 1767 ; died in infancy. 

1057 Sarah, bom ; bapt. March 26, 1769; married John Fox.* 

134i Jewett Genealogy 

1058 Thomas, born ; bapt. Oct. 28, 1770. 

1059 John, born ; bapt. May 17, 1772. 

1060 Thomas, ; guardianship over him, aged 14 years, in 1799. 

439 WILLIAM GOODWIN (Martha''% Mary'% Faith", Maximilian% 
Edward^) was bom in Charlestown, Mass., Sept. — , 1740. He was a chaise- 
maker. He married there March — , 1764, Mary Waters, who was admitted 
to the church May 10, 1767, and died April 5, 1788. She was the daughter 
of Jacob and Mary (Smith) Waters and was born in Charlestown July 24, 
bapt. July 27, 1746. He married (2d) (pub. Oct. 17, 1790) Abigail John- 
son of Pownalboro, who died in Dresden, Me., July 11, 1839, aged 92 years, 
8 months. He died Sept. 7, 1807. He and children, William, Polly, and 
Daniel, in census of 1780. His will, dated Sept. 22, proved Nov. 12, '1807, 
devised estate to wife Abigail during life ; legacies to Mary, wife of Na- 
thaniel Bailey ; Lydia, wife of Stephen Twycross ; to Abigail Bodfish, daugh- 
ter of Nymphas ; to William G. Johnson, son of John ; daughter Mary, 
wife of W. Miller, the use of estate after death of wife ; then the same to 
grandchildren, William G. Miller, Mary Waters Miller ; nephews, Thomas 
and John Johnson, Jr., exrs. Inventory: House (shop lot to Samuel 
Brooks); ^ wharf and ^ building; -o pew; 824 acres Kennebec purchase, 
being 2-5 of 2060 acres ; i of 200 acres in Harlen No. 45 ; i of lot 193 ; 
200 acres in Sydney ; ^ of 1-48 of the purchase from Colony of New Ply- 
mouth ; real, $6886 (Wyman). 

Children, born in Charlestown, Mass., all by first xsAfe: 

1061 Mary, bom ; bapt. Aug. 23, 1767; died in infancy. 

1062 Mary, born ; bapt. Jan. 15, 1769; died in infancy. 

1063 Daniel, born ; bapt. Aug. 12, 1770. Not mentioned in father's 


1064 William, born ; bapt. June 28, 1772. News of his death in 

Africa, of fever, arrived May 25, 1792, his age called 24 years. 

1065 Mary, born ; bapt. March 20, 1774; married Dec. 6, 1794, 

William Miller, son of Joseph and Eunice (CooHdge) Miller. He 
was born in Charlestown Feb. 18, 1770; was a cabinet-maker, and 
at time of marriage was of Waterville. 

440 BENJAMIN GOODWIN (Martha'''% Mary^^ Faith", Maxi- 
milian^, Edward^) was bom in Charlestown, Mass., ; bapt. March 28, 

1742. He married there May 29, 1766, Hephzibah Bradish, daughter of 
James and Sarah (Kettell) Bradish. She was born in Charlestown July — , 
1744, and died there May 13, 1815. He died there March 3, 1822. Admin- 
istration on his estate granted to Abijah Blanchard May 29, 1821. 

Inventory : | homestead in Water St. ; 1^ acres Bunker Hill ; ^ Fox 
place; house on Main St. adjoining above; f lot of land and h of 2-story 
building on same; total real, $6400 (Wyman). 

Sixth Generation 135 

Children, horn in Charlestown, Mass.: 

1066 Hephzibah, born ; bapt. July 31, 1768; married Jan. 3, 1790, 

Samuel Manser, son of John and Sarah (Bradish) Manser. He 
was born in Charlestown March 11, 1768. She died Feb. 10, 1793, 
aged 25 (consumption). 

1067 Benjamin, born ; bapt. Feb. 11, 1770. 

442 MARTHA GOODWIN (Martha^««, Mary^% Faith^% Maximilian% 
Edward^) was born in Charlestown, Mass., Oct. — , 1744. She married 
there, May 3, 1768, William Capen, son of James and Sarah (Pinson) 

Capen, Jr. He was born in Charlestown, ; bapt. Oct. 14, 1744 


Children, horn in Charlestown, Mass.: 

1068 Martha, born ; bapt. Jan. 29, 1769. 

449 DANIEL EDES (Mary^«% Mary^% Faith^°, MaximiHan% Ed- 
ward^) was born in Charlestown, Mass., ; bapt. Sept. 1, 1734. He 

married, April 22, 1759, Katharine Mason, daughter of John Mason. She 
was born in Lexington, Mass., Oct. 29, 1733. He was a potter and was 
living in Exeter, N. H., in 1754. He returaed to Charlestown, and in 1761 
removed to Waterto\vn, Mass., and in 1764 to Lexington, Mass. 

Children : 

1069 Katharine, born in Charlestown, Mass., ; bapt. Aug. 17, 1760. 

1070 Sally, born in Watertown, JVIass., ; bapt. June 12, 1763. 

452 ISAAC EDES (Mary'", Mary»^ Faith", Maximilian% Edward') 
was born in Charlestown, Mass., ; bapt. March 9, 1739-40. He mar- 
ried July 3, 1766, Abigail Johnson, who was admitted to the church July 
5, 1767. 

Children, horn in Charlestown, Mass.: 

1071 Isaac, born ; bapt. Aug. 16, 1767. 

1072 Abigail, born ; bapt. Jan. 14, 1770; died Oct. 23, 1775. Grave- 

stone in Medford, Mass. 

1073 Daniel, born Oct. 18, 1772. 

460 CAPT. THOMAS HARRIS (John'"", Mary'% Faith", Maxi- 

mihan^, Edward') was born in Charlestown, Mass., ; bapt. Oct. 15, 

1749. He married Aug. 18, 1776, Mary Frothingham, daughter of Na- 
thaniel and Mary (Whittemore) Frothingham. She was born in Charles- 
town ; bapt. July 14, 1754, and died June 14 or 15, 1814. He was 

a sea captain. 

Children, born in Charlestown, Mass.: 

1074 Mary, born Feb. 20, 1777 ; died April 20, 1778. 

1075 Thomas, born May — , 1778 ; died May — , 1779. 

136 Jewett Genealogy 

1076 Thomas, born May 14, 1779 ; married Abigail Chapin.* 

1077 John, born Feb. 17, 1781 ; married Eliza Whittemore.* 

1078 Mary, born Dec. 26, 1782; married Aug. 11, 1807, Rev. Henry Col- 

man, son of Dudley and Mary (Jones) Colman. He was born 
in Boston, Mass., Sept. 12, 1785 ; graduated from Dartmouth 
College in 1805, and died at Islington, England, Aug. 17, 1849. 

1079 Ehza, born Aug. 22, 1785. 

1080 Sarah, born Sept. 17, 1787. 

1081 George, born Nov. 27, 1790. 

1082 Harriet, bom April 11, 1794. 

461 JONATHAN HARRIS (John"% Mary'^ Faith'", M<iximilian% 

Edward') was born in Charlestown, Mass., ; bapt. Oct. 15, 1752. He 

married in Boston, Mass., Oct. 14, 1776, Mary Devens, daughter of Hon. 
Richard and Mary (Townsend) Devens. She was bom in Charlestown 
April 18, 1756, and died in Boston April 7, 1812. He was a merchant in 

Children : 

1083 John, born . He died in Boston Sept. 5, 1797. 

1084 Samuel D., born ; married Rachel , and lived in Boston. 

1085 Richard D., born ; married Jane , and lived in Boston. 

1086 Henry, bom . Lived in Boston. 

1087 Charles, born ; married Sarah , and lived in Boston. 

1088 George, born . 

1089 Mary, born . 

1090 Harriet, born . 

1091 Amelia A., born — — . 

1092 Charlotte, born . She was the donor of the " Harris Chimes " 

to the First Church of Charlestown and a liberal benefactor of 
Charlestown's Public Library ; died in Boston May 31, 1877, aged 
83 years, 6 months, and 6 days. 
Five other children who died young. 

463 SAMUEL DOWSE, JR. (SamueP'% Maximilian<'^ Faith'^ Maxi- 
milian^, Edward') was born in Charlestown, Mass., March 5, 1733-4. He 
was baptized, an adult, March 10, 1754. Guardianship to R. Sutton, and 
to Abraham Haxy, April 12, 1752. 

He married April 8, 1756, Abigail Sweetser, daughter of Seth and 
Hannah (Bradish) Sweetser. She was born in Charlestown Nov. 29, 1734. 

He was taxed in Charlestown 1756-1765, and died . She married (2d) 

James Bradish, Jr. (Wyman.) 

Children, born in Charlestown, Mass.: 

1093 A child, born June 30, 1758; died young. 

1094 Samuel, born June 8, bapt. June 10, 1759 ; married Anne Kettell.* 


Sixth Generation 137 

1095 Alice, born Oct. 11, 1761 ; died Sept. 16, 1762. 

1096 Alice, bom July 1, 1763; died in infancy. 

1097 Alice, born Feb. 11, 1766; married Joseph Sprague.* 

465 JONATHAN JEWETT (Joseph''% Jonathan'^ Joseph^S Maxi- 
niilain^, Edward^) was born in Stratham, N. H., Oct. 22, 1727. He married 
Susannah Wiggin, and lived in Stratham, where he in 1748 signed the fol- 
lowing petition: 

" province of ) " To the Hour^' Theoder' Atkinson Esqr and others 
New hampshire f proprietters of Mason's Patent for lands in New hamp- 
shire wee The Subscribers humbly poticion your Honers to Confirme unto us 
a quantity of the Said Lands as your Honours shall Think proper according 
To the Tenor of your other Grants or Convayences ; Doubting Not but Your 
Honors will answer our poticion wee Subscriber our Selves your Humble 
Servants Stratham Novem^'^ y" 21'^ 1748. 

" Jonathan Jewett and others." 

He refused to sign the Association Test of the Committee of Safety of 
Stratham, 1776. 

Children, born in Stratham, N. H.: 

1098 Joseph, born May 19, 1762. 

1099 Stephen, born Oct. 27, 1763. 

1100 Ann, born Feb. 14, 1766. 

1101 Thomas, born Feb. 9, 1768. He was one of the settlers of New Dur- 

ham Gore (now Alton), N. H., and was drowned in Alton Bay. 

1102 Sarah, born March 12, 1770. 

1103 Andrew, born June 18, 1772 ; married Joanna Hobbs.* 

1104 Elizabeth, born Jan. 13, 1777. 

473 JACOB JEWETT (Joseph''% Jonathan<'% Joseph", Maximihan^ 
Edward^) was born in Stratham, N. H., May 1, 1743. He married April 7, 
1768, Deborah Light, daughter of Capt. John and Deborah (Smith) Light j 
of Exeter, N. H. She was born Nov. 19, 1749, and died Jan. 21, 1835. Her 
father, Capt. Light, was in command of a company of volunteers which 
served in Louisiana in 1745. In Exeter he was a tavern keeper and lumber 
dealer. Jacob Jewett lived in Stratham and later in life removed to San- 
bomton, N. H., of which place he was one of the proprietors. He was 
frozen to death in the woods near Exeter, Dec. 11 or 12, 1787. 


1105 Anna, born in Stratham, N. H., April 9, 1769; married Feb. 16, 

1794, Jethro Pearson. She died Aug. 30, 1794. 

1106 John, born in Stratham, N. H., May 27, 1771 ; married Ann France* 


138 Jewett Genealogy 

1107 Betsey, born in Stratham, N. H., June 13, 1773; married Feb. 5, 

1795, Thomas Wiggin, of Stratham. She died Jan. 2, 1825. 

1108 Mary (Polly), born in Stratham, N. H., Aug. 4, 1775 ; died March 1, 

1817, unm. 

1109 Joseph, born in Stratham, N. H., Sept 18, 1778 ; married Sally 


1110 Aaron, born in Winnicounett, N. H,, Jan. 2, 1781; married Nancy 


476 ANDREW JEWETT (Joseph"^ Jonathan'% Joseph's Maxi- 
milian^, Edward') was born in Stratham, N. H., Oct. 28, 1750. He married 
Molly Piper, daughter of Stephen and Abigail (Wiggin) Pipper, of Strat- 
ham. She was born Jan, 30, 1756, and died . He married (2d), Jan. 

14, 1796, Lydia Morrison, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Ayers) Morrison. 

He removed to Sanbornton, N. H., prior to 1776, and in company with 
his brother Joseph, first cleared his father's lot. No. 28, of the second division. 
He was one of the signers of the test to the petition to the General Assembly 
promising to defend the Colonies from the British, dated July 3, 1776, and 
was also appointed with four others a Committee of Safety in the town 
meeting 1777 ; was Selectman several years, Surveyor of Highways, Con- 
stable, and other town offices. He died Feb. 11, 1819. 

Children, born m Sanbornton, N. H., by first wife: 

1111 Molly, born March 5, 1777; married Stephen Gale.* 

1112 Joseph, born Dec. 18, 1778; married Mary Norris.* 

1113 Sarah, born Nov. 22, 1780; married Thomas Taylor.* 

1114 Abigail, born Nov. 22, 1783: married Joseph Parsons. 

1115 Stephen, born Dec. 29, 1784; died Nov. 17, 1786. 

1116 Anna (Nancy), born Oct. 15, 1786; died Dec. 29, 1870, unm. ) 

1117 Andrew, born Dec. 27, 1788; died Jan. 26, 1790. 

1118 Phebe, born Sept. 18, 1790; married James Calef.* 

1119 Mark, born Dec. 26, 1791 ; married Susan Evans.* 

1120 A child died June , 1794. 

1121 A child died at birth. 

Children, by second wife: 

1122 A child died Nov. 23, 1796. 

1123 A child died Sept. 22, 1797. 

1124 Deborah, born Feb. 13, 1799; married Mr. Smith (his 2d wife), a 

farmer of Dorchester, N. H. She died s. p. 

1125 Jonathan, bom Feb. 5, 1801 ; died in Canterbury, Oct. 25, 1825. 

1126 Daniel, born Oct. 7, 1802. Was a farmer in Dorchester, married, 

and died s. p. 

1127 James, born Nov. 1, 1804. He was a farmer in Dorchester, N. H., 

and died unm. 


* Sixth Generation 

478 BENJAMIN JEWETT (Benjamin''^ Jonathan'% Joseph", 
Maximilian^, Edward^) was bom in Stratham, N. H. He married Mary 
Dearborn, and settled in Hopkinton, N. H., where he signed the association 
test in 1776. 

Children, born in Hopkinton, N. H. 

1128 Benjamin, born March 16, 1762; married Hannah Moody.* 

1129 Dearborn, born Nov. , 1765 ; married Mary Furber.* 

1130 Mary (Polly), born . 

1131 Nathan, born March 6, 1767 ; married Ruth Payne.* 

1132 Susan, born . 

1133 Jotham, born Aug , 1777; married Susan Thompson.* 

480 DUMMER JEWETT (Jedediah'^S Jonathan«^ Joseph", Maxi- 
mihan^, Edward^) was born in Rowley, Mass., April 25, 1732. He married 
Dec. 12, 1754, Mary Staniford, and settled in Ipswich, Mass., where he soon 
became one of the leading men of the town. He graduated from Harvard 
College in 1752 and was a lawyer of note. He took a distinguished part in 
promoting our independence; was a Representative to the General Court of 
Massachusetts in 1776 and 1780, and served the Government in various other 
ways. " Dr. Calef of Ipswich, built a ship at New Mills, during the summer 
of 1775, and on the 5th of December of the same year the Legislature or- 
dered that Dummer Jewett Esq., apply to Dr. Calef of Ipswich, and require 
of him such information relative to a new ship built by his directions at the 
New Mills, and that he be desired to furnish them with a copy of all the 
papers relative to the matter, which he has received from the person or per- 
sons by whose order said vessel was purchased or built." 

" Dummer Jewett Esq., contributed £26 13s 14d for grain for the 
war." At the time of his marriage Dummer Jewett was of Newbury. He 
practiced law in Ipswich and was also a merchant in that town. He was 
appointed June 29, 1767, one of the School Board of the Ipswich Gramnier 

school and served until he resigned July 11, 1785. He died Oct , 1788, 

in consequence of an injury by falling 30 feet from a window. 

Children, born in Ipswich, Mass.: 

1134 Richard Dummer, born Sept. 24, 1755 ; married Lucy Kinsman.* 

1135 Sarah, born Jan. 19, 1760. 

1136 Epes, born June 7, 1761 ; married Betsey Hidden.* 

1137 Elizabeth, born ; bapt. March 25, 1764. 

1138 Jedediah, born Oct. 19, 1766; died Dec. 5, 1766. 

1139 Jedediah, born Dec. 22, 1769 ; died Feb. 15, 1771. 

1140 Jedediah, born ; bapt. Oct. 25, 1772. 

483 JACOB JEWETT (Jacob''^ Jonathan'% Joseph", Maximilian% 
Edward^) was born in Rowley, Mass., Jan. 4, 1745-6. He married in New- 
bury, Mass., Nov. 19, 1771, Ehzabeth Northend, daughter of Samuel and 

1-iO Jewett Genealogy 

Mary (Boynton) Northend. She wtis born Dec. 19, 1746, and died July 
29, i773. ' 

Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery : 









THE -29^ 1773 * 

AETAT 26 - * 


He married (.^d) June ':2'3. 1774. Mary Noyes. daughter of Joshua 

Noyes. She died Feb. , 1784. He married (3d), in Rowley, Aug. -t, 

1785. Sarah Clark, of Stratham, N. H. She died in Rowley, Sept. 17, 1795, 
and he married (4th), in Hamilton, May :-24. 1797, Meliitable Burpee, by 
Rev. Dr. Manassah Cutler. She died in Rowley. March 9, 1811. 

Jacob Jewett graduated from Harvard College in 1769. lived in Row- 
lev, and died there Aug. 27. 1712. 

Childrni^ born in Rozdci/. Mass., by first icife: 

1141 A child, died day of birth, May 2. 1773. 

Children, by second zcife: 

1142 Elizabeth, born May 7, 1775; married Jolm Searle, of Methuen, 

1143 Mary, born Oct. 4, 1776: married Feb. 19. 1803. Moses Smith, of 


1144 Prudence Xoyes. born Feb. 23. 1778: died in Rowley, Jan. 9. 1844. 


1145 Mehitable. born July 25. 1779: married by Rev. E. Bradford, Sept. 

30. 1797. William" Wicher (or Wither), of Methuen, Mass. 

1146 Sarah, born April 1, 1781: died in Methuen, Mass., Aug. 6, 1781, 


1147 Jacob, born Aug. 2. 1782. "Only son of Jacob (died) 1787." 

CC. R.\ ^ . ' 

.Children by third zcife: 

1148 Deborah, bom July 12. 1786: married by Rev. Willard Holbrook. 

June 27, 1820. Joshua Dummer, of Newbury. Mass. 

1149 Nancy, born Aug. 28. 1788: married Amos Smith. 

1150 Aucrusta. bom Feb. 5, 1790: married by Rev. Willard Holbrook. 

Julv 21. 1822. Jonathan Tavlor. Jr.. of Rowlev. 

1151 Jacob Clark, born April 1, 1794; died in Baltimore, ^Md.. Sept. , 

1824, unm. 

Sixth Generation 141 

484 JOSEPH JEWETT ( Jacob^*% Jonathan'-^ Joseph^S Maximilian', 
Edward') was born in Rowley, Mass., Feb. 19, 1748-9. He married there, 
by Rev. James Chandler, April 10, 1781, Hannah (Mighill) Gage, who died 
in Rowley, Oct. 13, 1826, aged 74 years. 

Mr. Jewett lived in Rowley, and was a soldier in the Revolution from 
that town. " Joseph Jewett, Rowley, Private, Capt. Edward Payson's 
(Rowley) co., of militia; which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; 
service 4 days ; also, Lieut. Moses Bradstreet's detachment ; service 14 days, 
in defence of Gloucester harbor; enlistment, 14 days; account rendered for 
wages and billeting, dated Rowley, Nov. 1.3, 1775, and sworn to at Ipswich" 
("Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in War of Revolution," Vol. VUI.). 

He died in Rowley (suddenly) July 10, 1819. 

Gravestones in Rowley Cemetery: 




Julr 10. 1819 

AET. 71 

" Mortals, how few among your race ; 

Have given this thought its weight; 

That on this present moment hangs 

Your everlasting Fate " 

relict of 
Mr Joseph Jewett 
died Oct. 13. 1826 
AET. 74 
O, hast thou made thy peace \\-ith God 
Or art thou still in nature's road; 
If so, repent, believe, obey. 
Ere death shall snatch thy breath away. 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

1152 Joseph, born March 11, 1782; married Elizabeth Clark.* 

1153 Bethiah, bom Jan. 9, 1786 ; died in Rowley, Jan. 14, I860, unm. 

1154 WiUiam, bom Oct. 12, 1788; died Feb. 24, 1809. 

Gravestone in Rowlev Cemetery : 

In Memory of 

William Jewett 

Son of 

Joseph & Hannah Jewett 

who died Feby 24th 1809 

in the 21st Year 

of his Age 

Here in the silent grave I lie: 
No more the scenes of life to try: 
And you dear friends, I leave behind. 
Must soon this eloomv mansion find. 

142 Jewett Genealogy 

1155 Jacob, born May 13, 1791 ; married Lucinda Harriman, of Bradford, 

Mass., daughter of Enoch and Sarah (Brocklebank) Harriman. 
She was born July 19, 1800, and died in Rowley, Nov. 14, 1884. 
He died there Oct. 23, 1858. 

1156 Samuel, born Sept. 25, 1793; married, by Rev. Willard Holbrook, 

April 28, 1828, Olive Dodge, daughter of Phineas and Mercy 
(Nelson) Dodge. He died in Rowley, Nov. 2, 1872, aged 79 
(gravestone). She died there March 20, 1873, aged 76 (grave- 

488 EUNICE THURSTON (Mehitable''^ Jonathan'% Joseph", Max- 
imilian^, Edward^) was born in Rowley, Mass., Oct. 4, 1736. She married 
John Harris, son of John and Mary (White) Harris. He was born in 1730, 
and died Sept. 20, 1808. She died in Rowley, Sept. 21, 1775. 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass. : 

1157 Mary, born . 

1158 Phebe, born Dec. 23, 1769; married June 14, 1798, Dr. Joshua 

Jewett (809). 

493 DANIEL THURSTON (Mehitable"% Jonathan'% Joseph", 
Maximihan^, Edward^) was born in Rowley, Mass., Dec. 14, 1745. He 
married Feb. 4, 1768, Judith Chute, daughter of Capt. Daniel and Hannah 
(Adams) Chute, of Newbury. She died Dec. 3, 1788. He married (2d) 
Mrs. Margaret Kinsman, of Ipswich, a sister of James Chute. She died 
Feb. 27, 1822, aged 75 years. He died in Ipswich, Mass., April 30, 1817. 

Children, all hy -first wife: 

1159 Susannah, born Nov. 1, 1768; married William Colman. 

1160 Stephen, born Jan. 2, 1770; married (1st) Philomela Parish; (2d) 

Sarah Burge; (3d) Hannah Worcester. 

1161 Judith, born Dec. 31, 1771 ; married Oct. 10, 1793, Samuel Pearson, 

of Providence, R. I. * 

1162 Daniel, born Dec. 18, 1772 ; died April 19, 1792, unm. 

1163 Hannah, born ; died in childhood. 

497 MOSES JEWETT (Mark''*, Jonathan*'^ Joseph", Maximilian% 
Edward') was born in Rowley, Mass., Jan. 29, 1737. He settled in Exeter, 
N. H., with his father in 1758, and married Mary Meade. She died in 1774, 
aged 32 years. He married (2d) in Rowley, Mass., Oct. 29, 1776, Mary 
Sawyer, of Byfield, Rowley. " By Rev. Moses Parsons, Oct. 29, 1776, 
Moses Jewett, of Hopkinton N. H. and Mary Sawyer of Byfields" (Rowley 
Record). He married (3d) in Kittery, Me., May 24, 1779, Mrs. Mary 
Varney. " Moses Jewett, son of Mark Jewett and Mary, his wife, of 

, Sixth Geneuation 143 

Hopkinton, in the County of Hillsborough, in the Province of New Hamp- 
shire, in New- England, widower, and Mary Vamey widow of Otis Vamey, 
deceased, daughter of William Fry and Abigail, his wife, of Kittery, de- 
ceased, married in Kittery, May 24, 1779 " (N, H. Genealogical Record). 

He removed to Hopkinton, N. H., before 1764 ; was a soldier in the 
Revolution and served as follows : " Muster and Pay Roll of Capt. Daniel 
Gordon's Co., Col. David Gilman's Reg., raised out of Regt., commanded 
by Nicholas Gilman to reinforce the Continental Army at N. Y. Moses 
■Jewit pd. £5 10s. Same Co., from Jan. 5, 1777 to March 15, 1777 pd. £2 
7s 4d" (N. H. S. P.). 

He signed the Association Test at Hopkinton in 1776. 

From the New Hampshire State Papers is taken the following : " To 
his Excellency John Wentworth Esq. Captain General and Govemour in 
Chief in, and over his Majesty s Province of New Hampshire, To the honour- 
able, his Majestys Council And to the honourable General Assembly of the 
Province of New Hampshire, in General Court assembled. 

" The Petition of the Inhabitants of Hopkinton in this Province of New 
Hampshire, humbly sheweth. That whereas we your humble Petitioners 
have been at great cost & charge in Settling a New Township, and settling 
the Gospel and maintaining it among us. Paying the Arrears of the Province 
Tax for three years which was not paid in proper season because we had no 
Power during that time to assess & Collect it (paying said arrears in three 
years after said tax ought to have been paid besides the proper tax of 
those years, in a Time of great scarcity of money. And in building an 
house for the public worship of God, with but very little Help from the non- 
resident Proprietors & owners of land in the Town) besides the additional 
Difficulties & Dangers which many of us suffered by living in a New Town- 
ship at the outside of all the Towns in the province, in the Time of the late 
War and settling a Gospel Minister in that Time; And by what we have 
done & suffered in these Times the Land of Nonresident Proprietors and 
owners, which lies in the Town has been greatly increased in Value with very 
little if any Cost to them, and we your humble Petitioners cannot but think 
that they ought in Reason & Equity to bear part of the charges of what has 
increased the Value of their land as well as to enjoy the Benefit. We there- 
fore your humble Petitioners humbly and earnestly pray. That your Excel- 
lency & your Honours would take our case into your wise & compassionate 
Consideration and in Order to making us some Relief under our heavy 
Burden if you think proper would pass an act to lay a tax of one Copper 
(or one half penny sterhng) per acre or so much as you shall think proper 
upon all the uncultivated Land in this town belonging to nonresident pro- 
prietors & Owners for the space of five years or as long as you shall think 
proper, Except what land in the Town is Owned by the Masonian Proprietors 
and so long as it is owned by them ; the appropriated Right for the Ministry 
and school and what is owned by the minister of the Town. 

" And if your Excellency and your Honours shall be pleased to Grant 

144 Jewett Genealogy 

our Petition in laying a Tax upon the Land aforesaid, We Humbly pray also 
that you would make Effectual Provission for us to assess said tax upon & 
collect it from said non-resident Proprietors & Owners of Land in said town 
of Hopkinton. For which Goodness your humble Petitioners for your Ex- 
cellency & your Honours as in Duty bound shall Ever pray. 
" Dated at Hopkinton Aforesaid 

" October 1st, 1767." 

Signed by Moses Jewett, Mark Jewett, John Jewett, Jr., and others. 

Moses Jewett was a member of the Shaker Society, and died in Weare, 
N. H., over 90 years old. 

Children, by first wife: 

1164 Mark, born . Tradition says he married and raised ten sons to 

manhood, and one daughter, who married a Mr. Follensbee. 

1165 Meade, born March 8, 1764. He entered the Enfield, N. H., Shaker 

Society in 1793, and died Nov. 7, 1848, unm. 

1166 Moses, born in Hopkinton, N. H., May 25, 1766. He entered the 

Enfield, N. H., Shaker Society in 1793 and died June 29, 1844, 

1167 Jesse, born in Hopkinton, N. H., April 5, 1770; married Rebecca 

Hammond Green.* 

1168 James, born in Hopkinton, N. H., , 1772; was drowned when 


1169 Mehitable, born in Hopkinton, N. H., Feb. 21, 1774; married John 


Children, by second wife: 

1170 Hannah (twin), born in Hopkinton, N. H., Dec. , 1776; died in 

Bridgewater, Mass., unmarried, aged 92 years. ^^ 

1171 Betsey (twin), born in Hopkinton, N. H., Dec. , 1776; married 

Capt. William Springer, and lived in Gardiner, Me. 

502 JAMES JEWETT (Mark^'*, Jonathan«^ Joseph", Maximilian^ 
Edward^) was born in Rowley, Mass., July 7, 1745. He married Molly 

, who died in Enfield, N. H., where she had been admitted to the Shaker 

Society Feb. 13, 1800. 

James Jewett settled in Exeter, N. H., in 1758, and afterwards in 
Hopkinton, N. H., where he refused to sign the Association Test in 1776. 
He again removed, with his two nephews, to Enfield, N. H., and joined the 
Shakers. He was admitted to that Society Aug. 1, 1793, and became Elder 
of the Church in 1795. He died July 17, 1804-5. 

Extracts from addresses made at the exercises commemorating the 
" Hundredth Anniversary of the Shaker Church of Enfield" held Oct. 18, 

1893. Address by Abraham Perkins. " Zadok Wright, in Sept. , 

1782, with the Brethren from New Lebanon, journeyed from Hartland to 
Enfield, N. H., when, meeting James Jewett, Sen., who was at work on a 
bridge at North Enfield, they were invited to his house, situated on Shaker 

Sixth Generation 145 

Hill, so called since that time. Here they tarried some days, and to his 
family and their neighbors they preached the testimony of the cross of 
Christ, a separation from the spirit of the world. It appears that James 
Jewett and many others were in labor, seeking for something more sound, 
substantial and protective, than was to be found in the orthodox churches 
and religious bodies known to them, and were prepared to listen to the new 
doctorine advanced by the brethren, which met the understanding of many 
and was embraced as I have been told, by as many as two hundred men, 
women and children in those early days, many of whom proved faithful 
through life. James Jewett, Sen,, was the first man in New Hampshire 
who confessed his sins ; his family united with him, all of whom, I believe, 
with one exception, honored their gospel call and were faithful to the end, 
having become to the Church efficient members." 

Address by Elder H. C. Blinn : " The wicked lookers-on of that day 
called these zealous souls by many nick-names, among which were the " New 
Lights," " Come Outers " and " Merry Dancers." Stories were circulated 
of the queer things that were done by the Shakers. Some of these were black 
stories and some were shaded to suit the company that listened. Sometimes 
they were more mirthful than malicious." 

" The Shakers now held their hour of worship at the residence of James 
Jewett. Here the faithful and unfaithful congregated and for eleven 
years the old " Shaker Hill " resounded with more singing and shouting and 
shaking than has ever been heard, since that date, throughout the whole town 
of Enfield. In those meetings, the voice of God was the voice of the people. 
It was quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword. 

To attend this meeting men and women would travel for miles. In sum- 
mer it was on foot or on horseback, and in winter it was sometimes on an 
ox sled. 

" James Jewett had a singular visitor from the State of Maine. He 
was a ' New Light Baptist,' and on his way to Vermont in search of a new 
home. He called on his New Light brother Jewett, and received faith. 
This man says he was suddenly taken from his chair by some unknown power 
and spun like a top. He whirled out of the house, down to the shore of the 
Mascoma Lake, and then back to the same place again. This confirmed him 
in his faith and he became a zealous preacher of the gospel. It was an odd 
way to ordain a minister, and yet no more singular than it was to strike a 
man with blindness and throw him to the ground, in order to convert him. 

" James Jewett became a zealous advocate of the new religion and 
opened his house to all who embraced the faith, and to this day his name 
rests upon the memory without a tarnish, and the Society in Enfield speak of 
him with deep affection. To him the scripture promise was a sure inheri- 
tance. ' Be thou faithful unto death, and I will give thee a crown of life.' 

" With the father, James Jewett, came the mother and several sons and 
daughters, all of whom consecrated their lives to God and for the good of 
his people." 

146 Jewett Genealogy 

Children : 

1172 Sarah, born Jan. 15, 1774. Entered the Shaker Society in 1793, 

and died Aug. 1, 1854, unm. 

1173 Phoebe, born May 24, 1776. Admitted to the Shaker Church July 

16, 1793, and died April 8, 1795. 

1174 James, born Jan. 18, 1777. Entered the Shaker Society in March, 

1793, and died Nov. 5, 1854, unm. 

1175 Haynes, born in Enfield, N. H., May 16, 1781 ; married Hannah 


1176 Elvira, born in Enfield, N. H., Eeb. 4, 1783. Admitted to the 

Shaker Church Feb. 13, 18Q0, and died Dec. 5, 1851, unm. 

507 JOHN JEWETT (Moses^^% Jonathan''% Joseph", Maximilian^ 
Edward^) was born in Exeter, N. H., in 1740. He married there, in 1762, 
his cousin, Katharine Jewett (499), daughter of Mark and Mary (Chute) 
Jewett (184). They settled in Exeter, and 1766 removed to Hopkinton, 
N. H., where he died in 1810. She died there in 1806. He signed the As- 
sociation Test in Hopkinton in 1776. 

Children : 

1177 Stephen, born in Exeter, N. H., Aug. 13, 1763; married (1st) Sarah 

Kennedy; (2d) Ehzabeth Haskell. 

1178 Daniel, born in Exeter, N. H., Aug. 17, 1765; married Betsey 


1179 Timothy, born in Hopkinton, N. H., Oct. , 1767; married Ruth 


1180 Samuel, born in Hopkinton, N. H., Oct. 4, 1772; married (1st) 

Sarah Kimball; (2d) Abigail Stevens.* 

1181 Martha, born in Hopkinton, N. H. ; died, aged 7 years. 

1182 Caleb, born in Hopkinton, N. H., Aug. 1, 1779; married Caroline 


1183 John, bom in Hopkinton, N. H. ; died, aged 4 years. 

508 MARY JEWETT (Moses^'% Jonathan«% Joseph", Maximilian% 
Edward^) was born in Exeter, N. H., in 1742. She married there March 
10, 1765, Jonathan Conner, Jr., son of General Jonathan and Mehitable 
(Thing) Conner. He was born in Exeter Oct. 14, 1737, and died there 
Nov. 13, 1820. She died in Exeter, Nov. 25, 1816. 

Children, born in Exeter, N. H.: 

1184 Jesse, bom Dec. 18, 1765; died in Parsonfield, Me., Jan. 8, 1841. 

1185 Elizabeth, born Aug. 14, 1770; died Sept. 25, 1770. 

1186 Daniel, born Aug. 17, 1771 ; died Sept. 23, 1863. 

1187 Nathaniel, born Oct. 16, 1773; married (1st) "Widow" Tirzah 

(Lyford) Conner; (2d) Elizabeth Palmer.* 

Sixth Generation 147 

1188 Jedediah, born Oct. 20, 1775 ; died Jan. 28, 1783. 

1189 Mary, born Jan. 11, 1778. 

1190 Jonathan, born April 29, 1780; died Sept. 7, 1780. 

1191 Eunice, born May 24, 1782; died July 22, 1867. 

510 SAMUEL JEWETT (Moses^«% Jonathan«% Joseph", Maxi- 
milian% Edward^) was bom in Exeter, N. H., in 1746. He married (Pub. 
in Exeter Oct. 7, 1786) Abigail Folsom, of Epping, N. H. He signed the 
Association Test in 1776, and was a soldier in the Revolution : " Samuel 
Jewett, Petersham (also given Exeter), Capt. Joel Fletcher's co.. Col. 
Ephraim Doohttle's regt. ; receipt for advance pay signed by said Jewett and 
others dated camp near Charlestown Road, June 8, 1775; also, Corporal 
same co., and regt. ; muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775 ; enlisted April 27, 1775 ; 
service 3 mos. 12 days; also company return dated Winter Hill, Oct. 6, 
1775" (" Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in War of Revolution," Vol. VIII.). 


1192 William, born ; married Betsey Libby.* 

511 JEDEDIAH JEWETT (Moses^«^ Jonathan«^ Joseph", Maxi- 
milian^ Edward^) was bom in Exeter, N. H., Jan. 3, 1749. He married 
Dec. 14, 1773, Naomi Bridges, of Billerica, Mass., daughter of Moody and 
Naomi (Frye) Bridges. She was born in Andover, Mass., Sept. 7, 1748, 
and died in Gardiner, Me., Feb. 26, 1805 ; buried in Christ Church Yard, 
Gardiner. She was a sister of Ruby Bridges, who married James Jewett 
(522). Her father. Moody Bridges, was one of the grantees of Bridge- 
town, Me., which town is said to have been named in his honor. 

Mr. Jewett married (2d) Dec. 25, 1808, Elizabeth Breed, of Billerica. 
He was a patriot during the Revolution and served the State and country a 
number of years. The following is from the records of the Committee of 
Safety of New Hampshire and the New Hampshire State Papers : 

" Pay Roll of Capt. John Parker's Co., Col. Timothy Bedel's Regt., 
raised by the Colony of N. H. in defence of Liberties of America, joined the 
Northern Division of Continental Army under Gen. Montgomery, 1775. 
Jedediah Jewett, private July 12, 1775, discharged Dec. 21, 1775, time 5 
mo. 20 days, pay £10 6s 8d— for coat and Blanket £1 16s, for billeting 
£13 6s 5p." 

" Capt. John Parker's Co., Mustered, Sworn and paid first months 
wages Aug. 2, 1775 Jedediah Jewett of Hopkinton." 

" Capt. John Parker's Co., time they got Home from Canedy alowing 

15 days for march from said Canedey, Jedediah Jewett Dec. 31, 1775." 

" Sent by Nicholas Nicholls 400 pair Shoes, 50 pair Leather Breeches, 

16 Shirts & 180 pair Stockins to be carried to the Army & DeHver them to 
Noah Emery Jun^, Jedediah Jewet or Wm. Bell & take receipt. Augs*^ 6, 

148 Jewett Genealogy 









D'd Capt. Isaac Frye 





Capt. Ben Kimball 





C. Rich'i Brown. 

12 50 180 393 

1777 Aug. 28 Rec*^ the Contents by Mr. Nichols according to the account 
for the use of the Soldiers. 

" Jedediah Jewett." 

"Aug. 28, 1777 Rec'd of Jedediah Jewett five Shirts Twelve pair 
Breeches fifty Eight pair Stokens and one hundred & Thirty four pair 
Shoes for which I promise to pay the Money as soon as it can be drawn. 

" 1 pr Breeches d"^ Major Derbon 

Isaac Frye Capt." 

" Aug. 28, 1777 Rec'd of Jedediah Jewett five Shirts sixteen pair 
Leather Breeches forty two p*" Stockins & one hundred & thirty one pair 
shoes for which I promise to pay the Money as soon as it can be Drawed. 

" Rec'd 1 p^ Breeches back. 

Benj^ Kimball pay Master 

" Saterday Sep*"" 13th Ordered the R. G., to pay Jedediah Jewett £6 for 
Delivering Stores to our Troops on Hudson's River, in the Contin. Army." 

" Feb. 3d 1778— Gave a Hcense to Cap* Eliph<^ Ladd and M^ Jedediah 
Jewett to transport to Kennebunk to the Value of 110 bushels of Corn & 
grain to pay for a quantity of Salt which they bo* there in Octob^ last & 
bro* into this State & engaged to pay in com." 

"Thursday July 13, 1780. Ordered the R. G. to Issue in Notes 
£50,000, agrea, to the resolve of G. Court of the 29*^ of June last, payable 
to such Persons and in Such Sums as Jedediah Jewett Shall request, the 
Same being to pay for horses purchased by said Jewett for the State, he to 
be accountable." 

" July 28*"^ 1780 — Gave M'' Jewett verbal Directions to deliver four 
Horses to General Stark to go in a Waggon." 

" Aug* 3d 1780 — Gave orders to Jedediah Jewett to send of 30 horses 
to Fish Kill." 

" Aug 19*^^ — Ordered M'* Jewett to furnish a Horse for Gen^ Sullivan. 
See his Instructions in the Book of Copies of Letters &c." 

" Aug 22d 1780 — Ordered the Treasurer to let M"" Jedediah Jewett 
have out of the Treasury twelve hundred pounds, to be by him accounted 
for £1200." 

" September 2rd 1780 — Ordered D° (R. H) to let Jedediah Jewett have 
£70, in bill of the New Emission, to be accounted for £70." 

Sixth Generation 149 

" Saterday, Sept. 23d 1780 — Ordered the Treasurer to make out in 
Notes, agreable to a resolution of the General Court of June last, for twenty 
five thousand pounds, in the Names of the Persons in such respective Sums 
as M^ Jedediah Jewett shall desire & produce Receipts from setting forth 
such Purchases & agreable to the Dates of said Receipts, 25,000." 

" Proceedings of the General Assembly 
" Tuesday, Jan'y 9th 1781 

" Vote appointing Jedediah Jewet to be Sub-Clothier & Commissary in 
the room of Major Bass who has resigned. 

" Saterday Jan ye 27th 1781 

" Vote for President to write to the paymaster of the Continental 
Army, desiring him to pay the wages of the six months men to Jedediah 

(Board of War Commissary Jewett) 

State of New ) War Office Portsm° Feb. 3^ 1781 



Mr Jedediah Jewett 

Sir — ^Your Information to the Board of War that the State have 
appointed you Issuing Commissary in Camp to the Troops raised by them 
for the Continental service — They suppose it necessary to give the following 
directions for your government, that of course falls within their depart- 
ment with you. — On your arrival at Camp apply to Maj'^ Joseph Bass late 
Commissary and receive of him all & singular the stores on hand giving him 
a receipt specifying each article & transmit to the Board an account of the 
same — All Cloathing & Stores that is on hand and that you may receive 
from the Board — is to be appropriated for the use & Comfort of the Troops 
of this State, and you are to regulate a supply to the officers & privates 
yearly (including what you may draw from the Continent) agreeable to the 
resolves of Congress, and in case of a surplus furnished by the Board, — 
Each officer & private is to pay for what he shall receive over & above 
the yearly suite at the rates they are charged in the Invoice you may receive 
with the Goods, allways bearing in mind to regulate a just proportion to 
officers & privates when the store does not admit a surplus — & at no time 
to exhaust the Store unnecessarily — All articles delivered officers or privates 
you are to keep a particular & Individual ace* of for the purpose of their 
account'g on a depreciating or appreciating proportion to the mode of 
adjustment agreed upon by the state & the Line of the Army — All articles 
under the Denomination of Refreshments that may be sent you by the 
Board are to be paid for or debted to each Individual — you are to furnish 
the Board with a Roll of deficiencies from time to time thereby thay may 
seasonably furnish the Store if possible. 

For govern'g your conduct in any deficiency to the officers or privates 
you must commence from the begin'g of the year 1780 — as all matters of 

150 Jewett Genealogy 

this kind previous thereto, are under an adjustment by the State, and for 
this purpose it will be necessary to obtain a Roll from Maj^ Bass of his 
Issues, previous to his leaving Camp — You will attend to a Correspondence 
with the Board thereby they will be the better enabled to regulate your 
proceed'gs with them — Wish'g you health 

By order of the Board 

J. W. 
(Joshua Wentworth) 

" Thursday Feb'y 1, 1781 — The president wrote to General Washing- 
ton respecting the hard money to be sent forward by M"" Jewett . 
Also to the Pay Master Gen^ & to the pay Master of the New Hamp^ Line, 
inclosing Copies of a Vote ' requesting that any Sum or Sums of money 
due to those men who engaged in Continental Service from this State the 
year past, for the term of six months, may be paid into the hands of M'* 
Jedediah Jewett. 

" Directed M^ Jewett to take out of the 27,000 dollars for which he 
had an order on the Treasurer, Such sum as may be necessary to defray 
his Expences to the Army ; and to make return of his doings as soon as may 
be after his arrival at Camp. Also, desired him to proceed with all due 
caution untill he shall arrive at Hartford, in the State of Connecticutt, and 
that if he should not find there some trusty Guard (or other persons who 
may be relied on), bound to the Army, and with whom he could keep Com- 
pany, he was directed to hire a suitable & sufficient Guard to proceed with 

" Tuesday, Feb'y 6th 1781 — took into consideration the request of 
Sundry Soldiers now at home on furlow, for whom part of the money, to be 
sent forward to the Army was designed; Ordered M^ Jedediah Jewett, Sub- 
clothier & Commissary, to deliver one thousand Dollars, New Emission, to 
Mr John Taylor Gilman to be applyed by him for the above purpose. 
Wrote to Col° Peabody requesting him to furnish M"" Jewett, who is going 
to Head Quarters, with a Continental Horse (if such an one he hath in his 
possession) which he is to deliver to such Quarter Master as he shall be 

" Thursday, 7th March 1782— Ordered the Board of War to Deliver 
to M'' Jedediah Jewett the one month pay in Beef and Rum (as Major) 
which was ordered for the Officers & Soldiers by the General Assembly 
(Order returned & one granted 26th Septem'", On Capt. Giddings)" 

" Saterday, July 24th 1782— Ordered the Treas^ to let M^ Jed^ Jewett 
have out of the Teasurer fifteen pounds, to enable him to go to head 
quarters, and for which he is accountable." 

« Dec'' 13th 1782— Ordered the Tres^ to pay M'" Jedediah Jewett Six 
pounds, lawful money, toward his Ace* for Expences to Boston, relative to 
settling the accounts of Beef Cattle, and for which he is to be accountable." 

Sixth Generation \ 151 

Mr. Jewett was Selectman of Exeter in 1779, 1782, 1783, and 1784. 
He was Representative in 1782 and 1784. In 1787 he removed to Pittston, 
Me., and settled on the farm opposite Grant's shipyard, at Bowman's Point. 
He built the brick house now owned and occupied by Daniel Derry, near 
the residence of the late Jonathan Winslow, who was the first white child 
born in the town (he was born March 25, 1761 ; died Nov. 18, 1845). Mr. 
Jewett was prominent in local matters of his new home. He was moderator 
in 1791, 1793, 1795, 1796, 1798, 1804, 1805, 1806, 1808, 1809, and 1810; 
was Town Clerk in 1788; Treasurer in 1797; Selectman in 1790, 1791, 
1792, 1803, 1804, 1805, 1806, 1807, and 1809; was Representative to the 
Massachusetts General Court in 1792, 1795, 1801, 1805, and 1806. 

The Society or Parish of St. Ann, now Christ Church (Episcopal) of 
Gardiner, Me., was incorporated March 28, 1793. He was one of the 
incorporators and one of the vestrymen. In 1806 there was not a wagon 
in Pittston, and but two chaises, one of which belonged to him. 

He died Jan. 23, 1823; buried in Christ Churchyard, Gardiner, Me. 

Children : 

1193 Mary Matilda, born in Exeter, N. H., Oct. 9, 1774; married Hon. 

Daniel Tilton.* 

1194 Enoch, born in Exeter, N. H., Nov. 24, 1776 ; married Oct. 13, 1822, 

Mrs. Lucretia Newhall of New Haven, Conn. He lived several 
years on the Jedediah Jewett farm in Pittston, which he sold about 
1838 to Theodore Ripley, but through failure in payment it came 
into his possession again. He was one of the trustees of the 
Gardiner Savings Institution at its organization June 26, 1834, 
and was a successful shipmaster. Capt. Jewett lived some years 
previous to his death in the house now used as a hotel in Pittston, 
(now Randolph) Village. It was previously occupied by Dr. 
James Legare Freer, who married Elizabeth Wood Tilton (2428). 
Capt. Jewett died Feb. 22, 1846, s. p. Buried in Christ Church- 
yard, Gardiner, Me. 

1195 Sarah, born in Exeter, N. H., Oct. 12, 1778 ; married Joseph Farley.* 

1196 Wilham, born in Exeter, N. H., Sept. 10, 1780; died in Pittston, 

Me., March 4, 1799. 

1197 Moody Bridges, born in Exeter, N. H., Feb. 1, 1783; died in Pitts- 

ton, Me., Oct. 28, 1811, unm. 

1198 Martha, born in Exeter, N. H., Feb. 12, 1785: married James 


1199 Charles, bom in Exeter, N. H., March 7, 1787 ; died in Pittston, Me., 

July 1, 1809, unm. 

1200 Harriet, born in Pittston, Me., Sept. 1, 1791 ; died there March 25, 

1808, unmarried. 

Child by second wife: 

1201 James Tyler, born in Pittston, Me., ; died Dec. 1, 1810. 

15S Jewett Genealogy 

512 DAVID JEWETT (Moses''^ Jonathan'^ Joseph", Maximilian% 
Edward^) was born in Exeter, N. H., about 1750. He married (pub. Oct. 
7, 1786) Polly (Mary) Shepard of Brentwood, N. H., daughter of Rev. 
Dr. Shepard. They settled in Exeter, from which town he was a soldier 
in the Revolution. " Muster Roll of Capt. Daniel Gordon's Co., Col. Thomas 
Task's Regt., to reinforce Continental Army at New York, mustered Sept. 
ye 20, 1776; David Jewett of Exeter." (N. H. S. P.) 

" Roll of Capt. Daniel Gorden's Co., Col. Task's Regt., to reinforce 
Continental Army at New York ; mustered September y® 20th 1776 David 
Jewett of Exeter pd. £8 10s." (N. H. S. P.) 

" Tuesday Aprill 22, 1777 — Gave papers to John Bartlet of Epping, 
Levi Chapman of New Market & David Jewett of Exeter, to go to Fishkill 
in the State of New York, to Drive Continental Teams." (Committee of 
Safety Records of N. H.) 

About 1800 he removed to Palmyra, Me., and died in St. Albans, Me., 
in 1840. 


1202 Betsey, born in Exeter, N. H., , 1788; married White. 

1203 Caroline, born in Exeter, N. H., ; married Moore. 

1204 Mary, born in Exeter, N. H., . 

1205 David Hale, bom in Exeter, N. H., , 1793 ; married Hannah 

Yale, daughter of Daniel Yale of Portsmouth, N. H. She was 
born in 1796 and died in 1851. He lived in Palmyra, Me. 

1206 Clarissa, born in Dover, N. H., March 2, 1795; married in 1812 

Daniel Robinson of Brentwood, N. H. 

1207 Harriet, born in ; married John White, and lived in Palmyra, 


1208 Shepard, born in Palmyra, Me,, ; married Brown. 

513 MARTHA JEWETT (Moses''% Jonathan'% Joseph", Maxi- 
milian^, Edward^) was born in Exeter, N. H., in 1759. She married there 
Joseph Osborne of Exeter. 

Children, born vn Exeter, N. H.: 

1209 Sophia, born ; married William Pearson of Exeter, and lived 

in Waterville, Me. 

1210 Joseph, born ; died at the age of 20 years. 

1211 Henry, born ; died unm. 

1212 Martha Hale, born ; married James Odlin of Exeter. 

1213 George, born ; married Conner. 

1214 Oliver, born ; lived in Somersworth, Mass. 

1215 Sarah, born ; died in Exeter, N. H., unm. 

515 JONATHAN JEWETT (Moses"^ Jonathan'% Joseph", Maxi- 
milian^, Edward^) was born in Exeter, N. H., in 1761. He as a young man 
made his home in Rowley, Mass., and was a soldier in the Revolution from 

Sixth Generation 153 

that town. " Description of men raised to reinforce the Continental Army 
for the term of 6 months agreeable to resolve of June 5, 1780 ; returned as 
received of Justin Ely, Commissioner, by Brig. Gen. John Glover, at Spring- 
field, Aug. 2, 1780; age 19 years; stature 5 ft. 5 in.; complexion, light; 
engaged for the town of Rowley; arrived at Springfield July 11, 1780; 
marched to camp Aug. 2, 1780 under command of Lieut. Benjamin Pike; 
also, list of men raised for the 6 months service and retained by Brig. 
G^n. Paterson as having passed muster in a return dated Camp Totoway, 
Oct. 25, 1780. 

" Jonathan Jewett, Private : pay roll for 6 months men detached from 
militia of the town of Row^ley for service in the Continental Army during 
1780; marched from home July 6, 1780; discharged Jan. 10, 1781 ; service 6 
mos. 16 days, including, travel (240 miles) home; also, receipt dated Boston, 
June 13, 1782, for bounty paid said Jewett by David Burpe, Chairman of 
Class No. 5 of the town of Rowley to serve in the Continental Army for 
the term of 3 years." (Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in War of Rev., Vol. 

He married in Bradford, Mass., Nov. 17, 1791, Hannah Hale, daughter 
of Eliphalet and Rachel (Johnson) Hale. She was born April 18, 1769. 
They settled in Londondary, N. H., and about 1798 removed to a farm on 
Beech Hill, Pittston, Me. 

" The first farms in Pittston ever cleared were on the east side of the 
Kennebec River on the road to the meadows on Warromontogus stream by 
Ebenezer Byrum and Major Seth Gay. Jonathan Jewett was one of the 
first to start his clearing on Beech Hill, and it was contemporaneous with 
the above." (Hist, of Gardiner, Me.) 

He was on the muster roll of Capt. Stephen Jewett's Co. of Foot of 
Pittston in 1799. 

He died Nov. — , 1807, and was buried in North Pittston, Me. His 
widow married Oct. 4, 1821, by Rev. John W. Ellingwood of Bath, Me., 
William Swanton Crocker of Bath, and died in Bath May 9, 1856. 


1216 Moses, born in Londondary, N. H., Feb. 2, 1793 ; married Mary Ann 


1217 Hannah, born in Londondary, N. H., Sept. 3, 1795 ; married Henry 


1218 Samuel Hale, born in Londondary, N. H., Aug. 20, 1797; married 

Mary Pottle.* 

1219 George, born in Pittston, Me., Feb. 1, 1801 ; married Sarah Hale.* 

1220 Elisabeth, bom in Pittston, Me., March 8, 1803; married in Bath, 

Me., Nov. 20, 1834, William Jenks Crawford. They lived in 
Bath, where she died Sept. 15, 1891. Their child, Maria E., born 
in Bath July 13, 1837, married Nov. 2, 1869, Frank W. Tilsston, 
and died Nov. 12, 1875, s. p. 

154 Jewett Genealogy 

518 JOSEPH JEWETT ( James''% Jonathan'% Joseph", Maximilian% 

Edward^) was born in Newburyport, Mass., , 1749. He settled in 

Scarborough, Me., and married there, in 1779, Ruth McLaughlin of that 
place. She was of Scotch-Irish descent and rendered her husband most 
effective assistance. She died May 7, 1848, aged 91 years, 9 months, and 
7 days. 

Mr. Jewett removed from Scarborough to Portland, Me., and became 
a merchant of that place. In 1773 he bought a lot and house, then unfin- 
ished, of John Greewood for 500 pounds, old tenor, equivalent to 136 silver 
dollars. This was a " tavern house " on the south corner of Middle and 
Silver streets, a three-story wooden structure with brick ends. He finished 
the house and moved into it in November, 1786, where he kept a store in the 
lower eastern room and did a large business. 

He and his brother James were two of the incorporators of the Second 
Parish Church Society of Portland, Me., March 17, 1788. He died July 

15, 1796. 


1221 James, born in Scarborough, Me., Sunday, Nov. 28, 1779. He 

graduated from Harvard College in 1800 and commenced the 
practice of- law in Portland, but left it in a few years for an 
appointment in the Custom House. He died in Portland in 1824, 

1222 William, born in Scarborough, Me., Saturday, Oct. 13, 1781. 

" In 1809 William Jewett, with his uncle, James Jewett, em- 
ployed Moulton of Portland, who had a shipyard where the Gait 
Block now is, to build them a fast brig to run the English 
blockade at Guadaloupe, but the Island had surrendered before 
she arrived there. She was of 190 tons burthen ; John Curtis, 
Master and William Cammett first mate, and was called the 
Rapid. William Jewett, one of the owners, was a passenger on 
the vessel and was determined to make a good voyage at all haz- 
ards notwithstanding he had been disappointed in obtaining a 
cargo of coffee. He decided to purchase a cargo of cotton 
at Charlestown, S. C, and to seek a market in Europe. On 
arrival at Falmouth England he learned that cotton was wanted 
in Memel in Prussia at a dollar a pound. The brig joined a 
convoy of 700 sail of merchantmen at Gottenburg, all bound 
up the Baltic under a British convoy of several frigates and 
two line-of-battle ships, one of which was the Victory, Nel- 
son's flag-ship on whose deck he lost his life at the Battle of 
Trafalgar in 1805. On the arrival of the Rapid at Memel in 
November she was seized by Bonapartist officials, as the City had 
a few days before surrendered to him and a guard of 16 French 
soldiers were put on board. After several days trial on shore by 
Mr. Jewett and the Captain to have the brig released, Mr. Jewett 

Sixth Generation I55 

came on board without the Captain and was much affected at the 
loss of his vessel and cargo, which was confiscated as the vessel 
was from a British port and under a British convoy. Mr. Jew- 
ett's state of mind excited Mr. Cammett's sympathy and he pro- 
posed to him that with his permission he would retake the brig 
and run her out by the forts, to which Mr. Jewett gladly as- 
sented and the crew as gladly promised their assistance as they 
would lose their wages if the vessel remained a prize to the 
French. That day a crew of pilots came aboard to take the 
brig up to the town to avoid the ice. The cook could speak 
French and was of great assistance in the project. The Pilots 
attempted to weigh anchor but found it foul of some obstruc- 
tion, when Mr. Cammett proposed through the cook to set some 
of the lower sails which would assist them in clearing the anchor, 
to which they agreed. The time to act now arrived. The wind 
was favorable and the sails were set except the jib. When the 
vessel headed right Mr. Cammett told the men to hoist the jib, 
which the Frenchmen tried to prevent, suspecting the intentions 
and ordered the soldiers to fire on the crew but the guns would 
not go off, as the faithful cook, by Mr. Cammett's orders, had 
removed the flints, Mr. Cammett seized an axe from its hiding 
place and at one blow cut the hemp cable to the windlass and 
held the axe for future use, if necessary. The soldiers and 
pilots went over the side into their boats and with a swift breeze 
the Rapid run by the forts under fire but without receiveing a shot 
aboard. The Rapid arrived and wintered at Rega in Russia 
where her cargo was sold for a large price and she sailed for 
Boston via London, making the passage from London to Boston 
in the unprecedented time of 15 days. 

" Early in the summer of 1812 the owners of the Rapid put 
in a heavy battery of 15 guns and 100 men and dispatched her 
as a privateer and after a varied career was captured by the 
British and fitted out as a brig-of-war and entered on the list of 
the English Navy as the Nova Scotia." (Portland Centennial 
Sarah, born in Portland, Me., Saturday, Nov. 1, 1783; died Mon- 
day, Nov. 10, 1783. 
Sarah, born in Portland, Me., Friday, Oct. 14, 1785; died there 
Monday, Nov. 29, 1875, unm. 
1225 Joseph Scott, born in Portland, Me., Wednesday, June 11, 1788; 
married Mary P. de Mar.* 
Hannah, born in Portland, Me., Friday, March 11, 1791 ; died there 

Thursday, Sept. 29, 1803. 
Luther, born in Portland, Me., Sunday, April 7, 1793; married in 
1852 Charlotte Parsons Jones, daughter of Theodore and Kath- 



156 Jewett Genealogy 

erine Winthrop (Sargent) Jones. She was born in Ellsworth, 
Me., July 11, 1814. He was the Collector of the Port from 
1848 to 1852, and died there in 1856. She married (2d) Rev. ' 
Roger S. Howard, and lived in Greenfield, Mass. 

1228 George, born in Portland, Me., Friday, May 8, 1795; died Tues- 

day, April 17, 1883. 

519 REV. CALEB JEWETT (James"% Jonathan'% Joseph", Maxi- 
milian^, Edward^), was bom in Newburyport, Mass. He graduated from 
Dartmouth College in 1776, and married in Bradford, Mass., Nov. — , 
1783, Ehzabeth Bacon of Bradford. " The town of Hallowell Maine as- 
sembled Oct. 13, 1777, at the house of Thomas Sewell and gave him a call 
" to take the pastoral charge of their church and congregation of the 
town upon a salary of eighty pounds per year, after the rate of Indian 
corn at four shillings per bushel and to raise or fall according to the price 
of corn for the first five years and afterwards to give him £100 per year 
as long as he shall continue our minister." In addition he was to have 100 
acres of land " as near the middle of the town as it can be got." This 
offer was declined. He afterwards accepted a call from Gorham, Me., and 
was ordained there Nov. 5, 1783, and was the third Congregational min- 
ister the church had. He was dismissed from his charge Sept. 8, 1800, and 
died in Gorham in 1802. (Hist, of Kennebec Co., Maine.) 

He was one of the overseers of Bowdoin College from 1794 to 1798. 

Children, born in Gorham, Me.: 

1229 Jonathan, born . 

1230 Martha, born . 

1231 Caleb, born . 

1232 Betsey, born . 

522 DEACON JAMES JEWETT (James''% Jonathan'% Joseph", 
Maximilian^, Edward^) was born in Newburyport, Mass., May 28, 1758. 
He settled in Portland, Me., in 1784, and married there, June 15, 1784, 
Polly McLellan, daughter of Joseph McLellan. She was born in Portland, 
and died there Sept. — , 1799. He married (2d), in Andover, Mass., Sept. 
10, 1801, Ruby Bridges, daughter of Moody Bridges of Andover and 
sister of Naomi, who married Jedediah Jewett (511). She was born in 
Andover April 30, 1771, and died in Portland Sept. — , 1848. 

Mr. Jewett was a merchant in Portland and was one of the petitioners 
to the General Court of Massachusetts from Falmouth Nov. 15, 1785, to 
be incorporated into a separate town. 

He died in Portland, Me., Sept. 15, 1843. 

Children, born vn Portland, Me., first wife: 

1233 Joseph, born June 8, 1786; married Matilda Cornell.* 

Sixth Generation 157 

1234. James, born April 22, 1788; died Feb. — , 1808. 

1235 Stephen McLellan, born April 11, 1791 ; died April 11, 1792. 

1236 Mary, born Nov. 30, 1793 ; married Samuel Warren of Gorham, 

Me., and died in 1869. 

1237 Martha, born May 9, 1795 ; died June 26, 1847. 

1238 Eunice Kellogg, born March 5, 1798; died May — , 1798. 

Children, hy second wife: 

1239 Edward, born Nov. 28, 1802; died June 5, 1817. 

1240 Albert, born Nov. 15, 1803 ; married Louisa Hutchins.* 

1241 Eleanor, born July 23, 1805; died Sept. 14, 1806. 

1242 Jedediah, born July 21, 1807 ; married Elizabeth Fox.* 

1243 Eleanor Varnum, born July 23, 1809; died Sept. 12, 1812. 

1244 Henry James, born April 11, 1813. He graduated from Bowdoin 

College in 1833 ; married Mrs. Mary Ball of Missouri and settled 
in Texas, where he became identified with that republic. He was 
a lawyer in Leon County and a State Judge at Houston. He died 
in New York City in 1870. 

533 LIEUT. AQUILA JEWETT (William''% Aquila'*, Joseph", 
Maximilian^ Edward^) was born in Littleton, Mass., Feb. 20, 1730-31. He 
married there by Rev. Daniel Rogers March 22, 1764, Eunice Houghton 
of Lancaster, Mass. They settled in Littleton, which town he served as 
a soldier in the Revolution. " Aquila Jewett, Littleton, Lieutenant, in com- 
mand of a company of military. Col. James Prescott's regt. ; which marched 
on the alarm of April 19, 1775 ; service 7 days." (Mass. Soldiers and 
Sailors in War of Rev., Vol. VIII.) 

Children, horn m Littleton, Mass.: 

1245 William, born Feb, 5, 1765. He was of Windsor, Vt., in 1786. 

1246 Eunice, born March 11, 1767; married May 22, 1788, John Wood, 

3d, of Littleton. 

1247 Israel Houghton, born Dec. 21, 1768; married Susannah Wood.* 

1248 Aquila, born Dec. 23, 1770. 

1249 Benjamin, born March 1, 1773; married Elizabeth (Betsey) Wood.* 

1250 Samuel, born Dec. 28, 1777. • ' 

1251 Arlthusa, born Jan. 15, 1781. 

534 ELIZABETH JEWETT (Winiam''% Aquila'*, Joseph", Maxi- 
mihan% Edward^) was born in Littleton, Mass., March 23, 1731-2. She 
married (pub. Aug. 25, 1750) Ensign John Pingry, son of Job and Eliz- 
abeth (Brocklebank) Pingry. He was born Feb. 25, 1726. They lived in 
Rowley, Mass., where he died Aug. 30, 1795. She died June 7, 1818. 

Children, horn in Rowley, Mass.: 

1252 Ehzabeth, born March 22, 1752 ; married Samuel Pillsbury.* 

1253 Samuel, born April 22, 1753; married Sarah Dodge, daughter of 

158 Jewett Genealogy 

John Dodge, and settled in Danbury, Vt. He died in Grafton, 
N. H., Sept. 7, 1830. 
1254) Rebecca, born Sept. 25, 1755; married Dudley Palmer.* 

1255 William, born Sept. 25, 1757; married Elizabeth Garland of Salis- 

bury, N. H., and lived in Bridgewater, N. H. He kept a hotel 
many years, was an active business man, and acquired a large 
landed estate. He died in 1814. 

1256 Job, born Aug. 7, 1759 ; died young. 

1257 Hannah, born May 10, 1762; died May 1, 1818, unm. 

1258 John, born Aug. 27, 1766; died Oct. 27, 1778. 

1259 Clemens, born Nov. 16, 1767 ; died in 1769. 

1260 Daniel, born March 6, 1769; married Dec. 5, 1799, Elizabeth Bixby, 

daughter of Benjamin Bixby. She died in Rowley Sept. 27, 1862, 
aged 83 years, 1 month and 9 days. He died there Nov. 3, 1866. 

1261 Clement, born in 1770 ; married Morse, daughter of Deacon 


1262 Solomon, born in 1773 ; died young. 

1263 Lydia, born Sept. 30, 1774; married in 1797, Nathan Phillips, who 

was bom Feb. 6, 1768, and died June 3, 1849. She died Sept. 
30, 1871. ^ 

540 MAXIMILIAN JEWETT (WiUiam''«, Aquila''*, Joseph", Maxi- 
milian^, Edward^) was born in Littleton, Mass., Jan. 27, 1741. He married 
in Rowley, Mass., by Rev. Jedediah Jewett, Aug. 26, 1766, Rebecca Bur- 
pee of Rowley. They settled in Littleton, from which town he was a 
soldier in the Revolution. " Maxi. Jewett, Littleton, Private, Lieut Aquila 
Jewett's CO., of mihtia. Col. James Prescott's regt., which marched on the 
alarm of April 19, 1775; service 2 days." (Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in 
War of Rev., Vol VIII.) He later removed with his family and settled on 
a farm near Bloomfield, now a part of Skowhegan, Me., where he died Oct. 
16, 1823. 

Children, all born in Littleton, Mass., except, perhaps, the last four: 

1264 Johannah, bom Aug. 3, 1767 ; married Jonathan Steward, and lived 

in Canaan, Me., where she was killed by lightning Aug. 19, 1795. 

1265 Rebecca, born Nov. 12, 1768; married James Webb.* 

1266 Joseph, born March 20, 1771 ; married Susannah Brown.* 

1267 Pickard, born Aug. 21, 1772; married Ann Wyman.* 

1268 Mary (Polly), bom Sept. 17, 1774; married Joshua Goodrich.* 

1269 Samuel, born Aug. 13, 1776; married Betsey Steward.* 

1270 Joshua, born June 11, 1778; married Lucy Adams.* 

1271 Prudence, born May 15, 1780; married Noyes. They lived in 

Ellsworth, Me., where she died Feb. 8, 1861. 

1272 Nathan, bom March 12, 1782; died March 24, 1782. 

1273 A twin, born March 10, 1784 ; died in 12 hours. 


Sixth Generation 159 

1274 A twin, born March 10, 1784 ; died in 24 hours. 

541 JEAN JEWETT (William"^ Aquila«S Joseph", Maximilian', 
Edward^) was born in Littleton, Mass., March 6, 1742. On the Littleton 
records her name is recorded as Jane. She married in Littleton May 14, 

1767, Thomas Treadwell, son of Thomas Treadwell. He was born , 

baptized in Ipswich, Mass., Oct. 20, 1745; was a yeoman, served in the Revo- 
lution, and resided in Littleton, where he died testate May 14, 1767. After 
his death his widow with her family moved to Waterford, Me., where she 
died March 6, 1839. 

Children, born in Littleton, Mass.: 

1275 Hepzibah, born Feb. 7, 1769; married Deacon Solomon Stone.* 

1276 Hannah, born Sept. 13, 1770 ; married Samuel Farnsworth.* 

1277 John, born March 18, 1772. 

1278 William, born Dec. 30, 1773. 

1279 Huldah, born Sept. — , 1775 ; died young. 

1280 Huldah, born July 29, 1777 ; buried in Littleton, Sept. 7, 1787. 

1281 Esther, born May 30, 1778 ; married Samuel Sanders.* 

1282 Thomas, born Nov. 18, 1780; died in Littleton, Sept. 23, 1782. 

1283 Sally, born Aug. 26, 1782 ; married Gen. John Perley. 

1284 Moses Hobson, born July 29, 1784 ; married Jane Hawes.* 

556 JOSEPH JEWETT (Ezra"% Aquila<'^ Joseph", MaximiHan% 
Edward^) was born in Littleton, Mass., June 15, 1740. He married there 
(pub. Oct. 2, 1763) Rebecca Abbott of Westford, Mass. They settled in 
Littleton, from which town he was a soldier in the Revolution. " Joseph 
Jewett, Littleton, Private, Lieut. Aquila Jewett's co., of militia. Col. James 
Prescott's regt. ; which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775 ; service 3 
days ; also, Capt. Aaron Jewett's co.. Col, Samuel Bullard's regt. ; enlisted 
Aug. 15, 1777; discharged Nov. 29, 1777; service 3 mos 26 days, with 
Northern Army, including 11 days (220 miles) travel home, company 
marched to Saratoga." (Mass Soldiers and Sailors in War of Rev., Vol. 

He removed to Westford, Mass., and there married (2d), Nov. 12, 
1795 (her second husband), Mrs. Hannah (Richmond) Spaulding, who was 
born March 8, 1746-7, daughter of Capt. WiUiam and Ehzabeth (Colburn) 
Richardson. Her first husband, whom she married Aug. 4, 1763, was Lieut. 
Timothy Spaulding of Westford, by whom she had eight children, one of 
which was Sarah, who married Joshua Abbott Jewett (1289). In 1808 
Mr. Jewett removed to Peterboro, N. H., and died there Aug. 25, 1814. 

Children, born in Littleton, Mass.: 
1285 Jonathan, born Aug. 15, 1764; married (pub. Jan. 22, 1789) Sarah 
Melvin of Lincoln. He died June 20, 1789. 
Gravestone in Littleton Cemetery: 

160 Jewett Genealogy 

Memento Mori 
Erected In Memory of 

Mr Jonathan Jewett 

who departed this Life 

June ye 20th 1789 in 

the 26th year of his life 

Retire my friends dry up your tears 
Here I must lie till Christ appears. 

1286 John, born May 30, 1766; married (1st) Elizabeth Cummings; (2d) 

Margaret Moore.* 

1287 Patty, bom May 2, 1768; married, in 1786, Thomas Fletcher, Jr. 

1288 Leonard, born Sept. 6, 1770; married Mary Porter.* 

1289 Joshua Abbott, born Feb. 29, 1772; married (1st) Sarah Spauld- 

ing; (2d) Rebecca Robinson.* 

1290 Ahimaaz, born Nov. 14, 1773 ; died Dec. 2, 1773. 

557 EZRA JEWETT (Ezra^^S Aquila'S Joseph", Maximilian', Ed- 
ward^) was born in Littleton, Mass., Jan. 3, 1741. He married (pub. Dec. 
19, 1767) Lucy Spalding of Westford, Mass. They lived in Littleton, 
from which town he was a soldier in the Revolution. " Ezra Jewett, Private, 
Capt. Minott's co.. Col. Baldwin's regt. ; pay abstract for mileage from 
home to head-quarters and return, dated Cambridge, Jany. 12, 1776; mile- 
age (54 miles) allowed said Jewett." 

" Ezra Jewett, Littleton, Private, Capt. Solomon Kidder's co., Col. 
Brook's regt. ; company return ' 1776 ' ; reported sick." 

" Ezra Jewett, Jr. Littleton, Private, Capt. Samuel Reed's co. of 
Minute-men, Col. William Prescott's regt. ; which marched on the alarm of 
April 19, 1775 ; service 18 days ; Also, Sergeant. Capt Aaron Jewett's co., 
Col. Samuel Bullard's regt.; engaged Aug. 15, 1777; service, 3 mos. 4 
days, at North river at the time of taking of Gen. Burgoyne ; reported died 
Nov. 18, 1777 ; company marched to Saratoga." (" Mass. Soldiers and 
Sailors in War of the Rev.," Vol. VIII.) 

Children, born in Littleton, Mass.: 

1291 Oliver, born May 9, 1770 ; married Polly Turner.* 

1292 Mary, born Oct. 9, 1771. 

1293 Thomas, born April 7, 1773. 

1294 Lucy, born March 30, 1775. 

1295 Moses, born April 26, 1776-7 ; married Lydia Shattuck.* 

561 CAPTAIN AARON JEWETT (AbeP'S Aquila^S Joseph", Max- 
imihan^, Edward^), was born in Littleton, Mass., March 5, 1740. He mar- 
ried Mary . He settled first in Littleton and served in the Revolution 

from that town. " Aaron Jewett, Littleton, 1st. Lieutenant, Capt. Samuel 
Reed's co., of Minute-men, Col. William Prescott's regt. ; which marched on 

Sixth Generation 161 

the alarm of April 19, 1775; service 19 days; also Captain, 3d (Littleton) 
CO., 6th Middlesex Co., regt. of Mass., militia; list of officers chosen by the 
several companies in said regiment, as retained by Jonathan Reed and others, 
field officers ; ordered in Council April 24, 1776, that said officers be com- 
missioned ; reported commissioned April 24, 1776 ; also. Captain, Col. Job 
Cushing's regt. ; engaged July 25, 1777 ; discharged Aug. 29, 1777 ; service 
1 mo. 5 days ; company raised in Littleton, Westford, Groton, Shirley, 
Townsend and Ashby, and marched to Bennington on an alarm; also, Cap- 
tain, Col. Samuel Bullard's regt; engaged Aug. 29, 1777; discharged Nov. 
29, 1777; service 3 mos. 12 days, including 11 days (220 miles) travel 
home; company marched to Saratoga; also same regt; pay abstract for re- 
tained rations ; rations allowed said Jewett from Aug. 29, 1777, to Dec. 10, 
1777 ; credited with 206 rations ; also, same regt ; pay abstract for travel 
allowance from Scarsdale home; warrant allowed in Council Nov. 4, 1778. 
(Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in War of Revolution, Vol. VIII.) 

" On the 10th of Jan., 1787, Gov. Bowdoin issued Warrants to the 
sheriff of Hampshire county for the arrest of Capt. Aaron Jewett of Ches- 
terfield one of the rebel leaders." (Hist, of Pelham, Mass.) 

He removed to Harvard, Mass., where he and Jeremiah Willard were 
the first Deacons of the Harvard Society of Shakers, and in 1792 were 
Trustees ; he was also Trustee in 1808 and 1815. He is mentioned April 
— , 1782, in a deed of that date running to him of the " Square House," 
formerly the house of the Communists, soon after the arrival of "Mother 
Ann Lee," who introduced the Society of Shakers in the town of Harvard. 

Children, horn in Littleton, Mass. 

1296 Abel, born April 11, 1777. 

1297 Aaron, born Dec. 27, 1779. 

1298 Daniel, born Aug. 29, 1781. 
Perhaps others. 


575 PHEBE JEWETT (Jeremiah' '% Aquila'S Joseph", Maximilian 
Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., March 29, 1752. She married there, 
by Rev. James Chandler, March 28, 1776, Capt. William Tenney, son of 
William and Ann (Jewett) Tenney. He was born in Hollis, N. H., March 
17, 1751. They lived in Hollis, from which town he was a soldier in the 
Revolution. April 19, 1775, he enlisted in the company of Hollis Minute- 
men, and in December, 1775, in the company of Capt. Worcester, of Cam-; 
bridge, and again in 1776 in that of Capt. Reed for White Plains. 

He died in Hollis June 16, 1806. She died there . 

Children, born in Hollis, N. H.: 

1299 Phoebe, born Oct. 12, 1777. 

1300 Ann, born Feb. 2, 1779 ; died Feb. 21, 1782. 

1301 Caleb Jewett, born May 3, 1780; married, in 1810, Ruth Channing, 

163 Jewett Genealogy 

of Newport. He graduated from Dartmouth College, in 1801, 
with first rank and honors of his class, of which Hon. Daniel 
Webster was a member; studied for the ministry and was or- 
dained pastor of the Congregational Church at Newport, R. I., 
Sept. 12, 1804. Resigned his charge May, 1814. Was after- 
wards installed pastor of the Congregational Church at Wethers- 
field, Conn., March 27, 1816. He received the honorary degree 
of D. D, from Yale in 1829 ; resigned his charge at Wethersfield 
in 1841, on account of ill health, and in 1842 moved to North- 
ampton, Mass., where in 1843 he was appointed agent of the 
American Colonization Society, which position he held for the re- 
mainder of his Hfe. He died Sept. 28, 1847. 

1302 Nancy, born Jan. 29, 1782 ; married Abner Bailey Little.* 

1303 William, born March 22, 1784 ; died Sept. 12, 1784. 

1304 William, born Sept. 13, 1785. He graduated from Dartmouth Col- 

lege in 1808 ; read law in the law school of Judge Reeves and 
Gould, at Litchfield, Conn. Was admitted to the Bar in Boston, 
in 1811, and first settled in his profession at Salem, Mass., in 
1813. He removed to Newmarket, N. H., in 1815, and followed 
his profession there until his death, Sept. 13, 1838. He was as- 
sistant clerk of the New Hampshire Senate in 1823. 

1305 Sarah, born Oct. 22, 1786. 

1306 Benjamin Gardner, born Dec. 8, 1788 ; died Feb. 16, 1834. 

1307 Ralph Emerson, born Oct. 5, 1790; married (1st) Olive Brown; (2d) 

Phoebe Caroline Smith.* 

1308 Lucinda, bom July 16, 1793. 

578 DR. JEREMIAH JEWETT (Jeremiah"^ Aquila'*, Joseph", 
Maximihan^, Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., Dec. 24, 1757. He 
married, in Rowley, Dec. 23, 1796, Temperance Dodge, daughter of Jere- 
miah and Judith (SpofFord) Dodge. She was born in Rowley, April 4, 
1772, and died in Barnstead, N. H., Nov. 11, 1872. Her sister, Judith 
Dodge, married Thomas Peabody, of Haverhill, Mass., and had George 
Peabody, the philanthropist and London banker. 

As a young man Dr. Jewett lived in Rowley, and was a soldier in the 
Revolution from that town : " Jeremiah Jewett, Rowley-1757-1836. Pri- 
vate, Captain Oliver Titcomb's Co., Col. Jacob Gerrish's Regiment of 
Guards, Nov. 1777; Private Capt. Oliver Titcomb's Co., Col. Cogswell's 
Regt. ; detached for fortifying a fort at Boston Oct. 10, 1778 " (Rev. 
Rolls., Mass. Archives). 

" Jeremiah Jewett, Private, Capt. Oliver Titcomb's co.. Col. Jacob 
Gerrish's regt. of guards, enlisted Nov. 11, 1777; service to Feb. 2, 1778, 
8 days at Charlestown ; roll dated Winter Hill ; also, Capt. Oliver Titcomb's 
CO., Col. Cogswell's regt.; enlisted Oct. 10, 1778, discharged Dec. 31, 1778; 
service 2 mos. 24 days, company detached to guard & fortify posts at and 

Sixth Generation 163 

about Boston." (" Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in War of Revolution," Vol. 
VIII.) He settled in Barnstead, N. H., and " commenced the practice of 
his profession which soon extended beyond Barnstead into Acton, Barring- 
ton and other towns. His mode of conveyance was on horse back carrying 
medicines in saddlebags. For a quarter of a century he was the only physi- 
cian in Barnstead. He received his education in the common schools and 
at Dummer Academy in Newbury and had studied medicine with Drs. Torrey 
and Spofford, of Rowley. Like many other physicians he was fond of mak- 
ing long visits, never in a hurry, delighted in conversation, slack in his 
habits and little or no determination to accumulate property. In stature 
he was 5 ft. 10 inches, thick-set, dark complexion, his hair tinged with 
gray, was quick in his gait and in his manner of speaking. He had served 
a few months in the Army of the Revolution under Gen. Washington, and 
at one time was a guard over the prisoners then quartered at Cambridge. 
His house at Barnstead was quite central ; the Selectmen often held their 
meetings in it, and from this circumstance he was approbated a taverner. 
Consequently he had a large swing-sign, painted blue; on this was the pic- 
ture of a dolphin with a spear aimed at it and under it were the words 
" Catch a dolphin." On the other side was the picture of an anchor and 
under it were the words ' Cast Anchor.' He was surgeon of the 10th Regt., 
for many years and on parade days he wore a cockade and was equipped 
with a sword. He died in Barnstead April 22, 1836. 

Children, horn in Barnstead, N. H.: 

1309 Jane, born March 24, 1799 ; married Hazen Wheeler. 

1310 Spofford Dodge, born Sept. 22, 1801 ; married Abigail Goodrich.* 

1311 Jeremiah Peabody, born Feb. 24, 1808; married Harriet Loomis.* 

579 ELIZABETH JEWETT ( Jeremiah''% Aquila'S Joseph", Maxi- 
milian', Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., March 20, 1760. She mar- 
ried there, by Rev. Ebenezer Bradford, April 30, 1784, Thomas Tenney. 

She died April 9, 1853, her death being hastened by falling from a 
rocking chair, when asleep, and breaking her hip. 

Children : 

1312 Mary C, born June 1, 1785; married Nov. 2, 1815, Rev. Enoch 

Pillsbury, and died April 4, 1862. 

1313 Nathaniel, bom April 7, 1787; married Feb. 26, 1832, Louisa J. 

Searle. He died March 18, 1872. 

1314 Elizabeth, born July 20, 1788 ; married Aug. 12, 1821, Benjamin Dow 

of Rowley; she died Oct. 1, 1852. 

1315 Jane, born April 9, 1791 ; died May 28, 1796. 

1316 Samuel Gihnan, born April 12, 1793 ; married Sept. 15, 1826, Edna 

Searle. He was a minister, and died Dec. 5, 1874. 

164 Jewett Genealogy 

1317 William, born Jan. 6, 1797; married in 1826 Emma Chase, of West 

Newbury. He died May 9, 1872. 

1318 Thomas Boynton, born Jan. 14, 1800; married (1st) Dolly Lyford; 

(2d) EHzabeth White. 

1319 Jane Searle, born March 7, 1803; died Nov. 24, 1886. 

1320 Jeremiah Jewett, born April 17, 1805; married, in 1833, Patience 

Choate Proctor. He was one of the first deacons of the Central 
Church of Lawrence, Mass., and died in DeSota, Wis., Jan. 17, 

582 MARY JEWETT (Jeremiah"% Aquila'*, Joseph", Maximilian% 
Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., March 3, 1767. She married there, 
by Rev. Ebenezer Bradford, Feb. 23, 1793, Deacon Stephen Searle, son of 
Deacon Jeremiah and Mary (Thurston, 487) Searle. 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

1321 Jeremiah, born , 1794. A minister in Woodbourne, N. Y. 

1322 Jacob, born , 1798. 

1323 Stephen, born March 7, 1803; married Sally Stickney.* 
f324 Benjamin Gardiner, born , 1809. 

1325 Richard Thurston, born , 1814. He lived in New Marl- 

borough, Mass. 

585 DEACON STEPHEN JEWETT, JR. (Stephen^'^ Aquila*'\ Jos- 
eph", Maximilian% Edward^), was born in HolHs, N. H., Oct. 14, 1753. 
He married, Nov. 16, 1778, Elizabeth Poole, daughter of William and 
Hannah (Nichols) Poole. She was born in Hollis July 18, 1753, and died 
there Dec. 6, 1838. He lived in Hollis and at an early age began to take 
an active interest in public matters. In 1775 he enlisted in Capt. Noah 
Worcester's Co., and served three months around Boston and Cambridge, 
for which he received £3. He was in Capt. William Peach's Co., Col. 
Baldwin's Regt., Sept., 1776, which regiment was raised to reinforce the 
Continental Army, then at White Plains ; paid £6 and served at White 
Plains five months. Also was in the Ticonderoga Expedition. 

Soon after his father's death he was chosen deacon of the Hollis 
Church, to fill the existing vacancy, which office he held until his death, 
Feb. 22, 1829. 

Children, born in Hollis, N. H.: 

1326 Elizabeth, born June 18, 1779; married Feb. 12, 1806, Artemus 

Thayer. She died Feb. 12, 1813. 

1327 Stephen, born July 7, 1781 ; married Elizabeth Barker.* 

1328 Nancy, born May 11, 1783; married Benjamin Smith.* 

1329 Hannah, born Feb. 17, 1785 ; married Nathan Thayer.* 

1330 William Poole, born Feb. 26, 1787; died June 11, 1788. 

1331 William Poole, born Feb. 4, 1789 ; died April 12, 1789. 

1332 Sarah, born Feb. 24, 1790 ; married WiHiam Emerson.* 

Sixth Generation 165 

1333 Mary (Polly), born July 8, 1792; married March 27, 1825, Nathan 

Thayer, whose first wife was her sister Hannah. He died Oct. 
21, 1830. She died Oct. 16, 1832. 

1334 Noah, born Dec. 17, 1794; died May 21, 1841, unm. 

1335 Samuel Gibson, born Oct. 29, 1798 ; died May 2, 1872. 

586 REBECCA CUMMINGS JEWETT Stephen"% Aquila"'*, Jos- 
eph^^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in HoUis, N. H., Jan. 14, 1756. 
She married there, March 8, 1785, Lieut. Oliver Bacon, son of Rev. Jacob 
and Mary Bacon, of Plymouth, Mass. He was born in Plymouth, Oct. 28, 
1743 ; was a lieutenant in the War of the Revolution, and lived in Jaff rey, 
N. H., where he died March 25, 1835. She died there June 25, 1843. 

Children, horn m Jaff rey, N. H.: 

1336 Jacob, born Dec. 11, 1786; married Betsey Sawyer.* 

1337 Mary, born May 2, 1788; died Jan. 2, 1871, unm. 

1338 Rebecca, born May 20, 1790 ; died March 23, 1876, unm. 

1339 A child, born Dec. 2, 1792; killed by hghtning July 2, 1801. 

1340 Jonathan Jewett, born May 26, 1795 ; married Sally Patrick.* 


587 DEACON NOAH JEWETT (Stephen"S Aquila'*, Joseph 
Maximihan^, Edward^), was born in Holhs, N. H., Feb. 11, 1758. He 
married Lydia Boynton. He was a soldier in the Revolution from HoUis, 
and served five months at White Plains under Col. Baldwin in the Continental 
Army. Pay Roll of " Capt. Wilham Peach's Co., Col. Baldwin's Regt., 
(1776) Noah Jewett pd. £6" (N. H. S. P.). 

He settled in Stratham, N. H., where he was a member of the Congre- 
gational church ; later removed to Cornish, Me. ; he found no church there, 
and but a few scattered Baptists with whom he united, and largely by his 
efforts and generosity they built a Baptist church, of which he was deacon. 

" Deacon Noah Jewett was one of the founders of Cornish, Maine, 
and was chosen deacon of the first church organization ; carpenter by trade 
and in the year 1800 built the first Cornish Meeting house from a plan made 
by Dr. Cyrus Snell. Deacon Jewett was a genuine Puritan, possessing the 
strong religious zeal characteristic of his time. He was fully conscious of 
the importance of his sacred office and claimed a share of that deference 
supposed to be due to the dignitaries of the period. He had not only the 
failings, but the virtues of the Puritan believer; in person, said to be small, 
of swarthy complexion and led forward by an enormous nose, a facial 
appendage that has been duplicated by some of his descendants who are 
supposed to be proud of this inheritance from the anatomy of this pro- 
genitor." (Saco Valley Settlements.) 

Children, born in Cornish, Me. : 
1341 Sally, born ; married Enoch Barker, of Cornish. 

166 Jewett Genealogy 

1342 Noah, born ; married Betsey Bryant, He was a sea-captain and 

a runner of the embargo in 1812 to the Bermuda Islands. 

1343 Lydia, born ; married J. Clarke, of Cornish. 

1344 Stephen, born ; married Betsey Bennet. 

1345 Eliza, born ; married Dr. Bucknell, of Cornish. 

1346 John, bom Aug. 14, 1795 ; married Betsey Barker.* 

1347 Hannah, born ; married Eben Barker, of Cornish. 

1348 Harriet, born ; died unm. 

1349 Mary, born ; married Pike. 

588 JONATHAN JEWETT (Stephen^'^% Aquila", Joseph", Maxi- 
milian^, Edward^), was bom in Hollis, N. H., July 25, 1760. He married 
in Plymouth, N. H., Sept. 6? 1784, Sarah Stearns, daughter of Samuel 
Stearns, of Hollis. He served two enlistments in the Revolution from 
HoUis, viz. : " Pay Roll of Daniel Emerson's Co., which marched from 
Hollis for Ticonderoga on alarm, June 17, 1777, proceeded to Walpole 
65 miles, where were ordered to return, where we arrived July 4. On 
the fifth were ordered to march again and proceeded as far as Cavendish, 
being 100 miles, at this place met Col. Bellows and men, then retreat. Jon- 
athan Jewett enlisted July 30, 1777 " (N. H. S. P.). 

" Jonathan Jewett, private, enlisted June 10, 1778, discharged Jan. 3, 
1779. Pay Roll Capt. Ezekiel Worthen's Co., in Col. Stephen Peabody's 
Regt., which Regt. was raised by the State of N. H. for the Continental 
Service at Rhode Island. Discharged at Rhode Island Dec. 30, 1778 " 
(N. H. S. P.). 

" Jonathan Jewett was in Col. Peabody's Regt. raised in June 1778 for 
service in R. I. In service 6 mo. 25 days, wages £4 10s per mo. and 3d 
per mile for travel going and 8d per mile returning. The town paid a 
bounty of £6 each " (History of Hollis, N. H.). 

After his marriage Jonathan Jewett lived in Bridgewater, where he 
died , 1833. 

Children, born in Bridgewater: 

1350 Sarah, born 

1351 Hannah, born ; married Levi Gordon, of New Hampton, N. H. 

1352 Eunice, born ; married Thomas Nutting.* 

1353 Lois, born ; married John March, who was born Jan. 2, 1795. 

635 JONATHAN PEARSON (Hannah^'", Jeremiah'% Jeremiah", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 24, 1713-14. He 
married April 16, 1740, Sarah Longfellow, daughter of Stephen and 
Abigail (Thompson) Longfellow, of Byfield Parish. She was born Jan. 
— , 1720-1, and died in Ipswich, July 17, 1803; buried in Rowley. He 
lived in Ipswich, and died there Jan. 16, 1796 ; buried in Rowley. 

His will mentions wife Sarah, sons Mark and Stephen, daughters Ann 


Sixth Generation 167 

Palmer, Hannah Jewett, Sarah Payson, Elizabeth Brown, Tabitha Pickard, 
and granddaughter Abigail Bradstreet. 

Children, born in Ipswich, Mass.: 

1354) Ann, born April 19, 1741 ; married Palmer. She died April 6, 


1355 Edward, bom July 27, 1742 ; died Sept. 7, 1793. 

1356 Hannah, born July 16, 1744; married Aaron Jewett (see 1366). 

1357 Nathan, born April 26, 1746; married Mary Bradstreet.* 

1358 Mark, born Feb. 23, 1748 ; died Jan. 30, 1821. 

1359 Amos, born April 25, 1750 ; died March 28, 1784. 

1360 Jonathan, born Oct. 9, 1754 ; died Oct. 6, 1805. 

1361 Sarah, born Feb. 18, 1757 ; married Payson. She died Jan. 

10, 1821. 

1362 Elizabeth, born April 12, 1759; married Brown. 

1363 Stephen, born May 30, 1761; married (1st) Ruth Jewett (1019); 

(2d) Sally Nourse.* 

1364 Tabitha, born June 30, 1763; married Pickard. She died 

April 30, 1854. 

646 CAPTAIN MOSES JEWETT (Aaron"", Jeremiah^% Jeremiah^', 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Ipswich, Mass.; bapt. April 7, 1722. He 
married, May 13, 1741, Abigail Bradstreet, daughter of Moses and Abigail 

(Lunt) Bradstreet. She was born ; bapt. Aug. 15, 1722, and died in 

Ipswich, Nov. 8, 1794. 

Gravestone in Rowley Cemetery: 

In Memory of 
Mrs Abigail Jewett, 

wife of 

Capt Moses Jewett, 

who departed this life 

Nov 8th 1794 

Aged 72 years 

The rifing morning can't affure 
That we fhall end the day; 
For death ftands ready at the door 
To take our lives away. 

Capt. Jewett lived in Ipswich in a house he built in 1759, near the 
school house, on the road leading from Ipswich to Rowley. In 1897 this 
house was owned and occupied by Warren Boynton. 

He was a soldier in the Revolution and Captain of a Troop of Horse 
from Ipswich. " Moses Jewett, Ipswich, Captain of a Troop of Horse, 
Col. John Baker's (Essex Co.) regt. ; which marched on the alarm of April 
19, 1775, to Medford; service 3 days." ("Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in 
War of the Revolution," Vol. VIII.) 

168 Jewett Genealogy 

He was in command of the same Troop when it " marched from Ips- 
wich to Gloucester by order Nov. 29, 1775." 

Nehemiah Jewett, Aaron Jewett and Nehemiah Jewett, Jr., were mem- 
bers of this Troop. 

He died in Ipswich, July 31, 1796; buried in Rowley. 

Children, horn in Ipsrmch, Mass., baptized in Rowley: 

1365 Jane, born ; bapt. Nov. 7, 1742; married (Pub. March 14, 

1767) John Todd, Jr. 

1366 Aaron, born ; bapt. May 27, 1744; married (1st) Hannah 

Pearson (1356); (2d) EHzabeth Bradstreet.* 

1367 Hannah, born ; bapt. Aug. 24, 1746; married (Pub. in Rowley 

April 26, 1776) Samuel Plummer, of Rowley. 

1368 Jeremiah, born ; bapt. June 12, 1748. 

1369 Moses, born ; bapt. June 24, 1750; married Elizabeth Pulsifer.* 

1370 Nathaniel, bom ; bapt. Dec. 24, 1752. 

1371 James, born April 7, 1755 ; married Lydia Hilton.* 

1372 Abigail, born ; bapt. Aug. 28, 1757. 

1373 Elizabeth, born ; bapt. April 20, 1760 ; died in Ipswich, unm. 

1374 Sarah, born ; bapt. July 3, 1762-3 ; married Oct. 22, 1795, Ne- 

hemiah Jewett. 

648 ABIGAIL JEWETT (Aaron"S Jeremiah«^ Jeremiah^% Joseph*, 

Edward^), was born in Scarborough, Me. ; baptized May 10, 1730. 

She married in Rowley, Mass., Dec. 25, 1751, Captain Amos Stickney, son 
of Benjamin and Elizabeth (Stickney) Stickney. He was a ship-master 
engaged in foreign trade and died in Newbury, Mass., Jan. 18, 1756. She 
married (2d), at Newbury, May 11, 1758, Edward Beacham. Inventory 
on his estate given Aug. 21, 1761. She married (3d), Captain Samuel 
Goodwin, and died in Newbury, Oct. 6, 1795. 

Children, horn in Newbury, Mass., by first husband: 

1375 Mary, bom Nov. 1, 1752; married Ignatius Haskell.* 

1376 Aaron, born April 8, 1754 ; drowned in 1772. 

1377 Amos, born Sept. 24, 1755; married Sarah Gerrish.* 

663 ELEAZER JEWETT (Eleazer"', Eleazer'% Jeremiah^% Joseph% 
Edward^), was born in Norwich, Conn., Aug. 31, 1731. He married, in 

1753-4, Sarah Famham, who was born in 1734, and died . He married 

(2d) Elizabeth . They settled in Norwich and later removed to and 

settled in what is now known as Jewett City, Conn. 

Eleazer Jewett is described in Miss Calkin's History of Norwich, Conn., 
as " king the founder of the thriving and beautiful village of Jewett City, 
a man of sterling worth, marked business tact and as enterprising as he was 
honest. Beginning with only a small farm and a mill seat on Patchaug 
River, he hved to see a flourishing village spread round him enriched with 

Sixth Generation 169 

mills, stores, mechanical operations and farms in an improved state of 
tillage, to which the public gave the familiar name of Jewett City. He 
had first a grist mill, then a saw mill and sold out portions of his land to 
induce others to settle near him. 

" About the year 1790 he was joined by John Wilson, a clothier, from 
Massachusetts, who married his daughter, whom he encouraged to set up a 
woolen mill. We learn from Wilson's advertisement that he was ready at 
his mill to accommodate the pubHc in December 1793. 

" Eleazer Jewett was not a man of finished education, but active, per- 
severing, and of a genial, kindly temperament, happy in doing good, and 
opening paths of enterprise for the benefit of others, without laboring to 
enrich himself." 

In the village graveyard a plain slab marks the burial-place of this 
founder, bearing the following inscription : 



DIED DEC 7TH 1817 








Children, born in Norwich, Conn., by first wife: 

1378 Orthneil, bom Aug. 31, 1754 ; died Feb. 5, 1757. 

1379 Lydia, born Jan. 15, 1756; married Capt. John Wilson.* 

1380 Olive, bom Oct. 22, 1757; married (1st) Pharez Clark; (2d) Jabez 


Children, by second wife: 

1381 Elizabeth, born April 11, 1759; married Jonas Boardman.* 

1382 Eleazer, born Dec. 11, 1760; died Nov. 16, 1766. 

1383 Joseph, born Dec. 12, 1762; married (1st) Sally Johnson; (2d) 

Betsey King.* 

1384 Sally, born Aug. 8, 1768 ; married Jan. 25, 1790, Constant Murdock, 

of Norwich, Vt., and had a son, Thomas Jewett Murdock. 

665 LIEUTENANT THOMAS JEWETT (Eleazer"% Eleazer", 
Jeremiah^^ Joseph*, Edward^) was born in Norwich, Conn., July 19, 1736. 
He married in 1758 Eunice Slafter, daughter of Samuel and Dorothy 
(Fenton) Slafter. She was born in Mansfield, Conn., Jan. 23, 1731-2 and 
died in Bennington, Vt., March 23, 1825. He died there May 29, 1812. 
They were buried on their farm, which was about two miles south of Ben- 
nington village. 

" In 1769 Thomas Jewett and his wife removed from Norwich to 
Pownal, Vt., and late in life removed to Bennington, Vt. He was very active 
m public affairs in the early history of that State. He was a member of 

170 Jewett Genealogy 

the first legislature, which met at Windsor March 12, 1778, and of its ad- 
journed meeting at Bennington, June 4, of the same year, and was placed 
upon several important committees. He was likewise returned by Pownal 
in 1783, 1787, 1788, 1789, 1790, and 1791. He was a member of the 
Convention held at Bennington Jan. 10, 1791, which ratified the act of 
Congress admitting Vermont into union with the United States ; was also 
a member of the Convention of 1793. He was a Justice of the Peace, and 
was Judge for the shire of Bennington in 1778. He was a lieutenant in the 
Militia, and was in active service at the battle of Bennington. It is said 
that in the midst of the fight, it was announced that the cartridges had 
given out, whereupon Lieut. Jewett seized a camp kettle, and filling it with 
powder, dealt it out in a dipper with his own hands to the soldiers. At the 
close of the action he found an unfortunate officer of the enemy, Avounded 
and expiring on the field; he gently placed him against a tree, but his cap, 
belt and sword, no longer useful to him, he bore away. He afterwards 
learned that the unfortunate officer was the Hessian Col. Baum, the com- 
mander of the expedition. Mrs. Eunice (Slafter) Jewett was a woman of 
superior intellect, a Christian in word and deed, of fine manners and of re- 
markable strength of character." (Slafter Memorial.) 

From Revolutionary War Rolls of Vermont : " Pay Roll of Capt. 
Elijah Dewey's Co. in Col. Moses Robinson's Regt. of Militia in the service 
of the U. S. of America. Mount Independance 1776 Thom^ Jewett 2rd Lieut, 
enlisted Oct. 18 service 28 days." 

" These may certify that we whose names are hereunto Subscribed 
have Rec'd all the Wages and Billet Money that is our Due from Elijah 
Dewey who went out as our Captain in the Alarm Last Oct. at Ticonderoga 
— ^Witness our hand this 6th day of May 1777, Thomas Jewett" (and 
others ) . 

"Roster of Capt. Elijah Dewey's Co. as it was formed at the time of 
the battle of Bennington Aug. 16, 1777 : Second Lieut. Thomas Jewett." 

" Pay Roll of Capt. Eli Noble's Co. of Militia in Pownal, in Col. Eben"^ 
Walbridge's Regt., as marched to Saratoga in the alarm in July 1781 with 
Capt. EH Noble. Thos. Jewett." 

" Pay Roll of Capt. Eh Noble's Co. in Col. Herrick's Regt. of Militia 
in the service of the State of Vermont, commencing the 11th day of Oct. 
A. D. 1780. Lt. Thos. Jewett 12 days." 

" Pay Roll of such of the Mihtia in Col. Eben^ Walbridge's Regt, as 
tarried with Capt. Eh Noble of Castleton in Nov. 1781, Thos. Jewett 13 

" Pay Roll of Capt. Bigelow Lawrence's Co. in Col. Walbridge's Regt. 
for service done at Castleton in the Alarm in Oct. 1781. Thomas Jewett." 

1385 Thomas Frederick, born in Norwich, Conn., Nov. 18, 1759; married 
Elsie Green.* 

Sixth Generation 171 

1386 Samuel, born in Norwich, Conn., June 5, 1761 ; married Lucy Hun- 


1387 Comfort, born in Norwich, Conn., Sept. 13, 1763 ; married Ephraim 


1388 Eunice, bom in Norwich, Conn., Aug. 13, 1764; married Solomon 


1389 Tryphena (twin), born in Norwich, Conn., Dec. 15, 1767; married 

Abraham Dunning.* 

1390 Tryphosa (twin), born in Norwich, Conn., Dec. 15, 1767; married 

Silas Hathaway.* 

1391 Eleazer, born in Pownal, Vt., Sept. 22, 1769 ; married Mary Pratt.* 

1392 Mary, born in Pownal, Vt., March 26, 1772; married Col. Joseph 

1393V: Era&tus, born in Pownal, Vt., Sept. 27, 1775; married Rachel 

1394 Loan, born in Pownal, Vt., May 4, 1778 ; married Elizabeth Smith.* 

666 ICHABOD JEWETT (Eleazer"% Eleazer", Jeremiah", Joseph*, 
Edward^), was born in Norwich, Conn., Feb. 5, 1738-9. He married, April 
4, 1761, Mary Carpenter, of Coventry, Conn. She died May 29, 1776, and he 
married, April 17, 1777, EHzabeth Miner. He lived in Coventry, Conn., 
and served as a soldier in the Revolution from that town ; was on the Lex- 
ington Alarm list. He died May 1, 1796. 

Children, horn in Coventry, Conn., first wife: 

1395 Ichabod, born Sept. 19, 1763; married (1st) Jennett Richardson; 

(2d) Irene Richardson.* 

1396 Benjamin, born April 23, 1765; married Lucretia Richardson.* 

1397 Eleazer, born Nov. 29, 1769; married (1st) Submit Porter; (2d) 

Olive Kingsbury Clark.* 

1398 Nathan, bom March 12, 1772 ; married Lucy Perry.* 

1399 EHzabeth, born Aug. 4, 1774. 

1400 Anna, bora April 12, 1776. 

Child, by second wife: 

1401 Miner, born July 19, 1780. He settled in Canada. 

671 ELAM JEV^ETT (Eleazer"«, Eleazer", Jeremiah", Joseph", 
Edward^), was born in Norwich, Conn., March 5, 1746. He married. May 
19, 1768, Eunice Richardson, of Coventry, Conn., and settled in Tyringham, 
Berkshire Co., Mass. He was a soldier in the Revolution from this town, 
and served several enlistments as follows : " Elam Jewet, Tyringham, Pri- 
vate, Capt. Ezekile Hearick's co., Col. Brown's (Berkshire Co.) regt; en- 
listed June 29, 1777 ; discharged July 26, 1777 ; service 28 days, in Northern 
department, including 5 days (112 miles) travel home." 

173 Jewett Genealogy 

" Elam Juet, Private, Capt. Noah Lankton's co., Col. John Ashley's 
(Berkshire Co.) regt. ; enlisted Sept. 19, 1777; discharged Oct. 18, 1777; 
service, 30 days; company marched on expedition to Stillwater by order 
of Brig. Gen. John Fellows." 

" Elam Jewett, Private, Lieut. Solomon Jackson's co., Col. John Ashley's 
regt; enhsted Oct. 13, 1781; discharged Oct. 20, 1781; service 12 days, in- 
cluding 4 days (84 miles) travel home; company marched from Berkshire Co. 
under command of Lieut. Col. John Collor by order of Col. John Ashley, Jr., 
on an alarm at the Northward. Roll dated Tyringham." 

" Elam Jewit, Sergeant, Capt. John Collor's co.. Col. John Ashly's 
(Berkshire Co.) regt; entered service July 19, 1779; discharged Aug. 27, 
1779 ; service 1 mo 9 days ; company marched to Connecticut under com- 
mand of Lieut. Col. Powel." (" Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in War of 
Revolution," Vol. VIII.) 

After the war he moved to Weyb ridge, Vt., and from there to Berk- 
shire, Vt., where he died. 

From Vermont Hist. Mag., Vol. II. : " Elam Jewett, an elderly man 
from Weybridge, or New Haven, in Addison County, was one of the first 
who came into town (Berkshire) with means and strength to make himself 
and family at once felt as important accessories to the infant settlement. 
He arrived about 1795, accompanied by two sons and was followed soon by 
two others. They were all industrious and sensible men of unquestioned 

Children, born in Tyringharrki, Mass.: 

1402 Elam, bom Nov. 19, 1770; married (1st) Lydia ; (2d) Lucy 


1403 Jared, born Jan. 26, 1772; married Catherine Donahue.* 

1404 Jeremiah, born Dec. 7, 1773; married .* 

1405 Othmiel, born April 1, 1775 ; died Sept. 4, 1777. 

1406 James, born March 9, 1777; died Jan. — , 1778. 

1407 Othmiel, born Jan. 11, 1779; married Susannah Nash.* 

1408 James, born Aug. 30, 1780. He lived in Addison County, Vt. 

1409 Alpheus, born June 6, 1782; married (1st) Samantha Munson; (2d) 

PhiHnda Doud; (3d) Aletha Granger.* 

1410 Betsey, born Feb. 29, 1784; married (1st) John Parker; (2d) An- 

drew Comings.* 

1411 Eunice, born about 1786 ; married Captain Sterling Parker, brother 

of John, who married her sister Betsey. She died, leaving three 
daughters. He was captain of the militia in Richford, and was 
called out to the battle of Plattsburgh, arriving just as the 
retreat commenced. He was in the mercantile business; was mag- 
istrate and town clerk a number of years in succession, and was 
elected by the town to represent them at Montpelier a number of 

1412 Humphrey R., bom about 1787-8 ; married Thankful Clark.* 

Sixth Generation 173 

680 CALEB JEWETT (Caleb--% Eleazer", JeremIah^^ Joseph*, Ed- 
ward^), was born in Sharon, Conn., about 1737-8. He married . 

He was a soldier in the Revolution from Sharon. 

" Capt. Burralls Regt. Capt. David Down's Co. — Caleb Jewett taken 
prisoner at ' The Cedars,' Canada, May 19, 1776. This regiment first went 
to the support of Gens. Arnold and Wooster at Quebec. Only two com- 
panies of it were at ' The Cedars.' " 

" Capt. David Down's Co. Captured ' The Cedars,' Canada, May 19, 
1776; enlisted 2 Conn. April 1, 1782, for 1 year from Sharon. Joined 
Troop of Horse under Lieut. John Phelps, Gen. Waterbury's Brigade 
June 2, 1781. Captain of Company of house holders from Sharon 1776- 
Invalid Pensioner named in Senate document 1833-34< as private residing in 
Litchfield Co." (Conn. Records.) 

Children, born in Sharon, Conn.: 

1413 Solomon, born . 

1414 Brewster, born ; married March 30, 1785, Keturah Eggleston, 

daughter of Samuel and Hester (Buck) Eggleston, of Dutchess 
Co., N. Y. She was born in Windsor, Conn. 

681 ELEAZER JEWETT (Caleb"^ Eleazer", Jeremiah", Joseph% 
Edward^), was bom in Sharon, Conn. He married . He died in 1776. 


1415 Eleazer, born . 

1416 Jonathan, born . 

683 NATHAN JEWETT (Caleb=^'^ Eleazer^% Jeremiah", Joseph*, 
Edward^), was born in Sharon, Conn., in 1744. He married Miss Hussey, 
and died in Galway, Saratoga Co., N. Y. 


1417 Thaddeus, born ; married Sally Smith.* 

1418 Nathan, bom . 

684 DR. THADDEUS JEWETT (Caleb"S Eleazer", Jeremiah", Jos- 
eph*, Edward^), was bom in Sharon, Conn., Dec. 17, 1746. He settled in 
Deer Creek, Harford Co., Md., and married, April 9, 1772, Anne Webster, 
daughter of Isaac and Margaret (Lee) Webster. She was born Sept. 6, 
1745. (John Webster settled in Virginia prior to 1620. The son of this 
John moved to Lewes, Del., and his son John became the progenitor of the 
Harford Co., Md., family. The latter married Hannah Butterworth and 
become a man of large property in Harford Co. His son, Isaac Webster, 
was one of the first promoters of the iron industry in this country and car- 
ried on a large trade with the old country.) 

Children, born in Harford Co., Maryland: 

1419 Margaret, born Oct. 4, 1774; married Joshua Husband.* 

174 Jewett Genealogy 

14<20 John, born March 7, 1777; married Susannah Judge.* 

14)21 Thomas, born May 1, 1779 ; died in Baltimore, Md., unm. 

1422 Isaac (twin), bom May 13, 1781 ; died same day. 

1423 Rebecca (twin), born May 13, 1781; died same day. 

689 ALPHEUS JEWETT (Caleb-'S Eleazer", Jeremiah", Joseph^ 
Edward^), was bom in Sharon, Conn., Jan. 15, 1756. He married Feb. 15. 
1781, Abigail Sears, who was born in 1762 and died in 1849. 

He was a soldier in the Revolution, and in the census of 1840 he is 
named as a pensioner living in Sharon, Conn., aged 85 years. After a life 
of much public employment and of just usefulness he died at Sharon 
Oct. 5, 1841. 

Children, born in Sharon, Conn.: 

1424 Rebecca, born Oct. 5, 1781 ; married March 23, 1832, Luther Gay. 

She died in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., July 20, 1858, s. p. 

1425 Delia, born July 12, 1783; married Jan. 12, 1804, Apollos Smith. 

She died in Ohio. They had two children, viz., William L. G. and 
Apollos ; both are dead. 

1426 Abigail, born Oct. 26, 1784; married April 27, 1809, Rev. Samuel 

Cochran, who was a Methodist minister belonging to the North- 
east Conference. Both are dead; buried in Sharon. They had 
two children, viz., Abigail Thom, who died, and Rebecca Swift, 
who lives in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

1427 WilHam, born May 24, 1789 ; married April 7, 1817, Jane M. Still- 

well. He was a Methodist minister, and died in Poughkeepsie, 
N. Y., June 27, 1857, s. p. 

1428 Freeborn Garretson, born Aug, 4, 1791 ; married Fannie Warner.* 

1429 Stephen S., born Nov. 10, 1793; married (1st) Maria W. Adams; 

(2d) Jemina Ross.* 

1430 Sarah H., born Oct. 4, 1796; married May 7, 1823, David Ketchum 

of Dover, N. Y. She died Nov. 21, 1823, s. p. ; buried in Sharon. 

1431 Nathan Hussey, born March 21, 1799; married Jane Hoffman.* 

1432 Simeon B., bom Aug. 12, 1801 ; married Nancy Cook.* 

1433 John S., born ; married .* 

696 NEHEMIAH JEWETT (Jeremiah''^ Nehemiah", Jeremiah", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was bora in Rowley, Mass., Oct. 24, 1737. He married, 
by Rev. Jedediah Jewett, Dec. 24, 1767, Joanna Burpee. 

He resided in Rowley, and from that town was a soldier in the Revo- 
lution ; was on Capt. Northend's Lexington Alarm List. He died in Row- 
ley, Dec. 14, 1823. She died there Aug. 6, 1818. 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

1434 Mary, born Jan. 1, 1769; died in Rowley, Jan. 20, 1856, unm. 

1435 Jeremiah, born Dec. 22, 1771; married, July 15, 1797, Abigail 

Sixth Geneeation 175 

Emery of Newbury, Mass. He died in Rowley (suddenly) Sept. 
14, 1820. 

1436 Caleb, born Feb. 11, 1774. 

1437 Thomas, born May 29, 1776; married Sarah Burpee.* 

1438 Joseph, born Sept. 14, 1779. 

697 EUNICE JEWETT (Jeremiah''% Nehemiah", Jeremiah", 
Joseph*, Edward'), was born in Rowley, Mass., Jan. 11, 1739-40. She 
married, by Rev. Jedediah Jewett, May 7, 1765, Timothy Harris of Ips- 
wich, Mass., son of John and Mary (Waite) Harris. He was born in 
Ipswich, Mass., bapt. Aug. 28, 1737, and died March 11, 1818. She died 

Aug. 29, 1829. 

Gravestones in Rowley Cemetery : 

Mr Mrs y- 


Died March 11. 1818 relict of 

^/^-p. 81 Mr Timothy Harris 

A pious Christian, and a friend sincere, died Aug: 27. 1829 

A tender husband, to his children dear, aet 90 

Virtue in him a friend could find, Mortals, how few among our race 

In him twas pleasing to be kind. Have given this thought its weight. 

That on the present moment hangs, 

He's gone alas, nor could he stay, 
To dwell with mortals here in clay 
His spirit still we hope doth sing 
The praise of God the heavenly King 

Your everlasting fate. 

Children, horn in Ipswich, Mass.: 

1439 Jeremiah, born ; married Patty Heath. 

1440 Timothy, born ; died unm. 

1441 John, born ; married Ruth Pickard, and had John, born in 

1805, who died unm., and Mary, who married Sewell Foster. 

1442 Nathaniel, born ; died without issue. 

1443 Stephen, bom ; died unm. 

1444 Daniel, bom ; died from small-pox. 

1446 Mary, born ; married Benjamin Smith, and had (1) Mary, who 

married Samuel Scott and had Benjamin and Mary Ann; (2) 
Benjamin, who married Eliza Plummer; (3) David, who married 
Olive Smith and had a daughter, Sarah. 

700 MOSES SCOTT (Jemina"% Nehemiah", Jeremiah", Joseph% Ed- 
ward'), was born in Rowley, Mass., March 22, 1742. He married , 

and had the following children, born in Rowley: 

1446 Joseph, bom ; married Eliza Merrit, and removed to Long 

Meadow, where they had a large family. 

1447 Mary, born ; married Thomas Mighill, and had three children, 

viz., Jeremiah, died unm. ; Mary, who married Thomas Todd, and 
Nathaniel, who married Maria Procter. 

176 Jewett Genealogy 

709 THOMAS CARLTON (George"«% Thomas«% Hannah'^ Joseph*, 
Edward^), was born in Boxford, Mass., Nov. 10, 1730. He married, Nov. 
28, 1754), Jane Stickney, daughter of Joseph and Jane (Pickard) Stick- 
nej. She was bom in Boxford Dec. 31, 1731. They settled in Boxford 
and removed to Amherst, N. H. 


1448 Joseph, born in Boxford, Mass., June 28, 1775 ; married Sarah 


1449 Jane, born in Boxford, Mass., , 1757. 

1450 Molly, born in Boxford, Mass., , 1760. 

1451 Mehitable, born in Amherst, N. H. 

714 PURCHASE JEWETT (Purchase=''% Nehemiah'*, Nehemiah^% 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Ipswich, Mass., bapt. Nov. 19, 1739. He 
married in Boxford, Mass., May 7, 1765, Sarah Gould, daughter of Hub- 
bard and Hannah (Bootman) Gould. She was born June 27, 1746, and 
died in Rowley, Mass., Aug. 8, 1786. He married (2d) Nov. 14, 1787, 
Johannah Todd of Rowley. She was born in Rowley Oct. 10, 1750, and 
died Dec. 9, 1825. 

He was a soldier in the Revolution from Ipswich. " Purchase Jewett, 
Ipswich, Private, Capt. Daniel Roger's co., which marched on the alarm 
of April 19, 1775 ; service 4 days." (" Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the 
War of the Rev.," Vol. VIII.) 

Children, baptized in Rowley, Mass.; all by first wife: 

1452 Sarah, born , bapt. Feb. 23, 1766; died March 1, 1766. 

1453 Joanna, born , bapt. Feb. 8, 1767; married March 8, 1787, 

Deacon Isaac Potter. 

1454 Sarah, born , bapt. March 12, 1769; died April 1, 1769: 

1455 Purchase, born , bapt. Aug. 11, 1771 ; married Mehitable .* 

1456 Asa, born April 17, bapt. May 2, 1779; married Susannah .* 

Perhaps other children. 

716 JOHN COLE JEWETT (Purchase'"", Nehemiah^*, Nehemiah", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Ipswich, Mass., bapt. Jan. 29, 1739. He 
married, April 22, 1769, Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Moses and lEliza- 
beth (Wallis) Smith of Ipswich. They lived in Ipswich, and he was a 
soldier in the Revolution from that town. " John Cols Jewett, Ipswich, 
Private, Capt. Daniel Roger's co., which marched on the alarm of April 19, 
1775 ; service 4 days." (" Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in the War of the 
Rev.," Vol. VIII.) 

He died in Ipswich Jan. 6, 1811. She died there June 9, 1805, aged 
65 years. 

Children, born in Ipswich, Mass.: 

1457 Elizabeth, bom , bapt. July 15, 1770; married, Dec. 20, 1792, 

Joseph Lane, Jr., of Gloucester, Mass. 

Sixth Generation 177 

1458 Stephen, born , bapt. March 13, 1774. He was a mariner, and 

died at sea, unm. 

1459 John, born , bapt. Feb. 2, 1772 ; died young. 

1460 Moses, born , bapt. March 15, 1778 ; married Abigail Pearson.* 

1461 Daniel, born Sept. 16, 1780; married (1) Abigail Lakeman; (2d) 

Mary Spiller.* 

1462 Aaron, born , bapt. May 20, 1787 ; married Susan Dole.* 

1463 Joseph, bom ; died in the West Indies, unm. 

1464 Sarah, born , bapt. June 9, 1782; married Isaac Lord, Jr., of 

Ipswich. He died March 13, 1848. She died s. p. 

1465 David, born ; died young. 

1466 Samuel, born , bapt. March 11, 1784; married Rebecca Sweat. 

Left no children. 

1467 John, born June 17, 1795; married (1st) Judith Martin; (2d) Han- 

nah Ingals.* 

718 EPHRAIM JEWETT (Purchase^'% Nehemiah**, Nehemiah", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Ipswich, Mass., bapt. March 13, 1747. He 
married in Boxford, Mass. (pub. May 18, 1771), Sarah Spofford. She 
was born in 1753. 

They settled in Ipswich, from which town he was a soldier in the 
Revolution: " Ephraim Jewett, Private, Capt. Daniel Roger's Co., which 
marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775 ; service 4 days." (" Mass. Sol- 
diers and Sailors in the War of the Rev.," Vol. VIII.) 

He soon after removed to Denmark, Me., where he died. 


1468 Patience, bom in Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 12, 1772. 

1469 Ephraim, born in Ipswich, Mass., March 20, 1773. He signed a 

petition for a Baptist Society in Brownfield, Me., in 1806. 

1470 Ruth, born in Ipswich, Mass., Sept. 13, 1774. 

1471 William, born in Ipswich, Mass., April 11, 1776. He signed a peti- 

tion for a Baptist Society in Brownfield, Me., in 1806. 

1472 Sarah, bom in Denmark, Me., July 18, 1777. 

1473 A child, born in Denmark, Me., Dec. 9, 1778. 

1474 Katherine, borne in Denmark, Me., Dec. 21, 1779. 

1475 Israel Spofford, born in Denmark, Me., June 14, 1781 ; died Jan. 

14, 1784. 

1476 Abigail, born in Denmark, Me., Nov. 4, 1786. 

1477 Spofford, bom in Denmark, Me., June 27, 1790; married Sophia 


1478 Daniel, bora in Denmark, Me., April 15, 1794. 

719 RUTH JEWETT (Purchase'«% Nehemiah"*, Nehemiah", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Ipswich, Mass., Jan. 15, 1751. She mar- 

178 Jewett Genealogy 

ried (pub. March 24, 1770) Moses Smith, son of Moses and Elizabeth 
(WalHs) Smith of Ipswich. They lived in Ipswich, where he died March 
19, 1829. She died there Dec. U, 1844. 

Children, born in Ipswich, Mass.: 

1479 Moses, born Aug. 19, 1770; died Feb. 12, 1817. 

1480 Jeremiah, born Oct. 16, 1772; died Feb. 11, 1838. 

1481 Purchase, born Aug. 17, 1774; died June 18, 1828. 

1482 Isaac, born April 28, 1777; died Aug. 15, 1778. 

1483 Isaac, born June 23, 1779; died Aug. 31, 1852. 

1484 Daniel, born April 3, 1782; died Oct. 4, 1782. 

1485 Daniel, born Nov. 7, 1783; died Aug. 17, 1870. 

1486 Ruth, born Nov. 26, 1787; married Thomas Greenwood, and died 

March 15, 1807. 

1487 Elizabeth, born Dec. — , 1789 ; died Dec. 8, 1863. 

1488 Patience, bom Feb. 3, 1792; married Nathaniel Appleton.* 

1489 Katy, born April 7, 1795 ; married Nathaniel Pickard of Rowley, 

and died Feb. 7, 1878. 

1490 Sarah, born Aug. 17, 1797; married Edward Jewett, son of Edward 

and Hannah (Pearson) Jewett. 

722 DEACON GEORGE JEWETT (John^^% Nehemiah'*, Nehe- 
miah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., March 18, 1746-7. 
He married there, by Rev. Jedediah Jewett, April 16, 1771, Sarah Noyes 
of Ipswich. She died in Rowley (consumption) Feb, 12, 1824, aged 76 

He was a soldier in the Revolution : " George Jewett, Rowley, Pri- 
vate, Capt. Edward Payson's (Rowley) co., of militia, which marched on 
the alarm of April 19, 1775; service 3 days." ("Mass. Soldiers and 
Sailors in the War of the Rev.," Vol. VIII.) 

He was chosen deacon of the Rowley Church Nov. 9, 1791, and died 
(general decay) May 5, 1829. 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

1491 Sarah, born Jan. 11, 1772. 

1492 Susannah, born June 5, 1775 ; married Pemberton Hale.* 

1493 Hannah, born Oct. 25, 1774; died Oct. 12, 1800. 

1494 Lucy, born Aug. 2, 1776; died June 26, 1796. 

1495 Dolly, born June 26, 1779 ; died Feb. 26, 1798. 

726 JOSEPH JEWETT (Joseph"% Joseph''% Nehemiah", Joseph*, 
Edward^), was born in Groton, Mass., June 29, 1743. He married Phebe 
Richardson, who died May 20, 1832, aged 88 years. 

He was one of the first settlers of Amherst, N. H., and was a soldier 
in the Revolution from that town. " Pay Roll of Capt. John Bradford's 

Sixth Geneeation 179 

Co. Col. Moses Nichols Regt., raised to reinforce the Northern Army July 
10, 1777 Joseph Jewett." (N. H. S. P.) This regiment commenced the 
attack at the battle of Bennington. 

He died in Amherst May 4, 1792. 

Children, born in Amherst, N. H.: 

1496 Joseph, born May 10, 1764. 

1497 Mary, born May 16, 1768; married June 17, 1790, WiUiam Doug- 


1498 Josiah, born , 1770; married Rebecca Woods.* 

1499 Jeremiah, born June 24, 1773 ; married Jan. 28, 1796, Eliza Truel. 

1500 Jesse, born June 3, 1775 ; married (1st) ; (2d) Abigail Crafts.* 

1501 John, born July 10, 1779 ; removed to Vermont. 

1502 Joshua, bom Aug. 14, 1782; married Betsey Perkins.* 

729 DEACON EDWARD JEWETT (Edward"", Joseph'% Nehe- 
miah^*, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Concord, Mass., Nov. 29, 1741. 
He married Oct. 31, 1765, Dorcas Gates of Stowe, N. H., and removed to 
Rindge, N. H. 

From Stearns' " Hist, of Rindge, N. H. : " Few men, if any, have 
been more prominently connected with the town's history. For many years 
he was often engaged as master of the grammar schools, and was employed 
from time to time in all the early districts in the town." 

" He was a Selectman fourteen years, town clerk seven years. Repre- 
sentative to the Legislature in 1785, and was often chosen to serve his 
townsmen in other capacities. During the Revolution he was twice in the 
ranks, but his record is more conspicuous in his frequent attendance in 
conventions and meetings of Committees of Safety. For many years he 
was a Justice of the Peace, and probably no citizen of this town has drawn 
an equal number of legal papers." 

He served two enlistments as follows : " Pay Roll of the men that 
went to Cambridge in Capt. Nathan Hale's Co., at the time of the Lexing- 
ton Fight— April y« 19, 1775 Edward Jewett £1 17s 4d." (Stearn.) 

" Capt. Stone's Co., Lieut. Col. Heald's detachment marched June 
29, 1777 to reinforce Garrison at Ticonderoga — Edward Jewett Sergt." 
(N. H. S. P.) 

Town records : " In August 1776, a convention of the Committees of 
Safety in Cheshire Co. was held at Walpole ' to act upon such methods as 
shall be thought necessary for the general good, and for our mutual de- 
fense and safety ' In this convention Edward Jewett Esq. represented the 
town of Rindge and subsequently received one pound six shillings for his 

*' Rindge January y® 4 1782 

"After hearing the Report of the Com*®^ & Bill of Rights & Con- 
stitution, article by article, & Rejecting some clauses and Accepting some 

180 Jewett Genealogy 

& making such Alterations as the Town throught Proper, then voted to 
chose a Committee of three men to draw up the Reason of Rejection and 
Alterations. Chose Edward Jewett, Deacon Francis Towne and Major 
Daniel Rand for s^ Committee." This was in regard to the " frame of 
Government for the State." 

During the War of 1812 he again served on committees of the town 
and was active in pubhc life. " Sept. 8, 1812. Voted to chose three dele- 
gates to meet with others who are or may be appointed to assemble in some 
convenient place in this county to consult upon the state of our public 
concerns for the preservation of order and the restoration of peace. Ed- 
ward Jewett Esq, Rev. Dr. Payson and Samuel L. Wilder were appointed 

Deacon Jewett died in Rindge Jan. 12, 1825. His widow died there 
Sept. 7, 1829, aged 82 years. 

Children, born in Rindge, N. H.: 

1503 Dorcas, born June 15, 1772; died Feb. 19, 1773. 

1504 Mersylvia, born Nov. 4, 1786; married Dec. 31, 1807, Ezra Scollay. 

She died June 2, 1855. " A lady of most excellent character and 
intellectual gifts." No issue that Hved to adult age. 

731 OLIVER JEWETT (Edward"% Joseph'% Nehemiah^% Joseph% 
Edward^), was born in Pepperell, Mass., Feb. 24, 1747. He married in 

Bolton, Mass., Jan. 23, 1772, Betsey Houghton of Bolton. She died . 

He married (2d) in Bolton, April 28, 1780, Keziah Snow. She died, and 
he married (3d) Mrs. Sarah (Snow) Bride, sister of his second wife. 

He lived in Bolton, Mass., and served three enlistments in the Revo- 
lution from that town : " Oliver Jewet, Bolton, Corporal, Capt. Robert 
Longley's co.. Col Asa Whitcomb's regt., which marched on the alarm of 
April 19, 1775 ; service 14 days ; reported enlisted into the Army May 3, 
1775; also, Capt. Robert Longley's co.. Col Whitcomb's regt; return of 
men in need of cartridge boxes, dated Camp at Cambridge June 19, 1775." 

" Oliver Jewett, Sergeant, Capt. Longley's co., Col Whitcomb's regt., 
company receipt for wages for Sept. 1775, dated Prospect Hill." 

" Oliver Jewett, Bolton, Sergeant, Capt. Robert Longley's co., Col 
Asa Whitcomb's regt., muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775; enlisted May 3, 
1775; service 3 mos. 6 days; also, company receipt for wages for Aug., 
1775, dated Prospect Hill; also company return (probably Oct. 1775); 
also, order for bounty coat or its equivalent in money dated Charlestown 
Dec. 21, 1775." (" Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in War of the Rev.," Vol. 

He died Aug. 22, 1829. 

Children, horn i/n Bolton, Mass., by first wife: 
1506 Oliver, born Nov. 3, 1772; married Polly Shead, and died In Cam- 
bridge, Mass., Oct. 11, 1801. 

Sixth Generation 181 

1506 Jonathan, born April 2, 1775; married Phoebe Underwood.* 

Children, by second wife: 

1507 Samuel, born Jan. 6, 1781 ; died young. 

1508 Betsey, born Dec. 13, 1782. 

1509 Samuel, born Feb. 10, 1785 ; married 

.1 ! 

1510 Edward, born June 4, 1787 ; died young. i 

1511 Sally, born Aug. 18, 1789. 

1512 Keziah, born Nov. 18, 1792; marrieji James Bride.* 

1513 Mersylvia, born July 10, 1795; married Hollis Ward.* 

732 LIEUT. JOHN JEWETT (Edward"^ Joseph'% Nehemiah", 
Joseph*, Edward^) was born in Pepperell, Mass., Nov. 6, 1749. He mar- 
ried Eunice Patch, who was born Aug. 28, 1752, and settled in Bolton, 
Mass., where he died Feb. 8, 1802. 

He was a soldier and served with distinction in the War of the Revo- 
lution. " John Juet, 2d Lieutenant, Capt. Andrew Haskell's co. ; return of 
officers of Col Thomas Marshall's regt., endorsed ' Field Officers of the 2d 
regt. to be raised for the defence of Boston May 8th (1776).' " • 

" John Jewet, 2d Lieutenant, Capt. Andrew Haskel's co., Col Marshal's 
regt; list of officers; commissioned July 5, 1776." ("Mass. Soldiers and 
Sailors in the War of the Rev.," Vol. VIII.) Arthur H. Jewett of Readr 
ing, Mass., has the original commission, signed by John Hancock. 

Children, horn in Bolton, Mass.: 

1514 Eunice, born June 19, 1777 ; died Dec. 31, 1843, unm. 

1515 Josiah, born Oct. 12, 1778 ; died Feb. 22, 1826. 

1516 Sarah, born June 13, 1780; died Aug. 10, 1850, unm. 

1517 Lydia, born Nov. 11, 1781 ; died in Berlin, Mass., Feb. 24, 1850, 


1518 Rachel, born Feb. 27, 1783 ; married Daniel Sawyer.* 

1519 Benjamin, born March 14, 1785. 

1520 Relief, born Nov. 4, 1787 ; married Robins. 

1521 Joseph, born Aug. 17, 1790. 

1622 Asenath, born Oct. 20, 1793; married Davis. 

733 JESSE JEWETT (Edward'", Joseph«% Nehemiah", Joseph*, 
Edward^), was born in Pepperell, Mass., Nov. 17, 1753. He married in 
Bolton, Mass., Dec. 10, 1778, Hannah Johnson, and settled in Berlin, 
Mass., where he died Feb. 5, 1829. He was a soldier in the Revolution 
from Bolton. " Jesse Jewet, Private, Capt. Manasseh Sawyer's co.. Col 
Nicholas Dike's regt ; pay abstract for travel allowance, etc. ; home, dated 
Dorchester Heights, Nov. 30, 1776, said Jewet credited with allowance for 
2 days (36 miles)." " Jesse Jewett, Bolton, Private, Capt. Manassah SaWi 
yer's co; Col Dike's regt; pay abstract for milage from home to Dor;* 

18^ Jewett Genealogy 

Chester Heights ; warrent allowed in Council Sept. 13, 1776 ; also Capt. 
Caleb Brook's co., Col Dike's regt; muster roll for Dec. 1776-Feb. 1777; 
enlisted Dec. 1, 1776, service guarding stores at and about Boston, regi- 
ment raised to serve until March 1, 1777." (" Mass. Soldiers and Sailors 
in War of the Rev.," Vol. VIII.) 

1523 Jesse, born May 25, 1792; married Myra Cotting.* 

736 COLONEL JOSEPH JEWETT (Edward"% Joseph»% Nehe- 
miah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Pepperell, Mass., May 10, 1761. 
He married, April 11, 1786, Sarah Woods, daughter of Samuel and Tabitha 
Woods of Princeton. He died May 3, 1846. She died Feb. 23, 1852. 

" Hist, of Ashburnham, Mass." — Stearns. — " Col. Jewett through a 
long and active life was a controlling spirit in this town. After serving in 
the Revolution he removed to Ashburnham in 1783. He was a merchant 
and farmer, and for many years the leading business man of the place, 
but in other employments he was even more intimately identified with the 
town history. In this connection his record as a citizen, and the sterling 
qualities of his character demand more than a passing notice. At the age 
of 22 years he entered upon the scene of his future activity and immedi- 
ately the town recognized the qualities of the man. The proof of his popu- 
larity and the measure of the confidence reposed in him are witnessed by 
the records. He was a member of the board of Selectmen fifteen years, an 
assessor fifteen years, town clerk eighteen years and ten times chosen to 
preside over the annual March meeting. 

" In the midst of these accumulating honors and responsibilities he 
was a member of the Legislature seven years and was frequently chosen to 
serve on committees and render other service to the town. In military 
affairs he evinced a lively interest. He commanded a company in this town 
as early as 1789 and was commissioned a Captain of the independent com- 
pany in this town July 12, 1791, and the following year was promoted to 
Major. He was Lieutenant Colonal in 1795 and Colonel of the Regiment 
in 1796. For many years he was a Justice of the Peace." 

While a resident of Bolton he served in the Revolution as follows: 
"Joseph Jewett, Private, Capt. John Drury's co., Col. Ezra Wood's regt; 
enlisted June 6, 1778; discharged Feb. 10, 1779; service 8 mos. 4 days; 
enlistment, 8 months ; company stationed at North river N. Y. ; also, order 
on Capt. Potter, Paymaster, Col Wood's regt., payable to Amos Allen, 
dated Lancaster, April 19, 1779, signed by said Jewett and others, for 
wages for 8 months service." 

" Joseph Jewitt, Private, Capt. Luke Welder's co., Col. Samuel Den- 
ney's (2d) regt; enlisted Oct. 27, 1779; service to Dec. 1, 1779, 1 mo. 5 
days, at Claverack; travel home 9 days (180 miles) also allowed. Roll 
Sated Albany." (" Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in War of the Rev.," Vol. 

Sixth Generation 183 

He also served at West Point 3 months in 1780, in Col. Rand's Regt. 

Children, born in Ashhurnham, Mass.: 

1524 Ivers, born May 7, 1788; married (1st) Mary Adams; (2d) Lydia 


1525 Joseph, born April 30, 1790; married Oct. 8, 1811, Susannah Gush- 

ing, daughter of Capt. David Gushing. He was a merchant for 
several years in Winchendon Centre, and there a resident of the 
town was a member of the school committee in 1817. Soon after 
he removed to Baltimore, Md., and was engaged there as a book- 
seller and pubhsher, and part of the time at least was associated 
in business with his brother-in-law, Jacob Gushing. No record of 

1526 Milton, born May 31, 1793; died Oct. 31, 1817, unm. 

1527 Polly Gibbs, born March 4, 1796; married Oct. 27, 1818, Rev. Otis 

Crosby Whiton, son of Dr. Israel and Dorothy (Crosby) Whiton. 
He was born in Winchendon, Mass., Sept. 27, 1794. She died 
Nov. 25, 1824, s. p. 

1528 Merrick Augustus, born Aug. 26, 1798; married Mary Moore.* 
1'529 Sarah Farmer, born Sept. 4, 1803; married Dec. 14, 1825, Albert 

Hobart of Boston, Mass. She died Oct. 9, 1838. 

739 NEHEMIAH JEWETT (Nehemiah"", Joseph'% Nehemiah'% 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Groton, Mass., May 15, 1740. He mar- 
ried in Pepperell, Mass., Sarah Green of Pepperell, daughter of James and 
Sarah (Shattuck) Green. She was born in Pepperell Dec. 30, 1739, and 
was a sister of Mary, who married Caleb Jewett. 

Nehemiah Jewett lived in Pepperell, where he died April 11, 1818. 

She died there Sept. 26, 1829. 

Children, horn in Pepperell, Mass.: 

1530 Nehemiah, born Sept. 1, 1762; married Eunice Shattuck.* 

1531 Sarah, born April 28, 1764 ; married in 1797, Samuel Cook of Gro- 

ton, Mass. 

1532 James, born Jan. 7, 1767; married Miriam Walker.* 

1533 Jonas, born Nov. 8, 1768; married Mary Danforth.* 

1534 Nathan, born Feb. 10, 1771 ; married Lucy Cook.* 

1535 Elizabeth, born March 22, 1773. " Elizabeth was born March 22"* 

1773 on Monday about 2 in the morning." (Family record.) 

1536 Abel, born Aug. 1, 1777. " Abel was born August the 1^^ 1777 on 

Friday about 2 in the afternoon and died October the 17, 1778 
aged 1 year 2 months and 16 days." (Family record.) 

1537 Thirza, bom March 3, 1780 ; married Jonas Fitch.* 

1538 Abel, born March 3, 1782; married Betsey Blood.* 


184 Jewett Genealogy 

740 DAVID JEWETT (Nehemiah"% Joseph«% Nehemiah", JosephS 
Edward*), was born in Groton, Mass., Dec. 30, 1742. He married, July 
23, 1766, Sybil Gilson. She died May 24, 1767, and he married (2d) Nov. 
23, 1768, Abigail Walker. They lived in Pepperell, Mass., from which 
town he was a soldier in the Revolution. " David Jewett, Pepperell, Pri- 
vate, Capt. John Nutting's co., of Minute-men, Col. William Prescott's 
regt., which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775 ; service 28 days ; 
also, Capt. James Hosley's co. of volunteers, Col. Jonathan Reed's regt ; 
enlisted Sept. 26, 1777; discharged Nov. 9, 1777; service 1 mo 15 days; 
company raised in Townsend, Pepperell, and Ashby, and marched to assist 
Army under Maj. Gen. Gates." ("Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in War of 
the Rev.," Vol. VIII.) 

Children, horn in Pepperell, Mass., hy first wife: 

1539 Solomon, born May 15, 1767 ; married Phebe Adams.* 

Children, hy second wife: 

1540 Sybil, born Jan. 21, 1770. | 

1541 Abigail, born Nov. 16, 1771 ; married Joseph Stickney.* 

1542 David, born May 2, 1774 ; died Aug. 24, 1778. 

1543 A child, born April 17, 1776. 

1544 Lois, born Sept. 20, 1778. 

1545 Lydia, born April 6, 1781 ; died Feb. 15, 1825. |" 

1546 Hulda, born Dec. 11, 1783. ^ 

741 LYDIA JEWBTT (Nehemiah^", Joseph«% Nehemiah", Joseph*, 
Edward*), was born in Groton, Mass., Feb. 28, 1744. She married, Dec. 
31, 1767, Simeon Shattuck, son of David and Dorothy (Varnum) Shattuck 
of Pepperell. He was born in Pepperell Sept. 12, 1738, and lived in 
Fitchburg, Mass., where he died April 6, 1832. She died April 9, 1827. 


1547 Simeon, born in Pepperell, Mass. Dec. 9, 1769; married Feb. 29, 

1799, Lucy Chandler, daughter of David Chandler of Hanover, 
N. H. She was bom May 13, 1775, and died Dec. 5, 1834. He 
died in Wheelock, Vt., May 20, 1826. 

1548 Abel, born in Pepperell, Mass., Nov. 8, 1770; married March 26, 

1794, Mary Farley, daughter of Samuel Farley of Danville, Vt. 

1549 Micah, born in Pepperell, Mass, Dec. 3, 1772; married Dec. 1801, 

Elizabeth Caswell, daughter of Samuel Caswell. She was bom 
Sept. ^6, 1778. He died in Fitchburg, Mass., May 13, 1852. 

1550 Lydia, born in Pepperell, Mass., Nov. 13, 1774; married Moses 

Jewett (see 1295).* 

1551 Sewall, born in Pepperell, Mass., March 25, 1777; married Jan. 18, 

1799, Elizabeth Perham, who was born in Pepperell Oct. 23, 1774, 

Sixth Geneeation 185 

and died in Miva, N. Y., April 24, 1851. He died in Blackberry, 
IE., in 1853. 

1552 Shadrach, born in Pepperell, Mass., Aug. 21, 1779; married Sarah 

Locke, daughter of Josiah and Elizabeth (Richardson) Locke. She 
was born Dec. 25, 1777. He died June 5, 1823. 

1553 Meshach, bom in Fitchburg, Mass., in 1782; married in 1804 Re- 

becca Marshall, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca (Harmon) Mar- 
shall of Dorchester. She was bom in 1785, and died Jan. 11, 
1840. He was drowned Dec. 17, 1811. 

1554 AbednegOj bom in Fitchburg, Mass., ; died aged 7 


747 ELIZABETH JEWETT (Jedediah"% Joseph'% Nehemiah'^, Jo- 
seph*, Edward^), was bom in Pepperell, Mass, Jan. 25, 1746. She married 
Jan. 12, 1769, James Blood, Jr., who was bom Sept. 23, 1742. She died 
in Pepperell April 9, 1773. He married second Martha Shattuck, daughter 
of John and Sarah (Hbbart) Shattuck. He had by this wife Asenath, 
bom in Groton, Mass., Sept. 30, 1776, and Tahnai, born in Groton, March 


1555 Eber, born in Pepperell, Mass., Dec. 21, 1769. 

748 KEZIAH JEWETT (Jedediah"% Joseph'•^ Nehemiah", JosephS 
Edward^), was bom in Groton, Mass., Oct. 6, 1748. She married in Pep- 
perell, Mass, Nov. 26, 1767, Joshua Blood, son of Deacon David Blood. He 
was bom June 26, 1744. 

Children born in Pepperell, Mass.: 

1556 Ezra, bom May 29, 1770; married Lydia Lawrence and lived in 

Townsend, Mass. 

1557 Nathan, born Oct. 26, 1773. 

1558 Keziah, born March 12, 1775 ; married Joshua Shattuck. 

1559 Joshua, born March 7, 1778. 

1560 Jonathan, born Nov. 11, 1781; married Nabby Shattuck. 

749 EDITH JEWETT (Jedediah"% Joseph"', Nehemiah^% JosephS 
Edward^), was born in Groton, Mass., Jan. 4, 1752. She married in Town- 
send, Mass., Oct. 14, 1777, Abel Parker, son of Samuel and Mary Proctor 
(Bobbins) Parker. He was bom in Westford, Mass, March 25, 1753. 

They settled in Pepperell, Mass., and in May, 1780, removed to JafFrey, 
N. H., where he died May 2, 1831. She died there Oct. 23, 1848. He was 
a private soldier at Bunker Hill, and was severely wounded in that fight. 
March 14, 1778, he was made Ensign in the Continental Army; Oct. 28, 
1779, Lieutenant in the same. During his life he held many offices, but 
it was his greatest pride that every office came to him unsought. Oct. 25, 

186 Jewett Genealogy 

1798, he was appointed United States Assessor; May 17, 1802, Judge of 
Probate, which office he held more than twenty years ; Jan. 21, 1812, Post- 
master of Jaffrey, which he resigned after five years' service; 1824) he was 
elector for President and Vice-President; was Justice of the Peace and 
Quorum throughout the State ; for five years one of the Selectmen ; for seven 
years a member of the State Legislature; Town Clerk one year; and was 
member of the Convention of New Hampshire which adopted the Federal 


1561 Edith, born in Pepperell, Mass., July 20, 1778 ; died in 1784. 

1562 Abel, bom in JafFrey, N. H., Sept. 18, 1780 ; died Oct. 28, 1807, unm. 

1563 Edmund, born in Jaff*rey, N. H., Feb. 7, 1783. He lived in Nashua, 

N. H., was judge of Hillsboro Co. for about seven years. Repre- 
sentative to the Legislature for Amherst and Nashua sixteen 
years, speaker of the same two years, member of the Constitutional 
Convention of 1859, and President of the Nashua and Lowell R. R. 

He died Sept. , 1856. 

1564. Silas, bom in JafFrey, N. H., Feb. 11, 1785; died March 21, 1785. 

1565 Asa, born in JafFrey, N. H., March 12, 1786 ; married Fanny Jewett 

(see 1970). 

1566 Isaac, bora in JafFrey, N. H., Apr. 14, 1788 ; married Nov. 17, 1812, 

Sarah Ainsworth, daughter of Rev. Laban Ainsworth of JafFrey. 
He lived in Boston and served in the City Council for several 
years ; two years Representative of Boston in the State Legisla- 
ture, and President of the Traders' Bank. He died May 27, 

1567 Calvin, born in JafFrey, N. H., July 23, 1790; died Aug. 17, 1790. 

1568 Luther, born in Jaff"rey, N. H., Oct. 10, 1791 ; died Oct. 25, 1791. 

1569 Joel, born in JafFrey, N. H., Jan. 25, 1795. He was appointed 

Chief Justice of New Hampshire in 1838, which office he held until 
1847, when he became Royal professor of law in Harvard College. 

750 JEDEDIAH JEWETT (Jedediah"% Joseph»% Nehemiah", Joseph*, 
Edward^), was born in Pepperell, Mass., April 22, 1754. He married in 
Townsend, Mass., May 8, 1776, Rachel Blood. She was bom in Pepperell. 
He married second Sally Hall. ^ 

He was a soldier in the Revolution, a shoemaker by trade, and a member 
of the Congregational Church. 

" Jedediah Jewett, Townsend, private, Capt. James Hosley's Co., of 
Minutemen, Col. William Prescott's regt. ; which marched on the alarm of 
Apr. 19, 1775, to Cambridge ; service, 9 days ; reported enlisted into the 
Army April 27, 1775 ; also Capt. James Hosley's Co. of volunteers, Col. 
Jonathan Reed's regt.; enlisted Sept. 26, 1777; discharged Oct. 29, 1777; 
service 1 mo. 4 days ; reported formerly served as Corporal in local militia, 
company raised in Townsend, Pepperell, and Ashly, to reinforce Army under 

Sixth Generation 187 

Maj. Gen. Gates." (" Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in War of the Rev.," Vol. 
VIII.) ^ 

He was in Shay's Rebellion in 1786, but was pardoned " as he was a 
good citizen." 

He died in Pepperell, Mass., in 1840. 

Children born in Townsend, Mass.: 

1570 Rachel bom Jan. 9, 1779; married Reuben Gates and lived in Wind- 

sor, Vt. 

1571 Nathaniel, born Oct. 23, 1780 ; married Betsey Hamblet.* 

1572 Betsey, bom Aug. 28, 1782; married Abner Austin.* 

1573 Jedediah, born Oct. 27, 1784. 

1574 Edmund, born June 29, 1786. 

1575 Thomas, born Sept. 19, 1788 ; died Jan. 20, 1790. 

1576 Asa, born Dec. 2, 1789 ; lived in Lexington, Mass. 

1577 Mary, bom ; married Thomas Holden (his second wife) 

of Boston. 

751 DEACON EDMUND JEWETT (Jedediah"% Joseph«% Nehe- 
miah^®, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Pepperell, Mass, Feb. 11, 1757. 
He married there Nov. 23, 1784, Maria Blood, daughter of Henry and Mary 
(Gilson) Blood of Dunstable. They lived in Pepperell, where for many 
years he was a farmer and deacon of the Congregational Church. He was 
a soldier in the Revolution and served as follows : " Edmund Jewett, Pri- 
vate, Capt. Isaac Wood's co.. Col. Jonathan Reed's regt. of guards ; muster 
roll dated Cambridge, Jan. 21, 1778; enlisted March 31, 1778; also same co. 
and regt.; joined April 1, 1778; service 3 mos. 4 days; enlistment 3 months 
from April 1, 1778." ("Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in War of the Rev.," 
Vol. VIII.) 

He died in Pepperell May 19, 1835. She died there May 2, 1853. 

Children born in Pepperell, Mass.: 

1578 Susan, bom Dec. 3, 1786; married John Blood.* 

1579 Edmund, bom Oct. 10, 1788; married Phebe Shepley.* 

1580 Henry, born Oct. 28, 1792; married (1st) Rebecca Blood; (2d) 

Eliza Tucker.* 

1581 Lucy, bom April 2, 1795 ; died unm. 

1582 Ralph, born March 6, 1797 ; married Mary Jewell and died Jan. 29, 

1850, s. p. 

752 HEPZIBAH JEWETT (Jedediah"% Joseph^', Nehemiah", Jo- 
seph*, Edward^), was bom in Pepperell, Mass., Jan. 24, 1760. She married 
May 9, 1786, her cousin Ezekiel Perham of Pepperell, son of Ezekiel and 
Eunice (Shattuck) Perham. He was bom May 27, 1764. She died in 
1816, and he married Phebe Oaks, by whom he had six children. He lived 
in Athens about forty years and then removed to Perry sburg, N. Y., where 
he died in 1843. 

188 Jewett Genealogy 


1583 Asa, born ; married Cynthia Forbes and died in Athens, 


1584 Betsey, born ; married David Robbins and died Oct. 19, 


1585 Edith, bom ; married Kendall Ober of Southampton, 


1586 Hepzibah, born ; married Jonathan Robbins. 

1587 Frederick, born . 

1588 Submit, bom ; married Jabez Chapman of Windham, Vt. 

1589 Ezekiel, bom . 

758 BENJAMIN JEWETT (Benjamin^'^S Joseph'% Nehemiah", Jo- 
seph*, Edward^), was born in Pepperell, Mass., April 27, 1765. During his 
early life he lived in Pepperell and as a boy served his country from that 
town in Revolution as follows : Ben j amin Jewet, Pepperell. List of men who 
re-enlisted between Oct. 22 and Nov. 24, 1779, for the war and received 
State and Continental bounties, as returned by Maj. Joseph Petengill of 
9th Mass. regt., also descriptive list endorsed, " West Point Jany. 8th, 1781 ; 
Capt. Cogswell's co.. Col. Micheal Jackson's (8th) regt.; rank, Drummer; 
age 15 years; stature, 5 ft. 3 in.; complexion, light; hair, light; occupa- 
tion, yeoman; birthplace, Pepperell; enlisted Nov., 1779, by Sergt. Lane 
at West Point; enhstment, during war." ("Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in 
War of the Rev.," Vol. VIII.) After the war he moved to Gilmanton, now 
Gilford, N. H., and Feb. 25, 1791, married Rebecca Boynton (832) of 
Holis, N. H. They settled on a farm which was in three 40-acre lots, the deed 
of one dated 1781 and of another 1792. He was a member of the Congrega- 
tional Church and died in Gilford March 30, 1847. His gravestone bears 
the following inscription : " He was a soldier of the Revolution but more 
distinguished as a soldier of the Cross of Christ. 


Children born in Gilford, N. H. : 

1590 Rebecca, bom Nov. 25, 1791 ; died Jan. 2, 1829. 

1591 Benjamin, born July 16, 1795; married (1st) Mrs. Sally Sleeper; 

(2d) Maria French.* 

1592 John Boynton (twin), born April 13, 1798; married March 15, 

1827, Joanna Bartlett. He lived in Gilford, and died there March 
13, 1845. 

1593 Sally (twin), bom April 13, 1798; married Dec. 10, 1838, Richard 

Brown, and lived in London, N. H., where she died in 1865, s. p. 

1594 Moses, born March 2, 1800; married Miriam Hoyt.* 

1596 Hannah, bom June 4, 1802; married July 16, 1845, William Mead 

of Meredith, N. H. 
1596 Mehitable, born April 12, 1805 ; married May 2, 1833, Rev. Jarius 

E. Strong, a Baptist clergyman, and lived in Hanover, N. H. 

Sixth Generation 189 

760 BENJAMIN JEWETT (Benjamm=''% Benjamin'% Nehemiah", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Ipswich, Mass., Nov. 30, 1739. He married 
in Windham, Conn., Feb. 10, 1762, Hannah Bidlack. She died and he 
married second Jan. 19, 1773, Abigail Bates. He was on the Lexington 
alarm list, and was in service sixteen days from Canterbury, Conn. 

Children born m Canterbury, Conn. : 

1597 David, born ; went to parts unknown. 

1598 Samuel, born ; married Lucy Chappel of New London, 

Conn., and had a son Hamilton (perhaps more). 

1599 Josiah, bom ; married Betsey Bates.* 

1600 Anna, born . 

1601 Ruhanna, born ; married Mr. Rice and died in Willing- 

ton, Conn., s. p. 

1602 Levi, born July 3, 1788; married Clarissa Jewett (see 1616). 

1603 Anson, bom Feb. 12, 1792 ; married in Herkimer, N. Y., 

settled in Erie Co., Pa. 
1603 Cynthia, born Nov. 9, 1794 ; married John Sanford Brown. 

761 CAPT. DANIEL JEWETT (Benjamin''^ iB^njamin'% Nehe- 
miah", Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Manchester, Mass., Feb. 24, 1743-4. 
He married at Windham, Conn., in 1769, Zilpah Hibbard, daughter of Capt. 
Zebulus and Hannah (Bass) Hibbard. She was born in Windham, Nov. 20, 
1745, and died in Putney, Vt., March 19, 1829. 

They settled in Canterbury, Conn., where he learned the blacksmith 
trade of his father. In 1774 he with his wife and two children removed to 
the wilds of Vermont. He carried one hundred silver dollars in a stocking, 
and bought one hundred acres of land with the money at Putney, Vt. He 
was a Whig or Liberty man prior to the Revolutionary War, and was one 
of the Coroner's Jury which, having convened at Westminster, March 15, 
1775, considered the death of William French, who had been killed in the 
" Massacre," and also one of those persons who armed with swords pro- 
ceeded to the house of Noah Sabin, Judge of the Superior Court of Common 
Pleas and conducted him to Westminster jail. He was chosen by the Inhab- 
itants of the town one of the committee for concerting measures for dissem- 
inating among the people a spirit of opposition to the English taxation 
bills, and was nominated, Feb. 6, 1776, by Benjamin Carpenter, chairman 
of the Committee of Safety, to be 1st Lieutenant of Capt. Abijah Moore's 
Putney Company of the 1st Regiment of Militia of Cumberland Co., New 
York (as that locality was then sometimes called), and confirmed as such 
by the New York Provincial Congress, March 1, 1776. He marched to the 
assistance of his compatriots at Lexington and Concord ; participated in the 
battle of Bennington, and, having pursued a party of fleeing British troops, 
was captured and taken to Fort TIconderoga where he was confined, and was 
re-taken by his friends six months afterwards. When he left the fort he 

190 Jewett Genealogy 

brought away a British gun which was in the possession of his son Calvin 
Jewett in 1848. He attained the rank of Captain about 1779» and returned 
to Putney after the war. He was chosen to town office many times, and to 
the Legislature sixteen or seventeen terms. 

His son-in-law, Rev. Daniel Packer, relates the following anecdote of 
him : " Daniel was a prosperous farmer, his brother Thomas, a very devout 
Methodist, so much so that he would leave his work to attend the meetings. 
When remonstrated with he would reply that ' The Lord and Daniel would 
p^o^^de.' Daniel at last got tired of it, and remarked that he did not know 
what the Lord would do, but Daniel was going to back out." He died in 
Putney, March 30, 1839. 


1604 Elethear, born in Canterbury, Conn., Aug. 26, 1770 ; married James 


1605 Luther, born in Canterbury, Conn., Dec. 24, 1772; married (1st) 

Betsey Adams ; (2d) Nancy Chamberland.* 

1606 Lois, born in Putney, Vt., Feb. 22, 1775 ; died Nov. 10, 1777. 

1607 Zilpah, born in Putney, Vt., Dec. 15, 1776; married Jeptha Moore.* 

1608 Lydia, born in Putney, Vt., Jan. 22, 1779; married Rev. Jeremy 


1609 Asenath, bom in Putney, Vt., Dec. 6, 1781; died there March 20, 


1610 Calvin, born in Putney, Vt, Sept. 16, 1782; married (1st) Sally 

Parker ; (2d) Martha Hopkins.* 

1611 Daniel, born in Putney, Vt., March 6, 1785 ; married Fanny Billings.* 

1612 Jemima, born in Putney, Vt., Jan. 24, 1788; married Daniel Packer.* 

1613 Jerusha, born in Putney, Vt., Nov. 30, 1790; married John Blanden.* 

762 EBENEZER JEWETT (Benjamin''% Benjamin^*, Nehemiah", 
Joseph *, Edward^), was born in Manchester, Mass., Aug. 28, 1747. He 
married Abigail Hammond and settled in Hampton, Conn., where he died 
Dec. 7, 1834. He was on the Lexington alarm list from Canterbury, Conn., 
and served 8 days ; also served 10 days from Windham, Conn. He was a 
man of deep religious views and left the church when they introduced music,, 
calling it " fiddling in the House of God." 

Children, born in Hampton, Conn. : 

1614 Abigail, born Nov. 8, 1784; married Jonas Reed of Cayuga, N. Y. 

1615 Lucy, bom ; died unmarried. 

1616 Clarissa, bom March 31, 1788; married Levi Jewett (see 1602). 

1617 Rufus, born Aug. 3, 1790; married Hannah Reynolds.* 

1618 Polly, born June 19, 1793; married Jonah Burnham and removed to 

Morgan, Butler Co., Ohio. 

1619 Betsey, born May 8, 1797; married William Logan and died s. p. 

1620 Ebenezer, born Nov. 30, 1799; married Maria Jennings.* 


Sixth Generation 191 

765 THOMAS JEWETT (Benjamm''% Benjamin'% Nehemiah", 
Josephs Edward^), was bom in Hampton, Conn., March 13, 1757. He 
married MilHe Babcock and settled in Wardsborough, Vermont. 


1621 Thomas, born . He settled at Painted Post, Pa. 

1622 Betsy, born . 

1623 Jerusha, born . 

1624 Benjamin, born . 

1625 Morris, bom . 

767 JOSEPH MILLEN JEWETT (Benjamin^'S Benjamin'% Nehe- 
miah^S Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Hampton, Conn., Feb. 4, bapt. May 
8, 1763-4. He married June 13, 1787, Phebe Drake, who was bom April 

11, 1770. He was a soldier in the Revolution for one year and was pen- 
sioned in 1833 for this service. They settled in Norwich, Vt., about 1785, 
and in 1818 removed to Colebrook, Ohio, where he died. 

Children, born in Normch, Vt.: 

1626 Elcy, bom Jan. 4, 1788 ; married Hiram Waters. 

1627 Millens, born May 28, 1790; married (1st) Pumbly; (2d) 


1628 Lucy, born Aug. 18, 1792 ; married Amasa Woodworth. 

1629 Nathan, born May 17, 1795 ; married Chloe Sperry.* 

1630 Dolly, born April 1, 1798; married Loton Fobes. 

1631 Lovica, born Sept. 17, 1800; married Lotrick Huntley. 

1632 Holland, born May 25, 1803 ; married Hannah Birch.* 

1633 Hannah, born May 20, 1805 ; married her cousin, Francis Drake. 

1634 Lorenzo Dow, bom Nov. 14, 1808; married (1st) Drake; (2nd) 

Sophia Lacada Burch.* 

1635 Willard, born April 12, 1811, died, unmarried, in Columbus, Ohio. 

1636 Charles, born March 15, 1813; died soon. 

769 EDNA JEWETT (George-'% Joseph"% Joseph", Joseph*, Ed- 
ward^), was bom in Rowley, Mass., July 13, bapt. July 19, 1730. She 
married there, by Rev. Jedediah Jewett, Jan. 24, 1754, Wilham Todd, 
son of Daniel and Mary (Newman) Todd. He was born in Rowley Dec. 

12, 1729, and died there Dec. 8, 1815. She died there Jan. 31, 1810. 

Children, horn in Rowley, Mass. : 

1637 George, born Dec. 1, 1754; married Lucy Bradstreet.* : ! 

1638 Daniel, born March 17, 1757; died Aug. 31, 1839. r 

1639 Wilham, bom July 18, 1759. 

1640 Moses, born July 22, 1761 ; died Oct. 5, 1764. \ 

1641 Mary, born Sept. 15, 1763. 

19S Jewett Genealogy 

1642 Elizabeth, bom Nov. 26, 1765. 

1643 Hannah, born Sept. 18, 176T ; died April 1, 17T4. 

1644 Edna, born Oct. 6, 1769. 
1646 Moses, bom July 2, 1772. 

773 JOSEPH JEWETT (George-'^ Joseph"*, Joseph", Joseph*, Ed- 
ward^'), was born in Rowley, Mass., May 14, 1739. He married (Pub. 
Oct. 12, 1765) Martha Tredwell, daughter of John and Hannah (Board- 
man) Tredwell. She was bom, bapt. in Ipswich, Mass., Aug. 9, 1741, 
and died Nov. 2, 1818. He was a private in Capt. John Pearson's Troop 
of Horse May 31, 1757, and died Aug. 1, 1774. 


Children, born in Rowley, Mass. : 

1646 George, born June 11, 1767; married Martha — 

1647 Joseph, born Aug. 23, 1768. 

1648 John, born Aug. 10, 1770. 

1649 David, bora July 5, 1772. 

1650 Hannah, bom . 

775 JANE JEWETT (George=='% Joseph"", Joseph", Joseph*, Ed- 
ward ), was bom in Rowley. Mass., Feb. 18, bapt. Feb. 20, 1742-3. She 
married in Rowley, by Rev. James Chandler, June 29, 1774, Doctor William 
Hale, his second wife. 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass. : 

1651 Joseph, born . 

1652 Moses, born . 

1653 Jane, bom . 

779 LUCY JEWETT (Nathan==«% Joseph"% Joseph", Joseph*, Ed- 
ward^), was born in North Lyme, Conn., Jan. 14, 1730-1. She married Oct. 
4, 1750, Joshua Raymond, who was born at New London, Conn., son of 
Joshua and Elizabeth (Christopher) Raymond of New London, North Par- 
ish, now Montville. He was a descendant of Richard Raymond and Judith, 
his wife, who were at Salem, Mass., as early as 1634. 

Mr. Raymond was a Corporal in the Army, was active in church and 
social affairs, deacon from 1763 to 1789, and was a member of the Legisla- 
ture several years. They settled in Montville, Conn., where he died Sept. 
14, 1790. She died Feb. , 1812. 

Children, born in Montville, Conn.: 

1654 Mercy, born about 1751 ; married John Raymond.* 

1655 Joshua, born about 1753; married (1st) Mary Raymond; (2d) Eliz- 

abeth Prince.* 

1656 Nathan, born about 1764. He was a Sergeant in the Company of 

his uncle, Captain Joseph Jewett (780). Was captured at the 

Sixth Generation 193 

Battle of Flatbush, and died Jan. 16, 1777, with the small-pox 
soon after his release and return home. Was not married. 

1657 Josiah, bom about 1756; married Elizabeth Baker.* 

1658 Mulford (twin) bom about 1760; married Eleanor Bradford.* 

1659 Louisa (twin), bom about 1760; married Nathaniel Lynde Ray- 


1660 Charlotte, born about 1763; married Benajah Gardner.* 

1661 Lucy, born Nov. 12, 1764; married Nathaniel Bradford.* 

1662 Mary, born about 1766 ; married Lemuel Raymond.* 

1663 Jewett, bom about 1768 ; died Oct. 3, 1774. 

1664 Oliver, born June 24, 1771; married (1st) Hannah Raymond; (2d) 

Mary Comstock.* 

780 CAPTAIN JOSEPH JEWETT (Nathan'"', Joseph^^S Joseph", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in North Lyme, Conn., Dec. 13, 1732. He 
married at Norwich, Conn., May 18, 1758, his second cousin, Lucretia 
Rogers, who was bom in Norwich May 4, 1740. She was the youngest 
daughter of Dr. Theophilus and Elizabeth (Hyde) Rogers of Norwich. Dr. 
Rogers was the sixth in descent of John Rogers, the martyr, burned at 
Smithfield Feb. 4, 1555. 

He settled in Lyme, Conn., was on the Lexington alarm list April, 1775, 
and served 31 days; was Captain of the 8th Connecticut Regi- 
ment from July 6, 1775, to Dec. 10, 1775 ; was made Captain 
of the 17th Continental Regiment (8th reorganized) Jan. 1, 1777. This 
Regiment was stationed on Long Island Sound until Sept. 14, 1775, when, 
on requisition from Washington, it was ordered to the Boston camps, and 
took up its post in Roxbury in General Spencer's Brigade. Here it re- 
mained until the expiration of its service Dec. 10, 1775. 

Jan. 1, 1777, he re-enlisted in the 17th Continental Regiment, In which 
he served until his death, which occurred while a prisoner after the battle 
of Flatbush, Long Island. 'There are two accounts of his death. Deacon 
N. Richards, one of his non-commissioned officers, speaks of him as follows: 
" Captain Joseph Jewett of Huntington's Regiment, an officer much re- 
spected and beloved, of elegant and commanding appearance and unques- 
tionable bravery, was murdered in cold blood, having surrendered his sword 
when demanded, the British officer, on receiving it, instantly plunged it 
through his body" (Vermont Chronicles). The other version of his death 
is a statement of Lieutenant Jabez Fitch, who was in Captain Jewett's Com- 
pany and was taken prisoner at the same time. He says that the Captain 
was three times wounded by bayonet stabs " after he had surrendered," but 
makes no mention of his having been run through by a British officer with 
his own sword after he had given it up. The original statement of Lieu- 
tenant Fitch is now in the possession of C. J. Bushnell of New York " (A 
Memoir of the Long Island Historical Society 1878). 

Captain Jewett died Aug. 29, 1776. His widow married Captain Abner 

194! Jewett Genealogy 

Lee and died Jan. 18, 1836; one child by this marriage, Ehzabeth, born 
Jan. 1, 1783. 

Children, born in Lyme, Conn.: 

1665 Lucy, bom May 12, 1759; married David Miner and died in 1784. 

Her only child, WilHam Miner, was a merchant at Charlestown, 
S. C, and died there unmarried. 

1666 Mary, bom March 12, 1761; married (1st) Samuel Perkins; (2d) 

Colonel Jacob Spofford.* 

1667 Joseph, born June 7, 1763 ; married Jane Pettibone.* 

1668 Zabdial R., bom April 20, 1765 ; married Zebiah Rowe.* 

1669 Lucretia, bom April 24, 1767 ; married Pliny Hayes.* 

1670 Ehzabeth, born Aug. 27, 1769 ; died in infancy. 

1671 Deborah (twin), bom Aug. 27, 1769; married Richard Lord.* 

1672 Joshua R., born Aug. 14, 1771; married (1st) Sybil Pettibone; 

(2d) Mary Alma Cossit.* 

1673 Josiah, bom Dec. 29, 1773; married (1st) Ehzabeth Smith; (2d) 

Sophia Skinner.* 

1674 George Washington, born March 10, 1776; married Sophia Mather.* 

781 CAPT. NATHAN JEWETT (Nathan''^, JosepV^S Joseph", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in North Lyme, Conn., Sept. 20, 1734. He 
married at Lyme Dec. 9, 1756, his second cousin, Deborah Griswold, daugh- 
ter of John and Hannah (Lee) Griswold of Lyme, She was born in Lyme 
March 1, 1735, and died in East Haddam, Conn., May 16, 1811. He died 
there June 19, 1802. They lived in East Haddam where he was a farmer. 

Children, born in East Haddam, Conn.: 

1675 Hannah, bom Oct. 3, 1757 ; married Ichabod Spencer, a lieutenant 

in the Revolutionary Army. They settled in Lyme, Conn., and 
had a daughter Lucy, who married Barney Huntley. 

1676 Elizabeth, born June 4, 1759; died Aug. 27, 1829; unmarried. 

1677 Lucinthy, born Nov. 12, 1761 ; married Mr. Walker of Massachusetts 

and died s. p. 

1678 Anna, bom Feb. 21, 1764; married Squire Allen.* 

1679 Nathan, born July 20, 1767 ; married Hepzibah Lee.* 

1680 Samuel, born July 21, 1769; died in East Haddam May 1, 1840; 


1681 John Griswold, born Sept. 17, 1771 ; married Feb. 6, 1803, Lois Lay, 

daughter of Captain Lee and Louisa (Griswold) Lay. She was 
bom in Lyme, Conn., April 12, 1784. They lived in Lyme. 

1682 Deborah, born Jan. 12, 1777; married Mr. Frink of Stonington, 

where she died s. p. 

1683 Dyar T., born Jan. 23, 1780. He died in Bradford County, Pa., 

unmarried. He was the author of three books that were published, 
viz., A Treatise on Early Marriage; A Guide to National Im- 

Sixth Generation 195 

provements, and A Dialogue on Religious Matters. This dia- 
logue was 
the other. 

logue was between two ministers on one side and a free thinker on 

782 DAVID JEWETT (Nathan-'^, Joseph"% Joseph-% Joseph*, Ed- 
ward^), was bom at North Lyme, Conn., Oct. 27, 1736. He married at 
East Haddam, Conn., Nov. 3, 1757, Sarah Selden, daughter of Colonel 
Samuel and Deborah (Dudley) Selden of Lyme. They settled at Milhng- 
ton in East Haddam, where he died in 1780. She died in 1826. 

Children, born in East Haddam, Conn.: 
1684) Nathan Hibbard, born about 1760 ; married Mary Griffin.* 

1685 David Moody, bom ; bapt. May 9, 1765; died in infancy. 

1686 David Moody, born ; bapt. July 19, 1767; married Naomi 


1687 Deborah, born ; married Rev. Mr. Welch, a Baptist clergyman 

of Colchester, Conn. 

1688 Sarah, bom ; married (1st) Nathaniel Baker of East Haddam; 

(2d) M. Tennant, and settled in New York State. 

1689 Mary, born ; bapt. April 8, 1770; died in infancy. 

1690 EUzabeth, bora Feb. 28, 1771 ; married Ansel Comstock.* 

1691 Lucy, bom Sept. 16, 1779 ; married Erastus Selden.* 

1692 Mary, born ; bapt. in 1777; married Mr. Ransom and settled 

in Western New York. 

1693 Lord Selden, bom ; bapt. Sept. 10, 1780; married Clarissa 

Brockway of Lyme and died in Baltimore in 1820 s. p. 

783 DR. GIBBONS JEWETT (Nathan"% Joseph^''% Joseph-", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in North Lyme, Conn., Nov. 1, 1738. He 
married Jan. 12, 1760, Hannah Ayers. He was a physician and they set- 
tled at Millington, East Haddam, Conn., where she died Nov. 25, 1760 
s. p. He married second Oct. 6, 1761, his second cousin, Rhoda 
Hyde of Lebanon, Conn., daughter of Daniel and Abigail (Wattles) Hyde. 
She was born June 20, 1739. 

He was Surgeon in the 4th Battalion, Wadsworth Brigade, Colonel 
Selden's Co., in the War of the Revolution, and died at East Haddam (Mill- 
ington) Aug. 10, 1789. 

Children, horn in East Haddam, Conn. : 

1694 Hannah, bom Oct. 11, 1762; married Mr. Ackley of East Haddam. 

1695 Rhoda, born April 12, 1764 ; married Reuben Champion of Lyme, 

Conn., where he died Dec. 10, 1849, aged 92 years. 

1696 Gibbons, bom April 16, 1766; married (1st) Dorothy Spencer; (2d) 

Lydia Peters.* 

196 Jewett Genealogy 

1697 George W., born Feb. 18, 1768. He was a merchant in Hartford, 

Conn., and died there about 1820 ; unmarried. 

785 MARY JEWETT (Nathan^^'S Joseph'*'% Joseph", Joseph*, Ed- 
ward^), was born in North Lyme, Conn., April 15, 1743. She married 
Oct. 25, 1762, Paul Moody of Newbury, Mass., and lived in Byfield, Mass. 

Children, horn in Byfield, Mass. : 

1698 Samuel, bom . He was principal of an academy in Hollowell, 

Maine, and was a Judge. 

1699 Nathan, bom . He was liberally educated, was a merchant, and 

died suddenly in Maine. 

1700 Enoch, born ; married Eunice Balch.* 

1701 David, born . He was a wealthy merchant of Boston, Mass., 

and died suddenly s. p. 

1702 Paul, born about 1778. He was a distinguished machinist and manu- 

facturer and died suddenly in Lowell, Mass., in 1831. 

1703 Joseph, born . He was blind for most of his life and dropped 

dead in the street in 1850. 

1704 Sewell, born . He fell from a mill dam in the night and was 


1705 William, bom . He occupied his father's homestead in Byfield 

and died suddenly in the summer of 1851. 

1706 Mehitable, born ; married Mr. Dummer and lived in LoweU, 


1707 Deborah, born ; married Shubal Dummer. 

789 SARAH JEWETT (David =='^ Joseph^"% Joseph", Joseph*, Ed- 
ward^), was bom in New London, now Montville, Conn., Aug. 25, 1741. 
She married May 13, 1762, Col. Ehsha Porter, who was born Feb. 9, 1742. 
He graduated from Harvard College in 1761 and was a soldier in the Revo- 
lution. They settled in Hadley, Mass., where he was High Sheriff of Hamp- 
shire County. She died in Hadley April 5, 1775. 


Children, born in Hadley, Mass. 

1708 Sarah, bom April 29, 1763 ; married David Hillhouse.* 

1709 Samuel, bom April 15, 1765; married Lucy Hubbard.* 

1710 David, bom June 13, 1767; drowned June 8, 1775. 

1711 Mary, born April 8, 1769; died in infancy. 

1712 Lucy, bom Oct. 18, 1770; died in infancy. 

1713 Patience, born April 19, 1773; died in infancy. 

790 DR. DAVID HIBBARD JEWETT (David"^ Joseph"% Joseph", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in New London, now Montville, Conn., Aug. 
21, 1746. He married Aug. , 1769, Patience Bulkley, daughter of 

Sixth Generation 197 

Major Charles and Ann (Latimer) Bulkley of Colchester, Conn. She was 
born April 23, 1749. 

Dr. Jewett was educated at Cambridge without proceeding to a degree; 
he studied medicine with Dr. E. A. Holyoke and settled in North Parish, 
now Montville, New London, Conn. He served as Surgeon in the American 
Army during the Revolution; was commissioned Sept. 27, 1776, in Col. 
Selden's Regiment, 4th Battalion, Wadsworth Brigade and discharged Nov. 
17, 1776. July 28, 1779, he enHsted as Surgeon in Col. Elisha Porter's 
(Hampshire Co.) Regiment of Massachusetts and was discharged Sept. 2, 
1779; service at New London, Conn. He again re-enlisted and served dur- 
ing the most of the war. 

He died in New London April 26, 1814, and the next year his family 
moved to Wilkesbarre, Pa., where his widow died Feb. , 1830. 

Children, born in the North Parish of New London, Corm.: 

1714 Patience, born Sept. — , 1770 ; died aged 7 years 4 mos. 

1715 David, born June 17, 1772 ; married Mrs. EHza McTiers.* 

1716 Anna, bom June 1, 1774; died in infancy. 

1717 Charles Bulkley, bom Dec. — , 1775; died in infancy. 

1718 Charles, born June 9, 1777. He was appointed Lieutenant in the 

United States Navy Oct. 30, 1799, discharged June 3, 1801, under 
the Peace Establishment Act. He settled in Wilkesbarre, Pa., 
where he died Feb. 14, 1825, unm. 

1719 Elizabeth, bom Oct. 9, 1780;, married Phineas Waller.* 

1720 Sarah, bom Oct. 8, 1782 ; died May 15, 1857., unm. 

1721 George, bom May 22, 1785. He was appointed Midshipman in the 

United States Navy Oct. 31, 1799, and was discharged July 10, 
1801, under the Peace Establishment Act. He was later a mer- 
chant in Tunkhannock, and died in Wilkesbarre, Pa., Nov. 2, 
1816, unm. 

1722 Ann (Nancy) (twin), bom July 6, 1787; married Hon. Oristus 


1723 Martha (twin), bom July 6, 1787. 

1724 Harriet, born Jan. 10, 1790; died in Wilkesbarre, Pa., Nov. 26, 

1816, unm. 

804 NATHANIEL PRIME (Joshua'^^S Sarah"°, Joseph", JosephS 
Edward^), was bom in Rowley, Mass., Jan. 30, 1768. He married in New 
York June 3, 1797, Corneha Sands, daughter of Comfort and Sarah (Dodge) 
Sands. She was bom in New York Nov. 8, 1773, and died there April 21, 
1852. He was a member of the noted firm of Prime, Ward, and King, mer- 
chants of New York City; became a millionaire and committed suicide by 
cutting his throat Nov. 26, 1840. 

Children born in New Yoric, N. Y.: 

1725 Emily Frances, born Dec. 25, 1798 ; died June 8, 1804. 

198 Jewett Genealogy 

1726 Cornelia, born Jan. 4, 1800. She married in New York, Nov. 25, 

1819, Robert Roy, son of Cornelius Roy of New York. She died 
May 21, 1874. 

1727 Edward, bom Dec. 10, 1801; married (1st) Anne Bard; (2d) 

Charlotte Hoffman.* 

1728 Emily, born June 26, 1804; married July 17, 1832, WilHam Selon 

of New York. She died in Paris, France, Nov. 28, 1854. 

1729 Rufus, born Jan. 28, 1806; married Augusta Temple Palmer.* 

1730 Frederick, bom Oct. 30, 1807; married (1st) Mary Rutherford 

Peter; (2d) Lydia Hare.* 

1731 Matilda, born July 2, 1810 ; married June 9, 1831, Gerard H. Coster, 

son of John G. Coster of New York. She died in Paris, France, 
• April 19, 1849. 

1732 Laura, born Feb. 17, 1812; married Nov. 8, 1831, John Clarkson, 

son of Peter A. Clarkson of New York. 

1733 Harriet, bom April 7, 1814; died in New York March 24, 1824. 

809 DR. JOSHUA JEWETT (PauP-*, Joshua"% Joseph'-, Joseph*, 
Edward^), was bom in Rowley, Mass., Aug. 23, 1768. He married there 
June 14, 1798, Phebe Harris (see 1158), daughter of John and Eunice 
(Thurston) Harris. She was born in Rowley Dec. 23, 1769, and died there 
Oct. 12, 1854. He was a physician in Rowley for many years, as well as one 
of the most prominent men of the town in church and public affairs. He 
was Town Clerk from 1800 to 1821 ; member of the Legislature, 1811, 1812, 
1814, and 1829 ; became deacon of the church April 4, 1807, and filled that 
position for more than fifty years. He died June 3, 1862. 

Children born in Rowley, Mass.: 

1734 John Harris, born June 7, 1799 ; died Feb. 4, 1854. 

1735 Joshua, born May 7, 1801 ; " died from typhus fever at Salem, 

Mass.," April 6, 1824 ; buried in Rowley. 

1736 Henry Gushing, born Feb. 10, 1803 ; married June 4, 1832, Hannah 

Bridges. He graduated from Brown University in 1824, and was 
installed pastor of the Congregational Church of Winslow, Maine, 
July 4, 1835; served until April 30, 1842; was settled over the 
second Parish Church of Gloucester, Mass., Aug., 1842, and died 
suddenly from scarlet fever, Nov. 4, 1846; buried in Rowley. 

1737 Mary Harris, bom Dec. 6, 1808 ; married by Rev. Willard Holbrook, 

Nov. 13, 1838, Deacon James T. Plummer of Rowley. She died 
from heart disease June 3, 1844. He married second Martha 
Harris Bullen and died Jan. 17, 1894. 

812 ELIPHALET JEWETT (Paul'-*, Joshua"% Joseph", Joseph*, 
Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., May 4, baptized May 12, 1776. He 
married by the Rev. David Tuller Nov. 4, 1804, Sarah Richards, daughter 

Sixth Generation 199 

of Humphrey H. and Sarah (Pearson) Richards. He was a carpenter and 
settled in Salem, Mass., where he joined the church Dec. 19, 1803. They 
removed to Rowley, and later returned to Salem. He fell from the roof of 
a store and died from the injury April 19, 1837. 


1738 Ednah, born in Salem, Mass., Sept. 22, 1805; married June 23, 

1829, Henry A. Kinsman. 

1739 Harriet, bom in Salem, Mass., Mar. 3, 1807 ; married Andrew Mor- 

gan of New York. 

1740 Sarah, born in Rowley, Mass, June 14, 1809; married May 12, 1833, 

Henry James Prentiss. He was born in Marblehead, Mass., July 
17, 1807. She died in Boston, Mass., Jan. 5, 1849. They had 
Andrew Morgan, bom Sept. 1, 1834, who was a merchant in New 
York, and Eliphalet Jewett, bom May 29, 1836, died March 23, 

1842. Mr. Prentiss married second Martha W. Dickmun. 

1741 Jane, bom in Rowley, Mass., June 25, 1812; married Sept. — , 1837, 

William Payson. 

1742 Mary, born in Rowley, Mass., April 25, 1814; married Sept. 30, 

1834, Francis Read and lived in Providence, R. I. 

1743 Martha Caroline, born in Rowley, Mass., Oct. 27, 1816 ; married Oct. 

27, 1836, Samuel Gerry and resided at Boston Highlands, Mass. 

1744 Ruth Ann, bom in Rowley, Mass., Aug. 30, 1818 ; married April 12, 

1843, Stephen Tilton. 

1745 Humphrey Paul, born in Salem, Mass., June 14, 1821 ; married Lucy 

Noyes Gushing.* 

1746 Eleanor, born in Salem, Mass., Dec. 4, 1826 ; married Dec. 28, 1852, 

Samuel B. Leach. She died in 1855. 

813 REV. PAUL JEWETT (PauP-*, Joshua"^ Joseph", Joseph*, 
Edward^), was bom in Rowley, Mass., April 26, 1780. He married in 
Salem, Mass., Sept. 1, 1813, Eleanor M. Punchard. He studied for the 
ministry and graduated from Brown University in the class of 1802. They 
settled in Lebanon, Maine, where she died. He married second, in Scituate, 
Mass., May 24, 1827, Mrs. Grace Torrey Thaxter, daughter of James and 
Eunice (Turner) Torrey, and widow of John Thaxter. She was born in 
Scituate, Mass., May 24, 1798. He was settled over churches in Scituate, 
Carver, Topsfield, and Hamilton, Mass., and died in Hamilton from apoplexy. 
May 15, 1840 ; was placed in the tomb of J. Punchard, Esq. 

Children hy -first wife horn in Lebanon, Maine: 

1747 John Punchard, bom Aug. 16, 1814; married (1st) Harriette E. 

Cobb; (2d) Helen Maria Crane.* 

1748 Charles Coffin, bom Aug. 12, 1816 ; married Rebecca Green Haskins.* 

200 Jewett Genealogy 

1749 George Baker, bom Sept. 11, 1818; married Mary Jennison 

1760 Henry Paul Blatchford, born Sept. 20, 1820; died Dec. 21, 1826. 

Children by second wife horn in Scituate, Mass. : 

1751 Henry Paul Blatchford, bom Jan. 29, 1828 ; married Isabella Maria 


1752 Eleanor Punchard, bom June 30, 1829; died in Salem, Mass., May 1, 

1887, unm. 

1753 Grace, born Ang. 14, 1831 ; died Sept. 1, 1831. 

1754 William James, bom Nov. 9, 1832; died in Carver, Mass., Jan. 10, 


1755 Edwin Cowper, bora Feb. 17, 1836 ; married Evalyn Sanbom.* 






823 RUTH JEWETT (James'", Samuel"% Francis'*, EzekieP, Maxi- 
milian', Edward^), was bom in Hollis, N. H., Sept. 3, 1755. She married 
there Dec. 30, 1773, Christopher Farley, son of Lieut. Benjamin and Joanna 
(Page) Farley. He was born in Hollis, April 1, 1751, and served in the 
Revolution from that town. Their home was in Hollis, where he died June 
21, 1788, and was buried in the church cemetery of Hollis. 

Children horn in Hollis, N. H.: 

1756 Ruth, bom Sept. 19, 1774. 

1757 Amos, born June 6, 1776. 

1758 Christopher P., born Jan. 30, 1778; died young. 

1759 Susannah, born Jan. 9, 1780. 

1760 James J., born May, 1782; died in infancy. 

1761 James J., born Jan. 12, 1784. 

1762 Ehzabeth, bom July 28, 1786; married Dec. 14, 1825, Ralph W. 

Jewett (see 866). 

1763 Christopher, bom Oct. 8, 1788 ; married Mary Sherwin.* 

824 MARGARET JEWETT (James'", Samuel"% Francis'*, Eze- 
kieP, Maximilian', Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H., Oct. 18, 1758. She 
married Nov. 20, 1781, Deacon Abel Conant of Hollis, son of Josiah and 
Catherine (Emerson) Conant. He was born Oct. 3, 1755; was deacon of the 
Holhs Church from 1787 to 1813. In 1775 he enhsted in Capt. Dow's 
company and was in the Battle of Bunker Hill ; re-enlisted in 1776 in the Con- 
tinental Army for one year, and in 1778 in Capt. Emerson's company for 
Rhode Island. She died in Hollis July 25, 1788. He married second 
Lydia Thurston and removed to Hardwick, Vt., where he died May 2, 1844. 
Had seven children by second wife. 

Children born in Hollis, N. H. : 

1764 Margaret, born Aug. 30, 1782. 

1765 Abel, born June 1, 1784. He studied law and was admitted to the 

bar in 1813 at Concord, N. H. Practiced at Townsend, Mass., 
and New Ipswich, N. H. In 1834 he removed to Lowell, Mass., 
and his health having failed he gave up his profession. He studied 
chemistry and physics and became an inventor. At an early day 
he invented the parlor organ and the hollow auger used by wheel- 
wrights ; also invented and patented the mortised door lock now in 
common use. He invented the process of raising bread with cream 
of tartar, but the impossibility of preventing infringement deprived 

204 Jewett Genealogy 

him of the benefit of his inventions. He perfected many other 
improvements, and at the time of his death was engaged on several 
others which he expected shortly to make public. He married 
May — , 1822, at New Ipswich, Harriet Hubbard, daughter of 
Prof. John Hubbard of Dartmouth College, and died in Lowell, 
Mass., April 12, 1875, leaving five children. 

1766 James, bom April 7, 1786; married Sarah Fletcher, daughter of 

Elijah and Mercy (Butterfield) Fletcher of Tyngsboro, Mass. 
They settled in Hardwick, Vt., where he died in 1875. Had nine 

1767 Catherine, born Dec. 29, 1787. 

825 EUNICE JEWETT (James^", SamueP", Francis^^*, EzekieP, 
Maximilian% Edward^), was bom in Hollis, N. H., Sept. 24, 1761. She 
married there June 15, 1780, Uriah Wright of Hollis, son of Capt. Joshua 
and Abigail Wright. He was bom Dec. 8, 1754 ; Kved in Hollis and was a 
soldier in the Revolution from that town. 

Children born in Hollis, N. H.: 

1768 Uriah, bora June 3, 1781. 

1769 Eunice, born March 19, 1783; married Ephraim Woods.* 

1770 Joshua, born March 9, 1785 ; died young. 

1771 James Jewett, born March 25, 1787 ; married Lucy Cole.* 

1772 Margaret, born July 5, 1789. 

1773 Timothy, bom April 13, 1791. 

1774 Joshua, born April 21, 1793. 
1776 Jean, bom May 26, 1795. 

831 MOSES BOYNTON (Ruth«==«, SamueP", Francis"*, Ezekief, Max- 
imilian% Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H., Sept. 25, 1763. He married 
in 1794 Hannah Lund, who was bora Sept. 7, 1772, daughter of Ephraim and 
Ahce (Wheeler) Lund. They lived in Hollis, where he died Dec. 3, 1842. 


Children born in Hollis, N. H. : 

1776 Hannah, bora Feb. 2, 1795 ; married April — , 1814, William Brown 

of Amherst, N. H. She died Oct. 3, 1863. 

1777 Moses, bora March 2, 1798 ; married April 3, 1819, Amy Lawrence, 

and died July 18, 1858. 

1778 Rebecca, bora April 3, 1801 ; died Oct. 6, 1872, unm. 

1779 Sarah, bora May 20, 1803 ; married Nov. 24, 1825, Samuel Quaid, and 

had Sarah, John, and Lorenzo. She died March 23, 1858. 

1780 Naomi, bora July 15, 1807; married (1st) Bradlee Colburn (see 

1882) ; (2d) John Colbura (see 1881). 

1781 Mary, born July 15, 1807 ; married John S. Pool and died April 22, 


Seventh Generation 205 

1782 Lucy, born April 6, 1810 ; died May 3, 1839, unm. 

1783 John, born Sept. 9, 1812 ; married Sarah Woods, who died Aug. 12, 

1885. He died Oct. 5, 1877. 

1784 Eliza, bom June 21, 1815 ; died March 19, 1844, unm. 

1785 Jacob, bom Dec. 17, 1818; died May 9, 1838, unm. 

833 SAKAH JEWETT (SamueP'% SamueP", Francis^'*, EzekieP, 
Maximilian®, Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H., March 7, 1749. She 
married there, Dec. 6, 1770, John Philbrick, of Hollis. 

Children born in Hollis, N. H. : 

1786 John, bom Sept. 3, 1771. 

1787 Sarah, born Sept. 16, 1773. 

1788 Mary, born Aug. 10, 1777. 

1789 Samuel, bom Aug. 22, 1779. 

1790 Joel, bom April 24, 1781. 

836 SAMUEL JEWETT (SamueP'% SamueP", Francis", EzekieP, 
Maximihan', Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H., Jan. 1, 1756. As a young 
man he lived in Hollis and served in the Revolution from that town, as follows : 
" Samuel Jewet, Hollis, Private, Capt. Reuben Dow's co.. Col. William Pres- 
cott's regt. ; company return dated Cambridge, Oct. 6, 1775 ; also list of men 
belonging to Capt. Reuben Dow's co.. Col. William Prescott's regt., who lost 
articles at Bunker Hill, June 17, 1775 ; dated Cambridge, Dec. 22, 1775." 
("Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in War of the Rev.," Vol. VIH.) He lost in 
this battle " one knapsack value Is 8d and one tumpline value Is 2d." 

" Samuel Jewett, Hollis, Private, Capt. Reuben Dow's co.. Col. William 
Prescott's regt.; muster roll dated Aug. 1, 1775, enlisted April 25, 1775; 
service 3 mos. 14 days." 

" Samuel Juett, Hollis, Capt. Reuben Dow's co.. Col. William Prescott's 
regt. ; order for bounty coat or its equivalent in money dated Cambridge Nov. 
20, 1775." (" Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in War of the Rev.," Vol. VIH.) 

" Cambridge Nov. 20, 1775. To the Honorable the Committee of Sup- 

" This may certify that we, who have hereunto subscribed our names, do 
declare that we, being under officers and soldiers enlisted under Capt. Reuben 
Dow of Hollis, in Col. William Prescott's Regiment, have received each of us 
a coat according to a vote of the late Congress held at Watertown, and pro- 
vided by the Committee of Supplies — we say, received of Lieutenant John 
Goss of said Company." 

Samuel Jewett (and 46 others.) 

" Samuel Jewett, private of Hollis, marched April 19, 1775 away 6 days 
received as pay 8 shell. 6d." 

" Samuel Jewett on Pay roll of Capt. Daniel Emerson's Co., which 

206 Jewett Genealogy 

marched from Hollis for TIconderoga on alarm June 1777. He enlisted 
July 10, 1777." (N. H. S. P.) 

In 1776 he worked in a powder mill in Exeter, N. H., and in October, 
1777, in company with his brother Jacob, went to Gilmanton, now Laconia, 
N. H. They felled four acres of trees and then returned to Hollis to spend 
the winter. In the spring of 1778 he and his brother again returned and 
continued the clearing. At the time they began there were but two houses 
in what is now the city of Laconia. This part of the town was known as 
Meredith Bridge, later Gilmanton. 

He married at Meredith Bridge, now Laconia, Dec. 13, 1781, Apphia 
Smith, who was bom in Brentwood, N. H., May 20, 1759, daughter of Jona- 
than Smith of Meredith Bridge. She died at Meredith Bridge April 2, 1835. 
He died there in 1837. 

Children born in Meredith Bridge, N. H. : 

1791 Apphia, born Sept. 6, 1782 ; died in infancy. 

1792 Sarah, born Jan. 23, 1784. 

1793 Apphia, born Aug. 16, 1786; married Dec. 25, 1817, Jacob Hackett. 

1794 Polly, bom April 8, 1789. 

1795 Samuel, born March 3, 1791 ; married Sarah Crosby.* 

1796 Smith (twin) bom July 21, 1793 ; married Statira Glines.* 

1797 Lois (twin) born July 21, 1793. 

1798 Ruth, born Feb. 4, 1796 ; married in 1818 Elisha Osgood. 

1799 John, bom June 25, 1798 ; married Nov. 30, 1818, Hannah Thurston 

of Gilford, N. H. 

1800 Hannah, born May 9, 1800. 

838 JACOB JEWETT (SamueP'% Samuel"^ Francis^*, EzekieP, Max- 
imilian^, Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H'., Oct. 30, 1760. He married 
Dec. 2, 1784, Ruth Jewett (759), who was bom in Pepperell, Mass., Jan. 31, 
1767, and died in Laconia, N. H'., Dec. 29, 1854. He was a soldier in 
the Revolution from Hollis, and was on guard so near Arnold's house 
the night Arnold was preparing to turn traitor that he could hear him 
walking up and down stairs. He enlisted Aug. 6, 1778, in Capt. Daniel 
Emerson's Co., Col. Moses Nichols' Regt., of Vol., that marched from Hollis, 
N. H., and joined the Continental Army in Rhode Island; discharged Aug. 
28, 1778. He re-enlisted for West Point July 6, 1780, and served until Oct. 
22, 1780. He settled in Gilford, now Laconia, N. H., and with his wife Ruth 
joined the Congregational Church of Meredith Bridge. He died March 27, 

Children born in Gilford, N. H. : 

1801 Benjamin, born Dec. 31, 1785; married Lois Crosby.* 

1802 Sarah, bom March 9, 1788 ; died Oct. 2, 1834, unm. 

1803 Ruth, bom May 8, 1790; died April 25, 1826, unm. 

1804 Hannah, bom March 1, 1793; died March 7, 1823, unm. 

Seventh Generation 207 

1805 Huldah, born Feb. 26, 1796 ; married Feb. 20, 1833, Deacon Nathaniel 

Blood of Pembroke, where she died Nov. 14, 1849. 

1806 Lucy, born Sept. 27, 1799 ; married John S. Stevens.* 

1807 Lois, bom March 29, 1802; married Sept. 27, 1843, Rev. Edward 

Buxton, of Webster, N. H., where she died Nov. 20, 1870. 

1808 Daniel Emerson, bom July 13, 1804; married Martha M. Worster. 

He graduated from Dartmouth College and Andover Seminary and 
was a Baptist minister in New York for many years. Died in Phil- 
adelphia, Pa., May 28, 1843. 

1809 Isaac Smith, born July 5, 1807 ; married Abigail Lane.* 

847 JOSEPH WHEELER (Mehitable^'% SamueP", Francis'*, EzekieP, 
Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in H'olhs, N. H., Nov. 15, 1766. He mar- 
ried Naomi Grover, who was born in Mansfield, Mass., Sept. 28, 1770, daugh- 
ter of Deacon James Grover. He settled in Bethel, Maine, in the fall of 
1793, where he had previously been, and made a small clearing upon lot 29 in 
the 5th range. He was an industrious man and cleared up a large farm, 
which is still in possession of the family. 


1810 Joseph, born Nov. 26, 1789 ; married Olive Gage.* 

1811 James, born Nov. 24, 1791 ; married Esther Grover.* 

1812 Naomi, born Dec. 9, 1790 ; died Feb. 3, 1791. 

1813 Daniel, born Jan. 19, 1793; married Sarah Cummings.* 

1814 Benjamin, born Jan. 6, 1795; married Betsey Seavy.* 

1815 Jedediah, born Mar. 3, 1796 ; died Nov. 3, 1796. 

1816 Peter, born Aug. 27, 1797; married Phebe Haskell.* 

1817 Sarah, born Jan. 14, 1799; died Aug. 7, 1819. 

1818 Joel, bom Aug. 14, 1800 ; married Sarah Coffin.* 

1819 Alvah, bora Aug. 29, 1803 ; married Martha Haskell.* 

1820 Elijah, born Feb. 7, 1806; married Lydia Haskell of Sweden, Maine, 

and settled in Albany, Maine. 

1821 Naomi, born April 9, 1809 ; married Jacob D. Grover.* 


848 JONATHAN WHEELER (Mehitable=''% SamueP'^% Francis 
EzekieP, Maximihan% Edward'), was bora in Hollis, N. H. July 2, 1768. He 
married Hannah Colburn, and settled in Bethel, Maine, about 1793, and lived 
on what is now the Freeland Bennett place. 

Children born in Bethel, Maine: 

1822 Jonathan, born Feb. 1, 1797 ; married Mary Ann Seavy. 

1823 Abel, born Aug. 30, 1801 ; married Miss Newell of Albany, Maine. 

1824 Polly, bom in 1805. 

1825 Elias Colburn, bom Jan. 1, 1811. 

1826 Abigail, bom Nov. 23, 1814. 

208 Jewett Genealogy 

l 850 SUSANNAH JEWETT (EzekieP'% Samuer^', Francis'*, EzekieP, 
Maximilian% Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H., Dec. 11, 1758. She 
married in 1782 Benjamin Tenney and lived in Temple, N. H., where their 
children were born. 


1827 Susannah, born June 9, 1783. 

1828 Lucy, bora Nov. 24, 1786. 

1829 Samuel, bora Oct. 14, 1788.' 

1830 Betty, bom July 4, 1790. 

1831 Jonathan, born April 6, 1792. 

1832 Daniel, born Feb. 13, 1794. 

851 NATHANIEL JEWETT (EzekieP='% SamueP'% Francis'*, Eze- 
kieP, Maximilian% Edward'), was bora in Hollis, N. H., April 27, 1760. He 
married in 1784 Ruth Powers, of Acton, Mass., and settled on lot 14, Wilton 
range, in 1803, and removed to lot 1, range 6, in Temple, N. H., where he died 
May 28, 1828. He was called Lieutenant in Temple in 1798, and Captain 
in 1802. Blood's " History of Temple, N. H.," states that he had ten chil- 
dren, but no names are given, and the record is lost. 

Children born in Temple, N. H.: 

1833 Nathaniel, born March 15, 1788 ; married Hannah Farras.* 

1834 Ruth, bora Jan. 27, 1790; married in 1813 Isaac Wilson of New 

Ipswich, N. H., who removed to Temple in 1815, and occupied the 
farm formerly owned by Ezekiel Jewett. They had at least two 
children, viz., Horace and Emeline. 

1835 Samuel, bora March 18, 1792 ; married Lois Stiles.* 

852 ISAAC JEWETT (EzekieP'% Samuel"% Francis"*, Ezekiel% Max- 
imihan^, Edward'), was born in H'olhs, N. H., July 5, 1763. His boyhood 
was spent in Temple, N. H., which town he left when becoming of age, and 
Nov. 27, 1788, he married at Wilton, N. H., Mary Chandler, eldest daughter 
of Ebenezer and Mary (Burnap) Chandler of Wilton. They settled on a 
farm in Nelson, N. H., where he died Nov. 20, 1852. She died there Dec. 11, 

Children born in Nelson, N. H.: 

1836 Ezekiel, bora April 9, 1790 ; married Lydia Stiles.* 

1837 Polly, born Dec. 5, 1791 ; married Joseph Osgood Drake. 

1838 Isaac, born Feb. 18, 1794; married (1st) Eunice Parker; (2d) 

Nancy Pierce.* 

1839 Hannah, bora Feb. 21, 1797; married William Williams. 

1840 Eunice, born Sept, 14, 1799; married June 2, 1831, Lemuel Eaton, 

son of Lemuel and Sarah (Ware) Eaton of Hancock, N. H. He 
was born Oct. 17, 1794, and died Dec. 17, 1869. She died Dec. 15, 
1853. They had a son, Orlando Eaton, who is President of the 

Seventh Generation 209 

Hancock Historical Society, and who assisted in the preparation 
of the " History of Hancock." 

1841 Achsah, born Sept. 2, 1801 ; married Samuel Parker, and died in 


1842 Anna, born Oct. 13, 1803 ; married June 3, 1830, WilHam S. Dodge 

of Nelson, and settled in Randolph, Ohio. 

1843 Willard, born Nov. 22, 1805; married (1st) Alvira Blodgett; (2d) 

Mrs. Mary Kittredge.* 

1844 Susannah, bom July 29, 1807 ; married Joel Whiten of Nelson. 

1845 Harvey, born July 17, 1809; married (1st) SaUy Blodgett; (2d) 

Philena Blodget ; (3d) Catherine Hinkle.* 

860 JAMES JEWETT (Jacob'"', SamueP", Francis'\ EzekieP, Maxi- 
milian% Edward'), was born in Holhs, N. H'., Aug. 22, 1767. He married 
there, June 16, 1789, Lucy Farley, daughter of Ebenezer and Pretty 
(Wheeler) Farley. She was bom Sept. 3, 1768. 

Children born in Mollis, N. H.: 

1846 James, bom Sept. 13, 1789. 

1847 Cummings, bom March 1, 1793; married Mary Burgen.* 

861 JOHN JEWETT (Jacob'"', SamueP'% Francis'*, Ezekief, Maxi- 
milian", Edward'), was born in Holhs, N. H., July 2, 1769. He married there 
Nov. 29, 1795, Jane Ames, daughter of Ensign Jeremiah and Jane Ames. 
He died in Holhs May 17, 1844. His wife died there June 14, 1830. 

Children horn in Hollis, N. H. : 

1848 John, C, bom Sept. 13, 1796 ; died in Hollis, March 27, 1886, unm. 

1849 Jeremiah A., bom May 2, 1798. 

862 JACOB CUMMINGS JEWETT (Jacob""', Samuer", Francis'*, 
Ezekiel«, Maximilian", Edward'), was born in Holhs, N. H., June 14, 1770. 
He married in Temple, N. H., Aug. 19, 1798, Ehzabeth Patten. She died, 
and he married second Hannah Bartlett. They lived in Belknap County, 
N. H., and died in Goshen, N. H. 

Child hy second wife: 

1850 Hannah, born ; married Sept. 19, 1816, Deacon Jabez R. 

Gott, and lived in Rockport, Mass. They had at least one child, 
a daughter, who married J. H. Burt and hved in North Attleboro, 

863 REV. DAVID JEWETT (Jacob""', Samuel'", Francis'*, EzekieP, 
Maximihan", Edward'), was born in Holhs, N. H., Aug. 16, 1773, and 
married Rebecca Reed of Marblehead, Mass. 

210 Jewett Genealogy 

He graduated from Dartmouth College in 1801 ; studied for the ministry 
with Rev. Dr. Emmons, of Franklin, and Rev. Dr. Spring, of Newburyport, 
Mass ; was ordained pastor of the Congregational Church at Rockport, Mass., 
Oct. 30, 1805, and continued in the pastorate of that Church for 31 years, 
when he resigned on account of impaired health. 

" Mr. Jewett's views of religious truths were those entertained by most 
of the New England churches of his time. He found a church of ten mem- 
bers which he increased to two hundred and fifty. He found his people, if 
not in a low state of morals, yet rapidly tending thitherward, and he arrested 
this downward progress, and improved and elevated them to such a degree 
that the success of his labors was often the theme of remarks in places beyond 
the sphere of his work. He was compelled to resign by ill health in 
1836, and died at the home of his son-in-law, in Waltham, July 14, 1841. By 
desire of the people of his parish, his remains were brought to Rockport, July 
— , 1856, and interred in the Parish Burying-ground, where a handsome 
granite monument marks the place of their repose. The occasion was one 
of deep interest. On the 13th of that month. Rev. Wm. R. Jewett, his son, 
preached a sermon at the meetinghouse, and then made an address at the grave 
which was responded to on behalf of the people by Dr. Benjamin Haskell." 
(" Hist, of Gloucester, Mass.") 

Allen, in his " American Biographies," says of him : " He was a man of 
childlike simplicity and Christian tenderness, but of an iron purpose, resolute, 
fearless and immovable." 


1851 William R., bom ; married Sept. 24, 1838, Hannah N. 

Coit Lester, daughter of Joseph and Martha (Coit) Lester. He 
was for many years minister at Plymouth, N. H. Became a member 
of the New Hampshire Historical Society June — , 1861. He died 
without issue, but adopted two nephews, one of whom was William 
Jewett Tucker, now President of Dartmouth College. 

1852 D. Brainard, born . A merchant in Boston, Mass. 

1853 Mary A., born ; married in 1835 Rev. John Whitney, fifth 

minister of the first church of Boxford, Mass. He was bom in 
Harvard, Mass., Sept. 1, 1803, the son of Solomon and Hephzibah 
Whitney. They had two sons and seven daughters. 

1854 Elizabeth, born ; lived in Boston, Mass, 

864 ELIZABETH JEWETT ( Jacob^^^ SamueP", Francis=^*, Ezekiel% 
Maximilian', Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H., Oct. 15, 1775. She mar- 
ried there Jan. 31, 1799, Phineas Holden of Littleton, Mass. 

Children : 

1855 Sarah Jewett, bom July 19, 1801 ; married John Newton Worcester.* 

1856 Caroline, born ; married (1st) Nov. 24, 1835, James Bur- 

gess of Dunstable, N. H. ; (2d) Mr. Pearson of Concord, N. H. 




« Si 

5 o 


J ^- S 

■-■ o , 

5 s 

Seventh Generation 211 

1857 Mary, born ; married Nov. 3, 1848, Dexter Greenwood of 

Hollis. He with his daughter Eilen now live in Englewood, N. J. 

1858 Eliza, born ; died soon. 

1859 Catherine, born ; died soon. 

1860 Ralph Jewett, bom ; married (1st) Eliza Ann Hardy ; (2d) 

Lucinda Holden.* 

1861 Wheeler, bom ; died soon. 

1862 Ann, born in Charlestown, Mass., Oct. 24, 1809; married Col. Still- 

man Spalding.* 

865 LUCY JEWETT (Jacob'^% Samuel"% Francis'*, EzekieP, Maxi- 
milian^, Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H'., Aug. 9, 1777. She married 
there Jan. 1, 1797, Josiah Conant, son of Josiah and Elizabeth (Elliot) 
Conant. He was bom in Hollis, Feb. 5, 1770 ; was a cabinet-maker by trade, 
and a man of influence in his town. He was treasurer of Hollis from 1818 to 
1830, and held other positions of trust. She died in HolHs Nov. 22, 1839- 
He died there July 30, 1841. 

Children born in Hollis, N. H. : 

1863 James Jewett, bom May 26, 1797. He lived in Bellows Falls, Vt., and 

died there Oct. 20, 1865, unm. 

1864 Frederick Josiah, born Feb. 19, 1799 ; married in New York City in 

1835, Amanda Young, daughter of James Young of New York. 
At the age of 14 years he went from Hollis to Boston, where he 
entered the company of his uncle, Ralph Jewett. After five years, 
being anxious to progress more rapidly, he went to South America, 
and engaged in business for himself, spending most of his time in 
Caracas, Venezuela. He later returned to the United States and 
entered the wholesale clothing business in New York, where he con- 
tinued in active business for fifty years. After his retirement 
he moved to Elizabeth, N. J., where he died March 7, 1883. Five 

1865 Wilham, born June 1, 1801; married (1st) Nov. 15, 1827, Sarah 

Holden Hale, who died in Walpole, N. H., March 8, 1830. He mar- 
ried second April 23, 1843, Laurinda Huntington. He settled in 
Walpole, N. H., and removed to Bellows Falls, Vt., where he was a 
cabinet worker. One child by each wife. 

1866 David Jewett, born May 10, 1803. 

1867 Lucy, bom March 18, 1806 ; died in Hollis July 2, 1882, unm. 

1868 Addison Lorenzo, bom May 26, 1808 ; married as second wife, Nov. 24, 

1840, at Cincinnati, Ohio, Eliza Martin, daughter of John and 
EHza (Wilson) Martin. She was born in Jonesboro, Tenn. 

1869 Elizabeth, bom May 5, 1811 : married Nov. 22, 1838, Moses Proctor, 

who died Nov. 12, 1884. She died in Milford, N. H., Nov. 2, 1884. 

1870 Clarissa, bom May 1, 1814; married Dr. Sylvanus Bunton.* 

212 Jewett Genealogy 

1871 Sarah, born March 24, 1818. 

1872 Horatio Nelson, bom Oct. 6, 1820. 

1873 Ralph Jewett Cummings, bom May 1, 1824; married in 1850 Eliza- 

beth A. Beckwith. 

870 SUSANNAH HARDY (Hannah''% NathanieP'S Francis'% Eze- 
kieP, Maximilian% Edward^), was bom in HolKs, N. H., July 17, 1767. She 
married there Feb. 14, 1785, James Colbum, son of Thomas and Esther 
(Flagg) Colbum. He was bora in 1759, and died Feb. 14, 1830. 

Children born in Hollis, N. H.: 

1874 James, born March 13, 1786. 

1875 Susannah, born Dec. 30, 1787. 

1876 Sally, bom Oct. 7, 1789 ; died young. 

1877 Hannah, born Dec. 27, 1791. 

1878 Esther, born Feb. 26, 1794. 

1879 Ruth, born April 24, 1796. 

1880 SaUy, born May 2, 1798. 

1881 John, bom Aug. 22, 1799 ; married (1st) Abbie G. Chamberlain ; (2d) 

Naomi (Boynton 1780) Colburn.* 

1882 Bradlee, born July 28, 1801 ; married Naomi Boynton (1780).* 

1883 Amos, born Jan. 12, 1804. 

1884 Mary, bom Nov. 20, 1805. 

1885 Almira, born Oct. 28, 1807. 

1886 Louisa, bom Feb. 6, 1811. | 

875 ABIGAIL JEWETT (Jacob'*", NathanieP^*, Francis^*, EzekiefS 
Maximilian', Edward^), was bom in Hollis, N. H., June 14, 1763. She mar- 
ried there, June 17, 1784, Stephen Dow of Hollis, son of Capt. Reuben and 
'Lydla. (Jones) Dow. He was bom in Salem, N. H., Dec. 3, 1757. He was 
a soldier in the Revolution in 1777 at Tic6nderoga, and at White Plains, in 
Capt. William Reed's Co. Their home was in Hollis, where he was highly 
esteemed for his honesty and kindliness. She died June 24, 1843. He 
died Nov. 1, 1757. On his gravestone is the following inscription: "An 
honest man is the noblest work of God." 

Children born in Hollis, N. H. : 

1887 Lois, bom Feb. 2, 1786; married Christy Duncan.* 

1888 Stephen, born July 14, 1787; married Miss Hall of Groton, Mass. 

1889 Hannah, born April 28, 1790 ; married Simeon Spalding.* 

1890 Nathaniel, bom Aug. 21, 1792; married Mary Ames.* 

1891 Jeremiah, bom Jan. 5, 1795; married Sarah Eastman of Hollis. 

1892 Abigail, bom April 22, 1797 ; married Timothy Wyman of Hillsboro, 

N. H. 

1893 Elizabeth, bom Dec. 24, 1800; died Aug. 8, 1804. 


Seventh Generation . 213 

876 MEHITABLE JEWETT (Jacob'*", Nathaniel^'% Francis'% Eze- 
kieP, Maximilian% Edward^), was bom in Hollis, N. H., March 9, 1765. She 
married there May 12, 1785, Phineas Ames of Hancock, N. H., son of Samuel 
Ames. He was a carpenter by trade, and while living in Hancock was a 
member of the Board of Selectmen in 1781-2 and 1795-6. They removed to 
Sangerville, Maine, of which place they were of the first settlers. 

Children born in Hancock, N. H.: 

1894 Daniel, bom . 

1895 Samuel, born . 

1896 Charles, bom . ' 

1897 John, born . 

1898 Nathaniel, bom- 

1899 Sally, born 

1900 Phineas, bora . 

1901 INIehitable, born . 

1902 Betsy, bom . 

877 SUSANNAH JEWETT (Jacob""", NathanieP-*, Francis^'*, Eze- 
kieP, Maximilian% Edward^), was bom in Hollis, N. H'., Feb. 14, 1767. She 
married Nov. 13, 1794, Nathaniel Shattuck, his second wife. His first wife 
was Hannah Keyes, by whom he had one child, viz., Hannah. He Kved in 
Hollis and in 1792 removed to Hancock, N. H., where he was living when he 
married Susannah Jewett. 

Children horn in Hancock, N. H.: 

1903 Nathaniel, born Oct. 17, 1795. 

1904 Susannah, born Feb. 18, 1797. 

1905 Reuben, born Aug. 8, 1798. 

1906 Hannah, born Feb. 7, 1800. 

878 HANNAH JEWETT (Jacob'", Nathaniel"*, Francis'*, EzekieP, 
Maximihan', Edward^), was born in Holhs, N. H., July 30, 1769. She mar- 
ried, Dec. 15, 1786, James Foster of Temple, N. H. 


1907 Jacob, bom March 23, 1770. 

1908 Hannah, bora Dec. 23, 1771. 

1909 Jonathan, born Jan. 16, 1774. 

1910 James, born Sept. 1, 1779. 

1911 Lucy, bom Dec. 14, 1782. 

1912 Polly, born May 24, 1784. 

1913 Lydia, born Feb. 2, 1787. 

879 DANIEL JEWETT (Jacob'*", Nathaniel"*, Francis"*, EzekleP, 

214 , Jewett Genealogy 

Maximilian% Edward^), was bom in Hollis, N. H., July 20, 1772. He mar- 
ried Dec. 17, 1797, Polly Brooks, and " settled in Hancock, N. H., prior to 
1798, and after a few years left town." (" Hist, of Hancock, N. H.") 

Child horn in Hancock, N. H. : 

1914 John, bom ; died in Hancock, Aug. 28, 1800, aged 16 mos. 

and 16 days. 

881 CAPT. NATHANIEL JEWETT (Jacob'*% NathanieP'S Fran- 
cis^*, Ezekiel", Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Hollis, N. H., Jan. 1, 
1777. He married Sept. 4, 1796, Sally Blood, of Hollis, who died June 30, 
1806. He married second Mary Blood, of Dracut, Mass. She died June 7, 
1816, and he married third Mrs. Mary (Davis) Hall. She was born June — , 
1796, and died Oct. 17, 1889. He was Selectman of Holhs in 1818, and died 
Feb. 10, 1843. 

Children, horn in Hollis, N. H., by first wife: 

1915 Sally, born ; died Jan. 28, 1843, aged 46 years; unmarried. 

Children hy second wife: 

1916 Daniel, born ; died Aug. 11, 1823, aged 12 years. 

1917 Mary, bom ; died in 1835, aged 21 years. 

Children hy third wife: 

1918 Ehzabeth Frances, born Aug. 25, 1829; married Levi Winter 


1919 Hannah Augusta, born Sept. 7, 1833 ; married Alonzo D. Howard.* 

1920 Antoinette, born Oct. 6, 1835; married Adolphus Clark.* 

882 SARAH JEWETT (Jacob'*^ NathanieP'*, Francis^^*, EzekieP, 
Maximihan^ Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H., March 27, 1779. She 
married there, Jan. 19, 1803, Jacob Pierce (888), son of Richard and 
Susannah (Jewett) Pierce of Hollis. He was born in Hollis, Sept. 16, 1772. 
They settled in Huntington, Vt., where she died in a few years. 


1921 Jacob, bom . He married and had one child, Isaac, who was 

a school teacher in the West for many years ; lived to an old 
age and died in Vermont unmarried. 

891 EUNICE PIERCE (Susannah'**, Nathanie?'\ Francis'^*, 
EzekieP, Maximilian', Edward^), was born in Holhs, N. H., Sept. 25, 1778. 
She married Ebenezer Blood, son of Josiah and Abigail (Pierce) Blood, and 
died before 1816. Abigail Pierce was a sister to Richard Pierce, who mar- 
ried Susannah Jewett. Ebenezer Blood married second in 1817 Betsy Ab- 
bott and had Mark and Elizabeth. 

Seventh Generation 215 


1922 Eunice, born ; died unmarried. 

1923 Miranda, born . 

1924 Joel, bom . 

1925 Isaac, born . 

1926 Luke, bom ; died unmarried. 

894. DANIEL PIERCE (Susannah'", NathanieP", Francis"*, 
EzekieP, Maximilian^ Edward'), was bora in Hollis, N. H., Dec. 28, 1788. 
He married Elizabeth Read, daughter of William and Betsey (Burge) Read 
Jr., of Chelmsford, Mass. William Read, Jr., was the son of Capt. Wm. 
Read of Hollis, a Revolutionary soldier who was in the battle of Bunker 
Hill and later was Captain of a Company at White Plains, N. Y. 

Daniel Pierce married second, April , 1851, Sarah Willoughby 

of Boston, who was bom April 2, 1823, and died July 22, 1876. He re- 
ceived from his parents the home farm which he increased in acreage by 
purchase, and allowed a large portion of it to grow up in timber, all of 
which he gave to his son, Silas M., who still resides there. 

He died in 1881. 

Children, born in Hollis, N. H., hy -first wife: 

1927 Susan E., born March 24, 1817 ; married Wilham Parsons.* 

1928 Daniel Warner, bom Feb. 2, 1819; married Elmina Chamberlain.* 

1929 Wilham R., bom in 1821 ; married Lucy Jaquith of Fitchburg, Mass. 

He was an expert blacksmith and lived in many places. 

1930 Mary, bom . She married Charles Hamblet, a soldier of the 

Civil War. He died in Groton, Mass. She died in Hudson, N. H. 

1931 Artemus S., bom Oct. 8, 1827 ; died in 1843. 

1932 Silas Merrick, born July 20, 1831; married Dec. 4, 1881, Elinor 

Ladd, who was bom Oct. 7, 1842, daughter of Zoroaster and 
Elinor (Stackweather) Ladd of Canaan, Vt. He lives upon the 
old homestead purchased by Richard Pierce about 1760, and is 
a careful farmer who has become prosperous by successful man- 

Child hy second wife: 

1933 Sarah Maria, born . 

903 EBENEZER JEWETT (Ebenezer'*% Nathaniel"^ Francis''*, 
Ezekier, Maximihan^ Edward'), was bom in HolHs, N. H., Feb. 13, 1793. 
When a young man he settled in Mount Holley, Vt. ; removed in a few 
years to Quincy, Mass., and from there to Worcester, Mass., where he died 
April 18, 1870. He married in Townsend, Mass., Dec. 31, 1816, Elizabeth 
Walker, daughter of Joseph Walker. She was bom in Townsend, Jan. 27, 
1797, and died in Quincy, Mass. 

216 Jewett Genealogy 

1934) Joseph, bom in Weston, Vt., July 14, 1818; married and may have 
had several daughters but no male issue. 

1935 Elizabeth, born in Weston, Vt., Feb. 29, 1820. 

1936 Mary, bom in Quincy, Mass., Jan. 28, 1824. 

1937 Eben, bom in Quincy, Mass., July 2, 1831 ; married Jane E. Knowl- 


905 NATHANIEL JEWETT (Ebenezer'", NathanieP'*, Francis-% 
EzeldeP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in HoUis, N. H., July 21, 1796. 
He married ^in Danvers, Mass., Sarah Nash, and lived on the old homestead 
where he died April 3, 1883. The house was destroyed by fire caused by 
lightning and all of the family records were lost. 

Children, horn in Hollis, N. H. 

1938 Warren, born ; died young. 

1939 Ebenezer, bom ; died young. 

1940 Mary, born . 

1941 Hannah, born ; died unmarried. 

906 JAMES JEWETT (Ebenezer^*«, NathanieP^S Francis'% 
EzekieP, MaximiHan^ Edward^), was born in Holhs, N. H., March 20, 1799. 
As a young man he lived in Hollis and was Selectman of that town. He 
later removed to Mount Holley, Vt., and in a few years to Boston, Mass., 
and became a member of the Police force of that city. He served in that 
position for more than fifty years and, for his age and standing, was known 
as " Father Jewett." After a long and faithful service he was retired on a 
pension and died Jan. 4, 1882. He married Mrs. Catherine Durell, who 
was bom in Ormsby, and died May 22, 1868. No issue. 

907 FRANCIS JEWETT (Ebenezer'", NathanieP-*, Francis^^*, 
EzekieP, Maximilian^ Edward^), was bom in Hollis, N. H., May 26, 1801. 
He married Oct. 3, 1831, Louisa Rideout of Hollis, daughter of Jonathan 
and Rebecca (Powers) Rideout. She died, and he married second, Mary 
Ann Leese Leslie, of Boston, Mass., who was bom in England Oct. 9, 1829, 
and died in Framingham, Mass., Dec. 6, 1893. She was a noble woman who 
reared a family of five sons to manhood, all a credit to the mother who bore 
them. By her first husband she had two sons, viz., George F. Leslie of Wal- 
tham, Mass., and Henry A. Leslie of Worcester, Mass. 

He died April 12, 1883. 

Children by first rmfe, horn in Hollis, N. H.: 

1942 Almira, born Sept. 30, 1832 ; married Ethan Allen Wilson.* 

1943 Susan, born ; died young. 

Seventh Generation 217 

1944 Perley J., born . During the Civil War he enlisted in Co. B, 

4th New Hampshire Regt., Sept. , 1861 ; was in the battles 

of Fort Wagner, Bermuda Hundred, Va., and Fort Fisher, and 
died at Morris Island, Dec. 3, 1863. His name is inscribed on 
the Soldiers' Monument in HoUis. 

1945 Julia R., born May 9, 1839; married William Rideout, who was 

bom in Hollis, Dec. 21, 1829, son of Calvin Rideout of HoUis. 
They removed to Wilton, N. H., where he was sexton for the 
town many years. He was a carpenter by trade and died Feb. 
25, 1879. She resides in Wilton. 

Children by second wije: 

1946 Andrew, born April 21, 1852; married Jan. 21, 188 — , Emily A. 

Kendall of Pepperell, Mass., daughter of William and Augusta 
(Warner) Kendall. She is very active in the work of the church 
and W. C. T. U., of N. H. Andrew Jewett is a farmer and re- 
sides upon the homestead of his father, a pleasantly located farm 
in the south part of Hollis. The farm includes land formerly 
owned by his great-grandfather, Nathaniel Jewett. 

1947 James, bom June 26, 1853. On becoming of age he left home 

and entered the employ of the Nashua and Worcester R. R. He 
is an engineer and resides in South Framingham, Mass. 

1948 Elbridge, born April 29, 1856; married (1st) Lizette Bowditch of 

Hollis, who died July 26, 1878 ; married (2d) Aurelia Cheever of 
Merrimac, N. H. He is, by occupation, a stationary engineer and 
resides in Pepperell, Mass. 

908 SUSANNAH JEWETT (Ebenezer^", NathanieP'*, Francis", 
EzekiePj Maximihan% Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H., Dec. 16, 1803. 
She married Benjamin Blood of Hollis, who was born March 16, 1789. 
They removed to Knox, Maine. 


1949 Joseph, bom . 

1950 Ebenezer, born . 

1951 Warren, born . 

1952 Lydia, born . 

1953 Mary, born . 

910 DANIEL JEWETT (Thomas'*% EzekieP", Thomas'% EzekieP, 
Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Boxford, Mass., Aug. 12, 1744. He, 
with Isaac Stickney, Deacon Jonathan Burpee, Jeremiah Burpee, Richard 
Estey, Sr., Richard Estey, Jr., Joseph Barber, Jacob Barber, Joseph Lesley 
and John Pickard, all except him heads of families from Rowley ; a number 

218 Jewett Genealogy 

of young men from Boxford, Nehemiah Howard of Reading, Samuel Bridges 
of Marblehead, Capt. Francis Peabodj and family, and the families of Mr. 
Smith and Mr. Saunders, all left Massachusetts and settled in Maugerville, 
New Brunswick, in 1761 or 1762. 

He married at Maugerville, in 1767, Mrs. Abigail Saunders and lived 
in Sheffield, New Brunswick. 

It is said by his descendants, that before her marriage to Mr. Saunders 
Daniel Jewett fell in love with Abigail (her maiden name was Thurston) and 
asked her to be his wife; she refused him on the grounds that she was to 
marry Mr. Saunders. He replied, " Never mind Abbie, I will have you yet." 
He went to New Brunswick with their little colony and soon after they 
had settled, Mr. Saunders was drowned. After waiting a reasonable time 
Daniel Jewett again asked for her hand and this time was accepted. 

He probably was the Daniel Jewett who served in the Revolution as 
follows, " Daniel Jewett, St. Johns, 1st Lieutenant, Capt. Jabez West's Co., 
Col. Jonathan Eddy's regt. ; engaged Nov. 14, 1776; discharged Dec. 16, 
1776 ; service 1 mo. 5 days ; company raised in Cumberland, N. S." (" Mass. 
Soldiers and Sailors in War of the Rev.," Vol VIII.) 

Children, born in Sheffield, N. B.: 

1954 Hannah, bom Oct. 30, 1770 ; died Jan. 26, 1788. 

1955 Sarah, boni Oct. 30, 1772; married Mr. LlewelHn. 

1956 Abigail, born Aug. 11, 1774; married (1st) Samuel Clark; (2d) 

Daniel Day. They lived in Keswick Ridge, N. B. 

1957 Thomas, bom Sept. 1, 1776; married (1st) Catherine Albright; 

(2d) Mrs. Naomi (Prosses) Lun.* 

1958 Daniel, bom Nov. 18, 1778; married (1st) Lydia Gallop; (2d) 

Lydia Clark.* 

1959 Martha, bora Oct. 4, 1780; married Mr. Murray. 

1960 Isabella, born July 24, 1782; married John Stuart and died in Shef- 

field, N. B., s. p. 

1961 Lydia, bom Nov. 17, 1784 ; married Mr. Cleveland. 

1962 Ezekiel, bom July 28, 1787; married Hannah Barker.* 

1963 Hannah, born Oct. 8, 1789; married Stephen Boynton and settled 

in Machias, Maine. 

1964 David, born May 29, 1792 ; married Sarah M. Barker.* 

922 ABEL JEWETT (Ezekiel"*, EzekleP", Thomas'% EzekieP, 
MaximiHan^, Edward^), was bora in Rindge, N. H., April 3, 1760. He 
married there, Aug. 14, 1781, Sarah Dwinnel, who died in Johnstown, Ohio, 
aged 83 years. He settled in Vermont and about 1815 removed to Johns- 
town, Ohio, where he died Dec. 20, 1821. 

The following is a record of his military service during the Revolution, 
taken from the original certificate in the possession of Mr. Charles Timothy 
Jewett of Terre Haute, Ind. : 

Seventh Generation 219 

State of Vermont 
Adjutant General's Office 

Montpelier, July 29, 1905. 

" I Hereby Certify, That the following is a correct transcript from the 
records on file in this ofl5ce, regarding soldiers who served in the Revolution- 
ary War. Extract: 

" Abel Jewett, private, was in Capt. Joseph Parker's Co., raised out 
of Col. Enoch Hale's Regt. Joined the Northern Army at Ticonderoga. 
Mustered and paid July 18, 1779, by Enoch Hale, Muster and pay master. 
Advance pay, 1 mo. and bounty, 9. 18 — amount 10. 2 

" Also, mustered by Col. Hale, is a ' List of soldiers raised by the State 
of New Hampshire to fill up the Continental Army 1779.' He enhsted July 
1, 1779. 

" Also, in Samuel Trott's Return and received six pounds lawful money 
as a recruit in Col. Hale's Regiment, ' being billeting money from this place 
to Springfield — Keene. July 29, 1779.' 

" He was in a roll raised in the 15th Regiment of Militia commanded 
by Col. Enoch Hale in the State of New Hampshire to fill up the three 
New Hampshire Battalions in the Continental service. Enlisted for town 
of Rindge. Time, during war. Time of enhstment, July 1, 1779." 

Seal Taken from the New Hampshire Rolls. 

Adjutant General (Signed) W. H. Gilmore, 

Vermont Adjutant General. 

Mr. C. T. Jewett also has in his possession a clothes brush made by 
Abel Jewett and used by him during the war. 


1965 Abel, born in Vermont, June 20, 1787; married Susanna Munson.* 

1966 David, bom . He moved with his father to Ohio and settled 

in Indiana. 

1967 A daughter who married James Hull of Johnstown, Ohio, and settled 

in Wisconsin. They had a son Abel and a daughter Jane. 

1968 Nathan, born in Johnstown, Ohio, July 17, 1821, and died there in 

Probably others. 

924 DR. STEPHEN JEWETT (EzekieP^*, EzekieP", Thomas^% 
EzekieP, Maximilian^ Edward'), was bom in Rindge, N. H., Oct. 21, 1764. 
He married there, May 30, 1786, Nancy Colburn, daughter of Ebenezer Col- 
bum. She was born Sept. 16, 1763, and died March 30, 1838. He died 
in Rindge, April 12, 1818. 

Dr. Jewett " did not pursue a regular course of professional study, 
but with good natural abilities and no ordinary degree of common sense, 
which schools cannot bestow, he early acquired a lucrative practice. His 


Jewett Genealogy 

fame in the case of both chronic and acute diseases was not limited to the 
locality in which he resided, and he was frequently called upon to make pro- 
fessional visits in Boston and other New England cities and towns " (Hist. 

of Rindge — Steam). 

Children, born in Rindge, N. H.: 

1969 Cynthia, born Feb. 2, 1787 ; died April 10, 1795. 

1970 Fanny, bom March 6, 1788 ; married Hon. Asa Parker.* 

1971 Nancy, bom Sept. 26, 1789; died in 1790. 

1972 Ezekiel, born Oct. 16, 1791 ; married Elizabeth Amold.* 

1973 Nancy, born in 1793; died in 1794. 

1974 Stephen, bom , 1795 ; died , 1797. 

1975 Mary, born Sept. 6, 1797 ; married, June , 1818, Levi Benjamin. 

After his death she resided in Fitchburg, Mass. 

Tryphosa, born Dec. 27, 1799 ; married Marshall Pinckney Wilder.* 
Stephen, born Oct. 31, 1801 ; married Hannah Barker.* 

Mary Ann, bom , 1803; died , 1804 

Columbus, born , 1805 ; died , 1809. 


Mary Ann Colbum, born Sept. 28, 1807; married, Sept. 2, 1835, 
Deacon Charles P. Locke of Marlboro, N. H., son of Calvin and 
Sarah (Jewett) Locke (See 2010). 


927 DR. THOMAS JEWETT (Ezekiel'", Ezekiel'", 
EzekieP, Maximilian^ Edward'), was bom in Rindge, N. H., Feb. 28, 1771. 
He married Oct. 12, 1800, Rebecca Green, daughter of Samuel and Rebecca 
(Sargent) Green. He pursued his professional studies at Hanover, N. H., 
receiving his degree about 1798. He was in practice one or two years in 
Calisle, Mass., and returned to Rindge in 1801, and resided for several 
years on a farm in West Rindge. Subsequently he purchased and removed 
to the farm upon the east side of the highway, and about one-half mile 
north of the centre of the town, which is still known as the Dr. Thomas 
Jewett place, where he passed the remainder of his years. 

" As a physician Dr. Jewett was eminently successful, and arrived at 
considerable eminence in his profession. In the treatment of a malignant 
fever, which prevailed with startling fatality throughout a large portion 
of New England in 1811 and 1812, and which was generally called ' spotted 
fever,' his success was exceeded by few, if any, physicians in this vicinity. 

" Dr. Jewett was exceedingly fond of his farm, and during the later 
years of his life, he retired from the practice of his profession, and directed 
his attention to agricultural pursuits. 

" As a citizen he was held in high esteem. Possessing a sound judgment, 
a clear and discriminating mind, his opinion Invariably commanded respect. 
In religious opinions, for many years, he was unsettled, and at times skepti- 
cal, but subsequently acknowledged a change In his views, and united with 
the Congregational Church, of which he continued a constant member until 
his death. The tract written by Dr. Burnham, 'The Infidel Reclaimed,' 

Seventh Generation 221 

relates to the religious experience of Dr. Jewett " (" Hist, of Rindge " — 

He died in Rindge, April 24, 1840. His widow died there Oct. 19, 

Children, born in Rindge, N. H.: 

1981 Irena, born Sept. 13, 1801 ; married Sumner Raymond.* 

1982 Cynthia, born Jan. 29, 1805; died Aug. 16, 1846; unmarried. 

1983 Harriet, born Aug. 23, 1806; died of spotted fever Dec. 29, 1811. 

1984 Elvira, bom April 16, 1809; died of spotted fever Dec. 27, 1811. 

1985 Elvira, born April 16, 1812; died July 24, 1833; unmarried. 

1986 Thomas, born July 31, 1814; died in Florida, May 29, 1891; un- 


1987 Julia Ann, bom May 10, 1817 ; married Daniel Towne Rand.* 

1988 Samuel Green, bom June 20, 1819; married Cecilia Maria Jewett.* 

1989 Harriet, born July 10, 1821 ; married Alonzo Bancroft.* 

1990 George, bom April 28, 1825; married (1st) Mary EHzabeth San- 

ders; (2d) Mary Brooks.* 

932 NATHAN JEWETT (EzekieP"*, EzekieP", Thomas^% EzekieP, 
Maximilian% Edward'), was born in Rindge, N. H., Nov. 25, 1781. He 
settled in Watertown, N. Y., and married there, April 7, 1805, Hannah 
Charlotte Allen. She died, and he married at Rindge, Permelia Gragg, who 
was bom in Rindge, Sept. 6, 1792, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth (Wood) 
Gragg. They removed to Sacket's Harbor, N. Y., where he became a large 
land owner and where he died. 

Children by first wife, born in Watertown, N. Y. 

1991 Sylvia, born Feb. 3, 1806; married Mr. Sargeant. 

1992 Nathan A., born April 12, 1807. 

1993 Adaline, bom May 21, 1809. She married Edwin Guthrie. Their 

son, Southwick Guthrie, resides in Washington, D. C. 

1994 Charles, born Nov. 1, 1815 ; married Catherine Phillips.* * 

1995 Hannah Charlotte, bom July 3, 1818; married William Coriell. 

Child by second wife: 

1996 George Wood, born in Sacket's Harbor, N. Y., Aug. 20, 1832; mar- 

ried Helen Cornell.* 

935 MARTHA HALE (Sarah^^^ EzekieP", Thomas2^ EzekieP, 
MaximiHan^ Edward^), was born in Newbury, Mass., Dec. 14, 1773. She 
married, about 1797, Moses Pillsbury. 

" Mrs. Pillsbury's benevolence and kindness was proverbial. She would 
go at all hours of the night to attend the wants of the sick and suffering. 
Her disposition was remarkably amiable and combined with great sweetness 
and force of character. Her husband for over twenty years was wholly 

222 Jewett Genealogy 

unfitted for work, being a sufferer from consumption, and they had a large 
family to raise. Thus under these trials her character shines with added 
luster" (Emma Pillsbury Merchant). 
She died in Boston, Mass., in 1830. 


1997 Joseph Hopkins, born in Hopkinton, N. H., , 1798. 

1998 Moses Hale, born in Boscawen, N. H., , 1800; married Lucy 


1999 David Jaques, bom in Rowley, Mass., , 1803. 

2000 John Calvin, born in Rowley, Mass., , 1805 ; married Elizabeth 

Grush (or Le Grushe).* 

2001 Sarah Jewett, bom in Danvers, Mass., , 1807. 

2002 Nathaniel Emmons, bom in Salem, Mass., , 1810. 

2003 Marten Luther, born in Salem, Mass., , 1812. 

2004 William Tennant, bom in Salem, Mass., , 1815. 

937 SARAH JEWETT (Stephen''% EzekieP", Thomas-% Ezekiel% 
Maximilian', Edward^), was bom in Rindge, N. H., Aug. 19, 1767. She 
married Feb. 25, 1796, Calvin Locke, son of Lieut. James and Hannah 
(Famsworth) Locke, then of Sullivan, N. H. They settled in SulHvan, 
where she died Sept. 20, 1834. He died there Aug. 12, 1843. 

Children, born in Sullivan, N. H.: 

2005 Luther, born Dec. 6, 1796; married Hannah Willard.* 

2006 Calvin, born May 10, 1798 ; married Abigail Shannon.* 

2007 Amos Jewett, born Feb. 11, 1800; married Clementine Stoughton.* 

2008 Nancy, bom April 10, 1802; married, Dec. 29, 1825, Luther Abbott 

of Dracut. They lived in Stoddard, 'N. H'., and died without 
issue, but adopted Lydia Eveline Abbott, who was bom Feb. 5, 
2008a Cynthia, born May 2, 1804 ; married Rev. Moses Gerould.* 

2009 Charles Pinckney, bom March 20, 1806; married, Sept. 2, 1835, 

Mary Ann Colbum Jewett (see 1980). 

2010 Eunice Richards, born Dec. 12, 1808; died June 13, 1814. 

938 AMOS JEWETT (Stephen''% EzekieP", Thomas='% EzekieP, 
Maximilian', Edward^), was born in Rindge, N. H., Feb. 6, 1772. He mar- 
ried there, in 1798, Lydia Jewett (see 930), who was born in Rindge, April 
30, 1777, and died there Jan. 27, 1847. 

» Mr. Jewett occupied the old homestead farm until his death, June 27, 
1834. He was unpretentious in manner, and highly respected ; his integrity 
and purity of character was recognized by all who knew him. 

The original farm included a part of the village of West Rindge, and 
now is divided among many owners. 

Seventh Generation 223 

Children, born in Rindge, N. H. : 

2011 Sarah, bom June 16, 1799; died , 1803. 

2012 Rebecca, born Jan. 18, 1801 ; died Jan. 28, 1832 ; unmarried. 

2013 Hephsibeth, born Dec. 3, 1802; married, July 12, 1824, Ebenezer 


2014 Arvilla, born April 14, 1805 ; married, Dec. 23, 1830, Servetus Met- 

calf, and settled in New Lisbon, Minn. 

2015 Gilman, bom , 1807 ; died in Rindge, Nov. 20, 1851 ; unmarried. 

2016 Fanny, born ; died aged 2 years and 6 months. 

2017 Nathan, born Jul}^ 18, 1813; died unmarried. 

2018 Calvin, born , 1817 ; died May 30, 1835. 

2019 Nancy, bom April 12, 1822; married, Dec. 27, 1849, Joseph Forris- 

tall, and lived in Boston, Mass., where she died Nov. 12, 1854. 

939 BENJAMIN JEWETT (Jonathan'«^ EzekieP", Thomas=^% 
Ezekiel®, Maximihan% Edward^), was born in Rindge, N. H., Oct. 22, 1763. 
He was a farmer and settled in Sangerfield, N. Y., where he married, Dec. 
2, 1782, Ruth McBride. She was born Nov. 28, 1764, and died in Sanger- 
field, Jan. 20, 1836. He died there Dec. 4, 1836. 

Children, born in Sangerfield, N. Y.: 

2020 Jonathan, bom March 1, 1783; married Unity Johnson.* 

2021 Patty, born March 3, 1785. 

2022 Betsey, bom March 25, 1787; died young. 

2023 Samuel, bom Nov. 16, 1790; married and died without issue. 

2024 David, born Sept. 18, 1792. 

2025 Betsey, born Sept. 11, 1795. 

2026 Harriet, born June 1, 1798 ; married Stilman Johnson. 

2027 George Washington, bora June 4, 1800; married (1st) Martha 

Harden ; (2d) Mary Langworthy.* 

2028 Laura, born Oct. 30, 1804. 

940 SAMUEL JEWETT (Jonathan'''% EzekieP", Thomas2% 
EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Rindge, N. H., Nov. 17, 1765. 
He married in Jaffrey, N. H., Dec. 29, 1793, Sarah Gage, who was bom 
in JafFrey April 27, 1769, daughter of Capt. James and Sarah (Lamson) 

" Samuel Jewett was one of the pioneers of New Hartford (now Utica), 
N. Y., and used to say, that he had helped to raise the first barn, the first 
frame house, and the first meeting-house, that were built in the town. He 
removed hither from Jaffrey, N. H., in 1795, and purchased of Stephen 
Norton a part of the Potter farm. His late residence on the line of the 
Seneca Turnpike, built before that road had been worked, but not before 
it was laid out, forms at this day, almost the only remaining landmark of 
its generation. 

224 Jewett Genealogy 

" Of Mr. Jewett, his contemporaries report that his word was ' like 
apples of gold on pictures of silver.' In confirmation thej relate the follow- 
ing anecdote: He once bargained with Jason Parker to furnish him the 
ensuing winter, one hundred tons of hay at five dollars per ton. The winter 
set in early and proved an unusually bleak and cheerless one. Hay was in 
great demand, and had largely risen in value. Without a murmur Mr. 
Jewett faithfully executed his contract; and as he urged his laboring cattle 
over the bare and rough corduroy which formed the only road between 
him and his purchaser he was often accosted to know the price of his hay — 
' sold ' was his response. 

" His farm was divided into city lots and is nearly covered with fine 
residences. The Utica Orphan Asylum is on three acres of the land " (Pio- 
neers of Utica — Bagg). 

He died in New Hartford, N. Y., Jan. 31, 1831. His widow died in 
Utica, N. Y., Feb. 12, 1861. They with their children are buried in Forest 
Hill Cemetery, Utica. 

Children, born in Utica, N. Y.: 

2029 Samuel, born Jan. 13, 1795 ; died Aug. 4, 1864 ; unmarried. 

2030 Sarah, born May 2, 1797 ; died Feb. 15, 1883. 

2031 David Langdon, born Oct. 3, 1799 ; married Anna Kellog.* 

2032 Abigail, born April 12, 1801 ; died Oct. 7, 1845 ; unmarried. 

2033 Betsey, bom Nov. 28, 1802 ; died Dec. 30, 1833 ; unmarried. 

2034 Benjamin Franklin, born Aug. 21, 1805; married Sophia Hastings 

and died July 2, 1884. Had one child. 

2035 James Gage, born Aug. 17, 1807 ; married Orissa Rhodes. He died 

June , 1898, leaving one son, G. R. Jewett, who resides in 

Utica, N. Y. 

2036 Mary Ann, bom Feb. 2, 1810; died March 11, 1863. 

2037 Phebe, born Nov. 5, 1811 ; died April 30, 1891. 

946 MARTHA JEWETT (Jonathan^''^ Ezekier-% Thomas^', 
Ezekiel®, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in JafFrey, N. H., April 13, 
1774. She married, March 10, 1801, William Comstock, who died in JafFrey, 
Dec. 22, 1865, aged 94 years. She died in Sullivan, N. H., May 30, 1803. 


2038 Jonathan Jewett, bom in Sullivan, N. H., May 30, 1803; married 

Oct. 4, 1830, Roaney Dutton, daughter of William and Nabby 
(Smith) Dutton. They lived in Jaff^rey on the farm that was his 
grandfather Jewett's. 

948 PHEBE JEWETT (David="'S EzekieP-% Thomas'% EzekieP, 

Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom . She married, May 16, 1793, Moses 

Adams, a yeoman of Newbury, Mass., who was bom there Oct. 10, 1770, 
son of Moses and Ruth (Palmer) Adams. They lived in Ne^'biiry, where 

Seventh Generation 225 

she died; he married second, Dec. 26, 1811, Marcia Lunt of Newbury. No 
record of children by second wife. 

Children, born in Newbury, Mass.: 

2039 Phebe, bom March 19, 1794. 

2040 Richard, bom May 27, 1795. 

2041 Moses, bom Feb. 12, 1797. 

2042 Harriet, born Dec. 26, 1798. 

949 DAVID JEWETT (David^'S EzekieP", Thomas-% EzekieP, 
Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in 1779. He married in Monmouth, Me., 
in 1802, Betsey (Gray) Judkins, daughter of Alexander Gray of Litchfield, 
Me., and widow of James Judkins of Monmouth, son of John and Polly 

(Kimball) Judkins. She was born Oct. , 1776, and died in Monmouth, 

April 30, 1838. He died there Jan. 2, 1841 ; both buried in the Monmouth 
Ridge Cemetery. He removed from Rowley, Mass., to Monmouth Ridge, 
Me., in 1803, and took up a section of land given him by his mother, to 
which he added by purchase until he owned above 600 acres in the south- 
east part of the town. He furnished a substitute in the War of 1812, al- 
though he was not drafted. 

Children, born in Monmouth, Me.: 

2043 Sarah, bora Aug. 6, 1804; married Rev. Randall Noyes (2052).* 

2044 Joseph G., bom April 19, 1806; married Sally G. Judkins.* 

2045 David, bom Oct. 29, 1808 ; died in Monmouth, March 4, 1888. 

2046 Albert H., bora Aug. 25, 1812; died in Monmouth, April 8, 1892. 

2047 Twin, bora ; died in infancy. 

2048 Twin, born ; died in infancy. 

2049 Cordeha, bora June 12, 1815; died June 23, 1818. 

2050 Cordeha Elizabeth, born Sept. 28, 1818; married, Feb. 20, 1842, 

Jonathan C. Blake, son of Dearborn Blake of Monmouth. She 
died in Monmouth July 10, 1883. 

950 EUNICE JEWETT (David'", EzekieP", Thomas'% EzekieP, 

Maximilian', Edward^), was bom . She married in Linebrook Parish, 

Rowley, Mass., by Rev. Gilbert Williams, May , 1797, Joshua Noyes, 

who is supposed to have been bom in Boscawen, N. H., July 25, 1776. They 
lived in Byfield, Mass., and it is said raised a large family, two of whom 

2051 Phebe, bom ; married Samuel Thurston. 

2052 Randall, bora in Boscawen, N. H., March 29, 1803; married Sarah 

Jewett (see 2043). 

953 DAVID JEWETT (Maximilian''% Jerem^ah^'^ Maximilian2^ 

226 Jewett Genealogy 

Ezekiel®, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., July 14, 1T81. 
He married there, Aug. 12, 1810, Sarah Danforth. 

Children, born in Rowley, Mass.: 

2053 Mary, born Sept. 12, 1810. 

2054 Maximilian, bom June 1, 1812. 

957 MARY JEWETT (Jeremiah^'S Jeremiah''% Maximihan-% 
EzekieF, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Byfield, Rowley, Mass., Nov. 
7, 1773. She married in Rowley, Nov. 3, 1796, Thomas Dole. " Thomas 
Dole of Whair in the State of New Hampshire and Mary Jewett by Rev. 
Elijah Parish Nov. 3, 1796" (Rowley Record). 

She died in Lowell in 1859. 

Children : 

2055 Lydia, born April 16, 1798; married Andrew Wood.* 

2056 Seth Jewett, born Sept. 16, 1802 ; married Mary Ann Poor.* 

2057 Thomas, born Nov. 16, 1807 ; married Emeline Sweetser.* 

2058 Mary, born Feb. 26, 1812; married Henry Pulcifer. He died sud- 

denly at his summer home in Liberty, Me., in 1906. She resides 
with her son, Alfred H. Pulcifer, in Brooklyn, N. Y. She also 
has a daughter, Mrs. Sarah Jewett Conant, living in Toledo, Ohio. 

959 CAPT. JEREMIAH JEWETT (Jeremiah^'S Jeremiah'^% 
Maximilian"^, Ezekiel'', Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Rowley, Mass., 
June 30, 1778. He married Jan. 29, 1807, Sarah Barker, daughter of 
John and Mary (Jackman) Barker of Bradford, Mass. She was born in 
Bradford, now Groveland, March 8, 1784, and died in Georgetown, Mass., 
Dec. 26, 1830 (dropsy). He married second Eleanor Adams, daughter 
of Daniel Adams of Newbury, (Oldtown) Mass. She was born in Newbury, 
Dec. 31, 1792, and died in Georgetown, May 24, 1887, s. p. 

He was a manufacturer of boots and shoes and died in Georgetown, 
Oct. 15, 1807. 

Children, all by first wife: 

2059 Mary Barker, bom in Byfield, Mass., Jan. 24, 1808; married Greene 


2060 Leonard, borp in Georgetown, Mass., Sept. 24, 1816; married (1st) 

at Newburyport, Mass., Nov. 23, 1845, Eliza G. Moores. She died 
and he married at Georgetown, Mass., April 29, 1851, Mary E. 
Hood. He had several children, but all died young except Sarah 
Elizabeth, bom March 5, 1847, who died unmarried. He died 
March 9, 1899. 

2061 Jeremiah Thurston, born in Georgetown, Mass., Dec. 5. 1818; died 

Aug. 25, 1875 ; unmarried. 

960 ISAIAH JEWETT (Jeremiah'^S Jeremiah"^ Max^milian2^ 

Seventh Generation 227 

Ezekiel-% Maximilian^ Edward^), was born in Byfield, Rowley, Mass., Feb. 
21, 1784. He married in Bradford, Mass., Aug. 22, 1813, Alice Wood, 
daughter of Thomas and Alice (Bailey) Wood. She was bom in Grove- 
land, Mass., in 1789 and died there July 5, 1823, s. p. 
Gravestone in Groveland Cemetery. 


wife of 
Mr Isaiah Jewett 
died July 5, 1823 
AEt 34 
Thy Jesus' hand, omuipotent to save 
Convey'd thee softly to the silent grave 
Still to the end sustaiu'd thy drooping head 
And softly laid thee down among the dead; 
And in his bosom bore thy soul away 
To shine with angels in the realms of day. 

He married second, in Gloucester, Mass., Oct. 26, 1828, Martha Bab- 
son SaviUe, daughter of Thomas and Betsey (Haraden) Saville, of Annis- 
quam, Mass. She was bom in Gloucester, April 22, 1802, and died there 
from cancer of the stomach Nov. 23, 1871. He was a soldier in Capt. 
JNIerrill's Company in the War of 1812 ; was a shoe manufacturer and lived 
in Byfield, Groveland, and the last of his life in Gloucester, Mass., where 
he died Aug. 11, 1865. 


2062 James Saville, bora in Groveland, Mass., Nov. 10, 1830; married 

Ellen F. Clough.* 

2063 David, born in Groveland, Mass., Nov. , 1831. 

2064 Alice Wood, born in Gloucester, Mass., Sept. 28, 1834; married 

Dec. 10, 1856, William G. Davis, and resides in Gloucester. They 
had William, who lives in Pittsfield, and Alice. 

2065 Martha Ann, born in Bradford, Mass., May 30, 1839. 

2066 William Henry, born in Annisquam, Mass., Feb. 13, 1840; married 
Phebe F. Sarsrent.* 


962 PHILOMELIA JEWETT (Jeremiah''\ Jeremiah"% Maximil- 
ian^^, EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Byfield Rowley, Mass., 
Sept. 23, 1792. She married in Rowley, by Rev. Elijah Parish, Sept. 29, 
1810, Moses Johnson, and removed to Winthrop, Maine, where she died in 

Children : 

2067 Sarah Maria, born June 20, 1811. 

2068 Philomelia, born Jan. 11, 1813; married Mr. Adams and lived in 


2069 Otis Russell, born April 2, 1815. He was in the lumber business in 

Racine, Wis. ^^'^ "^*" f,-.-..-}<, ■ e'xc 

2070 Eveline, bom March 30, 1817 ; married Mr. Calkin and removed to 

San Francisco, California. 

228 Jewett Genealogy 

2071 Samuel, born Jan. 13, 1820. t<r,^ My^i^Ub^' 

2072 Hannah Brooks, bom Dec. 24, 1831 ; married Mr. Davis and removed 

to San Francisco, California. 

963 DR. EBENEZER JEWETT (Samuel^'% Jeremiah'^% Maximil- 
ian^*, EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Rowley, Mass., March 
9, 1771. He married in Bradford, Mass., Jan. 27, 1807, Judith Jaques. 
He was a physician and lived in Bradford, Mass., and died from consump- 
tion, in Groveland, Mass., March 18, 1817. 

Children, born in Bradford, Mass.: 
mis Ebenezer Pool, born Jan. 5, 1810; died Oct. 21, 1811. 

2074 Abigail Jaques, born March 10, 1812; died from consumption March 

17, 1821. 

2075 Ebenezer, bom Nov. 5, 1814; married Hannah Chase and died s. p. 

2076 William, born ; died Sept. 10, 1816, aged one year. 

2077 Samuel, born ; bapt. March 23, 1817; died Sept. 2, 1836. 

964 WILLIAM JEWETT (SamueP«% Jeremiah^^% Maximilian^% 
EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Rowley, Mass., Aug. 13, 1773. 
He married there, Oct. 28, 1797, Mehitable Dole. She died, and he married 
second, Elizabeth Lancaster. 

He was a blacksmith. 


2078 William, bom ; married Eliza English.* 

2079 Clarissa, bom ; married John Greley. 

2080 Mary Ann, bom ; married March 31, 1827, Frederick Lambert 

of Rowley and had Elizabeth and Mary Ann. 

2081 Eben, bom ; married Elizabeth Knight.* 

2082 Mehitable Jane, born ; married in Rowley, by Rev. Caleb Clark, 

Nov. 25, 1834, James P. Todd. 

965 SAMUEL JEWETT (SamueP«% Jeremiah^'% Maximilian-^ 
Ezekiel", Maximilian', Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., Oct. 9, 1786. 
He married, March 23, 1814, Sarah Jaques, niece of the wife of his brother, 
Dr. Ebenezer Jewett. He was a soldier in the War of 1812 and died in 
Bradford, Mass., June 8, 1849. 

Children, horn in Bradford, Mass.: 

2083 Marion, born Dec. 1, 1814. 

2084 William Balch, bom Sept. 18, 1816. He was a soldier in the Civil 

War and died unmarried. 

2085 Mehitable, bom Dec. 18, 1822; married William Smith. 

2086 Joseph, bora Feb. 3, 1824 ; died young. ' ' 

2087 Clarissa, born ; died young. 


Seventh Generation 229 

2088 Samuel Wingate, born ; died young. 

2089 Eben, bom ; died young. 

2090 Sarah, bom ; died young. 

967 ROBERT JEWETT (Samuel'«^ Jeremiah"% Maximilian=^% 
EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Rowley, Mass., April 5, 1790. 
He married in Rowley, Oct. 3, 1812, Mehitable Dole, who was bom in 
Rowley Dec. 17, 1794, daughter of Stephen and Mary (Lord) Dole. He 
was in Capt. Merrill's Company in the War of 1812; was a farmer and 
lived in Georgetown, Mass., where he died Aug. 14, 1870. 

Children, born in Georgetown, Mass. : 

2091 Almira, born Oct. 15, 1812; married Elijah Bagley Weed.* 

2092 James, bom Nov. 11, 1814; married Jan. , 1851, Martha P. 

(Carlton) Jewett, widow of his brother Stephen. He died in 
Georgetown, March 3, 1898. She died there April 18, 1898, s. p. 

2093 Ebenezer William, born Sept. 28, 1817 ; married Selenda Worcester.* 

2094 Stephen, born Dec. 21, 1819; married Nov. 12, 1843, Martha P. 

Carlton. They resided in Georgetown and had Sarah Lewis Durant, 
bom June 12, 1846 ; died Oct. 24, 1846. He was accidentally killed 
in California in 1850. 

2095 Abigail Ann, born March 18, 1822; married Charles Hubbard.* 

2096 Lafayette, bom March 18, 1825 ; died in infancy. 

2097 Mehitable, bom April 1, 1826; married Charles Dole.* 

2098 Gorham Parsons, bom , 1828 ; died 1831. 

2099 Ira, bom Sept. 21, 1830; died March 10, 1886; unmarried. 

2100 Gorham Parsons, born Jan. 24, 1833; married Sarah Poor.* 

2101 A daughter, born , 1838 ; died when one hour old. 

968 SOPHIA JEWETT (Seth''% Jeremiah''% MaximiHan=^% EzekieP, 
Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Bradford, Mass., Aug. 1, 1783. She 
married Walter Todd, a merchant in Newburyport, Mass., son of Jeremiah 
Todd of Rowley. 

Children born in Newburyport, Mass. : 

2102 Seth, bom ; married Ann Giles, and lived in Washington, 

D. C. They had Ellen and Seth. 

2103 Sophia, born . 

2104 William, bom ; married Eliza Giles and had Esther and 


2105 Mary, born ; married George Sweetser, and had Caroline. , 

969 ABIGAIL JEWETT (Seth'««, Jeremiah"% Maximilian^«, EzekieP, 
Maximilian', Edward^), was born in Bradford, Mass., July 5, 1785. She 

married in Newburyport, Mass., , 1812, Daniel Smith, who was born 

in Hartford, Conn., Sept. 12, 1787, son of Daniel Smith of Hartford. He 

230 Jewett Genealogy 

was a druggist in Newburyport a number of years, and removed to Law- 
rence, Mass., where he died March 27, 1878. She died there Sept. 28, 1866. 

Children born in Newburyport, Mass.: 

2106 Daniel, born . 

2107 Abigail, born . 

2108 Elizabeth, born . 

2109 CaroHne S., born , 1825; married WiUiam Addison Kimball.* 

973 NATHANIEL JEWETT (Seth''% Jeremiah''% Maximilian'S 
Ezekiel®, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Bradford, Mass., June 3, 1795. 
He married in Newburyport, Mass., about 1818, Ann Laura Prince, daughter 
of James and Mary (Ladd) Prince. She was born in Newburyport INIarch 
— , 1790, and died in Brookline, Mass., in 1880. 

Mr. Jewett was a druggist and sugar refiner ; lived a few ^^ears in 
Washington, D. C, removed to Boston, Mass., and from there to Law- 
rence, Mass., where he died Aug. — , 1870. 

'2110 A child, born in Washington, D. C. ; died in infancy. 

2111 Laura, born in Washington, D. C, Sept. 8, 1821 ; married Abram 


2112 A child, bom in Washington, D. C. ; died in infancy. 

2113 Frederick Sebastian, bom in Washington, D. C, Sept. 5, 1824; 

married (1st) Caroline M. Wetmore; (2d) Caroline P. Hardy.* 

2114 Corinna, bom in Washington, D. C, , 1829; resides in 

Brookline, Mass., unm. 

2115 Sidney, bom in Washington, D. C, , 1831 ; died in Boston, 

Mass., in 1833. 

2116 Sidney Augustus, bom in Boston, Mass., , 1833; married 

in 1868 Josephine Watrous, and died in Lynn, Mass., in 1882. 

2117 Frederick Augustus, born in Boston, Mass., , 1834; resides 

in Brookline, Mass., unm. 

979 JEREMIAH BURPEE (Jeremiah''°, Hannah"% Ehzabeth'S 
Ezekiel", Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Rowley, Mass., Sept. 19, 1760. 
When a small child he was taken to Maugerville, Nova Scotia. He married 
there Betsey Stickney, who was bom in Rowley, April 13, 1773. They 
settled in Sheffield, Sunbury Co., New Brunswick, where he died May — , 
1847. She died at the home of her son Isaac, in Sheffield, Aug. 2, 1868. 

Children born in Sheffield, New Brunstmch : 

2118 Mary, born Nov. 8, 1792; married May 6, 1814, Charles Harrison. 

2119 Isaac, born Dec. 10, 1794; married Oct. 19, 1820, Phebe Coburn. 

2120 Samuel, bom April 16, 1797; married Hannah Stickney.* 


Seventh Generation 231 

2121 Elizabeth, bom May 23, 1798; married Nov. 14, 1822, Whitehead 

S. Barker. 

2122 Ann, bom Feb. 20, 1802 ; died Nov. 8, 1844. 

2123 Jeremiah, born Dec. — , 1804 ; died June 22, 1826. 

2124 Mehitable, born Sept. 15, 1806; married July 15, 1828, WilHam 


2125 Sophronia, bom Dec. 23, 1808; married Oct. 11, 1838, Henry Cow- 


2126 George, bom Aug. 12, 1811 ; married Aug. 9, 1838, Phebe Burpee. 

2127 Jane, born April 13, 1814; married June 7, 1832, Charles Upton. 

2128 Charles, born June 18, 1817; married (1st) Mary Perley; (2d) 

Charlotte H. Perley. 

988 ELIZABETH STICKNEY (Elizabeth'", Faith"% Elizabeth's 
EzekieP, Maximilian', Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., Feb. 22, 1766. 
She married Dec. 10, 1792, Joshua Sanders, son of Humphrey and Eliza- 
beth Sanders. They settled in Waterford, Maine, where he died July 20, 
1797. She married second, in Waterford, Joseph Farrington, who died 
March — , 1863. 

Children born in Waterford, Maine, by -first husband: 

2129 Amos, born July 30, 1793 ; married Jan — , 1824, Syhaa Stone. 

2130 Betsey, born May 10, 1795 ; died Aug. 10, 1852, unm. 

Child by second husband: 

2131 Samuel Stickney, bom June 3, 1803; married Eunice Whitney 


990 MEHITABLE STICKNEY (Elizabeth'", Faith"% EHzabeth'S 
Ezekiel®, Maximilian', Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., July 27, 1768. 
She married Feb. 7, 1793, Joseph Howe, who was bom Jan. 18, 1771, son of 
Deacon Abraham and Lucy (Appleton) Howe. They settled in Linebrook 
Parish, Rowley, where she died Oct. 5, 1818. He died Nov. 26, 1850. 

Children born in Linebrook Parish, Rowley, Mass.: 
S132 Mehitable, bora Oct. 6, 1795; married Joseph Cogswell of Derry, 
N. H. 

2133 Ehzabeth, born July 2, 1797; married John Colby of Boston. 

2134 Moses, born July 27, 1799; he died at sea. 

2135 Priscilla, born July 11, 1801; married (1st) Bradstreet; 

(2d) Samuel Conant of Topsfield. 

2136 Samuel, bom June 28, 1803; married Susan Stickney (2147).* 

2137 Joshua, bom Sept. 9, 1805; married April 6, 1826, Charity Bailey. 

2138 Benjamin, bom Nov. 4, 1807. He was a clergyman in Maine. 

2139 Lucy Mary, born Aug. 10, 1810. Resided in Nashua, N. H., unm. 

2140 Amos, born Sept. 9, 1813. Left home and was never heard from. 

232 Jewett Genealogy 

994 EUNICE STICKNEY (Elizab€th'«% Faith"% Elizabeth", Eze- 
kiel% Maximilian% Edward'), was born in Rowley, Mass., Oct. 31, 1774. 
She married Oct. 6, 1801, Jeremiah Chaplin, who was bom May 2, 1780, 
son of Moses and Elizabeth (Hopkinson) Chaplin, Jr. They lived in Row- 
ley, where he died May 17, 1841. She died there June 3, 1861. 

Children horn in Rowley, Mass.: 

2141 Susan, born May 16, 1802; married March 25, 1831, Ignatius Sar- 

gent. She died in Rowley, Aug, 26, 1867, s. p. 

2142 Luther, bom Jan. 31, 1804 ; married Elizabeth Conant, who was born 

in Ipswich, Mass., daughter of William and Elizabeth (Foster) 
Conant. They lived in Linebrook Parish, and had Caroline Louisa, 
born March 2, 1832, who married Benjamin Dodge. 

2143 Cynthia, bom Feb. 2, 1806; married Aug. — , 1827, Gilman H. 

Smith of Methuen, Mass. 

2144 Sophia, bom Feb. 28, 1809 ; married Jan. — , 1830, Phineas Dodge. 

2145 Mary Ann, bom June 17, 1813; died April — , 1815. 

2146 Alfred, born May 29, 1817; married (1st) Elizabeth Todd; (2d), 

Oct. 15, 1863, Phebe Saunders. 

995 LIEUT. MOSES STICKNEY (EHzabeth'", Faith"^ Elizabeth", 
EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward'), was bom in Rowley, Mass., July 12, bap- 
tized in Byfield, Mass., July 21, 1776. He married Oct. 7, 1799, Sarah 
Pike, who was born April 5, 1772, daughter of Joseph and Lois Pike. They 
lived in Rowley, where he was a shoe manufacturer and merchant, and where 
he died Sept. 1, 1834. She died Dec. 26, 1851. 

Children horn in Rowley, Mass.: 

2147 Susan, bom Aug. 13, 1800; married Samuel Howe (see 2136). 

2148 Samuel Warren, born Nov. 4, 1802; married Mary Hale.* 

2149 Ehzabeth Ann, bom May 28, 1805; married Luther Cheney.* 

2150 Moses Parsons, bom July 12, 1807; married Jane F. Curry.* 

2151 Joseph Pike (Moody), born Nov. 18, 1809; married Sophia Young.* 

2152 Lois Maria, bom Aug. 22, 1812; married Otis Thompson.* 

1000 DUDLEY STICKNEY (Jedediah«'*% Faith'*% Elizabeth", Eze- 
kiel®, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Rowley, Mass., May 11, 1774. 
He married in Topsfield, Mass., March 2, 1797, Ehzabeth Davis, who was 
bom May 20, 1774, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth (Fowler) Davis. 
They settled in Topsfield and May 20, 1800, removed to Rowley, where they 
resided until June 20, 1806, when they removed to Belfast, Maine, where she 
died Oct. 25, 1808. He married second, in Belfast, June ^ — , 1811, Anna 
Taggart, widow of John Taggart and daughter of William and Mary 
(Mitchell) Patterson of Belfast. She was bom in Belfast Oct. 23, 1786. 

Seventh Generation 233 

Mr. Stickney was a merchant in Belfast, and engaged in the lumber business, 
shipping to Salem and Newburyport. In 1812 or 1813 he removed to 
Green Plantation, now Belmont, Oxford Co., Maine, and was its first Justice 
of the Peace, acting as magistrate for fourteen years. In 1826 he removed 
to Hartford, Oxford Co., Maine, and settled on a farm where he died May 
20, 1834. His widow married Nov. — , 1861, Henry Davis of Paris, Maine. 

Children hy -first ivife: 

2153 Dudley, bom in Topsfield, Mass., Nov. 4, 1798 ; died Oct. 30, 1829. 

2154 Matthew Adams, born in Rowley, Mass., Sept. 23, 1805; married 

(1st) M. E. Smith; (2d) L. Waters. 

Children hy second xsnfe: 

2155 Thomas, born in Belfast, Maine, April 18, 1812 ; married March 30, 

1844, Louisa Larrabee. 

2156 Guilford, born at Green Plantation, Maine, May 5, 1821 ; married 

Oct. 20, 1846, Hannah H. Pettengill. 

2157 Sarah Maria, bora at Green Plantation, Maine, July 8, 1823; mar- 

ried May 24, 1846, Davis Larrabee. 

2158 Eliza Ann, born in Hartford, Maine, April 28, 1829; married April 

3, 1854, Israel Larrabee. 

1003 MEHITABLE STICKNEY (Isaac''% Faith"% Elizabeth", Eze- 
kiel®, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Maugerville, Nova Scotia, bap- 
tized June 29, 1766. She married Col. Joseph Ryerson, who was born in 
Paterson, N. J., and died at his residence near Victoria, Norfolk Co., Canada 
West, Aug. 9, 1854. She died June 10, 1850. 


2159 Polly, born : ; married Mr. Bostick. 

2160 Mehitable, born . 

2161 George, born March 17, 1791. 

2162 Samuel, bom . 

2163 William, bom ; married Miss Smith. 

2164 John, bom . 

2165 Egerton, bom March 24, 1803. He was Chief Superintendent of 

the Board of Education of Toronto, C. W. 

2166 Edwy, born . 

2167 Ehzabeth, bom . 

1005 SAMUEL STICKNEY (Isaac''% Faith"^ Elizabeth", EzekieP, 
Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Maugerville, Nova Scotia, May — , 
1769. He married Elizabeth James and settled in Sheffield, New Brunswick. 
He was a farmer, and was drowned July — , 1814. 

234 Jewett Genealogy 

Children born in Sheffield, New Brunswick: 

2168 Lydia Lockwood, born May 20, 1794; married Watts Bowker. 

2169 Hannah, born Feb. 1, 1796; married Samuel Burpee (see 2120). 

2170 Mary, born Feb. 1, 1798; married Joseph Cilley. 

2171 Samuel Lockwood, born Nov. 10, 1799 ; married M. A. Connolly. 

2172 Ehzabeth, bom April 7, 1804 ; married James Burpee. 

2173 Mehitable Ann, bom Nov. 20, 1806; died Nov. 6, 1808. 

2174 Isabella, born May 9, 1810; married in 1830 George Clark. 

2175 Anna, born March 8, 1813 ; married Archibald Plummer. 

2176 Jeremiah Burpee, born March 12, 1815; married G. Robertson. 

1006 WILLIA^I STICKNEY (Isaac^^^ Faith^*% Elizabeth^S EzekieP, 
Maximilian% Edward^), was bom in Maugerville, Nova Scotia, April 13, 
1771. He married Agnes B rower and settled in Sheffield, New Brunswick. 

Children horn in Sheffield, New Brunszmck : 

2177 Benjamin, born June 24, 1790; married Catherine Mills. 

2178 Betsey, born July 6, 1792; married Zebulon Upton. 

1008 BENJAMIN STICKNEY (Isaac'''% Faith"% Ehzabeth^S Eze- 
kiel% MaximiHan% Edward^), was born in Maugerville, Nova Scotia, Oct. 16, 
1775. He married Nov. 16, 1797, Mary Barker, who was bora Nov. 27, 
1777, daughter of Nathaniel and Lydia (Burpee) Barker. They lived in 
Sheffield, New Brunswick, where he died June 29, 1822. 

Children born in Sheffield, New Brunswick: 

2179 Nathaniel, born Aug. 29, 1798; married Ehzabeth Turner. 

2180 Isaac, bom April 29, 1800; married Matilda Smith. 

2181 Samuel, born Aug. — , 1803 ; died May — , 1825. 

2182 Lydia, born May 12, 1805; married Murphy Giberson and lived in 

Kent, N. B. 

2183 Amos, born April 12, 1807; married Sarah McDermot. 

2184 James, born June 25, 1809 ; married Eleanor Flanagan. 

2185 Sarah, born Dec. 22, 1811 ; married John Gregg. 

2186 Elizabeth, bom March 16, 1814; married David Alexander. 

2187 Hepzebah, born Aug. 5, 1816; married John Esty. 

2188 George, bora March 22, 1819 ; married Lavinia J. McGee. }j 

2189 Mary Ann, born May 6, 1822 ; married Josiah Brown. ;*^| 

1009 HANNAH STICKNEY (Isaac''% Faith"% Elizabeth's Ezekiel', 
Maximilian', Edward^), was bora in Maugerville, Nova Scotia, Sept. — , 
1777. She married William Taylor, who died Feb. — , 1853. She died 
Dec. 20, 1860. 

Children born in Sheffield, New Brunswick: 

2190 Benjamin, born Sept. 27, 1799. He was killed in battle in South 


Seventh Generation 235 

2191 Mehitable Ryerson, bom Aug. 27, 1800; married July 15, 1819, 

Ebenezer L. Burpee. 

2192 William, bom July 30, 1802; married Susan Wiggin. 

2193 Isaac Stickney, born Nov. 30, 1807; married (1st) Martha H. Per- 

ley; (2d) Mrs. Sarah Ann (Putnam) McNeil.* 

2194 Samuel, born Nov. 5, 1815 ; married Jane Hunter. 

. 1011 JOHN HOLLAND BRIDGES (Sarah*°% Faith'*% Elizabeth'% 
EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Sheffield, New Brunswick, 
Sept. 12, 1777. He married March 26, 1811, Jane Barker, daughter of 
Joseph and Letitia (Whitehead) Barker, and settled in Sheffield, where he 
died March 3, 1841. She died in Maugerville Sept. — , 1867. 

Children horn in Sheffield, New Brunsmck : 

2195 Charles M., born Feb. 22, 1818; married (1st) Rosella Sutherland, 

who died Dec. — , 1855 ; (2d) Elizabeth Harriman, and died in 
Maugerville in the spring of 1867. 

2196 Letitia A. B., born Sept. 9, 1819; married John T. Smith. 

2197 Henry Putnam, bom Sept. 28, 1821 ; married Eliza Burpee. 

2198 Sarah E., born May 7, 1823; married Emery Sutherland. 

2199 Elizabeth, born Aug. 23, 1825; married Stephen Burpee, brother of 

Eliza above. 

2200 Hannah, born Dec. 27, 1727 ; married James Harrison. 

2201 Augusta A., born Nov. 13, 1830; died in 1855, unm. 

2202 Mary E., born June 27, 1833 ; married James Thompson. 

2203 John Holland, born March 18, 1839 ; married Miss Hoben. 

1016 THOMAS BRIDGES (Sarah*"-, Faith"^ Ehzabeth'S EzekieP, 
Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Sheffield, New Brunswick, in 1789. He 
married Margaret Whiteside and lived in Sheffield. 

Children born in Sheffield, New Brunswick : 

2204 Jonathan, born . 

2205 William, born . 

2206 Thomas, bom . 

1017 BETSEY BRIDGES (Sarah*°-, Faith"% Elizabeth's EzekieF, 
Maximihan', Edward^), was born in Sheffield, New Brunswick. She married 
Joseph Barker, son of Joseph and Letitia (Whitehead) Barker, and died in 
Sheffield in 1845. He died there about 1851. 

Children born in Sheffield, New Brunswick : 

2207 Thomas Bridges, born March 13, 1820 ; married Rebecca E. Tilly.* 

2208 Letitia Jane, born Aug. — , 1827 ; married in 1850 John Wasson. 

2209 John Holland, born , 1830. 


Jewett Genealogy 

^% Eze- 

1018 NATHAN JEWETT (Stephen''^', Eliphalet"% Stephen' 
kiel', Maximilian% Edward^), was bom in Rowley, Mass., Sept. 11, 1765. 
He married in 1792 Hannah Emerson, and settled on a farm in North Water- 
ford, Maine. About 1821 he removed to Buckfield, Maine. 







Children bom in Waterford, Maine: 

Stephen, born , 1793. 

Emerson, born , 1795; married (1st) Dorcas A. Beard; (2d) 

Martha Mills. 
Mighill, born , 1797. 

From " Hist, of Bethel, Maine," Lapham : " There was an itin- 
erant Baptist minister by the name of Mighill Jewett, who fre- 
quently came to this town and preached in the lower parish. He 
supported himself by such contributions as were made him from 
time to time. On one occasion, a text was given him to preach 
from by Deacon Phineas Frost, and the church was crowded, for 
he was considered an able preacher. But to the surprise of every 
one and to the disgust of many, he preached a strong Universalist 
sermon ; admitting that before that time he had been in error, and 
that the study of the text given him, with the context, had caused 
him to change his views entirely. He was never settled, but 
preached as an itinerant; had good talents and gifts, but broke 
down mentally and passed away." 

Henry, bom , 1799 ; died in Mass. 

Daniel, bom , 1801; married (1st) Sarah Mann; (2d) Eliza- 

beth Manning. 
Albert, bom 

Stillman, bom — 
Mary, bom 

-, 1803. He had a saw and grist mill in Water- 
— , 1804 ; married Judith Plummer. 

, 1806; married Oct. 14, 1856, James Gibson 

Sanborn (his second wife), son of James and Jane (Gibson) San- 
bom, of Sanbomton, N. H. He was bom in Sanbomton Feb. 20, 
1798, and died there ; was one of the youngest soldiers in the War 
of 1812. She died Sept. 26, 1879, s. p. 

Louisa, born , 1809. 

Sumner, bom , 1811 ; married Mary E. Ray. 

Lyman, bom March 9, 1813 ; married Euphemia Davis.* 

1021 LIEUT. EBENEZER JEWETT (Stephen*", EHphalet"«, Ste- 
phen", EzekieP, Maximilian', Edward'^), was bom in Rowley, Mass., Feb. 
9, 1772. He married there in 1794, Susanna Stickney (991), who was born 
in Rowley Feb. 1, 1770. They settled in Waterford, Maine, where he was a 
farmer, and where about 1824 he opened a public house which was afterward 
conducted by his son Farnum. She died in Waterford March 22, 1796, and 
he married there in 1797 Mary Farrington, who was bom in Fryeburg, 
Maine, in 1780. He died Aug. 13, 1840. 

Seventh Geneeation 237 

Children born in Waterford, Maine, hy -first wife: 

2221 Ebenezer, born Jan. 20, 1796 ; married Tabitha Frye.* 

By second wife: 

2222 Nathaniel, bom Jan. 30, 1798; married Sarah Frye.* 

2223 Susan S., born Nov. 4, 1799 ; married Gen. Parsons Haskell and lived 

in Albany, Maine. 

2224 Jacob F., bom Sept. 15, 1801; married (1st) JuHa Merrill; (2d) 

Ann C. Holmes.* 

2225 Philander, bom Sept. 15, 1803. 

2226 Leander, born Sept. 13, 1804; married (1st) Lucy Conant; (2d) 

Mary Hastings.* 

2227 Maria, bom Oct. 1, 1806; married William Boswell. 

2228 Farnum, born July 7, 1808; married Louisa Wood and resided in 

Waterford, where he was a member of the committee in charge of 
the Centennial of the town in 1875. 

2229 Ruth P., bom April 5, 1811; married Capt. Luther Houghton, son 

of Capt. Abel Houghton. 

2230 Otis, bom July 27, 1812. 

2231 Milton, born Nov. 5, 1814; married (1st) Harriet Dresser; (2d) 

Eliza Whitcomb.* 

2232 Caroline E., born May 1, 1820. 

2233 Stephen, born Oct. 10, 1822. 

1023 HANNAH JEWETT (Stephen*", EHphalet^^«, Stephen^% Eze- 
kief, Maximihan^ Edward^), was bom in Rowley, Mass., Dec. 19, 1776. 
She married Jonathan Plummer, who was born in 1768. He was from Row- 
ley, and settled in Waterford, Maine, where he was a farmer and mechanic. 

Children horn in Waterford, Maine: 

2234 Eliza, bom , 1799. 

2235 Stephen, born , 1801; married Eleanor Horr, daughter of 

Abram and Mary (Hall) Horr of Waterford. 

2236 Ednah, bom , 1804. 

2237 Mark, bora , 1811. 

2238 Nancy, born . 

1024 ELIZABETH JEWETT (Stephen*", Eliphalet^^^, Stephen'^ 
Ezekier, Maximilian% Edward^), was bom in Rowley, Mass., Sept, 3, 1778. 
She married in 1797 Samuel Plummer, who was bom in Rowley in 1769 and 
removed to Waterford, Maine, about 1790. He was a farmer and carpen- 
ter in Waterford. 

Children horn in Waterford, Maine: 

2239 Daniel, bom , 1799 ; married Emma Stone.* 

2240 Eben, bom , 1801; married (1st) Ehza Bryant, born 1802, 


Jewett Genealogy 

daughter of Richard and Mary (Whitney) Bryant of Water- 
ford; (2d) Julia A. Billings, daughter of Charles and Mary 
(Stone) Billings; (3d) Mary Knight. 

2241 Samuel, bom , 1803; married Jane Kimball, daughter of 

John and Susannah (Knight) Kimball of Waterford. 

2242 Cyrus, born , 1805; married Harriet Barker, daughter of 

James and Eunice (Stone) Barker of Waterford. 

2243 Elizabeth, born , 1808 ; married Col. Thomas Treadwell, born 

1807, son of Moses and Jane (Hawes) Treadwell of Waterford. 

2244 Sophia, born , 1811 ; married Dr. Jotham Goodenow. 

2245 George W., bom , 1814; married Mary Ann Houghton, 

daughter of Deacon Henry Houghton of Waterford. 

2246 Edwnn, born 

-, 1816; died young. 

1033 SOLOMON JEWETT (David*-^ David"% Stephen'% Ezekief, 
Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Lancaster, now Sterling, Mass., July 
16, 1784. He entered Harvard College when quite young, and studied law, 
but owing to poor health was obliged to leave. He married in Boston, Mass., 
June 28, 1812, Mary Holmes Kempton, who was born in Plymouth, Mass., 
March 28, 1790, daughter of Samuel Kempton of Plymouth; conducted a 
grocery store and woodyard in Boston a number of years and then removed 
to Sterling, Mass., and became a farmer, which occupation he followed until 
his death. His wife died in Sterling Sept. 29, 1865. 


Children, born in Boston, Mass. 

Solomon, bom ; died young. 

Mary Holmes, born . 

Sarah W., bom . 

Elizabeth Kendall, bom 

David Sawyer, bom 

Martha Osgood, bom — 
Margaret Clapp, born - 

Luther Kendall, born Feb. 

Ellen Davis, born . 

Ruth Hun, bom . 

19, 1825; married Sarah Howe.* 

1034 ELIZABETH HARDING (Elizabeth'''% Martha'«% Mary'^% 
Faith^°, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Charlestown, Mass., baptized 
May 21, 1749. She married Nathaniel Brown, Jr., and lived in Charles- 
town. "His estate taxed 1766, 1770, 1773; claimed for loss 1775. She 
owned cov't Aug. 12, 1770 and was a widow 1792 " (Wyman). 

Children horn in Boston, Moss.: 

2257 Samuel, bom June 21, 1769. 

2258 Nathaniel, born : bapt. Sept. 23, 1770. 

22.59 Anna, born July 15, 1771. 

2260 Charles, bom Nov. 19, 1773. 

Seventh Generation 239 

1045 WILLIAM GOODWr>f (Edward"% Martha^'% Mary^% Faith", 
Maximilian% Edward'), was born in Charlestown, Mass., baptised July 9, 
1761. He married (pub. in Charlestown Aug. 3, 1782) Elizabeth Adams. 


2261 William, bom . 

2262 Samuel, born . 

1050 ESTHER GOODWIN (Edward"% Martha'«% Mary^% Faith^% 
Maximilian^ Edward'), was bom in Charlestown, Mass., baptized Sept, 6, 
1767. She married May 19, 1791, Joseph Mirick, son of Joseph and Han- 
nah (Mardlen) Mirick. He was bom in Charlestown Aug. 14, 1762, and 
died of fever March 27, 1800. She died at Bedford in 1835. 

Children born in Charlestown, Mass. 

2263 Joseph, born ; lived in Lynn, Mass. 

2264 Esther, born ; married in 1817 John Chase, Jr., of Lynn, 


2265 Sarah, bom Dec. 4, 1791 ; married in 1817 Francis Hay, who was 

born in 1783, son of Dr. John Hay of Reading, Mass. He was a 

2266 Hannah, born . 

1057 SARAH GOODWIN (Thomas*««, Martha"% Mary^% Faith'% 
MaximiHan^ Edward'), was bom in Charlestown, Mass., baptized March 26, 
1769. She married John Fox. He was in the census, from Woburn, Mass., 
in April, 1788, and died 1806, per gravestone, with widow, buried as Sarah 
Goodwin, who died Feb. 16, 1817. 

Children horn in Charlestozcm, Mass. 

2267 John, born Aug. 16, 1793. 

2268 Thomas, bom April 12, 1799. 

2269 Ruth, born Dec. 27, 1800. 

1076 CAPT. THOMAS HARRIS (Thomas''«% John'^«, Mary^% 
Faith'", MaximiKan^ Edward'), was born in Charlestown, Mass., May 14, 
1779. He was a mariner and a merchant. He married Abigail Chapin, 
who was admitted to the Second (Unitarian) Church, April 7, 1833, and 
died at JafFrey, N. H., Aug. 3, 1870; removed there about 1835; he died at 
Brattleboro, Vt., Aug. 18, 1840. 

Children born in Charlestown, Mass. 

2270 George Oliver, bom March 31, 1810. 

2271 Charles Chapin, born Feb. 21, 1818. 

2272 Thomas Edwin, born . 

240 Jewett Genealogy 

2273 Mary Chapin, bom 

2274 Frederick Harper, born . ;t| 

2275 Julia Jones, bom . % 

2276 Frank Ome, born . 

2277 Sophia Ome, born . |^ 

All except first baptized at Second Church March 16, 1833. 

1077 JOHN HARRIS (Thomas*'", John''^ Marf\ Faith'°, Maximil- 
ian^, Edward^), was born in Charlestown, Mass., Feb. 17, 1781. He married 
in 1818 Eliza Whittemore, who was born in Charlestown Sept. 16, 1791, 
daughter of Nathan and Mehitable (Carter) Whittemore. 


2278 John, born ; he was Representative to the General Court of 

Massachusetts from Needham. 

1094 SAMUEL DOWSE (Samuel**'% SamueP'% Maximihan««, Faith^% 
Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Charlestown, Mass., June 8, baptized 
June 10, 1759. He was a baker, and married Feb. 9, 1783, by the Rector of 
Christ Church, Anne Kettell, who was bom in Charlestown the last of June, 
1764, daughter of James and Sarah (Call) Kettell. 

Children born in Charlestown, Mass. 

2279 Nancy, born Jan. 19, 1784 ; married John Williams, a dry goods 

merchant of Boston, Mass. 

2280 Abba, bom June 29, 1785 ; married Dr. Peter G. Robbins of Rox- 

bury, and had Rev. Chandler Robbins, D. D., and Rev. Samuel 
Dowse Robbins. 

2281 Alice, bom July 21, 1787 ; died in Boston. 

1097 ALICE DOWSE (SamueP'^ Samuel"-, MaximiHan«^ Faith^^ 
Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Charlestown, Mass., Feb. 11, 1766. 
She married Dec. — , 1788, Capt. Joseph Sprague, a sea-captain. 

Children horn in Charlestown, Mass. 

2282 A daughter, born ; died of throat distemper Oct. 5, 1799, 

aged 7 years. 

2283 A daughter, born ; died of throat distemper Sept. 20, 1799, 

aged 4 years. 

2284 Ann Dowse, bom ; teacher of a select school. She married 

Feb. 15, 1827, Daniel Rhodes of Boston, son of Capt. Daniel and 
Ann Rhodes of Charlestown. 

1103 ANDREW JEWETT (Jonathan*'", Joseph"^ Jonathan'^ Jo- 
seph^^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Stratham, N. H., June 18, 


Seventh Generation 241 

1772. He married Joanna Hobbs, who was born in Somersworth, N. H., 
Sept. 9, 1771, daughter of Moses Hobbs. They settled in Wolfboro, N. H., 
where he was the first storekeeper of that town and where he died in 1802-3. 
His widow married Richard Rust of Wolfboro and died there Nov. 15, 1823. 

Children born in Wolfboro, N. H.: 

2285 Hannah Shepard, born April 17, 1798; married Henry Bloomfield 


2286 James, born Nov. 25, 1800; married Sophia Pray Hayes.* 

1106 JOHN JEWETT (Jacob*", Joseph''% Jonathan'^ Joseph", 
Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Stratham, N. H., May 26, 1771. He 
married Jan. 27, 1796, Ann Frances Clark, who was bom Jan. 26, 1772. 
" Mr. John Jewett of Stratham and Miss Ann Frances Clark of Epping 
were joined in Wedlock the 27th of Jany. 1796 by me Samuel Shepperd, 
Pastor of a church of Christ in Brentwood," (N. H. G. R.) 

They lived in Stratham, where he died Nov. 14, 1803. 

Children born in Stratham, N. H.: 

2287 Deborah, born Aug. 30, 1796. 

2288 Mary Ann, born March 22, 1799. 

2289 Benjamin Hoit, bom June 19, 1801. 

1109 JOSEPH JEWETT ( Jacob*' ^ Joseph' '% Jonathan'^ Joseph'S 
Maximilian^, Edward'), was born in Stratham, N. H., Sept. 18, 1778. He 
married May 7, 1803, Sally Leach, who was born in Kittery, Maine, April 
2, 1779, daughter of Benjamin Leach of Portsmouth, N. H. 

They resided in Portsmouth, N. H., for a number of years, and later in 
Stratham, where he died July 30, 1822. His widow died in Washington, 
D. C, June 30, 1863. 

Children born in Portsmouth, N. H. : 

2290 Lucy, born , 1805 ; married Seth WiUiam Barton. 

2291 Sarah Anne, born , 1807 ; married Thomas Serrat Neal.* 

2292 John Light, bom Oct. 28, 1809; married Mary Dillingham.* 

2293 Lavinia, born , 1811 ; died in Boston, Mass., about 1850, unm. 

2294 Elizabeth, bom , 1813. She conducted a private school in 

Washington, D. C, and died there March 22, 1896, unm. 

1110 AARON JEWETT (Jacob*", Joseph"^ Jonathan'^ Joseph", 
Maximilian^, Edward'), was bom in Stratham (Winnicounett), N. H., Jan. 
2, 1781. He married Nov. 14, 1808, Nancy Smith, his second cousin, daugh- 
ter of Capt. Theophilus Smith of Stratham. They lived in Stratham, where 
he was a cabinetmaker and farmer; was prominent in public affairs and 
served the town as Selectman several terms, also as member of the Legislature. 

24:2 Jewett Genealogy 

He was a soldier in the War of 1812, and died in Strathara Aug. 25, 1852. 
She died there May 2, 1864. 

Children born in Stratham, N. H.: 

2295 Mary Ann, born May 2, 1810 ; married July 12,* 1849, Isaac Chap- 

man and died in Stratham June 27, 1854, s. p. 

2296 Sophia Smith, born May 6, 1812; married Ira Week Wiggin.* 
229T Aaron Smith, born April 29, 1814; died May 28, 1814. 

2298 Eliza Jane, bom July 6, 1815 ; married Hezekiah Smith.* 

2299 Emily, bom Jan. 18, 1818 ; died same day. 

2300 Andrew Wilham, born Jan. 8, 1819; died Dec. 13, 1819. 

2301 Andrew William, bom Nov. 27, 1820; lived in Stratham and died 

there June 29, 1849, unm. 

2302 Sarah Frances, born May 11, 1823; lived in Stratham and died there, 


2303 Deborah Light, born Sept. 21, 1827; died in Stratham, unm. 


1111 MOLLY JEWETT (Andrew"^ Joseph'", Jonathan*^% Joseph 
Maximilian^, Edward'), was bom in Sanbomton, N. H., March 5, 1777. 
She married Jan. 15, 1795, Stephen Gale of Sanbornton, who was bom Nov. 
23, 1770, son of Stephen and Mehitable (Plummer) Gale. Then lived in 
Sanbornton on his father's homestead. He was Selectman of the town several 
years, and on the town records is styled Major, and later Colonel. He died 
Oct. 10, 1839. She died of consumption Aug. 21, 1846. 

Children born in Sanbornton, N. H. : 

2304 Andrew, born ; died March 12, 1799. 

2^05 Mehitable, born ; died young. 

2306 Polly (Mary), born Feb. 9, 1800; married Feb. 10, 1842, Benjamin 

Franklin Smith (his second wife), of Upper Gilmanton, N. H., 
and died Jan. 30, 1862. 

2307 Phebe, born Jan. 24, 1802; married Dec. 30, 1824, Benjamin Butler 

Brown, who was born in Nottingham, N. H., April 19, 1800, and 
died in East Andover, N. H., Feb. 4, 1867. She died in North- 
field, N. H., Feb. 7, 1845. 

2308 George Little, bom Feb. 2, 1804 ; died in Boston, Mass., unm. 

2309 Charles, born Feb. 7, 1806 ; died in Sanbornton Sept. 23, 1826. 

2310 Stephen Plummer, bom Feb.—, 1808; died May 1, 1820. 

2311 Mehitable, bom March 28, 1810; married July 17, 1834, Benjamin 

Franklin Smith, who was born in Northfield, N. H., Sept. 15, 1807, 
son of Francis Smith. She died Oct. 28, 1841, and he married her 
sister Polly. 

2312 Andrew Jewett, born July 4, 1812; married March 20, 1853, Harriet 

G. Sanborn and died May 30, 1864. 

2313 James J., bom , 1815; died Dec. 10, 1836. 

Seventh Generation 243 

2314 Ezekiel H., bom Oct. , 1817; died Aug. 31, 1841. 

2315 Stephen Plummer, born Nov. — , 1820; died Oct. 7, 1826. 

2316 Harrison, born , 1822; died in Boston. 

1112 JOSEPH JEWETT (Andrew*'^, Joseph^'% Jonathan«% Joseph", 
Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Sanbomton, N. H., Dec. 18, 1778. He 
married in 1806 Mary Norris, who was bom in Dorchester, N. H., June 27, 
1787, daughter of Benjamin and Rebecca (Hazleton) Norris. They Hved 
in Dorchester, where he was a farmer and mill owner, and where he was killed 
in a saw mill in 1838. She died there July 9, 1869. 

Children born in Dorchester, N. H. : 

2317 Sally, born ; married Mr. Pollard, and lived in Canaan, N. H. 

2318 Andrew, born ; died in Dorchester, unm. 

1113 SARAH E. JEWETT (Andrew*^«, Joseph^'% Jonathan*'% Jo- 
seph^^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Sanbomton, N. H., Nov. 22, 
1780. She married Nov. 26, 1800, Thomas Taylor, who was bom in San- 
bomton March 13, 1770, son of Jonathan and Rachel (Moore) Taylor. 
When but 17 years of age he drove a six-ox team to Boston and afterwards 
drove the first four-horse team that ever went out of Sanbomton for Boston. 
He died July 10, 1850. She died Aug. 10, 1856. 

Children born in Sanbomton, N. H. : 

2319 Fanny, born March 20, 1802 ; died Aug. 17, 1803. 

2320 Ede, born Nov. 19, 1803; married May 8, 1827, Lydia Bartlett Per- 

ley, who was bom in Newbury, Mass., Feb. 19, 1804, and died 
June 16, 1866, daughter of Nathaniel and Dorothy (Bartlett) 
Perley. He died at Union Bridge, N. H., Aug. 23, 1872. Two 
children, viz., Charles Chase, born Oct. 28, 1828, and Hannah P., 
bom Sept. 13, 1833. 

2321 Chase, born Dec. 5, 1805 ; married Oct. 3, 1833, Polly K. Wentworth 

of Conway, who was bom March 8, 1809, and died March 2, 1855. 
He was in the clothing business in Conway, N. H., and died there 
Dec. 5, 1846, s. p. 

2322 Lydia Jewett, bom Aug. 6, 1808; married March 15, 1840, Samuel 

D. Morrison, who was bom April 20, 1808, and died Feb. 8, 1868, 
son of David and Sarah (Dustin) Morrison. 

2323 Thomas, born Aug. 8, 1810; married Dec. 19, 1841, Elizabeth S. 

Abbott, who was bom in Conway, N. H., March 19, 1817. He 
was a clothier in Conway for some years, later a mail contractor 
and stable-keeper ; was one of the Selectmen of Conway at the time 
of his death, March 28, 1858. 

2324 Andrew J., bom Feb. 10, 1818 ; married Jan. 14, 1846, Polly Osgood, 

244 Jewett Genealogy 

who was born in Sanbornton Nov. 18, 1819, daughter of James and 
Polly (Burleigh) Osgood. He was farmer and lived on his grand- 
father's old homestead. 

2325 Stephen Gale, born March 23, 1819; married July 9, 1856, Mary A. 

Cobb, who was bom in Portland, Maine, Jan. 18, 1832. He was 
Principal of Adelphi Academy, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

2326 Jonathan Moore, born Sept. 21, 1822; married Nov. 19, 1846, Hul- 

dah Lane, who was bom Aug. 12, 1824, daughter of Joseph Hil- 
liard and Polly Lane of Sanbornton. He was a farmer and black- 
smith at Sanbornton. Was Town Clerk nearly 18 years, Repre- 
sentative to the Legislature, and County Commissioner. 

2327 Charles G., born March 25, 1826 ; married Aug. 5, 1849, Mary Jane 

Clark, daughter of Dudley and Hannah (Clarkson) Clark of San- 
bornton. They lived in Boston, Mass., a few years, and removed 
to Chillicothe, 111., of which town he became Postmaster. 

1118 PHEBE JEWETT (Andrew*'% Joseph"% Jonathan''^ Joseph'S 
Maximilian', Edward^), was bom in Sanbornton, N. H., Sept. 18, 1790. 
She married Nov. 30, 1820, James Calef, who was born Jan. 28, 1785, son 
of Jeremiah and Mary Calef of Sanbornton. He was a farmer and lived on 
his father's place, was member of the Congregational Church, and died 
March 30, 1856. She was a devout Christian, and died Oct. 9, 1877. 

Children born in Sanbornton, N. H. : 

2328 Mary Jane, born Nov. 24, 1822; married in Lowell Mass., May 4, 

1848, Daniel Davis, and lived in Lowell. 

2329 Martha Ann, born April 7, 1827; married April 7, 1853, George S. 

Cobum, of Dracut, Mass.; married second. May 31, 1877, Samuel 
Prescott Calef of London, N. H. 

2330 Andrew Jackson, born April 23, 1829; married (1st) Sept. 30, 1853, 

Charlotte W. Knight; (2d) Oct. 6, 1870, Louise J. Ester. He 
was a carpenter in Lowell, Mass. 

2331 Jeremiah Brackett, born Dec. 30, 1831; married April 25, 1861, 

Susan B. Clark, daughter of John H. Clark. They lived in San- 

1119 MARK JEWETT (Andrew*'% Joseph''% Jonathan'^ Joseph", 
Maximihan% Edward^), was bom in Sanbomton, N. H., Dec. 26, 1791. He 
lived with his uncle in Alton, N. H., and there married Susan Evans of Alton 
and settled as a farmer. In 1863 he became estabhshed with his son Andrew 
in Garden City, Blue Earth Co., Minnesota, where he died May 3, 1864, of 
wounds received in the " Indian Massacre " at that place, surviving one day, 
though in a speechless condition. His wife was instantly killed by an Indian 
>ith a hatchet the day before. 

Seventh Geneeation » 245 

Children born in Alton, N. H.: 

2332 Jay Marshall, born Aug. 22, 1828; married Aug. 28, 1865, Mary 

Jane Smith, who was bom in New Durham, N. H., June 28, 1819. 
He went to Boston, Mass., when 16 years old, and learned the 
trade of an engineer; was with the firm of Jordan and Marsh for 
many years, and died s. p. 

2333 Andrew, born July 3, 1833 ; married Harriet Bently.* 

2334 William, bom Oct. — , 1838. He died in Somerville, Mass., in 1859, 

while there learning the blacksmith's trade. 

1128 BENJAMIN JEWETT (Benjamin*'% Benjamin^'% Jonathan*^% 
Joseph^^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Hopkinton, N. H'., March 16, 
1762. He married Hannah Moody, who was bom May 9, 1765, daughter 
of Samuel and Hannah Moody. " He came to Industry (Maine) from Shap- 
leigh in the month of March, 1800, hauling his goods and family on a sled 
drawn by four oxen. The Androscoggin River was crossed on the ice below 
the falls at Lewiston. At that time the only building in the two cities of 
Lewiston and Auburn was a small mill on the Auburn side of the river. He 
settled on the east slope of Bannock Hill, on the land occupied by Aholiab 
Nichols in 1886, and was living in town as late as 1809." (" Hist, of Indus- 
try, Me.") 


2335 Polly, born Feb. 19, 1785 ; married Aug. 2, 1805, James Huston, son 

of John Huston. They had Betsey, born in Industry, Maine, Oct. 
13, 1805. 

2336 Hannah, bom Sept. 12, 1788 ; married (pub. Aug. 15, 1813) Ephraim 

Cowan of Farmington, Me. 

2337 Elisha, born in Shapleigh, Me., Nov. 22, 1790; married Hannah 

S. Cowan.* 

2338 Benjamin, born in Shapleigh, Me., Nov. 30, 1796; married Martha 

Soule Knox.* 

2339 Abigail, born July 23, 1799; married John Knox.* 

2340 Nathan, born in Industrjr, Me., Jan. 28, 1802. 

2341 Calvin, born in Industry, Me., March 15, 1804 ; married Rebecca 

. She died in New Vineyard Aug. 5, 1847, aged 37 years. 

2342 Love, born Oct. 27, 1806; married (1st) James McCausland; (2) 

Moses D. Thompson. 

1129 DEARBORN JEWETT (Benjamin*'% Benjamin^'", Jonathan«% 

Joseph", Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Hopkinton, N. H., Nov. , 

1766. He married Mary Furber, who was bom near Great Bay, Newing- 
ton, N. H., June 15, 1760, daughter of Ensign Richard Furber. They 
settled in Rochester, N. H., and late in life moved on to a farm near South 
Berwick, Me., where she died Jan. 22, 1837. He was a soldier in the Revo- 

246 Jewett Genealogy 

lution and was at Vally Forge while still a lad, with his uncle, Gen. Dearborn. 
He died at South Berwick, Me., Feb. 16, 1854. 

Children born in Rochester, N. H.: 

2343 Theodore Furber, born June 30, 1787; married (1st) Sarah Ome; 

(2d) Olive Walker; (3d) Mary Rice; (4th) Mrs. EHza Sleeper 
(Lang) Jewett.* 

2344 Thomas, born May 8, 1790; married Elizabeth Lord.* 

2345 Benjamin, born April 8, 1792; married Susan Jameson.* 

2346 Nathan, born ; married (1st) . She died leaving one 

child, Charles, who died at the age of four years. He married 
second Ehza Sleeper Lang of Exeter, N. H., who after his death 
became the fourth wife of his brother, Capt. Theodore F. Jewett. 

1131 NATHAN JEWETT (Benjamin*'% Benjamin''", Jonathan*'^ 
Joseph", Maximilian^ Edward'), was born in Hopkinton, N. H., March 8, 
1767. He married in Lebanon, N. H., Dec. 10, 1793, Ruth Payne, who was 
bom in Plainfield, Conn., July 9, 1770, daughter of Hon. Elisha Payne 
(Lieut. Gov. of Vt.) and his wife, Elizabeth Spalding. They resided in 
Lebanon, N. H., until 1807, then removed to Montpelier, Vt, where he 
died Dec. 29, 1861. 

Children, horn in Lebanon, N. H.: 

2347 Juliet Granville, born Aug. 21, 1794; married Aug. 24, 1820, Ches- 

ter Hubbard and hved in Montpelier, Vt., where she died June 1, 

2348 Elizabeth Spalding, born Jan. 14, 1799; married June 30, 1836, 

William R. Shafter and lived in Townsend, Vt. 
2349f Elisha Payne, born June 5, 1801 ; married Juha Kellogg Field.* 

1133 JOTHAM JEWETT (Benjamin*'^ Benjamin''% Jonathan'^ 

Joseph", Maximilian^, Edward'), was born in Hopkinton, N. H., Aug. , 

1777. He married Susan Thompson and settled in Alfred, York Co., Me., 
where he was one of the early pioneers of the town. He was a farmer and a 
highly respected citizen of Alfred and died there Oct. 6, 1876. His wife 
died in 1873. 

Children, born in Alfred, Me.: 

2350 Caroline, born . 

2351 Susan, born . 

2352 Betsey, born . 

2353 Olive, bom 

2354 Nathan, bom ; married Mehitable Durgin.* 

2355 William, bora . 

2356 Mary, bom . 

2357 George, bom . 

2358 Jotham, born . 

Seventh Generation 247 

1134. RICHARD DUMMER JEWETT (Dummer*'% Jedediah^S 
Jonathan^% Joseph'^^ Maximilian^ Edward^), was born in Ipswich, Mass., 
Sept. 24, 1755. He was a soldier in the Revolution from Ipswich as follows: 
" Richard Dummer Jewett, Quarter Master, Col. Nathaniel Wade's regt. ; 
list of officers of the two regiments rais'd for defense of the New England 
states and commanded by Col. Wade and Col. Jacobs; commissioned April 
14, 1778. Richard Dummer Jewett, Quarter Master, Col. Nathaniel Wade's 
regt.; engaged April 1, 1778, discharged Jan. 4, 1779; service 9 mos. 4 
days, at Rhode Island; also same regt.; muster roll dated East Greenwich 
Sept. 17, 1778 ; reported on furlough ; also, same regt. ; muster roll dated 
East Greenwich, Oct. 14, and Nov. 6, 1778; also certificate dated Ipswich, 
Jan. 18, 1779, signed by Col. Nathaniel Wade, certifying that said Jewett 
and others served in Capt. Simeon Brown's Co., Col. Wade's regt. ; at Prov- 
idence until Jan. 1, 1779, to the credit of the town of Ipswich, agreeable 
to resolve of June 10, 1778; also, Lieutenant; list of officers appointed to 
command men detached from militia to reinforce Continental Army for 3 
months, agreeable to resolve of June 22, 1780; commissioned July 14, 1780; 
reported detached from Col. Wade's (Essex Co.) regt.; also, 2d Lieutenant 
(also given Quarter Master) ; Capt. Benjamin Gould's Co., Col. Nathaniel 
Wade's regt.; engaged July 6, 1780, discharged Oct. 10, 1780; service 3 
mos. 17 days, including 12 days (240 miles) travel home; regiment raised 
in Essex Co. to reinforce Continental Army for 3 months " (Mass. Soldiers 
and Sailors in War of the Rev. Vol. VIII). 

He married in Ipswich, Mass., Dec. 25, 1791, Lucy Kinsman of Ipswich. 

2359 Richard Dummer, bom in Ipswich, Mass., Sept. 8, 1792. 

1136 EPES JEWETT (Dummer*«^ Jedediah^^S Jonathan«% Jos- 
eph", Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Ipswich, Mass., June 7, 1761. 
He was a soldier in the Revolution from Ipswich as follows : " Epes Jwet, 
Private, Capt. Jeremiah Putnam's Co., Col. Nathan Tyler's regt.; enlisted 
July 15, 1779; service to Dec. 1, 1779, 4 mos. 16 days, at Rhode Island." 

" Epes Jewit, Ipswich, Private, Capt. Jeremiah Putnam's Co., Col. 
Nathan Tyler's regt. ; pay roll for Dec, 1779, allowing 1 mo. 5 days service 
at Rhode Island, including travel (106 miles) home; also, Capt. John Will- 
iam's Co., Col. Joseph Vose's (1st) regt. ; muster roll for April, 1781 ; 
enlisted Feb. 9, 1781 ; enlistment 3 years ; reported on command at New 

" Epes Jewett, return of men raised in Essex Co. for Continental serv- 
ice agreeable to resolve of Dec. 2, 1780; engaged for town of Ipswich; 
engaged Feb. 3, 1781 ; term 3 years." 

" Epes Juet, descriptive list of men in Continental service (year not 
given) ; Capt. Tisdale's Co., Col. John Greaton's regt. ; age 20 years ; stature, 

248 Jewett Genealogy 

5 ft. 6 in.; complexion light; hair, red; eyes, light; occupation, laborer; 
engaged for town of Ipswich." 

"Epes Juit, Private, Capt. James Tisdale's Co., Col. John Greaton's 
(3rd) regt.; muster rolls for Aug. and Sept. 1781, dated Camp Peekskill; 
enlisted Feb. 9, 1781 ; enlistment 3 years." 

" Epes Juwitt, Private, Capt. James Tisdale's Co., Col. John Greaton's 
(3rd) regt.; muster roll for June, 1781, dated Camp Phillipsborough ; en- 
listed Feb. 9, 1781 ; enhstment 3 years " (Mass. Soldiers and Sailors in 
War of the Rev. Vol. VIII). 

Names of the Invahd Regiment of Pa., commanded by Col. Lewis 
Nicola as it was discharged April, 1783 — Epes Jewett. 

He married, July 4, 1780, Betsey Hidden of Ipswich; was a pensioner 
of the United States Government and died Dec. 14, 1834. 

Children, born in Ipswich, Mass.: 

2360 Judith, bom Oct. 28, 1781 ; married Mr. Woodbury. 

2361 Jedediah, bom May 15, 1784 ; died unmarried. 

2362 Thomas Staniford, born Dec. 26, 1786 ; married and died before his 

father. He was a sea captain and was lost at sea. Had two chil- 
dren, viz., Thomas S., who was living in Salem in 1863, and Lucy. 
These children were adopted by their uncle Woodbury, and Lucy 
was known as Lucy Woodbury. She died unmarried. 

2363 Dorothy, born Aug. 17, 1789; married Mr. Russell, lived in Ipswich 

and had a large family. 

2364 Lucy, born Nov. 3, 1794 ; married Ephraim Harris, lived in Ipswich 

and had two children, one of whom, Mrs. Lizzie Baker, resides 
in Ipswich. 

2365 Samuel, born Sept. 29, 1798; married Sophronia Huckins.* 

1152 LIEUT. JOSEPH M. JEWETT ( Joseph*'*, Jacob^'% Jona- 
than®^, Joseph", Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Rowley, Mass., March 
11, 1782. He married there, by Rev. Willard Holbrook, Nov. 9, 1820, 
Elizabeth Clark, who died in Rowley June 24, 1855, aged 64 years, 2 months 
and 26 days. He was called Lieutenant and " Aug. 3, 1807, he was in 
Company and received $5.00 bounty " — Gage. He died in Rowley Aug. 22, 
1876, aged 94 years, 5 months and 11 days. 

Children, horn in Rowley, Mass.: 

2366 A daughter, born Sept. 21, 1822; died Oct. 5, 1822. 

2367 Moses Clark, born March 10, 1830 ; died March 21, 1890 ; unmarried. 

1167 JESSE JEWETT (Moses"", Mark"*, Jonathan'^ Joseph", 
Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Hopkinton, N. H., April 5, 1770. He 
married in North Yarmouth, Me., March 30, 1806, Rebecca Hammond 
Green, who was born in Cambridge, Mass., Feb. 23, 1788, daughter of Rev. 

Seventh Geneeation 249 

Thomas and Salone Green of Cambridge. They settled on a farm at 
Bowman's Point, Hallowell, Me., in 1803, where they Hved many years. He 
was prominent in town affairs, was Deputy Sheriff of Kennebec County, and 
had a commission in the Army in the War of 1812. He died in Windsor, 
Me., Aug. 22, 1842. His widow died in Somerville, Mass., Feb. 17, 1867. 

Children, horn in Hallowell, Me.: 

2368 Mary Green, bom May 21, 1807; married Henry B. Hoskins.* 

2369 Thomas Green, born Sept. 24, 1808; married Mary Gardiner How- 


2370 Catherine Rebecca, bom May 23, 1810; married Charles Stephen 


1169 MEHITABLE JEWETT (Moses^«% Mark"*, Jonathan", 
Joseph", Maximilian^ Edward'), was born in Hopkinton, N. H., Feb. 21, 
1774. She married, Sept. 10, 1793, John Coriiss, who was born in Ware, 
N. H., Nov. 6, 1768, son of Joshua Corhss, a soldier in the Revolution, 
and his wife, Mrs. Molly Wells (Colby) Corliss. They settled on a farm 
in Hopkinton and removed to North Yarmouth, Me., where he died Nov. 
1, 1815. She died in Woolwich, Me., Nov. 18, 1831 ; buried in the Partridge 

Children : 

2371 Betsy, bom in Canaan, N. H., Dec. 17, 1794 ; married EHsha Perry.* 

2372 Jewett, bom in Hopkinton, N. H., April 28, 1797. Lived in Yar- 

mouth, Me., and died in Windsor, Me., Nov. 22, 1859; unmarried. 
•2373 John, born in Hopkinton, N. H., Feb. 27, 1799; married (1st) 
Diantha Heald Foster; (2d) Mercy M'Crey Baker (3d) Mehitable 

2374 Rodney, born in Hopkinton, N. H., July 10, 1801. Disappeared 

during the Civil War. 

2375 Mary Green, born Dec. 13, 1803; married Meltiah Bartlett Perry.* 

2376 Jesse Jewett, bom in North Yarmouth, Me., Dec. 6, 1806; died in 

Hallowell, Me., May 17, 1827 ; unmarried. 

2377 James Jewett, bom in North Yarmouth, Me., Aug. 2, 1809; died 

there May 12, 1817. 

2378 Charles, born in North Yarmouth, Me., Jan. 25, 1812 ; married (1st) 

Rebecca Wing Collins ; (2d) Harriet F. Curtis Parker.* 

2379 Mehitable, bom in North Yarmouth, Me., Oct. 9, 1814; died in 

Sandwich, Mass., Aug. 21, 1832. 

1175 HAYNES JEWETT (James^^S Mark"*, Jonathan«^ Joseph", 
Maximllian% Edward'), was bom in Enfield, N. H., May 16, 1781. He 
was admitted to the Shaker Church of Enfield Jan. 2, 1705, which he left 
Oct. 29, 1807, and commenced business as a blacksmith near the home of 
Capt. Joseph Wood in West Lebanon, N. H., where he met Hannah Wood, 
daughter of Capt. Joseph, and married her Dec. 7, 1815. Her father was 

250 Jewett Genealogy 

a soldier in the Revolution and was one of the first settlers of Lebanon. 
Haynes Jewett lived for many years in a red house on the shores of the 
Connecticut north of the Massonia River. He died suddenly of heart dis- 
ease. His wife, who was born in Lebanon Aug. 23, 1794, died there April 

19, 1883. 

Children, born in Hartford, Vt.: 

2380 Sarah Wood, born Sept. 11, 1816; married Sylvanus Buell and 

died in Palmer, N. Y. 

2381 Joseph Wood, bom Feb. 8, 1818; married Cynthia A. Ela.* 

2382 Haynes, bom Dec. 6, 1820 ; married Lydia S. Sprague.* 

2383 Calvin Dimick, bom Nov. 24, 1825 ; married Louisa Ruth Kendall* 

1177 CAPT. STEPHEN JEWETT (John'", Moses"% Jona- 
than*'% Joseph", Maximilian% Edward^), was born in Exeter, N. H., Aug. 
13, 1763. With his brother Daniel he removed to Pittston, Me., in 1784, 
and for several years made his home with his uncle, Jedediah Jewett. He 
engaged in the lumber business and at first hired a mill of William Gardiner ; 
in 1804 he and his brother Daniel built a mill on Togus stream, about one 
mile from the Kennebec River near what is known as the Sanford Steven's 
place, which they conducted for several years. 

He married, in 1797, Mrs. Sarah Kennedy, who was a Miss Gardiner; 
she died Sept. 21, 1802, aged 33 years, 1 month and 2 days; buried in 
Christ Church Yard, Gardiner. He then married. May 23, 1804, Elizabeth 
Haskell, who died May 7, 1847. After his marriage he built a house in 
Cobbossee, now Gardiner, Me., and soon became prominent in public af- 
fairs. He was Moderator of the town 1807 to 1819, Selectman from 1807 
to 1812; Representative to the Legislature in 1819, and was one of the 
founders of St. Ann's, now Christ Church, Episcopal, of Gardiner. During 
the War of 1812 he was Captain of a company which, " with the Hallowell 
Artillery, marched forthwith in Companies to Wiscassett in response to a 
dispatch from the Committee of Safety (Oct. 11, 1814, Sunday) as the 
enemy threatened a landing. The alarm proved groundless " (Hist, of 
Kennebec Co.). 

He died in Gardiner June 4, 1829 ; buried in Christ Church Yard. 

Children, born in Gardiner, Me., all by second wife: 

2384 William Henry, born Sept. 24, 1805. He graduated from Bowdoin 

College in 1833, was a physician in Portage Lake and Bangor, 
Me., and died in 1872; unmarried. 

2385 Elizabeth Haskell bora Sept. 24, 1807. She was drowned in Rolling 

Damm brook Nov. , 1856 ; unmarried. 

2386 Sarah B., born Dec. 30, 1809; married. May 20, 1834, Charles Tar- 

bell, a druggist of Foxborough, Me., who died March 20, 1844, 
aged 37 years. They had Ellen, who died unmarried; Henrietta, 
who died unmarried; and Charles, who lives in Massachusetts. 

Seventh Generation 251 

Mrs. Tarbell died April 25, 1893, and with her husband is buried 
in Christ Church Yard, Gardiner. 

1178 DANIEL JEWETT (John^", Moses^«% Jonathan«% Joseph", 
Maximihan% Edward'), was born in Exeter, N. H., Aug. 17, 1765. He, 
with his brother, Stephen, removed to Pittston, Me., in 1784, where he made 
his home with his uncle, Jedediah Jewett, until his marriage, April 2, 1791, 
to Betsey Tarbox of Gardiner, who was born in Saco, Me., in 1763. He 
then rented a house and his brother Stephen hved with him. In 1796 he 
bought a farm on Beech Hill, Pittston, where he Hved until his death. In 
connection with farming he was engaged in the lumber and rtiill business; 
was Town Treasurer of Pittston 1809-1811 and 1812, and died Aug. 21, 
1833. His widow died Oct. 4, 1834. 


2387 Martha, bom in Pittston, Me., Dec. 28, 1791; married George 


2388 Betsey, born in Gardiner, Me., July 22, 1793; married Stephen 


2389 George, born in Gardiner, Me., July 17, 1795; married (1st) Ann 

Eaton; (2d) Hannah Emery.* 

2390 John, born in Pittston, Me., April 1, 1798 ; married Hannah Clark.* 

2391 James, born in Pittston, Me., , 1800 ; died April 23, 1823 ; un- 


2392 Albert Gallatin, born in Pittston, Me., Nov. 27, 1802; married 

Hannah Wilson.* 

2393 Daniel Tarbox, bom in Pittston, Me., Sept. 14, 1807; married 

Sarah Wilson.* 

1179 TIMOTHY JEWETT (John=", Moses"^ Jonathan«^ Joseph", 

Maximihan% Edward'), was bom in Hopkinton, N. H., Oct. , 1767. 

He married there Ruth Clement of Hopkinton, who was born in 1773, daugh- 
ter of Dr. John Clement. They removed from Hopkinton to Pittston, Me., 
where he bought a farm on Beech Hill, where they remained about two 
years and then returned to Hopkinton. While a resident of Pittston he 
was a member of Capt. Stephen Jewett's Company of Foot. 

They later removed to Skowhegan, Me., where he died in 1864. His 
wife died in 1864. 


2394 Martha, born in Hopkinton, N. H., Jan. , 1792; died in 1840; 


2395 Stephen, bom in Hopkinton, N. H., Dec. , 1793; married in 

Gardiner, Me., by Samuel Jewett, J. of P., Nov. 17, 1822, Lucinda 
Turner of Gardiner. They had two children which died in infancy. 

253 Jewett Genealogy 

2396 Mary, born in Hopkinton, N. H., , 1796 ; married Mr. Chamber- 

lain and lived in the western part of New York. 

2397 Clement, born in Pittston, Me., Sept. 14, 1798; married (1st) 

Amanda Almira Osgood; (2d) Caroline H. Freeland.* 

2398 Carlostin, born in Hopkinton, N. H., , 1805; married Betsey 


2399 Elizabeth, born in Hopkinton, N. H'., ; married Mr. Gilbert. 

They had two sons, viz., Edwin W., now living in Honeoye, N. Y., 
and Albert. 

24)00 Caroline, born in Hopkinton, N. H., ; married Joseph Kimball 

and had a son, Harrison. 

2401 Samuel C, born in Hopkinton, N. H., , 1810; married Lydia 

Dow.* ^ 

2402 Ruth, born in Hopkinton, N. H., ; died unmarried. 

1180 SAMUEL JEWETT (John'°% Moses''% Jonathan's Joseph", 
Maximihan^, Edward^), was born in Hopkinton, N. H., Oct. 4, 1772. He 
settled in Ware, N. H., and in 1802 removed to Gardiner, Me., where he 
lived with his brother Stephen until 1834, when he removed to Pittston, 
Me., which is on the opposite side of the Kennebec river, where he was in 
the mill and general merchandise business for a number of years. He mar- 
ried in Harvard, Mass., Sept. 3, 1811, Sarah Kimball, who was born in 
Harvard Oct. 4, 1790. She died in Gardiner Feb. 18, 1832, and he married 
second, March 5, 1833, Mrs. Abigail Stevens of Litchfield, Me., who died 
in Pittston June 30, 1859. 

He was, for a number of years, a Justice of the Peace, and died in 
Pittston July 13, 1865 ; buried in Christ Church Yard, Gardiner. 

Children, born in Gardiner, Me., all by first wife: 

2403 George Kimball, born Aug. 9, 1812 ; married Maria Louise INIarch.* 

2404 Katherine, born May 10, 1814; married Sanford Stevens.* 

2405 Samuel Albert, born March 18, 1816 ; married Dora Pearson Rund- 


2406 Ann Wilder, born Jan. 24, 1818; married Joseph S. Johnson.* | 

2407 Abby Park, born May 15, 1820 ; married Jeremiah Fenno.* 

2408 Edward Darrel, born July 7, 1822 ; married Bethiah Booth. They 

lived in St. John, N. B., where he died without issue Aug. 18, 1880. 
Had five adopted children. His widow married Andrew Cushing, 
and died Aug. 28, 1898. 

2409 Sarah Caroline, born May 26, 1826; married C. F. A. Johnson.* 

2410 Mary F., born May 29, 1829; died Sept. 30, 1840. 

2411 Walter, bom May 26, 1831 ; died July 6, 1835. 

1182 CALEB JEWETT (John^'S Moses"S Jonathan'% Joseph", 
Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Hopkinton, N. H., Aug. 1, 1779. H'e 

Seventh Geneeation 258 

married Mrs. Caroline (Rogers) Fairfield, who was bom in Exeter, N. H., 
about 1800, widow of Jotham Fairfield, Esq, and daughter of Hon. Nathan- 
iel and Elizabeth (Carpenter) Rogers of Exeter. " Her father was a grad- 
uate of Harvard College; when the trouble preceding the Revolution arose, 
having espoused the loyal side, he was consequently stigmatized as a Tory, 
and, with others, committed to prison for opinion sake in 1777. After the 
Revolution, he was consistently obedient to legitimate authority. Soon 
after the adoption of the State Constitution, becoming a member of the 
Legislature, he continued a senator or counciller until appointed by Prest. 
Washington, Marshal of the State of New Hampshire. He was appointed 
by Prest. Adams and held the office of Supervisor of the revenue of the 
State until it was aboHshed by the administration of Prest. Jefi^erson. He 
was afterwards Judge of Probate for the County of Rockingham " (N. H. 

s. p.). 

Caleb Jewett removed in 1803-4 to Anson, Me., where he conducted 
a store and was engaged in the lumber business. He finally settled in Nor- 
ridgewock. Me., and died there about 1839. His widow married Mr. Mc- 


2412 Helen, born ; married Mr. Hill and Hved in Massachusetts. 

2413 Charles Caleb, born ; died in Norridgewock, Me., about 1836. 

1187 NATHANIEL CONNER (Mary^'^^, Moses^«% Jonathan«% 
Joseph", Maximilian^ Edward'), was born in Exeter, N. H., Oct. 16, 1773. 
He married Mrs. Tirzah (Lyford) Conner, who died July 28, 1828, aged 
53 years and 4 months. He then married, Jan. 22, 1833, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Palmer. He was a noted builder, and died July 5, 1849. 

Children by first wife: 

2414 Charles, bom May 17, 1798; died July 29, 1804. 

2415 Mary Ann, bom Feb. 17, 1800. 

2416 Oliver W., bom Oct. 25, 1801 ; died April 17, 1840. 

2417 John L., born Aug. 16, 1803; died Jan. 24, 1847. 

2418 Charles, born Nov. 30, 1805. 

2419 WiHiam, bora Feb. 23, 1808. 

2420 Jewett, bom March 21, 1810 ; died July 27, 1810. 

2421 > Thomas, born Aug. 12, 1812. 

2422 Alfred, bom Aug. 12, 1814. 

2423 Freeman, bom May 11, 1816; died Jan. 1, 1817. 

2424 Nathaniel, born May 13, 1818. 

Child by second wife: 

2425 Freeman, bom March 22, 1836. 

1192 Wn^LIAM JEWETT (SamueP'", Moses"% Jonathan«^ Jos- 

254 Jewett Genealogy 

eph", Maximilian% Edward^), was born . He settled in Gardiner, 

Me., and married there, by B. Gannett, J. of P., July 14, 1811, Betsey 
Libby of Gardiner. He was in the lumber business in Gardiner and died 
there May 17, 1814. "Dec. 20, 1815, William G. Warren and Betsey 
Jewett offer so much of the real estate of William Jewett as will realize the 
sum of six thousand three hundred and fifty dollars" (Pittston Records). 
His widow married, by Samuel Jewett, J. of P., Dec. 14, 1816, James 
Hunter, Jr., of Clinton, Me. 

Children, born in Gardiner, Me.: 

2426 William H., born ; died May 27, 1814, aged 8 months and 27 


2427 Charles, bom ; married and had one child, a daughter. 

1193 MARY MATILDA JEWETT (Jedediah'", Moses"% Jona- 
than®^, Joseph", Maximilian^ Edward^), was bom in Exeter, N. H., Oct. 
9, 1774. She married in Pittston, Me., Oct. 13, 1795, Capt. Daniel Tilton, 
U. S. A., of Exeter. After serving in the Army, Capt. Tilton settled in 
Pennsylvania, where he was Judge of the State Court. She survived her 
husband and died in Gardiner, Me., Nov. 1, 1847; buried in Christ Church 
Yard. She was a lady of rare loveliness of person and character. 

Children : 

2428 Elizabeth Wood, born July 14, 1796; married Dr. James Legare 


2429 William Parker, born Jan. 22, 1798. He removed to Arkansas, 

married and died without issue. He was for many years in trade 
on the Missouri River and later a sutler in the U. S. Army operat- 
ing against the Indians. 

2430 Mary Augusta, born , 1800; died Aug. 14, 1825; unmarried. 

2431 Arthur, born May 29, 1805 ; married and died in Bangor, Me., s. p. 

2432 Charles Henry, born Aug. 13, 1807; died young. 

1195 SARAH JEWETT (Jedediah'", Moses^'', Jonathan'', Jos- 
eph", Maximilian^ Edward'), was born in Exeter, N. H., Oct. 12, 1778. 
She married, Jan. 25, 1799, Joseph Farley of Waldoborough, Me., who was 
for several years Collector of Customs at that port. She died June 25, 1804. 


2433 Sally Jewett, born Dec. 16, 1799; married, June 3, 1824, Dr. James 

McKeen of Brunswick, Me., and died s. p. 

2434 William Jewett, bom April 12, 1802, graduated from Bowdoin Col- 

lege in 1820; studied law and settled in Thomaston, Me., in 1825, 
where he acquired a large professional business, and was distin- 
guished as an advocate and an orator. He married Sarah McKeen 

Seventh Generation 255 

of Brunswick, sister of Dr. James McKeen. She died and he mar- 
ried Sarah Foster, who survived him. He died in 1839, leaving one 
child, Sarah, daughter of his second wife. 

1198 MARTHA JEWETT (Jedediah'", Moses^'% Jonathan*^% Jos- 
eph", Maximilian^ Edward^), was born in Exeter, N. H., Feb. 12, 1785. 
She married in Gardiner, Me., Aug. 2, 1807, James North, who was born 
in Gardiner Sept. 13, 1777, son of Hon. Joseph and Hannah (Flagg) 
North. He was in business v/ith his brother Joseph in Clinton, Me., where 
he died suddenly Feb. 10, 1812. She died there Feb. 12, 1812. 

2435 James William, bom in Clinton, Me., Feb. 12, 1810 ; married Phebe 


1216 MOSES JEWETT (Jonathan'^% Moses^'^ Jonathan«% Joseph 
Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Londonderry, N. H., Feb. 2, 1793. He 
married in Pittston, Me., Dec. 21, 1837, Mary Ann Colburn, daughter of 
David and Hannah (Avery) Colburn of Pittston. 

They resided on a farm at North Pittston, Me., where he died Feb. 7, 
1865. She died there May 11, 1885. 

Children, born in Pittston, Me.: 

2436 Ann, born Feb. 3, 1839; married, July 2, 1872, Horatio Lewis of 

Pittston. He is a farmer and resides in Pittston, s. p. 

2437 Emma, born Aug. 20, 1840; married in Pittston, April 14, 1874, 

Samuel Sewall Davis, who was bom in Farmington, Me., Aug. 24, 
1824, son of Daniel and Hannah (Grant) Davis. They reside 
in Gardiner, Me., s. p. His first wife, whom he married in Gardiner 
Nov. 15, 1861, was Eveline Hooker, daughter of Samuel Hooker. 
She was born in Gardiner July 27, 1836, and died there Jan. 15, 
1873, leaving a daughter, Evelyn Hooker Davis, born in Gardiner 
Nov. 15, 1872. 

2438 Delia, bom March 6, 1843; died Aug. 4, 1858. 

2439 Caroline, born Sept. 16, 1844; died Dec. 20, 1847. 

2440 Hiram, born Aug. 16, 1848; died in Augusta, Me., Sept. 6, 1870; 


2441 Elizabeth, bom Feb. 19, 1849; married, Dec. 14, 1870, Horatio 

Lewis. She died in Pittston March 12, 1871. No issue. He mar- 
ried her sister Ann. 

1217 HANNAH JEWETT (Jonathan"^ Moses^«% Jonathan«^ Jos- 
eph^^, Maximihan^, Edward^), was born in Londonderry, N. H., Sept. 3, 
1795. She married in Pittston, Me., May 1, 1825, Henry Dow, who was 
bom in Wiscassett, Me., Feb. 11, 1801, son of Thomas and Nancy Highs 

256 Jewett Genealogy 

(Decker) Dow. Mr. Dow removed to Pittston about 1825 ; was a man of 
great courage and physical ability. When a young man he was for a 
number of years United States mail carrier, later settled on a farm in 
Pittston about one mile from the Gardiner and Pittston bridge and followed 
the business of farming until his death. He was Collector of Taxes and 
held other offices of trust. His great pleasure was in fast horses and he 
usually had one or more in his stable. When 93 years of age he drove a 
horse with a record of 2.17 and 1-2 in a race on Libbj-'s tract, Gardiner, 
winning the race. He died in Pittston May 11, 1895. His wife died there 
June 6, 1871. They, with their children, are buried in Maple Grove Ceme- 
tery, Randolph, Me. 

Children, born in Pittston, Me.: 
M4>2 Jewett, born Feb. 15, 1826; died Dec. 13, 1841. 

2443 Hannah EHzabeth, born in 1827 ; died in 1841. 

2444 Ann Maria, bom March 27, 1828; died in infancy. 

2445 Thomas Henry, born April 11, 1829; married Georgianna Rollins.* 

2446 Ellen Augusta, born March 18, 1833; married, Jan. 1, 1885, Capt. 

McMahan and lived on McMahan's Island, where he died. She 
now resides in Hallowell, Me. 

2447 George Walter, bom Nov. 23, 1835. Was a farmer and hay mer- 

chant in Pittston, where he died March 17, 1905 ; unmarried. 

1218 SAMUEL HALE JEWETT (Jonathan'^% Moses'«% Jona- 
thans^, Joseph^^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Londonderry, N. H., 
Aug. 20, 1797. He married in Whitefield, Me., by Thomas Coss, J, of P., 
Feb. 24, 1831, Mary Pottle, who was born in Whitefield Jan. 17, 1801, 
daughter of Samuel and Phebe (Cashman) Pottle. She died in Pittston, 
Me., June 19, 1850, of consumption. 

Mr. Jewett was a farmer and resided on Beech Hill, Pittston, Me. ; was 
collector of taxes for the town several years and held other offices of trust. 
He was highly esteemed as a citizen, and died July 2, 1871. He, with his 
wife and daughter, Harriet, were buried in the North Pittston Cemetery. 

Children, born in Pittston, Me. : 

2448 Samuel Augustus, born April 25, 1831 ; married Lavinia Cooper.* 

2449 Harriet Maria, born Dec. 17, 1832. She married in Windsor, Me., 

Nov. 23, 1880, Rev. David Cunningham of Windsor, who died 
there Oct. 16, 1896. She died in Randolph, Me., July 18, 1902. 
No issue. Mr. Cunningham was bom in Augusta, Me., April 21, 
1813, son of William and Mary (Hood) Cunningham. He re- 
moved to Windsor when a young man and engaged in farming 
and lumbering. Later he became a Methodist minister, which call- 
ing he followed for forty-two years. 

2450 Gorham Parson Hale, born Feb. 26, 1836 ; married Caroline Au- 

gusta Bradstreet.* 

Seventh Generation 257 

2451 Llewellyn Lithgow, born March IT, 1839. Mr. Jewett worked on 

his father's farm and followed the sea for several years. At the 
outbreak of the Civil War he was employed in Virginia cutting 
ship timber. He was captured by the Confederates and enrolled 
in their Army, but soon escaped and made his way to a Govern- 
ment transport. In September, 1861, he went to California and 
from there to what was then the Territory of Washington, where 
he worked cutting logs. In 1863 he engaged in the lumber busi- 
ness for himself, which he followed until he was killed by a falHng 
tree, May 30, 1889. Never married. 

1219 CAPT. GEORGE JEWETT (Jonathan'^% Moses''% Jona- 
than®^, Joseph^^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Pittston, Me., Feb. 
1, 1801. He married, Dec. 31, 1836, Sarah Hale, who was born in Haver- 
hill, Mass., July 18, 1816, daughter of Eben and Hannah (Savery) Hale. 
She died in Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 13, 1901. He was a successful ship 
master and died at his home in Bath, Me., May 28, 1873. 

" Captain Jewett was a man of sterling qualities of head and heart. 
A keenly active intelligence, uncompromising integrity and a genial manner 
combined to win for him the esteem and friendship of all who knew him. 
With an eminently practical turn of mind for scientific and general reading, 
he thus accumulated a fund of information, especially in the departments 
of natural history and the physical sciences, which, among his associates, 
made him an authority in these subjects. Possessed of a high sense of the 
importance of moral worth he spared no pains to inculcate in his children 
the highest ideals of manhood and good citizenship. They will ever revere 
his memory for the rich heritage they owe to his example and precept." 
(By Dr. F. A. Jewett.) 

Children, born in Bath, Me. 

2452 Charles, born Sept. 27, 1839; married Abbie E. Flagg.* 

2453 George Frederic, born March 12, 1841 ; married Imogene Herrick.* 

2454 Francis EHphalet, born Sept. 23, 1842; married Julia Gross.* 

2455 Edwin Hale, bom Jan. 25, 1844; married Elizabeth Chapman.* 

2456 Hannah Emily, bom Feb. 15, 1846; married in Boston, Mass., July 

11, 1894, Albert Long of Boston. They reside in Somerville, 
Mass. No issue. 

2457 William, bom Sept. 2, 1849 ; died in Bath April 9, 1859. 

2458 Frederic Albert, bom June 29, 1852; married (1st) Emma Kings- 

bury; (2d) Ella M. Cahaley.* 

2459 Nellie Maria, born April 16, 1854; died in Wilmington, Mass., May 

20, 1882; unmarried. 

James^**, Jonathan®^, Joseph^^, Maximihan^, Edward^), was born in Port- 
land, Me., Wednesday, June 11, 1788. He married Mary P. de Mar, daugh- 

258 Jewett Genealogy 

ter of Robert Plaisted de Mar of Scarboro, Me. She died Aug. 26, 1863, 
aged 66 years. Gen. Jewett graduated from Bowdoin College in 1810 and 
settled on a farm in Scarboro, Me. He soon became prominent in public 
affairs and was a member of the Senate of Massachusetts before 1820, when 
Maine was still a part of that state ; was in command of the Military re- 
view of Maine in 1839, and about this time or soon after removed to Port- 
land, Me., where he died Oct. 5, 1870. 

A local newspaper of Portland gives the following description of the 
Jewett house: "Among Portland's old houses few contain so many an- 
tiquities as the Jewett mansion on Pleasant street. It was erected in 1849, 
and its bay windows are the first ever built in Portland. As one enters the 
large front room one sees a plain round mahogany centre table that was a 
part of the wedding outfit of the grandmother of the brother and sister 
who now occupy the house. It is over 112 years old. In a corner is a 
high-backed chair of mahogany, elaborately carved. Its age is not known, 
but the late Dr. Carruthers asserted that it was of ancient Scottish manu- 
facture ; the Scotch thistle being repeatedly shown in the carving. There is 
an ottoman, worked in the Kensington stitch by Miss Sarah Jewett, known 
as ' Aunt Sally.' It was exhibited in the first fair of the Maine Charitable 
Mechanics' Association, and a silver medal was awarded inscribed with 
* Award to Miss S. Jewett for her beautiful worsted work,' and it is indeed 
beautiful, the colors being still bright. It was ' Aunt Sally ' who was instru- 
mental in collecting the valuable antiquities of the house, and she took great 
pride in them. In the hall is a large and handsomely carved chair that was 
once the property of Queen Anne of England. It was brought to this 
country by an Englishman who settled on a farm in Topsham. Miss Jewett 
saw it there and gave the man $5.00 for it. He promised to bring it to 
Portland. Months went by and no chair appeared, and her friends had a 
good deal of sport over her probable loss of the five dollars. But late in 
the fall the farmer appeared with the chair and a bushel of sweet apples 
as a panacea for his tardiness. In another room is an eight-legged table 
of solid mahogany. There are no nails or glue. The parts are mortised 
together. It was once the property of Governor Winthrop and was brought 
over by him to Massachusetts in 1630. Miss Jewett's brother, Luther, once 
collector of the port here, married the sister of one Winthrop Jones, of 
Brewer. He was a direct descendant of Gov. Winthrop, and the table was 
obtained from him. It is perfectly preserved and looks as if it would last 
for three or four more centuries. One is shown a towel of fine linen that be- 
longed to the Empress Josephine. On a handsome and ancient sideboard 
are several pieces of old crockery, all of European manufacture, the ap- 
pearance betokening great age. There is an oval dish with a segment cut 
from one side large enough to fit around the neck. By a string around 
the neck the dish is held under the chin and thus the old Dutch burghers 
shaved themselves and protected their clothing from the lather. 

" The sword and silk sash worn by General Dearborn at the battle of 

Seventh Generation 259 

Bunker Hill are handsome relics. Indeed, one who knew said of the sash 
that nothing in the regalia of the Mason can compare with it in beauty. 
A handsome round snufF-box, of some light-colored wood and lined with 
tortoise shell, bears the carved inscriptions in French : ' The reverses of the 
moment passed away, a long glory is ineffaceable,' ' 25 years of conquest, 
1000 successes against one defeat,' and others, indicate that it was made in 
France directly after the Battle of Waterloo. 

" The coat of arms of the Jewett family hangs in the hall and is prob- 
ably the oldest thing in the house. It was brought to this country by 
Joseph and Maximilian Jewett, who came from Rowley, England, and settled 
Newburyport, Mass., in 1639, calling the place Rowley, the name it has 
since retained. The house they built was torn down within the past 
five years and was one of the oldest houses in the country." 

Children, horn in Scarborough, Me.: 

2460 James C, born . 

2461 Joseph S., born ; died April 7, 1845, aged 19 years. 

2462 Mary J., born ; lived in Portland and died before 1898. 

2463 George, born ; died in 1888. 

2464 Henrietta Marie, born ; married Capt. Frederic Forsyth.* 

2465 Robert P., born ; married Julia Ann Emery.* 

2466 Wilham S., bom . 

1233 JOSEPH JEWETT (James'", James"% Jonathan*'% Joseph", 
Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Portland, Me., June 8, 1786. He 
married in Brooklyn, N. Y., Jan. 10, 1821, Matilda Cornell, daughter of 
William and Cornelia (Cowenhoven) Cornell. They lived in New York, 
where he died Nov. 17, 1824. His widow died and was buried at sea off 
the coast of Cape St. Lucas in the winter of 1855-6 while on the way to 
visit her son, William C. Jewett, and his wife, in San Francisco. 

Children, born in New York, N. Y.: 

2467 James, born Sept. 22, 1821. He married Mary Van Rensselaer 

Jones, daughter of Rev. Nicholas Jones, an Episcopal minister. 
She died April 11, 1881. He died Nov. 17, 1864. They had 
Agnes, who died Jan. 11, 1881, and Matilda V. R., who died in 

2468 Wilham Cornell, born Feb. 19, 1823; married (1st) Almira Guion; 

(2d) Esther Garrison ; (3d) Charlotte Berna.* 

1240 ALBERT JEWETT (James'--, James''% Jonathan'% Joseph", 
Maximihan^, Edward^), was born in Portland, Me., Nov. 15, 1803. He 
married Louisa Hutchins of Portland. She died and he married Ellen Porten 
of Portland. He died 188—. 

260 Jewett Genealogy 

Children by first wife: 
2469 Ann Louisa, bom ; married Edward Mitchell of Boston. 

2470 Edward, born . 

2471 Albertina, bom ; married George Forsaith of Portland and had 

one child, viz., Albertina, who married Dr. McCallister of San 

Francisco, Cal 

Children by second wife: 

2472 EUen, born — 

2473 Sewall Porten, born ; lives in Brooklyn, N. Y. 

1242 HON. JEDEDIAH JEWETT (James'", James^'% Jonathan'% 
Joseph^^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Portland, Me., July 21, 1807. 
He married there, Sept. 2, 1833, Elizabeth Fox, who was bom in Portland 
May 10, 1811, daughter of Charles and Eunice (McLellan) Fox. She died 
in Portland from typhoid fever Nov. 27, 1862. He died there from diph- 
theria Oct. 10, 1863. 

" Mr. Jewett was a man of marked character. Brought up as a mer- 
chant, he was ever among the most active, and in that business he continued 
in this city for many years. In 1858 he was elected Mayor of the city, 
and re-elected in 1859. During his administration of the municipal affairs, 
the splendid Government building, which was initiated during the admin- 
istration of Mayor Willis, was erected and nearly brought to a completion. 
In the erection of the edifice Mayor Jewett exerted all his powers to have 
such a building as would be an honor and credit to the city, and though 
there was much opposition to the measure he succeeded in carrying out his 
plans, and he has left a proud monument to his memory." 

" While Mayor of the city it was his constant effort to do everything 
in his power for the improvement of our city, and in all such measures 
he succeeded. His recommendations for alterations and improvements were 
presented to the City Council in so candid and terse a manner that they 
were uniformly adopted. He loved the city of his birth, and was ever dis- 
posed to do all that he could to beautify and adorn it. 

" In 1861 he was appointed, by President Lincoln, Collector of this 
port. We but speak the sentiment of the whole community when we say 
that in this office he has been exceeded by no previous incumbent for his fi- 
delity in the discharge of his duties, and amenities to those having business 
transactions at the office. His promptness of action on the occasion of 
the seizure of the Revenue Cutter Caleb Cushing, and, also, on several other 
occasions since the breaking out of the rebellion, have won for him the com- 
mendation of the Secretary of the Treasury." 

" But it was not only in an official character that Mr. Jewett dis- 
played his interest in his native city. As a member of the Board of Trade, 
a Director of the Athenaeum, a member of the Natural History Society, 
and in various other institutions with which he was connected, he was prom- 

Seventh Generation 261 

inent. All the above mentioned Associations will bear witness to his un- 
tiring devotion to their interests and to the good of our city. The Park 
Street Church, of which he has been a member ever since its formation in 
1835, and the Sabbath School connected with it, of which he was Superin- 
tendent, wiU feel his loss most severely. He was one of the most active 
and efficient members, ever ready to fill any place where he thought he could 
do good." 

" The loss of such a man is felt by the whole community. His place 
is not to be easily filled. With singleness of heart he looked to the greatest 
good of the greatest number, and with all his energies devoted himself to it." 

" The flags on the Custom House, City Hall, shipping and at the 
British Consulate were hoisted at half mast on Saturday as soon as the 
death of Mr. Jewett was known." 

" At a regular meeting of the Mercantile Library Association, held at 
its rooms on Saturday evening, a committee was chosen to prepare resolu- 
tions expressive of the feeUngs of the Association concerning the death of 
Mr. Jewett, who was one of the founders of the institution and formerly 
President. Out of respect to his memory the meeting then adjourned." 

" The Board of Trade and members of the Merchants' Exchange hold 
a meeting to-day, at 11 o'clock, to adopt such measures as they may deem 
proper in relation to the loss they have sustainied." 

" At a special meeting of the City Council Saturday evening, the fol- 
lowing preamble and resolutions were offered by Alderman S. W. Larrabee, 
and were unanimously adopted in both Boards: 

" Whereas, It has pleased God, in his infinite wisdom, to remove, by 
death, our worthy and distinguished fellow citizen, Hon. Jedediah Jewett, 
in his mature manhood, and from the weighty cares and responsibilities 
that rested upon him — therefore 

" Resolved, That in the decease of Mr. Jewett, this city has lost one of 
its most useful and devoted citizens, ever alive to its interests, untiring in 
his labors to promote and carry forward any enterprise tending to promote 
its real prosperity and true advancement; loyal and patriotic in his in- 
stincts, warm-hearted and generous in his sympathies, he was always ready 
to co-operate with any enterprise, having in view the welfare of humanity. 

" Resolved, That we tender to the afflicted family of our deceased fellow- 
citizen our warmest sympathies, and commend them to Him, who, in His 
infinite compassion, has declared that He will be Father to the fatherless. 

Resolved, That in testimony of our respect to the memory of the deceased, 
the City Council will attend his obsequies. 

Resolved, That the Mayor be requested to furnish the family of the 
deceased a copy of these Resolutions and to publish the same in the daily 
papers." — From Portland Newspaper. 

Children born in Portland, Maine: 
2474 Mary Elizabeth, born June 10, 1834 died Jan. 6, 1836. 

263 Jewett Genealogy 

2475 Mary Elizabeth, born April 25, 1836. She resides in Cambridge, 

Mass., unm. 

2476 Charles Fox, bom June 22, 1838 ; died in Cuba Aug. 7, 1857. 

2477 Eleanor Bridges, born May 20, 1840 ; married Rev. James T. Hewes.* 

2478 Caroline Fox, born Oct. 14, 1843; died in Portland Nov. 19, 1865, 


2479 Henry James, bom Jan. 26, 1846; died in Westboro, Mass., Jan. 19, 


2480 Franklin Haven, born July 16, 1848; died Feb. 16, 1850. 

2481 Hamilton Parker, bora Nov. 22, 1850 ; died May 27, 1859. 

1247 ISRAEL HOUGHTON JEWETT (Aquila^^% Winiam^'% 
Aquila*^*, Joseph^^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Littleton, Mass., 
Dec. 21, 1768. He married in Harvard, Mass. (Pub. Sept. 21, 1796), 
Susanna Wood of Harvard, who was bom in Rindge, N. H., Sept. 2, 1779, 
daughter of Timothy and Elizabeth (Cheney) Wood. They settled in Lit- 
tleton and removed to Alstead, N. H., where he died Feb. 2, 1813. His 
widow married April 18, 1822, Hoxxey Barber of Mount Holly, Vt., and 
died there July 16, 1855. Mr. Barber died May 27, 1737, aged 71 years. 


2482 Elizabeth, born in Littleton, Mass., Oct. 15, 1797; married Joel 


2483 Aquila, born in Littleton, Mass., Oct. 11, 1799; died there March 1, 


2484 Eli, born in Littleton, Mass., June 20, 1801 ; married and died in 

Alstead, N. H. No issue, but one daughter by adoption. 

2485 Susan, born in Alstead, N. H., Oct. 15, 1803 ; married Dec. 22, 1840, 

Alvin Sherman of Mt. Holly, Vt. She died Jan. 2, 1865, s. p. 

2486 Harriet, bom in Alstead, N. H., March 9, 1806; married David B. 


2487 Mary, born in Alstead, N. H., Feb. 4, 1809; married May 15, 1837, 

Russell Barber of Mt. Holly, Vt., who died in Danby, Vt., in 1878. 
She then moved to Weston, Vt., where she died March 13, 1884, 
leaving one daughter, Celeste S., who married John Mattocks of 

2488 Lois, born in Alstead, N. H'., Jan. 5, 1813 ; married Charles L. Earl.* 

1249 BENJAMIN JEWETT (Aquila''% William''% Aquila*'*, Jo- 
seph^^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Littleton, Mass., March 1, 1773. 
He married in Harvard, Mass., May 6, 1802, Elizabeth (Betsey) Wood, who 
was born in Rindge, N. H., June 7, 1777, daughter of Timothy and Eliza- 
beth (Cheney) Wood. She was a sister of Susatina, who married Israel 
Houghton Jewett (1247). 

,k Seventh Generation 263 

They lived in Littleton, Mass., where all of their children except one 
were born, and where he died Jan. 29, 1823. 


2489 Benjamin, born July 10, 1803; married Dec. 27, 1827, in Harvard, 

Mass., Clarissa Emerson, who was bom in Harvard, April 16, 
1808, daughter of Jacob and Dorothy (Warner) Emerson. They 
had two daughters born in Harvard, viz., Maria Emerson, bom 
Sept. 17, 1833, and Clarissa Louisa, born July 26, 1843, both of 
whom married but had no children. After living 30 years on his 
farm in Harvard, Benjamin Jewett moved with his entire family 
to Gilbert's Mill, Oswego Co., N. Y., where he died Oct. 22, 1878. 

2490 Betsey, born Sept. 4, 1804; married Daniel Chatterton.* 

2491 Louisa, born in Petersham, Mass., Feb. 7, 1806; died Dec. 1, 1825. 

2492 Clarinda, born March 11, 1808; died aged 1 year and 9 months. 

2493 Aquila, born Dec. 2, 1810; died aged 1 year and 2 months. 

2494 Aquila, born Feb. 25, 1813; married Lucy Colver.* 

2495 Susannah, born March 1, 1815; married Varnum C. Dexter.* 

2496 Timothy, bom Oct. 23, 1817. He was a teacher, and died in Spring- 

field, Mass., Jan. 30, 1864, unm. 

2497 George H., bom Aug. 31, 1820 ; died aged 2 years. 

1252 ELIZABETH PINGRY (Elizabeth'^'*, Wimam^«% Aquila«\ Jo- 
seph", Maximihan^, Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., March 22, 1752. 
She married Nov. 27, 1776, Samuel Pillsbury, and settled in Salisbury, N. H. ; 
removed to Danbury, N. H., where they both died. 


2498 Samuel, born — 

2499 Elizabeth, bom 

2500 Dorothy, born - 

2501 Sally, born 

2502 Polly, born 

2503 Lydia, born 

2504 John (twin), born . 

2505 Pingry (twin), born . 

1254 REBECCA PINGRY (Elizabeth"'*, William"^ Aquila^'S Jo- 
seph", Maximilian', Edward^), was bom in Rowley, jMass., Sept. 25, 1755. 
She married March 27, 1777, Dudley Palmer, and hved in Campton, N. H. 


2506 Dudley, bom . 

2507 Rebecca, bom . 

2508 Jolm, bom . 


Jewett Genealogy 


Hannah, born — 

Phebe, born 

Aphia, born — 
Hepzibah, born 
Lydia, born 

Theodore, born 

1265 REBECCA JEWETT (Maximilian'*", WilHam''% Aquila^S Jo- 
seph^^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Littleton, Mass., Nov. 12, 1768. 
She married James Webb. He was a farmer, and they settled in Bloomfield, 
Maine, where she died Nov. — , 1848. 

Children born in Bloomfield, Maine: 

2515 Samuel, bom — 

2516 Joseph B., born 

2517 Hannah, born — 

2518 James, bom 

2519 Rebecca, born — 

2520 Prudence, born - 

2521 Eunice, bom — 

2522 Maxi, born 

2523 Daniel, bom 

1794 ; married Martha Weston.* 

1266 JOSEPH JEWETT (Maximilian''*", Winiam''% Aquila*^*, Jo- 
seph", MaximiHan^, Edward^), was bom in Littleton, Mass., March 20. 
1771. He married Susannah Brown and settled in Canaan, Maine, where 
he was a farmer and where he died March 11, 1811. His wife died there 
Feb. 6, 1811. 

Children horn in Canaan, Maine: 

2524 Czarina, born , 1787; married (1st) Robert Cook; (2d) 

James Heald. 

2525 Hannah, bom Dec. 2, 1799; married James Steward.* 

2526 Maximilian, bom June 11, 1801 ; married Almira Tinkham.* 

2527 Marinda, born , 1803; married Isaac Steward. 

1267 PICKARD JEWETT ^(Maximihan"*", WiDiam^'^, Aquila"*, Jo- 
sepV^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Littleton, Mass., Aug. 21, 1772. 
He married March 16, 1797, Ann Wyman, daughter of Abraham Wyman of 
Bloomfield, Maine. He was a farmer and settled in Bloomfield, where he 
died May 5, 1860. His wife died there Jan. 12, 1855. 

Children born in Bloomfield, Maine: 

2528 Mary, bom Sept. 30, 1798; married Mr. White, and died July 15, 


2529 Moses, bom Aug. 30, 1800; married Caroline L. Neil.* 


Seventh Generation 265 

2530 Fanny Wyman, born June 20, 1803; married Dr. William Snow. 

She died May 2, 1846. 

2531 John Wyman, born June 10, 1808 ; died Nov. 25, 1838, unm. 

2532 Anna Steward, born Nov. 14, 1809; married Benjamin Weston. 

1268 MARY (POLLY) JEWETT (Maximilian"^ Winiam"% 
Aquila®*, Joseph^^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Littleton, Mass., 
Sept. 17, 1774. She married in Bloomfield, Maine, Joshua Goodrich, who 
was one of the first settlers of Bingham, Somerset Co., Maine. They lived 
in Bingham, where he was a farmer and where she died Nov. 1, 1844. 

Children born in Bingham, Maine: 

2533 Levi, born . 

2534 Mary Pickard, bom . 

2535 Alvira, bom . 

2536 Asa, born . 

2537 Joseph, bom . 

2538 Rebecca, born . 

2539 Maximilian, born . 

1269 SAMUEL JEWETT (Maximilian'*% William''^ Aquila'S Jo- 
seph^^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Littleton, Mass., Aug. 13, 1776. 
He married in Bloomfield, Maine, Betsey Steward, who was born in Bloom- 
field, daughter of Solomon Steward of Bloomfield. He was a farmer and set- 
tled in Norridgewock, Maine; removed to Canaan, Me., where he died in 
1857. His wife died there in 1849. 

Children : 

2540 Eliza, born Oct. — , 1804 ; married David Mitchell, and died in 1874. 

2541 Amanda, born in Norridgewock, Maine, Dec. — , 1806 ; married 

Herbert Trull.* 

2542 Henry Steward, born Feb. — , 1809; married (1st) Lucinda Bige- 

low; (2d) Sarah Wyman.* 

2543 Joseph, born in Canaan, Maine, July — , 1811 ; married Fanny 


2544 Fifield Holt, born in Canaan, Maine, Dec. 18, 1813; married Milli- 

cent Richardson.* 

2545 Isaac Steward, bom in Canaan, Maine, Feb. — , 1816; married Sarah 

Ann Waldo.* 

2546 Samuel, bom in Canaan, Maine, July 4, 1818 ; married Marcia Stock- 

bridge Richardson.* 

2547 Zilpah, born in Canaan, Maine, , 1824 ; married Amos Chase.* 

2548 Solomon, born in Canaan, Maine, , 1828; married Margaret 



Jewett Genealogy 

254)9 William, born in Canaan, Maine, , 1830. He is supposed to 

have died at sea, as he was returning from California. Unm. 

1270 JOSHUA JEWETT (Maximilian^*^ Winiam^'% Aquila*'*, Jo- 
seph^^, MaximiUan^, Edward^), was born in Littleton, Mass., June 11, 1778. 
He married in Bloomfield, Maine, Lucy Adams, who was bom in Unity, 
Maine, June 25, 1778, daughter of Isaac Adams of Unity. He was en- 
gaged in the lumber and mill business in Bloomfield, where his wife died. He 
died in Bangor, Maine, Feb. 12, 1860. 

Children born in Bloomfield, Maine: 

2550 Harriet, bom ; died at Portage Lake, Maine, Oct. 4, 1867, 


2551 Carohne, born ; died in Orono, Maine, Nov. 3, 1881. 

2552 Bryce, bom March 7, 1805 ; married Mary Beck.* 

2553 Sarah, born ; died in Bangor, Maine, May 2, 1851. 

2554 Lucy, born ; married Daniel McPherson.* 

2555 Gracia, born ; married George Snow, and died in Bangor, 

Maine, Oct. 12, 1876. 

2556 Charles, born . He married, and died in Illinois in 1867, 

leaving one child, Olive. 

1275 HEPZIBAH TREADWELL (Jean^^S William"^ Aquila«% Jo- 
seph", Maximihan^, Edward^), was born in Littleton, Mass., Feb. 7, 1769. 
She married there Nov. 25, 1790, Deacon Solomon Stone, who was born in 
Groton, Mass., Feb. 7, 1763, son of J. and Susannah (Moore) Stone of 
Groton. He was a farmer, and settled in Groton ; removed to Waterford, 

Maine, where he died Sept. — , 1841. 


2557 Solomon, born . 

2558 Thomas Treadwell, born 

2559 Susan Moore, born 

1276 HANNAH TRADWELL (Jean'", WillIam''^ Aquila*'*, Jo- 
seph", Maximilian% Edward^), was born in Littleton, Mass., Sept. 13, 1770. 
She married (Pub. in Littleton May 18, 1788) Samuel Farnsworth, who was 
born in Littleton in 1767, son of Matthias and IMary (Preston) Farnsworth. 
They lived in Littleton and Groton, Mass. She died in Groton, Jan. 5, 

Children : 

Asabel, born . 

Mary, born . 


Thomas Treadwell, born 
Hepzibah, born . 

Seventh Generation 267 

1281 ESTHER TRADWELL (Jean'", William^'*, Aquila'^S Jo- 
seph", Maximilian^, Edward"), was born in Littleton, Mass, May 30, 1778. 
She married Samuel Sanders of Rowley, Mass., and lived in Westbrook, or 
Woodford's Corners, Maine. She probably died in 1873. 


2564 Hannah, born . 

2565 Thomas, born . 

2566 Joshua, born . 

2567 Samuel, born . 

2568 Jane, bom 

1284 CAPT. MOSES HOBSON TREADWELL (Jean'", Wimam^'^ 
Aquila^*, Joseph", Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Littleton, Mass., 
July 29, 1784. He married Jane Hawes. He was a Deacon of the church, 
a Captain in the War of 1812, and resided in Waterford (Plummer District), 
Maine, where he died before 1842. 


2569 Jane, born . 

2570 Thomas, born — 

2571 Mariah H., born 

2572 Samuel,, born — 

2573 Sarah, born 

2574' Perley, born 

2575 Wilham, born — 

1286 JOHN JEWETT (Joseph''^ Ezra^S Aquila*'% Joseph", Maxi- 
milian^, Edward^), was born in Littleton, Mass., May 30, 1766. He mar- 
ried in 1787 Elizabeth Cummings, who died in Peterborough. N. H., May 
10, 1798. aged 29 years. He married second Margaret Moore, daughter of 
Deacon Samuel Moore. 

Mr. Jewett settled in Westford, Mass., and in 1797 removed to Peter- 
borough, N. H., where he remained until 1817, when he removed to Sharon, 
N. H., where he resided some years, but ultimately returned to Peterborough 
and died there Feb. 6, 1851. His wife died in Peterborough Jan. 6, 1850. 

Children hy -first wife horn in Westford, Mass.: 
2576 John, born Dec. 1, 1787. " When he became of age he went to New 
York, where by industry and perseverance he was eminently suc- 
cessful in business and acquired a fortune. He was highly re- 
spected as an honorable, honest, and upright man. He had two 
wives; the last one survived him. His children are established in 
New York in the same business pursued by himself. He retired 

268 Jewett Genealogy 

from business some years before his death, and died at his country 
seat, Orange, N. J., Dec. 23, 1867." (" Hist, of Peterborough, 
N. H.") 

2577 Jonathan, born Aug. 11, 1788; died in Mobile, Ala., in 1839. 

2578 Ahimaz, born Jan. 19, 1794; married Eliza Scott.* 

2579 Rebecca, born Dec. 30, 1795 ; died in Peterborough, N. H., Aug. 18, 

1848, unm. 

Children born in Peterborough, N. H., by second wife: 

2580 Samuel, bom Feb. 22, 1802 ; married Elizabeth Taggart of Sharon. 

2581 EHzabeth, born Oct. 22, 1803 ; married April 23, 1825, Ira Felt of 

Peterborough, who was born April 28, 1799, son of Oliver and 
Mary (Dunlap) Felt. They settled on his father's homestead, 
where he died Oct. 11, 1826. They had one child, EHzabeth, bom 
in 1826, and died Sept. 2, 1830. 

2582 Mary, born June 22, 1805 ; married Moses Gowing.* 

2583 Margaret M., born Feb. 22, 1808; married John H'oit, and lived in 


2584 Joseph, born Aug. 11, 1809; died in Albion, N. Y., March — , 1867. 

1288 DR. LEONARD JEWETT (Joseph''% Ezra'", Aquila'*, Jo- 
seph^S MaximiKan^, Edward'), was born in Littleton, Mass., Sept. 6, 1770. 
He studied medicine and surgery at the Boston Medical College, and received 
his diploma from that institution in 1792. He of Brandon, Vt., married 
(Pub. in Rutland, Mass., July 16, 1795) Mary Porter, of Rutland. After 
his marriage he served four years as assistant surgeon in the New York hos- 
pital, and in 1802 removed to Washington Co., Ohio, and in 1804 or 1805 
to the town of Athens, Ohio. In 1806 he was elected to the State Senate, 
which position he held until 1811. When hostihties began in 1812, he was 
commissioned as Surgeon in the Army of the Northwest, under Harrison, 
and was assigned to duty on the staff of General Tupper. At the close of 
the war he returned to Athens and resumed the practice of medicine with 
success. In 1816 while performing a surgical operation he received poison- 
ous matter in a small wound on his hand which caused his death May 13, 
1816. He was a tmstee of the Ohio University from 1808 to 1813, and 
was a gentleman of fine intelligence and professional ability. 

Children born in Athens, Ohio: 

2585 Polly, born July 2, 1797 ; died in Athens. 

2586 Leonard, born March 30, 1800 ; died in Portland, Ore. 

2587 Edgar Porter, bom , 1804. He married and had at least one 

child, viz., Jennie, who married Charles E. Henderson and resides 
In Athens, Ohio. 
2688 Jonathan, born Dec. 3, 1807 ; died in Athens. 

Seventh Generation 269 

2589 Leonidas, born Jan. 7, 1811 ; married (1st) Elizabeth M. de Steiguer; 

(2d) Elizabeth Robinson; (3d) Mary Berry.* 

2590 Joseph, born Jan. 30, 1814 ; died in Athens. 

1289 JOSHUA ABBOTT JEWETT (Joseph^^% Ezra^S Aquila^S 
Joseph", Maximilian% Edward'), was bom in Littleton, Mass., Feb. 29, 
1772. He married July 22, 1797, Sarah Spalding, who was born in West- 
ford, Mass., June 6, 1773, daughter of Lieut. Timothy and Hannah (Rich- 
mond) Spalding. She died soon, and he married May 15, 1800, Rebecca 
Robinson, daughter of Col. John Robinson. Mr. Jewett was found dead in 
an old building in Concord, Mass., March 23, 1838. 

Children, all by second wife: 

2591 Joshua Abbott, born , 1800; married in Littleton, Mass., 

Dec. 23, 1834, Hannah Cobleigh of Littleton, and settled in Ster- 
ling, Mass. 

2592 George, bom , 1802. 

2593 Ehza, born , 1804. 

2594 Clarissa, bom , 1807. 

2595 Harriet, bom , 1809. 

2596 Sally, born , 1812. 

2597 William, bom , 1814. 

1291 OLIVER JEWETT (Ezra'^", Ezra"S Aquila«*, Joseph", Maxi- 
milian^ Edward'), was bom in Littleton, Mass., May 9, 1770. He married 
(Pub. Jan. 30, 1797) Polly Tumer, daughter of Lieut. WilHam Tumer of 
JafFrey, N. H. About 1798 Mr. Jewett settled in JafFrey on range 5, lot 
10. He was a brick maker by trade, and died in JafFrey June 13, 1842. 
His wife died there July 26, 1841. 

Children horn in Jaffrey, N. H. : 

2598 William Tumer, bom Nov. 28, 1798. He was a school teacher, and 

died in New York State. 

2599 Ezra, born Feb. 5, 1800 ; married Elvira Maynard.* 

2600 Mary, born Jan. 1, 1803; married June 16, 1825, Abel Shedd, who 

was born in JafFrey May 11, 1797, son of Abel and Priscilla 
(French) Shedd. 

2601 Roxanna, born Dec. 5, 1804 ; died Jan. 22, 1842. 

2602 Naomi, bom Nov. 18, 1806; died Nov. 14, 1845. 

2603 Oliver, born May 27, 1810; married Eliza Hemingway.* 

2604 George W., born Feb. 25, 1812; married Adeline Adams and died 

Nov. 5, 1857. 

1295 MOSES JEWETT (Ezra"", Ezra'*', Aquila^*, Joseph", Maxi- 
milian^ Edward'), was born in Littleton, Mass., April 26, 1776-7. He mar- 

270 Jewett Genealogy 

ried in 1801 Lydia Shattuck (1550), who was bom in Pepperell, Mass., 
Nov. 13, ITT-l. Mr. Jewett was a farmer in Fitchburg Mass. ; removed to 
Jaffrey, N. H., in 1800, and in 1815 to Littleton, Mass., where his wife died 
Nov. 10, 1846. He died in Natick, Mass., Sept. 8, 1840. 

Children born in Jaffrei/, N H. : 

2605 Lucy, born March 25, 1802 ; married in Boxboro, Mass., Dec. 3, 

1835, George W. Ramsdell of Littleton. She died Feb. 28, 1873. 

2606 Stillman, born Dec. 6, 1803 ; married Sarah Maria Wright.* 

2607 Shadrach, born July 11, 1805; died in Leominster, Mass., Feb. 6, 


2608 Lydia, born May 20, 1807 ; married in Charlestown, Mass., Nov. 19, 

1829, Thomas Richardson. She died March 26, 1831. 

2609 Sarah L., born May 10, 1809; married in Boxboro, Mass., May 26, 

1836, WiUiam Bowen, Jr. She died in Cambridge, Mass., May 
19, 1866. 

2610 Rebecca M., born Feb. 10, 1811; died July 4, 1811. 

2611 Shadrach S., born Oct. 6, 1812; married Harriet N. Burgess.* 

2612 Henry P., born Feb. 4, 1815 ; married Mary Damon.* 

1302 NANCY TENNEY (Phebe''% Jeremiah^'% Aquila"*, Joseph", 
Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H., Jan. 29, 1782. She mar- 
ried Abner Bailey Little, who was born Feb. 1, 1774. They lived in Salem, 
Goffstown, and Hollis, N. H., and finally removed to Wethersfield, 111., where 

he died Sept. 8 1863. She died there July 9, 1847. 



2613 Mary Baldwin, born in Salem, N. H., April 17, 1803; married (1st) 

Oct. 14, 1832, John Willoughby of Holhs; (2d) Dec. 6, 1877, 
Deacon Gerard Cutter of Wethersfield, 111. 

2614 Nancy Catherine Maria, born in Salem, N. H., Jan. 4, 1805 ; married 

William Wheeler.* 

2615 Elizabeth Bailey, born in Salem, N. H., Jan. 16, 1807; married Sul- 

livan Howard.* 

2616 William Tenney, born in GofFstown, N. H., May 9, 1809; married 

Paulina Hutchinson.* 

2617 Caleb Jewett, born in Goffstown, N. H., July 13, 1811 ; married Eliza 

Ann Brooks.* 

2618 Henry Gilman, born in GofFstown, N. H., March 31, 1813; married 

Fideha Maria Stoddard.* 

2619 Ruth Channing, born in Hollis, N. H., July 3, 1815; married (1st) 

Rev. Henry Nevin ; (2d) Daniel McClure.* 

2620 Laura Ann, bom in Hollis, N. H., June 20, 1817 ; married (1st) Wil- 

liam Knaggs ; (2d) Daniel McClure.* 

Seventh Generation 271 

2621 Samuel Augustus, born in Hollis, N. H., March 15, 1819; died Sept. 

15, 1823. 

2622 Caroline Wealthy, born in HoUis, N. H., Sept. 15, 1821 ; married Dr. 

Lewis Hurd.* 

2623 Rodney Augustus, born in HolUs, N. H., Sept. 16, 1828 ; married 

Lavantha Irwin.* 

2624 Sarah Frances, born in HolHs, N. H., July 21, 1829; married (1st) 

Rev. Alanson Alvord ; (2d) Hiram Stewart.* 

1307 HON. RALPH EMERSON TENNEY (Phebe"% Jeremiah^''% 
Aquila*'*, Joseph^^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H., Oct. 
5, 1790, He married Nov. 12, 1812, Olive Brown of Hollis, who died in a 
few years. He married second, Aug. 16, 1818, Phebe Caroline Smith, who 
was born in Dracut, Mass., June 2, 1790. 

Mr. Tenney settled as a farmer in HolHs upon his paternal homestead. 
He was many years Justice of the Peace and Quorum, and was frequently 
elected by his townsmen to office of honor and trust. He was Representative 
to the New Hampshire General Court, 1832, 1833, 1834, and 1845, and was 
a member of the United States Senate from 1847 to 1848. He died Oct. 
19, 1854. 

Children born in Hollis, N. H.: 
By first wife: 

2625 Mary Cummings, born Nov. 9, 1819; died Sept. 16, 1896. 

Children by second wife: 

2626 William N., born March 1, 1821 ; married Ehzabeth Perkins.* 

2627 Charles, bom Oct. 16, 1822; died Dec. 26, 1822. 

2628 Phoebe Hale, born Nov. 17, 1823. 

2629 Sarah Elizabeth (twin), born Oct. 13, 1826. 

2630 Ralph Augustus (twin), born Oct. 13, 1826. 

2631 Harriet Maria, bom Jan. 26, 1829. Resides in Greenwich, Conn. 

2632 Charles Frederick, bom March 28, 1832. Resides in Bement, 111. 

1310 REV. SPOFFORD DODGE JEWETT (Jeremiah"^ Jere- 
miaV^®, Aquila®*, JosepV^, Maximihan^ Edward^), was born in Barnstead, 
N. H., Sept. 22, 1801. He married Dec. 22, 1830, Abigail Shipman Good- 
rich, who was bom in New Britain, Conn., Oct. 13, 1809, daughter of Joseph 
and Eliza (Shipman) Goodrich. 

Mr. Jewett graduated from Dartmouth College A. B., in 1826, and from 
the Andover Theological Seminary in 1829. For over half a century he 
was an earnest, tireless laborer in the Lord's vineyard, preaching in Griss- 
wold, Windsor, West Chester, and Middlefield, Conn. After retiring from 
the ministry he was able to perform the duties of Postmaster, and to fill the 
office of Justice of the Peace, and at the time of his death was deacon of the 

^79 Jewett Genealogy 

church of Middleford, of which he had been pastor. He died in Middleford 
March 11, 1888. 


2633 Jane, born in Griswold, Conn., Oct. 13, 1831 ; died April 10, 1832. 

2634 Henry, bom in Griswold, Conn., June 20, 1833; died March 10, 


2635 Levi, born in Griswold, Conn., Jan. 9, 1835 ; married Mary J. 


2636 Henry Shipman, born in New Britain, Conn., Dec. 4, 1836; married 

Harriet Ellen Rice.* 

2637 Mary Lee, bom in New Britain, Conn., Feb. 28, 1839 ; died March 8, 


2638 William, bom in Windsor, Conn., Jan. 16, 1841 ; married in Keesville, 

N. Y., Sept. 11, 1867, Julia Cook, who was born in Wethersfield, 
Conn., Oct. 16, 1841, daughter of Rev. William H. and Mary Ann 
(Palmer) Cook of East Haddem, Conn. She died in Ossining, 
N. Y., April 14, 1903, s. p. Mr. Jewett is a merchant at 467 
Broadway, New York, and resides at Ossining-on-Hudson, N. Y. 

2639 Martha, bom in Windsor, Conn., April 12, 1843 ; married Sept. 30, 

1862, Henry L. Coe. They reside in New York City, and have 
three children, viz., Mary Jewett, Florence, and Blanch. 

2640 Charles Taylor, born in Windsor, Conn., Jan. 31, 1847; married 

Anna S. Woolley.* 

2641 Ann Elizabeth, born in Windsor, Conn., Aug. 6, 1849; married 

Everett W. Day of West Chester, Conn. 

miah"®, Aquila®*, Joseph^^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Barnstead, 
N. H., Feb. 24, 1808. He married May — , 1841, Harriet Emily Loomis of 
Windsor, Conn., daughter of Odiah and Harriet (Allen) Loomis. She was 
bora June 14, 1818. 

Dr. Jewett studied medicine with his father, and, for a year or two, 
with Dr. Jeremiah Spofford of Groveland, Mass. In the years 1831-2 he 
was a student in the medical department of Dartmouth College, under the 
instructions of Drs. Mussey and Oliver. He received the degree of M. D. 
from that College in 1835. In March, 1833, he settled in Lowell, Mass., as 
a physician. For many years he was special Coroner of the city of Lowell, 
and in 1855 was a Representative of that city in the Massachusetts Legisla- 
ture. He was a fellow of the Massachusetts Medical Society, and for a con- 
siderable time president of the Medical Society of Middlesex District. 

He died from dropsy June 25, 1870, and was buried in the Lowell Ceme- 
tery. He left at his decease a manuscript history of Barnstead, N. H., 
which has since been revised and enlarged, and in 1872 was published in a 
duodecimo of 264 pages by his friend, Robert B. Caverly, of the Middlesex 

Seventh Generation 273 

Bar. He was admitted a resident member of the New England Historical 
and Genealogical Society July 14, 1855. 

Children born in Lowell, Mass. : 

2642 Harriet Peabody, born March 25, 1842 ; died Jan. 4, 1848. 

2643 Ella (twin), born June 4, 1844. 

2644 Emma (twin), born June 4, 1844. 

2645 Charles Henry, born Oct. 25, 1848 ; died April 6, 1849. 

2646 William, bom Jan. 14, 1850 ; died Dec. 13, 1851. 

2647 Sarah Loomis, bom May 7, 1852 ; died April 27, 1854. 

2648 Henrietta Allyn, born July 14, 1854; married Ethan Allen Snell. 

He is a wholesale stationer in Chicago. They have Edgar Jewett 
Snell and Lester Allen Snell. 

2649 Thomas Peabody, bom March 28, 1858; married Eveline Grace 

Batchelor, and lives in Newton, Mass. 

2650 Joseph Dodge, bom June 28, 1861. He is a hardware merchant in 

Boston, and resides in Newton, Mass. 

2651 AHce Ann, born Nov. 2, 1863; married Oct. 30, 1890, George H. 

Morse, who was born Aug. 7, 1862, son of J. Decatur and Helen 
(Browne) Morse. They have one child, Harriet Alice, born April 
2, 1892. 

1323 STEPHEN SEARLE (Mary^«^ Jeremiah"% Aquila^*, Joseph", 
Maximilian', Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., March 7, 1803. He 
married May 27, 1829, Sally Stickney, who was born in Rowley Sept. 27, 
1808, daughter of Spofford and Lois (Pike) Stickney. They settled in 
Georgetown, Mass., where their children were born. 

Children : 

2652 Stephen SpofFord, born July 23, 1830. 

2653 Mary Louisa Sophia, bom June — , 1838. 

1327 STEPHEN JEWETT (Stephen''% Stephen^^^ Aquila'*, Jo- 
scph^% Maximilian^ Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H., July 7, 1781. 
He married Elizabeth Barker, who was born May 4, 1782, daughter of 
Ebenezer Barker. In February, 1799, Mr. Jewett left his father's home 
in Hollis, and took up his residence with his uncle Deacon Noah Jewett of 
Cornish, Me. After his marriage he settled in Augusta, Me., and removed 
to Sidney, Me. He was a man of deep religious convictions, a farmer and 
carpenter. In 1828 he and Jopheth Beale built for the trustees of the 
Methodist Society of Sidney the largest house of worship ever in that town, 
and in 1845 he was active in the combined movement by which the same build- 
ing was moved over a mile to the center of the town and reopened as a union 
meetinghouse. He died in Sidney Sept. 22, 1861. His wife died there 
April 20, 1863. 

£74 Jewett Genealogy 


2654 John Calvin, bom in Cornish, Maine, Aug. 7, 1800 ; married Nancy 

C. Foster.* 

2655 Hannah Barker, born in HolHs, N. H'., Aug. 8, 1802 ; married Fran- 

cis Smiley.* 

2656 Stephen, born in Sidney, Maine, March 3, 1806 ; married Lucy Anna 


2657 Frederick Augustus, born in Augusta, Maine, April 23, 1808; mar- 

ried Ceviah Smily Moore.* 

2658 William Pool, born in Augusta, Maine, Feb. 26, 1810 ; married Myra 

G. Smiley.* 

2659 Elizabeth, born Oct. 10, 1811 ; died Aug. 20, 1825. 

2660 Charles Henry, born April 22, 1813 ; married Margaret A. Townley, 

and died Aug. 11, 1840, leaving one child, Margaret F., boni Aug. 
8, 1840, who married Mr. Hawkins, and died May 23, 1881, s. p. 

2661 George Washington, bom in Sidney, Maine, June 2, 1815 ; married 

Mary Ann Moody.* 

2662 Benjamin Frankhn, born in Sidney, Maine, Feb. 13, 1818; married 

(1st) Isabella E. Hblway; (2d) Isabella Cushing Wilder.* 

2663 Ebenezer Barker, born in Sidney, Maine, June 19, 1821 ; married 

(1st) Elizabeth A. Patten; (2d) Mary Parks.* 

1328 NANCY JEWETT (Stephen''^ Stephen''% Aquila*=*, Joseph", 
Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H., May 11, 1783. She 
married July 31, 1814, Benjamin Smith, son of John and Sarah (Merrill) 
Smith of Hollis. 

Children born in Hollis, N. H. : 

2664 Benjamin, bom in 1815; died in 1867, unm. 

2665 WilHam P., born in 1817; married (1st) Farley; (2d) 

He died in 1865, leaving one child by second wife, viz., William. 

2666 Harrison Gray Otis, born in 1819; married Clara H. Hobart.* 

2667 John J., born in 1821 ; married Nancy Lovering, who is now in the 

Old Ladies' Home in Nashua, N. H, He died in 1887. 

1329 HANNAH JEWETT (Stephen^'% Stephen^^^, Aquila^*, Jo- 
seph", Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H., Feb. 17, 1785. 
She married there April 2, 1807, Nathan Thayer, who was bom in INIilford, 
Mass., July 6, 1781, son of Elijah and Sarah (Richardson) Thayer. She 
died March 17, 1824. He then married her sister Mary, and died in Hollis, 
Oct. 21, 1830. 

Children, horn in Hollis, N. H. : 

2668 Hannah Maria, born Dec. 12, 1808; married Henry Woods.* 

2669 Elizabeth, born March 24, 1811 ; married Ziba Abbott.* 

2670 Sarah Adelia, born Oct. 16, 1813; married George Sewall Boutwell.* 

2671 Nancy Bigelow, born July 13, 1819; married William Kittredge.* 

Seventh Generation 2T-5 

2672 Nathan Robinson, born Nov. 25, 1821 ; married Emily Woody.* 

2673 Lucy Anna, bom March 13, 1824 ; married Luke Bemis.* 


1332 SARAH JEWETT (Stephen'^% Stephen^'% Aquila*'*, Joseph 
Maximilian^ Edward'), was born in Hollis, N. H., Feb. 24, 1790. She 
married there April 18, 1814, Deacon William Emerson, who was born in 
Hollis, Nov. 9, 1791, son of Daniel and Anna (Fletcher) Emerson. She 
died Aug. 24, 1837, and Mr. Emerson married second, Mary Rice, and died 
in Auburn, Mass., Dec. 3, 1873. He was a farmer and an Ensign in 
the War of 1812 

Children born in Hollis, N. H.: 

2674 William, born April 29, 1815 ; died Sept. 24, 1834. 

2675 Sarah Maria, born March 3, 1817. 

2676 Charles Henry, bom Feb. 24, 1819 ; married Caroline Heyward, who 

was born July 10, 1819. They lived in Keokuk, Iowa, and had 
Charles Francis, born July 6, 1845, died July 10, 1860. 

2677 Mary Jewett, born Aug. 11, 1821 ; died in Hollis Aug. 24, 1855, 

unm. On her gravestone in the Hollis Cemetery is the following 

epitaph : 

Much beloved in life, peaceful 

and happy in death. 
And we have parted • 

Mary thou art gone. 
Gone in thine innocence 

Meek suffering one 
Thy spirit breathed 

itself to sleep 
So peacefully, it seemed a sin 

to weep. 

2678 Daniel Lorenzo, born Sept. 20, 1823; married Ellen A. Kendrick.* 

1336 JACOB BACON (Rebecca^«% Stephen^'^ Aquila«% Joseph's 
Maximilian^, Edward'), was born in JafFrey, N. H., Dec. 11, 1786. He 
married Betsey Sawyer of Boothbay, Me., who died July 26, 1854. He 
died March 18, 1866. 


2679 Oliver, bom March 15, 1811 ; married Mary Ann Pratt.* 

2680 Martha, born Jan. 15, 1813; married Stillman Burpee.* 

2681 Charles, born Oct. 16, 1814; married (1st) Eliza J. Leathers; (2d) 

Mrs. Frances Bruce.* 

2682 Rebecca, bom Oct. 9, 1816; married (1st) June 16, 1846, Faxon 

Rice; (2d) T. M. Smith. 

1340 JONATHAN JEWETT BACON (Rebecca"'", Stephen"^, 
Aquila^*, Joseph", Maximilian^, Edward'), was born in JafFrey, N. H., May 
26, 1795. He married Sally Patrick, daughter of Samuel Patrick, Jr., and 
removed to Canada. 

216 Jewett Genealogy 


2683 Sarah, born Dec. 11, 1818. 

2684. Oliver Jewett, born Jan. 16, 1821. 

2686 Eliza A., bom . 

2686 Samuel, born . 

2687 Caroline, born . 

2688 Abigail, born . 

2689 Relief, born . 

1346 JOHN JEWETT (Noah"^", Stephen"% Aquila'*, Joseph", Maxi- 
milian^, Edward^), was bom in Cornish, Me., Aug. 14, 1795. He married 
there Jan. 3, 1822, Betsey Barker, who was bom in Limerick, York Co., Me., 
March 29, 1800, daughter of Simeon and Hannah (Rundlette) Barker. 
She died Oct. 12, 1871. Mr. Jewett was a farmer and settled in Cornish, 
Me. ; in March, 1823, he removed to Kent's Hill, Readfield, Me., where there 
were superior school advantages. He lived on a large farm where he raised 
his large family to be intelligent, Christian citizens. He was a trustee of the 
Maine Wesleyan Seminary, a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 
and died at Kent's Hill April 14, 1869. While living in Cornish he was a 
fifer in the War of 1812. 

Children, all except first born at Kenfs Hill, Readfield, Me.: 

2690 Frederick, bom in Cornish, Me., Jan. 29, 1823; died March 24, 


2691 George Albion, bom July 17, 1824; married (1st) Olive Rundlette; 

(2d) Hannah Elizabeth Rundlette.* 

2692 William Henry, born Dec. 26, 1825 ; married Hannah Littlefield.* 

2693 John, born Sept. 25, 1827; married Nancy Titcomb Haynes.* 

2694 Lydia, born May 28, 1829 ; died Aug. 20, 1830. 

2695 Mary Elizabeth, bom June 2, 1831 ; married in Readfield Jan. 1, 

1856, Hon. Mandeville Treat Ludden, who was bom in Canton 
Feb. 17, 1830, and died in Lewiston, Me., Sept. 21, 1882. Mr. 
Ludden was left an orphan at the age of five years ; took a col- 
legiate course at Kent's Hill, and graduated from the law school 
at Cambridge, Mass., after which he entered into partnership with 
his uncle, Hon. T. Ludden, of Turner, Me. He removed to Lewis- 
ton, Me., in 1869, where he resided until his death. Was County 
Attorney of Androscoggin Co. two terms ; State Senator two terms ; 
Mayor of Lewiston in 1881 and Alderman from two wards ; mem- 
ber of the School Board at the time of his death. Mr. Ludden 
was thoroughly read in his profession, was a good counseller and 
an effective speaker. In 1880 Bowdoin College conferred the 
degree of A. B. upon him. Mrs. Ludden resides in Turner, Me., 
s. p. 

Seventh Generation 277 

2696 Harriet Williams, bom Nov. 8, 1833. She is a member of the M. E, 

Church, and resides in Turner, Me., unm. 

2697 Noah, born July 24, 1835 ; married Sarah A. Marrow.* 

2698 Hannah Barker, born June 22, 1837 ; died Nov. 17, 1838. 

2699 Frances Priscilla, born Jan. 22, 1840. She graduated from Maine 

Wesleyan Seminary and was ready to enter Vassar College when 
she died Oct. 3, 1858. 

2700 Dennis Barker, born Dec. 2, 1841; married in Augusta, Me., Feb. 

12, 1868, Mary Jane Spaulding, daughter of Benjamin and Clar- 
issa (Cooledge) Spaulding of Augusta. Mr. Jewett was a soldier 
in the 13th Maine Regiment of Infantry in the Civil War, and 
served four years in two enlistments; was wounded several times. 
He was a school teacher before and after the war for a number of 
years. About 1877 he settled on a large farm in Presque Isle, 
Me., where he remained nearly 25 years, and then removed to a 
farm in Manchester, Me., where he now resides. He is a member 
of the Masonic order and of the Patrons of Husbandry; also has 
held several town offices. No issue. 

1352 EUNICE JEWETT (Jonathan^«% Stephen^«% Aquila«S Jo- 
seph", Maximilian^ Edward'), was born in Bridgewater . She 

married Thomas Nutting, son of Thomas Nutting of Westford, Mass. 
They settled in Plymouth, N. H., when that town was almost a wilderness, 
where he died March 1, 1857. She died there April 2, 1866. 


2701 Jonathan Jewett, born Aug. 15, 1810. 

2702 Thomas Prescott, bom March 16, 1813; married Emily Sentes Car- 


2703 Arthur Franklin, bora June 16, 1815 ; married Mary Ann Noyes.* 

2704 Sarah, born Dec. 4, 1817 ; married Samuel N. Rowe. 

2705 Lois, bom Oct. 4, 1820; married Andrew French of Dorset, Vt., and 

removed to Wisconsin, where she died Dec. 5, 1896. 

2706 Eunice, bom March 19, 1823; married Ira Smith Emerson.* 

2707 Hannah, bom April 8, 1825; married (1st) Stephen Bartlett Glover; 

(2d) James Fogg.* 

2708 Ahnira, born Oct. 22, 1827; married Feb. 3, 1848, WiUiam B. 

Nichols, who was born April 16, 1825, son of William B. and Mary 
(Robinson) Nichols. They lived in Bridgewater, where he died 
March 12, 1894. 

1357 NATHAN PEARSON (Jonathan«^», Hannah^'% Jeremiah«% 
Jeremiah", Joseph*, Edward'), was born in Ipswich, Mass., April 26, 1746. 
He married June 20, 1774, Mary Bradstreet, who was bom in Ipswich, bap- 

278 Jewett Genealogy 

tized June 24, 1750, daughter of Lieut. Nathaniel and Hannah (Hammond) 
Bradstreet. She died May 28, 1807. 

Children born in Ipswich, Mass. : 

2709 Ehzabeth, born April 5, 1777 ; married Daniel Chamberline.* 

2710 Abigail, bom Feb. 23, 1780; married Moses Jewett (see 1460). 

2711 Moses, born . 

2712 Sewall, born . 

2713 Amos, bom . 

2714 Hannah, born . 

1363 STEPHEN PEARSON (Jonathan''^ Hannah'", Jeremiah'" 
Jeremiah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Ipswich, Mass., May 30, 1761. 
He married in Rowley, Mass., by Rev. Ebenezer Bradford, Oct. — , 1787, 
Ruth Jewett (1019), who was bom in Rowley Jan. 27, 1767, and died 
Sept. 21, 1790. He married second, SaUy Nourse, who was bom April 1, 
1772, and died Sept. 16, 1830. He died Aug. 8, 1831. 

Child by first wife: 

2715 Betsey Little, bom ; married Mr. Mcintosh. 

Children by second wife: 

2716 Ruth Jewett, born ; married Jewett Hobson of Rowley. 

2717 Stephen, bom ; married (1st) Harris; (2d) Martha 

Pettingill of Concord, N. H. 

2718 Amasa, born ; died April 16, 1826, aged 27 years, unm. 

Buried in the Rowley Cemetery. The following is the epitaph 
on his gravestone: 

"Ye youth that oft may view this spot, 

Whose health and prospects promise fair; 
Reflect — Soon Death may be your lot; 
O then to meet your God Prepare." 

2719 John Nourse, bom ; married Dorothy Howe. 

2720 Sophia, born ; died unm. 

2721 Mark, born ; married Rebecca Barry of Boston. 

2722 Harriet, born ; died unm. 


1366 AARON JEWETT (Moses«*% Aaron"S Jeremiah«^ Jeremiah 
Joseph*., Edward^), was bom in Ipswich, Mass., baptized in Rowley, Mass., 
May 27, 1744. He married, by Rev. Jedediah Jewett, April 20, 1769, 
Hannah Pearson (1356), who was bom July 16, 1744, and died Sept. 7, 
1793. He married second, May 29, 1796, Elizabeth Bradstreet of Ipswich, 
daughter of Nathaniel and Phebe (Jewett) (419) Bradstreet. 

He was a soldier in the Revolution from Ipswich, and served two or 

Seventh Generation 279 

more enlistments : " Aaron Jewett, Ipswich, Private, Capt. Moses Jewet's 
troop of horse, Col. John Baker's (3d Essex Co.) regt., which marched on 
the alarm of April 19, 1775, to Medford ; service 3 days." (" Mass. Soldiers 
and Sailors in War of the Rev.," Vol. VIII. He also was " Corporal in the 
Company which Capt. Moses Jewett led Nov. 29, 1775, from Ipswich to 
Gloucester, 26 miles," 

He was a cabinet maker and farmer in Ipswich, and died there. His 
will dated June — , 1826, mentions, wife Elizabeth to have ^ ; Hannah Hale a 
daughter ; Jonathan, dec'd, Edward, Jeremiah dec'd, Lavinia Lowell a daugh- 
ter, Elizabeth Cate: all children born in Ipswich; Abigail Palmer a 
daughter dec'd, Aaron and Moses, Jr., sons. His widow died April 20, 
1834, aged 73 years. 

Children born in Ipswich, Mass., by -first wife: 

2723 Edward, born July 12, 1770 ; married Abigail Potter.* 

2724 Aaron, born Feb. 10, 1772; married (1st) Hannah Nourse; (2d) 

Sarah Clark.* 

2725 Abigail, born Dec. 6, 1773; married, by Rev. Ebenezer Bradford, 

June 25, 1793, John Pemberton Palmer of Rowley, Mass. 

2726 Jeremiah, born June 12, 1776; married Jan. 17, 1801, Huldah 

Nourse. He died March 9, 1810. 

2727 Hannah, born March 12, 1778 ; married (Pub. April 9, 1803) Moses 

Hale of Rowley. 

2728 Moses, born May 21, 1780 ; married in Rowley, by Rev. David TuUer, 

April 29, 1806, Abigail Todd of Rowley, daughter of Benjamin 
and Elizabeth (Saunders) Todd. She died in Rowley Oct. 28, 
1860, aged 78 years 1 month and 28 days. Moses Jewett lived 
in Ipswich, where he was called Moses, Jr., and Captain. He 
died Jan. 13, 1830. They had at least one child, viz., Aaron, 
who died Nov. 4, 1824, aged 17 years. 

2729 Jonathan, born June 14, 1782; married (Pub. Oct. 2, 1807) Alice 

Davis of Lynnfield. 

2730 Amos, bom Nov. 1, 1785-6; died in 1805. 

Children born by second wife: 

2731 Lavinia, born ; married, by Rev. Isaac Braman, June 1, 1820, 

Moses Palmer Lowell of Rowley. 

2732 Eliza, bom Oct. 11, 1799; married Mark F. Cate.* 

1369 MOSES JEWETT (Moses*'*% Aaron"", Jeremiah'% Jeremiah'% 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Ipswich, Mass., baptized in Rowley, June 
24, 1750. He married (Pub. Jan. 23, 1773) in Ipswich, EHzabeth Pulsifer 
of Ipswich. They settled in Ipswich and in 1785 removed to Newcastle, 
now Alna, Me., where he was a farmer and blacksmith, and where she died 

280 Jewett Genealogy 

in 1806. In 1822 he removed to Strong, Me., and died at the home of 
Jacob Longfellow in Whitefield, Me., in 1822. 

He was a soldier in the Revolution, and served as follows : " Moses 
Jewett, Private, Capt. Joseph Ilsley's co.. Col. Cogswell's regt. ; enlisted 
Sept. 28, 1776; discharged Nov. 16, 1776; service, 2 mos. 2 days, including 
13 days (260 miles) travel home; roU dated New Castle; receipt for payment 
of above roU dated at New Castle and signed by Capt. Ilsley; also return 
dated Boxford, Dec. 8, 1779, of men mustered by John Cushing, Muster 
Master for Essex co., to join the Continental Army for the term of 9 months, 
agreeable to resolve of June 9, 1779 ; also, descriptive list of men raised in 
Essex CO., in 1779 to serve in the Continental Army ; age 29 yrs. ; stature, 
5 ft. 10 in.; complexion, light; engaged for the town of Ipswich; delivered 
to Ensign Theophilus Clark; also, order on Ensign Frye, Paymaster, 9th 
Mass. regt., payable to Daniel Dike, Jr., dated West Point, April 23, 1780, 
signed by said Jewett, for wages, etc. ; for services in said regiment from 
Jan. 1, 1780, to April 28, 1780." 

"Moses Gewett, Capt. Blanchard's co. ; entered service July 28, 1779; 
discharged April 28, 1780; term, 9 months." ("Mass. Soldiers and Sailors 
in War of the Rev.," Vol. VIII.) 

Children : 

2733 Elizabeth (Betsey), bom in Ipswich, Mass., Aug. 21, 1773; married 

Nathan Longfellow.* 

2734 Sarah, born in Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 3, 1775 ; married Jacob Long- 


2735 Moses, bom in Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 1, 1776; married Sarah Peaslee.* 

2736 Joseph, bom in Ipswich, Mass., March 25, 1780; married Mary 


2737 Jeremiah (twin with Joseph), bom in Ipswich, Mass., March 25, 

1780; died in Alna, Me., in 1860, unm. 

2738 Anna, bom ; married Leonard Bartlett, and died in St. 

Andrews, New Brunswick. 

2739 Abigail, born ; married in Ballstown (now Whitefield), Me., 

by Rev. Jonathan Ward, Aug. 8, 1802, Samuel Hachett of Balls- 

2740 James, bom in Newcastle, Me. ; accidentally killed when six years of 


2741 Mary, born in Newcastle, Me., May 1, 1790; married Rev. John 

Clough of Alna, Me., and died in Afton, la., July 7, 1877, s. p. 

2742 John, born in Alna, Me., Aug, 21, 1793; married Nancy Cooper.* 

1371 COLONEL JAMES JEWETT (Moses*"'% Aaron"\ Jeremiah«% 
Jeremiah^", Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Ipswich, Mass., April 7, 1775. 
He settled in Newcastle, now Alna, Me., where he was engaged in farming 
and lumber business, conducting a mill at that place; he soon became one 

Seventh Geneeation 281 

of the leading men of the town, and acquired a large estate. During the 
War of 1812 he was a soldier, and was commissioned Colonel. After his 
death Mrs. Jewett received a pension from the United States Government 
as a soldier's widow. Col. Jewett married in Alna, July 4, 1789, Lydia 
Hilton, who was born in Alna Dec. 1, 1770, daughter of Samuel Hilton. He 
died in Alna Aug. 4, 1819, and she married David Howard of Jefferson, Me. 
She died March 1, 1847. 

Children born in Alna, Me.: 
£743 James, bom Feb. 22, 1791 ; married Mary A. Ayers.* 

2744 Nathaniel, bom May 15, 1793; married Alice Erskine.* 

2745 Benjamin, bom June 22, 1795; married Caroline Cooper.* 

2746 Jeremiah, bom Sept. 7, 1797 ; married Nancy Longfellow.* 

2747 Isaac, born Sept. 22, 1805; married (1st) Sarah Palmer; (2d) 

Miriam Pottle.* 

1375 MARY STICKNEY (Abigair*% Aaron"S Jeremiah«% Jere- 
miah^**, Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Newbury, Mass., Nov. 1, 1752. She 
married Ignatius Haskell, Esq., of Deer Isle, who died in Newbury Sept. 8, 


2748 Aaron Stickney, bora Oct. 25, 1775. 

1377 AMOS STICKNEY (Abigair''^ Aaron"S Jeremiah«% Jere- 
miah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Newbury, Mass., Sept. 24, bap- 
tized Nov. 2, 1755. He married there March 11, 1779, Sarah Gerrish of 
Newbury. They Hved in Newbury, where he was a shipwright and where he 
died May 15, 1788. His widow married Aug. 7, 1792, Enoch Pierce, and 
had three children. 

Children born in Newbury, Mass.: 

2749 Amos, bom March 1, 1780; died June — , 1802, unm. 

2750 William, born June 12, 1781 ; married Susannah Hale.* 

2751 Elizabeth, born Aug. 5, 1785 ; married May 16, 1824, Jesse Brown, 

and died May 3, 1826, s. p. 

2752 Benjamin, bom March 12, 1788; died July 21, 1830, unm. 

1379 LYDIA JEWETT (Eleazer««^ Eleazer"% Eleazer", Jeremiah^% 
Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Norwich, Conn., Jan. 15, 1756. She mar- 
ried at Preston, Conn., Aug. 1, 1782, Capt. John Wilson. She died Dec. 
4, 1794. 


2753 John, bom . 

2754 Increase, born ; married Rachel Fox. 

2755 Sally, bom ; married Col. William Belden of Preston, and died 

in 1850. 

S83 Jewett Genealogy 

2756 Lydia, born — — ; narried Hon. Samuel Ingham of Saybrook, Conn. 

2757 Thomas, bom ; died in Jewett City, Oct. — , 1845. 

2758 Catherine, bom ; married Dr. Tibbets of Jewett City. They 

had Mary, who died in Jewett City unm. ; Sarah, who married 
William Almy of Norwich, Conn. ; and John of Jewett City. 

1380 OLIVE JEWETT (Eleazer«'^ Eleazer--% Eleazer^", Jeremiah^% 
Joseph'*, Edward^), was bom in Norwich, Conn., Oct. 22, 1757. She mar- 
ried Pharez Clark, and lived in Montgomery, Mass., where he died. She 
then married Jabez Bills, and removed to Oneida Co., N. Y. 

Children of first hiisband: 

2759 Lydia, born . 

2760 Sally, born ; married Mr. Corning of Jewett City, who died in a 

few years, and she married second, Simon Brewster. She had by 
first husband, Guerdon, Lucretia, and Martha, who married Simon 
M. Brewster, son of her step-father. 

Children of second husband: 

2761 Junia, born . 

2762 Susan, born ; married Mr. Cogswell of Fabius, N. Y. 

2763 Thomas, born . 

2764 Edward, born . 

2765 Olive, born . 

1381 ELIZABETH JEWETT (Eleazer''% Eleazer"% Eleazer'% Jere- 
miah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Norwich, Conn., April 11, 1759. 
She married June 12, 1788; Jonas Boardman of Norwich, and died March 
7, 1843. 

Children : 

2766 Eleazer Jewett, born March 15, 1789; died Sept. —, 1846. 

2767 Betsey, born Sept. 9, 1790 ; died July 17, 1829. 

2768 Sally, born May 6, 1792; married Mr. Hutchinson and had a son. 

Rev. Charles Hutchinson of New Albany, Ind. 

2769 Elijah, bom July 24, 1794. 

2770 Lorana, born July 14, 1796. 

2771 Jonas, bom Jan. 26, 1798. 

2772 George, born April 11, 1800; died Sept. 12, 1825. 

1383 JOSEPH JEWETT (Eleazer'«^ Eleazer"% Eleazer", Jere- 
miaV, Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Norwich, Conn., Dec. 12, 1762. He 
married Oct. 13, 1785, Sally Johnson of Preston, Conn., who was bom July 
2, 1764, and died Nov. 18, 1786. He then married March 4, 1790, Betsey 
King of Lisbon, Conn., daughter of Joseph King. She was born June 17, 
1767, and died , 1840. Mr. Jewett lived in Lisbon, Conn., where he 

Seventh Generation 283 

was a nail-maker and farmer. He was a man of fine personal appearance, 
six feet in height and well proportioned; was of uncommon ability, always 
occupying positions of trust and responsibility in the town, and in 1820 was 
Representative to the Legislature from Lisbon. He was subject to gout, 
and died from it, Dec. 7, 1831. 

Children born in Lisbon, Corm. By 'first wife: 
2773 Sally, born Sept. 23, 1786 ; died March 18, 1787. 

By second xoife: 
9rn^ Betsey, born Dec. 20, 1790 ; married Daniel Palmer.* 

2775 Sarah (Sally), bom Feb. 13, 1792; married WilHam Dexter.* 

2776 Lydia, born Dec. 26, 1794; married Hudson Bottum.* 

2777 Anna S., born Oct. 19, 1796; married Curtis BUss.* 

2778 Eleazer, born Jan. 11, 1799; married (1st) Mary (Polly) Clark; 

(2d) Mary Ann (Russell) Mount.* 

2779 Henry, bom April 2, 1801; married (1st) Harriet Bentley; (2d) 

Eliza Chapman.* 

2780 Joseph King, born Dec. 25, 1802; married Abby Simons.* 

2781 Thomas Murdock, bom Sept. 30, 1804 ; married Eliza Godfrey.* 

2782 Charles, born Sept. 5, 1807 ; married Lucy Adams Tracy.* 

1385 THOMAS FREDERICK JEWETT (Thomas*'"'% Eleazer--% 
Eleazer^^, Jeremiah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Norwich, Conn., Nov. 
18, 1759. He married in 1786 Elsie Green, who was born April 8, 1763, 
daughter of Thomas Green of Bennington, Vt. They settled in Benning- 
ton, where he died Nov. 15, 1820. She died Aug. 11, 1856. They were 
buried on the farm with his father and mother. This farm was owned by a 
Jewett nearly one hundred years, and was sold to John Robinson by Samuel 
Jewett, son of Levi. 

Mr. Jewett was a soldier in the Revolution, and served as follows : 
" Pay Roll of Capt. William Hutchins Co., of Provincial Troops in service 
of tJ. S. of America commencing May 1, ending Nov. 30, 1778, Frederick 
Jewett 7 mo." 

" Pay Roll Capt. Charles Parker's Co., Col. Samuel Herrick's Regt. of 
Vol. taken from 12 of Oct. to 7 Nov., 1780, Frederick Jewett." 

" Pay Roll of Capt. Eli Noble's Co., of Militia in Pownal, in Col. Eben^ 
Walbridge's Regt., as marched to Saratoga on the alarm in July 1781 with 
Capt. Eli Noble. Fredk. Jewett." (" Rev. War Rolls of Vt.") 

Children born in Bennington, Vt.: 

2783 Eunice, born May 27, 1787 ; died March 21, 1869, unm. She was a 

woman of fine business ability, and owned a farm of three hundred 
acres adjoining that of her brother. She adopted Samuel Jewett 
(4796) after the death of his parents. 

284 Jewett Genealogy 

2784 Levi, born July 18, 1789; married (1st) Laura Perry; (2d) Joanna f 


2785 Tryphosa, bom July 3, 1791; married Loring Brewster.* 

2786 Lydia, bom Sept. 24, 1793 ; married Job Green.* 

2787 Laura, bora July 25, 1796; married Barrel Green.* 

1386 SAMUEL JEWETT (Thomas'«% Eleazer"% Eleazer", Jere- 
miah^% Joseph*, Edward'), was bom in Norwich, Conn., June 5, 1761. 
He married in Pownal, Vt., Feb. 23, 1789, Lucy Hungerford, who was bora 
in New Fairfield, Vt., July 3, 1773, daughter of Amasa Hungerford of 

Pownal. ' 

During the Revolution he served from April 18 to June 18 in Capt. 
Tehan Noble's Co. of Militia ; also on pay roll of Capt. Eli Noble's Co., in 
Maj. Ebenezer Allen's Detachment from Aug. 16, 1780, service 67 days; 
also " Pay Roll of Capt. EH Noble's Co., of Militia in Pownal in Col. Eben'" ; 

Walbridge's Regt. as marched in the alarm to Castleton in Oct. 1781 with 
Capt. Eli Noble. Samuel Jewett enhsted Oct. 23, served 11 days." 
(" Rev. War Rolls of Vt.") 

He settled in Weybridge, Vt., after his marriage, and was the first 
Town Clerk of that place, holding the office twenty-six years; was Justice 
of the Peace twenty-two years, and was returned to the Legislature by 
Weybridge eighteen years, until he declined any further service. He died 
in Weybridge Oct. 20, 1830. His widow died there Jan. 24, 1838. 

Children born in Weybridge, Vt.: 

2788 Elizabeth, born Jan. 8, 1790; married Peter Saxe.* 

2789 Thomas, bora Jan. 13, 1792; married (1st) Sarah Brewster; (2d) 

Naomi Barber.* 

2790 Samuel A., born Dec. 14, 1794 ; married Marie Xexerera.* 

2791 Philo, born Nov. 24, 1805; married Eliza Landon.* 

2792 Solomon Wright, bora May 22, 1808; married (1st) FideHa Bell; 

(2d) Mary Catharine Jewett (2915).* 

2793 Charles C, bora June 13, 1810; married Catharine Charlotte Sco- 


1387 COMFORT JEWETT (Thomas^*', Eleazer22% Eleazer", Jere- 
miah'^ Joseph*, Edward'), was bora in Norwich, Conn., Sept. 13, 1763. 
She married in Pownal, Vt., Ephraim Mann, son of Seth Mann of Brain- 
tree, Mass. She died in Pownal, April 12, 1831. 


2794 Eunice, bora July 25, 1782; married Joseph Parker.* 

2795 Polly, born Feb. 28, 1784; married Solomon Bennett.* 

2796 Tryphosa, bora Aug. 23, 1789 ; married Dr. Cranmer Bannister.* 

Seventh Generation 285 

1388 EUNICE JEWETT (Thomas««% Eleazer"«, Eleazer", Jere- 
miah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Norwich, Conn., Aug. 13, 1764. 
She married Nov. 19, 1782, Solomon Wright, who was bom at Fort Hoosic, 
near North Adams, Mass., Dec. 28, 1763, son of Charles and Ruth (Bolt- 
wood) Wright of Pownal, Vt. Mr. Wright was Representative of Pownal 
in the Vermont Legislature for the years 1796, 1803, 1804, 1815, 1816, 
1817, 1821, and 1823, and was Judge of the County Probate Court. He 
was gifted with a sound judgment and fine natural abihties; often appeared 
as an advocate before referees and auditors, and in Justice's Court displaying 
great skill both in management and argument, and sometimes rising to a 
surpassing eloquence (Slafter). 

He died in Pownal, March 24, 1837. She died there Sept. 14, 1851. 

Children born m Pownal, Vt.: 

2797 Charles, bom Aug. 8, 1783 ; married Eunice Robinson.* 

2798 Thomas Jewett, bom April 7, 1785 ; died April 20, 1813, unm. He 

was an undergraduate of Williams College, class of 1810. Was 
admitted to the bar in 1812, and practised law in Bennington, Vt. 

2799 Solomon, born Jan. 27, 1787; married Eleanor Seeley.* 

2800 Pliny, born March 19, 1789; married Finette Wadsworth.* 

2801 Eunice, bom Aug. 4, 1791; married (1st) William Lovett; (2d) 

David Gardner.* 

2802 Ruth, born Feb. 20, 1794. 

2803 Leppy, bom Oct. 20, 1796; died Nov. 26, 1840. 

2804 Sophia, born Nov. 15, 1798 ; married Ezra Bowma Hoxie.* 

2805 Isaac Tichenor, bom July 18, 1802 ; married Delia H. Adams. They 

lived in Castleton, Vt., where he practised law. He was Judge 
of the County Court several terms, and represented Castleton in 
the Vermont Legislature 1851, 1852, 1859, and 1860. He died 
Oct. 12, 1862. 

2806 Sarah Russell, born Aug. 31, 1804. 

2807 Elvira, bom July 19, 1808 ; married Hinckley Williams.* 

1389 TRYPHENA JEWETT (Thomas««% Eleazer-'% Eleazer", 
JeremiaV, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Norwich, Conn., Dec. 15, 1767. 
She married May 3, 1784, Abraham Dunning, who was born in 1765, son 
of Michael Dunning of Pownal, Vt. They settled in Weybridge, Vt., where 
he died Aug. 22, 1842. She died there Nov. 23, 1843. 

Children born in Weybridge, Vt.: 

2808 Samuel, born Nov. 18, 1786; married Abigail Wallace.* 

2809 Fanny, born Dec. 6, 1790; married (1st) Dr. Daniel Spaulding; 

(2d) Joseph Rix.* 

2810 Clarissa, bom Aug. 19, 1792 ; married Conrade Saxe.* 

2811 John, bom April 19, 1794; married Mary Condon.* 

286 Jewett Genealogy 

2812 Loan, born Dec. 23, 1795; married Alzina Little.* 

2813 Abraham, born June 1, 1798; married Louisa McEving.* 
2814! Frederic, born March 6, 1800; married Catherine Zibble.* 

2815 Erasmus Darwin, born Nev. 7, 1803 ; married Mrs. Lucinda Gamble, 

and lived in Vincennes, Ind., where he died in 1847. One child, 
Emeline Tryphena. 

2816 Tryphena, born Nov. 24, 1806; married Newell Dustin and settled 

in Wisconsin, where she died March 10, 1847. Two children, viz., 
Morris and Lewis. 

2817 Tryphosa, bom Sept. 2, 1809; died in Weybridge, Jan. 19, 1899, 

unm. She was remarkable for her helpful kindness in the town 
where she had always lived. 

1390 TRYPHOSA JEWETT (Thomas*'*'% Eleazer-^^, Eleazer^-, Jere- 
miah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Norwich, Conn., Dec. 15, 1767. She 
married Silas Hathaway, who was born in 1763, son of Simeon Hathaway of 
Bennington, Vt. They lived in St. Albans, Vt. He was a Judge of the 
Coimty Court and a member of the Vermont Legislature. She died in St. 
Albans, Jan. 25, 1820. He died there Nov. 9, 1831. 

Children, all except first born in St. Albans, Vt.: 

2818 Mary, born March 6, 1788 ; married John Howes Burton.* 

2819 Tryphosa, born Feb. 20, 1790; married Col. Shadrack Hathaway.* 

2820 Silas, bom Jan. 9, 1794 ; died . 

2821 Sophia, born April 30, 1797; married Silas Pomroy Hannson.* 

2822 Hiram, born May 24, 1798 ; married Adaline Tullar.* 

2823 Helen, born Aug. 22, 1803 ; married Sidney Chamberlin Burton.* 

2824 Thomas Jewett, born June 10, 1805; died in St. Albans, April 26, 


2825 Esther, bom June 17, 1807 ; married John Barney.* 

1391 ELEAZER JEWETT (Thomas««% Eleazer''^ Eleazer", Jere- 
miah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Pownal, Vt., Sept. 22, 1769. He 
married in Swanton, Vt., in 1795, Mary Pratt, who was bom in Swanton in 
1775, daughter of John and Betty Marrick (Pratt) Pratt. They settled 
in St. Albans, Vt., where he was a mill owner and farmer ; was Countj'^ Sur- 
veyor, and held various town offices. He died In St. Albans May 20, 1815. 
His widow died there Aug. 4, 1842. 

Children born in St. Albans, Vt.: 

2826 Eleazer, bom Dec. 18, 1796; married Dorothy Abel.* 

2827 Mary, born in 1799; died Jan. 21, 1833, unm. 

2828 Erastus, born July 12, 1801 ; married Cynthia Serena Robinson.* 

2829 Harriet, born in 1804; died Feb. 3, 1832, unm. 

Seventh Generation 287 

1392 MARY JEWETT (Thomas°"% Eleazer"", Eleazer'-, Jeremiah", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Pownal, Vt., March 26, 1772. She married 
Col. Joseph Bowdish, who was born Aug. 8, 1766. They settled in Fair- 
field, Vt., where she died April 18, 1795. He then married, Aug. 17, 1796, 
Amanda Butler. He was Sheriff of Franklin County several years, and died 
April 18, 1820. 

Children born in Fairfield, Vt.: 

2830 Columbus Jewett, born April 16, 1790; married Ruth Smith.* 

2831 Mary, born Oct. 28, 1792 ; died Sept. 12, 1800. 

2832 Eunice, born March 20, 1795; died Sept. 1, 1829. 

1393 ERASTUS JEWETT (Thomas•'*^^ Eleazer''% Eleazer'% Jere- 
miah^% Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Pownal, Vt., Sept. 27, 1775. He 
married Rachel Morgan, who was born April 25, 1779, daughter of Ben- 
jamin Morgan of Pownal. 

They lived in Pownal, where for thirteen years he was Clerk of the 
town, and held other offices. He died there July 29, 1819. His widow died 
Aug. 7, 1859. 

Children born in Ponmal, Vt.: 

2833 Mary, born Jan. 2, 1800; died Nov. 4, 1866, unm. 

2834 Eunice, born May 21, 1803; married Joseph Keyes.* 

2835 Lucy, born July 9, 1805; married Eber Dunham.* 

2836 Erastus Thomas, born Dec. 27, 1807; married Clarissa Carpenter.* 

2837 Rachel, born May 4, 1810; married Abraham G. Fowler.* 

2838 Abigail, born Aug. 3, 1814 ; died April 20, 1869, unm. 

Three other children that died in infancy. 

1394 LOAN JEWETT (Thomas*'''% Eleazer--^, Eleazer^-, Jeremiah", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Pownal, Vt., May 4, 1778. He married 
Sept. 12, 1800, Elizabeth Smith, daughter of Ephraim Smith of Bennington, 
Vt. He died Feb. 8, 1850. 


2839 Giles, born Sept. 12, 1801 ; married Jane Ann (Powers) Northup.* 

2840 Ehzabeth, born April 13, 1803; married March 27, 1836, Riley Har- 

rington of Shaftsbury, Vt., and resided in Bennington, Vt. 

2841 Ruth, bom Sept. 20, 1807 ; married Nairn Burgess.* 

2842 Stephen, born April 8, 1812; married Mrs. Emeline (Downs) Mor- 

gan, daughter of Jesse Downs of Pownal and widow of Erastus 
Morgan. They lived in Bennington and had Loan, bom Oct. 30, 
1850, died Oct. 14, 1865. 

1395 ICHABOD JEWETT (Ichabod'''^, Eleazer^2% Eleazer^^ Jere- 
miah'", Joseph*, Edward'), was bom in Coventry, Conn., Sept. 19, 1763. 
He married Feb. 24, 1786, Jennett Richardson, who died in her 28th year. 
He then married Sept. 22, 1795, Irene Richardson, who was born Dec. 8, 

288 Jewett Genealogy 

1772, daughter of Justus and Submit (Throp) Richardson. Mr. Jewett 
was a farmer and lived in Coventry, Conn., where he died April 1, 1811. His 
widow married Mr. Huntington, and died Feb. 15, 1856. 

Children born in Coventry, Conn., by first wife: 

2843 Harriet, bom Sept. 1, 1786; died March 8, 1811. 

2844 Lydia, born May 27, 1788; married Samuel White. They lived in 

Buffalo, N. Y., where she died July 3, 1844, leaving two sons, 
James and Ichabod. 

2845 Orrin, born Feb. 5, 1790 ; died Sept. 12, 1791. 

2846 Orson, bom June 12, 1792 ; died Sept. 23, 1793. 

Children by second wife: 

2847 Orrin, bom June 25, 1797 ; married EHza Denison.* 

2848 Jennett, born March 3, 1799; married Mr. Dimmock. 

2849 Irene, bom Nov. 3, 1802 ; married Abram Bradt.* 

2850 Maria, bom Nov. 25, 1806 ; married Guy Barber.* 

2851 James, born Dec. 23, 1809 ; died April 15, 1818. 

1396 BENJAMIN JEWETT (Ichabod««% ElJazer"% Eleazer", Jere- 
miah^", Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Coventry, Conn., April 23, 1765. 
He married Oct. 7, 1787, Lucretia Richardson, and settled in Pelham, Mass., 
where he was a member of the School Committee in 1798. He later removed 
to Ludlow, Mass., and from there to Greenwich, Mass., where he lived a 
short while and then removed to Bennington, Vt., and from there to McHenry 
Co., 111., where he died Oct. 14, 1845. 


2852 James Marsh, born Sept. 29, 1788; married Susan Weeks.* 

2853 Henry Barloe, bora in Pelham, Mass, March 29, 1791 ; died June 6, 


2854 Jennett, bom in Pelham, Mass., March 20, 1794; died in 1867. 

2855 Lucretia, bom in Pelham, Mass., April 20, 1796; married Eldad 

Barton, and died June 3, 1836. 

2856 Harriet, born in Pelham, Mass., June 13, 1798; died March 21, 


2857 Laura, bom in Pelham, Mass., Oct. 8, 1800; married George Hale. 

She died in 1884. 

2858 Mabel, bom in Pelham, Mass., March 31, 1803 ; married George Hale, 

and died April 13, 1873, s. p. 

2859 Marcus Lyon, born in Pelham, Mass., April 21, 1806; married 

Geviah Carver.* 

2860 Harriet Newell, born in Ludlow, Mass., April 13, 1808; married 

Thomas Brown.* 

2861 Benjamin Marlin, bom Aug. 20, 1810. 

Seventh Generation 289 

2862 Sexton Butler, bom in Greenwich, Mass., Oct. 4*, 1816 ; married Ellen 

M. Carver.* 

1397 ELEAZER JEWETT (Ichabod''% Eleazer''% Eleazer", Jere- 
miah^", Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Coventry, Conn., Nov. 29, 1769. 
He married Submit Porter, who was born April 27, 1772, and died July 24, 
1827. He married second, Olive Kingsbury Clark. 

Mr. Jewett settled in Coventry, Conn., and removed to a farm in Lang- 
don, N. H., where he lived until late in life, when he sold his place and removed 
to Michigan, where his son had preceded him. He died there. 

Children, all by -first wife: 

2863 Lester, bom in Coventry, Conn., May 18, 1793; married Hannah 


2864 Nathan, bom in Coventry, Conn., , 1795 ; married (1st) 

Betsey Hoadley; (2d) Lucretia Fish.* 

2865 Electa, bom in Coventry, Conn., April 30, 1797; married Samuel 


2866 Eleazer, bom in Coventry, Conn., , 1799; married Azubah 

L. MiUer.* 

2867 Wales, born in Coventry, Conn., , 1800; married Pattie 


2868 Neil, born in Langdon, N. H., Jan. 11, 1803 ; married Nancy White.* 

2869 Joseph Porter, bom in Langdon, N. H., Feb. 25, 1807; married 

Maranda Freer.* 

2870 Harvey, bom in Langdon, N. H., Nov. — , 1809; married Mary M. 


2871 Mary, born in Langdon, N. H., April 20, 1812; married William 

Emerson Damon.* 

2872 Thomas, bom in Langdon, N. H., July 23, 1818; married Jane 

Barnet Clark.* 

1398 NATHAN JEWETT (Ichabod««% Eleazer"', Eleaze^^^ Jere- 
miah", Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Coventry, Conn., March 12, 1772. 
He married Lucy Perry, a sister of Commodore Perry. He lived in Pownal, 
Vt., and died Jan. 13, 1835. She died April 3, 1869, aged 84 years. 


2873 Perry, bom Feb. 3, 1800; died Jan. 3, 1851. 

2874 Henry, bom Aug. 19, 1801 ; died Nov. 10, 1879. 

2875 Harriet, bom Feb. 24, 1803. 

2876 Alden, born Feb. 7, 1805 ; died in 1878. 

2877 Walter P., bom July 26, 1806 ; died in 1879. 

2878 William Nelson, bom July 19, 1808; married Sarepta A. Bennett.* 

290 Jewett Genealogy 

2879 Nathan, bom June 16, 1811. He was a Methodist minister, and died 

in 1871. 

2880 Susan Alvira, born May 27, 1813 ; died March 22, 1831. 

2881 Sal]y Jennett, born Jan. 7, 1815 ; died July 19, 1819. 

2882 Lucy Edna, born June 22, 1817 ; died Aug. 14, 1861. 

2883 Celinda, born May 14, 1819; died Oct. 19, 1866. 
2884- Sarah Maria, born June 12, 1822; died April 7, 1859. 

2885 Mary Angeline, born Jan. 5, 1826; died Nov. 26, 1849. 

1402 ELAM JEWETT (Elam'", Eleazer"«, Eleazer^-, Jeremiah'% 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Tyringham, Mass., Nov. 19, 1770. He 

married Lydia , and lived in Berkshire, Vt., where she died. He 

then married, Feb. 20, 1803, Lucy Rice. Mr. Jewett was prominent in 
Berkshire, was active and efficient in conducting the business of the town, 
filling in succession most of the town offices, discharging that of Magistrate, 
and occasionally serving as Representative in the Legislature. He later 
removed to Ohio, where he died Sept. 9, 1824; was buried in the Olentangy 
Cemetery, Franklin Co., Ohio. His widow married Dr. Benjamin Piatt of 
Columbus, Ohio. 

Children by first wife: 

2886 Laura, born Oct. 27, 1798; married Francis Elliott.* 

2887 Benjamin Frankhn, born July 29, 1800; married (1st) Eliza 

Bridges ; (2d) Mrs. Sarah Carter.* 

Children by second zeife: 

2888 Lydia, born Nov. 20, 1803 ; married Luther Hillory, and died Jan. 

7, 1876. 

2889 Caleb Rice, born Sept. 12, 1805 ; died July 19, 1887, s. p. 

2890 Lucinda, bom Oct. 8, 1807 ; died Sept. 25, 1827. 

2891 Electa, born Nov. 18, 1809 ; died Jan. 23, 1857, unm. 

2892 Othniel, born Aug. 14, 1812; married (1st) Catherine Jewett 

(2903) ; (2d) Joanna Johns.* 

2893 Harriet, bom March 22, 1815 ; married Daniel Miner, and died July 

17, 1842. 

2894 Miranda, born Jan. 20, 1817; married William Cole Stevenson.* 

2895 Eunice, born March 12, 1819; married Ezra Booth.* 

2896 Catherine, born July 7, 1821; died Jan. 16, 1831. 

1403 CAPT. JARED JEWETT (Elam«^\ Eleazer"«, Eleazer", Jere- 
miah^"^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Tryingham, Mass., Jan. 26, 1772; 
married in Castleton, Vt., Nov. 17, 1794, Catherine Donahue. They settled 
in East Berkshire, Vt., and later removed to Ohio. He died in Ferrisburg, 
Ohio, and his wife died in Clinton Township, in the same State. 

Mr. Jewett was a Captain in the War of 1812; was eminently an up- 
right, humane, and firm man, and very domestic in habits. 

Seventh Generation 291 

Children born in East Berkshire, Vt.: 

2897 Angellne, born Feb. 9, 1796. 

2898 Jeremiah, born July 23, 1797 ; lived in Ohio. 

2899 Amanda, bom Dec. 1, 1803. 

2900 Betsy, born Dec. 1, 1806. 

2901 Alexander, bom April 24, 1810. 

2902 Jared O'Connor, born Nov. 10, 1813. 

2903 Catherine, born Dec. 6, 1817; married Othniel Jewett (see 2829). 

1404 JEREMIAH JEWETT (Elam'^S Eleazer-=^% Eleazer'-, Jere- 
miah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Tyringham, Mass., Dec. 7, 1773.-"d. '?/S' 
He married and had the following children. '-'■■ -c • !" '-i-^.^ 


2904 George, born . Settled in New York. 

2905 Nelson, born - — : — ^ — . Settled in Vermont. >-9^^?uci^.Mn h* >>o.X-o- 

2906 Orris, born . Settled in New York. 

1407 OTHNIEL JEWETT (Elam^'S Eleazer"% Eleazer'-, Jeremiah", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Tyringham, Mass., Jan. 11, 1779. He 
married in New Haven, Vt., March 1, 1801, Susannah Nash, who was born 
in Goshen, Conn., Jan. 22, 1783, daughter of William and Susannah 
(Phelps) Nash. Mr. Jewett settled in New Haven, Vt., where he was a 
clothier and farmer, and where his wife died May 30, 1828. He died in 
Essex, Vt., July 16, 1856; buried in New Haven. Mr. Jewett served in the 
Legislature several terms, and was Justice of the Peace nearly forty consecu- 
tive years. 

Children horn in New Haven, Vt. : 

2907 Abigail Nash, bom Dec. 9, 1802 ; married John P. Buttolph.* 

2908 Eliza, born July 26, 1805 ; died Jan. 6, 1806. 

2909 George Dennis, born Nov. 23, 1806; married Clarinda Taggart.* 

2910 James Madison, born Nov. 9, 1808. He studied medicine and died 

in Middlebury, Vt., Dec. 17, 1829, as he was about to graduate. 

2911 Elam Richardson, bom Dec. 7, 1810; married Caroline Wheeler.* 

2912 Edward, bom Dec. 28, 1812; married Harriet Bradley. He was 

murdered in California in 1849. 

2913 A son, born Jan. 20, 1815 ; died Feb. 20, 1815. 

2914 Eliza Ann, born Jan. 17, 1817; married Rev. Sanford Halbert.* 

2915 Mary Catherine, born July 6, 1819; married Solomon Wright Jewett 

(see 2792). 

2916 Susan Nash, born Feb. 13, 1823; married Edward Northrup.* 

2917 Martha Matilda, born Jan. 6, 1825 ; died Aug. 20, 1849, unm. 

1409 ALPHEUS JEWETT (Elam^S Eleazer"% Eleazer", Jere- 
miaV, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Tyringham, Mass., June 6, 1782. 

293 Jewett Genealogy 

His early days were passed in Weyb ridge and Berkshire, Vt., where he mar- 
ried, June 28, 1804, Samantha Munson of Vermont, who was born Sept. 3, 
1786, and died in Berkshire July 16, 1809. He then married, Aug. 22, 
1810, Philinda Doud of Vermont, who was bom March 16, 1787, and died 
in Granville, Ohio, July 30, 1823. He married third, Dec. 2, 1823, Mrs. 
Aletha Granger, who was bom Jan. 30, 1793, widow of Colonel Oren Gran- 
ger. She died in Fairfield, Iowa, May 26, 1881. 

Mr. Jewett was a blacksmith and toolmaker, and settled in Berkshire, 
Vt. In 1814 he removed to Granville, Ohio, with a colony of New England 
people, and in 1829 removed to Newark, Ohio, where he died, Sept. 
5, 1858. He followed his trade in Ohio, and during the construction 
of the Ohio canal he made and repaired the tools used in that project. He 
was an officer in the War of 1812, and at the time of his death was the oldest 
Mason in the State, and his funeral was largely attended by members of that 
order from different sections of the State. 

Children by first wife: 

2918 Deha Evaline, born in Berkshire, Vt., Aug. 23, 1805; married Abel 

P. Wightman.* 

2919 Rosilla Adelaide, bom in Berkshire, Vt., June 19, 1807 ; married 

George Ives Abbott.* 

Children by second wife: 

2920 Alfred Albert, bom in Berkshire, Vt., July 4, 1811 ; died young. 

2921 Albert Alfred, born in Berkshire, Vt., Dec. 24, 1813 ; died in Newark, 

Ohio, Dec. 26, 1829. 

2922 David Doud, born in Granville, Ohio, Dec. 6, 1815; married (1st) 

Lucy Gilman (2d) Mary Olive Taylor; (3d) Sarah Shapley Niles.* 

2923 Rollin Chapin, bom in Granville, Ohio, Aug. 27, 1817; married Lo- 

rinda Munson, and died Sept. 26, 1875, leaving one child, Emma, 
who resides in Granville. 

2924 Samantha Philinda, born in Granville, Ohio, Aug. 27, 1817; married 

William C. Clearman.* 

2925 Helen Melvina, bom in Granville, Ohio, July 7, 1821 ; died July 20, 


Children by third wife: 

2926 Helen Maria, bom in Granville, Ohio, Nov. 8, 1824 ; died in Newark, 

Ohio, Aug. 16, 1834. 

2927 Henry, born in Newark, Ohio, Feb. 4, 1827; married Eliza Jane 


2928 Ann, born in Newark, Ohio, May 13, 1829 ; married John W. Dennis.* 

2929 Mary, born in Newark, Ohio, March 16, 1832; married James F. 


2930 Sarah Susan, born in Newark, Ohio, Sept. 13, 1834 ; married John H. 


Seventh Geneeation 293 

2931 Nathan, born in Newark, Ohio, April 3, 1836; married Mary S. 


1410 BETSEY JEWETT (Elam^S Eleazer'==% Eleazer", Jeremiah", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Tyringham, Mass., Feb. 29, 1784. She mar- 
ried in East Berkshire, Vt., Oct. 21, 1803, John Parker, who was born in Tyr- 
ingham in 1782, son of Joseph (a Revolutionary soldier) and Hannah (Ris- 
ley) Parker of East Berkshire. He was a farmer in East Berkshire, where 
he died Aug. 15, 1808. She married second, Sept. 10, 1809, Andrew 
Comings, who was bom in Cornish, N. H., May 6, 1785. They lived in 
East Berkshire, and Enosburg, Vt., where he died March 6, 1854. 

Children hy -first husband, horn in East Berkshire, Vt.: 

2932 Orin Langdon, born July 14, 1805; died July 18, 1805. ^ 

2933 John, born May 31, 1807; married Persis Follett.* : 

Children by second husband: 

2934 Benjamin, born in Berkshire, Vt., Dec. 2, 1810; married Mary Hunt- 


2935 Elam J., bom in Berkshire, Vt., April 22, 1812; died in Kingsville, 

Ohio, Nov. 23, 1894. 

2936 Jane C, bom in Berkshire, Vt., March 2, 1816; married James Fol- 

lett, brother of Persis, who married John Parker above. 

2937 Andrew, bom in Berkshire, Vt., Dec. 27, 1817. He was living in 

Oberlin, Ohio, in 1905. 

2938 William, bom in Enosburg, Vt., Dec. 20, 1820; died there April 26, 


2939 Horace, bom in Enosburg, Vt., Sept. 10, 1822 ; died Oct. 14, 1823. 

2940 William Alexander, bom in Enosburg, Vt., May 8, 1826. He had 

a son Homer F., and a son Dr. Fred W. Comings, who live in Derby, 
Vt., and a daughter who married E. M. Brown and Hves in Sheldon. 

1412 HUMPHREY R. JEWETT (Elam«", Eleazer"«, Eleazer", Jere- 
miah^', Joseph*, Edward^), was bom . He married Thankful 

Clark and settled in Canada ; died in Delaware Co., Ohio, in 1856. 


2941 Bolinda Elmira, bom March 1, 1811; married (1st) Henry How- 

land; (2d) Edward Johnson.* 

2942 CaroUne Amelia, bom March 29, 1814 ; died young. 

2943 Emily Manderville, born June 15, 1819; married John Manning.* 

2944 William Willshire, born May 3, 1819; died in infancy. 

2945 Angeline Desire, bom Aug. 26, 1820 ; married George Sweet, and had 

Edna and Edgar. 

2946 James Daniel, born May 30, 1825; married Salona Sweet.* 

294i Jewett Genealogy 

1417 THADDEUS JEWETT (Nathan''% Caleb"^ Eleazer", Jere- 

miah^% Joseph*, Edward^), was bom . He married Sept. 28, 1821, 

Sally Smith, who was bom Sept. 5, 1786, daughter of Nathaniel and Jane 
(Ressequie) Smith. They settled in Galway, Saratoga Co., N. Y., where he 
died May 22, 1854. She died Oct. 31, 1880. 


2947 Mary, bom Sept. 25, 1822 ; married Sept. 6, 1843, William Rockwell 

of Ridgefield, Conn. He died Aug. 24, 1875. 

2948 Ehzabeth, born Nov. 17, 1824 ; married Aug. 26, 1849, Rev. George 

Justice Harrison of Milton, Conn. 

1419 MARGARET JEWETT (Thaddeus^'S Caleb"% Eleazer", Jere- 
miah^^ Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Harford Co., Maryland, Oct. 4, 1774. 
She married Feb. 27, 1793, Joshua Husband, who was born in Chester Co., 
Pa., Dec. 28, 1764, son of Joseph and Mary (Pusey) Husband, who removed 
to Harford Co., Md., in 1768. Mr. and Mrs. Husband resided in Harford 
Co., where he died Jan. 19, 1837. She died Dec. 1, 1843. 

Children born in Harford Co., Md.: 

2949 Mary, born Nov. 29, 1793; married Dr. Thomas Worthington.* 

2950 Joseph, bom June 28, 1796 ; married Mary B. Lafetra.* 

2951 Anna, bom Jan. 23, 1798 ; married Anthony P. Morris.* 

2952 Herman, born May 12, 1800; died Dec. 30, 1883, unm. 

2953 John Jewett, bom March 10, 1803; died July 1, 1871, unm. 

2954 Joshua, born Nov. 16, 1807 ; married Ruth M. Pennock.* 

2955 Margaret, born Sept. 12, 1810; married Dr. Rigbie Massey, who was 

born Feb. 15, 1807, son of Aquila Massey. He died without issue, 
and she married July 24, 1844, William Hopkins, who was born 
March 29, 1804, son of Samuel Hopkins. He died Jan. 25, 1866- 
She died May 25, 1881. One child, WiUiam, who died in infancy. 

2956 Thomas Jewett, born April 12, 1813 ; married Mary Richardson.* 

1420 JOHN JEWETT (Thaddeus*''*, Caleb"% Eleazer", Jeremiah'% 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born near Deer Creek, Harford Co., Md., March 7, 
1777. He married June 16, 1808, Susanna Judge, who was born at 
Uwchland, Pa., Dec. 21, 1778, daughter of Hugh and Susannah (Hatton) 
Judge. Hugh Judge and Margaret his wife, who were Catholics, emigrated 
to Philadelphia from Ireland. Their son, Hugh Judge, became an eminent 
preacher in the Society of Friends. His memorial, consisting of 200 or more 
pages of the diary of his life and his work for that Society, with casual refer- 
ences to his personal affairs and to his family, was published in Philadelphia 
about 1834. He became a Hicksite, and was a close personal friend of Elias 
Hicks. Joseph Hatton and his wife Susannah emigrated to Philadelphia 
from Ireland. They were members of the Society of Friends, and returned 

Seventh Generation 295 

to Ireland, where Mr. Hatton died. H'is widow soon married Thomas Light- 
foot, a prominent citizen of Philadelphia, and returned there, where she made 
her home. She became a noted preacher in the Society of Friends. 

Mr. Jewett was a farmer and lived near Deer Creek, Md., where he 
died Jan. 28, 1854. His wife died Sept. 13, 1853. Both are buried in the 
Hicksite Cemetery, Darlington, Harford Co., Md. 

Children born near Deer Creek, Md.: 

2957 Thomas Lightfoot, born April 9, 1809; married (1st) Jane Gihnan 

Belknap; (2d) Ann Haines.* 

2958 James Judge, born Feb. 26, 1810 ; married Jane Shoemaker Stock- 


2959 John, born May 25, 1811. He engaged in the manufacture of iron, 

subsequently removing to Baltimore, where he became a speculator 
in real estate, and where he died April 5, 1900. Buried in Green- 
mount Cemetery. No issue. 

2960 Joshua Husband, bora Oct. 13, 1812 ; married Mary Jay La Rue.* 

2961 Edward Hatton, born April 27, 1814. He engaged in the leather 

business with his elder brother, Thomas, in New York, and started 
with two or three of his associates for Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 
1830, with a stock of leather, but was never heard from after 
leaving New Orleans. The expedition was always supposed to have 
been destroyed by the Indians. 

2962 Isaac Webster, born Jan. 10, 1816; married Elizabeth Page, and 

died in Baltimore, Md., April 14, 1891, s. p. He studied law with 
Colonel Jonathan C. Groome, in Elkton, Md., and practised in 
Louisiana ; was Collector of the port of Pearl River, Miss. He 
subsequently returned to Baltimore and engaged in the real estate 
business with his brother John. Later was elected President of 
the Potomac Fire Insurance Company, of which he remained Pres- 
ident until his death. 

2963 Hugh Judge, born July 1, 1817; married (1st) Sarah Jane Ellis; 

(2d) Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Kelly.* 

2964 Anne Webster, born Oct. 23, 1818 ; married Stephen Stuart Johns.* 

2965 Joseph Husband, born April 8, 1820; married in Lincoln, Va., Feb. 

25, 1850, Tacy Mitchell Janney, who was bora Jan. 30, 1820, 
daughter of Abijah and Mary Janney of Alexandria, Va. She 
died Oct. 28, 1894, s. p. Mr. Jewett was a farmer in Lincoln, 
and died in Purcellville, Va., Nov. 24, 1903, where he was buried. 

2966 Samuel Hopkins, born Oct. 26, 1822 ; died April 28, 1823 ; buried in 

the Quaker Cemetery, Darlington, Md. 

Caleb"^*, Eleazer^^, Jeremiah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Sharon, 
Conn., Aug. 4, 1791. He married Dec. 14, 1814, Fannie Warner.. Mr. 

296 Jewett Genealogy 

Jewett settled in New York, and was a member of the Assembly in 1826 and 
1827; was a member of Congress from New York from 1831 to 1833; was 
a Judge of the Supreme Court of New York from 1846 to 1856, and died 
Feb 23, 1858. 


2967 William H., born ; married Eliza Riddle of Delaware. He 

was a lawyer in Skaneateles, N. Y., and died leaving one son, Free- 
bom Garretson Jewett, of Albany, N. Y. 

1429 STEPHEN S. JEWETT (Alpheus«'% Caleb"S Eleazer", Jere- 
miah^°, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Sharon, Conn., Nov. 10, 1793. He 
married there Dec. 21, 1816, Maria W. Adams, who died soon. He then mar- 
ried in Rush, Pa., March 19, 1819, Jemima Ross, who was born in Rush May 
1, 1800, and died in Kendall, N. Y., Mar. 7, 1879. Mr. Jewett was a far- 
mer and died in Kendall, Oct. 10, 1867. 

Children, all hy second "wife: 

2968 William Simeon, bom in Choconut, Pa., Jan. 17, 1824; died in Ken- 

dall, N. Y., Sept. 5, 1895, unm. 

2969 Daniel Ross, born in Rush, Pa., April 4, 1827 ; married Laura Ann 


2970 Sarah Maria, bom in Camilus, N. Y., May 4, 1829. Resides in 

Clarkson, N. Y., unm. 

2971 John, bora in Richmond, N. Y., July 13, 1834; married Ellen A. 


2972 Martha Jane, bom in Richmond, N. Y., Jan. 8, 1837 ; married Wil- 

liam Bristol.* 

2973 Stephen Sears, born in Richmond, N. Y., Feb. 20, 1839; died Sept. 

24, 1844. 

2974 Fanny, born in Richmond, N. Y., June 20, 1841 ; died Oct. 15, 1843. 

1431 NATHAN HUSSEY JEWETT (Alpheus'«^ Csdeh-'', Eleazer^% 
Jeremiah^', Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Sharon, Conn., March 21, 1799. 
He married April 13, 1824, Jane Hoffman, who was bom March 19, 1799, 
daughter of Abraham Hoffman. She died in New York City, Jan. 12, 1879. 
Mr. Jewett died in Poughkeepsie, N. Y., July 21, 1861. 

Children born in PoughJceepsie, N. Y. : 

2975 Jacob Boerum, bom May 14, 1825 ; married Maria Eliza Bayley.* 

2976 Sarah, born , 1827 ; died , 1846. 

1432 SIMEON B. JEWETT (Alpheus««% Caleb"^ Eleazer", Jere- 
miah^", Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Sharon, Conn., Aug. 12, 1801. He 
married in 1831 Nancy Cook. Mr. Jewett removed to Skaneateles, N. Y., 
where he studied law in the office of his brother. Judge Freeborn C. Jewett. 

Seventh Generation 297 

He was admitted to the bar in 1823, and settled in Clarkson, N. Y., where he 
died in 1860. He served several years as United States Marshall of the 
western part of New York, and was a prominent Mason. 


2977 Mary W., bom — * ; died unm. 

1433 JOHN S. JEWETT (Alpheus«'% Caleb"«, Eleazer", Jeremiah'% 

Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Sharon, Conn., . He married and 

lived in Sharon, which town he represented in the Legislature in 1851. In 
1855 he became General Railroad Commissioner of Connecticut. 

Children born in Sharon, Con/n.: 

2978 Simeon B., bom . He lives on the old homestead in Sharon. 

2979 Nathan H., born . 

2980 William, born . 

2981 Mary Walton, bom May 6, 1833 ; married John Sears.* 

2982 Julia A. Stevens, bom Oct. 29, 1834 ; married Vinson Gould Sears.* 

2983 Rebecca, born . 

1437 THOMAS JEWETT (Nehemiah'«% Jeremiah''% Nehemiah", 
Jeremiah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., May 29, 1776. 
He married May 17, 1804, Sarah Burpee, of Candia, N. H., who was bom in 
Boscawen, N. H., Jan. 7, 1788, and died in Salisbury, Mass., Dec. 13, 1842. 

Mr. Jewett graduated from Harvard College in 1797, and settled in 
Georgetown, Mass., where he was a teacher, shoemaker, and later a farmer. 
He died in Georgetown April 17, 1866. 


2984 James B., bora Nov. 27, 1804 ; died May 7, 1880. 

2985 Thomas H., born Sept. 16, 1806; died in Calcutta, India, where his 

descendants reside. 

2986 Nathan B., bom Aug. 20, 1808 ; died Feb. 21, 1878. No issue. 

2987 Sally, bom March 7, 1811 ; died Dec. 22, 1814. 

2988 Alfred Washington, bom April 7, 1816; married Abigail Sargent.* 

2989 Sarah Ann, bom May 28, 1822. 

2990 William H., bora Dec. 27, 1824 ; died without issue. 

2991 Mary Elizabeth, bom Feb. 7, 1829 ; died April 15, 1887. 

1455 PURCHASE JEWETT (Purchase"*, Purchase'"', Nehemiah", 
Nehemiah^*, Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Ipswich, Mass., baptized Aug. 
11, 1771. He married Mehitable , and lived in Ipswich. 


2992 Purchase, bom Oct. 13, 1801 ; married Eliza . He was a sea- 

298 Jewett Genealogy 

captain, and was master of the ship Mount Wollaston, which was 
built in Quincy, Mass., in 1822, and was altered to a bark Jan. — , 

1456 ASA JEWETT (Purchase"*, Purchase-'% Nehemiah'*, Nehe- 
miah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Ipswich, Mass., baptized May 2, 
1779. He married Susannah , and lived in Ipswich. 


2993 Sally Gould, born in Ipswich, Mass., March 23, 1802. 

1460 MOSES JEWETT (John C."% Purchase'^% Nehemiah**, Nehe- 
miah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Ipswich, Mass., March 15, 1778. 
He married April 17, 1798, Abigail Pearson (2710), who was born in Ip- 
swich Feb. 23, 1780, and died there Aug. 4, 1836. Mr. Jewett died in 
Ipswich April 4, 1849. 

Children horn in Ipswich, Mass. : 

2994 Joseph, born Oct. 4, 1798 ; died in Providence, R. I. 

2995 Mark Richards, born May 28, 1800; married (1st) Elizabeth Gould; 

(2d) Mary Perley Dole; (3d) Elizabeth Smith; (4th) Mary 

2996 Moses, born Oct. 23, 1802; died on his way home from Cali- 


2997 Nathan Pearson, born Dec. 21, 1804; married Lucy Spiller.* 

2998 Sewell Pearson, bom Feb. 25, 1806. 

2999 Charles Lord, born ; died in infancy. 

3000 David, born Oct. 5, 1811. 

3001 Abigail, bom ; married Charles Cotton of Ipswich. 

3002 Charles Warren, born Aug. 9, 1816; married Mary E. Roundey.* 

3003 Lucy Mary, bom ; married Sherbum F. Morey, and lived in 

Gloucester, Mass. 

1461 DANIEL JEWETT (John C.'^^ Purchase'««, Nehemiah'*, Nehe- 
miah^®, Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Ipswich, Mass., Sept. 16, 1780. He 
married Dec. 8, 1803, Abigail Lakeman, who was born July 31, 1776, and 
died June 30, 1840. He married second, Mary Spiller, who died without 
issue. Mr. Jewett was a brass and copper smith in Ipswich, where he died 
Feb. 6, 1854; buried there. 

Children horn in Ipswich, Mass., all hy -first wife: 

3004 Abigail, bom Sept. 3, 1804 ; married June 7, 1735, John Spiller, and 

died May 31, 1879, s. p. 

3005 Elizabeth, bom Aug. 27, 1806; married Dec. 5, 1830, Henry Potter. 

She died Aug. — , 1887. 

Seventh Generation S99 

3006 Margaret L., born Jan. 30, 1809; married Nov. 7, 1833, William 


3007 Mary Ann, born Oct. 7, 1810 ; married April 7, 1830, Perkins Potter. 

3008 Eunice (twin), born Oct. 25, 1812; married May 18, 1843, Moses 

Peabody, who was born in Ipswich April 9, 1816, son of Ezekiel 
and Mary (Goodhue) Peabody. 

3009 Susan (twin), born Oct. 25, 1812; died Feb. 18, 1815. 

3010 Harriet N., born Nov. 9, 1814. 

3011 Daniel Hodgkins, bom Nov. 1, 1817; died Oct. 22, 1818. 

3012 Daniel Hodgkins, born May 9, 1820; married Sarah Ann Russell.* 

1462 AARON JEWETT (John C."% Purchase^^^, Nehemiah^S Nehe- 
miah^*, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Ipswich, Mass., baptized May 20, 
1787. He married in Rowley, Mass., by Rev. Isaac Braman, Nov. 27, 1811, 
Susanna Dole of Rowley. 


3013 Sarah Palmer, born ; married Joseph Dodge of Hamilton, 


1467 JOHN JEWETT (John C."% Purchase'«% Nehemiah^*, Nehe- 
miah^*, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Ipswich, Mass., June 17, 1795. He 
married there Feb. 23, 1817, Judith Martin, who was bom May 12, 1796, 
daughter of Edward and Susanna (Hammond) Martin. She died July 22, 
1841, and he married second, Hannah Ingals, who was born in Bridgeton, 
Me., and died without issue. He died Sept. 9, 1877. 

Children born in Ipszmch, Mass., all by first wife: 

3014 Mary Martin, born Aug. 24, 1818; died Oct. 8, 1831. 

3015 Emeline Choat, bom Jan. 29, 1821; married in 1840, Nathaniel 

Treadwell, and died in Maiden, Mass., Dec. 26, 1904. 

3016 Susan Hammond, born Sept. 15, 1823; married Andrew Tucker, and 

died in Gloucester, Mass., Feb. 21, 1878. 

3017 Charles Stephens, born April 5, 1826; married (1st) Mrs. Judith 

Ann Knight; (2d) Matilda Nyberg; (3d) Cecilia Burke.* 

3018 Eliza Ann, born Dec. 19, 1828; married Nov. 26, 1848, William A. 

Walton of Salem, Mass., and lives in Ipswich. 

3019 John Joseph, born Jan. 20, 1831 ; married Ann Maria Peasley.* 

3020 Edward Martin, bom Sept. 15, 1833; married (1st) Louisa Bennett; 

(2d) Ehza Ann Barnard.* 

3021 Martha Ann (twin), born Oct. 24, 1836; married (1st) Addison 

Griffin ; (2d) Capt. David W. Stanwood.* 

3022 Mary A. (twin), born Oct. 24, 1836; married Dec. 12, 1853, Henry 

E. Bennett. They reside in Kennebunk, Me. 

1477 SPOFFORD JEWETT (Ephraim"«, Purchase^'^^, Nehemiah"*, 

SOO Jewett Genealogy 

Nehemiah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Denmark, Me., June 27, 1790. 
He married there Sophia Boston of Denmark, and settled in that town. He 
was Captain of a militia company, and was always called Captain Jewett; 
was one of the pillars of the Baptist Church, and was a life-long Democrat. 
He died in Denmark from typhoid fever. 

Children born in Denmark, Me. : 

3023 Abigail, born ; married Joseph Berry of Denmark. 

3024 Spofford Israel, bom June 22, 1823 ; married Sybil Ann Newcomb.* 

3025 Thomas, born ; died young. 

3026 Stephen Thomas, born ; married and was living in Denmark 

in 1903. Had a daughter, Ada. 

3027 Laura Antoinette, bom ; married Charles Jesse Haley of 

Portland, Me., and died March — , 1892. 

1488 PATIENCE SMITH (Ruth"^ Purchase'«% Nehemiah'*, Nehe- 
miah^*, Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Ipswich, Mass., Feb. 3, 1792. She 
married Oct. — , 1813, Nathaniel Appleton, son of Benjamin and Abigail 
(Hodgkins) Appleton, of Gloucester, Mass. They lived in Ipswich, where 
she died March 5, 1880. 

Children horn in Ipswich, Mass.: 

3028 Benjamin Dexter, bom July 25, 1814; married Harriet Newell.* 

3029 Ruth Smith, bom . 

3030 Abigail Hodgkins, born . 

3031 Sarah Jewett, bom . 

1492 SUSANNAH JEWETT (George'", John='«% Nehemiah^*, Nehe- 
miah*", Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., Jan. 11, 1772. 
She married Pemberton Hale, Aug. 29, 1797, by Rev. E. Bradford. 


3032 Sarah Jewett, bom in Rowley, Mass., , 1799; married Na- 

thaniel Cressey.* 
Probably other children. 

1498 JOSIAH JEWETT (Joseph"% Joseph"% Joseph"', Nehemiah", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Amherst, N. H., in 1770. He married Nov. 
1, 1796, Rebecca Woods, who was bom in 1769, and died April 17, 1842. 
Mr. Jewett was a farmer and lived in Pond Parish, Amherst, until soon after 
the death of his wife, when he removed to Milford, N. H., where he died April 
21, 1853. 

Children horn in Amherst, N. H.: 

3033 Josiah, bom Sept. 1, 1797; died in Chester, Clinton Co., Ohio, May 

22, 1827. 

Seventh Generation 301 

S034! Rebecca, bom April 19, 1799; married Alpheus Nutting, and died 
in Hollis, N. H., Nov. 7, 1840. 

3035 Susannah, born March 27, 1801 ; married May — , 1828, Ephraim 

L. Hardy, of HoUis, N. H. 

3036 Fanny, born Feb. 22, 1803 ; married Jan. — , 1825, Richard Patch, 

and died in Hollis, N. H., Dec. — , 1825. 

3037 Robert, bom Dec. — , 1804 ; died in Milford, N. H., Nov. 16, 1865. 

3038 Nathan, bom Oct. 30, 1806; married (1st) Abigail ; (2d) 

Caroline Augusta Wright.* 

3039 Parker, bom Sept. 28, 1809. 

3040 Leonard, born March 27, 1812 ; died April 13, 1822. 

3041 Joshua, bom Aug. 22, 1814; died in Milford, N. H., May — , 1849. 

1500 JESSE JEWETT (Joseph"% Joseph==", Joseph'% Nehemiah^', 
Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Amherst, N. H., June 3, 1775. He married, 
and his wife soon died. He then married April 9, 1817, Abigail Crafts, who 
was bom April 20, 1789, daughter of Moses Crafts. Mr. Jewett lived a num- 
ber of years in Hatfield, N. H., and removed to Whatley, Mass., where he 
died Jan. 26, 1854. His wife died Aug. 20, 1850. He was in the cavalry 
service during the War of 1812 on the Northern frontier, where he contracted 
rheumatism that made him a cripple for many years. 

Children by second wife: 

3042 Josiah, bom Jan. 9, 1818 ; married Almena Hilliard.* 

3043 John, bom April 4, 1820; died young. 

3044 Mary Ann, born Sept. 9, 1822; married James M. Crafts.* 

3045 John, born Oct. 12, 1824 ; died young. 

3046 Comelia, born May 12, 1827 ; died young. 

3047 Moses William, born Nov. 1, 1830; married Almira Wells.* 

3048 Clarissa Comelia, bom Nov. 7, 1833; married April 1, 1858, Syl- 

vester Clapp, and died Dec. 22, 1869. 

1502 JOSHUA JEWETT (Joseph"*, Joseph"% Joseph*^, Nehemiah", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Amherst, N. H., Aug. 14, 1782. He mar- 
ried Betsey Perkins, who was bom Oct. 20, 1791, and died in Winslow, Me., 
July 16, 1875. Mr. Jewett was a farmer and lived in Benton, Me., where he 
died March 8, 1862. 


3049 Calvin, bom in Amherst, N. H., Feb. 11, 1809; died in 1838. 

3050 Luther, bom in Amherst, N. H., March 27, 1811 ; married Lacitna 

Flood and liven in Benton, Me., where he died Oct. 23, 1855. 

3051 Lucy Perkins, bom in Amherst, N. H., Dec. 7, 1812; married Mr. 

McNamara and died in Chicago, 111., July 1, 1886. 

3052 Hiram, born in Amherst, N. H., Jan. 11, 1815; married Frances 


303 Jewett Genealogy 

3053 Solomon, born in Amherst, N. H., Jan. 3, 1817; married (1st) Anna 

Philips; (2d) Lucy Wardwell. He lived in Springfield, Mass., 
where he died March 20, 1899. 

3054 Perkins, born Nov. 17, 1818; died Dec. 21, 1818. 

3055 Betsey Phebe, born in Amherst, N. H., Jan. 22, 1820; married 

Stephen Crosby, who was born in Winslow, Me., in 1818, son of 
Joel and Nancy (Osborne) Crosby. He was a farmer and lived in 
Winslow, where she died Dec. 22, 1877. 

3056 Joseph Richardson, born in Amherst, N. H., June 6, 1822; married 

Abby Joy, and settled in Winslow, Me. 

3057 John Day, born in Amherst, N. H., May 26, 1824; died Jan. 6, 

1853, unm. 

3058 Mary, born in Benton, Me., Oct. 8, 1826 ; married Dennis Rounday 

and lived in Benton, where she died Nov. 17, 1851. 

3059 Sarah Sophia, bom in Benton, Me., Nov. 29, 1828; married Otis 

Rounday and lived in Benton. 

3060 Caroline, born in Benton, Me., Dec. 28, 1834; died Jan. 31, 1837. 

1506 JONATHAN JEWETT (Oliver"^ Edward'", Joseph«^ Nehe- 
miah^*, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Bolton, Mass., April 2, 1775. He 
married in Boston, by Rev. William Emerson, April 30, 1804, Phoebe Under- 
wood, daughter of Moses Underwood of Lincoln, Mass. They settled in 
Boston, where Mr. Jewett was engaged in the trucking business a number of 
years. They later removed to a farm in Bolton, Mass., where he died Oct. 
29, 1855. His widow died there Nov. 25, 1867. 

Children born in Boston, Mass: 

3061 OHver, born Jan. 28, 1805; married Ehzabeth U. Hubbard.* 

3062 Elizabeth, born April 23, 1806; married Aug. 26, 1827, William 

Gleason. She died May 21, 1849. 

3063 Mary Underwood, born Oct. 8, 1807; married (1st) Jonathan But- 

trick; (2d) Marshall Houghton.* 

3064 Jonathan, born April 6, 1809; married Charlotte Famum, and died 

Oct. 29, 1846, s. p. 

3065 Phebe Maria, born Jan. 8, 1811; married Joseph Merril Perkins.* 

3066 Wilham Smith, born Oct. 19, 1812; died Aug. 28, 1813; buried on 

Boston Common. 

3067 Wilham Smith, bom May 29, 1814; died in Clinton, Mass., June 17, 

1855, unm. 

3068 Relief, bom March 25, 1816; died March 27, 1816. 

3069 Emeline, born Sept. 27, 1817; died Dec. 9, 1822; buried on Boston 


3070 Henry, bom Jan. 15, 1819; married Mary Jane Caldwell.* 

3071 Helen, born May 16, 1820; married Jabez Barrett.* 

Seventh Generation 303 

1509 SAMUEL JEWETT (Oliver^'S Edward-'% Joseph'% Nehe- 
Iniah^^ Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Bolton, Mass., Feb. 10, 1785. He 
married and lived in New York. 


3072 Fannie, bom . 

3073 Annie, bom . 

3074 Carrie, born . She, with her sister Annie, conducted a school 

for young ladies in South Carolina. 

3075 Edward, bom . 

3076 Charles, bom . He married and had at least one child, viz., 

Sara, who was bom in Buffalo, N. Y., in 1847. " She was educated 
at a school in Lenox, Mass., and privately in Cambridge, Mass., 
where she made a marked success in amateur theatricals. Meeting 
with financial reverses, she adopted the stage as a profession, and 
studied in New York with Fanny Morant, through whom she be- 
came acquainted with Augustin Daly, and she first appeared at 
the old Fifth Avenue Theater, Sept. 3, 1872, as Mabel Wyckoff in 
" Diamonds." She continued in Daly's company till 1879, when 
she became leading lady of the Union Square Company, touring the 
principal cities of the United States. She also appeared at the 
old Fifth Avenue Theater as Anne Page in " Merry Wives of 
Windsor " ; Mrs. Lynx in " Married Life," and Maria in " School 
for Scandal." In the new Fifth Avenue Theater she made successes 
of her several roles, and at the Union Square her Lillian Westbrook 
in " The Banker's Daughter," the young wife in " Miss Multon," 
Lea Henderson in " Daniel Rochat," and Adrienne in " A Cele- 
brated Case," made her quite famous. In the spring of 1885 she 
retired from the stage. She died in Cambridge, Mass., Feb. 27, 
1899." (" Lamb's Biographical Dictionary of the U. S.") 

1512 KEZIAH JEWETT (01iver"S Edward"% Joseph'% Nehemiah'% 
Joseph", Edward^), was bom in Bolton, Mass., Nov. 18, 1792. She married 
in Boston, Mass., June 24, 1827, James Bride, who was born in New Ipswich, 
N. H., Feb. 29, 1800, son of William and Polly (Houghton) Bride. He 
conducted a hotel, and died in Watertown, Mass., April 11, 1847. She died 
in Roxbury, Mass., May 2, 1890. 


3077 James Jewett, born May 9, 1829; died Oct. 3, 1837. 

3078 William Jewett, born in Dedham, Mass., Sept. 8, 1831 ; died unm. 

At the age of 16 Mr. Bride began work in the lead factory of 
George L. Stearns, and worked his way up until he became a part- 
ner. He helped to organize the Boston Lead Co., and re-organized 
it after the failure: was treasurer of the Company, and when re- 
verses overtook them, he sacrificed his ample fortune and started 

304 Jewett Genealogy 

anew with undiminished courage. In all he was treasurer of this 
Company thirty-five years. He died in Reading, Mass., April 14, 
1906. A beautiful floral cross and crown sent to the obsequies 
by the Boston Commandery Knights Templars, typefied his life: 
he had borne the cross and won the crown. He was of a quiet, 
gentle disposition, the soul of honor, and none knew him but to love 
and respect liim. 

3079 James Metcalf, born in Dedham, Mass., Nov. 4, 1832 ; married Eliza- 

beth T. Crooker.* 

3080 Sarah Kesia, born in Dedham, Mass., Jan. 20, 1836 ; married at 

Clinton, Mass., Oct. 20, 1856, Francis Sawyer Bailey, who was bora 
in Sterling, Mass., son of Joseph and Alma (Goss) Bailey. He 
was a merchant, and died a few months after marriage. Mrs. 
Bailey resides in Reading, Mass. 

3081 Charles Edward, born March 29, 1838 ; married Maria Allen Frost.* 

1513 MERSYLVIA JEWETT (01iver"S Edward-'% Joseph'% Nehe- 
miah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Bolton, Mass., July 10, 1795. She 
married (Pub. in Southborough, Mass., Jan. 18, 1815) Hollis Ward, who 
was bora in Southborough, Oct. 28, 1788, son of Erasmus and Hannah 
(Chamberland) Ward. Mr. Ward was a harness maker, and died in West 
Boylston, Mass., March 15, 1858. She died in Leominster, Mass., Feb. 27, 

Children : 

3082 Walter, born in 1817; married and had WilHam, who died in 1890, 

and Anna, who married Nelson Mathus and lives in Orlando, Fla. 

3083 Mersylvia, born in Boston, , 1819; married Levi Goss, and 

died in North Grafton, Mass., Aug. 10, 1901. They had three 
children, viz., Nellie, John, and Arthur. 

3084 Eliza, born in Shirley, Mass., , 1821 ; married Bradford Baker, 

and died in Marlboro, Mass, in 1892. One child, John B., who 
resides in Marlboro, Mass. 

3085 Lucretia, bom in Shirley, Mass., , 1826; died Aug. 10, 1901. 

3086 James B., born in Shirley, Mass., Jan. 20, 1836; married at Worces- 

ter, Mass., May 17, 1868, Julia F. Stone, who was born in Leter- 
shome, Jan. 13, 1836, daughter of Reuben and Mary (Osgood) 
Stone. Mr. Ward is in the poultry business and resides in North 
Grafton, Mass., s. p. 

1518 RACHEL JEWETT (John"-, Edward-", Joseph'', Nehemiah", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Bolton, Mass., Feb. 27, 1783. She married 
there Deacon Daniel Sawyer, who was born in Bolton, Nov. 1, 1782. They 
lived In Bolton, where Mr. Sawyer was deacon of the church many years. He 
was known for his mechanical ability, being a wheelwright of the old school, 
as was his brother, Major Oliver Sawyer. They were of the family of the 

Seventh Generation 305 

famous mechanical Sawyers spoken of in many of the town histories. Deacon 
Sawyer, being a woodworker, made all the coffins used in the town for many 
years. He lived on a great stage route, and became well known for his 
fine axe and pick handles and general wheelwright work. In those days 
all commodities were teamed over the road, heavy loaded wagons continually 
passing his door on their way to or from Boston, many going to Brattleboro, 
Vt., or beyond. As he had the opportunity to get the very best hickory 
timber grown in Massachusetts, his name spread among the teamsters from 
Vermont where such timber did not grow, and he had a large business with 
these people. He died in Bolton Nov. 4, 1847. His wife died there Nov. 
12, 1843. 

Children born in Bolton, Mass. : 

3087 Catherine, born Aug. 29, 1810 ; married Jonathan Whitcomb.* 

3088 Alfred, born Jan. 27, 1812; married Margaret Hendry.* 

3089 Emily, born June 26, 1815; married Reuben Newton.* 

3090 Edwin, born July 20, 1817 ; married Sarah B. Wright.* 

1523 JESSE JEWETT (Jesse"% Edward'", Joseph'% Nehemiah", 
Joseph*. Edward^), was born in Berlin, Mass., May 25, 1792. He married 
Jan. 1, 1817, Myra Cotting, and lived in Berlin, where he died Oct. 8, 1850. 


3091 Frederic Jesse, born in Berhn, Mass., Oct. 21, 1826; married Oct. 21, 

1856, Catherine B. Felton, and removed to Marlboro, Mass. 
Probably others. « 

1524 GENERAL IVERS JEWETT (Joseph"% Edward"", Joseph«^ 
Nehemiah^% Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Ashburnham, Mass., May 7, 
1788. He married Dec. 21, 1813, Mary Adams, daughter of Ebenezer 
Thomas and Polly (Goodwin) Adams. She was born March 17, 1791, and 
died in Alexandria, La., Oct. 11, 1834. He married second, Lydia Adams, 
sister of his first wife. 

" He was a merchant in Ashburnham. In 1827 he removed to Fitch- 
burg and was interested in several manufacturing and other enterprises. 
IMany of the business ventures were unfortunate. General Jewett was of a 
buoyant, ardent temperament, of attractive personal appearance and com- 
manding presence. He was affable, kind hearted, and generous. Popularity 
was his birthright, and the record of his early life Is attractive and inspirit- 
ing. At the age of 34 years he had risen from the ranks of the Ashburnham 
Light Infantry to the rank of General of the State Militia. At every step 
m this rapid transition he had been an efficient and popular officer. He had 
been a successful merchant and had enlarged the business established by his 
father; had been employed in town affairs and exercised unusual sway and 
command among his fellow men. 

" Few men at his age and in a rural community of limited population 

306 Jewett Genealogy 

have made a more brilliant record. In mental capacity, in fitness to lead 
and ability to command among men, and aptitude in the routine transactions 
of business he resembled his father in an eminent degree. In boldness of 
conception, in power to persuade, and in originality of project he was his 
superior; but in ripeness of judgment, in prudence, and caution, he failed at 
the threshold of his father's success. Of his later life little is known. He 
removed to the South, and there accumulated a handsome property which was 
swept away by the fortunes of war during the Rebellion. He died at Mobile, 
Ala., April 26, 1871." (" Hist, of Ashburnham, Mass.," by Steams.) 

Children by first wife: 

3092 Ivers Thomas, born Sept. 26, 1814. 

3093 Joseph Adams, bom July 4, 1816. 

3094 Edward Milton, born Aug. 10, 1821. 

3095 George Perkins, born ; bapt. , 1824; died Jan. 28, 


3096 Mary Eliza Whiton, born, , bapt. , 1826. 

3097 Sarah Woods, born , bapt., , 1828. 

ward"^^, Joseph®^, Nehemiah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Ashburnham, 
Mass., Aug. 26, 1798. He married Oct. 4, 1825, Mary Moore, eldest daugh- 
ter of George W. and Margaret Moore of Baltimore, Md. She was bora 
Feb. 10, 1807, and died Sept. 5, 1882. Mr. Jewett died while journeying 
through the South for his health, at Paris Texas, April 3, 1874. 

" He was for many years the faithful and beloved pastor of the First 
Congregational Church of Terre Haute, Ind. He pursued his preparatory 
course of studies at Phillips Academy, Andover, and graduated at Dart- 
mouth College, 1823 ; studied theology in Baltimore the next three years. 
Preached eight years in Pennsylvania, and in 1834 while traveling to St. 
Louis he tarried a day at Terre Haute and was invited to preach the next 

" He remained, and early in December, 1834, a Congregational Church 
was organized with eleven members ; in 1841 during some revival meetings he 
was assisted by Rev. H. W. Beecher. In 1860, and after a successful and able 
pastorate of 26 years, he resigned, but continued to reside there until a few 
months before his death. They had seven sons and two daughters ; of these, 
six died in infancy." (" Hist, of Ashburnham, Mass.," Stearns.) 

The other children were: 

3098 David Moore, bom , 1834; died June 14, 1876. 

3099 Edward Duncan, bom . Lives in Texas. 

3100 Mary M., bom . Lives in New York. 

1530 NEHEMIAH JEWETT (Nehemiah''% Nehemiah"*, Joseph'% 
Nehemiah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Pepperell, Mass., Sept. 1, 1762. 

Seventh Genekation 307 

" Nehemiah was born Sept. the 1st. 1762 on Wednesday about 8 at night " 
(Family Record). He married Dec. 26, 1791, Eunice Shattuck, who was 
bom July 23, 1767, daughter of John and Ehzabeth Shattuck. She died at 
Pepperell Nov. 4, 1829. Mr. Jewett lived on his farm in the northwesterly 
part of Pepperell, where he died April 11, 1820. He was for many years 
one of the Selectmen ; Town Clerk f I'om 1806 to 1816 ; Representative to the 
Legislature from 1811 to 1819 except 1817-18, and for a long period Justice 
of the Peace. His death was considered a great public loss. 

Children born in Pepperell, Mass.: 

3101 Cynthia, born Aug. 31, 1795 ; died April 12, 1820, unm. 

3102 Andrew, born Oct. 10, 1797; died in the U. S. service at Buffalo, 

N. Y., Dec. 25, 1814. 

3103 Mary, born July 17, 1799 ; married Alpheus Nutting. 

3104 Lucretia, born Nov. 13, 1802; married Edmond Lawrence. 

3105 Benjamin, born April 16, 1805; married Martha Warner.* 

1532 JAMES JEWETT (Nehemiah'^^ Nehemiah'^% Joseph«% Nehe- 
miah^®, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Pepperell, Mass., Jan. 7, 1767. 
" James was bofn Jany the 7th 1767 at 8 in the evening on Wednesday " 
(Family Record). About 1795 he settled on a farm in Solon, Me., and there 
married Feb. 20, 1800, Miriam Walker, who was bom in Woolwich, Me., 
May 14, 1770, and died in Solon Nov. 11, 1859. Mr. Jewett was a member 
of the Congregational Church, and died in Solon June 1, 1859. 

Children born in Solon, Me.: 

3106 Sarah, bora Dec. 12, 1800 ; married Aug. 17, 1824, Harlow P. Wood, 

and lived in Rockland, Me., where she died July 5, 1874. 

3107 Mary, born April 19, 1802 ; married March 18, 1824, EHas G. Gould, 

and died at West Portland, Me., Oct. 24, 1879. 

3108 Rachel, born March 15, 1804; married April 16, 1826, David S. 

Rowell, and died in Madison, Me., March 29, 1879. 

3109 Permelia, born April 17, 1806 ; married Edward Jewett (see 3118) . 

3110 Nehemiah, bom Nov. 25, 1808 ; married Aug. 20, 1838, Eliza Weld, 

and died in South Solon, Me., Dec. 4, 1857, s. p. 

3111 Aaron, born Dec. 10, 1810; married Mary Steward.* 

3112 Nancy Ann, born May 16, 1813; married July 5, 1846, Jonah 

Langly, and died Jan. 3, 1894. 

3113 Walter G., born April 17, 1817 ; married Flaville D. Wilson.* 

1533 JONAS JEWETT (Nehemiah"% Nehemiah'", Joseph«^ Nehe- 
miah^*, Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Pepperell, Mass., Nov. 8, 1768. 
He married in Groton, Mass., Nov. 30, 1797, Mary Danforth of Tyngsboro, 
who was bom July 21, 1775. He was a farmer, and settled in Solon, Me., 
where he died May 6, 1847. His widow died Sept. 27, 1856 ; both buried in 
Skowhegan, Me. 

308 Jewett Genealogy 

Children born in Solon, Me.: 

3114 Joseph Danforth, born Jan. 9, 1798; married Lavinia Weston.* 

3115 Jonas, bom Aug. 28, 1799; married Sally Sanborn Colby.* 

3116 Abel, born Oct. 22, 1801 ; married Abigail Raymond.* 

3117 William, born Dec. 22, 1803; married Rosella A. Smith.* 

3118 Edward, born July 16, 1805 ; married Permeha Jewett (3109). 

3119 Hiram, bom April 25, 1807; married Nancy Davis Dacey.* 

3120 Mary, bom Nov. 8, 1809; married John Hunnewell.* 

3121 Sewall, born Nov. 24, 1811; married (1st) Mehitable Clark; (2d) 

Abigail Kinsman Butler; (3d) Eunice Davis.* 

3122 Luther, bora Sept. 6, 1813; married Oct. 6, 1840, Huldah Hobart, 

who was born Feb. 23, 1818, daughter of Deacon Daniel and Mary 
(Thurston) Hobart of Solon. Mr. Jewett died March 16, 1854, 
s. p., and his widow married James Malbon of Skowhegan, Me. 

3123 Rufus, born Feb. 3, 1816; married Sarah Norton.* 

3124 Serena, born Aug. 13, 1817 ; married Joseph Currier. 

1534 NATHAN JEWETT (Nehemiah"% Nehemiah"", Joseph''% Ne- 
hemiah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Pepperell, Mass., Feb. 10, 1771. 
" Nathan was bom February the 10th 1771 on Sunday at 7 in the afternoon " 
(Family Record). He married in Groton, Mass., Feb. 5, 1800, Lucy Cook, 
who was born in Groton Jan. 9, 1779. Mr. Jewett was a farmer, and about 
1795 settled in Solon, Me., where he was a deacon in the Congregational 
Church, and where he died Sept. 27, 1860. His wife died May 12, 1840. 

Children born in Solon, Me.: 

3125 Harriet, born Nov. 18, 1800; married Asa Shepley.* 

3126 Lucy, born July 24, 1802; married March 31, 1826, Silas Maynard, 

and lived in South Solon, Me., where she died Dec. — , 1868, 

3127 Nathan, born July 1, 1804; married (1st) Harriet Snow; (2d) 

Boutelle; (3d) Hannah Clark.* 

3128 Calvin (twin), born April 10, 1806; married Sarah Whitefield Bou- 


3129 Luther (twin), born April 10, 1806 ; died Sept. 19, 1806. 

3130 Ehza, born Feb. 24, 1808; married Sept. 11, 1856, William Spooner 


3131 Lavinia, bom April 4, 1810; married March 8, 1838, Quincy P. 

Wood, and died in North Anson, Me., Sept. 22, 1860. 

3132 Clarissa, born Feb. 3, 1812; married Jan. 3, 1847, Wllham Gould, 

and had one child, Clara L. 

3133 Sophia, bom Aug. 23, 1814; married Isaac Weston.* 

3134 Andrew, born June 23, 1816; married Augusta Wiggin Thurston.* 

3135 Sarah (twin), bom Aug. 26, 1818; married Scth Wyman.* 

3136 Sibyl (twin), born Aug. 26, 1818; died Feb. 10, 1885, unm. 

3137 Caroline, bom April 25, 1822; died July 2, 1880. 

Seventh Generation 309 

1537 THIRZA JEWETT (Nehemiah''% Nehemiah-'% Joseph«% Nehe- 
miah^% Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Pepperell, Mass., March 3, 1780. 
She married Oct. 29, 1809, Jonas Fitch, who was born March 23, 1783, son 
of Jonas and Annis (Shattuck) Fitch. They hved in Pepperell, where she 
died April 25, 1852. 

Children born in Pepperell, Mass.: 

3138 Jonas, born March 21, 1811. He was the architect of the Fitchburg 

R. R. depot, the Masonic Temple, City Hall, and other substantial 
buildings of Boston. 

3139 Sarah, born Sept. 22, 1812. 

3140 Calvin, born Dec. 29, 1814. 

3] 41 Luther, born Oct. 2, 1816; died young. 
3] 42 Luther, born April 2, 1820. 

3143 Lucy, born July 22, 1822. 

1538 HON. ABEL JEWETT (Nehemiah''% Nehemiah"^ Joseph'% 
Nehemiah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Pepperell, Mass., March 3, 1772. 
He married Betsey Blood and hved in Pepperell, where he was prominent in 
public and business life. He was Representative to the General Court of 
Massachusetts, 1820, 1821, 1823, and 1831; was State Senator, 1825 to 
1S28, and was a delegate to the convention to amend the State Constitution 
in 1821. 

Children horn in Pepperell, Mass.: 

3144 Otis Parker, bom , 1807 ; married Sarah Gleason.* 

3145 Sarah Ann, born ; married Luther Tarbell. 

3146 Augustus, bom ; married and had one child, Frank, who re- 

sides in New York. 

3147 Elizabeth, bom ; married Moses Hooper. 

3148 James, born ; married and lived in Newark, N. J. 

3149 Clarence, bom ; lived in Pierce, Neb. 

1539 SOLOMON JEWETT (David'*^ Nehemiah'", Joseph«% Nehe- 
miah^®, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Pepperell, Mass., May 15, 1767. 
He married in Townsend, Mass., Feb. 17, 1795, Phebe Adams, who was bom 
in Townsend in 1768. Mr. Jewett was a farmer and settled in Townsend, 
where he died April — , 1843. His widow died there Dec. 13, 1858. 

Children born in Toxemsend, Mass.: 

3150 Solomon, born , 1796; married in Townsend, June 26, 1828, 

Melinda Ball, and died in 1833, s.p. 

3151 Phebe, born , 1798 ; died , 1826. 

3152 Heria, born , 1799 ; died , 1827. 

3153 Rosella, bom , 1802 ; married James N. Tucker and died in 


310 Jewett Genealogy 

315J< Elihu, born , 1804; died , 1828. 

3155 Direxa, born , 1806; married Levi Stearns.* 

1541 ABIGAIL JEWETT (David'", Nehemiah-'% Joseph'% Nehe- 
miah^®, Joseph^, Edward^), was bom in Pepperell, Mass., Nov. 16, 1771. 
She married there Dec. 22, 1796, Joseph Stickney, who was bom in Tewks- 
bury, Mass., May 29, 1768, son of Abraham and Sarah (Kittredge) Stick- 
ney of Tewksbury. He was a mechanic and farmer, and Hved in Townsend, 
Mass., where he died April 8, 1842. She died there Dec. 27, 1841. 

Children born in Townsend, Mass.: 

3156 Joseph, bom Nov. 23, 1797 ; married Mary Ann Wheeler.* 

3157 Abigail, bom Dec. 23, 1798 ; married George Sheed. 

3158 Lorinda, bom March 29, 1800; died Sept. 6, 1819. 

3159 David Jewett, born Aug. 6, 1801 ; married Lydia Amsden.* 

3160 Annah Baulding, born May 7, 1803; married George Rockwood. 

3161 Lydia, born Feb. 7, 1805 ; died Oct. 26, 1811. 

3162 Simeon Smith, born March 4, 1806; died Dec. 4, 1807. 

3163 Alvah, bom July 19, 1807 ; married Rebecca W. Spaulding.* 

3164 Simeon Smith, born Nov. 16, 1810; married Sarah Ann Twitchell.* 

1571 NATHANIEL JEWETT ( Jedediah'^", Jedediah"^ Joseph'% Ne- 
hemiah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Townsend, Mass., Oct. 23, 1780. 
He married in Boston, Nov. 22, 1807, Betsey Hamblet of Dracut, Mass., 
who was born May 3, 1783. Mr. Jewett was a stone cutter and lived in 
Charlestown, Mass., until about 1835, when he removed to Lexington, Mass., 
where he died Oct. 26, 1861. His wife died there March 27, 1857. 


3165 Amory, born in Pepperell, Mass., Aug. 14, 1808; married Lucy E. 


3166 Louisa, bom June 15, 1810; married George F. Tuttle, and lived in 

Woodstock, Vt. 

3167 Maria, born in Charlestown, Mass., March 13, 1812; married George 

W. Robinson.* 

3168 Eliza, born Feb — , 1814; married Charles Brown, and lived in Lex- 

ington, Mass. 

3169 Elias K., born in Charlestown, Mass., Dec. 15, 1817. He was killed 

in California, by the explosion of a steamboat boiler, Jan. 27, 

3170 Gorham, born in Charlestown, Mass., Aug. 3, 1819; married March 

11, 1857, Caroline R. Farnsworth, and had one child, Caroline F., 
bom Aug. 6, 1858. 

1572 BETSEY JEWETT (Jedediah"°, Jedediah"^ Joseph", Nehe- 

Seventh Generation 311 

miah'^ Joseph*, Edward'), was born in Townsend, Mass., Aug. 28, 1782. 
She married there Nov. 4, 1805, Abner Austin, who was born in Brookline, 
Mass., in 1785, son of Phineas and Ehzabeth (Spaulding) Austin of Brook- 
hne. Mr. Austin was a cooper and hved in Townsend, Littleton, and Brook- 
Hne, Mass., and Mason, N. H., where Mrs. Austin died Aug. 28, 1837. He 
died in Wilton, N. H. 

Children : 

3171 Lucy, born ; married Eben Hamden, and lived in Walkerville, 


3172 Asher, born in Mason, N. H'., , 1813 ; died there Feb. — , 1834. 

3173 Abner, born ; married Elzina Woods of Townsend, Mass., 

where he lived and died in 1845. 

3174 Charles, born ; married Sarah Craton, and died in Peterboro, 

N. H., March 12, 1892. 

3175 Sabie, born . 

3176 Mary Jewett, born in Littleton, Mass., Jan. 8, 1821 ; married Jonas 

Woods Jaquith.* 

1578 SUSAN JEWETT (Edmund^S Jedediah='% Joseph^% Nehe- 
miah^^ Joseph*, Edward'), was born in Pepperell, Mass., Dec. 3, 1786. 
She married there May 2, 1812, John Blood, who was born in Pepperell Aug. 
2, 1785, son of John and Ohve (Ball) Blood. Mr. and Mrs. Blood lived in 
Pepperell, where he was a farmer, and where he served the town as school 
teacher thirty-three winters. He died in 1850. Mrs. Blood did in 1856. 

Children born in Pepperell, Mass.: 

3177 Susan Maria, born Feb. 17, 1813 ; married Columbus Eames.* 

3178 John Eliab, born May 1, 1815 ; married Mary Ellen Davis Bancroft.* 

3179 Henry Horatio, born June 11, 1817 ; died unm. 

3180 Lucy Jane, born Feb. 11, 1820; married Dec. 28, 1858, EH Boynton, 

son of Isaac Boynton. He died Nov. 18,* 1861, s.p. She then 
married Oct. 3, 1876, Rev. Daniel Goodwin, a Congregational min- 
ister, who was born Jan. 25, 1809, son of Joshua and Ehsabeth 
(Jones) Goodwin of Londonderry, N. H. He died Dec. 30, 1893. 

3181 Andrew Jewett, born Aug. 9, 1822. He was a graduate of Dart- 

mouth College; was a teacher, and died in Kelsey, Cal., Sept. 15, 

3182 James Howe, born Jan. 16, 1825. 

1579 EDMUND JEWETT (Edmund^", Jedediah"% Joseph«^ Nehe- 
miah", Joseph*, Edward'), was born in Pepperell, Mass., Oct. 10, 1788. 
He married in Groton, Mass., May 14, 1815, Phebe Shepley, who was born in 
Groton Dec. 31, 1792, daughter of Jonathan and Anna (Blood) Shepley. 
Mr. Jewett lived in Pepperell, where he was a farmer and cooper, and where 
he died April 3, 1870. His wife died there July 18, 1862. 

312 Jeavett Genealogy 

Children born in Pepperell, Mass.: 

3183 Walter Edmund, bom Dec. 7, 1817 ; married Susan Pierce, and lived 

in Pepperell, where they had one child, Alice, who married Mr. 

3184 George Allen, bom Jan. 19, 1820; married Susan Spalding Patch.* 

3185 William Bancroft, bom May 14, 1822 ; married Mary E. Clark.* 

3186 Maria Antoinette, born July 11, 1824; died March 14, 1864, unm. 

3187 John Bradley, born Dec. 21, 1827; lived in Pepperell, unm. 

3188 Luther Dana, bom Dec. 5, 1831 ; married Harriette Parker.* 

3189 Harriet Augusta, born July 19, 1836 ; died Aug. 9, 1865, unm. 

1580 DEACON HENRY JEWETT (Edmund^S Jedediah-'% Jos- 
eph^^, Nehemiah^®, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Pepperell, Mass., Oct. 
28, 1792. He married there in 1820 Rebecca Blood, daughter of John and 
Olive (Ball) Blood and sister of John Blood who married Susan Jewett 
(1578). She was bom in 1793 and died in 1874. 

Mr. Jewett settled in Pepperell, where he became prominent in public 
affairs and held many town offices ; was deacon of the church which his father 
served, many years. He married second, Eliza Tucker, and died in 1881. 
His widow died in 1893. 

Children horn in Pepperell, Mass., all by first wife: 

3190 Henry Alfred, born Jan. — , 1820; married Sarah A. Lawrence.* 

3191 John Edward Bullard, born Dec. 9, 1821 ; married Frances H. Lacy.* 

3192 Frederick A., born Sept. 6, 1824; married Harriet Clementine 


3193 Charles F., born , 1828; married Georgiana S. Loring.* 

3194 Rebecca M., born , 1830; married in 1851, Filo Wilcox, and 

died in 1852, s. p. 

1591 BENJAMIN JEWETT (Benjamin"% Benjamin=^'% Joseph's 
Nehemiah^S Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Gilford, N. H., July 16, 1795. 
He married Dec. 20, 1820, Mrs. Sally (Bean) Sleeper, who was born in Gil- 
manton, N. H., Jan. 19, 1785, widow of Jonas Sleeper. She died in Gii- 
ford May 22, 1827. He then married Nov. 7, 1831, Maria French, who was 
born in Gilmanton Jan. 7, 1800, daughter of Samuel and Miriam French. 
She died in Gilford Sept. 21, 1875. Mr. Jewett was the leading merchant 
of Gilford for many years ; was much interested in public affairs, and was an 
ardent Republican. H'e held many positions of trust in his native town ; was 
Postmaster, Justice, Town Treasurer, Selectman, and held other offices. 
In early life he was a school teacher and farmer, was a member of the Congre- 
gational Church of Laconia, N. H., of which he was Clerk. He died in 
Gilford March 23, 1879. 

Children bom in Gilford, N. H. By first wife: 

3195 John Quincy Adams, born May 26, 1822 ; died Nov. 27, 1832. 

Seventh Generation 313 

Children hy second wife: 

3196 Sarah Maria, bom Nov. 2, 1834; died March 29, 1856. 

3197 Rebecca Melcher, born July 15, 1836; married Dec. 7, 1864, Luther 

E. Page, and Kved in Gilmanton, N. H'., where she died Nov. 13, 
1893. No issue, but had an adopted son, Elmer F. 

3198 Benjamin Quincy, born Aug. 2, 1838; married (1st) Huldah Maria 

Brown ; (2d) Mary Page Price.* 

1594 MOSES JEWETT (Benjamin"% Benjamin'^S Joseph'% Nehe- 
miah'% Joseph*, Edward'), was born in Gilford, N. H., March 2, 1800. He 
married Aug. 19, 1827, Miriam M. Hoyt, who was bom Aug. 25, 1809, and 
died Nov. 28, 1840. Mr. Jewett was a farmer in Gilford. 


3199 Rebecca Boynton, born Aug. 25, 1829. 

1599 JOSIAH JEWETT (Benjamin^^°, Benjamin-«% Benjamin«^ Ne- 
hemiah'*, Joseph*, Edward'), was bom in Canterbury, Conn. He married 
Betsey Bates of New York, and died in Warsaw, N. Y. 


3200 David, born 

3201 Benjamin, born 

3202 Anna, born 

3203 Sally, born 

3204 Cynthia, born 

3205 Lavinia, born 

3206 Lucy, bora 

1602 LEVI JEWETT (Benjamin"^ Benjamln=^«% Benjamin'% Nehe- 
miah'^, Joseph*, Edward'), was born in Canterbury, Conn., July 3, 1788. 
He married his cousin, Clarissa Jewett (1616), who was bom March 31, 
1788. They settled in Genesee Co., N. Y., where she died. He died in 
Gainsville, N. Y. 

3207 John, born . 

3208 Hammett, bom 

3209 Emma, born — 

3210 Eliza, bom 

3211 Henrietta, bom 

3212 Joel, bom , 

3213 Josiah, born 

3214 Abigail, bora — 

1604 ELETHEAR JEWETT (Danief", Benjamin2«^ Benjamin", 

314. Jewett Genealogy 

Nehemiah^^, Joseph^, Edward^), was born in Canterbury, Conn., Aug. 26, 
1770. She removed with her parents to Putney, Vt., where she married 
Dec. 10, 1789, James Paul, who was born in Dighton, Mass., April 25, 1768, 
son of James Paul. He learned the trade of blacksmith ; left home in 1786, 
and, having traveled up the valley of the Connecticut River, settled at 
Putney, where he worked for Capt. Daniel Jewett, making axes which were 
noted in those days. After marriage he removed to Williamstown, Vt., and 
in 1792 to Northfield, Vt., where he bought a farm on the Berlin road in the 
northeastern part of the town. He was one of the pioneers of Northfield, 
and for many years was Selectman, Lister, and Justice of the Peace. Mrs. 
Paul died there Sept. 20, 1822, and he married April 10, 1823, Sarah Chaf- 
fee, who was bom in Rehoboth, Mass., Feb. 13, 1779, daughter of William 
and Catherine (Thomas) Chaffee. Mr. Paul died in Northfield Dec. 18, 
1838. His widow died in Stockholm, N. Y., Oct. 12, 1857. 


3215 Elethear, born in WilKamstown, Vt., March 8, 1790 ; died in North- 

field, Vt., Oct. 21, 1816. 

3216 Zebina, bom in W^illiamstown, Vt., Nov. 24, 1791; died June 10, 


3217 Amos, born In Northfield, Vt., March 11, 1793; married Mary A. 


3218 Lydia, bom in Northfield, Vt., June 12, 1795; married Clark 


3219 Calvin, born in Northfield, Vt., April 20, 1797 ; died April 2, 1798. 

3220 Mary, born in Westminster, Vt., Aug. 8, 1798; married April 15, 

1833, Stephen Pingry of Mt. Holly, Vt., who was born in Mt. 
Holly, March 18, 1792, son of Nathaniel and Anna (Robbins) 
Pingry. He was a farmer in Mt. Holly, where he died April 15, 
1858, s. p. She then married, Nov. 17, 1859, Lyman Knight, 
and settled in Brandon, Vt., where he died. She returned to Mt. 
Holly and died there Oct. 9, 1877. 

3221 Benjamin, born in Northfield, Vt., Nov. 20, 1801 ; died there Dec. 9, 


3222 Belinda, born in Northfield, Vt., April 8, 1804 ; died Aug. 8, 1820. 

3223 Daniel Jewett, bom in Northfield, Vt., May 4, 1807. He resided in 

Millbury and Worcester, Mass., a number of years, and was prom- 
inent in public affairs in both places ; was Postmaster and Justice 
of the Peace, and held other positions of trust. He later became 
connected with the City Department of the New York Times, and 
during the Civil War was with the army bureau of newspaper cor- 
respondents at Grant's headquarters. He removed to Milwaukee, 
Wis., about 1866, and became Commercial Editor of the Milwaukee 
Daily News. In 1876 he became Secretary of the Milwaukee Ce- 
ment Company, and died Oct. 25, 1887, unm. 

Seventh Generation 316 

3224> Rosea, born in Northfield, Vt., April 6, 1809 ; married Ellen Gamble.* 

1605 HON. LUTHER JEWETT, M.D. (DanieF^S Benjamin=^«% Ben- 
jamin'^ Nehemiah'% Joseph*, Edward'), was born in Canterbury, Conn., 
Dec. 24), 1772. In early life he removed with his parents to Putney, Vt. He 
graduated from Dartmouth College in 1795, pursued the study of medicine, 
and settled in Putney, where he hved a short while and removed to St. Johns- 
bury, Vt. Here he found three physicians nominally engaged in the pro- 
fession; but partly by negotiation and partly by his superior industry, he 
soon had the field to himself. For fifteen years he was a member of the Ver- 
mont Legislature, and was elected to Congress as a Federahst, sei-ving from 
Dec. 4, 1815, to March 3, 1817. He was Judge of the County Court; Jus- 
tice of the Peace more than thirty years ; member of the Council of Censors 
and of the Convention to amend the State Constitution ; also held many other 
town and County offices. In 1817, the Congregational Church of St. Johns- 
bury being destitute of a pastor. Dr. Jewett was engaged to conduct its pub- 
lic worship. He made such good use of his gifts that he obtained a hcense 
to preach May 27, 1818, and thereafter supplied the pulpit regularly. In 
1821 he was called to the pastorate of the Congregational Church at New- 
bury, Vt., and was there ordained and installed Feb. 28, 1821. Ill health 
compelled him to resign the pastoral charge at the end of four years, and he 
returned to St. Johnsbury in Febiniary, 1825, but he was not formally dis- 
missed until February, 1828. 

On his return to St. Johnsbury he began the pubhcation of The Farmer's 
Herald, and in 1830 The Free Mason's Friend, both of which he edited until 

Dr. Jewett married Feb. 7, 1799, Betsey Adams, daughter of Deacon 
Ephraim and Rebecca (Lock) Adams. She was born in New Ipswich, N. H., 
March 13, 1772, and died in St. Johnsbury, April 14, 1816. He then mar- 
ried, Aug. 6, 1816, Nancy Chamberland, who was bom in London, N. H., 
May 1, 1777, daughter of Samuel and Abigail Chamberland. She died in 
St. Johnsbury Jan. 21, 1856. Dr. Jewett died there March 8, I860 

Children horn in St. Johnsbury, Vt., except -first; 
By -first wife: 

3225 Hibbard, bom in Putney, Vt., Nov. 7, 1799; married Sophronia 


3226 Rebecca, born April 3, 1801 ; married (1st) Dr. Moses Bagley ; (2d) 

Levi Fuller.* 

3227 Betsey, born July 14, 1802; married John K. McFarland.* 

3228 Luther, born Nov. 25, 1805; married at Barton, Vt., July 6, 1841, 

INIary Cobb, daughter of Col. Ellis and Abigail (Chamberlain) 
Cobb. He was a physician, and settled in Lafayette, Ind., where 
his wife died Aug. 20, 1841. He died there Mav 13, 1872. No 

S16 Jewett Genealogy 

3229 Adams, born July 26, 1807 ; married Mary Prescott Putnam Smith.* 

3230 Mira, bom Nov. 1, 1809; married Dr. Nicholas Abbott.* 

3231 Ephraim, born July 2, 1811; married (1st) Jane Fairbanks; (2d) 

Caroline P. Taylor.* 

3232 Daniel, born Nov. 17, 1815 ; died March 27, 1833. 

By second wife: 

3233 Martha, born May 28, 1817 ; married Dr. WilHam C. M. LeFevre.* 

3234 Samuel, bom Jan. 4, 1819; married (1st) Sophia Cobb; (2d) Eliza- 

beth H. Bates.* 

1607 ZILPAH JEWETT (DanieF'S Benjamin"^ Benjamin^S Nehe- 
miah^*, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Putney, Vt., Dec. 15, 1776. She 
married there Sept. 26, 1793, Jeptha Moore, who was bom in Princeton, 
Mass., Feb. 18, 1764, son of Capt. Abijah (a Captain in the Revolution) and 
Eunice (Gibbs) Moore. 

Mr. Moore was a farmer and lived in Putney, where he died Nov. 15, 
1840. Mrs. Moore died there Aug. 12, 1839. 

Children horn in Putney, Vt.: 

3235 Laurilla, born April 6, 1795. 

3236 Forris, bom Dec. 31, 1796 ; married Rebekah Smith.* 

3237 Lovinna, born Sept. 7, 1798. 

3238 Curtis, born April 6, 1802 ; married and had Horatio, who died in the 

army during the Civil War; Mary, who married Mr. Marvin ; Addi- 
son, who hves in Claremont, N. H. ; and Martha, who married Mr. 
Peabody, of Newport, N. H. 

3239 Harvey Jewett, bora May 14, 1804 ; died Oct. 8, 1805. 

3240 Harvey, bom Jan. 5, 1806. 

3241 Jepthah, bom Aug. 18, 1808. 

3242 Oramel Philo, bora July 31, 1811. 

3243 Zilpha, born July 25, 1819. 

1608 LYDIA JEWETT (DanieF", Benjamin=='^ Benjamin'^ Nehe- 
miaV^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Putney, Vt., Jan. 22, 1799. She 
married there, Nov. 13, 1804, Rev. Jeremy Packer (his second wife), who was 
bora in Groton, Conn., July 2, 1762. Mr. Packer was ordained a Baptist 
minister Sept. 11, 1800, and settled in Guilford, Vt. In 1818 they removed 
to Hinsdale, N. H, where he died April 22, 1843. She died there Sept. 11, 


3244 Jewett Daniel, bora in Guilford, Vt., Nov. 28, 1813 ; died Aug. 20, 


3245 Lydia Jewett, bora in Guilford, Vt., July 3, 1815 ; married Alonzo 


Seventh Generation 317 

3246 Zilpha Hibbard, born in Hinsdale, N. H., April 25, 1822; married 

George Wellman (brother of Alonzo above).* 

1610 DR. CALVIN JEWETT (DanieF", Benjamin^«% Benjamin«^ 
Nehemiah'% Joseph% Edward'), was bom in Putney, Vt., Sept. 16, 1782. 
He married there May 17, 1807, Sally Parker, who was born in Putney, 
July 1, 1786, daughter of Roswell and Chloe (Poole) Parker of Putney. She 
died at St. Johnsbury, Vt., Jan. 12, 1837. He then married, Nov. 16, 1837, 
Mrs. Martha Hopkins of Herkimer, N. Y., who died April 1, 1874. Dr. 
Jewett settled in St. Johnsbury, Vt., where he followed his profession, and 
enjoyed a wide reputation as a physician in Northern Vermont. He was 
a prominent Mason, and very popular in his section of the country. 

Children born in St. Johnsbury, Vt., all by -first wife: 

3247 Milo Parker, bom April 27, 1808 ; married Jane Augusta Russell.* 

3248 Emehne Chloe, born Aug. 20, 1809 ; married Freeman Keyes.* 

3249 Erasmus Darwin, born April 6, 1811 ; married Caroline M. Redding.* 

3250 Ameha Rockwood, born Jan. 1, 1813; died April 27, 1813. 

3251 Roswell Poole, born Aug. 22, 1814; died the same day. 

3252 Sarah Amelia, born Sept. 30, 1815; married Sept. 23, 1859, Harry 

C. Bagley, and lived in Newbury, Vt., where he died Aug. 9, 1879. 
She died there July 11, 1903, s. p. 

3253 Jarvas, born Oct. 21, 1817; married Katherine Margaret Beattie.* 

3254 Harriet Newell, bom Jan. 1, 1820; married Ephraim Wilcox.* 

3255 Henry Calvin Danna, born Feb. 14, 1822 ; died Sept. 18, 1822. 

3256 Fayette, born Aug. 15, 1824; married (1st) Susan Ann Judson 

Clark; (2d) Ann Amanda Bracket.* 

3257 Ellen Augusta, bom April 11, 1832. She lived with her brother, 

Milo Parker, until his death, and then made her home in Newbury, 
Vt. She was an accomplished, bright, and loveable woman. Died 
in Somerville, Mass., Dec. 12, 1902, unm. Buried in Milwaukee, 

1611 DANIEL JEWETT (DaniePS Benjamin''% Benjamin«% Nehc- 
miah^^ Joseph*, Edward'), was born in Putney, Vt., March 6, 1785. He 
married Fanny Billings of Guilfird, Vt., and settled in Painted Post, Steuben 
Co., N. Y. 

During the War of 1812 he was a seaman on the Constitution at the 
capture of the Gueriere and Java; later served one year in the land service. 
He died at Campbell, N. Y., June 4, 1842. 


3258 Delia P., bom in Guilford, Vt., June 29, 1810; married William E. 



Jewett Genealogy 

1612 JEMIMA JEWETT (DanieF'S Benjainin''% Benjamm'% Nehe- 
miah'% Joseph*, Edward'), was born in Putney, Vt., Jan. 24, 1788. She 
married there Dec. 9, 1809, Rev. Daniel Packer, a Baptist minister. They 
settled in Mt. Holly, Vt., where he was pastor of a church for thirty-five 

Children born in Mt. Holly, Vt. : 

3259 Daniel, born Dec. 15, 1812 ; died the same day. 

3260 Elvira J., born July 29, 1815 ; died Sept. 24, 1818. 

3261 EHza C, born March 29, 1818 ; married Merrill J. White and died 

in Mt. Holly, Vt, Jan. 6, 1843, s. p. 
Jewett D., born Sept. 23, 1821 ; died Sept. 3, 1845, unm. 
Helen L., born Aug. 16, 1823; married Orsamus 0. BardwelL* 


Sarah M., born Nov. 12, 1826 ; married Clark Bull.* 

1613 JERUSHA JEWETT (Daniel'", Benjamin''% Benjamin'% Nehe- 
miah'% Joseph*, Edward'), was born in Putney, Vt., Nov. 30, 1790. She 
married there John Blanden of Townsend, Vt., and lived in Townsend, where 
she died in 1826. 

Children born in Townsend, Vt. : 
Alonzo, born . 


Hibbard, born 
Sarah, born — 
Fayette, born 

1617 RUFUS JEWETT (Ebenezer""', Benjamin-'^ Benjamin''^ Nehe- 
miah'^ Joseph*, Edward'), was born in Hampton, Conn., Aug. 3, 1790. He 
married Hannah Reynolds, and hved in Gainsville, N. Y. 

Children . 

3269 Rufus, born - 

3270 Daniel, born - 

3271 John, born — 

3272 Eunice, born - 

1620 EBENEZER JEWT:TT (Ebenezer''^ Benjam^n=^'^ Benjamin'^ 
Nehemiah'®, Joseph*, Edward'), was born in Hampton, Conn., Nov. 30, 1799. 
He married Sept. 24, 1824, Maria Jennings, who was born in New London, 

Conn., Oct. 25, 1805, daughter of and Sarah (Paine) Jennings. 

He died in 1874. 


3273 Maria, born in Hampton, Conn., Jan. 3, 1825 ; married Feb. 23, 1847, 

John A. Pearl. 

3274 Ebenezer, born in Hampton, Conn., Sept. 24, 1827; married (1st) 

Lucy Ormsby; (2d) Sarah Clemintina Haven.* 

Seventh Generation 31& 

3275 Laura, born in Alexandria, N. Y., Nov. 30, 1834; married Alfred 

Curtiss and lives in Norwich, Conn. 

3276 Allen, born in Hampton, Conn., Aug. 16, 1839; married Fannie 


3277 Lester Mammond, born in Hampton, Conn., March 24, 1842 ; married 

Sarah Burnham.* 

3278 Sarah Louisa, born in Hampton, Conn., Oct. 5, 1844; married Gil- 

bert Strickland.* 

1629 NATHAN JEWETT (Joseph U:"', Benjamin'«% Benjamin'% 
Nehemiah^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Norwich, Vt., May 17, 1795. 
He married April 5, 1835, Chloe Sperry, who was born in Litchfield, Conn., 
April 5, 1805, daughter of Darius Bradley and Mary (Hall) Sperry. Mr. 
Jewett was a farmer and settled in Colebrook, Ashtabula Co., Ohio, where he 
died June — , 1843. His widow married Francis Bennett and the family re- 
moved to Somanauk, 111., where she passed the remainder of her life and died 
Aug. — , 1877. 

Children born in Ashtabula Co., Ohio.: 

3279 Hiram, born April 27, 1836. He enlisted as a private, during the 

Civil War, in Co. A, 52d 111. Regt. Vol. Infa., and served from 1861 
to 1865; was severely wounded in the battle of Pittsburg Landing. 
After the war he lived in Columbus, Ohio, where he died Jan. 1, 
1872, unmarried, 

3280 Harvey, born April 20, 1838; married Hannah Maria Boyd.* 

3281 William Henry Harrison, born Sept. — , 1840 ; died May — , 1852. 

1632 HOLLAND JEAVETT (Joseph M.'", Benjamin=''% Benjamin'% 
Nehemiah^% Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Norwich, Vt., May 25, 1803. 
He married in 1834 Hannah Birch, who was born in Tioga Co., Pa., in 1818, 
daughter of George and Hannah (Austin) Birch. Mr. Jewett was a farmer 
and hved in Ashtabula Co., Ohio, where he died Nov. 26, 1875. His widow 
died Nov. 26, 1878. 

Children born in Ashtabula Co., Ohio.: 

3282 Luther Holland, born April 16, 1836 ; married Mary Jane Squires.* 

3283 Louisa, born April 3, 1840; died March 31, 1900. 

3284 Lucy, born Feb. 8, 1848. 

3285 Edwin, born ; died Oct. —, 1864. 

3286 Andrew, born . 

3287 Frank, born . 

3288 Sarah, born . 

3289 Mary, born . 

1634 LORENZO DOW JEWETT (Joseph M.'"', Benjamin"% Ben- 
jamin^^, Nehemiah^^ Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Norwich, Vt., Nov. 14, 
1808. He married (1st) his cousin Drake, who died soon. He then 


Jewett Genealogy 

married March 17, 1834, Sophia Lacada Burch, who died Nov. 11, 189T. 
Mr. Jewett when a child removed to Ohio, in 1818, when that part of the 
country was a wilderness ; his early education was obtained in the chimney 
corner by the light of the fire. When he reached manhood he chose as his 
occupation farming, mechanical work, of which millwright, house carpenter, 
wagon maker, and boot and shoe maker were a part of his accomplishments. 
In later years he became a Baptist preacher and died in Anderson Co., Kan., 
April 10, 1898. 

Children, all by second wife: 

3290 Thaddeus Sobieska, born March 11, 1835; died Oct. 8, 1855. 

3291 Alvin, born April 28, 1836. 

3292 Amanda Fitzalan, born Oct. 11, 1837. 

3293 Mary B., born Aug. 25, 1839. 

3294 Malvina, bom Feb. 6, 1841. 

3295 Lorenzo, born Feb. 12, 1842. 

3296 Emily Caroline, born July 18, 1844. 

3297 Sophronia Tyler, born May 10, 1846. 

3298 Lorency Endora, bom June 15, 1848. 

3299 Pembrook Somerset, born June 18, 1852. 

3300 Colebrook Winterset, born Dec. 30, 1853. 

3301 Fannie Maria, bom Sept. 14, 1857. 

3302 Alhainan Payne, bom Aug. 17, 1860; died Sept. 6, 1862. 


1637 GEORGE TODD (Edna'«% George''^ Joseph'''% Joseph , 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., Dec. 1, 1754. He married 
Lucy Bradstreet. 


3303 Nathaniel, bom , 1780. 

3304 Moses, born , 1782. 

3305 Wilham, bom , 1787. 

3306 George, bom , 1789. 

1646 GEORGE JEWETT (Joseph"^ George=^«^ Joseph"", Joseph 


Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., June 11, 1767. 
Martha and settled in Rowley. 

He married 

3307 George, born in Rowley, Jan. 28, 1798 ; married there, by Rev. Wil- 
lard Holbrook, Sept. 1, 1822, Lavinia Smith, daughter of James 
and Jane (Howe) Smith. She died in Rowley, Aug. 16, 1872, 
aged 73 years and 3 months. He died there Sept. 28, 1882. They 
had George Smith, born July 31, 1829; died April 18, 1840. 


1654 MERCY RAYMOND (Lucy"% Nathan"', Joseph^S Joseph^ 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Montville, Conn., Aug. 6, 1751. She mar- 

Seventh Generation 321 

ried in 1773 John Raymond, who was bom In New London, Conn., Jan. 7, 
1748, eldest son of John and EHzabeth (Griswold) Raymond. They settled 
in Montville, where he died March 31, 1828. She died there July — , 1834. 

Children born in Montville, Conn. : 

3308 Jewett, born about 1775 ; died young. 

3309 William, born Jan. 9, 1778 ; married Elizabeth Manwaring.* 

3310 Nathan (twin), born in 1780; married Hannah Sistare.* 

3311 Mary (twin), born in 1780; died about 1828, unmarried. 

1655 JOSHUA RAYMOND (Lucy"% Nathan''% Joseph'°% Joseph", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Montville, Conn., about 1753. He married 
his cousin, Mary Raymond, who was born in Montville, Oct. 17, 1754, daugh- 
ter of John and Elizabeth (Griswold) Raymond. She died about a year 
after their marriage, and he then married Elizabeth Prince, who was born in 
Montville March 12, 1760, daughter of William and Mary (Holland) Prince. 
Mr. Raymond settled in Montville and was on the Lexington alarm list from 
that town. He was Representative to the Legislature, 1790, 1797, 1798, and 
1799; was Treasurer of Montville four years, and Justice of the Peace sev- 
eral years. He died in Montville April 5, 1806. His widow died in Colches- 
ter, Conn., in 1845. 

Children born in Montville, Conn., all by second wife: 

3312 Jewett, born Jan. 16, 1785 ; married Rebecca Osborn of New York 

City, and lived in New York. 

3313 Mary, bom Nov. — , 1787 ; married Jirah Williams, son of Enos Wil- 

liams of Colchester, Conn. They settled in Lebanon, Conn., and 
later removed to New York, where they died. 

3314 Joshua Lord, bom Jan. 20, 1791 ; married Miss Starkweather of Nor- 

wich, Conn., and settled in Colchester, Conn. 

3315 Sophia, born Nov. 19, 1792 ; died in Lyme, Conn., in 1847, unm. 

3316 Martha, born about 1794 ; married Oct. 11, 1816, Horace Waite, who 

was bom in Lyme, Conn., Jan. 14, 1793, son of Remick and Susanna 
(Matson) Waite. They settled in Lyme and removed to Ohio. He 
died in St. Joseph, Mo., April 4, 1850. She died in Chicago in 
1853. They had several children that died in infancy, and one son, 
Horace Frederick, born March 17, 1821; married (1st) Dec. 2, 
1847, Louisa Taylor, who died May 14, 1849 s. p. He married 
again and settled in Chicago, where he followed the profession of 

3317 Lucretia Lee, born about 1797; married Mr. Saxton of Colchester, 

Conn., and died in 1859 s. p. 

3318 Eliza, born about 1799 ; died In Peru, Mass., In 1817, unm. 

3319 Joseph Holland, bom about 1801 : married Unity KIrkland and set- 

tled in Dover, HI. 

323 Jewett Genealogy 

3320 Lucy, born about 1803 ; married Ira Geer of Peru, Mass., and died 


3321 Ursula Bradford, born in 1806; married Capt. John Mather Chad- 

wick of Lyme, Conn. She died in Lyme in 1847, leaving one child, 
EHzabeth Mather, who married Dec. 3, 1855, Dr. Josiah Griffin 
Ely, son of Abner Sheldon and Frances (Griffin) Ely. They settled 
in Chicago. 

1657 JOSIAH RAYMOND (Lucy"% Nathan'«% Joseph^°«, Joseph'S 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Montville, Conn., about 1756. He married 
Sept. 2, 1784, Elizabeth Baker, who was born about 1763, daughter of Joshua 
and Abigail (Bliss) Baker of Montville. Mr. Raymond was a farmer and 
settled in Montville, where he died July 21, 1795. His widow married Deacon 
Robert Manwaring, and died Feb. 13, 1802. They had one child, Caleb 
Baker, who married Lydia Wickwire, and died leaving no children. 

Children horn in Montville, Conn.: 

3322 Joshua, born June 18, 1785 ; married Mary Hillhouse.* 

3323 Orlando, bom Nov. 4, 1789 ; married in 1826, Elizabeth Nelson. He 

was a soldier in the War of 1812, and later became a merchant in 
Montville. In 1820 they removed to Jeffersonville, la., where he 
was Postmaster and where he died in 1829, leaving one child, Cora 
O., born Sept. 8, 1827. His widow married Mr. Green and removed 
to Fort Madison, Iowa. 

3324 Josiah, born Nov. 23, 1791 ; married Judith Ransom.* 

1658 MULFORD RAYMOND (Lucy"% Nathan-«% Joseph"^ Jo- 
seph^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Montville, Conn., about 1760. He 
married Eleanor Bradford, daughter of Samuel and Bridget (Comstock) 
Bradford. She was bom in Montville and was a descendant of Gov. William 
Bradford of the Mayfiower. Mr. Raymond was a farmer and settled in Mont- 
ville, where he was prominent in town affairs and held many town offices. He 
died June 3, 1835. His widow died Nov. 15, 1837, aged 75 years. 

Children horn in Montville, Conn.: 

3325 Charlotte, born Nov. 21, 1784; died Sept. 28, 1872, unm. 

3326 Lucy Jewett, bom Feb. 18, 1787 ; married Nathaniel Parish.* 

3327 Eleanor, bom March 14, 1789: married Lemuel Raymond Dolbeare.* 

3328 Sarah, born June 29, 1792 ; died July 20, 1795. 

3329 Harriet Bridget, born Oct. 4, 1797 ; died Dec. — , 1828, unm. 

3330 Sarah Bradford, bom ; died Jan. 10, 1887, unm. 

3331 Mulford Christopher, born July 23, 1800; married Abby Turner.* 

1659 LOUISA RAYMOND (Lucy''^ Nathan^««, Joseph^'^^, Joseph", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Montville, Conn., about 1760. She married 


Seventh Generation 323 

her cousin, Nathaniel Lynde Raymond, who was bom in New London, Conn., 
Nov. 18, 1756, son of John and Elizabeth (Griswold) Raymond. 

They settled in Montville and removed to Lebanon, Conn., where he died 
July 15, 1829. She died in Windham, Conn., April 8, 184-9. 

Children born in Montville, Conn.: 

3332 John, born ; married Mercy Elizabeth Raymond, daugh- 

ter of William and Elizabeth (Manwaring) Raymond. She was 
born in Montville, May 21, 1802. They lived and died in Salem, 
Conn., s. p. 

3333 Nathaniel Lynde, born Aug. 13, 1787 ; married Sarah Ann Martin.* 

3334 Edward, born ; died in Windham, Conn., unm. 

3335 Mulford, born ; died in Maryland, in 1821, unm. 

3336 Ohver, born April 6, 1800 ; married Eunice B. Elliot.* 

3337 Lemuel, born ; married and lived in Wisconsin until 1860, 

when he removed to Missouri. 

3338 Eunice, born ; died in Canterbury, Conn., Feb. — , 1820, unm. 

3339 Mercy, born ; lived and died in Windham, Conn., unm. 

1660 CHARLOTTE RAYMOND (Lucy"% Nathan''% Joseph"% 
Joseph^', Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Montville, Conn., about 1763. She 
married Benajah Gardner of Rhode Island and settled in Waterford, Conn., 
where he was a farmer and where he died June — , 1828. She died there May 
23, 1854. 

Children born in Waterford, Conn.: 

3340 John, born ; died in New York in 1815, unm. 

3341 Lebbeus, bom ; married Eunice Latimer, daughter of Picket 

Latimer, and settled in Waterford, where she died Sept. — , 1819, 
leaving three children, viz., Charlotte, John, and Julia Anne, 

3342 Robert, bom ; died in the West Indies in 1819, unm. 

3343 Henry, born . He married and had one child, Robert. 

3344 Benajah, bom ; married Fanny Rogers. 

3345 Martha, born ; died Dec. 25, 1836, unm. 

3346 Charlotte, bom ; died April — , 1858, unm. 

1661 LUCY RAY^IOND (Lucy''% Nathan''% Joseph"% Joseph", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Montville, Conn., Nov. 12, 1764. She mar- 
ried Jan. 31, 1790, Nathaniel Bradford, who was born in Montville, Oct. 13, 
1766, a descendant of Gov. William Bradford and son of Samuel and Bndget 
(Comstock) Bradford. He was a farmer and settled in Montville, where she 
died Sept. 18, 1831. He died there Oct. 16, 1832. 

Children born in Montville, Conn.: 

3347 Ursula, born Oct. 21, 1790 ; died Aug. 13, 1877. 

3348 Harriet, born April 16, 1793 ; married in 1837, Dr. Jedediah R. Gay. 

324 Jewett Genealogy 

He was a physician in Montville and died in 1884. She died Jan. 

2, 1875, s. p. 

3349 Nathaniel Burr, bom Dec. 9, 1795 ; married in 1834, Rachel Fitch and 

settled in Montville, where he was a farmer and where he died Oct. 
11, 1870. No issue. 

3350 Sarah, born Nov. 2, 1798 ; married Bartholomew C. Baxter.* 

3351 Joshua Raymond, born Jan. 9, 1801 ; married Nov. — , 1848, Mrs. 

Eliza (Baker) Holmes, daughter of Samuel Baker, and settled in 
Montville, where she died Nov. 10, 1861, s. p. He died there Jan. 

3, 1874. 

1662 MARY RAYMOND (Lucy'^% Nathan=^'% Joseph^"% Joseph", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Montville, Conn., about 1766. She married 
her cousin, Lemuel Raymond, son of Christopher and Ellen Raymond, and 
settled in Westfield, Mass., where she died Dec. — , 1821. 


3352 Fitch, born ; died in 1844, unm. 

3353 Lemuel, bom ; married Ann Dowd of Madison, Conn., and set- 

tled in Colchester, Conn. One child, Sarah, who married Rev. Tim- 
othy F. Green, and lived at Maiden Station, 111. 

3354 Sarah, bom ; married Rev. Henry Ware, D. D., who was pro- 

fessor of sacred eloquence at Harvard College, son of Rev. Henry 
Ware, D. D., who was Hollis professor at Harvard. 

3355 Mary, born . 

1664 OLIVER RAYMOND (Lucy"», Nathan-'% Joseph"% Joseph", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Montville, Conn., June 24, 1771. He mar- 
ried Oct. 3, 1793, his cousin, Hannah Raymond, daughter of Edward and 
Sarah (Douglass) Raymond. They settled in Montville, where he was a 
farmer and where she died Aug. 20, 1811. He then married, April 2, 1812, 
Mary Comstock, who was born in Montville Feb. 19, 1787, daughter of Na- 
thaniel and Anna (Stark) Comstock. They soon removed to Lyme, Conn., 
where he died July 29, 1862. She died Feb. 14, 1863. 

Children by first wife horn in Montville, Conn.: 

3356 Sarah Douglass, bom July 11, 1794; married Feb. 22, 1829, Terrel 

Speed, who was born in Pendleton District, S. C, March 10, 1799, 
son of Robert and Elizabeth (Martin) Speed. They settled in 
Madison, Ga., where he was a merchant and afterwards a planter. 
Three children, viz., Elizabeth, Ellen, and Oliver Raymond. 

3357 Oliver, born June 16, 1796. He was drowned at the age of two years. 

3358 Laura C, born about 1798 ; died young. 

3359 Hannah, born Sept. 14, 1800. Lived in Madison, Ga., and died unm. 

3360 Emeline, born about 1802 ; died young. 

Seventh Generation 325 

S361 Caleb Oliver, born May 31, 1804; married in 1832 Julia LeBarron. 
He was a physician and settled in Appalachicola, Fla., where he 
died in 1838. His wife died in 1837. Three children, Mary, 
Charles, and Henry Morgan. 

3362 James Harvey, bom about 1806 ; died in infancy. 

3363 Joseph, bom about 1809 ; died in infancy. 

3364 Alva, bom July 20, 1811 ; died young. 

Children by second wife: 

3365 Mary Ann, born in Montville, Conn., April 3, 1813 ; married William 

Stark of Lyme. 

3366 James Lawrence, born in Montville, Conn., Sept. 19, 1815; died in 


3367 Jane Gray, bom in Montville, Conn., Dec. 20, 1817 ; married May 25, 

1846, James Rogers Morgan, who was bom Nov. 6, 1797, son of 
Philip and Elizabeth (Tinker) Morgan of New London, Conn., 
where they settled. One child, James Raymond, born in New Lon- 
don Sept. 23, 1847. 

3368 Adeline Comstock, born in Montville, Conn., Nov. 1, 1820; married 

Dec. — , 1849, Junius Marvin, who was bom in Lyme, Conn., Oct. 
2, 1820, son of Judge William and Sophia (Griffin) Marvin. He 
was a farmer and settled in East Randolph, Wis. Three children, 
viz., Cornelia Raymond, bom Nov. 13, 1855 ; James Lawrence, and 
Jane Morgan. The last two were twins. 

3369 Thaddeus Kosciusco, bom in Lyme, Conn., March 6, 1823; married 

Mary Alicia Ayers.* 

3370 Helen Louisa, bom in Lyme, Conn., Aug. 25, 1825; died Nov. 1, 


3371 James Lawrence, bom in Lyme, Conn., March 11, 1829. 

3372 Cornelia Christopher, bom in Lyme, Conn., Feb. 28, 1831 ; died in 

Marietta, Ga., Feb. 29, 1852, unm. 

1666 MARY JEWETT (Joseph"", Nathan''% Joseph"% Joseph^S 
Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Lyme, Conn., March 12, 1761. She mar- 
ried Dec. 18, 1780, Samuel Perkins, who was bom in Lyme April 14, 1754, 
son of Abraham and Elizabeth (Ely) Perkins. They lived for many years in 
Hartland, Vt., and removed to Homer, New York, where he died March 16, 
1825. She then married Col. Jacob SpofFord of Bergen, N. Y., who died Aug. 
3, 1841. She died Aug. 7, 1841. 

Children, all hy -first husband and all born in Hartland, Vt.: 

3373 Mary, bom Sept. 25, 1781 ; died July 18, 1783. 

3374 Joseph Jewett, born Aug. 7, 1783 ; died March 10, 1784. 

3375 Mary, born July 14, 1785 ; married Thomas Gay.* 

3376 Samuel Moody, bom May 2, 1787 ; married March 16, 1823, Laura 

326 Jewett Genealogy 

Basset. He was a lawyer and died Dec, 1835. She died May 27, 
1853, s. p. 

3377 Lucretia, born Jan. 11, 1791 ; died Feb. 24, 1791. 

3378 Jewett Rogers, born May 9, 1792 ; died July 17, 1822, unm. 

3379 Sophia, born March 7, 1794 ; died March 17, 1826, unm. 

3380 Julius Augustus, born Feb. 5, 1799; married Minerva Mercy Wil- 


3381 George Washington, born Nov. 4, 1800; died April 17, 1827, unm. 

3382 Mary Ann Hayden, born June 8, 1803 ; died Dec. 25, 1823, unm. 

3383 Carohne, bom July 3, 1805 ; died Aug. 10, 1809. 

1667 DR. JOSEPH JEWETT ( Joseph^«°, Nathan2'% Joseph^*'', 
Joseph"", Joseph*, Edward'^), was born in Lyme, Conn., June 7, 1763. He 
married Oct. 18, 1785, Jane Pettibone, who was born May 1, 1767, daughter 
of Col. Cyrus Pettibone of Rowley, Mass. Dr. Jewett studied medicine with 
his uncle. Dr. Theophilus Rogers of Norwich, Conn., and settled in Granby, 
Conn., where he followed his profession. He was prominent in town affairs 
and held many offices of trust. He died in Granby Dec. 6, 1812. His widow 
died there Jan. 17, 1842. 

Children horn in Granhy, Conn. : 

3384 Joseph Franklin, born Aug. 22, 1788 ; married Elizabeth B. Reed.* 

3385 Frederick WilHam, born Nov. 25, 1790 ; married Charlotte M. Phelps.* 

3386 Julietta Mariah, born March 11, 1792 ; married Erastus Phelps.* 

3387 Jane Miranda, born Dec. 30, 1795. She was a teacher in the Female 

College at Macon, Ga., and died there Jan. 8, 1844, unm. 

3388 Irene Amoret, born Oct. 26, 1797 ; married Maltby G. Hillyer.* 

3389 Mary Ann Caroline, born July 26, 1799; married James N. Smith.* 

3390 Peter Jenner, bom Jan. 18, 1802; married Louisa A. Smith.* 

1668 ZABDIAL ROGERS JEWETT (Joseph^'", Nathan2'% Jo- 
seph^°^, Joseph"^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Lyme, Conn., April 20, 
1765. He married April 15, 1787, Zebiah Rowe, who was born in Granby, 
Conn., Oct. 22, 1765, daughter of Abijah Rowe of Granby. They lived in 
Granby for a number of years and removed to Winsted, Conn., where he died 
May 12, 1826. His widow died there March 7, 1854. 

Children born in Granby, Conn. : 

3391 Pauline, born July 15, 1787 ; married Dr. Seymour Carpenter of 

Saratoga, N. Y. He was a physician and lived in Brooklyn, hav- 
ing his office in New York. 

3392 Allyn, bom Feb. 22, 1789 ; married Abigail Tucker.* 

3393 Frances, born April 15, 1791 ; married Ira Goodsell.* 

3394 Clarissa, born April 20, 1794 ; married Anson Otis,* 

3395 Deborah, born Oct. 12, 1799 ; married John Hall of Canaan, Conn., 

and died June 13, 1827, leaving one or two children. 

Seventh Generation 327 

1669 LUCRETIA JEWETT (Joseph^'% Nathan''% Joseph^°% Jo- 
seph"", Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Lyme, Conn., April 24, 176T. She 
married there Nov. 14, 178T, Phny Hayes, who was born in Granby, Conn., 
June 6, 1766, son of Samuel and Rosanna (Holcomb) Hayes. Mr. Hayes 
was a descendant of George Hayes, who was born (probably in Scotland) in 
1665 ; settled in Windsor, Conn., in 1680, and died in Simsbury, Conn., Sept. 
2, 1725. George Hayes was the ancestor of President Rutherford B. Hayes. 

Pliny Hayes was a farmer and mechanic. They settled in Granby, 
Conn., and in 1798 removed to Marcellus, N. Y., and from there to Bristol, 
N. Y., where he died May 2, 1830. She died in Livonia, N. Y., May 15, 


3396 Pliny, born in Granby, Conn., Dec. 5, 1788; married Eliza Stout 


3397 Laurinda, born in Granby, Conn,, May 12, 1790 ; married in Bristol, 

N. Y., Dec. 2, 1811, Rev. Silas Hubbard. They had Lucretia, bom ' 
March — , 1813, who married German Caldwell and died in Bran- 
don, Wis., leaving two children, viz., Clarence, bom Jan. 20, 1845, 
and Mary J., born May 16, 1857 ; Edwin, born Nov. — , 1814, died 
Sept. — , 1815. 

3398 Henry, born in Granby, Conn., March 19, 1792 ; married Sophronia 


3399 Emma Lucretia, born in Granby, Conn., Feb. 18, 1794 ; married Theo- 

dore Brown.* 

3400 Harold, born in Granby, Conn., Nov. 29, 1796 ; married Maria Sim- 


3401 Gunilda, born in Marcellus, N. Y., July 4, 1799 ; married Daniel How- 


3402 Mumford, born in Marcellus, N. Y., Oct. 3, 1801 ; married (1st) Abi- 

gail Wilcox; (2d) Sarah Knowlton.* 

3403 Hector, born in Marcellus, N. Y., July 23, 1804; married Lucinda 


3404 Guy, born in Prattsburg, N. Y., Dec. 26, 1806; married (1st) Louisa 

Anna Wilder; (2d) Susan Wright.* 

3405 Elizabeth Adelaide, born in Bristol, N. Y., Aug. 4, 1809; married 

(1st) Harvey Blackmer; (2d) Hon. Joseph Plumb.* 

1671 DEBORAH JEWETT (Joseph^"", Nathan-«% Joseph^*^% Jo- 
seph^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Lyme, Conn., Aug. 27, 1769. She 
married her second cousin, Richard Lord, who was bom in Lyme Jan. 14, 
1765, son of Richard Lord. He was a saddler and settled in Skaneateles, 
N. Y., where she died March 15, 1838. He died in Ann Arbor, Mich., in 1844. 


3406 Richard Henry, born in 1792. He was a dentist and lived in Skane- 

328 Jewett Genealogy 

ateles, but died in the South, leaving four children, viz., Darwin, 

Charles, Jane, and Alexander. 
3407 David, born in 1805 ; married Mary Fargo.* 
34<08 Melinda, bom ; married and lived in Onondaga Hollow, N. Y. 

1672 HON. JOSHUA RAYMOND JEWETT (Joseph*'", Nathan''% 
Joseph^"^, Joseph"", Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Lyme, Conn., Aug. 14, 
1771. He married March 20, 1796, Sybil Pettibone, who was born in Granby, 
Conn., March 21, 1779, daughter of Col. Cyrus Pettibone. She died in 
Granby April 19, 1813, and he married June 19, 1820, Mary Alma Cossit, 
daughter of Ambrose Cossit of Clearmont, N. H. 

Mr. Jewett settled in Granby, Conn., and there cast his first vote, which 
was for Washington when he was a candidate for his second term. He voted 
at every subsequent Presidential election, including the second election of Mr. 
Lincoln. Mr. Jewett was appointed Deputy Sheriff in 1798, and held the 
office twenty-one years and four months ; was Representative to the Legisla- 
ture in 1813; Governor's Messenger for the session of 1819; Constable and 
Collector five years ; Notary Public a number of years ; Commissioner of the 
Superior Court six years; Clerk of the Probate Court from 1819 to 1834, 
and was appointed in 1834 Judge of Probate and Justice of the Peace, and 
held the last office until seventy years of age. His Masonic record dates from 
January, 1797, when he was made a Master Mason in St. Mark's Lodge, 
Granby, of which he was Master for twenty years. He was exalted to the 
degree of Royal Arch Mason in Pythagoras Chapter of Hartford in 1818; 
was installed Principal Sojourner in Lafayette Chapter, Granby, in 1825, 
and served in that office until ninety-five years of age ; was installed " Thrice 
Illustrious " of Clinton Council, Granby, in 1826, and held that office until 
ninety-four years of age. As a neighbor, associate, citizen, and public officer 
" Father Jewett " was of good repute and universally esteemed. As a Mason 
he has left a bright record. He was buried with those Masonic honors to 
which he was so justly entitled. He died Dec. 21, 1867. 

Children born in Granby, Conn. 
By first wife: 

3409 Harriet Sybil, born March 28, 1797 ; married Grove A. Pease.* 

3410 George, bom May 10, 1799; married (1st) Ehza Guyton; (2d) 

Eunice F. Freeman ; (3d) Mary Ann Susan Ballard.* 

3411 Ehza, born April 1, 1801 ; married Sept. 15, 1824, Paran Stevens. 

He was proprietor of the Revere House in Boston, where she died 
March 4, 1857, leaving one child, Ellen. 

3412 Julia, born Sept. 13, 1805 ; married Alonzo Phelps.* 

By second wife: 

3413 Henry Lee, born Aug. 29, 1821 ; married Martha Jones Howard.* 

Seventh Generation 329 

3414 Sidney, born July 31, 1823. He was Constable of Granby 1844-5, 

and died in Hartford, Conn., Aug. 4, 1849, unm. 

3415 Patrick Henry, born March 3, 1825 ; married Mary Jane Hay.* 

1673 DEACON JOSIAH JEWETT ( Joseph'*", Nathan=^«% Joseph^°% 
Joseph^^ Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Lyme, Conn., Dec. 29, 1773. He 
married in Durham, Conn., Nov. 29, 1798, Ehzabeth M. Smith, who was born 
in Durham Nov. 16, 1777. Mr. Jewett was a farmer and settled in Durham, 
later removed to Moravia, N. Y., where Mrs. Jewett died Oct. 2, 1816 He 
then married in Moravia, Jan. 16, 1817, Sophia Skinner, who was born Dec. 
17, 1796, daughter of Cotton and Prudence (Pendergrass) Skinner of Mora- 
via, formerly of East Hartford, Conn. Mr. Jewett died in Moravia Feb. 24, 
1860. His widow died in Buffalo, N. Y., May 8, 1873. 

Children by first wife horn in Durham, Conn., except last: 

3416 David Parsons, born Aug. 1, 1799; died June 18, 1802. 

3417 George Washington, bom Nov. 17, 1800; married (1st) Harriet 

Camp ; (2d) Janet A. Camp ; (3d) Annis P. Melendy.* 

3418 David Parsons, bom Sept. 3, 1802 ; died April 12, 1803. 

3419 Eliza Smith, born Feb. 1, 1804 ; died Nov. 23, 1816. 

3420 Martha, born Oct. 9, 1805 ; married Amasa H. Dunbar.* 

3421 Josiah Parsons, born Nov. 11, 1807; married Lucretia Taylor.* 

3422 Samuel Parsons, bom Aug. 9, 1809; married (1st) Sarah Palmer 

Cone; (2d) Sarah White.* 

3423 Clarissa, born Dec. 3, 1811 ; married Joseph Best.* 

3424 Guernsey, born in Moravia, N. Y., July 1, 1816; married Eliza 


Children by second wife born in Moravia, N. Y. : 

3425 Sherman Skinner, born Jan. 17, 1818; married Deborah Dusenbury.* 

3426 John Cotton, bom Feb. 2, 1821 ; married Priscilla Boardman.* 

3427 Joseph, born July 25, 1823 ; died Aug. 7, 1823. 

3428 Caroline Matilda, bom Dec. 8, 1824 ; died May 17, 1849, unm. 

3429 Charles Carroll, bom June 28, 1827 ; married Ellen R. Burroughs.* 

3430 James Hervey, bom Oct. 11, 1830; married Mary Frances Colgrove; 

(2d) Isabel Mills.* 

than-*^ Joseph^"", Joseph", Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Lyme, Conn., 
March 10, 1776. He married in 1808, Sophia Mather, who was bom in 
Essex Borough, Saybrook, Conn., Jan. 17, 1791, daughter of Dr. Elisha and 
Elizabeth (Selden) Mather. He married (2d), about 1832, Mrs. Abigail 
Wilcox of Ann Arbor, Mich., widow of Gideon Wilcox, formerly of Elbridge, 
N. Y. 

Colonel Jewett was a lawyer and settled In Essex Borough, Saybrook, 

330 Jewett Genealogy 

Conn., where he was Colonel of Artillery, and was in the United States Ser- 
vice at New London during the War of 1812. In 1819 he removed to 
Springfield, Ohio, where his first wife died Oct. 20, 1826. He then removed 
to Ann Arbor, Mich., where he died Feb. 14, 1850. 

Children, all by first wife, horn in Saybrook, Conn. : 

3431 John Rogers, born in 1809; mariied Mary Ann Snyder.* 

3432 George Washington, bom ; died in infancy. 

1678 ANNA JEWETT (Nathan^'S Nathan"% Joseph'''% Joseph", 
Joseph^, Edward^), was born in East Haddam, Conn., Feb. 21, 1764. She 
married Squire Allen of Hudson, N. Y., and resided there. 


3433 Stephen, born . 

3434 Nathan, bom . 

3435 Edward, born . 

3436 A daughter, born . 

3437 A daughter, born . 

1679 NATHAN JEWETT ( Nathan' 'S Nathan''% Joseph"% Jos- 
eph^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in East Haddam, Conn., July 20, 1767. 
He married Nov. 13, 1798, Hepzibah Lee, who was born in Lyme, Conn., 
Feb. 10, 1772, daughter of Seth ard EHzabeth (Smith) Lee of Lyme. Mr. 
Jewett settled in East Haddam. Conn., where he died Oct. 1, 1851. His 
widow died March 22, 1855. 


3438 Emily Ann, born in East Haddam, Conn., Nov. 13, 1799; married 

Nathan Stark of Lyme, Conn., son of Abial and Mary (Graves) 
Stark. They lived in East Haddam, where she died March 8, 1877, 
s. p. He died in 1857. 

3439 Nathan, born in Colchester, Conn., July 31, 1804; married Lucretia 

Rogers Stark.* 

3440 Laura Maria, born in East Haddam, Conn., April 4, 1808; married 

(1st) Victor M. Johnson; (2d) Isaac Garretson.* 

1684 NATHAN HIBBARD JEWETT (David^^-, Nathan-«% Jos- 
eph^"®, Joseph^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in East Haddam, Conn., about 
1760. He married Mary Griffin, who was bom in East Haddam, Conn., 
June 15, 1763, daughter of George and Eva (Dorr) Griffin. They settled 
in East Haddam, where he was a member of Capt. Holmes Co., of East 
Haddam, in 1776, and when he died in 1824. His widow died in Ogden, 
N. Y. 

Children, born in East Haddam, Conn.: 

3441 Sarah, bom April 18, 1783; died in Albany, N. Y. ; unmarried. 

Seventh Generation 331 

3442 Nathan Hibbard, born , 1784 ; married Amy Gray.* 

3443 George Griffin, born March 22, 1785 ; married Sarah Grosvenor.* 

3444 Lydia, bom April 23, 1787 ; married Johnson Griffin, son of Joshua 

and EHzabeth (Johnson) Griffin of Lyme, Conn. 

3445 Amanda, born Jan. 21, 1789; died April 23, 1789. 

3446 Edward, born July 19, 1790 ; died April 12, 1791. 

3447 William, bom Jan. 14, 1792. He married and lived in New York 

until 1842, then removed to Bergen Hill, N. J., and from there to 
California. Mr. Jewett began life as a farmer, then became a 
coach-maker^ apprentice and settled in New York City, where he 
studied portrait painting with Samuel Waldo, whose partner he 
became. Their joint 'productions were often successful likenesses, 
and for many years they were fully occupied in New York. 

3448 Justin, born Sept. 27, 1794 ; married (1st) Mary Ann Beckwith ; (2d) 

Hannah Barns.* 

3449 Amanda, born May 3, 1796 ; married Charles Church of Rochester, 

N. Y. . 

1686 DAVID MOODY JEWETT (David''-, Nathan=='^ Joseph"% 
Joseph^". Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in East Haddam, Conn., baptized 
July 19, 1767. He married Oct. 28, 1790, Naomi Hulbert. Mr. Jewett 
graduated from Yale in the class of 1787. He was a lawyer and settled 
in Lyme, Conn., where he was a Justice of the Peace many years ; was Repre- 
sentative to the Legislature 1799, 1801, 1804, 1806, 1808 and 1818 and 
held other offices. He died in Lyme in 1824. 

Children, born in Lyme, Con/n.: 

3450 Phebe Taber, bom June 18, 1791 ; married Christopher Stark of 

East Haddam, son of Nathan and Rebecca (Palmer) Stark. 

3451 John Griffin, born Dec. 1, 1796; married Rebecca Stark.* 

3452 Sarah, bom , 1798 ; married Mr. Mather of Deep River, Conn., 

and died in 1841. 

3453 Frances, born ; married Charles Tiffany of Lyme. His first 

wife was her sister, Naomi. 

3454 David M., born , 1802 ; married Anna Rathbone, who was born 

Nov. 6, 1803, and died Nov. 12, 1863, s. p. He died in 1847. 

3455 Naomi, born , 1806; married Charles Tiffany and removed to 

Vermont, where she died in 1834. 

3456 Clarissa, bom , 1807 ; died 1825. 

1690 ELIZABETH JEWETT (David'«-, Nathan^'", Joseph"% Jos- 
eph", Joseph*, Edward^), was born in East Haddam, Conn., Feb. 28, 1771. 
She married Jan. 13, 1790, Ansel Comstock, who was born Aug. 25, 1765. 
They settled in Sweden, N. Y., where he died July 28, 1845. 

332 Jewett Genealogy 

Children, born in Sweden, N. Y. : 

3457 JuHus, born May 18, 1791. 

3458 Betsey, born July 13, 1795; married Daniel Butler and lived in 

Rockport, N. Y. 

3459 Ansel, born Sept. 9, 1797. 

3460 Laura, born Sept. 20, 1799; married Erastus Selden (See 1691). 

3461 Emily, born Dec. , 1801 ; married Feb. 3, 1822, William Root, 

who was bom March 17, 1792. 

3462 Harry J., born Feb. 15, 1806 ; married Mary Loomis.* 

3463 Erastus Selden, bom June 20, 1808. 

3464 Eunice Mary, bom June 26, 1810; married Joseph Chipman and 

died Nov. 9, 1847. 

3465 George, born Sept. 27, 1812. Settled in Lisbon, Wis. 

1691 LUCY JEWETT (David"% Nathan==«% Joseph^'^% Joseph", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in East Haddam, Conn., Sept. 16, 1779. She 
married her cousin, Erastus Selden, who was bom in Lyme, Conn., Oct. 23, 
1769, son of Ezra and Amy (Ely) Selden. Mr. Selden was a farmer and 
lived in Lyme, where she died March 21, 1834. He then married Sept. 21, 
1835, his wife's niece, Laura Comstock (3460), and died in Lyme Dec. 27, 

Children of Lucy (Jewett) Selden: 

3466 A daughter, born in Lyme, June 30, 1797 ; died . 

3467 Amy, born in Lyme, June 3, 1799 ; died Jan. 3, 1800. 

Children of Laura (Comstoch) Selden: 

3468 John Erastus, bom in Lyme ; married Mary Comstock and re- 

moved to Springfield, Mass. 

3469 Lucy E., born in Lyme, Aug. 20, 1836. 

1696 DR. GIBBONS JEWETT (Gibbons'«^ Nathan-'% Joseph'"% 
Joseph^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in East Haddam, Conn., April 16, 
1766. He married Feb. 9, 1792, Dorothy Spencer, who was born Nov. 21, 
1772. They settled in East Haddam, where he practiced medicine until she 
died, Aug. 31, 1805. He then removed .to Monroe Co., N. Y., and married 
Aug. 27, 1807, Lydia Peters, who was born July 5, 1788, and died April 
6, 1823. He died July 16, 1832. 

Children, born in East Haddam, Conn., all by first wife: 

3470 Gibbons H., bom Dec. 10, 1792 ; married Sarah Banning.* 

3471 George W., bom Dec. 23, 1794 ; died March 18, 1818. 

3472 Ann Spencer, bom Aug. 12, 1798; married Eli Peck and settled in 

Waterioo, N. Y. 

3473 Thomas Jefferson, born Feb. 15, 1801 ; married and settled in New 


3474 John Eaton, born July 6, 1803 ; married and lived in Wisconsin. 

Seventh Generation 333 

1700 ENOCH MOODY (Mary'«% Nathan-«% Joseph^°% Joseph", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Byfield, Mass., July 21, 1772. He married 
Eunice Balch, who was bom in East Bradford, Mass., Aug. 7, 1787, daugh- 
ter of John and Eunice (Bartlet) Balch. They settled in Hallowell, Me., 
and removed to Newburyport, Mass., where he died suddenly in 1837. 


3475 Ann Mehitable, born April 23, 1818 ; married Dr. Isaac G. Braman. 

3476 Eunice Balch, born July 15, 1821 ; married Joseph WilHams of Wil- 


3477 Sophronia Little, bom April 20, 1824; married Nathaniel Dole. 

3478 John Balch, bora Jan. 25, 1827 ; died Sept. 12, 1827. 

3479 Sarah Balch, bom Aug, 21, 1828 ; died April 15, 1845 ; unmarried. 

3480 John Horace, born March 7, 1831. He married and removed to 

New York, where he was in the Insurance business. Two children, 
viz., Sophronia, born 1855, and Caroline, born 1856. 

1708 SARAH PORTER (Sarah^««, David-'^ Joseph^*'^ Joseph", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Hadley, Mass., April 29, 1763. She mar- 
ried, Oct. 7, 1781, David Hillhouse, who was born in New London, Conn., 
May 11, 1756, son of Judge William and Sarah (Griswold) Hillhouse. He 
published a newpaper in Columbia, S. C, and later removed to Georgia, where 
he died. She died in Washington, Ga., March 19, 1831. 


3481 Daniel Kellogg, born ; died, unmarried. 

3482 David Porter, born ; married Charlotte Stark, who died s. p. 

He married second Lucy L. Lipman of Georgia and had three 
children, viz., Lawrence P., Martha S., and David A. 

5483 Thomas, bom . 

3484 William E., bom . 

3485 Caroline Sophia, bom 

3486 Sarah, born ; married Felix H. Gilbert.* 

3487 Mary, bom ; married Andrew Shepherd.* 

1709 SAMLTEL PORTER (Sa^ah"^ David-'% Joseph"^ Joseph'", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in Hadley, Mass., April 15, 1765. He married, 
Oct. 26, 1789, Lucy Hubbard, who was bom Feb. 28, 1764, and died Jan. 
23, 1848. He died April 23, 1841. 


3488 Margaret, born Feb. 9, 1787; married, Oct. 11, 1810, Rev. Seth 


3489 Abigail, born Oct. 18, 1788. 

SS-h Jewett Genealogy 

3490 Lucy, born April 13, 1791 ; married, Nov. 1, 1812, Deacon Nathaniel 


3491 Elisha, born May 22, 1794. 

3492 Polly, bom April 4, 1796; died Dec. 13, 1847. 

3493 Pamelia, bom May 7, 1797 ; married, Dec. 5, 1822, Dudley Smith. 

3494 Sarah Jewett, born Jan. 15, 1800; died Sept. 3, 1804. 
3496 Samuel PhilUps, born Feb. 16, 1802 ; died Sept. 11, 1802. 

3496 Eliza, born July 18, 1803 ; died May 29, 1804. 

3497 Samuel PhilUps, born March 22, 1806 ; died Aug. 6, 1829. 

1715 ^lABMlRAL DAVID JEWETT (David H.''% David-'*% Jos- 
eph^°^, Joseph'", Joseph*, Edward^), was born in the North Parish of New 
London, Conn., June 17, 1772. He married, in New York in 1827, Mrs. 
Eliza McTiers, daughter of Alderman Augustine H. Lawrence of New York. 

Admiral Jewett was a man of uncommon powers of body and mind; 
and imbued with the romatic, adventurous disposition of a knight errant. 
He read law with Gov. Griswold of Lyme, Conn., and in early life went to 
Spain with a relative. The voyage made him infatuated with the sea, and 
after his return he studied navigation and received a commission, at the age 
of nineteen, in the United States Navy; soon attained the rank of Captain. 
In the French War of 1798 he commanded the ship Trumbull of 24 guns 
and sent home several prizes. He became disgusted with what he considered 
the maltreatment of the Government, and after the reduction of the American 
Navy in 1801, he enlisted in the service of the Buenos Ayrean Government 
and served until its independence was established. After this he enlisted in 
the service of Dom Pedro, Emperor of Brazil, and was the first to raise for 
him the flag of independence. He became Admiral Commander-in-chief and 
about 1827 was sent to New York by the Emperor to contract for and 
oversee the building of two ships of war for the Government of Brazil. He 

later returned to Rio Janerio, where he died July , 1842; buried there. 

His widow survived him a few months. 

When Emperor Dom Pedro II was on his visit to the United States 
he said " Admiral Jewett was one of our heroes." Some of his officers said 
" They looked upon him as the people of this country looked upon Lafayette." 


3498 Augustine David Lawrence, born in Wilkesbarre, Pa., Jan. 12, 1830; 

married Elizabeth Dickinson.* 

1719 ELIZABETH JEWETT (David U.''\ David-'^ Joseph^''% 
Joseph^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in the North Parish of New London, 
Conn., Oct. 9, 1780. She married, in Wilkesbarre, Pa., March 31, 1814, 
Phineas Waller, who was born in 1773, son of Nathan and Elizabeth (Weeks) 
Waller. He was a farmer and lived in Wyoming, Lucerne Co., Pa., where 
she died Oct. 8, 1859. He died in 1859. 

Admiral David Jewett in Brazilian Uniform 
Pliotograplied by Waldo (Jt Jewett from a painting taken from life 

Seventh Generation 336 

3499 David Jewett, bom Jan. 16, 1815 ; married Julia EUmaker.* 
3600 Harriet Maria, bom Feb. 10, 1817. 

3501 Charles Phillips, born Aug. 7, 1819; married, April 3, 1845, Harriet 

Ward Stone, daughter of Henry W. and Catherine (Nevin) Stone. 
He was for two years a student of Williams College; two years a 
teacher of an Academy in Bloomsburg, Pa. ; studied law with Judge 
Collins arid settled in Honesdale, Pa. One child, Elizabeth Jewett, 
born June 10, 1846. 

3502 George Grant, born May 3, 1821. He graduated from Williams 

College in 1844; studied law with Judge Collins and settled in 
Honesdale, Pa. 

3503 Martha Hannah, bom Feb. 12, 1825 ; died April 14, 1826. 

1722 ANN (NANCY) JEWETT (David H."°, David''^ Joseph"*, 
Joseph^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was bom in the North Parish of New London, 
Conn., July 6, 1787. She married, July 17, 1823, Hon. Oristus Collins of 
Wilkesbarre, Pa., who was born Sept. 22, 1792, son of Dr. Lewis and Louisa 
(Huntington) CoUins. She died in Wilkesbarre about 1863. Mr. Collins 
was Judge of one of the Judicial Districts of Pennsylvania a number of 


3504 Charles Jewett, bom June 25, 1825. He graduated from WiUiams 

College in 1845 ; was tutor there for two years. He was a Presby- 
terian clergyman and married Anna Rankin. One child, Laura. 

1727 EDWARD PRIME (NathanieP^S Joshua^''*, Sarah"", Joseph", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in New York, N. Y., Dec. 10, 1801. He mar- 
ried at Hyde Park, N. Y., Sept. 18, 1827, Anne Bard, daughter of Wilham 
Bard, and lived in New York, where she died Aug 27, 1834, aged 31 years. 
He then married at Westfarms, N. Y., May 20, 1836, Charlotte Hoffman, 
daughter of Dr. William Hoffman of Westfarms. He died at Roverdale-on- 
Hudson, Aug. 21, 1883. 

Children, born in New York, N. Y., by first wife: 

3505 Cornelia, bom Feb. 6, 1829 ; married, Jan. 26, 1850, August Abrens 

of New York. 

3506 Nathaniel, born July 23, 1830 ; died in New York July 8, 1886. He 

was a soldier in the Civil War. 

3507 Edward, bom Oct. 19, 1833. 

By second wife: 

3508 William Hoffman, bom March 1, 1837; married in San Antonio, 

Texas, Miss Gilbert of San Antonio and died there June 18, 1881, 
leaving one child, Charlotte Hoffman, who was born in San An- 
tonio, March 23, 1881. 

336 Jewett Genealogy 

3509 Charlotte, born Nov. 12, 1838; married, Dec. 27, 1858, Leonard 

Wyeth, son of Leonard J. Wyeth of New York. 

3510 Mary Catherine, born June 4, 1841 ; married, Dec. 16, 1868, James 

A. Seymour, son of James Seymour of New York. 

3511 Henry, born May 18, 1847. 

1729 RUFUS PRIME (NathanieP°S Joshua"'**, Sarah"% Joseph^", 
Joseph*, Edward^), was born in New York, N. Y., Jan. 28, 1806. He 
married in Philadelphia, Pa., Oct. 16, 1828, Augusta Temple Palmer, daugh- 
ter of William Lamb and Augusta Grenoll (Temple) Palmer. She was 
born in London, England, Nov. 12, 1807, and died in New York, Oct. 9, 
1840. He died in Huntington, N. Y., Oct. 15, 1885. 

Children, all except first, born in New York, N. Y.: 

3512 Frederick Edward, born in Casa Altoito de San Triniti, Florence, 

Italy, Sept 24, 1829. He served in the U. S. Army. 

3513 Natalie, bom March 24, 1831 ; died March 19, 1832. 

3514 Temple, born Sept. 14, 1832. 

3515 Henry, born July 16, 1834; died Aug. 3, 1834. 

3516 Augusta, born Sept. 14, 1835 ; died Sept. 14, 1835. 

3517 Charles S., born Oct. 16, 1836. 

3518 Corneha, born Dec. 14, 1838. 

1730 FREDERICK PRIME (Nathanier*, Joshua''*, Sarah"^ Jos- 
€ph-% Joseph*, Edward'), was born in New York, N. Y., Oct. 30, 1807. 
He married in New York, April 30, 1829, Mary Rutherford Jay, daughter of 
Peter A. Jay. She died Sept. 9, 1835, and he then married in Providence, 
R. I., Aug. 15, 1838, Lydia Hare of Philadelphia, daughter of Robert Hare. 
She died in New York May 24, 1883. 

Children by first wife, born in New York, N. Y.: 

3519 Harriet, born Sept. 11, 1832; married, May 23, 1867, Dr. Thomas 

P. Gibbons. 

3520 Helen Jay, born Aug. 22, 1835; married in Pelham, N. Y., Oct. 16, 

1856, Francis Galveston of New York. 

Children by second wife: 

3521 Emily, born Aug. 1, 1840; married, April 23, 1862, Lewis Livings- 

ton Delefield, son of Joseph Delefield of New York. 

3522 Frederick, bom in Philadelphia, Pa., March 1, 1846 ; married Lauretta 

D. Toussard Coxe.* 

1745 HUMPHREY PAUL JEWETT (EHphalet*", PauP", 
Joshua''^, Joseph'-, Joseph*, Edward'), was born in Salem, Mass., June 
14, 1821. He married in Boston, Mass., Feb. 17, 1842, Lucy Cushing, who 

Seventh Generation 337 

was born in Boston June 16, 18S2, daughter of John and Sarah (Chessman) 
Gushing. Mr. Jewett was an accountant and hved in Boston, and Maiden, 

Mass., Baltimore, Md., and Richmond, Va. He died Nov. , 1855. His 

widow died Jan. , 1889. 


3523 Ehphalet Harris, born in Boston, Mass., June 13, 1843; married, 

June 16, 1874, Ellen Forbush and resides in Colorado Springs, 
Col. He was a soldier in the Union Army during the Civil War 
and was appointed Lieutenant of the 55th Mass. Regt., of Inft., 
April 13, 1865. 

3524 Edna Cushing, born in Boston, Mass., Oct. 10, 1847; married Ed- 

ward Ashley Smith.* 

3525 Francis Read, bom in Richmond, Va., April 22, 1850; married in 

Boston, Mass., June 12, 1879, Mary Elizabeth Lamson, daughter 
of Nathan Paul and Elizabeth Churchill (Weston) Lamson. Mr. 
Jewett is Trust Officer of the New England Trust Co., of Boston, 
and resides there s. p. 

1747 JOHN PUNCHARD JEWETT (PauP^^ Paur^*, Joshua"^ 
Joseph^^, Edward*, Edward^), was born in Lebanon, Me., Aug. 16, 1814. He 
married. May 24, 1834, Harriette Cobb, who was born Aug. 8, 1815, daugh- 
ter of Hershon and Sarah (Boyd) Cobb. She died Feb. 15, I860. He 
then married, June 20, 1861, Helen Maria Crane, who was bom in Provi- 
dence, R. I., June 4, 1829, daughter of Elisha Clapp and Nancy (Kingsbury) 

Mr. Jewett was actively interested in public affairs and was a member 
of the first Anti-slavery Association in 1835, becoming a close personal friend 
of Charles Sumner, Wendell Phillips, Gov. John A. Andrews and John A, 
W. Gittier. In 1849 he established himself as a Bookseller, Stationer and 
Publisher in Boston and while in this business published " Uncle Tom's 

In the panic of 1857 he lost his property and soon after went to 
England, where he became interested in the manufacture of watches. On 
his return to America he built a factory in Roxbury, Mass., for that business, 
which he folllowed for several years. About 1867 he removed to New York, 
and died in Orange, N. J., May 14, 1884. His widow now resides there. 

Children hy -first wife: 

3526 John Henry, born in Salem, Mass., June 9, 1838; died Sept. 11, 


3527 Charles Heber, born in Salem, Mass., Sept. 22, 1841 ; died Aug. 9, 


3528 Harriette Smith, born in Salem, Mass., Jan. 9, 1848 ; died Dec. 15, 


3529 Mary Allen, born in Boston, Mass., April 22, 1851 ; died in infancy. 

338 Jewett Genealogy 

3530 John Punchard, born in Boston, Mass., Jan. 6, 1853 ; died in infancy. 

Children hy second wife: 

3531 Frank Punchard, born in Roxbury, Mass., April 2, 1862. He is a 

Landscape and Interior Photographer and resides in Orange, N. J. ; 

3532 William Crane, born in Hyde Park, Mass., May 21, 1864; married 

Eliza Barlow Ruth.* 

3533 George Thompson, bom in Hyde Park, Mass., July 9, 1866; died in 

Orange, N. J., May 22, 1882. 

3534 Harry Paul, born in Orange, N. J., Sept. 11, 1868; died in New 

York, N. Y., Sept. 3, 1892. 

3535 Helen Louise, born in Brooklyn, N. Y., July 27, 1873; resides in 

Orange, N. J. ; unmarried. 

PauF^*, Joshua"^ Joseph-% Joseph^ Edward^), was bom in Lebanon, Me., 
Aug. 12, 1816. He married, April 5, 1848, Rebecca Green Haskins, who 
was born in Brookline, Mass., Sept. 20, 1823, daughter of Ralph and Rebecca 
(Green) Haskins of Roxbury, Mass. 

" Prof. Jewett was a graduate of Brown University in 1835. His in- 
tentions on leaving college was to prepare himself for the Christian ministry, 
but having a decided taste for oriental research, he formed comprehensive 
plans for extensive travels with a view to the thorough study of Asiatic 
literature and religion, but especially those of Palestine. He was unexpect- 
edly delayed in the accomplishment of this plan by the misdirection of a let- 
ter, and that apparently slight circumstance determined his subsequent course, 
and gave complexion to all his after life. While pursuing his theolog- 
ical course at Andover, his taste for bibliographical studies pointed him out 
as the proper person to arrange the library of the Theological Seminary 
in that place. He assisted Mr. O. A. Taylor in preparing a catalogue of the 
library. It was of a highly valuable character, and the success of that 
effort led to his appointment as the librarian of Brown University. Large 
additions to that library were soon made, and Mr. Jewett went to Europe 
and was absent two years and a half, not only to select books for the 
library, but to study French, German and Italian languages and the biblio- 
graphical plans for arranging and cataloguing libraries, which had been 
carried to the greatest perfection in France and Germany, where the sub- 
ject has long been made a matter of profound scientific investigation. On 
his return, he prepared for the press a catalogue of the library of Brown 
University which was published in 1843, and it was so original and^ in- 
trinsically valuable, that it at once placed him at the head of the bibliog- 
raphers of this country. He held the position of the college librarian from 
1841 to 1848, and for the most of that period he was also Professor of 
Modern Languages and Literature. When the munificent donation of Mr. 

Seventh Generation 339 

James Smithson of England was received in this country, it was at first de- 
termined to appropriate it to the creation of a pubhc library at Washington, 
which should be worthy of the United States, and Mr. Jewett was appointed 
the librarian of that Institution. The regents of the Smithsonian fund, 
however, afterwards gave it another direction, but Mr. Jewett had the charge 
of the library long enough to establish a correspondence with all the leading 
libraries in the United States, and to collect much valuable information upon 
the subject. At his instance, a convention of the librarians was called, 
from different parts of the country, for the purpose of devising the best 
method of accomplishing the difficult task of forming, arranging, and cata- 
loguing large public hbraries. Mr. Jewett's release from his duties as li- 
brarian of the Smithsonian Institution, in consequence of the change in the 
policy pursued, was synchronous with the formation of the public library 
of Boston. The large donation of Mr. Bates of London, for the creation 
of that library, made it necessary to employ the best bibliographical skill 
to select and arrange it for the public use. Mr. Jewett was chosen for that 
important post, and he entered with great zeal upon the duties of the office. 
Upon the completion of the library building in 1858, he was appointed Sup- 
erintendent of that institution by the City Council, on the unanimous recom- 
mendation of the trustees. Mr. Jewett prepared and published two large 
volumes, containing catalogues of books in both the upper and lower halls 
of that library, which will long remain remarkable monuments of his in- 
dustry, scholarship, and executive ability. Every one, at all acquainted 
with the subject, knows the extreme difficulty of forming a catalogue of a 
large library, to which constant additions are being made, and keeping that 
catalogue full and complete, without frequently publishing supplements. 
Supplements are always inconvenient, they soon become numerous, and thus 
the business of finding any particular book becomes more and more com- 
plicated and difficult. The best bibliographers in Europe have long since 
pronounced it an impossibility to form a catalogue of a large library to which 
constant additions are made, and which shall be continuous, and thus super- 
sede the necessity of supplements. This problem Mr. Jewett solved, and it 
is, perhaps, the greatest triumph in modern bibliography. The possibility 
and practicability of making a continuous catalogue, which shall embrace 
all additions, arranged in their proper places, have been demonstrated by the 
plan which he practically inaugurated in the public library of this city 
(Boston), and which has already been adopted by several of the large li- 
braries in the United States. . . . 

" Mr. Jewett was also a devoted Christian. For several years he was 
senior warden of Christ Church in Quincy. His pastor says : * All his 
learning, wisdom and strength were devoted to his loved Saviour. He was a 
firm believer in the divinity of our Lord, and all the doctrines of grace ; ' 
and his pastor asks, ' who has forgotten the noble stand he took, almost 
unaided, against the attempt to violate the sanctity of the Sabbath, by 
opening the public library on the Lord's Day ' . . . Mr. Jewett was 

340 Jewett Genealogy 

elected a member of this Society in 1855 " (New England Hist, and Gen. 
Register. Vol. XXII). 

Another writer says : " The Poet Cicero beautifully calls the library, 
the soul of the house. Professor Jewett, with a noble ambition, has jealously 
striven to pro\'ide such a soul for this great Republic by his intelligent 
labors in connection with the Smithsonian Institute at Washington." 

He died in Braintree, Mass., Jan. 9, 1868. His widow died in Rox- 
bury, Mass., Jan. 3, 1884. 


3536 Rebecca Rose, born in Washington, D. C, Feb. 21, 1849; married 

George M. Lincoln. They have three children, viz., Rebecca, who 
married A. S. Barnes ; Charles Jewett, and Roy Melville. 

3537 Charles Sidney, bom July 8, 1855. Resides in New York City. 

3538 Eleanor Punchard, born in Roxbury, Mass., May 31, 1857; married, 

Sept. 14, 1886, Charles Watson Allen, son of Calvin and Ann P. 
(Watson) Allen. He is in business in Boston and they reside in 
Danvers, Mass. 

Joshua^^^, Joseph^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Lebanon, Me., Sept. 
11, 1818. He married. May 19, 1845, Mary Jennison Wipple. 

Mr. Jewett graduated from Amherst College and the Andover Theo- 
logical Seminary; was a teacher in Lowell, Mass., a number of years and 
Professor of Latin and Modern Languages at Amherst from 1850 to 1855. 
Professor Jewett felt so strong the love of the pastoral office that he left 
Amherst and was settled pastor of the Congregational Church of Nashua, 
N. H., but there he and his wife met with a terrible accident in crossing 
a railroad track and he was maimed for life. 

He devoted much time to writing and was the author of several works, 
among which were, " Baptism versus Immersion," three editions ; " Critique 
on the Greek text of the New Testament as edited by the American Bible 
Union " ; "A Translation of Notes of Wendel's edition of Farrais Life of 
Christ " ; edited the third and fourth volumes of " Punchard's History of 
Congregationalism " and assisted in preparing J. Henry Thayer's " Greek- 
English Lexicon of the New Testament." 

He died in Salem, Mass., June 9, 1886. 


3539 Henry Paul, born in Salem, Mass., June 5, 1846; died in Nashua, 

N. H., April 15, 1856, as a result of a railroad accident. 

Joshua^^', Joseph^^, Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Scituate, Mass., Jan. 
29, 1828. He married in Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 2, 1854, Isabella Maria 
Stanley, who was born in Genesco, N. Y., Jan. 14, 1833, daughter of William 

Seventh Generation 341 

H. and Mary (Weld) Stanley. Mr. Jewett was a book-seller and publisher 
in Cleveland, and Cincinnati, Ohio, and died in Cincinnati April 2, 1877. 


3540 Stanley P., born in Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 8, 1854; married (1st) 

Phebe C. Mead; (2d) Susie Stewart.* 

1755 EDWIN COWPER JEWETT (PauP^^ PauP'*, Joshua"% 
Joseph", Joseph*, Edward^), was born in Scituate, Mass., Feb. 17, 1836. 
He married in Cleveland, Ohio, Dec. 16, 1862, Evalyn Sanborn, daughter 
of Moses and Esther (Kinsman) Sanborn. Mr. Jewett has resided in Dan- 
vers, Lowell, and Andover, Mass., Cleveland, and Cincinnati, Ohio, New York 
City, and Elizabeth, N. J. He is now in the Printing and Stationery busi- 
ness in New York City, and lives in Summit, New Jersey. 


3541 Torrey Kinsman, born in Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 16, 1864; resides 

in Summit, N. J. 

3542 Gracy, bom Feb. 8, 1866; died in Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. 2, 1866. 

3543 Esther Belle, bom in Ehzabeth, N. J., Dec, 29, 1868; resides in 

Summit, N. J. 

3544 Carrie Hale, bom in Elizabeth, N. J., March 2, 1874; resides in 

Summit, N. J. 

3545 Paul, bom in Elizabeth, N. J., Sept. 14, 1881 ; resides in Summit, 

N. J. 



1763 CHRISTOPHER FARLEY (Ruth«-% James"% SamueP", 
Francis^*, EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in HoUis, N. H., Oct. 
8, 1788. He married, Jan. 18, 1832, Mary Sherwin, daughter of David 
Sherwin of New Ipswich, N. H. He died July 22, 1848. 


3546 Mary Sherwin, born Nov. 2, 1813; died July 27, 1875; unmarried. 

She was left motherless when a few days old and received the con- 
stant care and attention of her father ; was his constant companion 
and at his death was able to care for the ample fortune he left her. 
She was very charitable, conscientious, and just, and at her death 
gave the town of Hollis a sum of money to furnish higher educa- 
tion to the youth of the place. The income of this and another 
small legacy was ample to pay the teachers of the Hollis High 
School for many years. 

1769 EUNICE WRIGHT (Eunice«==^ James'", SamueP", Francis'*, 
Ezekiel®, Maximilian*, Edward^), was born in HoHis, N. H., March 19, 1783. 
She married, Jan. 29, 1799, Ephraim Woods, son of Nehemiah Woods (a 
soldier of the Revolution) of Hollis. 


3547 Ephraim, bom Dec. 20, 1800 ; married. May 3, 1837, Mary A. Cole 

and lived in Beverly, Mass. 

3548 Eunice, bom July 15, 1802. 

3549 Noah, born July 16, 1804; married Lucinda Hale. 

3550 Uriah, bom April 10, 1806. 

3551 William, born Aug. 1, 1807 ; married Esther Thomas. 

3552 Dorcas, bom July 17, 1809. Killed in the Pemberton mill disaster 

in Lawrence, Mass. 

3553 Aaron, bom May 4, 1811 ; married Lydia Wallace of Nashua, N. H. 

3554 Nehemiah, bom April 9, 1813 ; married Mary A. Woods. His widow 

lives in Nashua, N. H. 

3555 Mary, bom March 14, 1815; married George Parker. 

3556 Fannie, bom March 4, 1817; married Samuel Wallace. 

3557 Leonard, born March 15, 1819. 

1771 JAMES JEWETT WRIGHT (Eunlce'='% James'", Samuel"', 
Francis'*, Ezekief, Maximilian', Edward^), was bom in Hollis, N. H., March 


346 Jewett Genealogy 

25, 1787. He married, in 1814, Lucy Cole of Hamilton, Mass. and died 
in Beverly, Mass., July , 1827. 


3558 James H., born , 1816. 

3559 Joshua, born , 1818. 

3560 George, born , 1822. 

3561 Lucy Jane, born , 1824. 

1795 SAMUEL JEWETT (SamueP'% SamueP'% SamueP", Francis", 
EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Meredith Bridge, N. H., March 
3, 1791. He married Sarah Crosby, who was born May 10, 1795, daughter 
of John Crosby. They lived in Gilford, N. H., where he died Sept. 12, 1861. 
His wife died there April 6, 1849. 

Children, born in Gilford, N. H.: 

3562 Eliza Jane, born Dec. 18, 1825 ; married, in 1846, John Jewett Ben- 

nett and died March , 1894. 

3563 John Adams, born April 16, 1827 ; married, July 3, 1849, Sarah E. 

Leighton, who was born Sept. 12, 1832, daughter of Thomas 
Leighton. They lived in Laconia, N. H., s. p. 

3564 Samuel Newall, born Dec. 27, 1829; married (1st) Mary Jane Cate; 

(2d) Ellen Blaisdell. He was a farmer, was Selectman of Bel- 
mont several years, and died May 31, 1890. 

3565 Elvira, bom March 23, 1830 ; died Dec. 1, 1837. 

3566 Charles Edwin, born May 23, 1841 ; died Aug. 1, 1862. He was a 

soldier in the Civil War, participated in thirteen battles and was 
killed in the last. 

1796 SMITH JEWETT (SamueP^% SamueP^', SamueP", Francis^*, 
Ezekiel", Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Meredith Bridge, now Laconia, 
N. H., July 21, 1793. He married at Northfield, N. H., July 4, 1822, 
Statira Glines, who was bom in Northfield May 20, 1799, daughter of Ben- 
jamin (a soldier in the Revolution) and Lovey (Leavitt) Glines. Mr. Jewett 
settled on a farm in Meredith Bridge, where he tilled the soil and at the same 
time followed the trade of a carpenter, and where he died Feb. 17, 1868. His 
widow died July 2, 1880. 

Children, horn at Meredith Bridge, N. H. : 

3567 Jeremiah Smith, born Nov. 25, 1822; married in Warren, N. H., 

Feb. 15, 1852, Harriet Merrill Famham, daughter of Joseph B. 
and Betsey (Merrill) Famham. Mr. Jewett, whose picture ap- 
pears on the opposite page, began life as a farmer in Laconia, 
N. H., and later became a merchant. He afterwards studied the- 
ology and was ordained for the ministry by the New Hampshire 

RKVERENn Jeremiah Smith Jewett 

Eighth Generation 347 

Conference in 1878, which calling he followed for years. He is 
now local Elder of the church of Warren, N. H., where he resides. 
One child, Martin William, born in Lakeport, N. H., Jan. 24, 1855, 
died in Warren Dec. 7, 1873, while a student at Tilton Seminary. 

3568 Statira Ann, born Dec. 8, 1823 ; married Jacob Cook, and died Nov. 

23, 1875. 

3569 Edith Augusta, born Oct. 14, 1825; married, Aug. 2, 1846, Samuel 

Smith Jewett of Gilford, N. H., son of John Jewett. 

3570 Lois Adaline, born Oct. 15, 1827 ; married, Oct. 13, 1847, William 

S. Hoyt of Gilford, N. H. 

3571 John Glines, born Sept. 4, 1829; married Caroline E. Shannon.* 

3572 Samuel Benjamin, bom Oct. 22, 1831. He is a mechanic, inventor 

and maker of the S. B. Jewett artificial leg. Resides on the old 
homestead ; unmarried. 

3573 James William, born Dec. 6, 1833. Lives with his brother, Samuel 

B., on the old homestead; unmarried. 

3574 Mary Apphia, born May 9, 1836; married, in 1852-3,. Charles O. 

Davis of Gilford, N. H., and died July 5, 1894, leaving five children. 

3575 Sarah Ellen, born Dec. 4, 1838; lives with her brothers, Samuel B. 

and James W. ; unmarried. 

3576 Albert Henry Clay, born Dec. 22, 1841 ; married Etta E. Merrill.* 

1801 BENJAMIN JEWETT (Jacob«^«, Samue^-^ SamueP", 
Francis'*, EzekleP, Maximilian", Edward^), was born in Gilford, N. H., Dec. 
31, 1785. He married, Nov. 8, 1812, Lois Crosby and settled In Gilford, 
where he was a farmer and where he died, May 21, 1832. 


3577 Harriet N., born In Gilford, N. H., July 5, 1815 ; married, Oct. 20, 

1850, Bedford Weare Lane, who was born In Sanbornton, N. H., 
Dec. 26, 1808, son of Joseph Lane. They had Julia Elizabeth, 
born July 9, 1852, and Ahce Freeze, born Feb. 26, 1858 ; died Nov. 
24, 1866!^ 

1806 LUCY JEWETT (Jacob''% SamueP-^ SamueP", Francis'*, 
EzekieP, Maximilian% Edward^), was born in Gilford, N. H., Sept. 27, 1799. 
She married there, April 15, 1823, John Sherburn Stevens, who was bom in 
Kingston, N. H., Sept. 24, 1799, son of John and Ruhannah (Fifield) 
Stevens of Gilford. He was a farmer and they lived in Gilford, where they 

were members of the Congregational Church. She died April , 1855. 

He died March , 1880. 

Children, born in Gilford, N. H.: 

3578 Francis Jewett, born June 20, 1824; married (1st) Jan. 1, 1852, 

Susan Elizabeth Morrill; (2d) Lydia Helen Gould. Dr. Stevens 

348 Jewett Genealogy 

graduated from the Albany, N. Y., Medical College in 1851 ; has 
practiced his profession in Hampstead, Haverhill, and now resides 
in Boxford, Mass. He served on the School Committee 20 years, 
and two years Representative to the Legislature. Is an Odd Fellow. 

3579 Laura Ruhannah, born Aug. 15, 1826; married Rev. Chai'les Cutter. 

He died and she then married John D. Morrill and died in Gilford, 
May — , 1889. 

3580 Ruth Jewett, born June 11, 1828; married Myron Gray. 

3581 John Hubbard, born Nov. 11, 1832; married Maria L. Towle.* 

1809 ISAAC SMITH JEWETT (Jacob''^ Samuer=^% Samuel", 
Francis-*, Ezekiel", Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Gilford, N. H., July 
5, 1807. He married, Jan. 10, 1832, Abigail Lane of Sanbornton, N. H., 
who was born in Sanbornton Nov. 18, 1811, daughter of Joseph and Eliza- 
beth (Lang) Lane. Mr. Jewett was a worthy Deacon of the Laconia, N. H., 
Congregational Church, and died in Laconia, July 2, 1873. 

Children born in Gilford, N. H.: 

3582 Isabella Graham, born Oct. 24, 1832. Resides in Laconia, N. H. 

3583 Harlan, born Aug. 26, 1835; married Dec. 11, 1862, Helen S. Mor- 

rill of Laconia, and died in Washington, D. C, leaving one child, 
Abbie Harlan, who was bom in Laconia Jan 3, 1864. 


1810 JOSEPH WHEELER (Joseph''% INIehitable^^-, Samuel 
Francis^*, EzekieP, Maximilian^ Edward^), was bom Nov. 26, 1789. He 
married Nov. 26, 1813, Olive Gage, who was born in Bethel, Maine, April 12, 
1799, daughter of Daniel and Sarah (Grover) Gage. They settled in Bethel, 
where he died Jan. 23, 1860. His wife died Aug. 23, 1860. 

Children born in Bethel, Me.: 

3584 Sarah Gage, born Oct. 23, 1814. 

3585 Joseph, bom Sept. 9, 1816 ; married EHza 1^. Clark.* 

3586 Olive, born Nov. 3, 1818 ; married in 1839 Almon Grover.* 

3587 Emeline Abigail, born Jan. 10, 1821 ; married in 1850 Brockly Shaw 

and died in East Abington, in 1851. 

3588 Daniel Gage, born April 1, 1823; married Clara Ann Boothby.* 

3589 Elbridge Gerry, born July 8, 1825; married (1st) Melissa Grover; 

(2d) Mehitable Jane Grover.* 

3590 Mary, born June 18, 1827 ; married Nelson Lowell and died March 9, 


3591 Gabriella, born Oct. 21, 1829; died Aug. 17, 1833. 

3592 Malvina, born Nov. 3, 1831 ; married Van Buren Grover. 

1811 JAMES WHEELER (Joseph'*^ Mehitable''-, Samuel", Fran- 
cis'*, Ezekiel«, Maximilian', Edward'), was born Nov. 24, 1791. He married 

Eighth Generation 349 

Esther Grover, who was born in Bethel, Me., Dec. 30, 1792. They settled on 
Grover Hill, in Bethel, and removed to Albany, Me. 


3593 Esther, born Jan. 24, 1816. 

3594 James Wellman, bom April 28, 1818. Was killed in an accident. 

3595 Hannah, born Dec. 30, 1819 ; married John B. Hazeltine. 

3596 Silas, born ; married Lucy Ann Hibbard. 

359T Jedediah, born ; lived in Portland, Me. 

3598 Zachariah, bom . He was educated at the Cobb Divinity 

School and became a minister. 

3599 Abigail, bom ; married Alvin Hobart and lived in Albany, Me. 

1813 DANIEL WHEELER (Joseph«*% Mehitable^'S SamueP% 
Francises EzekieP, Maximilian^ Edward^), was born Jan. 19, 1793. He 
married Sarah Cummings of Albany, Me. 


3600 Almira, bom Dec. 9, 1820 ; died Oct. 19, 1826. 

3601 Daniel C, bom Aug. 15, 1822 ; died Sept. 3, 1823. 

3602 Mehta, bom Aug. 19, 1824. 

3603 Hannah, bom Feb. 16, 1826; married Parker P. Pingree of Tops- 

field, Mass. 

3604 Daniel, bora April 23, 1828 ; died May 2, 1832. 

3605 Evander, born June 1, 1830; died May 6, 1832. 

3606 A son, born April 8, 1832 ; died June 12, 1832. 

3607 Laona, bom March 13, 1833. 

3608 Leonard, born March 13, 1833. 

1814 BENJAMIN WHEELER (Joseph«*% Mehitable^'-', SamueP", 
Francis-*, EzekieP, Maximihan^, Edward^), was born in Bethel, Me., Jan. 6, 
1795. He married Betsey Seavy, daughter of Clement Seavy, and lived on a 
farm in Bethel. 

Children born in Bethel, Me.: 

3609 Benjamin Seavy, bom Nov. 13, 1818; married Eliza Dawes of Har- 

rison, Me. 

3610 Sarah, born March 22, 1820; died Nov. 1, 1828. 

3611 Eliza J., born June 5, 1822 ; died Nov. 13, 1839. 

3612 Naomi Grover, born July 5, 1824; married John B. Mason (his 2d 

wife), son of Walter and Esther (Barker) Mason. They had one 
child, John B., bom Feb. 1, 1845. 

3613 Alfred, bom Sept. 5, 1826 ; died April 15, 1831. 

3614 Irene A., born July 1, 1828; died Sept. 6, 1831. 

3615 Sylvia, born Aug. 28, 1831 ; married Oliver Edson of Harrison, Me. 

3616 Melissa, bom Sept. 27, 1835 ; married Alanson Dawes and lived in 

Harrison, Me. 

350 Jewett Genealogy 

3617 Hannah, born , 1837; married William Ward of Harrison, 


1816 PETER WHEELER (Joseph'*% Mehitable''% SamueP", 
Francis^*, EzekieP, Maximilian% Edward^), was born in Bethel, Me., Aug. 
27, 1797. He married Phebe Haskell of Sweden, Me., and settled on the old 
homestead on Grover Hill, Bethel. He was an honest and painstaking 
farmer, a kind and accommodating neighbor. 

Children horn in Bethel, Me.: 

3618 Caroline, born Sept. 29, 1828 ; married William F. Horn and resided 

in Milan, N. H. 

3619 William M., bom May 3, 1825; died Aug. 31, 1827. 

3620 Peter, born May 26, 1831 ; married Jan. 2, 1868, Mrs. Hattie Stover 

and settled on the old homestead. 

3621 Galen, born Oct. 12, 1833 ; married Frances A. Harden.* 

3622 Rowena, bom Aug. 18, 1836 ; married Alexander W. Grover and died 

in Bethel May 3, 1862. 

1818 JOEL WHEELER (Joseph'*% Mehitable''^ SamueP", Fran- 
cis-*, Ezekief, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Bethel, Me., Aug. 14, 
1800. He married Sarah Coffin, daughter of Daniel Coffin of Gilead. They 
settled in Albany, Me., and removed to Milan, N. H., where he died aged 84; 


3623 Columbia Rawson, bom April 9, 1822. 

3624 Electa PameHa, born July 25, 1823. 

3625 Christopher, born March 29, 1825. 

3626 William P., born Aug. 13, 1826. 

3627 Columbia, bom . 

3628 Naomi G. W., bom . 

3629 Betsey, born . 

3630 Fernando C, bom ; married Lois H. Jewett (see 3646). 

3631 George Fox, bom . 

3632 Sarah, bom . 

3633 Mary Dyer, bom . 

1819 ALVAH WHEELER (Joseph«*% Mehitable''% SamueP", Fran- 
cis", EzekieP, Maximihan*, Edward^), was bom in Bethel, Me., Aug. 29, 
1803. He married Martha Haskell of Sweden, Me. 

3634 Lucy Matilda, bom Feb. 12, 1833. 

1821 NAOMI WHEELER ( Joseph«*% Mehitable««^ SamueP", Fran- 
cis", EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Bethel, Me., April 9, 

Eighth Generation 351 

1809. She married June 2, 1832, Jacob D. Grover, who was born in Bethel 
Jan. 16, 1805, son of John and Jerusha (Wiley) Grover. He was a farmer 
and tavern keeper in West Bethel, Me., where he died Oct. 10, 1872. 

Children born in Bethel, Me.: 

3635 Robina, bom Nov. 23, 1834; married Joseph S. Mason.* 

3636 Elcina, born Aug. 27, 1838 ; married Greenleaf Coffin and lived in 

Berlin, N. H. 

3637 Llewellyn, born March 30, 1840 ; married Hattie Grover. 

3638 Octavia, born Jan. 30, 1842. 

3639 Sarah, born July 6, 1855. 

1833 NATHANIEL JEWETT (NathanieP'\ EzekieP'% SamueP", 
Francis^*, Ezekiel®, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Temple, N. H., 
March 15, 1788. He married Hannah Farras, who was born in New Hamp- 
shire Dec. 24, 1793. They settled in Hanover, Me., where he was Collector 
of taxes in 1823. Also lived in Bethel, Me., and removed to Dexter, Me., 
where he was a farmer and where he died Sept. 15, 1845. His widow died 
in Houghton, Me., April 24, 1870. 


3640 Giliman, bom May 15, 1816; died Dec. 16, 1890. He married and 

had one child, Gilman, who lives in Hodgdon, Me. 

3641 Mary Etta, born Jan. 23, 1819; married Martin E. Macomber and 

died Feb. 16, 1899, s. p. 

3642 Louisa, born Nov. 4, 1822; married Charles Basset and died Aug. 

24, 1897. 

3643 Charles, born in Bethel, Me., Dec. 11, 1824; married Mary Clement 


1835 SAMUEL JEWETT (Nathaniel'", EzekieP'% Samuef", Fran- 
cis^*, Ezekiel®, Maximihan^ Edward^), was born in Temple, N. H., March 
18, 1792. He married in Nelson, N. H., Nov. 7, 1816, Lois Stiles, who was 
bom in Nelson July 13, 1796, daughter of Andrew and Lydia (Holt) Stiles 
and sister of Lydia Stiles, who married Ezekiel Jewett (1836). Mr. Jewett 
was a farmer and settled in Temple, removed to Hanover, Me., and from 
there to Ripley, Me., where he died from heart disease Nov. 2, 1858. His 
widow died in Ripley Aug. 13, 1888. When a resident of Hanover he was 
one of the Assessors of that town. 


3644 Samuel Rodney, born in Temple, N. H,, Jan. 25, 1819; married Mel- 

vina Phelps.* 

3645 Norman Stiles, bom in Temple, N. H., March 19, 1821; married 

(1st) Martha Celeste Kittredge; (2d) Ida Caroline Carson; (3d) 
Delilah Ann Brown; (4th) Adaline C. Gluster.* 

353 Jewett Genealogy 

3646 Lois H., bom in Hanover, Me., July 6, 1823; married in Milan, 

N. H., Aug. 22, 1859, Fernando C. Wheeler (3630), and died in 
Ripley, Me., Feb. 1, 1868, s. p. 

3647 George Washington, born in Hanover, Me, July 3, 1825; died in 

Ripley, Me., Sept. 19, 1850, unm. 

3648 James Edwin, bom in Hanover, Me., May 23, 1827 ; married Mary 

Susan Goodale.* 

3649 Oringe, born in Hanover, Me., Dec. 15, 1829; married Sarah A. 


3650 Lydia S., born in Hanover, Me., March 11, 1832; died in Taunton, 

Mass., Jan. 23, 1852, unm. 

3651 Mary J. H., bora in Ripley, Me., June 23, 1842; married Horace 


1836 EZEKIEL JEWETT (Isaac'", EzekieP'% Samuef'', Francis'*, 
EzekieP, Maximilian% Edward^), was born in Nelson, N. H., April 9, 1790. 
He married in Nelson, Jan. 26, 1815, Lydia Stiles, who was born Aug. 3, 
1794, daughter of Andrew and Lydia (Holt) Stiles and sister of Lois Stiles, 
who married Samuel Jewett (1835). Mr. Jewett was a farmer and livfed in 
Nelson, Sullivan, Milan, and Dummer, N. H., and Hanover, Me. His wife 
died in Dummer Dec. 23, 1886. When a resident of Hanover, Me., he was 
Highway Surveyor. 


3652 Lydia Josephine, born in Nelson, N. H., Aug. 15, 1815 ; married Mil- 

ton Roberts.* 

3653 Lorenzo Niles, born in Nelson, N. H., May 14, 1817 ; died March 28, 


3654 Mary Chandler, born in Sullivan, N. H., Jan. 19, 1819; died in Han- 

over, Me., Jan. 1, 1838, unm. 

3655 Casper, born in Nelson, N. H., Jan. 26, 1821 ; married Mary J. 


3656 Lois Melvina, born in Nelson, N. H., June 18, 1823; married John 

Bean and resided in Milan, N. H. 

3657 Lorenzo, born in Hanover, Me., Sept. 13, 1825; married Lucy M. 


3658 Willard, born in Hanover, Me., Feb. 17, 1828; married Mary A. 

Morgan and died in Hanover Jan. 18, 1864. 

3659 Edna Bennet, bom in Hanover, Me., Nov. 13, 1830 ; died there Jan. 

25, 1838. 

3660 Andrew Stiles, bom in Hanover, Me., April 20, 1833 ; married Lydia 

Spaulding and resides in Winthrop, Me. 

3661 Luthera Izette, bom in Hanover, Me., Jan. 2, 1836; married Scot 

R. Holt and resides in Dummer, N. H. 

1838 CAPT. ISAAC JEWETT (Isaac''-, EzelvieP'% Samue?", Fran- 

Eighth Generation 353 

cis^*, EzekleP, Maximillan% Edward^), was bom in Nelson, N. H., Feb. 18, 

1794. He married Eunice Parker, who died . He then married 

Nancy Pierce. 

Mr. Jewett settled on his father's farm in Nelson; was a successful and 
prominent citizen of the town. He was Selectman for several years and Cap- 
tain of a Troop of Cavalry. Died in Wilton, N. H., in 1853. 

Children by first zvife born in Nelson, N. H.: 

3662 Francis, born Sept. 19, 1820; married Sehna Adeline Dodge.* 

3663 Hannah, born June 6, 1824 ; died in Nashua, N. H., Jan. 19, 1888. 

3664 Maria, born , 1829; died in Francistown, N. H., Oct. 25, 


1843 WILLARD JEWETT (Isaac'", EzekieP'% SamueP", Fran- 
cis^*, EzekieF, Maximilian% Edward^), was born in Nelson, N. H., Nov. 22, 
1805. He married there his cousin, Alvira Blodget, daughter of Nathaniel 
and Hannah (Chandler) Blodget. She died soon and he married Mary Kit- 
tredge. Mr. Jewett was a farmer and lived in Nelson. 

Child by second wife: 

3665 Frank Kittredge, bora in Nelson, N. H., Oct. 29, 1842; married 

Mary Louise Stacy.* 


1845 HARVEY JEWETT (Isaac'", EzekieP'^ SamueP'^ Francis 
EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Nelson, N. H., Jan. 17, 1809. 
He married in 1831 his cousin, Sarah Blodget, daughter of Nathaniel and 
Hannah (Chandler) Blodget. She died in the spring of 1837, and he mar- 
ried (2d) Philena Blodget, sister of his first wife. She died about two years 
after marriage. 

" State of Vermont, 
Windham County, 


" Be it remembered that at Rockingham in the county aforesaid on the 
8 day of May in the year of our Lord 1837 Harvey Jewett and Philena 
Blodget of Nelson, County of Cheshire and state of New Hampshire were 

duly joyned in marriage by Mr. Samuel Mason Clerk " (Vermont 

Papers). He married (3d), Nov. 3, 1843, Catherine Hinkle, who was born 
in Pennsylvania. Mr. Jewett worked in a woolen factory in Peterboro, 
N. H., until 1836, when he returned to Nelson and rented the Greenwood 
Mills. May 8, 1837, he started for the West and finally settled in Oregon, 
111., where he suffered the privations of a pioneer. In 1845 he removed to 
Mt. Vernon, la., where he owned one-fourth of the town. With three others 
he laid out this place and gave it its name. In 1849 he returned to Oregon, 
111., and engaged in the drug business. 

354 Jewett Genealogy 

Child by first wife: 

3666 Harvey Alonzo, born ; died in the winter of 1836, aged 11 


Child by second wife: 

3667 George Ehner, born ; died aged 14 months. 

Children by third wife: 

3668 Jennette, born in Mt. Vernon, la., July 24, 1845; died Nov. 1, 1846. 

3669 Thomas AlHson, born in Mt. Vernon, la., July 7, 1847 ; married 

Nancy Petty.* 

1847 CIBIMINGS JEW^ETT (James'«% Jacob''% Samuel"% Fran- 
cis^*, EzekieF, Maximilian", Edward^), was bom in Hollis, N. H., March 1, 
1793. He married Aug. 20, 1815, Mary Burgen and settled in Charlestown, 
Mass., where he was a hatter. 

Children born in Charlestown, Mass. : 

3670 James C, born June 21, 1816. 

3671 John Henry, bom Nov. 3, 1818; was a merchant tailor in Charles- 


3672 Mary Ann, born May 29, 1821 ; died Dec. — , 1839. 

3673 Ralph Winslow, born Feb. 6, 1824; died June 21, 1827. 

1855 SARAH JEWETT HOLDEN (Ehzabeth'^% Jacob''^ Sam- 
ueP", Francis^*, Ezekiel®, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H., 
July 19, 1801. She married Feb. 26, 1826, John Newton Worcester of 
Hollis, who was born Feb. 7, 1801, and died March 5, 1884. She died Jan. 
4, 1874. 


3674 Sarah Carohne, born Oct. 10, 1827 ; married Sept. 13, 1855, Jabez 

A. Sawyer, and died Aug. 2, 1873. She was a graduate of Town- 
send Seminary and was a teacher in Pepperell and Milford. 

3675 Frances Ellen, born July 4, 1830; married Aug. 18, 1852, Charles L. 

Farrar, and died May 28, 1868. She was a graduate of Townsend 
Seminary and was a teacher in Hollis and Gilmanton. 

3676 Martha, born May 12, 1833; married Dec. 6, 1868, Dr. L. W. 

Fletcher, and died June 13, 1882. She was a graduate of Town- 
send Seminary. 

3677 Abby Elizabeth, born April 1, 1835; died Jan. 2, 1880. She was a 

graduate of Townsend Seminary and was a teacher in Cambridge, 
Mass., and the Robinson Seminary of Exeter. 

3678 Charles Henry, born Jan. 18, 1837; married Oct. 27, 1887, Sarah E. 

Ha3'^es. He was a graduate of the Meridan Academy. 

3679 John Howard, born Jan. 18, 1839; died July 26, 1863. He was a 

Eighth Generation 355 

student of Appleton Academy, Roxbury High School, and the 
Harvard Law School. He was a Lieutenant in the Civil War, was 
wounded at Fort Wagner, and died soon after. 

3680 Samuel Augustus, born June 29, 1840 ; married Elizabeth B. Day.* 

3681 Frederick, born Aug. 2, 1842; married (1st) Dec. — , 1885, Mary 

H. Gaso, who died June — , 1890; married (2d) June 30, 1897, 
Sarah A. Lothrope. He was a graduate of the Appleton Academy. 

3682 Franklin, born Oct. 27, 1845. Was a graduate of Appleton Acad- 

emy, Dartmouth College, and the Harvard Law School. 

1860 RALPH JEWETT HOLDEN (Elizabeth«^% Jacob''^ Sam- 
ueP^^, Francis"*, Ezekiel^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H., 
April — , 1815. He married May 6, 1847, Eliza A. Hardy, daughter of 
Jesse and Eliza (Moor) Hardy of Hollis. She died and he married (2d) Dec. 
14, 1875, Lucinda Holden. Mr. Holden was a farmer in Hollis on the old 
homestead of James Jewett. 

Children born in Hollis, N. H. : 

3683 Charles F., born April 8, 1849 ; married Mary A. Sherman.* 

3684 Elizabeth, bom . 

3685 Carrie, born . 

1862 ANN HOLDEN (Elizabeth'^*, Jacob''*, SamueP% Francis^*, 
EzekieP, Maximilian', Edward^), was born in Charlestown, Mass., Oct. 24, 
1809. She married Nov. 24, 1835, Col. Stillman Spalding of HoUis, N. H. 
They lived in Holhs, where he was a prominent citizen of the town; was 
Colonel of a Regiment of Militia and the Moderator of all the town meetings 
for many years. In the early days of the gold excitement he went to Cali- 
fornia by way of the Isthmus of Panama, but later returned to his native 
town. He died in Holhs April 16, 1894. His wife died there May 11, 

Children horn in Hollis, N. H.: 

3686 Frances Ann, bom Dec. 18, 1836; married (1st) June 28, 1855, 

Samuel K. Rich of Boston, from whom she was divorced about ten 
years later. She married (2d) Feb. 11, 1867, Hon. Henry H. 
Huse of Manchester, N. H., and died June 8, 1873, s. p. She was 
an elocutionist and teacher of note. 

3687 Henry Stillman, bom March 5, 1841 ; married Dec. 8, 1870, Eva J. 

Wheeler of HoUis and died Sept. 28, 1876. They had one child, 
Henry Winslow, bom Nov. 11, 1876, and died Aug. 17, 1880. 
8688 Winslow Jewett, bom March 19, 1843 ; married May 27, 1869, Eliza- 
beth M. Pool of Hollis and lived in Roslindale, Mass., where he 
was Deacon of the Congregational Church, and where he died 
April 27, 1905. During the Civil War he enHsted as a private, 
Oct. 14, 1861 ; was appointed a Corporal and became a Sergeant 

356 Jewett Genealogy 

Aug. 25, 1864, and was discharged Dec. 27, 1864. He was 
wounded and taken prisoner on the parapet of Fort Wagner, 
Charleston, S. C, July 18, 1863, and was in prison at Columbia, 
S. C, and Richmond, Va. ; released March 3, 1864. He was one 
of the heroes of that war and had a noble record for bravery. 

3689 Elizabeth Jewett, born Sept. 11, 1845; married Henry G. Hildreth.* 

3690 John Newton Worcester, born July 11, 1848; married Dec. 8, 1876, 

Hattie M. Wheeler of Hollis, and resided there until his death Jan. 
8, 1891. They had two children, viz., Robert Milton, born Feb. 
1, 1878, and died in three weeks, and Gladys Worcester, born Sept. 
15, 1890. 

3691 Clara Alice, born Dec. 8, 1853. She attended the Framingham Nor- 

mal School and was- a teacher until she married March 11, 1875, 
Theodore Brown of Portland, Me. They removed to California 
and he died in Los Angeles June 11, 1898, s. p. She then married 
Nov. 20, 1900, Edward S. Elhs of Trenton, N. J. He is the 
author of many books for boys and of the " Standard History of 
the United States," also other works. They reside in Upper Mont 
Clair, N. J. No issue. 

1870 CLARISSA CONANT {l.ucy''% Jacob''% SamueP'\ Francis=% 
EzekieP, Maximihan^, Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H., May 1, 1814. 
She married Dec. 17, 1846, Dr. Sylvanus Bunton. 

Dr. Bunton was of the so-called Scotch-Irish stock. The emigrant, 
Robert Bunton, was one of the original settlers of Allenstown, Merrimack 
Co., N. H. In 1746, while he was working with his son on his intervale farm, 
bordering on the Merrimac River, they were both taken captive by Indians 
and carried to Canada, where they were held for quite a protracted period. 
The son, the grandfather of Dr. Bunton, was commissioned as a Captain 
early in the Revolutionary War, was at the battle of Bunker Hill in 1775, 
and was killed at the battle of White Plains in September, 1776. His son 
Andrew married Lavinia Holden, daughter of David Holden, who served as 
First Sergeant during the French and Indian War. After his return from 
the army, Mr. Holden lived at Townsend, Mass., but at the outbreak of the 
Revolution his sympathies were with the Crown, and so strong was the feel- 
ing in his neighborhood at that period against the Tories that he was obliged 
to leave his home and remove to Hollis, N. H. 

Dr. Sylvanus, the son of Andrew Bunton, was born at Allenstown, N. H., 
March 8, 1812. He acquired a common-school education in Goffstown, and, 
going to Massachusetts at the age of seventeen, learned the stone-mason's 
trade in Quincy, teaching district schools during the winter, before he him- 
self had attended any higher school. In the fall of 1833 he went to Pembroke 
Academy to fit himself for college, and, entering Dartmouth in 1836, he was 
graduated in 1840. Impaired health necessitating a change of climate in 
1841, he went to Georgetown, D. C, and was for several years teacher in 

Eighth Generation 357 

select classical schools at Georgetown, Elkridge Landing, and Queen Anne, 
Maryland. While at the latter place he began the study of medicine, attended 
lectures at the Washington University, Baltimore. Here he graduated, and, 
being elected a resident physician to their hospital, he discharged the duties 
of that position for over a year. Returning to New Hampshire, he com- 
menced practice in Manchester in 1846, which he continued until the Civil 
War, during this time holding many responsible positions of the city. While 
living in Manchester, he became connected with the State Militia, and for two 
years held a commission as Major and Surgeon of the Ninth Regiment. 
Early in the war his patriotism led him to volunteer his services to the na- 
tional cause; and being commissioned by Governor Berry as Assistant Sur- 
geon of the Second New Hampsliire Infantry, he was identified with that regi- 
ment in active service until June, 1864. When the Second was mustered out, 
he was immediately appointed Surgeon of the Seventh New Hampshire Regi- 
ment; and after serving nearly fourteen months, he was mustered out with 
the regiment, July 25, 1865. He practiced his profession in Hollis, N. H., 
for two years, then removing to Mt. Vernon, N. H., there continued in active 
practice until failing health and disability occasioned by his army service 
compelled him to retire. His wife died July 3, 1873. Through her father's 
family she was a descendant of the immigrant, Roger Conant, who was bap- 
tized in the parish church of East Budleigh, Devonshire, England, April 9, 
1592, youngest of eight children of Richard and Agnes (Clarke) Conant. 
He was married in London in November, 1618, and came to America in 1623, 
in company with John Oldham, at his own expense. He did not long remain 
at Plymouth, owing to the difference of religious belief between himself and 
the Pilgrim fathers, who were Separatists, while he was a member of and 
adherent to the Church of England. He joined Oldham and his colony at 
Nantasket, and lived on Governor's Island in Boston Harbor, which was for 
some time known as Conant's Island. During the following winter he was 
chosen by the Dorchester Company to govern their affairs at Cape Ann, and 
he proved himself a prudent ruler and skillful peacemaker. The settlers re- 
moved to Naumkeag, near Salem, in the fall of 1626. Mr. Conant was Gov- 
ernor of the colony for about three years. " Although he is not universally 
recognized as the first Governor of Massachusetts, he is fairly entitled to that 
honor, for the colony of which he was the head made the first permanent set- 
tlement in the Massachusetts Bay territory " (Hist, and Gen. of Conant 
Family). His character was distinguished by strict integrity, great moral 
courage, and an indomitable will; and he was, as well, tolerant and concilia- 
tory, and preferred the public good to his own private interests. He died at 
Beverly, Mass., in 1679. 

Dr. Bunton married (2d) Dec. 17, 1874, Sarah Jane Trevitt of Mt. 
Vernon, who died Dec. 16, 1899. He died Aug. 13, 1884. He was a man 
of sincere religious convictions and unquestioned integrity, and of humane 
and benevolent disposition ; these qualities being peculiarly marked in his 
conscientious discharge of duty during his army service. 

358 Jewett Genealogy 


369^ Henry Sylvanus, bom April 6, 1848. He was educated in the public 
schools of Manchester, N. H. At the age of fifteen he went to Point 
Lookout, Md., and for nine months rendered clerical assistance to 
his father in connection with the medical department of the Con- 
federate prisoners' camp. During this period he continued his 
studies under his father's tuition. Appointed hospital steward of 
the Seventh New Hampshire Regiment in Dec, 1864, he was en- 
listed and mustered in on the field at Laurel Hill, Va., in front of 
Richmond. His miUtary service continued until the end of the 
war. He became a resident of Hyde Park, Mass., in 1866, going 
there to assume the duties of bookkeeper and paymaster for the 
Hyde Park Woolen Company, and continued in that capacity until 
1875. In 1871 upon the incorporation of the Hyde Park Savings 
Bank, he was elected first treasurer of the bank, and held the office 
continuously until 1888, since which time he has been one of its Vice 
Presidents and a member of the Board of Investment. Upon his 
retirement from the treasurership of the bank, he became associated 
with Messrs. Robert and John S. Bleakie as treasurer of their mills 
at Sabattus, Me., styled Webster Woolen Company ; and this posi- 
tion he still occupies. In 1875 he was elected Town Treasurer. 
For thirty years he was re-elected by a practically unanimous vote 
at each successive election, and resigned in 1904 by reason of added 
responsibilities due to his election as treasurer of the Robert Blea- 
kie Woolen Company of Hyde Park, Mass., which position he still 

For nearly forty years Mr. Bunton has been an active mem- 
ber of the Masonic fraternity, and has held its highest offices. In 
1874 he was the Commander of Timothy Ingraham Post, No. 121, 
G. A. R. He is also a member of the Massachusetts Commandery 
of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion, the Sons of Veterans, 
and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. For five years from 
1869 he served Hyde Park as Auditor, and later for eight years 
. as School Committee. He is a communicant in the Protestant 
Episcopal Church; has served as Treasurer, and for the past ten 
years as Senior Warden of Christ Church, Hyde Park. He has 
recently been elected President of the Hyde Park General Hospital. 
He was married at Winthrop, Mass., Nov. 9, 1880, to Mary 
Greenwood, who was born in Rockport, Mass., Dec. 17, 1850, 
daughter of Newell and Elizabeth Whipple (Gott) Giles, formerly 
of Rockport. She is a descendant of Jacob Cummings Jewett, No. 

3693 Leonard Jewett, born Dec. 28, 1858 ; died Aug. 15, 1859. 

1881 JOHN COBURN (Susannah"^ Hannah'"', Nathaniel"*, Fran- 

Eighth Generation 359 

cis^*, EzekieP, Maximilian*, Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H., Aug. 22, 
1799. Bj an act of the Massachusetts Legislature in 1840 he had the spell- 
ing of his name changed from Colburn to Coburn. He married in Charles- 
town, Mass., Aug. 23, 1835, Abbie G. Chamberlain of Wolfboro, N. H. She 
died and he then married Feb. 22, 1844, Naomi (Boynton) Colburn, widow 
of his brother Bradlee and daughter of Moses Boynton (see 831). He died 
Feb. 22, 1896. His widow died Feb. 24, 1897. 

Children hy -first wife: 

3694 Abbie Jane, bom Jan. 17, 1837 ; married Francis A. Wood, son of 

Ambrois and Mary Ann Wood of Hollis. They lived in Washing- 
ton, D. C, where Mr. Wood was a Government clerk and where she 
died May 16, 1873. 

3695 John Aster, bom June 24, 1838 ; married Feb. 10, 1868, Mary E. 

Bills of Townsend, Mass., and resides in Hollis, where he is a 

1882 BRADLEE COLBURN (Susannah"", Hannah^*^ NathanieP-S 
Francis'*, EzekieP, Maximilian*, Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H., July 
28, 1801. He married Naomi Boynton, who was bom in Hollis July 14, 
1805, daughter of Moses and Hannah (Lund) Boynton (see 831). He died 
March 19, 1833, and his widow married his brother John. 


3696 Elizabeth Naomi Bradlee, born in HolHs, N. H., Feb. 23, 1833 ; mar- 

ried Stephen F. ElHs.* 

1887 LOIS DOW (Abigail"^ Jacob**", NathanieP^^*, Francis^*, Eze- 
kieP, Maximilian*, Edward^), was bom in Hollis, N. H., Feb. 2, 1786. She 
married Dec. 27, 1814, Christy Duncan of Hancock, N. H., who was bom 
July 7, 1787, and died Oct. 26, 1867, son of Deacon James and Jane Christie 
Duncan. She died Dec. 11, 1861. 

Children horn in Hancock, N. H.: 

3697 Lydia Abigail, born Dec. 16, 1816. She was a school teacher for a 

number of years ; married Rev. L. H. Stone of Glover, Vt., and 
died in 1852. Two children, who died young. 

3698 Sarah Jane, bom Nov. 24, 1817 ; married Rev. Daniel Rice, D. D.* 

3699 James Christy, bom Sept. 29, 1819. He studied medicine and when 

about to graduate died in Woodstock, Vt., May 11, 1842. 

3700 Stephen Dow, bom April 27, 1821 ; married Serena Jellison.* 

3701 John, bora Jan. 20, 1823 ; married Almira P. (Chandler) Wilkins.* 

3702 Nathaniel Jewett, bom Nov. 24, 1824 ; married Frances J. Taylor.* 

3703 Elizabeth Georglana, bom Nov. 11, 1827. She was a music teacher 

and died in Troy, Ohio, Oct. 22, 1850. 

360 Jew£tt Genealogy 

1889 HANNAH DOW (Abigail"% Jacob'*% Nathaniel"*, Francis-*, 
Ezekier, Maximilian% Edward'), was born in Hollis, N. H., April 28, 1790. 
She married Simeon Spaulding of Groton, Mass., and settled in Weston, Vt. 


3704 Simeon D., bom Feb. 19, 1816; died Jan. 5, 1907. 

3705 Hannah C, bom May 27, 1818 ; died Nov. 21, 1877. 

3706 Lucy M., bom Sept. 1, 1820 ; died July 5, 1893. 

3707 James G., born Sept. 21, 1822. 

3708 Abigail D., born April 1, 1825; died July 25, 1850. 

3709 Lydia L., born Feb. 6, 1828 ; died Oct. 20, 1851. 

3710 Eliza A., born May 1, 1830; died Jan. 22, 1851. 

3711 Mary A., born Oct. 21, 1834; died Sept. 28, 1812. 

1890 NATHANIEL DOW (Abigair'% Jacob'*", Nathaniel'-*, Fran- 
cis^*, EzekieP, Maximilian', Edward'), was born in Hollis, N. H., Aug. 21, 
1792. He married March 13, 1817, Mary Ames, daughter of Burpee and 
Hannah (Cumings) Ames of Hollis. She was born April 13, 1795, and died 
March 28, 1866. Mr. Dow lived in Hancock, N. H., where he was one of the 
influential men of the town and was greatly respected. He died there May 
26, 1862. 

Children born in Hancock, N. H. : 

3712 Oliver Lawrence, bom Sept. 1, 1818; married Mary Ann Eastman.* 

3713 Lydia Lawrence, born July 19, 1821 ; married Sept. 2, 1857, Capt. 

Asa Simonds, Jr. (his 3d wife), of Hancock. He was bom May 
17, 1809, and died Nov. 25, 1888. 

3714 David Brainard, born Aug. 16, 1826; married March — , 1851, Mrs. 

Ames, widow of Jeremiah Ames of Hollis. He died Jan. 13, 1857. 
Their only child, Lizzie, died the following day, aged 2 years and 
9 months, and was buried with her father. Mrs. Dow died April 
12, 1857. She had one child by her first husband, Jeremiah Ames, 
Jr., who lived in Pepperell, Mass., and died there about 1900. 

3715 Hannah Abigail, bom May 21, 1830; married Jan. 6, 1858, Gilman 

P. Fletcher of Greenfield, N. H. She died June 28, 1868, leaving 
one child, George I., who was born May 8, 1861. 

3716 Jeremiah A., bora Jan. 5, 1838 ; died Sept. 23, 1839. 

1918 ELIZABETH FRANCES JEWETT (Nathaniel'", Jacob'*", 
Nathaniel"*, Francis^*, Ezekiel®, Maximilian', Edward'), was bom Aug. 25, 
1829. She married Aug. 25, 1852, Levi Winter Barton, who was born March 
1, 1818. He was a lawyer and Judge of Probate for many years of Sullivan 
Co., N. H. He died March 10, 1899. Mrs. Barton now resides in New- 
port, N. H. 

Children : 

3717 Herbert Jewett, born Sept 27, 1853 ; married Sara L. Dodge.* 

Eighth Generation 361 

3718 Charles Fremont, born Oct. 19, 1856; died Feb. 26, 1859. 

3719 Ralph Winter, bom July 22, 1859; died Sept. 13, 1863. 

3720 L. Marr, born March 28, 1862; died Sept. 26, 1863. 

3721 Florence Frances, born April 8, 1865 ; resides in Newport, N. H., unm. 
Natt Lincoln, born Aug. 28, 1867; married April 14, 1891, Annie 

Jesse Morton, bom Jan. 21, 1870. He is a lawyer and Judge of Pro- 
bate for Sullivan Co., N. H. 



1919 HANNAH AUGUSTA JEWETT (NathanieP^S Jacob^*^ Na- 
thaniel''*, Francis'*, EzekieP, Maximilian', Edward'), was bom Sept. 7, 
1833 ; married Alonzo D. Howard, who died March — , 1886. She resides at 
Gaines Hill, Stapleton, Staten Island. 


3724 Nellie, born . 

3725 Ralph Remington, bom ; married Marian Saunders and had 

two children who died young. 

3726 Emma May, born . 

1920 ANTOINETTE JEWETT (NathanieP^S Jacob'*", Nathan- 
iel"*, Francis'*, EzekieP, Maximilian', Edward'), was bom Oct. 6, 1835. 
She married Adolphus Clark and resides in Chicago, 111. 


3727 Clarence, born ; died . 

3728 Adolphus Clayton, born ; married (1st) Edith Carpenter; 

(2d) Mrs. Bates. By first wife he had Harold Norman, Dorothy, 
and Clayton. 

3729 Mabel, born ; married Louis K. Beck. 

3730 Florence, born ; married William Speck. They live in Lon- 

don, England, and have Beryl and Marjory. 

3731 Percy, born . 

3732 Cecil, bom . 

1927 SUSAN E. PIERCE (DanieP^*, Susannah'**, Nathaniel"*, 
Francis'*, EzekieP, Maximihan', Edward'), was born in HolHs, N. H., March 
24, 1817. She married William Parsons of Milford, N. H., where they lived 
a number of years, and then removed to Waltham, Mass., where she died May 
19, 1864. He was a shoemaker and a soldier in the Civil War. 

Children : 

3733 Lydia, born ; married Frank Allen of Waltham. They soon 

moved to Minnesota and from there to South Dakota. 

3734 EHzabeth, bom ; died March 17, 1891. 

369 Jewett Genealogy 

1928 DANIEL WARNER PIERCE (DanieP'% Susannah'**, Nathan- 
iel^^*, Francis**, Ezekiel^, Maximilian', Edward^), was born in Hollis, N. H., 
Feb. 2, 1819. He married in Nashua, N. H., Nov. 23, 1849, Ehnina Cham- 
berlain, who was born in Andover, Vt., Oct. 30, 1829, daughter of Silas and 
Roxanna (Burton) Chamberlain of Hollis. Silas Chamberlain was a de- 
scendant of Nathaniel Weare, who was a distinguished patriot of the colonial 
days of New Hampshire, and grandfather of Meehach Weare, first Governor 
of New Hampshire after the Revolution. His father and two grandfathers 
aided in the Revolution. 

In 1858 Daniel W. Pierce bought the farm owned by John Boynton, 
the original Boynton Homestead, upon which lived Deacon John Boynton 
and Ruth Jewett, his wife. Mr. Pierce died July 26, 1879, and this home- 
stead passed into the hands of his son, Daniel F. Pierce. 

Children horn in Hollis, N. H.: 

3735 Ella Annie, born Dec. 27, 1850 ; married Luman C. Drake.* 

3736 Addie F., born May 6, 1855 ; married March 4, 1883, C. B. Gale of 

Francestown, N. H. She graduated from the State Normal School 
in 1876, and was a pioneer graduate nurse of the Lawrence, Mass., 
Charitable Hospital in 1885 ; followed the profession of a nurse 
for a short period, and then returned to Hollis, where she now 
resides with her mother and brother, Daniel F. Pierce. She is a 
member of the Grange, the W. R. C, and the D. A. R 

3737 Frank, born Aug. 20, 1857 ; married Hannah Plaski.* 

3738 WilHam Warner, born May 30, 1862; married June 11, 1901, Lelia 

Brooks of Concord, N. H., daughter of Edward P. and Harriet 
(Smith) Brooks. He is in business with his brother, Daniel F., in 
Hollis, under the firm name of Pierce Brothers. He lives on a farm 
adjoining his brother, the land of which was owned before 1854 
by Jacob Jewett and his descendants. He is a member of Aurora 
Lodge of Odd Fellows of Hollis. 

3739 Daniel Fred, born April 29, 1865. He is the junior member of the 

firm of Pierce Brothers of Hollis, dealers in farm produce and sup- 
plies. He lives with his mother and sister, Mrs. Gale, upon the 
farm formerly owned by his father. This farm was the home of 
Deacon John Boynton, and it was from this place that the Deacon 
made his famous ride through the town calling " The Regulars are 
coming and killing our men." 

1937 EBEN JEWETT (Ebenezer^"', Ebenezer'*^ Nathaniel^-*, Fran- 
cis^*, Ezekiel^, Maximilian', Edward^), was born in Quincy, Mass., July 2, 
1831. He married in Worcester, Mass., July 2, 1854, Jane E. Knowlton, 
who was bom in Worcester in 1836. Mr. Jewett is a carpenter and resides 
in Worcester. 

Eighth Generation 363 

Children born in Worcester, Mass. : 

3740 Warren C, born Jan. 28, 1855 ; married Mary E. Vaughan.* 

3741 Joseph H., bom Dec. 10, 1857 ; married Addie I. Eldridge.* 


1942 ALMIRA JEWETT (Francis^", Ebenezer^", Nathaniel 
Francis^*, EzekieP, Maximilian% Edward'), was born in Holhs, N. H., Sept! 
30, 1832. She married in 1855 Ethan Allen Wilson, who was bom in Merri- 
mack, N. H., in 1833. They settled in La Crosse, Wis., where he was in the 
lumber business, and where he died in 1892. She died there in 1893. 

Children horn in La Crosse, Wis.: 

3742 Adra Ellen, born April 7, 1856. 

3743 Nellie E., bom June 11, 1858. 

3744 Jessie, bom Dec. 3, 1862. 

3745 Perley, bom Jan. 8, 1863. This child with the three aboVe all died 

in one week from diphtheria. 

3746 Ella C, born Aug. 4, 1865. Lives in California. 

3747 Lilhan B., born Dec. 31, 1868. Lives in La Crosse. 

3748 Allen E., born Sept. 11, 1871. 

1957 THOMAS JEWETT (DanieF'«, Thomas^^% EzekieP", 
Thomas-^ EzekieP, Maximihan% Edward'), was bom in Sheffield, New Bruns- 
wick, Sept. 1, 1776. He married July 5, 1803, Catherine Albright, who died 
at Keswick Ridge, N. B., Aug. 20, 1816. He then married Mrs. Lun, whose 
maiden name was Naomi Prosses. Mr. Jewett was a farmer and resided in 
Keswick Ridge, where he died Jan. 4, 1842. 

Children horn in Keswick Ridge, N. B.: 
By -first wife: 

3749 John, bora April 28, 1804 ; married Elizabeth Elliot.* 

3750 Elizabeth, born Sept. 8, 1805; married (1st) Eliphalet Gilman; (2d) 

George Barnes. 

3751 Ezekiel, born Feb. 21, 1807 ; married Martha Kee.* 

3752 David, born Jan. 4, 1809 ; married Julia Blackmore.* 

3753 Henry, bom Dec. 19, 1810; married Nancy Elhot. 

3754 Jacob, born Aug. 27, 1812 ; married Susan Ann Goucher.* 

3755 Isaac, born Oct. 24, 1814 ; married Susan Kee.* 

3756 James, bom July 22, 1816; married Mary Stewart. 

By second rdfe: 

3757 George, bom . 

3758 Samuel, born . He was drowned in Black River, unm. 

3759 Charles, bom . He settled in Australia. Had one son, Charles, 

who resides there. 

3760 Thomas, born Nov. 26, 1828 ; married Victoria Hains.* 

364 Jewett Genealogy 

3761 Catherine, born . married Urban Hains. They had one child, 

who died young. 

1958 DANIEL JEWETT (DanieP^% Thomas^''% EzekieP", Thomas'% 
EzekieP, MaximiHan% Edward'), was born in Sheffield, N. B., Nov. 18, 1778. 
He married at Kingsclear, N. B., July 6, 1802, Lydia Gallop and settled in 
Keswick Ridge, N. B., where he was a miller and farmer ; removed to Jewett's 
Mills, N. B., where his wife died May 31, 1828. He then married Lydia 
Clark, who died in Jewett's Mills Jan. 27, 1850. He died there Feb. 11, 

Children born in Kesmck Ridge, N. B., all by first wife: 

3762 Daniel, born Feb. 15, 1804; married (1st) ; (2d) Polly Day; 

(3d) Agnes Esty.* 

3763 Hannah, born April 30, 1806 ; died Aug. 19, 1815. 

3764 Abigail, bom Feb. 15, 1808 ; married Joseph Reed and died Nov. 13, 


3765 Nathaniel, born Sept. 5, 1810. He was a school teacher and died 

April 29, 1883. 

3766 Mary, bom July 19, 1812; married Samuel Sharp. Had two sons 

and one daughter. 

3767 Lydia, born May 4, 1814; married (1st) Holland Smith; (2d) 

Thomas Brown. She died March 25, 1843. 

3768 Benjamin, bom May 17, 1816 ; died Feb. 5, 1896. He was a Baptist 

minister and married Grace Brown. 

3769 Hannah, born June 3, 1818 ; married George Howland.* 

3770 Enoch, born March 22, 1820 ; married Ehza Reed.* 

3771 Moses, born Feb. 6, 1822 ; married Hannah Wizswell.* 

3772 Jane, born Dec. 18, 1825 ; died from consumption Nov. 24, 1841, unm. 

1962 EZEKIEL JEWETT (Danier'^ Thomas'*% EzekieP-% 
Thomas-^ Ezekief , Maximilian% Edward'), was bom in Sheffield, N. B., July 
28, 1787. He married Hannah Barker, who was born in Sheffield in 1791, 
and settled in Sheffield, where he was a farmer and where he died March 20, 
1824. His wife died there Jan. 23, 1828. 

Children born in Sheffield, N. B. : 

3773 Martha, born , 1810; married Samuel McMaster.* 

3774 George, bom , 1812; married Mercy Cowperthwaite.* 

3775 Margaret, bom ; married Hugh Harrison. 

3776 Benjamin B., born , 1817; married Mary P. Burpee.* 

3777 Frederick E., born ; married and had at least one child, viz., 

Frederick, who lives in Sheffield. 

1964 DAVro JEWETT (Danief", Thomas'''% EzekieP", Thomas'", 
Ezekiel®, Maximilian®, Edward'), was born in Sheffield, New Brunswick, May 

Eighth Generation 365 

29, 1792. He married at St. John, N. B., July 9, 1818, Sarah Matthews 
Barker, who was born in Burton, N. B., May 7, 1797, daughter of Jacob 
Barker of St. John. Mr. Jewett was a farmer and settled in Sheffield ; about 
1883 removed to Burton, N. B., and later to Keswick Ridge, N. B., where he 
died Dec. 3, 1864. His wife died there Sept. 29, 1863. 


3778 Jacob Barker, bom in Sheffield, N. B., April 9, 1819; married Diana 


3779 Cynthia Abigail, born in Sheffield, N. B., Oct. 30, 1820; married 

George Barker.* 

3780 David Matthews, born in Sheffield, N. B., Aug. 23, 1822; died in 

Berkeley, Cal., in 1906, unm. 

3781 Mary Barker, bom in Sheffield, N. B., June 9, 1824 ; married Robert 

Alder Trueman.* 

3782 Alexander William, born in Sheffield, N. B., Sept. 23, 1826 ; died in 

Kingsclear, N. B., June 1, 1865, unm. 

3783 Samuel Clark, born in Sheffield, N. B., July 10, 1828 ; died July 31, 


3784 Susan Lois, born in Sheffield, N. B., April 23, 1830 ; married Oct. 26, 

1882, Joseph Avard and resides in Shemoque, N. B., s. p. 

3785 Samuel Clark, born in Sheffield, N. B., June 5, 1832; married Sarah 

Harding and resides in Worcester, Mass. 

3786 Sarah Anne, born in Burton, N. B., July 25, 1834 ; married July 10, 

1870, Thomas Jones and resides in Masonworth, N. B., s. p. 

3787 George Frederick Norman, born in Burton, N. B., Sept. 24, 1836; 

married Annie Elizabeth Currie.* 

3788 Archibald Henry, born in Burton, N. B., Oct. 10, 1841; married 

Eliza Anderson and resides in Fredericton, N. B. 

1965 ABEL JEWETT (AbeF"% EzekieP^S EzekieP", Thomas'% 
EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Vermont June 20, 1787. He 
married in Berkshire, Vt., in 1809, Susanna Munson, and, with his father 
and his family, settled in Ohio about 1815. Mr. Jewett was a farmer and 
died in Johnstown, Ohio, Oct. 15, 1821. His widow married Eh Pratt and 
had several children. 

Children born in Johnstown, Ohio.: 

3789 Nathan, born July 30, 1815 ; married Eliza Jane Ward.* 

3790 Abigail, born April 3, 1817 ; married Eber Taylor and died in Evans- 

ville, Ind., March 19, 1839. 

3791 Timothy, born Oct. 17, 1819 ; married Harriet Follett.* 

3792 Sarah Ann, born July 16, 1821 ; married Hiram Ashbrook.* 

1970 FANNY JEWETT ( Stephen'-*, EzekieP^*, EzekieP", Thomas'^^ 
Ezekief, Maximilian^ Edward'), was born in Rindge, N. H., March 6, 1788. 

366 Jewett Genealogy 

She married July 26, 1808, Hon. Asa Parker (1565) of JafFrey, N. H., who 
was born March 12, 1T86, son of Hon. Abel and Edith (Jewett) Parker. 
Mr. Parker was a man of uncommon ability and integrity; was much em- 
ployed in public affairs, and held many offices. He was State Senator 1827 
and 1828, and was Judge of Probate for Cheshire Co. for a number of years. 
He died Oct. 15, 1833. Mrs. Parker died Jan. 4, 1866. 


3793 Calvin Jewett, born , 1809; married Abigail Kendall, daugh- 

ter of Joel Kendall of Dublin, N. H. He died in Boston, Mass., 
April 4, 1859, leaving six children, one of which was Adaline So- 
phia, wife of Charles F. Gibson of Rindge. 

3794 Clementine, bom Jan. 4, 1811 ; married Dec. 8, 1835, Dr. Daniel B. 

Cutter of Peterboro, N. H., son of Daniel and Sally (Jones) 
Cutter. He wrote a history of JafFrey, N. H., and was well and 
favorably known in professional and social life. She died Aug. 
28, 1870. 

3795 Adaline, bom Sept. 15, 1815 ; married April — , 1835, Milton Kil- 

burn of Fitzwilliam, subsequently of Rockford, 111. 

3796 George S., born Feb. 1, 1820. He removed to IlHnois and died in 

the Army Nov. 18, 1862, leaving a family. 

3797 Columbus B., bom Oct. 24, 1823 ; married in 1853 Frances Wilson 

of Royalston, Mass., and lived in Winchendon, Mass., where he 
was a merchant. 

1972 COLONEL EZEKIEL JEWETT (Stephen*", Ezekiel^'^S Eze- 
kieP", Thomas^', EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Rindge, 
N. H., Oct. 16, 1791. He married June 10, 1819, Elizabeth Amold, daugh- 
ter of Capt. William Arnold of Westmoreland, N. H. She died in Utica, 
N. Y., Nov. 2, 1863. 

" Col. Jewett fitted for college in the schools of Rindge and JafFrey, 
N. H., and upon being encouraged to pursue a collegiate course of study on 
condition that he follow the profession of his father, he promptly chose to 
abandon the plan altogether, rather than be placed under such restrictions. 
It was apparently outside his plan for life to settle down in the quiet routine 
of professional labor. The War of 1812 soon presented an opportunity for 
the exercise of his ambition and youthful energies. Having been an officer 
in the Militia, in which he participated with enthusiasm, in the spring of 1812 
he was appointed ensign in the Eleventh Infantry, then commanded by Col. 
Isaac Clark, but consolidated the following year with the Twenty-first Regi- 
ment, under the more efficient command of Col. Smith, and, soon after, of 
Col. Ripley. After an engagement of a few weeks in the recruiting service, 
he joined his regiment in July, and continued in active service until the close 
of the war, without absence from any cause of a single day. Sharing the 

Eighth Generation 367 

fortunes of his regiment, he was early inured to the hardships of a most 
severe service, which characterized the campaign that ensued. In 1814! 
he was in Scott's Brigade, and participated in the battles of Chippewa and 
Lundy's Lane, and in the siege of Fort Erie. 

" At the close of the war, the love of adventure invited him to new 
fields of exploit and danger. Espousing the cause of General Carera, the 
Chilian leader of a revolt against the oppressive dominion of Spain, he ac- 
companied him to South America, and, after a long and tedious voyage, 
landed at Buenos Ayres, where he served two months as Major of the ' Direc- 
tor's Guard ' ; and subsequently, with only three companions, he crossed the 
country to Chili, over the rudest highway, which had been built by the Abo- 
rigines previous to the advent of the Spanish. The first nine hundred miles, 
with relays of horses, was performed in eleven and one-half days ; but this 
celerity was equalled by the slow and perilous journey across the Andes. 
One who has heard the thrilling story of that exploit from the lips of the 
gallant and intrepid adventurer, has kindly written an account of the daring 
feat." When arrived at Mendoza, he was told that to cross the mountains 
at that season would be impossible ; but he was determined at least to make 
an attempt. Starting upon mules, they slowly proceeded within four miles 
of the summit, when there came a snow-storm, which continued four days. 
They were sheltered, during that time, in an ancient stone building, erected 
by the Indians many years before for that purpose. Snow fell to a depth 
of four feet, and they were obliged to continue their journey on foot. In 
the afternoon they reached the base of the summit, or within a half mile of 
the height of the elevation which was thirteen thousand feet above the level 
of the sea. About sunset they fortunately reached another building, but the 
intense cold compelled them to continue exercise within the house, to keep 
from freezing. The following day, their descent by sliding and tumbling 
through the snow was rapidly performed. About noon they arrived at a 
place where cattle were driven for pasture, and there obtained provisions 
and mules for the remainder of the journey. After an experience of many 
vicissitudes, occupying eleven days, a few hours past midnight they reached 
a village at the foot of the mountains, as much to the surprise of the inhabi- 
tants as if they had fallen from the sky. The most dangerous point was at 
the rincon or comer, where the road was cut into a mountain of conglomerate, 
four hundred feet above, and nearly perpendicular to the river. The action 
of the frost had filled the roadway, until it was in its worst state. His men 
being devout Catholics, slid off their mules, and repeated their prayers; 
again mounting, they passed over in safety. He followed, but with feelings 
more intense than those experienced on many fields of battle. Giving loose 
rein to his mule, he turned his face toward the mountain. The animal slowly 
proceeded, trembling at every cautious step, like a leaf in the wind. The 
passage occupied perhaps ten minutes, but it seemed an hour; and he has 
frequently said he was truly grateful when he was safely over. Arriving in 
Chili, Col. Jewett served with distinction in the Cavalry until the successful 

368 Jewett Genealogy 

close of the war, when he sailed, by way of Cape Horn, for Rio Janeiro, 
where he remained two months, but not in idleness. He soon procured guides, 
and started for the diamond mines in the interior. Proceeding about three 
hundred miles, his chief man, or guide, fell over a precipice, and was instantly 
killed, which compelled him to abandon the enterprise, but he still vividly 
remembers the beautiful and grand scenery of that tropical country. 

" In 1818 Col. Jewett returned to Rindge, and, soon after, married 
Elizabeth Arnold of Westmoreland, N. H., a lady of many attractions and 
unusual loveliness of character, who was his cheerful companion in the jour- 
ney of life for forty-four years, remaining ever constant in her sympathies, 
and an unfailing helper in the noble pursuits which have characterized his 
life of scientific labor and usefulness. Col. Jewett remained in Rindge, resid- 
ing upon the farm of his father's until 1823, when he removed to Sackett's 
Harbor, N. Y., and three years later to Fort Niagara, of which he remained 
in charge during seventeen years. While at this place he devoted much 
time to the study of the natural sciences — a field of investigation and research 
in which he has won great renown. In 1843 he removed to Lockport, N. Y., 
and devoted his undivided time to the study of geology, traveling meanwhile 
in nearly every State in the Union, in tours of collection and investigation. 
After a residence of four years in Utica, N. Y., he was appointed in 1856 
to the sole charge of the Department of Natural History, at Albany, N. Y., 
a position which he filled with great credit to himself and incalculable benefit 
to science, for nearly ten years. Soon after the death of his wife, a loss 
wliich so changed his asperations that he no longer desired to remain where 
her companionship had given zest to his favorite pursuits, he found a home 
in the family of his daughter at Utica, N. Y. Here he became interested in 
a collection of shells in the possession of his daughter, who is an intelligent 
and proficient student of the science of conchology. With him, the purpose 
once formed, the deed was certain of accomplishment. He at once made two 
journeys to the Pacific, and spent four winters upon the Gulf of Mexico, 
collecting an incredible number and variety of shells, which were a most valu- 
able acquisition to the science of conchology. By numerous exchanges with 
students in this and other countries, he has now a collection of 12,000 spe- 
cies, named, and many others known to the savants of the science. During 
these many years of scientific exploration and study, he has enjoyed a 
friendly correspondence and acquaintance with Agassiz, DeVemuell, and 
other distinguished scientists. 

" Col. Jewett is tall, and of a commanding personal appearance. His 
features are regular and attractive, and his manner dignified and courteous. 
The daring adventures of his youth attest his courage, as his varied attain- 
ments assert his ability. Unbent with years and unwearied with prolonged 
study and labor, he still pursues his favorite pursuits with all the zeal of 
youth. His enthusiasm and activity, his well-preserved physical and men- 
tal powers, are remarkable, which he ascribes to his outdoor life and busy 
interest in studies, so free from the excitement and corroding care Insep- 

Eighth Generation 369 

arable from professional and business careers." (Hist, of Rindge, N. H. — 
Steam. ) 

He later removed to Santa Barbara, Cal., where he died at the home of 
his daughter May 18, 1877. 


3798 Sarah Elizabeth, born in Rindge, N. H., April 2, 1820; married 

Augustus A. Boyce.* 

3799 Cynthia B., born in Rindge, N. H., Sept. 15, 1821 ; died in 1825. 

3800 John Joseph Louis Carera, bom July 29, 1826. He lived for a num- 

ber of years in Buffalo, N. Y., and served two terms in the New 
York Legislature; removed to Omaha, Neb., where he was a suc- 
cessful merchant. 

1976 TRYPHOSA JEWETT (Stephen^'-S EzekieP^*, EzekieP", 
Thomas"^, EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Rindge, N. H., 
Dec. 27, 1799. She married Dec. 31, 1820, Hon. Marshall Pinckney Wilder, 
who was born in Rindge Sept. 22, 1798, son of Samuel L. Wilder, Esq. He 
was a Representative to the Legislature several years ; a State Senator and 
President of the Senate. She died while on a visit to Rindge July 31, 1831. 
He married again and had several children and died in Boston, Mass., Dec. 
16, 1886. 

Children : 

3801 Marshall Pinckney, born Jan. 15, 1822; married July 17, 1844, E. 

Clara Churchill, daughter of James C. Churchill of Portland, Me. 
He was a merchant and died in Dorchester, Mass., Dec. 29, 1854. 

3802 Eurydice, born June 11, 1823; died in Rindge Oct. 4, 1824. 

3803 Nancy Jewett, born Feb. 19, 1825; married Dec. 28, 1858, Rev. 

Andrew Bigelow, D. D. 

3804 Lucius Julius, born Oct. 27, 1826. He was a merchant of New Or- 

leans, later of Sacramento, Cal. 

3805 Maria Louisa, born July 28, 1828 ; married Sept. 26, 1850, Ambrose 

Wagner of Rhinebeck, N. Y. She died there from consumption 
June 2, 1852, leaving one child. 

3806 Wilham Henry, born July 15, 1830; died Aug. 31, 1831. 

1977 STEPHEN JEWETT (Stephen''-% EzekieF'S EzekieP", 
Thomas^^, Ezekiel", Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Rindge, N. H., 
Oct. 31, 1801. He married June 7, 1825, Hannah Barker, who was bom 
April 24, 1801, daughter of John and Hannah (Smith) Barker of Rindge. 
For many years Mr. Jewett was extensively engaged in the preparation and 
sale of Dr. Stephen Jewett's proprietary medicines, which had a wide celeb- 
rity. For this reason he was usually styled Dr. Jewett, but the name borne 
by the medicines was that of his father, who had been a physician in exten- 
sive practice. Mr. Jewett was also engaged, with others, in the manufacture 
of pails and other woodenware. He was a respected citizen ; was Selectman 

370 Jewett Genealogy 

for the years 1829, 1830, 1831, 1832, 1833, 1834, and 184^7, and was Rep- 
resentative to the Legislature in 1847. In 1856 he removed to Fitchburg, 
Mass., where he died Nov. 9, 1862. His widow died there Dec. 21, 1872. 

Children horn in Rindge, N. H.: 

3807 Stephen Barker, born April 6, 1826 ; died Jan. 16, 1829. 

3808 Cynthia Ann, bom Oct. 12, 1827 ; married Aug. 20, 1863, Alfred B. 

Church and lived in Fitchburg, Mass. 

3809 Ariana Smith, born Oct. 11, 1829; died in Fitchburg, Mass., Dec. 22, 


3810 WilHam Henry, bom March 7, 1832; died Oct. 20, 1833. 

3811 WilHam Henry, born March 7, 1834; died Nov. 5, 1834. 

3812 Mary EHzabeth, born Oct. 9, 1835; married March 12, 1863, Otis 

Adams Wheeler. 

3813 Edward, born Dec. 30, 1837 ; married Phebe A. Ramsdell.* 

3814 CaroHne, born May 2, 1840; married Nov. 29, 1866, Charles A. 

Young and died in South Paris, Me., Jan. 28, 1885. 

3815 Andrew, bom Feb. 21, 1842; married Martha Rose DuBois.* 

3816 Adaline Tryphosa, bom Aug. 15, 1844. Resides in Fitchburg, Mass. 

3817 Nancy Barker, born Feb. 1, 1847. Resides in Fitchburg, Mass. 

1981 IRENA JEWETT (Thomas'", EzekieP'*, EzekieP", Thomas", 
EzekieP, Maximilian®, Edward^), was bom in Rindge, N. H., Sept. 13, 1801. 
She married Oct. 26, 1824, Sumner Raymond, who was bom in Winchendon, 
Mass., April 5, 1799, son of Paul and Sarah (Gale) Raymond. He was a 
tanner and died in Moline, 111., Jan. 20, 1869. Mrs, Raymond died in Marl- 
boro, N. H., Aug. 29, 1847. 


3818 Elmira Green, born Nov. 29, 1825; married in 1850 Franklin J. 

Carlton of Derby, Vt., and lived in Shirley, Mass., where she died 
April 24, 1857. He died there in 1855. No Issue. 

3819 Cynthia Ann, bom Jan. 25, 1829. She married in Marlboro, N. H., 

July 19, 1853, Charles M. Whitcomb, who was bom in Winchen- 
don, Mass., Sept. 1, 1823, son of Mark and Lucy (Murdock) 
Whitcomb. He was a cabinet maker and died in Winchendon 
Oct. 24, 1891. Mrs. Whitcomb resides there. 

3820 Thomas, bom May 2, 1831 ; married in Mohne, 111., in 1856, Hannah 


3821 Rebecca, born May 2, 1832 ; died June 25, 1833. 

3822 WilHam, born Oct. 21, 1833 ; died in MoHne, 111., April 29, 1860, unm. 

3823 Samuel, born in BeHows Falls, Vt., March 10, 1839. He enlisted as a 

private in Co. A, 3d Minnesota Vols., in 1861, and died on board 

Eighth Generation 371 

the steamer Undine March 22, 1862, bound for Fort Donelson; 
was buried at the Fort. 

1987 JULIA ANN JEWETT (Thomas«-% EzekieP'S EzekieP", 
Thomas'", EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Rindge, N. H., May 
10, 1817. She married Oct. 3, 1838, Daniel Towne Rand, who was born 
Aug. 13, 1812, son of Gates and Caty (Towne) Rand of Rindge. They re- 
moved to Michigan and settled in Nepoleon and afterwards in Eaton Rapids, 
where he died Sept. 3, 184*3. Mrs. Rand in her later years lived with her 
brother. Dr. George Jewett, in Fitchburg, Mass., where she died July 24, 


3824 Howard, born in Jackson, Mich., Dec. 8, 1839. He entered Dart- 

mouth College, but on the outbreak of the Civil War left that insti- 
tution and enlisted in Co. K, 6th New Hampshire Vol. Inft., Oct. 
14, 1861 ; was promoted Sergeant Nov. 30, 1861. At the second 
battle of Bull Run, the color bearer having been killed, Sergt. 
Rand, amid a shower of bullets, gathered up the colors and bore 
them in safety from the field. In the absence of commissioned offi- 
cers he commanded his company from this time until his death. At 
the battle of Antietam, Sept. 17, 1862, while leading his men in 
the historic charge at the bridge, he was killed. He was buried in 
the Dr. Thomas Jewett lot in the Rindge, N. H., Cemetery. 

3825 Thomas Gates, born Sept. 3, 1841; died in Eaton Rapids, Mich., 

Aug. 20, 1842. 

1988 SAMUEL GREEN JEWETT (Thomas'", EzekieP"*, Eze- 
kieP", Thomas-^, EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Rindge, 
N. H., June 20, 1819. He married Nov. 20, 1847, Ceceha Maria Jewett, 
who was born in Bethel, Me., Jan. 26, 1827, daughter of Paul and Belinda 
(Staples) Jewett of Hanover, Me. 

Mr. Jewett was a mechanic and settled in Rindge, removed to West- 
brook, Me., and lived in several other towns, but in his later years lived in 
Winchendon, Mass., where he died Feb. 6, 1892. Mrs. Jewett died there 
Jan. 10, 1892. 


3826 Samuel Henry, born in Rindge, N. H., Aug. 24, 1848 ; died in Sacca- 

rappa, Me., April 9, 1850. 

3827 Maria Emogene, bom in Saccarappa, Me., Dec. 13, 1849; married 

in Winchendon, Mass., Dec. 10, 1872, Clarendon S. Perry, who 
was bom in Richmond, N. H., Nov. 11, 1846, son of Daniel and 
Lavinia (Martin) Perry. He is a mechanic and they reside in 
WaterviUe, Mass., s. p. 

3828 Leland Granville, born in Rindge, N. H., Feb. 21, 1852; married in 

Long Island City, N. Y., Feb. 13, 1898, Mrs. Jane Augustine 

372 Jewett Genealogy 

Smith, who was born at College Point, L. I., Aug. 16, 1861, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Francis and Anna Margaret (Mulligan) O'Brien, 
and widow of Alexander Martin Smith. Mr. Jewett is a mill- 
wright and resides in Long Island City, where they had one chid, 
Ralph Francis, born March 17, 1899; died Dec. 17, 1903. 

3829 Fordice C, born in Rindge, N. H., Oct. 4, 1852; died in Templeion, 

Mass., Dec. 14, 1883, unm. 

3830 Mary Anna Barker, born in Jaffray, N. H., Oct. 2, 1855 ; married 

in 1873 Lucian B. Tilly and died in Winchendon, Mass., July 9, 
1875. Two children, viz., Eddie, bom in Winsted, Conn., Dec. 8, 
1873; died in Granby, Mass., Sept. 17, 1874; and Lucian, bom in 
Westfield, Mass., April 19, 1875; died in Rindge, N. H., March 
29, 1876. 

3831 Judson Samuel, bora in Nelson, N. H., March 2, 1858 ; married Mary 

Ellen Danforth.* 

3832 Ralph Leslie, bora in Rindge, N. H., Jan. 6, 1861. He is a miner 

at Vernon, Utah, unm. 

3833 Walter Irving, born in Rindge, N. H., Oct. 11, 1863; married Lizzie 

Etta Wheeler.* 

3834 Lula Estella, born in Winchendon, Mass., Sept. 14, 1866; married 

William Tenney Lowe.* 

3835 Everett Ellwood, born in Winchendon, Mass., Nov. 22, 1867; mar- 

ried Addie May Deeth.* 

1989 HARRIET JEWETT (Thomas'", EzekieP'S EzekieP", 
Thomas-% EzckieP, Maximilian% Edward^), was born in Rindge, N. H., July 
10, 1821. She married April 26, 1845, Alonzo Bancroft, who was bom in 
Union, N. H., Jan. 4, 1820, son of Timothy and Matilda (Rand) Bancroft. 
He was a cabinet maker and they resided a few years in Baldwinsville, Mass., 
removed to Boston, Mass., where he was for several years in the Custom 
House. He also was a Representative to the General Court of Massachu- 
setts, and died in Boston March 17, 1897. Mrs. Bancroft died there Jan. 
23, 1899, and with her husband is buried in Rindge. 


3836 Winfred Baxter, bora in Baldwinsville, Mass., May 30, 1850. He 

graduated from the Harvard University Medical School in the 
class of 1877, and is a physician in South Boston, Mass., unm. 

1990 DR. GEORGE JEWETT (Thomas"", EzekieP'% EzekieP", 
Thomas*"^, Ezekiel®, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Rindge, N. H., 
April 28, 1825. He married Nov. 15, 1848, Mary Elizabeth Sanders, daugh- 
ter of Nathan and Betsey (Shedd) Sanders of New Ipswich, N. H. She 
died in Fitchburg, ]\Iass., June 1, 1867, and he then married Dec. 17, 1868, 

Eighth Generation 373 

Mary Brooks, daughter of Kendall and Mary (Pettee) Brooks of Fitch- 

Dr. Jewett, receiving a liberal education, chose a profession honored 
by his father, and attended medical lectures at Woodstock, Vt., and Pitts- 
field, and later at Boston, Mass. He commenced the practice of his profes- 
sion in Baldwinsville, Mass., and soon after removed to Gardner, Mass., and 
five years later to Fitchburg, Mass., where he remained in the enjoyment of 
an extensive and lucrative practice. During the Civil War he was surgeon 
of the 51st Massachusetts Regiment of Vol., and his record reflects both skill 
and unremitted labor. As a citizen he was held in high esteem and was uni- 
versally acknowledged as an able practitioner and a skillful surgeon. He 
was a member of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion and of the G. A. R. 
Died in Fitchburg Dec. 16, 1894. 

Children horn in Fitchburg, Mass.: 
By first wife: 

3837 George Edwin, born Jan. 6, 1850; died July 22, 1851. 

3838 Helen Elizabeth, bom June 18, 1851 ; died Aug. 6, 1858. 

3839 George Thomas, born June 10, 1857 ; died Sept. 5, 1857. 

3840 Mary Anna, born Oct. 16, 1862; died Sept. 11, 1863. 

Child hy second wife: 

3841 Walter Kendall, bom Oct. 12, 1869 ; married in Fitchburg, Nov. 27, 

1895, Edith Josephine Taft, daughter of Edward L. and Georgi- 
ana Maria (Clark) Taft. Dr. Jewett graduated from Brown 
University in the class of 1891, with the degree of A. B., and from 
the Medical Department of Harvard College in the class of 1895, 
with the degree of M. D., after which he studied in Europe. He 
settled in Pittsfield, Mass., where he followed his profession and 
was Assistant Surgeon of the Massachusetts Volunteer INIilitia. 
Having decided to give up the practice of medicine in 1902, he 
went to Europe for the second time, and after a year spent in 
travel and study, returned to the United States and spent two 
years in studying library economy at the New York State Library. 
In 1906 he was called to be Librarian of the State University of 
Nebraska at Lincoln, where he now resides. He is a Mason, a 
communicant of the Episcopal Church, and a Republican in poli- 
tics. Dr. Jewett displayed great interest in the success of this 
history, and rendered valuable assistance. 

1994 CHARLES JEWETT (Nathan^^'^ EzekieF'*, Ezekier'% 
Thomas-^, EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Watertown, N. Y., 
Nov. 1, 1815. He married in Missouri, Catherine Phillips, who was born in 
Tunkhannock, Pa., March 27, 1823, daughter of John and Mary 
(Billings) Phillips. Mr. Jewett was a pilot and resided in Watertown and 

374 Jewett Genealogy 

Sacketts Harbor, N. Y., and Fort Madison, la. He died Oct. 23, 1887. His 
widow resides in the West. 

Children horn in Fort Madison, la.: 
384-2 Herbert Nathan, bom Nov. 13, 1849. He is engaged in the lumber 
business, is a member of the Elks, and resides in Omaha, Neb., unm. 

3843 Ed, born Oct. 2, 1851 ; died in Atchison, Kan., Oct. 23, 1887. 

3844 Georgiana, born Oct. 3, 1858 ; resides in Omaha, Neb. 

3845 Harry, bom May 7, 1857 ; died in Omaha, Neb., Feb. 1, 1897. 

3846 Adeline, born Aug. 10, 1861; married A. M. Lanphear and resides 

in Kansas City. Two children. 

3847 Ella, born Sept. 7, 1864; married Charles M. White and resides in 

Billings, Mont. Three children. 

1996 DR. GEORGE WOOD JEWETT (Nathan"'-, EzekieP'S Eze- 
kiel'", Thomas", Ezekiel% ]Maximilian\ Edward^), was born in Sackett's 
Harbor, N. Y., Aug. 20, 1832. He married in New York, N. Y., March 15, 
1853, Helen Comell, daughter of Cornelius and Mary Comell. 

Dr. Jewett graduated from the Medical Department of the New York 
University of New York City in the class of 1854. He is a member of the 
Masonic Order and resides in New York City, where he follows his profession. 


3848 Mary Permelia, bom in New York, N. Y., Oct. 8, 1855; married 

April 14, 1875, Dr. Malcolm McLean and resides in New York 

1998 MOSES HALE PILLSBURY (Martha''^ Sarah''% EzekieP", 
Thomas-", Ezekief, MaximiHan^ Edward^), was born in Boscawen, N. H., 
in 1800. He married in Salem, Mass., in 1825, Lucy Mackintire and died 
in 1841. 

Children born in Boston, Mass.: 

3849 John, born , 1829. 

3850 Lucy Ann, born , 1830. 

3851 Sarah Hale, born , 1832. 

3852 Henry Moses, born , 1835. He was a mariner and died on 

his second voyage, when but 16 years of age, at Muscat, Arabia. 

3853 David Sewall, bora ; died in Boston in 1838. 

3854 David Brainerd, bom , 1839; married Clara Grush.* 



2000 JOHN CALVIN PH^LSBURY (Martha'", Sarah'", Ezekiel 
Thomas", Ezekief, Maximilian', Edward ^), was born in Rowley, Mass., 

, 1805. He married in Boston, Mass., — , 1833, by Rev. Dr. 

Lindsay, Elizabeth Grush (La Grushe), who was born in Marblehead, Mass., 
, 1810, daughter of John and Hannah (Salter) Grush (La Grushe). 

Eighth Generation 375 

At an early age Mr. Pillsbury left his father's home and was employed 
on a farm m Reading, Mass. When a young man he learned the mason's 
trade and became one of the best builders in Boston. 

His manners were particularly pleasing, his address being extremely 
courteous^ blended with a marked dignity and upright bearing of face and 
hgure. His strong love for his mother and wife was one of his ruling pas- 
sions. Mr. Pillsbury was a self-made man, a man to be honored in that his 
path was not strewn with roses. He died in Roxbury, Mass., in 1900. His 
wife died there in 1860. 

Children horn in Boston, Mass., except last • 

3855 John Hale, born , 1834; married Evehna J. Damon. He 

early showed marked literary talents, was fond of art and gathered 
many valuable paintings from the first artists. Was President of 
the Mercantile Library Association of Boston, and studied law 
with Judge Sauger of Boston, but did not follow that profession. 
He visited the South, where he contracted malaria, which forced 
him to return home. Later became a clerk in the Treasury De- 
partment at Washington, but was obhged to resign on account of 
ill-health, and returned to Boston, where he died at the age of 35 
He always chose for his friends those who knew more than himself, 
and his love for knowledge was a passion. He delivered many 
lectures before the Mercantile Association, two of which were pub- 

QQ«^ -r^i''^"^' J^^-' " ^^^ Pleasures of Literature " and " Thomas Hood." 
^85b Edward Payson, bora , 1836; died 1838 

3857 Martha Elizabeth, bora , 1838; died in Roxbury, , 


3858 Hannah Maria, bora , 1841 ; died in Roxbury, , 1878. 

ri^5\) Joseph Hopkins, bora ; died 1842. 

3860 Sarah Jewett, bora , 1843; married Henry Lee Shepard.* 

S8bl George Edward, born , 1845 ; died , 1846 

3862 George Edward, bora , 1846; died , 1847 

3863 Emma Mary, bora in Reading, Mass., , 1853; married in 

Roxbury, Mass., by Rev. W. W. Colburn, in 1881, Charles Ed- 
mund Merchant of Troy, N. Y., who was born in Troy in 1849 
son of George W. and Mary A. (Wallington) Merchant. They 
reside m Roxbury, Mass., where he is a house painter. Child 
Lawrence Hale Merchant, born in Roxbury March 21, 1882 • mar- 
ried by Rev. J. W. Thomas, June 18, 1906, Jenny Mae Thomas, 
daughter of Rev. J. W. Thomas of Melrose. They reside in Mai- 
den, Mass. 

T.JTm'^^'^^^ ^^^"^^ ^^^^"^^"' Stephen-', EzekieP", Thomas-, 
Ezekiel , Maxlmlhan^ Edward^), was bora in Sullivan, N. H., Dec 6 1796 
He married Jan. 25, 1820, Hannah Willard of Langdon, N. H.,' who was 
bora June 25, 1801. Mr. Locke was a merchant in Langdon 

376 Jewett Genealogy 

Children born in Langdon, N. H.: 
3864! Luther Franklin, born Nov. 3, 1820. He graduated from the Mid- 
dlebury College in 1845, and the Harvard Medical College in 
1849. Was a physician and dentist in Nashua, N. H. 

3865 Dean Jewett, born April 16, 1823. Was educated in the Normal 

School at Bridgewater, and the Cambridge Medical College. Set- 
tled in California, where he followed the practice of medicine. 

3866 Elmer Hall, born Dec. 24, 1825. Educated at Rensselaer Institute, 

N. Y., and settled in California in 1851. 

3867 George Shepple, bom Oct. 30, 1830. Settled in California in 1852. 

2006 CALVIN LOCKE (Sarah''", Stephen^^^ EzekieP", Thomas-% 
EzekieP, MaximiHan% Edward^), was born in Sullivan, N. H., May 10, 
1798. He married Abigail Shannon, who was born in Saco, Me., Nov. 16, 
1805, daughter of Dr. Richard Cutts Shannon. Mr. Locke resided in 
Ipswich until 1852, when he removed to Milton, Fla., where he was a 
machinist and manufacturer. 

Children born in Ipswich, Mass.: 

3868 Mary Shannon, born Feb. 12, 1831 ; died Feb. 10, 1832. 

3869 Mary Abby, born March 4, 1833. 

3870 Clinton Adams, born Sept. 4, 1841. 

3871 Sarah Jewett, born Feb. 24, 1845. 

3872 Anna Abbott, born . 

2007 AMOS JEWETT LOCKE (Sarah'", Stephen^'^ EzekieP", 
Thomas-% Ezekiel'', Maximihan^, Edward^), was born in Sullivan, N. H., 
Feb. 11, 1800. He married March 12, 1823, Clementine Stoughton, who 
was born in Gill, Aug. 14, 1803, daughter of Deacon Timothy Stoughton. 
They resided in Actworth, N. H., where she died Nov. — , 1832. Mr. 
Locke died in SulHvan May 10, 1834. Their children were educated under 
the care of their aunt, Mrs. Gerould. 

Children born in Actworth, N. H.: 

3873 Clementine M., born Aug. 17, 1824; married Rev. William Porter 

and settled in St. Francisville, Mo., where they established a Sem- 

3874 Charles Houghton, born Aug. 21, 1826; died Aug. 26, 1826. 

3875 Amos Jewett, born May 30, 1827 ; died the same day. 

3876 Calvin Stoughton, born Oct. 11, 1829. Graduated from Amherst 

College in 1849, and the Divinity School of Cambridge in 1852. 

2008 CYNTHIA LOCKE (Sarah"", Stephen''% EzekieP", Thomas-^ 
Ezekier, Maximilian% Edward^), was born in Sullivan, N. H., May 2, 1804. 
She married Feb. 5, 1829, Rev. Moses Gerould, who was born May 5, 1801, 

Eighth Generation 377 

son of Samuel Gerould of Stoddard, N. H. Mr. Gerould studied with Rev. 
Arnold of Alstead, N. H., and was ordained over a church there INIay 
22> 1828. Was dismissed from the Alstead church in 18'i'l, and installed in 
Hinsdale, N. H., Oct. — , 1844. 

Children born in Alstead, N. H., except last: 

3877 Sarah Cynthia, born April 6, 1832 ; died April 22, 1832. 

3878 Samuel Lankton, born July 11, 1834. 

3879 John Calvin, born Aug. 29, 1837. 

3880 Sarah Azubah, born April 13, 1839. 

3881 Martin Luther, born July 14, 1841. 

3882 Ann Clementine, born Nov. 5, 1843; died Dec. 11, 1851. 

3883 Edward Payson, born in Hinsdale, N. H., Oct. 15, 1845. 


2020 JONATHAN JEWETT (Benjamin^^^ Jonathan^^^ EzekieP 
Thomas"^, EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Sangerfield, N. Y., 
March 1, 1783. He married there April 1, 1802, Unity Johnson, who was 
bom in Massachusetts Dec. 7, 1782. Mr. Jewett was a farmer and resided 
in Sangerfield, where he died June 11, 1872. His wife died there July 22, 

Children horn in Sangerfield, N. Y.: 

3884 Hull, bom March 15, 1804 ; married Aurilla Seymour.* 

3885 Persis, bom April 26, 1805 ; married Rufus Locke.* 

3886 William Eri, born Feb. 3, 1807 ; married Harriet Winchell.* 

3887 Ruth, born Oct. 5, 1808; married Sept. 29, 1831, David Copeland, 

and died in Sangerfield March 23, 1888. No issue. 

3888 Lodema, born May 19, 1810; married Oliver Bentley. 

3889 Phebe, born June 22, 1812 ; married Dec. 8, 1831, Harvey Button. 

She died Sept. 14, 1888, leaving one child, Ida May, who died in 
Chicago in 1892, unm. 

3890 Harriet, born Feb. 5, 1814; married WilHam Taylor.* 

3891 Lyman Washington, born April 3, 1816 ; married Eliza S. Kenney.* 

3892 Mary Ann, born March 13, 1818 ; married Charles Mason (see 3893). 

3893 Louisa, bom Nov. 29, 1819; married Charles Mason.* 

3894 Benjamin Franklin, bora Oct. 18, 1821 ; died July 4, 1822. 

3895 Sophia R., born June 30, 1824; died March 15, 1825. 

3896 Charles Albert, born Oct. 3, 1826; married (1st) Sarah EHzabeth 

Clark; (2d) Marretta Clark.* 

3897 David Copeland, bom Feb. 14, 1830; married Jane Pendleton. He 

was a fine musician, and made music teaching his profession. One 
child, Mary E., born June 29, 1861, died Feb. 8, 1881. 

2027 GEORGE WASHINGTON JEWETT (Benjamin^^% Jona- 
than''^ EzekieP'\ Thomas'% EzekieP, Maximihan^ Edward^), was born in 
Sangerfield, N. Y., June 4, 1800. He married in Utica, N. Y., Martha 

378 Jewett Genealogy 

Harding. She died, and he married in New Hartford, N. Y., Mary Lang- 
worthy, who was born in Rhode Island, daughter of Peleg and Susanna 
(Burdick) Langworthy. Mr. Jewett was a farmer and died in Brookfield, 


Children hy -first wife: 

3898 Howard, bom . 

3899 Henry, bom . 

3900 Hull, born . 

3901 Helen, born . 

Children hy second wife, horn in Sangerfield, N. Y.: 

3902 Martha, born Feb. 24, 1838; married (1st) George Hewett; (2d) 

Elias Jones. 

3903 Elizabeth, born , 1840 ; married Alonzo Brooks.* 

2031 DAVID LANGDON JEWETT (SamueP*", Jonathan^*^", Eze- 
kieP", Thomas'% EzekieP, Maximilian% Edward"), was born in Utica, N. Y., 
Oct. 3, 1799. He married in New Hartford, N. Y., Jan. 21, 1821, Anna 
Kellog, who was bora in New Hartford Feb. 1, 1798, daughter of Loomis 
Kellog. Mr. Jewett was a farmer, and settled in New Hartford, but soon 
after mar^riage removed to Sangerfield, N. Y., where he died Jan. 20, 1881. 


3904 Sarah Jane, born in New Hartford, N. Y., Oct. 27, 1821 ; died there 

Nov. 2, 1897, unm. 

3905 Mary Elizabeth, born in Sangerfield, N. Y., Aug. 3, 1824; married 

Sept. 9, 1851, Amos F. Gallup, who died Dec. 14, 1864. She 
resides in New Hartford. 

3906 Abigail Ann, born in Sangerfield, N. Y., Dec. 18, 1826; married 

Aug. 31, 1854, Alexander Hurd, who was born in Paris, N. Y., 
April 23, 1823, and died July 9, 1902. She died in Marshall, 
N. Y., June 28, 1896, leaving one child, Charles Clayton, who was 
born in Marshall, June 10, 1862, married Aug. 15, 1883, Theresa 
Maltz, and resides in Marshall, N. Y. 

3907 James Grove, born in Sangerfield, N. Y., Jan. 29, 1829; married 

Aug. 30, 1854, Harriet Maria Stillman, daughter of William and 
Sarah (Stebbins) Stillman. She died Nov. 16, 1899, and he married 
March 3, 1902, Mrs. Emily Jennett (Nichols) Vanderpool, daugh- 
ter of Benjamin and Julia (White) Nichols. Mr. Jewett was for 
many years a farmer in Washington Mills, N. Y., but has retired 
and now resides in New Hartford, N. Y. 

2043 SARAH JEWETT (David'''^ David''% Ezekie?", Thomas", 
Ezekiel®, Maximilian^, Edward"), was bom in Monmouth, Me., Aug. 6, 1804. 
She married Sept. 7, 1828, Rev. Randall Noyes (2052), who was bom in 

Eighth Generation 379 

Boscawen, N. H., March 29, 1803, and died in Atkinson, Me,, July 25, 1850. 
His first wife was Elizabeth Huntington, by whom he had two children, viz., 
Joshua and EHzabeth. Both died young. Mr. Noyes was pastor of the 
Baptist Church in Atkinson and Milford, Me. Mrs. Sarah Noyes died in 
Atkinson March 10, 1880. Buried there. 

Children born in Atkinson, Me.: 

3908 Augusta Frances, born Aug. 28, 1829; married Dec. 19, 1852, Nel- 

son Brown, and lived in Atkinson, where she died Feb. 29, 1896. 

3909 Ann Maria Jewett, born July 7, 1831 ; married Jan. 16, 1858, Odel 

Hutchins, and lived in Atkinson, where she died Nov. 1, 1868. 

3910 Sarah Jewett, bom April 23, 1833; died May 12, 1833. 

8911 Sarah Jewett, born March 31, 1835 ; lived in Bradford, Me., and died 
in Dover Aug. 5, 1894, unm. 

3912 Carrie May, born Dec. 22, 1838; married Dec. 4, 1870, William D. 

Walker, and resides in Auburn, Me. 

3913 Mary Ellen, born Oct. 25, 1840; died in Lewiston, Me., Jan. 16, 

1864, unm. 

3914 James H., born July 10, 1842 ; died in Atkinson Sept. 25, 1846. 

3915 Randall Colby, born May 29, 1844 ; married Feb. 10, 1872, Emma J. 

Brown. Lives in Bradford, Me. 

3916 Daniel Albert, born Jan. 13, 1846; married (1st) Emma Osgood; 

(2d) Edith Witham. Lives in Bradford, Me. 

2044 JOSEPH G. JEWETT (David'*% David'", EzekleP", Thomas", 
EzekieP, Maximilian', Edward^), was bom in Monmouth, Me., April 19, 
1806. He married in Hallowell, Me., Nov. 7, 1832, Sally G. Judkins, who 
was born in Monmouth Feb. 26, 1806, and died theVe Dec. 13, 1876. 

Mr. Jewett was a farmer, a tanner, and surveyor of land ; was a member 
of the Free Baptist Church, and lived in Vasselboro, Dixmont, Bradford, and 
Monmouth, Me. He died in Monmouth Dec. 3, 1876; buried in the Mon- 
mouth Ridge Cemetery. 

Children born in Monmouth, Me.: 

3917 Joseph Sumner, born June 26, 1836 ; married Margaret A. Hutchin- 


3918 Hiram Dura, bom Jan. 3, 1828; married Juliet Benner, daughter of 

Nathaniel Benner of Monmouth. Mr. Jewett lived in Monmouth, 
where he was a manufacturer, and where he died Feb. 6, 1883, 
leaving one child, Emma L., born Dec. — , 1875, married Orin 
Fairfield of Kennebunkport, Me. 

2055 LYDIA DOLE (Mary'", Jeremiah'", Jeremiah"^ Maximilian", 
Ezekiel", Maximilian', Edward^), was born April 16, 1798. She married 
Andrew Wood, of Winthrop, Me., and died May 23, 1866. 

380 Jewett Genealogy 

Children : 

3919 Lydia, born . 

3920 Lorenzo, born . 

3921 Andrew, born . 

3922 Sarah, born . 


i ■ 



2056 SETH JEWETT DOLE (Mary''", Jeremiah'", Jeremiah' 
Maximihan-% EzekieP, Maximilian% Edward'), was born Sept. 16, 1802. 
He married in Newbury, Mass., Nov. 24, 1824, Mary Ann Poor, who was 
bom in Byfield, Mass., June 27, 1805, daughter of Benjamin and Ruth 
(Poor) Poor. Mr. Dole was a machinist, and died in Concord, N. H., March 
14, 1856. His widow died there June 1, 1891. 

Children born in Byfield, Mass. : 

3923 Ann Maria, born June 7, 1826 ; married WilHam Lane Hood.* 

3924 Mary S., born Nov. 6, 1827; resides in Concord, N. H., unm. 

3925 Emily Marinda, born March 6, 1830; died in Lowell, Mass., July 30, 


3926 Helen Ruth, born Jan. 31, 1834; married Jan. 17, I860, Joseph 

Taylor Sleeper, who was born in Andover, N. H., Dec. 7, 1834, son 
of Rev. Nehemiah D. and Charlotte (Taylor) Sleeper. She died 
in Concord, N. H., s. p. 

3927 Seth Richmond, born Aug. 23, 1836 ; married Susan Rebecca Boyn- 


2057 THOMAS DOLE (Mary'", Jeremiah'", Jeremiah''^ Maximil- 
ian^% EzekieP, Maximilian', Edward'), was born Nov. 16, 1807. He mar- 
ried in Stoneham, Mass., Dec. 1, 1831, Emeline Sweetser, who was born in 
Reading, Mass., May 11, 1809, daughter of Aaron and Fannie Sweetser. 
Mr. Dole was a millwright, and lived in New Rowley, Georgetown, and, later 
in life, in Lowell, Mass., where he died Jan. 23, 1881. His wife died there 
Jan. 10, 1880. 


3928 Henry Sewell, born in New Rowley, Mass., Oct. 21, 1832; married 

in Dexter, Me., Oct. 21, 1863, Georgiana Frances McClellan, who 
was bom in Dexter Aug. 25, 1841, daughter of Samuel and Ann 
Salome McClellan. Mr. Dole is a wool-sorter, and resides in 

3929 Selina Augusta, born in New Rowley, Mass, March 20, 1834 ; resides 

in Somerville, Mass., unm. 

3930 Sarah Elizabeth, born in New Rowley, Mass., Nov. 16, 1835 ; married 

James Watson Morse.* 

3931 George Melvin, bom in New Rowley, Mass., July 17, 1837 ; married 

Sarah Abbie Maxfield.* 

Eighth Generation 381 

3932 E. Mary Zerviah, born in Georgetown, Mass., Feb. 22, 1843 ; married 

Henry Augustus Pike.* 

3933 William Temple, born in Lowell, Mass., April 2, 1846 ; married Lydia 

Ann Hamblet.* 

3934 Ella Sophia, born in Lowell, Mass., Feb. 2, 1849; resides in South 

Framingham, Mass. 

2059 MARY BARKER JEWETT (Jeremiah'", Jeremiah^'S Jere- 
miah^^', Maximilian^^, Ezekiel", Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Byfield, 
Mass., Jan. 24, 1808. She married there Oct. 10, 1831, by Rev. Isaac R. 
Braman, Greene Wildes, who was born in Londonderry, N. H., July 21, 
1806, son of Ezra (a soldier in the Revolution) and Sarah Pickard (Green) 
Wildes. Mr. Wildes was a farmer, a deacon of the Congregational Church, 
and died from gastric fever in Georgetown, Mass., Aug. 24, 1874. His 
widow died there of pneumonia, Feb. 13, 1882. 

' Children: 

3935 Edward Payson, born in Rowley, Mass., Aug. 27, 1832 ; married 

April 10, 1857, Martha J. Dorman, who was born Nov. 27, 1832. 
He was a soldier in the Civil War, and died in Georgetown, Mass., 
May 2, 1898. His widow resides in Georgetown. One child, 
Anson, born May 11, 1858, married Nov. 12, 1879, Emma A. 
Rollins, who was born July 10, I860. 

3936 Jeremiah Jewett, born in Rowley, Mass., May 21, 1834 ; married (1st) 

Sarah E. Merrill; (2d) Sarah E. Tarleton.* 

3937 Sarah Barker, born in Rowley, Mass, Oct. 3, 1836; married David 

E. N. Carlton.* 

3938 James Birney, born in Georgetown, Mass., May 26, 1839; married 

C. Augusta Plumer.* 

3939 Eben Jackman, born in Georgetown, Mass., Oct. 12, 1845; married 

Tena Beckett, who was born Dec. 22, 1855. They reside in Haver- 
hill, Mass., s. p. 

3940 EHza Moores, born in Newbury, Mass., Sept. 27, 1848; married 

Samuel P. Batchelder.* 

3941 Ira Greene, born in Rowley, Mass., Oct. 24, 1851 ; married Louise 


2062 JAMES SAVILLE JEWETT (Isaiah'^°, Jeremiah^«% Jere- 
miah^^', Maximilian'^ EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Grove- 
land Mass., Nov. 10, 1830. He married in Gloucester, Mass., Sept. 26, 
1861, Ellen F. Clough, daughter of Moses H. and Martha L. (Jdcobs) 

Early in life Mr. Jewett settled in Gloucester and engaged in shoe 
manufacturing, which business he followed many years. 

383 Jewett Genealogy 

Children born in Gloucester, Mass.: 
394!^ Frankie, born ; died young. 

3943 Fred S., born Feb. 2, 1866 ; married Annie G. Griffin.* 

3944 Annie B., born March 10, 1873 ; resides in Gloucester. 

3945 James S., born ; died young. 

2066 WILLIAM HENRY JEWETT (Isaiah'''^ Jeremiah^'S Jere- 
miah^^^, Maximilian^^, EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Annis- 
quam, Mass., Feb. 13, 1840. He married June 8, 1862, Phebe F. Sargent 
of Annisquam, who was born in 1843. Mr. Jewett is a dealer in leather and 
shoe findings, and with his wife is a member of the Universalist Church. 
Reside in Gloucester, Mass. 

Children born in Gloucester, Mass.: 

3946 Blanch W., born ; married William Neagle of Medf ord, Mass. 

They have two children, viz., Lillian B. and Russell J. 

3947 Lizzie F., bom ; died young. 

3948 Bessie Day, bom April 27, 1864. 

3949 George William, born Feb. 24, 1866; resides in Boston. 

3950 Martha Eveland, born March 14, 1870. 

3951 Annie Sargent, born May 8, 1872. 

3952 Edward Pierce, born July — , 1880. 

3953 Helen Dennis, bom April 17, 1882. 

2078 WILLIAM JEWETT (William"'*, SamueP'-, Jeremiah''^ Maxi- 
milian^^, EzekieP, Maximihan^, Edward^), was born . He married 

Eliza Enghsh. 


3954 William, born ; died unm. 

3955 Mehitable Hobson, born in Newburyport, Mass., ; married 

John Babson Swasey of Maine. 

3956 Eliza, born ; married Mr. Arnold. 

3957 Sarah F., bom ; married Nov. 26, 1856, Caleb Gushing 

Adams of Rowley, Mass. Residence, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

3958 Lizzie, bom ; married Isaac Brownell of Providence, R. I. 

Residence Brooklyn, N. Y. 

2081 EBEN JEWETT (William"", Samuel'«^ Jeremiah^^", Maximil- 
ian^®, Ezekicl', Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom . He married 

Elizabeth Knight. 


3959 Edwin, born ; married and had one child, a son, who was 

drowned when 14 years old. 

3960 INIary, born ; married Frank Clarkson and had two children, 

Eighth Generation 383 

viz., Willie, and Mary, who married Mr. Bryant and resides in 
Newburyport, Mass., where they had one child, Lester. 

8961 Frances, born ; married Eben Bradley and had two children, 

viz., Addie, and Ella, who married James Lunt, and had James 
Hubert Lunt. 

3962 Augustus, born ; married and had one daughter, Alice, who 

married Dr. Barnard. 

3963 Daniel, born . 

3964 Adaline, bom . 

2091 ALMIRA JEWETT (Robert'", SamueP«^ Jeremiah^'% Maxi- 
mihan^^ EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Georgetown, Mass., 
Oct. 15, 1812. She married in Rowley, Mass., by Rev. Caleb Clark^, in 1832, 
Ehjah Bagley Weed, who was bom in Amesbury, Mass., Sept. 26, 1810. Mr. 
Weed was a mechanic and lived in Rowley for many years ; removed to Ban- 
gor, Me., where Mrs. Weed died in 1834. He died in San Francisco, Cal., 
Nov. 2, 1850. 


3965 Almira, bom in Rowley, Mass., Nov. 11, 1832; married in Newark, 

N. J., Oct. 14, 1849, Daniel Lunt (Glines), who was born in New- 
buryport, Mass., June 11, 1824, son of John and Eunice (Lunt) 
Glines. Mr. Lunt was a school teacher and Clerk of the Board of 
Education of California. He died in Santa Barbara, Cal., in 
1880. Mrs. Lunt, after a residence of 36 years in San Francisco, 
returned to Rowley, where she now resides. She is a most delight- 
ful lady socially and has a remarkable memory. They had two 
children (twins), which died when a few hours old. 

2093 EBENEZER WILLIAJVI JEWETT (Robert'", SamueP^-, Jere- 
miah^^% Maximilian^^ EzekieP, Maximilian% Edward'), was born in George- 
town, Mass., Sept. 28, 1817. He married in Newbury, Mass., Jan. 7, 1841, 
Selenda Worcester, who was born in Sanford, Me., daughter of Thomas 
and Aphia (Wadleigh) Worcester. Mr. Jewett was a shoemaker and farmer, 
resided in Georgetown, Ipswich, Lawrence, and Newburyport, Mass. He 
died in Ipswich, April 30, 1904. Mrs. Jewett died in Newburyport Auo;. 13, 
1898. ^ 


3966 Lorenzo Thurston, born in Rowley, Mass., Aug. 18, 1841. He was a 

soldier in the Civil War, and was killed in the battle of Spottsyl- 
vania Court House, unm. 

3967 Mary Ann, born in Georgetown, Mass., April 10, 1845 ; married Ben- 

jamin G. Morse.* 

3968 James Lee, born in Ipswich, Mass., Aug. 30, 1849; married Mary 


384 Jewett Genealogy 

3969 John Mullen, born in Ipswich, Mass., Aug. 25, 1855 ; married Mary 

A. Blake.* 

3970 Nellie, born in Ipswich, Mass., Nov. 20, 1861 ; married Frank Emmons 


2095 ABIGAIL ANN JEWETT (Robert'", SamueP'", Jeremiah"*, 
Maximilian^*, EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Georgetown, 
Mass., Mar. 18, 1822. She married there Nov. 25, 1840, Charles Hubbard, 
and resided in Georgetown and Lowell, Mass., and Nashua, N. H. They 
later removed to Chelmsford, Mass., where she died Jan. 3, 1897. Mr. 
Hubbard was a carpenter and resides in Chelmsford. 


3971 Ellen Augusta, born in Georgetown, Mass., Sept. 21, 1841 ; married 

Nov. 6, 1861, William Carey, and lived in Lowell, Mass., where 
she died March 16, 1905. One child, Annie Flora, born in Lowell 
March 9, 1865, married Feb. — , 1888, Francis Jewett Sherwood. 
They live in Lowell and have one child, Carey, born in Lowell Aug. 
11, 1890. 

3972 Almira, born in Georgetown, Mass., May 28, 1845 ; resides in Chelms- 

ford, Mass., unm. 

3973 Sarah Frances, born in Lowell, Mass., June 28, 1847; died there in 


3974 Sarah Frances, born in Lowell, Mass., June 19, 1849 ; married Orin 

F. Osgood.* 

3975 Emma Elizabeth, born in Lowell, Mass., Sept. 24, 1854; resides in 

Chelmsford, Mass., unm. 

2097 MEHITABLE JEWETT (Robert""', SamueP^-, Jeremiah"*, 
Maximilian^*, EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Georgetown, 
Mass., April 1, 1826. She married, Feb. 1, 1844, Charles Dole of Rowley. 
Mr. Dole was a farmer and lived in Rowley, Mass., where he died Jan. 7, 
1887. She died there March 5, 1895. 

Children, horn in Rowley, Mass.: 

3976 Mary Anna, born Sept. 7, 1844 ; married William C. Dunevan. She 

is a widow residing in Lowell, Mass. 

3977 Charles Leverett, born Sept. 26, 1856; married Lydia Foster. Re- 

sides in Rowley. 

2100 GORHAM PARSONS JEWETT (Robert*", SamueP^S Jere- 
miah"*, Maximilian^*, EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in George- 
town, Mass., Jan. 24, 1833. He married there, Dec. 18, 1867, Sarah Poor, 
daughter of Joseph and Lucinda (Reed) Poor. Mr. Jewett was a farmer 
and died April 18, 1900. His widow resides in Rowley, Mass. 

Eighth Generation 385 

Children, born in Georgetozcm, Mass.: 

3978 Gorham Parsons, born Aug. 2, 1871 ; married Sarah Maria Keyes.* 

3979 Fred Ira, born May 5, 1875 ; married Edith Claxton.* 

2109 CAROLINE L. SMITH (AbigaiF'% Seth''% Jeremiah"% Max- 
imilian-^ EzekieP, Maximilian', Edward^), was born in Newburyport, Mass., 
in 1825. She married in Swampscott, Mass., June 2, 1852, William Addison 
Kimball, who was born in Pembroke, N. H. Mr. Kimball was a hardware 
merchant and lived in Newburyport, and Lawrence, Mass. 

Children, born in Lawrence, Mass.: 

3980 Wilham T., bom Nov. 30, 1854?; resides in Lawrence. 

3981 Edward Payson, bom Dec. 25, 1859. He resides in Maiden, Mass., 

where he is cashier of the First National Bank of Maiden. 

2111 LAURA JEWETT (NathanieP", Seth''^ Jeremiah^*% Maximil- 
ian"*, EzekieP, Maximilian', Edward^), was born in Washington, D. C, 
Sept. 8, 1821. She married, Sept. 29, 1851, Abram Wetmore and settled 
in St. George, New Brunswick. She died in Brookline, Mass. 

Children, born in St. George, N. B.: 

3982 Sidney, born , 1854 ; died in St. John, N. B., in 1895. 

3983 Eugenia, bom , 1857 ; resides in Brookline, Mass. 


2113 FREDERICK SEBASTIN JEWETT (Nathaniel^'", Seth''% 
Jeremiah^'®, Maximilian*% EzekieP, MaximiHan', Edward^), was born in 
Washington, D. C, Sept. 5, 1824. He married at St. George, N. B., in 
1861, Caroline M. Wetmore, daughter of William and Caroline Wetmore. 
She was bom in St. George and died there March 20, 1862. He married 
second, in Boston, Mass., in 1865, Caroline P. Hardy, daughter of Dudley 
Hardy. Mr. Jewett settled in St. George, N. B., and after living in several 
states removed to Lawrence, Mass., where he was in the furniture business 
many years. He has retired and now resides in Lawrence. 

Child by first wife: 
3984 William Sebastin, bora in St. George, N. B., March 10, 1862 ; mar- 
ried Gladys A. Carr.* 

2120 SAMUEL BURPEE (Jeremiah»^% Jeremiah'^^ Hannah"% 
Ehzabeth", EzekieP, Maximilian', Edward^), was bom in Sheffield, N. B., 
April 16, 1797. He married July 25, 1822, Hannah Stickney (2169), who 
was bom in Sheffield Feb. 1, 1796. He was a farmer and settled in Keswick 

Ridge, N. B., where he died Sept. , 1853. His widow died there April 

, 1854. 

386 Jewett Genealogy 

Children, born in Keswick Ridge, N. B.: 

3985 Jeremiah, born Nov. , 1823; died in 1831. 

3986 Sylvester, born Sept. , 1828 ; died June 29, 1867. 

3987 Samuel, born Nov. , 1829. 

3988 Isabella, born Nov. 4, 1833 ; married Thomas Coburn and died Sept. 

30, 1857. 

2131 SAMUEL STICKNEY FARRINGTON (Elizabeth°«% Eliz- 
abeth^", Faith"% Elizabeth^^ EzekieP, Maximilian% Edward^), was born in 
Waterford, Me., June 3, 1803. He married Nov. 12, 1829, Eunice Whitney 
Farley of Ipswich, Mass., who was born June 27, 1804. They removed to 
St. Louis, Mo., where their children were born. 


3989 Susan Farley, bom July 4, 1832; married Nov. 2, 1853, John 

Hazard Avery. 

3990 Samuel, born June 4, 1835. He was a soldier in the Civil War in 

the Confederate Army, and was killed in the Battle of Cornith, 
Miss., Oct. 3, 1862. 

3991 Lizzie Saunders, born Nov. 15, 1837; married April 8, 1862, John 

Matthew Gilkeson. 

3992 Mary Farley, born June 9, 1842; married Nov. 21, 1867, Andrew 

Jackson Dreas. 

3993 John, born Aug. 24, 1845. 

3994 Kate, born Aug. 26, 1848 ; died Dec. 4, 1862. 

2136 SAMUEL HOWE (Mehitable^'°, Elizabeth'", Faith"% Eliz- 
abeth'\ Ezekiel", Maximilian', Edward^), was born in Linebrook Parish, 
Rowley, Mass., June 28, 1803. He married Feb. 3, 1837, Susan Stickney 
(2147), who was born in Rowley Aug. 13, 1800. They settled in George- 
town, Mass. 


3995 Sophia Stickney, born in Georgetown, Mass., Feb. 3, 1842; married 

Feb. 11, 1863, Daniel Dawkins. 

2148 COL. SAMUEL WARREN STICKNEY (Moses«^^ Elizabeth"", 
Faith"^, Elizabeth's EzekieP, Maximilian', Edward^), was born in Rowley, 
Mass., Nov. 4, 1802. He married in Salem, Mass., Aug. 29, 1836, Mary 
Hale, who was born in Salem Aug. 14, 1809, daughter of Joseph and Eunice 
(Chute) Hale. Colonel Stickney settled in Byfield, Mass., where he was a 
merchant and Postmaster in 1828; removed to Salem, Mass., and entered into 
partnership with his brother-in-law, Henry Hale, in the hardware business. 
In 1821 he was Captain of a Rifle Co., in Byfield; in 1831 Aide-de-Camp to 
Gen. Low; 1832 to 1834 Quartermaster of the Second Brigade; was ap- 
pointed Brig. Major Oct. , 1834, and became Colonel of a Regiment in 

Eighth Generation 387 

the First Brigade in 1836. Was Representative from Salem to the General 
Court of Massachusetts in 1836; in 1837 Secretary of the School Com- 
mittee, also of the Fire Department and of the Salem Lyceum. He soon 
after this removed to Lowell, Mass., where he was cashier of the Railroad 
National Bank of LoweU and later its President. In 1846 he was appointed 
Justice of the Peace and in 1856 Notary Public. He was elected to the 
General Court from Lowell in 1861 and 1862 and held other offices of trust. 

Children : 

3996 Joseph Hale, born in Salem, Mass., June 19, 1837 ; died March 14, 


3997 Sarah Hale, bom in Salem, Mass., May 30, 1839. 

3998 Joseph Hale, born in Salem, Mass., Nov. 21, 1841; died Nov. 9, 


3999 Samuel Warren, born in Lowell, Mass., Feb. 10, 1846; died Jan. 29, 


4000 Mary Hale (twin), born in Lowell, Mass., Feb. 10, 1846; died March 

13, 1846. 

2149 ELIZABETH ANN STICKNEY (Moses''% Elizabeth'"', 
Faith"% Elizabeth's Ezekiel% Maximilian', Edward^), was born in Rowley, 
Mass., May 28, 1805. She married Feb. 18, 1826, Luther Cheney, who was 
born Jan. 24, 1802, son of Mark and Mary Cheney. They resided in Ips- 
wich, Mass., where he died Nov. 3, 1866. 

Children, born in Ipswich, Mass.: 

4001 Emily Maria, born Nov. 3, 1827 ; married June 12, 1845, Jacob D. 


4002 Mary Elizabeth, born July 9, 1834; married July 4, 1851, Thomas 


2150 REV. MOSES PARSONS STICKNEY (Moses^", Elizabeth'", 
FaitV", Elizabeth's Ezekief, Maximilian', Edward^), was bom in Rowley, 
Mass., July 12, 1807. He married in Boston, Mass., Oct. 24, 1842, Jane 
Frances Curry, who was bom in St. Andrews, N. B., March 11, 1818, daugh- 
ter of William and Joan (Wyer) Curry. 

Mr. Stickney graduated A. B., at Amherst, 1830; studied theology in 
Bangor, Me., and New Haven, Conn., and was settled for four years over a 
Congregational Church at Eastport. Subsequently upon a change of views 
and convictions in regard to the policy of the church, he was ordained 
Deacon in the Protestant Episcopal Church by Bishop Griswold, by whom 
he was also advanced to the order of Priests. He was Rector in Marblehead 
from 1842 to 1847, in Cambridgeport from 1847 to 1851, in Burlington Col- 
lege in Burlington, N. J., 1851 and 1852. In May, 1853, he became as- 

388 Jewett Genealogy 

sistant minister of the Church of the Advent in Boston, where he served a 

number of years. 

Children : 

4003 Emma EHzabeth Gray, born Aug. 12, 1843 ; married Sept. 10, 1868, 

Nathaniel Whittier, who was born in Boston, July 12, 1844, son of 
Joseph M. and Mary Whittier. They reside in San Francisco. 

4004 William Brunswick Curry, born Jan. 16, 1845. 

4005 Henry Storer, born March 25, 1849 ; died April 29, 1854. 

4006 Agnes Mary Palmer, born Oct. 5, 1851 ; died Oct. 9, 1866. 

4007 Cornelia Wadsworth Loring, born Aug. 14, 1861. 


2151 JOSEPH PIKE (MOODY) STICKNEY (Moses'''% Elizabeth 
Faith"% Elizabeth^', EzekieP, MaximiHan% Edward^), was bom in Rowley, 
Mass., Nov. 18, 1809. He married Dec. 31, 1833, Sophia Young, who 
died Sept. 16, 1862. He married second, Jan. , 1866, Sarah Spofford. 

Mr. Stickney resided in Georgetown, Mass., where he was a trader for 
many years. Was Town Clerk for several years and Representative to the 
General Court of Massachusetts for the years 1842, 1856, 1861 and 1862. 
By an act of the Legislature he had his name changed from Joseph Moody 
Stickney to Joseph Pike Stickney. 

Children, born in Georgetown, Mass., by -first wife: 

4008 Sarah Maria, born Feb. 3, 1835. 

4009 Martha Pike, bom Dec. 13, 1842; married Dec. 13, 1864, S. K. 


4010 Anna Josephine, born Sept. 24, 1851. 

2152 LOIS MARIA STICKNEY (Moses«^^ Elizabeth'", Faith"% 
Elizabeth^S Ezekiel% Maximilian^ Edward^), was born in Rowley, Mass., 
Aug. 22, 1812. She married Sept. 1, 1831, Otis Thompson, who was bom 
in Salisbury, Mass., Sept. 10, 1810, son of John and Ora Thompson. They 
reside in Georgetown, Mass., where all of their children were bom. 


4011 Caroline Matilda, born Jan. 22, 1833; married Enoch Moulton. 

4012 Susan Maria, born Sept. 21, 1834; married William Kimball. 

4013 Harriet Ann, bom Feb. 24, 1836. 

4014 Albert Parsons, bom Jan. 26, 1839; died July 5, 1840. 

4015 Albert Parsons, bom Aug. 3, 1841 ; died June 5, 1842. 

4016 Sarah Adelaide, born Auar. 10, 1843. 

4017 George Otis, bom Sept. 11, 1846; died Aug. 15, 1847. 

4018 George Otis, born Nov. 25, 1848. 

4019 Clara Ellen, bom Sept. 17, 1850. 

2193 ISAAC STICKNEY TAYLOR (Hannah"°% Isaac''*^ Faith"% 

Eighth Generation 389 

Elizabeth"^ EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Sheffield, N. B., 
Nov. 30, 1807. He marrie^d May 31, 1832, Martha H. Perley, and settled 
in Sheffield, where she died, Dec. 14, 1843. He then married Mrs. Sarah 
Ann (Putnam) McNeil. 

Children, born in Sheffield, N. B., by first wife: 

4020 Thomas Perley, born April 19, 1833; married in 1858 Sarah Barker. 

4021 Martha Perley, born Sept. 12, 18 . 

4022 William Egerton, bom Dec. 22, 1836; married June , 1866, 

Julia Barker. 

4023 Albert Desbrisay, born Sept. 22, 1842. 

Child by second wife: 

4024 Charlotte Gertrude, born Aug. 26, 1848. 

2207 THOMAS BRIDGES BARKER (Betsey^"", Sarah*°-, Faith^*% 
Elizabeth^S EzekieP, Maximilian% Edward^), was born in Sheffield, N. B., 
March 13, 1820. He married Jan. 1, 1842, Rebecca E. Tilly and settled 
in St. John, N. B. 


4025 George Augustus, born Nov. 8, 1842; married Aj)ril 15, 1868, Laura 


4026 Thomas Frederick, born Oct. 13, 1844; married March 11, 1865, 

Louisa Crosby. 

4027 Emily Athelia Gertrude, born Sept. 2, 1846 ; died May 7, 1847. 

4028 Isabel Wood, born March 20, 1848 ; married May 26, 1869, Howard 

D. McLeod. 

4029 Susan Elizabeth, born May 7, 1852 ; died July 16, 1853. 

4030 Henry Ward Beecher, born July 21, 1855. '^ 

4031 WilHam Seely, born July 8, 1857. 

4032 Samuel Leonard Tilly, bom April 29, 1859; died Nov. 27, 1868. 

4033 Arthur Wellesley, bom March 1, 1862; died Dec. 10, 1863. 

4034 Helen Louisa, bom Jan. 23, 1864. 

2220 REV. LY^IAN JEWETT (Nathan"'*, Stephen*", EKphalet"% 
Stephen^^ Ezekiel% Maximihan% Edward'), was born in Waterford, Me., 
March 9, 1813. He married in Grand Rapids, Mich., Sept. 3, 1848, 
Euphemia Davis, who was born in Frankfort, N. Y., Jan. 12, 1824, daugh- 
ter of Ezekiel Woodruff and Amelia (Maltby) Davis. 

Mr. Jewett's early life was spent in Buckfield, Me,, and when a young 
man he removed to Boston and united with the Clarendon Street Baptist 
Church, of which he remained a member to the end of his life and in which 
his funeral was held. After preparing for college at Worcester Academy, 
he entered Brown University and graduated in 1843; immediately entered 
the Newton Theological Institution, where he graduated in 1846. Oct. 6, 

390 Jewett Genealogy 

1848, he was ordained to the Ministry in the Baptist Church and four days 
later sailed for India with his wife, having been appointed a missionary by 
the American Baptist Missionary Union. His field of labor was among the 
Telugus and his station was at Nellore. Here he lived and followed his 
sacred calling and here his children were born. During the Sepoy rebellion 
of 1857 Mr. and Mrs. Jewett were obliged to leave Nellore for three months. 
In 1861 and 1874f they visited the United States. On returning to India for 
the last time in 1877 he was transferred to Madras, where the remainder of 
his work was done among the Telugu portion of the inhabitants of that city. 
While there he translated the New Testament into the Telugu language, this 
being the version now in use. 

In 1885 after a long and fruitful life spent in service of God he was 
obliged to retire from active work and returned to America. His later 
years were spent with his daughters, Mrs. Young, of Newton Center, and 
Mrs. Davis, of Fitchburg, Mass., where he died Jan. 7, 1897, leaving a name 
widely honored and a secure' place in the history of the Baptist denomina- 
tion. His Alma Mater, Brown University, in 1872, bestowed on him the 
degree of D. D. His widow resides with her daughter in Fitchburg. 

Children, born in Nellore, India: 

4035 Adelaide Louise, bom Dec. 31, 1852; married Lester Mayo Davis.* 

4036 Harriet Amelia, born Oct. 7, 1854; married Jan. 1, 1878, Rev. Sam- 

uel Whitney Nichols and went with him in 1878, as a missionary 
to Madras, India, where she died Dec. 17, 1881, s. p. 

4037 Myron Sumner, born Nov. 22, 1856 ; died in Nellore, India, Oct. 24, 


4038 Howard Woodruff, bom July 13, 1859; died in Nellore, March 21, 


4039 Helen Matilda, born Feb. 3, 1862; married Charles Sanderson 


4040 Charlotte Finette, born Aug. 22, 1868. She attended Vassar College 

without proceeding to a degree. Is a teacher in the Hartshorn 
Memorial College of Richmond, Va. Author of " Leaves from the 
Life of LjTuan Jewett." 

2221 EBENEZER JEWETT (Ebenezer^"", Stephen*", Eliphalet"^ 
Stephen^', EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Waterford, Me., 
Jan. 20, 1796. He married in Fryeburg, Me., in 1819, Tabitha Frye, who 
was born in Fryeburg in 1794, daughter of Samuel Frye. 

Mr. Jewett settled in the Plummer District of Waterford, where he 
was a farmer and where he died in 1861. His widow died there in 1871. 

Children, born in Waterford, Me.: 

4041 Henry A., born , 1820; married (1st) Tabitha Chaplin; (2d) 

Abbie A. Webster. Lived in Waterford and was Selectman in 

Eighth Generation 391 

4042 Isaac F., born , 1822 ; died 1826. 

4043 Nathaniel, bom , 1824 ; died 182T. 

4044 Samuel S., bom , 1826 ; died in infancy. 

4045 Abbie, born , 1828 ; died in infancy. 

4046 Samuel S., bom , 1830 ; married Clara Reed. Lived and died 

in Georgetown, Mass., in 1881. 

4047 Noyes R, bom , 1834 ; died 1852. 

4048 Susan P., bom , 1836; married in 1861 George Rand and died 

in 1867. 

4049 Isaac F., born Nov. 24, 1843 ; married in Waterford, Nov. 5, 1870, 

by Rev. John A. Douglass, Nancy Brown Warren, who was born 
in Waterford July 7, 1849, daughter of John Clark and Elizabeth 
Amanda (Brown) Warren of Waterford. Mr. Jewett lived on 
the home farm until eighteen years of age, when he enlisted in 
Co. D. 16th Maine Vol. Was in the Antietam campaign and was 
severely wounded in the battle of Fredericksburg; was afterwards 
transferred to the V. R. C, and was discharged in 1865, at the 
clo-'e of the war. Was Corporal of his company for three years. 
He is a member of the Masonic order, of Oxford Lodge I. 0. O. F., 
of Evergreen Lodge D. of R., of Keaher Chapter, Order of Eastern 
Star, and with his wife, of the Swedenborgian Church. In politics 
is a Republican and resides in Waterford, where he conducts a 
general store. S. P. 

2222 NATHANIEL JEWETT (Ebenezer^^-S Stephen"^ Eliphalet^^^ 
Stephen^^ EzekieP, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Waterford, Me., 
in 1798. He married Sarah Frye and settled in North Waterford, Me., 
where he was engaged in carding cloth and where in 1820 he built a fulling 
mill. He died and his widow married Jacob Green, son of Thomas Green 
of Waterford, formerly of Rowley, Mass. 

Children, horn in North Waterford, Me.: 

4050 Edwin F., born , 1829; died in infancy. 

4051 William W., born , 1831 ; married (1st) Elizabeth Carlton ; (2d) 

Elizabeth Lawrence. He was a physician. 

4052 Edwin F., born , 1833. 

4053 Sarah A., bom , 1835; married Osgood Bailey. 

4054 Jacob L., born , 1837; married (1st) Melorna Wood; (2d) 

Caroline Barron. He was a Colonel during the Civil War; was a 
lawyer and in 1879 was President of the Conn. Mutual Ins. Co. 

4055 George F., born , 1840; married Deborah Rideout. 

4056 Samuel F,, bom , 1843; married Caroline C. Howard. He was 

a teacher for mutes in Canada West. 

2224 JACOB F. JEWETT (Ebenezer^"", Stephen"% Eliphalet"^ 


392 Jewett Genealogy 

Stephen^% Ezekiel", Maxiniilian% Edward^), was born in Waterford, Me., 
Sept. 15, 1801. He married in Rowley, Mass., May 24, 1827, by Rev. Isaac 
Braman, Julia Merrill, who died in Rowley from consumption Aug. 18, 1836, 
aged 27 years. He then married in Rowley, Feb. 25 1837, Ann C. Holmes 
and resided in Georgetown, Mass. 

Children by first wife, horn in Rowley, Mass.: 

4057 Charles Edward, bom Dec. 22, 1827. 

4058 Lucy Maria, born Jan. 18, 1831. 

4059 Mary Sophila, born May 21, 1835. 

2226 LEANDER JEWETT (Ebenezer"'S Stephen"% Eliphalet''% 
Stephen^^, Ezekiel^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Waterford, Me., 
Sept. 13, 1804. He married in Rowley, Mass., Feb. 3, 1829, by Rev. Isaac 
Braman, Lucy P. Conant, who died in Beverly, Mass., Nov. 6, 1829, aged 18 
years; buried in New Rowley. He married second, Oct. 16, 1832, Mary 
Hastings, who was bom Dec. 25, 1810, daughter of Capt. Timothy Hastings. 
They settled in Bethel, Me., on the north side of the river below Mayville 
on what was known as the Peter York farm. He was a member of the School 
Committee 1841 to 1844, Moderator in 1849 and a Justice of the Peace. 
He died in Bethel Oct. 18, 1882. His widow died there May 23, 1894. 

Children, horn in Bethel, Me., all hy second wife: 

4060 Nathaniel O'Neil Hastings, born Oct. 27, 1833; died March 14, 1836. 

4061 Hannah Bean, born March 25, 1838; married Aug. 1, 1865, Henry 

Wilson Harmon and died April 28, 1869. 

4062 Timothy Hastings, born Sept. 25, 1843 ; married Carrie J. Beavins.* 

2231 MILTON JEWETT (Ebenezer^<>", Stephen*", EHphalet"% 
Stephen^^, Ezekiel®, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Waterford, Me., 
Nov. 5, 1814. He married in Fryeburg, Me., in 1842, Harriet Dresser, 
who died in Waterford about 1844. He then married in Sweden, Me., in 
1846, Eliza Whitcomb, who was born in Waterford in 1827, daughter of 
Abraham and Betsey (Houghton) Whitcomb. Mr. Jewett settled in Water- 
ford where he built a store which he occupied until about the time of the 
death of his first wife, when he removed to Sweden, Me., where he engaged 
in farming and where he died in 1878. His wife died there in 1872. 

Children, horn in Sweden, Me., all hy second wife: 

4063 William Henry, born April 6, 1848. He attended the common 

schools of his native town and several terms at Bridgton Academy ; 
studied medicine with Dr. Calvin E. Evans and graduated from 
the Maine Medical School. Soon after his graduation in 1872 he 
commenced practice in Norway, Me., and met with a good degree 
of success. He married Jan. 6, 1874, Nellie A. True, daughter of 

Eighth Generation 393 

Clark P. and Sarah Elizabeth (Danforth) True. Dr. Jewett died 
in Augusta, Me., of pneumonia, March 9, 1880, while temporarily 
stopping there during the session of the Legislature. He was 
charter member of Norway Lodge I. O. O. F. and made many 
friends in his town who greatly deplored his early and sudden 

4064 Leander H., born April 4, 1851 ; married Sarah M. Freeman.* 

4065 Mary E., born June 11, 1853; married M. M. Hamlin and died in 

Waterford, June 2, 1906, leaving two children. 

2239 DANIEL PLUMMER (Ehzabeth"'*, Stephen"% Eliphalet''^ 
Stephen^^, Ezekiel®, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Waterford, Me., 
in 1799. He married Emma Stone, who was bom in 1803, daughter of 
Joel and Lucinda (Parkhurst) Stone of Waterford. They resided in Water- 

Children, born in Waterford, Me.: 

4066 Amanda, bom , 1827 ; married Gersham Hamblin. 

4067 Frances, born , 1829. 

4068 Thomas, bom , 1831 ; married Georgia Bolster. 

4069 Joel S., born , 1832; married Frances A. Wheeler. 

4070 Edwin, bom , 1836 ; died in the army during the Civil War. 

4071 Nancy S., born , 1837 ; married Gersham Hamblin. 

4072 Daniel L., born , 1841. 

4073 Mellin, bom , 1851. 

2254 LUTHER KENDALL JEWETT (Solomon"'^ David*-'S 
David"®, Stephen^^, Ezekiel®, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Boston, 
Mass., Feb. 19, 1825. He married in Sterling, Mass., Feb. 12, 1854, Sarah 
Howe, who was bom in Sterhng May 13, 1830, daughter of Silas and Sally 
(Hastings) Howe. Mr. Jewett was a farmer, carpenter and inventor; re- 
sided in Sterling, Leominster, Fitchburg, and South Boston, Mass. 

Children, born in Sterling, Mass.: 

4074 Eva Isabel, bom May 1, 1858; married March 6, 1882, Clarence H. 

Woodward and lives in Unionville, Mass. 

4075 Mary Howe, bom Sept. 6, 1860; married Nov. 28, 1894, A. Hun 

Berry and resides in Waltham, Mass. 

4076 Sarah Ehzabeth, born March 16, 1864; resides in Waltham, Mass. 

4077 Sidney Lincoln, born July 14, 1866 ; died in Sterling, March 2, 1867. 

2285 HANNAH SHEPARD JEWETT (Andrew"°% Jonathan^'", 
Joseph^", Jonathan®^, JosepV^, Maximilian', Edward*), was bom in Wolf- 
boro, N. H., April 17, 1798. She married there, Oct. 1, 1823, Henry 
Bloomfield Rust (his second wife), who was born in Wolfboro in 1794, son of 
Henry and Hannah (Home) Rust. Mr. Rust was a merchant in Wolfboro, 

394 Jewett Genealogy 

where they resided and where he died, July 27, 1876. She died there June 
1, 1888. 

Children, born in Wolfboro, N. H.: 

4078 Joanna Adeline, bom Aug. 25, 1824 ; died May 25, 1826. 

4079 Charlotte Alvira, bom Aug. 30, 1826; married in Boston Oct. 20, 

1852, Daniel Wood of Ware, N. H.' and died in Boston, s. p. 

4080 Augusta Jewett, bom Oct. 19, 1828 ; died Sept. 6, 1836. 

4081 Cecelia Eliza, bom Dec. 28, 1830 ; died Nov. 8, 1856. 

4082 Albert Bloomfield, born Sept. 10, 1833 ; married Lucinda T. Randall 

of South Wolfboro, N. H., and had one daughter, Josephine. Resi- 
dence South Wolfboro. 

4083 George Erastus, born Dec. 28, 1835; married (1st) in Manchester, 

N. H., Oct. 25, 1871, Josephine Maria Haines; (2d) Lucy Agnes 
Pike. No issue. 

4084 Hannah Jewett, bora July 9, 1838; married George Burbank.* 

4085 Harriet Joanna, born Feb. 15, 1841 ; died Sept. 20, 1847. 

2286 JAMES JEWETT (Andrew"*'^ Jonathan^"', Joseph''% 
Jonathan®% Joseph", Maximilian% Edward'), was born in Wolfboro, N. H., 
Nov. 25, 1800. He married in Alton, N. H., in 1836, Sophia Pray Hayes, 
who was born in Farmington, N. H., Feb. 11, 1811, daughter of David and 
Olivia (French) Hayes. Mr. Jewett was a farmer and a hotel keeper in 
Alton, Alton Bay, and South Wolfboro, N. H., and died in Rochester, N. H., 
June , 1861. His widow died in Chelsea, Mass., Oct. , 1875. 

Children : 

4086 Emily Austress (twin), born in Alton, N. H., Sept. 27, 1836; married 

Josiah Brown Kimball.* 

4087 Ellen Augusta (twin), born in Alton, N. H., Sept. 27, 1836; married 

Seth Burrill.* 

4088 Ehza Ann, born in Alton Bay, June 10, 1839; married Horatio 

Roberts.* • 

4089 Amanda Wilson, bom in Alton Bay, April 29, 1841 ; married James 

Francis Hovey.* 

4090 James Henry, born in Wolfboro, N. H., June , 1848; died Aug. 

, 1848. 

2291 SARAH ANN JEWETT (Joseph"***, Jacob'", Joseph"% 
Jonathan®^, Joseph", Maximilian', Edward^), was born in Portsmouth, 
N. H., in 1807. She married about 1830 Thomas Serrat Neal, who was 
born in Portsmouth, Jan. 1, 1807, son of Nathaniel and Abigail (Yeaton) 
Neal. They resided in Boston, where Mr. Neal was a mason and where he 
died, March 21, 1873. She died there Dec. 24, 1880. 

Eighth Generation 395 

Children, born in Boston, except one: 

4091 Annie Jewett, born April 13, 1832; married Dec. 24, 1865, Daniel 

Horatio Henshaw. No issue. 

4092 James Harvey Pierport, born Jan. 30, 1834 ; married Eliza Pearce.* 

4093 Clarissa Jackson, born March 25, 1836 ; died Nov. 22, 1837. 

4094 Clarissa Jackson, born March 26, 1838; died in Boston May 25, 

1901 ; unmarried. 

4095 Sarah Ehzabeth, born Oct. 21, 1840; unmarried. 

4096 Mary, born Sept. 6, 1843; died Sept. 8, 1843. 

4097 Statira Pierport, born in Cambridge, Mass., April 18, 1845; died 

in Boston April 11, 1901 ; unmarried. 

4098 Lavinia Jewett, born March 20, 1849 ; died May 23, 1853. 

4099 Thomas Serrat (twin), born Aug. 21, 1851; died Feb. 23, 1853. 

4100 Alice Bell (twin), born Aug. 21, 1851; married Joseph Maurice 


2292 JOHN LIGHT JEWETT (Joseph"'% Jacob'", Joseph^'", 
Jonathan®^, Joseph^^, Maximilian^," Edward^), was born in Portsmouth, 

N. H., Oct. 28, 1809. He married in Boston, Mass., Aug. , 1832, 

Mary Dillingham, daughter of Asa and Drusella B. (Noble) Dillingham. 
She was born in Martha's Vineyard Aug. 14, 1808, and died in New York 
City Aug. 1, 1883. 

At an early age Mr. Jewett entered a printing office in his native town ; 
a few years afterwards, and while yet a youth, he removed to Boston, and 
worked at his trade as compositor, pressman, and proof-reader. It was here 
that he commenced the study of the French language, of which he became 
a thorough student. Shortly after his marriage he removed to New York, 
where he resided uninterruptedly until his death ; occupied, most of the time, 
in proof-reading, and employing his few leisure hours in translating ar- 
ticles for Newspapers and Reviews. Mr. Jewett was a reader, at different 
periods, for the Appletons, the Harpers, the Methodist Book Concern, and 
other eminent publishing houses ; and, at the time of his decease, for Pool 
and Maclaughlin ; by all of whom he was highly appreciated, and intrusted 
with the revision of their most difficult works in the English and foreign 
languages. He was one of the founders of the American Swedenborg Print- 
ing and Publishing Society, and edited the " New Jerusalem Messenger " — 
a weekly New Church newspaper — from its commencement, in 1855, till 
1862. An earnest student of the writings of the Swedish seer, he was much 
esteemed and respected as an expounder of them by his New Church friends. 
Other editorial and literary labors of Mr. Jewett were chiefly : " Ollen- 
dorff's Method of Speaking and Writing the French Language ", a work 
which became extensively known, and passed through several editions ; 
" Jewett's Spiers French and English Dictionary ", octavo and duodecimo 
sizes ; " DeFivas French Reader " ; Translations from the French, for the 

396 Jewett Genealogy 

" Methodist Quarterly Review " ; together with translations from the German 
and Spanish. 

On the 17th of January, 1849 — the anniversary of the birthday of 
Benjamin Franklin — the event was commemorated by the New York Typo- 
graphical Society. The exercises were held in the old Coliseum building on 
Broadway, and were of unusual Interest. Among the honored guests were 
Washington Irving, William Cullen Bryant, John Inman, Francis Hall, 
Horace Greeley, Henry J. Raymond, Dr. Francis, and other eminent men of 
that day. Peter C. Baker presided. Mr. Jewett pronounced the Oration — 
" Franklin " — the most highly finished original production of his pen ; a 
model of thought and style, and worthy of high rank as a classic in American 

Mr. Jewett was a man of uncommon ability and acquirements ; an 
earnest seeker after truth, and a sincere lover of it for its own sake. To a 
subtle and powerful intellect was united a forcible and elegant diction. 
In forming his style as a writer of pure and correct English, he bestowed 
great care and attained a high standard. 

His health, always delicate, failed very perceptibly In the latter years 
of his life, and after his retirement from the editorial duties of the Messenger 
he undertook no literary labor outside of his ordinary occupation. On the 
morning of June 11, 1873, after a short illness and with comparatively little 
suffering, he passed peacefully away to the higher life. The funeral ser- 
vices took place at the New Church, in Thirty-fifth Street. The remains 
were Interred at Woodlawn Cemetery. 

Children : 

4101 Joseph, born in Lancaster, Mass., April 21, 1833. He studied law 

and was admitted to the bar, but did not follow the profession. 
Was bookkeeper for many years in the Ninth National Bank of 
New York and for twenty years in the New York Custom House. 
Now retired and resides in New York ; unmarried. 

4102 John Light, born in New York, N. Y., Feb. 6, 1836. He lived In 

New York, where he was President of the Irving Bank for twenty- 
four years and where he died Oct. 27, 1890. 

4103 Mary L., born in New York, N. Y., Feb. 7, 1838. Resides in New 

York ; unmarried. 

4104 Sarah Lavinia, bom in New York, N. Y., Feb. 23, 1846; married 

Aug. 11, 1887, George Miller Howell (his 2d wife), who was born 
in Southold, Long Island, son of John and Eliza (Miller) Howell. 
They reside in Southold, s. p. 

4105 Lucy Frances, born in New York, N. Y., March 22, 1848 ; married 

Aug. 19, 1876, Frank Curtis and died Oct. 6, 1884, s. p. 

2296 SOPHIA SMITH JEWETT (Aaron"", Jacob*", Joseph"% 
Jonathan^^, Joseph^S Maximilian', Edward^), was born in Stratham, N. H., 

Eighth Generation 397 

May 6, 1812, She married there, March 11, 1833, Ira Week Wiggin, who 
was born in Stratham May 10, 1812, son of Nathaniel and Nancy (Simpson) 
Wiggin. She died in Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 22, 1857. 


4106 Annie Frances, bom June 26, 1834. 

4107 Emma Augusta, born March 27, 1838; married Joshua Foster Flagg. 

4108 Marianne, bom in Durham, N. H., April 23, 18 — . 

4109 Edmund Nathaniel, born in Cambridge, Mass., Sept. 29, 18 — ; died 

in Meadville, Pa., in 1874. 

2298 ELIZA JANE JEWETT (Aaron"^°, Jacob*", Joseph''", 
Jonathan''^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Stratham, N. H., July 6, 
1815. She married April 26, 1842, Hezekiah Smith and settled in Stratham. 


4110 George Whitefield, bom . 

4111 Aaron Jewett, bom ; died in infancy. 

4112 Elizabeth, born ; married Mr. Woods and resides in Portsmouth, 

N. H. 

2333 ANDREW JEWETT (Mark"'% Andrew*", Joseph"% 
Jonathan^^, Joseph^', Maximilian', Edward'), was born in Alton, N. H., 
July 3, 1833. He married in Minnesota, Harriet Bentley, a native of New 

Mr. Jewett read law in Boston, but in 1859 settled in Garden City, 
Blue Earth Co., Minnesota, where he was engaged in farming and where, 
with his wife and father, he was massacred by Indians May 2, 1864. 


4113 William Jay, bom in Garden City, Minn., May 15, 1861. He was 

found alive in the arms of his dead mother, unconscious from a 
blow inflicted by the Indians. He was taken to Boston, and there 
educated by his uncle. 

2337 ELISHA JEWETT (Benjamin"==% Benjamin*'% Benjamin'«% 
Jonathan^', Joseph'', Maximilian', Edward'), was born in Shapleigh, Me., 
Nov. 22, 1790. He married Oct. 20, 1816, Hannah S. Cowan of Farming- 
ton, Me. At the age of 17 years he was apprenticed to a blacksmith and 
served his indentures with John Church of Farmington. During the War 
of 1812 he enlisted for one year and on the expiration of his term re-enlisted 
until the close of the war. He participated in the memorable battle of 
Chateauguay Woods, as well as in several skirmishes. In 1815 he returned 
from the Army and soon after located at Norridgewock, Me., where he re- 
mained a few years working at his trade. From that place he removed to 

398 Jewett Genealogy 

Farmington and in the fall of 1820 to Strong, Me., where at that time 
there were but two dwellings in the village. He held various offices, such 
as Deputy Sheriff, Collector of Taxes, Constable, and Census Enumerator 
in 1840. He died in Freeman, Me., May 7, 1884, aged 93 years, 5 months 
and 15 days. His widow died there Jan. 6, 1886, aged 91 years. 


4114 Mary, born April , 1817; married Isaac F. Whittier and died 

in Lisbon Falls, Me., Nov. 1, 1885. 

2338 BENJAMIN JEWETT (Benjamin"-^ Benjamin*", Benjamin^'", 
Jonathan"^, Joseph", Maximilian% Edward^), was bom in Shapleigh, Me., 
Nov. 30, 1796. He married 'in Gardiner, Me., May 9, 1822, by Samuel 
Jewett, J. of P., Martha Soule Knox, who was born in Pittston, Me., July 
16, 1802, daughter of Joshua and Hannah (Soule) Knox of Pittston. As 
a boy, he lived in New Vineyard, Me., and helped to cut what is known as 
the Canada road, through the wilderness. He later settled on a farm in 
that part of Gardiner now known as West Gardiner, Me., where he died 
May 19, 1878. His widow died there Aug. 19, 1884; both buried in Oak 
Grove Cemetery, Gardiner. 

Children, born in Gardiner, Me.: 

4115 Emeline, born Jan. 30, 1823; died in infancy. 

4116 Hannah, born ; died in infancy. 

4117 Sarah Jane, born June 18, 1825; married April 23, 1854, by Rev. 

Hermon Stinson, Henry Higgins of Richmond, Me. They re- 
moved to Kansas, where she died. 

4118 Martha Ann, born Dec. 12, 1827; married John Andrew Stevens.* 

4119 Benjamin Franklin, bom Aug. 7, 1833; married Mary Elizabeth 


4120 John Henry, born , 1836 ; married Mary Maria Lunt.* 

4121 William Henry, born Aug. 9, 1842. He served in the Civil War, 

as Corporal, in the First Maine Cavalry, from Sept. 14, 1861, to 
Jan. 12, 1863 ; re-enlisted July 18, 1863, as Corporal in the 19th 
Maine Infantry and served until Sept. 14, 1865. Again enlisted 
April 24, 1866, in the 22d U. S. Infantry, as Corporal, and served 
three years to April 24, 1869, under David O. Stanley, Command- 
ing Officer, on the plains of North Dakota. Mr. Jewett was a 
paper-maker by trade, and married in Gardiner, May 10, 1875, by 
Anthony G. Davis, J. of P., Nellie Maria (Handy) Dunn of 
Gardiner, divorcee of John Dunn. She was born in Manchester, 
Me., April 2, 1853, daughter of William Oliver and Annie 
(Holland) Handy of Augusta, Mo. They reside in Gardiner, s. p. 

4122 Adelaide, born ; married in Gardiner, Nov. 1, 1868, by Rev. 

S. E. Root, Charles M. Stevens, who was born April 12, 1846, son 

Eighth Generation 399 

of David and Lucy Jane (Peacock) Stevens of Gardiner. She 

died leaving one child, viz., Edna Mabel, born ; married in 

AVest Gardiner, Me., about 1891, Herbert Evard Dodge of 
Boothbay, Me., later of Boston and Newburyport, Mass. 

2339 ABIGAIL JEWETT (Benjamin"-^ Benjamin*'% Benjamin^'% 
Jonathan^% Joseph^S Maximilian% Edward^), was born in Alfred, Me., July 
23, 1799. She married in Gardiner, Me., Jan. 13, 1825, by Samuel Jewett, 
J. of P., John Knox, who was born in Pittston, Me., Nov. 18, 1800, son of 
Joshua and Kannah (Soule) Knox, and brother of Martha, who married 
Benjamin Jewett (2338). They settled in Gardiner, where he was a farmer. 

Children, born in Gardiner, Me.: 

4123 Nathan Jewett, born April 21, 1826; married Elizabeth Hannah 


4124 Caroline, born May 11, 1828 ; died Sept. 16, 1829. 

4125 Sally Ann, born Feb. 15, 1830 ; died July 24, 1832. 

4126 John Henry, born Nov. 5, 1831 ; died Aug. 9, 1832. 

4127 Sally Ann, bom June 9, 1833; married Chester Harrison Rhoades.* 

4128 Charles Osgood, born May 24, 1837; married (1st) Olive Ann Plum- 

mer; (2d) Mrs. Mary M. (Lunt) Jewett (see 4120).* 

4129 John Wesley, bom July 18, 1842 ; died April 17, 1850. 

Benjamin*^^, Benjamin^^", Jonathan^', Joseph^^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was 
born in Rochester, N. H., June 30, 1787. When a boy he was bound out, 
but ran away and shipped on a " Whaler " for the Pacific Ocean ; was left, 
with two companions, on an uninhabited island to guard stores and secure 
seals, where he remained eight or nine months. He returned to New England, 
and at the time of the Embargo ran a vessel to the West Indies, was cap- 
tured by an English vessel and confined on the famous Dartmour Prison 
Ship. He later became a successful ship-owner and merchant in South 
Berwick, Me. Capt. Jewett married in Portsmouth, N. H., June 22, 1812, 
Sarah Ome, daughter of Capt. James and Sarah Orne of Portsmouth. She 
died there June 15, 1819. His second wife, whom he married Oct. 15, 1821, 
was Olive Walker, daughter of Capt. Tobias Walker of Portsmouth. She 
was born in Portsmouth, in 1790, and died in South Berwick, Me., Feb. 15, 
1826. He then married, June 2, 1829, Mary Rice, who was born in Ports- 
mouth, in 1786, daughter of Samuel Rice of Portsmouth. She died in South 
Berwick, Dec. 3, 1854, and he married Eliza Sleeper (Lang) Jewett, widow 
of his brother Nathan. She was born in Exeter N. H., and died in South 
Berwick, Feb. 9, 1870. She was the daughter of J. Sleeper of Exeter. 

Children of first tcife, horn in Portsmouth, N. H.: 

4130 William Durham, born April 4, 1813 ; died Aug. 4, 1887. 


400 Jewett Genealogy 

4131 Theodore H., bom March 24, 1815; married CaroHne Frances 


4132 Henry Moore, born April 19, 1817 ; died April 30, 1842. 

Children of second wife, horn in South Berzmck, Me.: 

4133 Samuel Walker, born Dec. 12, 1823 ; lost at sea in 1846. 

4134 George Campbell, bom Sept. 6, 1825 ; died Oct. 1, 1826. 

2344 THOMAS JEWETT (Dearborn"-^ Benjamin*^«, Benjamin^"", 
Jonathan^^, Joseph", Maximilian^, Edward^), was born in Rochester, N. H., 
May 8, 1790. He married Jan. 9, 1817, EHzabeth Lord, who was born in 
Somersworth N. H., March 1, 1791, daughter of Edwin Lord. They settled 
in South Berwick, Me., where he was a merchant and where he died June 5, 

Children, born in South Berwick, Me.: 

4135 Mary Elizabeth, born Oct. 20, 1817 ; married John B. Nealley.* 

4136 Sarah Orne, born May 19, 1820; married Elisha Hanson Jewett 

(see 4143). 

4137 Thomas Dearborn, bom Oct. 20, 1823; married (1st), June 29, 

1853, Harriet Caroline Burdick of Elmira, N. Y., daughter of 
William P. and Abigail (Stark) Burdick. She died in 1877 in 
Des Moines, Iowa. He married (2d), June 6, 1878, Marie 
Matthews of Elmira, and died in WilKamsport, Pa., Aug. 17, 1899. 
s. p. 

4138 John Lord, born April 29, 1826; died Sept. 13, 1832. 

4139 Olive Maria, born July 20, 1828; died Aug. 29, 1832. 

4140 Charles Cogswell, born Jan. 3, 1831 ; married Annie Freeland.* 

4141 Horace, bom March 31, 1834; married Harriet Tingley.* 



2345 BENJAMIN JEWETT (Dearborn"'^ Benjamin*'^ Benjamin 
Jonathan®^ Joseph", Maximilian^ Edward^), was born in Rochester, N. H., 
April 8, 1792. He married Susan Jameson, who was bom in Topsham, Me., 
Jan. 1, 1788, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Patten) Jameson of Saco, Me. 
Mr. Jewett was a cabinet-maker and resided in Sandwich, N. H., where he 
died Jan. 21, 1856. His widow died in South Berwick, Me., July 19, 1883. 

Children, horn in Sandwich, N. H.: 

4142 John Woodman, born , 1814. He was lost at sea Feb. 16, 1839, 

while on his first voyage as commander of the ship " Harriet Rock- 
well ", which was owned in Portsmouth, N. H. He put out from 
the coast of Scotland in a tempestuous sea, with a crew of five men 
in a small boat to attempt the rescue of a ship in danger and met 
his death. 

4143 Ehsha Hanson, bom March 10, 1816; married (1st) Sarah Orne 

Jewett (4136) ; (2d) Chariotte Tilton Cross.* 

Eighth Generation 401 

2349 HON. ELISHA PAYNE JEWETT (Nathan"'\ Benjamin'", 
Benjamin^^^, Jonathan**^, Joseph", Maximilian^, Edward^) was born in Leb- 
anon> N. H., June 5, 1801. He married at Newfane, Vt., Jan. 15' 1861, Julia 
Kellogg Field, who was born Oct. 14, 1829, daughter of Charles and Julia 
Ann (Kellogg) Field. Mr. Jewett lived in Montpelier, Vt., where he was a 
merchant; was Treasurer of the State of Vermont, Presidential Elector at 
large, and Representative to the Legislature. He died Aug. 19, 1894. His 
wife died Dec. 30, 1890. 


4144 Ruth Payne, born in Montpelier, Vt., Oct. 11, 1865 ; married Sept. 2, 

1885, John William Burgess, bom Aug. 26, 1844. He is pro- 
fessor of law in Columbia College, New York City, where they re- 
side. One child, Elisha Payne Jewett Burgess. 

2354 NATHAN JEWETT (Jotham"'% Benjamin'", Benjamin"% 
Jonathan^^, Joseph^^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Alfred, Me., 

. He married Mehitable Durgin, who was born in Newfield, Me., 

daughter of Eben and Mehitable (Abbott) Durgin. Mr. Jewett was a black- 
smith and lived in Aurora, Me., where he died from Bright's disease, Aug. 
7, 1872. His widow died in Amherst, Me., Feb. 17, 1890. 

Children, born in Aurora, Me.: 

4145 Loretta C, born May 9, 1838; married April 13, 1861, James Dana 

Brimmer, son of George and Eliza (Bowers) Brimmer. He is a 
farmer and they reside in Brewer, Me. 

4146 Amo Wiswell, born June 23, 1840; married (1st) Adallne Gregg; 

(2d) .* 

4147 Caroline, bom July 29, 1842; died Aug. 12, 1857. 

4148 Susan Frances, born Oct. 5, 1844 ; died in Brewer, Me., Oct. 19, 1893 ; 


4149 Juha, bom July 12, 1848; married Nov. 28, 1873, Perry Bingham. 

Residence, Boston. 

4150 Hannah Mehitable, born May 9, 1851 ; married Eugene Sanborn and 

died in Brewer, Me., July 3, 1886. 

4151 Alvah Nathan, born Aug. 12, 1853; married (1st), March 24, 1874, 

Annie N. Chick; (2d) . Residence, Amherst, Me. 

2365 REV. SAIVIUEL JEWETT (Epes"'% Dummer*'^ Jedediah^S 
Jonathan^^, Joseph^^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Ipswich, Mass., 
Sept. 29, 1798. He married Nov. 11, 1822, Sophronia Huckins, who was 
bom in Parsonsfield, N. H., May 11, 1793. Mr. Jewett finished his school 
days at New Hampton, N. H., Academy, where he met his future wife. He 
worked at cabinet making in Newburyport, Mass., until 1826, when he be- 
came a Methodist minister, and as a member of the Maine conference, 
preached in that state eleven years. Those were days of strenuous religious 

402 Jewett Genealogy 

controversy, and this circuit rider sometimes delivered as many as 21 sermons 
in a week. He was a fluent speaker, very energetic and lively and his ser- 
vices were in demand. In 1837, having a family of seven boys, he decided 
to locate in the West, where land was rich and abundant. He and his family, 
nine persons, traveled in a carriage from Maine to southern Indiana, where 
Calvin Huckins, a brother of Mrs. Jewett, resided. A large chest contain- 
ing books and papers was shipped to New Orleans and thence up the Missis- 
sippi and Ohio rivers to Rising Sun, Ind. After four years' residence there 
he, in ISiS, removed to Will Co., 111., and engaged in farming, but continued 
to preach much of the time. In politics he was a strong Jackson Democrat, 
but was anti-slavery, and when the Republican party was formed, voted and 
acted with that party. Mrs. Jewett was a well educated, intelligent and 
strong-minded woman, full of ingenuity and energy. Both Mr. and ]\Irs. 
Jewett died of pleuro-pneumonia in Wesley, Will Co., 111., the first week in 
March, 1861, and a granite monument marks their resting place. 


4152 Joseph Edgerley, born in New Market, N. H., June 17, 1824; mar- 

ried Aug. 7, 1847, Caroline Frazier. He was a sea captain and 
died in Whatcom, Washington, in 1865, leaving a son, Charles. 

4153 Samuel Appleton Woodbury, born in Newburyport, Mass., April 28, 

1826; married Mary Ellen Bridgeman.* 

4154 Enoch George, born in Buxton, Me., Aug. 29, 1828; died in Will 

Co., 111., March 17, 1845. 

4155 John Atherton, bom in Fairmont, Me., Oct. 23, 1830; married Susan 


4156 Ashbury Coke, born in Bucksport, Me., April 18, 1832 ; married INIary 

Jane Boylan.* 

4157 Wilbur Fiske, born in Bristol, Me., July 31, 1834; died in Delaware, 

Ind., March 2, 1842. 

4158 WilHam Orrington Lunt, born in Bowdoinham, Me., Dec. 27, 1836; 

married Sarah Ellen Cox.* 

4159 Ephraim Harris, born in Ripley Co., Ind., Nov. 26, 1838; married 

Kate Redman.* 


2368 INIARY GREEN JEWETT (Jesse"", Moses*", Mark^ 
Jonathan^', Joseph^^, Maximilian^, Edward^), was bom in Hallowell, Me., 
Sept. 24, 1808. She married (Pub. Oct. 1, 1826) Hon. Henry B. Hoskins, 
who was born in Wiscasset, Me., Dec. 22, 1801, son of Henry and Abigail 
(Whitticr) Hoskins. They resided in Gardiner, ]Mc., where he was a manu- 
facturer of paper. He was Treasurer of the Gardiner Savings Bank, mem- 
ber of the City Council, Representative to the Legislature and Mayor of the 
city. He died in Gardiner, March 3, 1876. Mrs. Hoskins died in Boston, 
Mass., April 21, 1892. Both buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Gardiner. 

Eighth Generation 403 

Children, born in Gardiner, Me.: 

4160 Thomas Henry, born May 14, 1828 ; married Malona Pinson. 

4161 Katherine Frances, born Sept. 15, 1832 ; married Charles C. Evans.* 

4162 Eleanor Hyde, born Dec. 21, 1842; married William G. Waite, a 

lawyer of Boston. She died May 25, 1904. 

2369 CAPTAIN THOMAS GREEN JEWETT (Jesse"", Moses*"', 
Mark'^S Jonathan*'% Joseph", MaximilianS Edward'), was bom in 
Hallowell, Me., Sept. 24, 1808. He married in Gardiner, Me., July 29, 
1831, Mary Gardiner Howard, who was bom in Fort Weston, Me., Oct. 
9, 1810, daughter of Colonel Samuel and Elizabeth (Prince) Howard. Mr. 
Jewett was a Steamboat Captain on the Kennebec River and later was in 
command of one of the steamers of the Norwich and New London Line on 
Long Island Sound. He lived in Windsor, Me., removed to Gardiner, and 
died in Lakeville, Mass., Nov. 30, 1879. His wife died in Roxbury, Mass., 
April 23, 1875. 

Children : 

4163 Deha Gardiner, born in Windsor, Me., May 29, 1832 ; married Ed- 

mund Coffin Perkins.* 

4164 Charles Howard, born in Windsor, Me., Sept. 2, 1834; married 

Harriet Mitchell Keith.* 

4165 Jesse Green, bom in Gardiner, Me., Oct. 9, 1840; married Mary 

America Wood.* 

4166 Mary Rebecca, born in Gardiner, Me., Sept. 11, 1842 ; died there in 


4167 Louisa Cushing, born in Gardiner, Me., Nov. 11' 1844; married 

(1st) Charles Hallet; (2d) Isaac A. A. Steele. Resides in Glouces- 
ter, Mass., s. p. 

4168 Jane Cooper, bom in Gardiner, Me., May 29, 1849 ; married Charles 

Taylor Pratt.* 

4169 William Howard, bora in Bridgewater, Mass., Aug. 12, 1852; mar- 

ried (1st) Harriet Ann Packard; (2d) Ida Renni.* 

2370 CATHERINE REBECCA JEWETT (Jesse"", Moses*", 
Mark'^S Jonathan^^ Joseph", Maximihan^ Edward'), was born in 
Hallowell, Me., May 23, 1810. She married there, in 1828, Charles Stephen 
Francis, who was born in 1806, son of David and Mary (Moore) Francis. 
He was a Publisher and Book-seller in New York and lived in New York 
City and Tarrytown, N. Y. Mrs. Francis died in New York City, Sept. 
14, 1841. He married again and had several children. 


4170 Harriet Moore, bo